Pics From “This Is It” Premiere!













Adam and Katy Perry at the “This Is It” premiere in Los Angeles! I have to say they make a good-looking couple. Not diggin’ Adam’s outfit as much as the one he wore for the AMA nominations, though. The jacket here doesn’t look like it’s properly fitted at all…when it’s buttoned it pulls terribly. Looks a little better unopened. I also like the blue/black combination better than the all-black look. But hey, Adam and his bulge still look pretty damn good. The haters can’t say he looks “girly” in these pics, can they?

Here’s a short video:

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. PamBiggs Glamb 510 says:

    Adam is looking incredibly hot as usual!!! As for the new album cover, I love it! It just represents another side of Adam. He’s never the same twice. Always keeps us guessing 🙂

    • I love this look! He looks so damn gorgeous! Katy and Adam do make one handsome couple!

      • As to his blazer – I think it’s the same he wore for some of the Idol performances. What do you think?

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          Olga! I was thinking the same thing. That probably is the same jacket. He’s worn same pieces of clothing but in different ways, before. What this tells me is that he manages his $$$$ well. Very well disciplined on his spending. He needs to keep his investments opened for more important things that has to do with his business and not so much with his clothing. But yes, when the time comes, he may do a little shopping for a new attire. I would love to go shopping with him, as long as I get to go back in the dressing room w/ him. LOL!

          • Adam is so burning HOT as usual! He is probably kinda self conscience about his skin as all the makeup looks to be wreaking havok on his complexion but he is just the ultimate in the handsome department. I think he has even commented about his bad skin. Clinique could definitely clear that up! Anyway time is moving super slow waiting and waiting and waiting for the album! Love the cover and everything this man does!

            • Olga Glam #471 says:

              Let’s propose to be his ultimate shopping team! We could do everything: cosmetics, wardrobe, shoes, accessories, we can even provide him with personal assistance in the fitting room to get those tight jeans on and off… Okay, I’m dreaming again….

            • Oh yea….the bulge must show!!!!

              ADAM and Katy do make a gorgeous couple…..ADAM is one HOT man!

              • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

                I’m blushing right now cause I can just see myself in the dressing room with him and he’s got his briefs on , or thong, and OMG!!!!!! Stay tuned for more excitement!!! Keep it going girls, I’m getting horny!!! ps sorry to leave but I need to go help my daughter w/ her science test studies. Chow!!!!

    • I think this is the same jacket from the finale…. I love his clothes choices. The only problem that I see with many of Adam photos, are the angle that the photographers take pics from. It’s just odd. He’s over 6′ tall, and the pics make him look short. ?? oh well.

  2. puteri abdul says:

    thank you jeanette for posting this real quick…
    adam has been really putting you up on your toes for these past few days, doesn’t he ….

    I love the adam and katy’s photo…
    one thing is because I love katy perry from the start because I enjoy her songs.. and I think she is very beautiful …
    too bad adam is ….oh whatever….
    they’d make a beautiful couple , don’t you think …

    • Puteri, you are not kidding – I am beat! Don’t think I’ve ever done 4 articles in one day before. Once again I’m afraid to go to bed for fear I’ll miss some breaking news.

      They do make a beautiful couple. Adam keeps surprising us – who would have thought his date would be a woman? Forever keeping us on our toes!

      • Thank you Jeanette. True Glamb leader indeed. Adam looks and struts like a star. Sooo handsome ! Katy is stunning too. Perfect couple. By the way, Adam is wearing the same jacket he wore at the Regis and Kelly Show right after the AI finals.

        • Jeanette, I know this is known as the Offical Unoffical fan site but you do such an awesome job, way better than his Offical site, too bad this site couldn’t replace THATone! You could teach them a thing or two!

          • Agree, you do a “fan”tastic job.
            Look forward to my email from you every day!

          • I agree too . Jeannete you are

          • Agree, there is never a dull moment on this site, the discussions are so interesting, some of the posts are breathtaking, we have such talented individuals, it is an unbelievable site, fantastic job Jeanette, they should close down the so called Adam Official site, it si boring and uninteresting.

      • Jeanette thank you for the photos, he looks so so handsome, and what a great couple they make. I was totally suprised when he announced on his twitter that his date was Kate, good choice for the occassion. He has such a fantastic laugh, and he is so gracious at receiving compliments.

        • Lisette here..pardon for non being here often..pain intense..but enjoie seeing such estraordinaire beautiful photos of nous ange Adam an agree they make a lovli couple here on red carpet..both are vraimente blessed with beauty,talente,gracousness,wit,charm,elegance,couture,an voixes thet are celestial..specialmente monsieur Lambert..tresbeau hearte,face,soul,merci for making le monde a more beautiful place..blessings,bisous an amour always Lisette!xoxoLuv to all glambs here alwaysxoxo

    • Who knows they may have a make out session.sometime. Remember, Adam likes to make out with girls from time to time.

  3. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Oh Jeanette!! Are you going to be okay? I mean girl, you got it going babe! Look at that man! He is a shining star! ADAM and Katy looked terrific! OMG he is hot and he is burning Hollywood up tonight! Thank you so much for all your hard work and being here for us! You rock!! Each time I looked at him, I was flippin’ out. Thank you Jeanette soooo much!!!! PLL to you, ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!

  4. I love the looks of these two together.. Yeh if I had to say something neg, I’d say the jacket doesn’t fit as well as it could but he is still sexier than hell.. We have just come to expect so much from our guy that maybe we should give him a break and just love being able to see him.. I did read on Adam 24/7 tonight that the correct title of the single that may be released first is, “What Ya Want From Me “….. not …..What Do You Want From Me… but I guess this still is all just a guessing game until Adam tells us himself.. love the pics Jeanette. Thank you as always.. Your really on the ball tonight !!! Don’t you ever get to rest ????? muah +++++++

  5. earlzagurl4u says:

    What a man!! Sometimes I think I need an intervention,,but I’d just run from it,,Adam makes me feel so good!! He’s a “Hot One” tonight!!

    • His bulge sure is the “HOT” one! wooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! Sorry in seriously lust right now!

      • I hear ya Trish, I looked at his face and then went directly downnnnnnn. Tight fittin clothes
        oh my. lust, is going out of control here……………

  6. What a killer! WOwZA!!! Love from top to bottom. Ms. Perry is beautiful. Love her dress. ?Adam!

    • Olga Glam #471 says:

      Year, her dress is nice, but I’d prefer to be in her shoes and in the moment captured in the pictures… Ahhhhhh… The girl can dream…

  7. Lexi Lane says:

    Adam is SEXY no matter WHAT he wears! Nuff said. 😉

  8. And this IS it! There isn’t anything more to be said, except…this is exactly that point on Adam’s ‘continuum’ where I love him the most, at his most masculine and his most beautiful, at one and the same time. Adam wearing solid black and charcoal jacket and pants, coupled with Katy in a stunning black ensemble, surely must be one of the ‘red carpet’s most visually dramatic couples. It’s no wonder Adam finds her so attractive, she is a virtual feminine counterpart to his masculine persona: coal black hair and aquamarine eyes…the gorgeous mirror-opposites to each other.

    • That is so right Lorrin! Maybe that’s why a lot of us love them together, as the truly beautiful couple of today.

      And Jeanette again many thanks for your quick work…!

      hugs, Terriy

    • Lorrin, I LOVE the concept of Adam’s “continuum”. Adam’s continuum is quite large and no ladies, I am not talking about his “bulge”. Hee hee.

      Seriously, we all have our spots on Adam’s continuum where we like him the best. I kind of love him at his fiercest, hottest most intense masculine look such as in that TFM video. Then, I like him bouncing and dancing and still intense as he was on AI singing “Black or White”. And I also adore him at his handsomest best with his hair slicked back and sexy as all get out in a silk suit.

      It’s all good.

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        Hey Songwriter4adam! My favorite looks for ADAM are, when he performed “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME”,ROF, and he looked great at the AI concert. But his image of ACIGC is what I love the most. You know, last night at the TII premier, I loved his hair, but I think it would have looked really good if he did slick it back. Especially since it was windy and his hair did look dry compared to Katy’s hair. I don’t want to dissect ADAM, I just thought he looked gorgeous and he shined like a true star that he is. ps I got to thinking, I love all of his looks!

    • Lorrin, totally agree. Striking black hair, smiles aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.
      Simply beautiful!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Like two peas in a pod. They were beautiful. A piece of art. I loved this look better than the AMA announcements. But both, still fabulous! Did you see the boots? Lorrin, I think ADAM brought out the foot fetish I have inside, for him though.

    • Lorrin, I love how you put words together to describe things, especially Adam.

  9. I love the way he looks.I like this better than the black and blue.He truley is a star.He looks so incredibly sexy.The pictures with Katie Perry are so adorable.

  10. They looked gorgeous tonight and as usual he was so well spoken when interviewed. It was so windy and blew their hair to bits, but they still looked like Stars. More so than others there. Adam is just too gorgeous for words!! I like the way he complimented Adam on his style too in the interview. Adam ‘s Star may shine just as brightly as MJ’s one day.

  11. thanks jeannette. Love the pics and the album cover. wish I could get my face air brushed like that. Im getting old, do you think it would cover my wrinkles, haha what a night

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Hi Sandra! Age is beautiful! Take Kenny Rogers, for example, a gorgeous man, but when he did facial surgery?, he , to me, looked so unnatural. In my opinion, lighter and softer colors work well as you do get older. I don’t wear makeup, but when I do, it’s very little. Except at ADAM’s AI concert, I went all out! PLL to you, ADAm and the Glambs!!!

  12. Love this look for Adam! They do look great together. About the album cover, not so much…
    Too feminine, not the right look for his 1st album. With all of the photo shoots he’s had there are so
    many better pictures. I especially love the pics in Details (wow! The cover is fabulous!) I do not think his hair is blue I think it’s the cast from blue lights. I have so many pics of him when he has that sexy look from the tour and I wish they would have used that look for him. Not sure why he (they) picked this photo, what were they thinking? Still love you Adam!

  13. I would love to see Adam and Katy cast together as a couple. They just look perfect together. I love the look of black hair and blue eyes. I’ve done it for a few Halloween parties to great effect myself, but unfortunately, the older you get, the harsher the black looks and it’s hard to pull it off. But Adam and Katy look so cute and they’re both young, talented and gorgeous. Thanks for the pics!

  14. I love his outfit! He looks so great here! I think its better than on the AMAs

  15. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    They do look so adorable. Pardon my nerdiness” I kissed a girl and I liked it”. sorta funny!! ha ha
    Yeah, not so keen on the album cover either and I am glad to see I am not alone in that opinion. He is such a hot guy,and the album cover is way too girlie looking for my taste,but I will get over it and my love for him will never die. His super soul,conviction and passion come through no matter how he appears on the outside, being hot doesnt hurt though;)

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      You know there are guys who are so pretty, they’re prettier than a lot of girls. And ADAM is one of those guys. No, he doesn’t need all that makeup cause it doesn’t balance out the features. The makeup just makes the features more extreme. That’s like the facial hair, he’s so pretty that a little scruff just evens out the look. I guess that’s why he does look feminine on the cover. I love the cover, it’s almost like animated , extreme colors and lines. It does catch your eye right?

      • Yes, Kimber it sure does catch the eye. With this album cover among others on a department store shelf, Adam’s will surely stand out. Like it or not, people will have to stop and stare.

  16. Thanks so much, Jeanette, for all your hard work and on always bringing us the latest Adam news, pictures and commentary. LOVE the way Adam looks here – very handsome and hot. They DO make a nice looking couple – almost like Brother and Sister really!

    Glamb #20

  17. puteri abdul says:

    here are two videos of adam and katy walking on the red carpet …
    both of them look so adorable together …

    • puteri abdul says:

      sorry, here is the other one …

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Darn it! I want to reply but I keep going back to the video, which I like better. He looks so gorgeous, I don’t know what I’d do if I was in his presence. I know I’d be skerd with anxiety and overwhelmed. His eyes are wild and fierce. For a moment there I thought his “what to do?” thought came over him. Do you think he was a tad bit nervous?

      • I don’t think he knows the meaning of nervous!!! He just IS and that is what is SO SEXYabout him!!!!

  18. KO's smiling says:

    Jeanette, thanks for the posts. I haven’t had to ‘google’ Adam for months – everything I could want is here!

  19. Thanks so much Jeanette for all your hard work and keeping us up to date on Adam! Love the pictures! He’s just so adorable! He and Katy look great together! You’re right, though. the jacket looks better not closed. The pants look really great!!!!! Oh my, now I must go to work, but a great way to start my day!

  20. Thanks Jeanette for posting so quickly, this is the only place to stay current on Adam..Great Job to all who keep us up to date. Katy Perry is a doll and I like her music a lot. Adam is a vision as usual.

  21. Thanks again Jeanette for your quick posting of ADAM and KATY…..what a nice way to wake up on a Wed morning to them! It’s raining here again in NJ and these pics will make it a happy day!

    They look fabulous together….she’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous!!! I don’t think the jacket fit him that well either….he still looks HOT though…nice tight pants, nice belt, hair looks messy and casual. I like the EARRINGS TOO….never saw those before…he NEVER looks bad in my book!!!

  22. he looks soooo great!!!Adam and Katy look awesome together! I’m going to see “This is it”Saturday.Wish Adam was going to be here in chicago!!!!!

    • Tammy,

      I’m going to see the movie on Saturday as well!

    • Just got back from seeing “This Is It” Fabulous, fantastic movie. MJ was a brilliant mind, performer etc. I cant even say that his upcoming show, could have been called a concert, this
      was a making of a Production, Huge Production! From the theatrics, music, costumes, makeup,
      dancing, you name it. I believe the tickets for the London shows were around 175$, which would have been worth every cent. I was very impressed with this film of the rehearsals, MJ had his hands on everything that went into his shows. Knew what he wanted and you can tell the respect his crew had form him. Totally reminds me of someone else???
      Watching this movie and thinking of Adams upcoming shows, oh yes I can see the likeness every step of the way!!!!!!!!!! MJ did his own things, just like Adam does…..
      I was dissapointed, before the move the theatre showed only a preview of 2012, playing Adams TFM, but no musice video shown. Bummer.

      • Darn it Mary….that’s the main reason I would see This Is It…just to hear/see ADAM. Thanks for the heads-up….I still may go to see it.

        • Oh yeh, jaberone, go see it, if you ever liked anything about MJ you will enjoy this movie.

          Hearing Adams voice when the 2012 preview was shown, was a delight, but wasnt long enough and the when I thought the whole TFM MV was going to be shown and it wasnt I was so disappointed!

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            I just saw THIS IS IT, and it was amazing!! I hightly recommend anyone to see it – I walked out of there in tears and will go back to see it again. It exposes the raw, amazing talent that we so sadly lost – Michael was not only an outstanding dancer and singer, but his ability to write moving, meaningful lyrics and music was unbelievable – his love of people, the planet, trees, the earth, animals and music was so beautiful to watch. He will be so missed.

            I love TFM and it was great to hear Adam’s voice in a movie trailer!!! I didn’t expect to see the whole video though, since when do they show a whole movie video during the trailers??

            jaberone – I hope this helps, go see it, you can always listen to TFM.

      • I watched the movie yesterday here in the Philippines and no Adam in the 2012 preview. They didn’t even play TFM. Oh Adam,….. “missing you just runs too deep”…..

  23. Silvana/Argentina says:

    thank you again for your wonderful job, always with the latest news and pictures.
    Adam looks gorgeous in these pics. Katy and him look beautiful together.

  24. These pictures are just wonderful. What an attractive couple they make.

    AdamAddict, where are you, didnt we talk about this before??? Adam and Katy…..
    His name is mentioned in her song.” Waking up in Vegas” Send Adammmmmmmmm]
    His name on her cape on AI… Oh yeh, what a walk on the red carpet they made. Notice his eyes again??? Totally hypmotizing and beautiful!
    Listen to people calling his name,
    I love the tight clothes, he seems to go for the more fitting styles. Popping out everywhere, haha.

    This really should be the Official fansite, how did the Adam official come to be anyway??

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Emili went away with her parents for a couple days. . . she’ll be back soon, you better believe it!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      OH YEAH! ADAM and Katy are so beautiful together. They are good friends. Their personalities click so well, almost like twins, they complete each other. ADAM just makes every tight jeans look so good! He’s got the perfect bulge to fit jeans.HAAA! I now know I”m addicted to ADAM LAMBERT, and I have lost control! My favorite part of his outfit were the boots. Maybe I have a foot fetish, lol. But still, I’m all about that bulge too!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Ditto::: Mary, you sumed up what I was thinking rather well. They kinda put Bradgilina to shame. However you spell it, who cares these days anyway unless it involves Adam, Thanx Jeanette for all that you do to keep us posted, I truly would be lost with out you guys, all of you….and I LUVED the album cover, “Our Alien Rock God’ From Planet Fierce”…totally digging the gender free far as I know, aliens don’t have genders…….But that is one, All Hott Male, on that red carpet….HMF!!!!!!!!


    GLAMBERT’S RULE XOXO:)!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      NO, I want ADAM w/ an unmarried Kris! :)))))) GLAMBS RULE!!! :)))))))))PLLLL:))))))

  26. Adam and Katy are both so creative and witty, I expect they enjoyed each other’s company. I really like those two. Thanks for pictures.

  27. He looks great – as always !!!

  28. Jeanette – THANK YOU for the great job you do on this site, keeping everyone up to date. You ROCK!!

    Adam and Katy were a gorgeous couple – Black hair and blue eyed beauties for sure! I loved how they kept screaming for Adam….Adam…..Adam!! He’s a star!

    (Lorrin – send me an email honey, I lost everything on my computer and lost your email. Thanks! )

  29. Jane Parker says:

    Adam looks especially sexy with a beautiful lady on his arm.
    They do make a great looking couple!!

  30. Adam could wear a paper sack and look hot. He has soooooooooooooo much more to offer
    than worry about his skin. I understand how that bothers him but I wish it didn’t. I don’t even
    notice it. He and katy looked great together. I love his album cover.

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      ADAM could wear a popcicle stick and look hot! oh! he’s already wearing one. lol

  31. Hey Jeanette, sorry to disagree, lol, but thought Adam looked AWT!!!! LOVED him in all black and I thought he looked sheik, cool and co-llec-ted! As always! He could wear a dish towel and I wish he would!! and he would look fabulous darling!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      It better be a dishcloth then, cause I am not going to stand him being in a bathrobe. Dishcloth it is.

  32. I Have to agree with “Kat for Adam” while I think the cover is a work of art.I don’t think it’s a good album cover for his first album.He has so many sexy pictures out there.I would have much rather seen something like the Details cover and save this for a future album cover.He is just so sexy being ADAM.I do however like the title.He is such an incredible entertainer.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I didn’t see Kat for Adam’s post, but I agree with you toni s. It’s a little too over the top for me and for the masses that won’t “get it”, it looks a little too fake, he doesn’t need all the smoke and mirrors, he’s much too talented – love the title though.

  33. Penny Curtis says:


  34. Adam is uniquely OURS – we love him!

  35. Pics were great…didn’t care for the album cover…too soft and feminine for me…but I still love the man and can’t wait for the music!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree Linda M!

      I also want to add, I think the jacket looks great – closed or not. Let’s not forget he is paying homage to Michael, so he is not showing up in blue – all black was perfect for this event. Also love his hair like this, so rock n roll, beautiful boots too, he looks amazing!

      I caught the show on VH1 last night and Adam was the first one they interviewed – I was thrilled when I saw him at the beginning of the show, what a treat!

  36. glambygirl says:

    wow.., he is smoking hot..,

  37. Awsome Pictures!! and Videos!!– I thnk they look VERY ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER!! They are glued together and when Adam walks out of her site, Katy is looking for him, even as he talks to his assistant, katy is watching Adams every move, same with Adam watching Katy.

    Katy may be the woman he will have his REAL Bi-curios encounter with. Katy is open minded very aggressive and very sexual, and you can clearly see how she is just Glowing being with him. ( Who wouldn’t) I am sure she is going to try and GET WITH HIM!!! She is crazy if she doesn’t TRY!!!!
    He said he really really liked her and just look at how happy and his smile as he looks at her. He is just beaming from within! I bet she POUNCES him after the party in the LIMO!!

    They would have a beautiful BLUE eyed baby!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Isn’t Katy seeing Russell Brand? And if she doesn’t pounce ADAM, I’m going to.

  38. coloforadam says:

    Adam….Adam…Adam……what you have done to this world!!! I had to get up in the night and look at these pictures again!

  39. coloforadam says:

    And…oh, was there someone with him??? I didn’t notice.

  40. Designers are going to be begging Adam to wear their stuff someday, and he will have his pick of tons of cool stuff — for free. Go Adam!

  41. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    LMFAO!!!!! Thanks Jeanette for the update. That was hysterical! And boy , would I love to spank that tushy!!!!

  42. Great shots and he indeed looks hot!
    Were there any photos in which he poses with David Cook? There was one in which they are together on but I’d love to see others, if there are any.
    Do you know if the single can be heard on the net today or tomorrow?
    I’m one of those Adam fans who would have wanted to see another kind of cd cover, though, a natural Adam. He is so beautiful without makeup or with just a litle of it.

  43. Gorgeous.. they are an absolutely stunning pair!! ADAM. great arm candy for you! What a debut for” This is IT! You are IT and “ALL THAT”.. WOW.. such a showpiece..beautiful candids. Luv UR Glam DIVA LOOK!!

  44. Jeanette, thanks for the pictures!
    I do kow this much, Life is not Fair, here we have Katty Perry, one beautiful gal, sings great and now here she is with Adam’s arm around her, how blessed can one gal be?

  45. adam rocks!!! he’s new outfit is awesome!!!!! i’m gonna bye that for my cousin!!!!

  46. I want to be Katy Perry even for a day! Barbara (Barbie) Tinley Park Il.