Pics From the FYE Photo Shoot!




















I will update this post as time allows.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    This is going to be one heck of a video! Cannot wait! He’s working hard for us so we need to work harder on that PCA vote!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      What is the deal w/ him & Elvis & them shades? I love them on ADAM! That hair is so wild! Love the trench, love the boots, where are them dancers? oh who cares, I just want to see ADAM! He’s fidgety,see him playing w/ his hands? He’s excited and I’m excited for him. Okay, back to voting! Love you ADAM! You go boy!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Just look at that beautiful smile, those lips, those amazing eyes. Glowing like a rockstar! Gotta go vote.

      • I saw these last night on “Just Jared ” and he was quoted saying ” the FYE video will be ultra SEXY- WATCH OUT”! When I saw these pics I know Adam has been setting us all up for this insane sexual-fantasy ride that he wants to take everyone on – that wants to come with him.

        He started out soo sweet and sexy, then began adding more and more intrigue and flirtations at a time, increasing the AROUSAL and erotic desire for him. Adam let out pieces of his salacious aura throughout AI and then electrifed us all during his LIVE performances with his lustful, hardcore, orgasmic moves, facial expressions and passion. Adam had said to be ready for anything and to come along for the ride if you can handle it. He said he would continue to surprise! WOW!

        He OOZES SEXUAL ENERGY out of every pore in his body, and now that he has us, he will be playing with us all for a long time to come.

        • Quote from Adam about AMA performance!! He said watch out!!

          ” Iwant some dancing up there. I want some costumes. I want some fire,” Lambert told Seacrest of his awards-show debut, adding, “I really want it to be something to look at, something really, really exciting and over the top.”

        • Summer, you’ve come up with another good post! He was being a good boy, per say on AI. Then
          on tour, oh yeh baby let the thrusting begin. OMG, what are we in store for with his upcoming tour?
          FYE is sure to have the Arousal scale up and over the maximum limit.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            I’m pretty sure that there shouldn’t be any minors allowed!! 21 & UP!!! OOOH, that would be a good theme for his concert, 21, cause there should be drinks served, I’ll have an ADAMBULGE shot please. One of these days I’m going to a club & order this & the bartender will say “WTF?” That’s right, keep ’em cummin’. The concert tour will be like no other Mary C , just like ADAM!

            • KIMBER LOL off my chair!!!

              I want an ADAMBULGE SHOT TOO!!! Let’s start it at the clubs!!
              What con-COCK-tion should this shot be made with?? ????

              THE ADAM LAMBERT con-COCK-tion

              HARDCORE- BANG ME- with Taquila ?
              SMOOTH, CREAMY, DREAMY AND LUCIOUS – with Bailys ?
              ROUGH AND TOUGH IN HERE – with Whiskey ?
              MUTIPLE ORGASM PLEASE – with Rum -Vodka – Chocolate Godiva ?

              Submit Ideas and lets get it on the menu WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Whatever it is made with to represent ADAM I agree– KEEP EM CUMMIN’

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Vodka & cinnamon schnopps for his hotness or w/ vanilla for those who are allergic to cinnamon, I hear ya!

              • Summer and kimber, lmao oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh these are great drink ideas.
                con COCK tion, hee,hee.
                I’d like to try ea one w/Adam. We are so naughty and ornery.

              • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:


                • WHAT THE ___? WHO?
                  GET OVER IT!

                  • I’m with you Summer, get over it , or get off…………..We r havin fun

                  • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

                    I THINK IT IS BEL–DA Summer! IT is definitely not me. I am like Helen/Canada~~~I want to know how the fuck we can become ADAMS assistant??? SHERRY K. Have fun all. I would NEVER CRITICIZE ANYONES COMMENTS ON HERE. I love to read all of them. It MAKES MY DAY!!

            • kimber, u r soo funny! Adambulge shot? OMG love it. Let us know what the bartener
              says when u order this fabulous shot. keep em cummin for so, LOL………. hahahah oh
              this is to much. Keep em cummin for me toooooooooooo. OH Adam cum to us!

          • Mary, Yes the Idol tour was just a 20 minute TASTE OF WHAT’S TO CUM!!! I think his tour will be soo over the top Shock and Awe, it may be rated! Can we handle it??

            I did not get to see him live (very sad and frustrating day) but I like what the lady who gave him his aura reading said, that “IF YOU ARE LUCKY TO SEE HIM PERFORM LIVE – HE WILL SOAK INTO YOU WITH HIS SEXUAL ENERGY AND POWER!! YOU WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER”.

            I love the word SOAK– it’s just so absolutely penetrating and dripping- oozoing- saturating– like I feel Adam has done this to me already.

            They may need a lot of abulances ready and waiting at Adams concerts!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          The Man is Sex! With vocals to die for! With “looks that can kill”! With a personality that is heavenly! Everything that a man or woman would want!
          O ADAM sweet ADAM, you are my rock-hard-sex god!



            • Dianne Hill says:

              That is one fantastic video clip and one absolutely beautiful song by Adam’s friend Ferras – Rush. It made me cry to Summer. I just loved it. I think I am going to have to get Ferras’ album if that song is anything to go by. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing that, you have made my day.

              • Thankyou,, Summer, what a heartfelt video, and some of the best moments of Adam. Has anyone noticed the three girls looking at him when he rushes down the sidewalk after his first audition success? It started then!

                • Terry, Yes I noticed the 3 girls. That is my all time favorite memory of Adam.
                  He is running after his dream…………. Where it all began for him.
                  Look at that young man, so cute and excited. What a look!

            • Summer, thx for sharing. That was wonderful! I’m so Adamemotionolized ……….

            • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

              Thanks for this video Summer! It almost made me cry too! It was JUST BEAUTIFUL!

        • Jane Parker says:

          You said it girl!!!

        • OK ADAM BRING IT ON BABY, I cannot wait to see the full video, I was hoping that Adam would do something controversial, outside of the box and he has not disappointed us, this is going to Rock the whole industry.

  2. these are good but Im wondering about the rest of the people in this video….. will I be entertained i wonder????? scary……..

    • Sandra, dont be skerd. You’ll be entertained fo so. Other people? I focus on Adammmmmmmmmm

    • It looks kinda like the Zodiac show. I, too, am afraid of what he’s doing. Between some of these pics and his constant swearing in interviews it is turning me off buying his music. Keep in mind I was a big supporter and fan of his.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Don’t be afraid, let yourself go!

        • I agree kimber, those performance dancers or artists are just that, making a statement, in no way are their ‘costumes’ what will be worn in his video. Mind you, it might be even more OTT but who cares? It’s fun, it’s entertainment… relax everybody!

          Network TV has limits, censors etc.. so he cannot go too far unless he sells his stuff in an adult video store, haha, so it won’t be any more far out than Gaga’s or some of those ‘booty’ call vids out now.

          • Dianne Hill says:

            I don’t usually frequent those sorts of stores Terry, but I have to say if Adam’s video is too way over the top and ends up in one of those stores, then I will just have to go in and buy it won’t I. There is no way I am missing out on anything Adam does, might even get educated a bit, what do you reckon?

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:


            • kimber it’s a style which has been popular among the West Indian young people for over a decade, called the ‘butterfly’ and is just part of a variety of dance moves. Suddenly it has become more popular with Beyonce an dShakira.

              BUT! Lady Gaga’s wild costumes and moves must be moving into ‘mainstream’ because she and Beyonce are teaming up! Yes! So anything Adam’s group ends up dong can’t be too bad… er good, er fantastic!

      • I have to agree with you Emily. I am trying to be openminded, but…………..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Relax ladies, you opened your heart to Adam, now open your mind. It’s all in fun.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            HELEN………………..By being ‘open-minded’ we don’t have to give up our ethics and accept swearing in the extreme. That has NOTHING to do with being ‘open-minded’, in my opinion. To be a fan of Adam’s should not mean to accept everything we disllike for his or anyone’s sake.

            I think Adam should refrain from using offensive swear words in articles and interviews. This is how the gay community may talk that he was running with in the last 8 yrs, but he needs to understand that this type of talk on a regular will not be accepted by all his fans, and he should tone it down for the sake of decency.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              My statement was meant to be lighthearted, nothing serious. And I was referring to the pics rather than the swearing. Not asking anyone to give up their “ethics” if you think swearing entails that. I don’t think swearing is confined to the gay community as you put it and also think Adam should be free to speak as he likes, Sure, not all fans will like it, but there are many of us who don’t really care or find it that offensive if he throws the occasional “f” word in here and there.Not all his fans will like everything he says or does anyway, so why try to box him in now Cheryl. Decency–that’s kind of objective, isn’t it? Whatever! No one is going to give up their ethics because of something I said.

              • cheryl 334 says:

                HELEN……I did not say the gay community are the only people who use offensive language. And I have to disagree with you on another issue. Asking Adam to tone down his swearing is NOT trying to ‘box’ him into anything! C’mon! The people he ran around with the last 8 yrs like to walk out on the stage to welcome everybody by saying, “Welcome Bitches”, or something to that affect that the majority of people wold ge very bored with that attitude very quickly. Just like when Adam tried it during the first concert. He was ‘told’ not to use that word to describe the people in the audiance, which many are children. So, Let’s be REAL about it. If Adam is going to hope young people and children along with their parents come to a concert, he will have to ‘check’ some of the language, or bare the brunt of it’s consequences.

                Being REAL, Helen, Adam will have to soften his language. He is thought of as sweet, caring, etc. and he IS. The swearing is the opposite of what he is. Also, swearing to the degree that I am talking about is perceived as rude, at least, by most people. I swear as much as anyone. That does not mean I am in favor of seeing Adam using the ‘f’ word all over the stage, and I am sure he will not be doing that b/c he is an intelligent, caring, sensitive, loving manly-man!

                I would not even begin to say that I can define ‘ethical’ deeds or words, or anything of the sort. I used that word, and Helen, you have been on this site long enough to know exactly what I am talking about. You are just being ‘obstinet’, something I am guilty of on occasion. But, this time it is you, not me. No offense!

                • Cheryl — You may want to leave now- before it gets “too rough for you” because you are not going to change a thing about Adam Lambert. He is who he is and that is why we all fell in love with him. He always said he was going to push everyones buttons, surprise, and change everthing.

                  Adam toned it down for AI and let it RIP on tour. He showed a taste of what’s to come, and for sure CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE GOING TO HIS CONCERTS!!! You wouldn’t take a child to a Lady Gaga, Snoopp Dogg, 50 Cent, or Madaonna concert, just to mention a few.
                  Adam is NOT a JONAS BROTHER!..

                  He is who he is, and you need to explore more about him so you are not so surprised.

                  I included the “OUT” magazine article for you incase you have not read it. It is the most candid one yet and will shed much light on who Adam is. He IS sensitive, caring and intelligent, BUT ADAM is also hardcore, sexual and naughty and wants to express himself and not hold back. Now it is HIS music, HIS tour and he will do it HIS WAY! Not the AI way.

                  What I love about Adam is that he is HONEST to a falt about who he is! Take him or leave him! I think he will change the world on how horrible it is that WE JUDGE EACH OTHER ABOUT EVERYTHING and we STOP IT!


                  • Cherly– This is just one reason why Adams shows should be ADULT ONLY– and truuuust me, Adams concerts will be much, much more risque’ then this video. Compare this to Disney Land.


                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    SUMMER………………….Whoa!!! Your comments to me are just what I expect from someone like you. You want Adam to be gay. That’s all there is to it. I don’t WANT him to be any way. That is the difference between us.

                    Give me a break on ther link! Good gosh, I have read that article long before this thread began. If you don’t believe me, just go back to the previous thread and read my post on this article before it was even a topic here!

                    Maybe I should leave?! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you should leave. WTF is your problem with me? Live and let live, I say. I agree to disagree. If you don’t, then that is YOUR problem, dear. I am going no where. Why would you try to tell me what to do? Do you think you have that much power? Do you think you are that important? Well, here’s the headline, YOU”RE NOT, little lady. You are not telling me what to do, and dissing me for anything. You are just making yourself look pitiful to me. How old are you, anyway? You need to improve your social skills. Some people might not like you if you talk to them the way you try to talk to me. Sorry, honey. Get a life! YOU are not the person to decide what kind of show Adam will give. If he wants to put on an ‘adult only’ then he will. But your naievete is showing. I do not even know the Jonas bros.! Gosh! I have no interest in anyone but Adam, and in the mature way. I appreciate everything he is about. I accept his assuring people that he is interested in women, likes kissing them, having oral sex, etc. He does not need to walk around the stage yelling the ‘f’ word to everyone. That will truly cut down on ticket buyers! It’s called being ‘smart’!

                    • Sorry guys– I just could not resist!!

                      CHERLYS’ QUOTES: “YOU are not the person to decide what kind of show Adam will give” = “If Adam is going to hope young people and children along with their parents come to a concert, he will have to ‘check’ some of the language, or bare the brunt of it’s consequences” = (“Live and let live, I say.”=I appreciate everything he is about”=”)

                      “I think Adam should refrain from using offensive swear words in articles and interviews. This is how the gay community may talk that he was running with in the last 8 yrs, =(“I did not say the gay community are the only people who use offensive language”) but he needs to understand that this type of talk on a regular will not be accepted by all his fans, and he should tone it down for the sake of decency.” ==(“Live and let live, I say.”I appreciate everything he is about “)

                      “The people he ran around with the last 8 yrs like to walk out on the stage to welcome everybody by saying, “Welcome Bitches”, or something to that affect that the majority of people wold ge very bored with that attitude very quickly.” ==(“I did not say the gay community are the only people who use offensive language”)

                      == “Adam will have to soften his language.”== “The swearing is the opposite of what he is. Also, swearing to the degree that I am talking about is perceived as rude, at least, by most people”==(“Live and let live, I say”= “I appreciate everything he is about”) =

                      That does not mean I am in favor of seeing Adam using the ‘f’ word all over the stage, and I am sure he will not be doing that b/c he is an intelligent, caring, sensitive, loving manly-man!” (WOW)

                      “He does not need to walk around the stage yelling the ‘f’ word to everyone. That will truly cut down on ticket buyers! It’s called being ’smart’! ==(“Live and let live, I say”=”I appreciate everything he is about”)

                      “Asking Adam to tone down his swearing is NOT trying to ‘box’ him into anything!” (“I appreciate everything he is about”)

                      “Why would you try to tell me what to do? Do you think you have that much power? Do you think you are that important? Well, here’s the headline, YOU”RE NOT, little lady. You are not telling me what to do, and dissing me for anything.”

                      HMMM…Contradictive hypocrisy at is best!! whooo!

                    • cheryl 334 says:

                      sORRY GUYS – i JUST CAN’T RESIST!…………………….

                      SUMMER……………………Just what is your point?????!!!
                      You have used only one small sentence, at the end, and have said nothing else, except try to pick thru my post and repost it. Don’t get it!!!!! What is YOUR point?????

                      Don’t have one, do you? Nope. Just wanted to repost my comments. Interesting. Bery interesting, but not very thoughtful.

                      Try to take your head out of the toilet long enough to post meaningful, intellilgent comments. They are easier to understand.
                      Then, again, I don’t think you can, you haven’t so far, why change?

                      But to stand on the sidelines and tell people that you love nasty words and the ‘f’ word from Adam, and would love to see him doing that in concert, is just, well, .,,,,,says a lot about who you are and the kind of erson you are.

                      I said it doesn’t bother me to use the ‘f’ word occassionally, but that I hoped that Adam would lighten it up for his concert. THAT really burned your butt! How ridiculous is that!!! I can see being hot b/c someone said they hoped Adam would run around the stage swearing like a drunkin’ sailor. But for the opoposite reason!? What are you about? Maybe you are used to that attitude in the places you frequent, but the majority of the country is not, I can assure you of that.

                      I want Adam to sulcceed. Not let swearing be the main attraction of what he did on the stage that everyone talks about. If you truly love his music, you would feel the same. What you say is just plain &^%%! You’re fighting a losing battle, my dear!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  I have seen long ago that it is useless to argue with you and I won’t. Frankly, I don’t care much about your opinion, being truthful here. I’m not being obstinate, I’m simply expressing my opinion as you are yours. Your quote “……something I am guilty of on occasion”. Wow, that’s an understatement!. No offense!

              • Haha, Cheryl!
                I don’t agree with you on many things. But in this thread it’s the second time I agree… The first one was about this disgusting ….brrrrrrrr ……posts above… And the second – about swearing……

              • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:


            • Haha, Cheryl!
              I don’t agree with you on many things. But in this thread it’s the second time I agree… The first one was about this disgusting ….brrrrrrrr ……talk above… And the second – about swearing……

              • Come on now girls, Everyone has their own opinions on every wake of Adams life.
                There is only 1 person who truly knows him inside and out, and that his him of course.
                People dont mean to be disgusting, I dont think. When a hotty such as Adam has actions
                and statements that resort to sexual behavior , if ya like it, why not have fun with it.
                If ya dont like it , pass. Just enjoy the music. The same goes with the choice words. If
                you’re there for the entertainment, just hear the beautiful words. No one should tell anyone
                to leave unless a person is being clearly rude, crude and indispicable. We can agree to
                agree, agree to disagree and disagree to agree. Paleez lets keep it civil.
                This man whom we all love and adore will do want he wants when he wants.
                I know because I Know everything, hee,hee, just kidding!! Dont go getting your pants
                in an uproar. The only pants I want in an uproar are Adams as I tear them off of him.
                See, this is what he does to me, I cant help it. I am enjoying him and his music soo
                much , he makes me feel good. Ima gonna keep it this way!
                Love to you all my Glamb family.

                • cheryl 334 says:

                  SUMMER……………No hypoocracy there!! Make of it, what you will, but it is what I think, and know. Adam is not going to run around the satge llike the gay boys in the theatre! Wait and see. He will def have to change that to attract a large audiance. Don’t believe??? Don’t care!!!! You are not the type of person I would ever want around me. So, I see a real difference in your personality than mine. I don’t like yours, so it is what it is. I am what I am. Don’t like me? Like I said, I WILL NOT LOSE ANY SLEEP OVER THAT! Grow up and learn some social skills.

                  It was interesting you chose to retype my post. Why? I had already had it up for all to see. To take someone’s idea and pick it apart is what those who cannot reply in ernest do. You simply make yourself look pitiful.

                  HELEN………………………….You are the 76 yr. old lady, aren’t you? Do you really think I give a rat’s ass what you think ov me?l Don’t.

                  GALA……………………………Appreciate your comments!

                • MARY — Adams PANTS in an UPROAR as you TEAR THEM OFF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  OH YEA!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

                  • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

                    YES AMEN HELEN! I wish everyone would quit nitpicking. ALL OF THIS IS JUST IN GOOD FUN. CHILL!!!!!!!!

      • Listen to the words of For Your Entertainment, he warned us all of what he is about to do. It is going to be shoking, sexy, controversial, and so what, I will be first in line to buy it, I am fed up fo the usual music videos, I want something different and something exciting, and you know what, Adam is going to deliver that.

      • I am a true Adam fan….No matter what he does, I’ll still be in love with this sexy man. Nothing will surprise me! I think the only thing that could turn me off about him is if he murdered someone or molested a child! I doubt that will ever happen! HE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! If his swearing turns you off you are not a true fan.

        • No, no, no….. dear Andi…..
          I am a true fan… His swearing doesn’t turn me off BUT !!!!! I would prefer him not to swear…It might turn some of the older fans off… Entertainment industry IS business…. More fans, better business…..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            When I mentioned in my post above that him throwing an “occasional “f” word in here and there in an interview, doesn’t bother me that is all I meant. Of course, we don’t want him strutting up and down the stage swearing his head off. He doesn’t do that and never would. Others in this thread went off the deep end about it as usual.

      • Have you even seen clips from Zodiac Show…they are great…it is very sexy rock…with amazing singers…fresh…entertaining…We need to remember Adam is trying to be Adam…He is no more sexy than many other stars…Ushar…Beyounce…Britney…Aguilara…The problem is the homophobes are uncomfortable with him being open about being gay….That basically is what it is about…I support Adam because he is an amazing talent…a brave man…a creative man…and a very nice guy…He will kick behind at AMA’s

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Look at his outfit?This MV will be super sick!I really hope the deluxe CD will include his MV.My god,can’t wait.I want Adam shaking a bit,teasing a bit,stroking a bit!!Hell yeah!! And that blond woman,she always besides Adam!Very lucky woman.She has the best job in the whole world.How much they pay her?I can do for free,JUST TAKE ME ADAM!!!

    • AA, yes there is the blond woman again. Look at her happy little face. She’s totally lovin this for sure.

      • AdamAddict says:

        DUH!! If I got that job,people might think I’m McDonald escaping coz fo sho there will be wide smile on my face the whole time!!hee hee!! 🙂

        • Ha, McAdamAddict, working for McAdam. Smiling like a chessy cat! You and me both.
          Oh sir Adam, what can I do for you? Oh let me count the ways!

      • What’s not to love ??!!! He is looking SO HOT. I love him in the hair he had at 2012 premier, but this look is so much more appropriate for the song’s words and attitude. Don’t want him looking too “nice.” This definitely gives him more of an edgy look, and the leather does the rest. He is really something, isn’t he ??? Now, do you suppose he’ll be singing at the Academy Awards ? We need to know there i something new coming up every so often. What other awards are after the new year besides the PC and AA ?? Keep us posted.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          HELEN………………….I take offense at some of the words you seem to like to throw around, in particular, the ‘F’ word. Try cleaning it up for there are decent people on this site and we don’t want to have that kind of gutter language in our faces. Just asking politely.


      • Helen/Canada says:

        What I want to know, is how the fuck do you get a job as Adam’s assistant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do you apply for that????????

        • Hey Helen, where ya been? I would say LA…………….

          • Helen/Canada says:

            ….trying to find out how to get that bitches job, that’s where I’ve been!!!! I’m serious, how the fuck do you get that job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I want it!!!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Oh Helen, you just crack me up completely. I just love it. You are one firey woman. I’m sorry, I can’t type anymore I am laughing way too much.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Can’t help it Dianne. I’m a Scorpio! Been trying to improve myself over the years as I mature (laugh), but sometimes my true nature just comes out!
                Does Scorpio go with Aquarius? If not, I’ll change, I promise!!!

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you the way you are Helen. You are wonderful and obviously being a Scorpio, I am sure you have a sting in your tail.


        • cheryl 334 says:

          HELEN…………………..Your language sounds awful for a lady your age. Stop with all the ‘F’ words, if that is possible for you!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      As much as we love ADAM, hell yes we would do it for free! Why use someone who knows what they’re doing? Or looks that good next to ADAM? I can look good too, no I couldn’t. But I sure would assisst ADAM for FREE!!! You hear that Assisstant? You’re supposed to be doing that for free, get an overnight job at WM for your own $.

    • SHE TOTALLY has MY job!! I wrote Adam a while ago and offered to be his personal assistant and Make-up artist, and be at his beck and call for ANYTHING HE NEEDED- ANYTHING- 🙂 and he goes and hires this skank! Whutup!! Where did she come from and WHY HER??? What can she offer him that I can’t??? NOTHING!! I would PLEASE HIM SOOOO MUCH BETTER!

      I wouldn’t even sleep. I bet she sleeps! Lazy bi-otch! Someone needs to take her down so I can be the replacement! He would want for nothing with ME 🙂 And I’d make him even more HANDSOME everyday with my magic make-up skills! Not that he needs it, but he would LOVE IT!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Summer, get in line, behind ME!!!!!!! LOL!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I am pretty sure you Summer and Helen need a couple of Helen’s chill pills, I don’t think you have been chewing on them lately have you Helen.

        I would say I want that job too, but I am too skerd!!!!!!!!!

    • I am glad someone brought up the blonde chick. I was wondering who she was. She is always with him. An assistant? A bodyguard? A handler? A friend? Who is this chick?

    • Hey AdamAddict, me, Mary and you are triplets, if you get the job we will come with you, Adam will then get the full service.

  4. Adam you are rocking man. Love the second pic, look at his expression, so hot, so confident!
    Wonder if the MV and the AMA performance will be one in the same? He looks soo good, black leather , boots, shirt , tie looks dressy. Is that a gold whip possibly in 1st pic? Oh, oh this is gonna be so good…………. 6 more days to see him perform at the AMA’s………. Ima sure his swivel hips will go perfectly with the lyrics to FYE. Ima give it to ya till your screamin my nameeeeeeeeeeeeee,
    thrust, thrust, thrust. eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
    so hot.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Thrust,thrust,thrust!!eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh,oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!LMAO!! Everytime people make a sound like that ,I just find it funny!Last time Ingrid said something like thrust,thrust,urgh,urgh,urgh!!Hahahaha!!Stop pushing yourself too hard!!LMAO!! 😛

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        THRUST! UMPH! THRUST! UMPH! THRUST! UMPH! This could get interesting, now everyone give us your best grunts!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Mary C I think that was a gold cane, a fancy one too. I can see why he’d have a whip, but a cane? I have got to see this MV, to see what he’s going to do w/ that cane.
      He looks so happy,I want to cry.

      • Yes, I thought of a cane, then maybe the top of a whip? Oh cant wait to see his props!
        Remember what he does with the microphones, can of pop, snake, bra’s, teasers’ and oh that dildo? no he didnt like that one, KICK KICK , IN YOUR FACE………….

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          ADAM kept warning people not to throw things at him, it ‘d distract him. I think that was the major issue, but yea that dildo… it pissed me off too. For me, “don’t throw a didlo at a man”. Especially at our man, ADAM.
          I’m following saltman on twitter, she said “AH” was there at the vid shoot, do we know of such a person? I thought Allison but that’s AI. It could’ve been someone from media.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            spellcorrect-dildo, sorry! LOL!

            • Mary C and kimber,
              You have no idea how loud I’m laughing!!You guys are sick!!LMAO!!Seriously,I have to cover my mouth coz it’s late.You guys are funny and crazy at the same time!LMAO 😛

              • AdamAddict, sssshhhhhhh, paleez try 2 b quiet, people are trying to sleep at your house!
                Now Adam get over here and shake your pop can all over me……………………..LOL

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Mary C,Shut up!!! Hahahaha!!Stop!!!You make me imagine things!! Haha…I really don’t wanna!! you,Adam and pop can??I don’t even know what is pop can!LOL!Pop can is the glitter thing that come out from can?Is that it?Whatever it is,You ,Adam and pop can,…Aaaargh,eeewww!!No Adam,come to me with that f****** pop can,whatever it is!! LOL!! 😀

                  • Yes, remember the pop can in the RS shoot? He was spraying uhhmm all over the place…………….

                    • OMG I am LMAO at all of this. Glitter, cans, spraying, doing the
                      helicopter with Adams treasure,,,,,,,,,,hahahahhaahaha

                    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

                      Who can forget the pop can? Probably my favorite picture – you guys are killin’ me tonight 🙂

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  No ADAM! Come shake it all over me!

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    I don’t even know what to say, I’m LMAO at all of you!!! AA, pop can, what is that!! You are so adorable. Pop can is soda pop, like coke, pepsi, in a can sweetie.

                    • Alright you gals.. my side is aching from laughing so much.. my hips are sore just reading about all the thrusting that is going on. and I will never look at another “POP CAN ” in the same way again for the rest of my life !!!!!!

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Did you look closely at that gold cane. It has legs on the handle. I’m figuring that the rest of the handle is an arched body…. oooooh la la…

        • Lisa, I cant make out what is on the cane. Usually Ima good at this. My contacts must have something on them. Look at Adams rings, or are they gold knuckles? Geez, talk about pain.
          Adam you bad boy you.

          • Oh, I can make it out now Lisa. Yep , thats me alright. My legs, my arched body, just

            • That man is beyond gorgeous! Not to get off topic, but read an article about how Kris Allen said he still feels like the underdog, and that he didn’t need magazine covers or to sing a soundtrack for a movie, he will do what he did on AI, and he will do just fine. BTW did ya hear, 2012 did better at sales this past weekend than any of the other movies…………..Woot Woot. Hey Kris, Adam is Adam, he overshadows everyone, he can’t help it, he just has the IT factor baby………..

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Yes Trish, in other words he will bore the s**t out of everyone. Perhaps if he wants to stop being the underdog then he should get out there and find some magazine covers or a song for a movie, there must be one that wants him, surely, do you think?

                • Fully agree with you Trish, Adam has more then the IT factor, he can just sit there, all we do is look at him in amazement, those beautiful eyes, everythinhg about him is beautiful, and when he moves, OMG the whole earth moves with him. In every one of the performances I watched I was completetely mesmorized by him, all I can see is just Adam, nothing else, no one else.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Well, Adam is the master of pleasure and pain,Mary C!! He is bad boy! And we looooove it. 😛

            • OH a very bad boy, please carry on Adam, be as bad as you like.

            • Emili, how do YOU know anything about ‘pleasure and pain” , girl?? Re. the gold cane, I still think there is something to the black tux, moustache, cane combo… maybe the video will do a time travel thing? and Adam will use the cane as a prop in the old “Let Me Entertain” you way??? It was the theme song of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous stripper.

          • Lisette here..blessing an hugs seeing othre thread an welwishes..always kind..missing all glambs but seeing thes above photos is best remedie to keep doctor’s therapies an manipulation seem less discomfortes for sure.J’espere to find magazin as they’ll sell out before I blinq an eyelashes!Thenks to Sherry last magazin she so sweet to send!
            Luv an hugs j’adore trebeau Adam.Know video he’ll appear sensual with hipnotique aqua eyes an his cirque d’soleil looking people..Gathre he’ll be best an can always imagaine his choreographie will be orginal an his trademark..gyrations,an making danse an artform..I’d adore to see him still unjour on dansing with Stars..but who to be his partner..Possible Edita(Russian danseur)or any othre cast gal danseurs!
            Keep dreming ..Lisette oui Adam’s too busy taking le monde by storm!!xoxoxoJ’etaime toujours..Luv to all glambs!xoxo

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Yes Lisette, DWTS, I’d love to see him on there too. But I would like to see him dance w/ the young brunette, hell they’re all sexy women, he could dance w/ any of them. Love you Lisette, hope you’re doing alright?

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Mary C.
      isn’t he looking soooooooooo hot, so gorgeous, but soooooooooo happy. He is doing what he always wanted to.

      According to other pictures leaked, this will be a SSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK
      (as Adam would say) video.

      Loving it

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        OMFG!!!!! ADAM is SSSSSIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! And I love him!!!!
        From what I’m seeing, ADAM is gonna knock gaga right outta the ring. Just add everyone else to that list , the rappers,the softcrappy rockmayocrap, all other freakin’ American idol wanna-bes,the spears, the heavymetalcrap, not Muse & KOL,though, I like them.

        • hey I’m with you kimber, lady g might need to take a side step. Adam is moving on up. Look at
          him , he is the newest coolest rock god out there! Looks, Strut, Style, Voice, Aura, one nice big
          hunky package……………….
          Santa, thats the package I want under my Christmas tree. You dont need to wrap him if you dont
          want to. Well, maybe a bow on his treasure. A Big Shiny Gold Bow tied around his bulge.
          I will leave you milk & cookies for sure, Thank you.

      • Oh Silvana, yes Adams dream come true. He gets to play rock star, dress up, the whole 9 yards!
        Look at his handsome face, so very happy. He shines like the brightest star*



          CAN’T WAIT TIL THE AMA’S !!!!!

          AMERICAN IDOL WHAT ?????

    • Mary, I think it’s the top of a gold cane and I don’t think those ‘outdoor’ clothes he is wearing are part of the MV, why spill the beans so soon? I think he is just walking the street, after or before practice. Just my opinion… I”m still opting for the black 1930’s tux, thin moustache etc..

  5. AdamAddict says:

    And do check this one out.There another Sebree photo that I never seen it before and another ponytail Adam.Scroll down,way way down!!I dunno why some dislike the ponytail,but I find it HOT!! Anyway,enjoy!Do not drink when looking,it will be a waste coz it will spill back out!LOL

    • AA, The ponytail pics were from TV guide shoot. Anyone know what issue that was? Wow look at all
      the MV shots from FYE. that one guy is going to loose his butt cheeks. Love the 1st pic, what an
      outfit. Ohhh tight pants.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Those pictures are so hot Emili and I love the ponytail it really gives him an edge, if that is possible. I just adore that picture and the Sebree one is awesome.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        My first reaction “fuck me” , what in the freakin’ world is that , I mean who is that piece of meat? I meant oh ADAM!!!! Take me away pleasssse!!!! I have never in my life seen anyone look so damn hot & sexy ,EVER!!!! ADAM is PERFECTION!!! Was there something about an american idol? whateva!!!!! Oh Simon Fuller, I think your show just made the biggest mistake ever!!! YOUR LOSS SUCKA!!!! They should’ve given him the title W/O strings attached, let ADAM do his thing. ADAM is still being referred to as “runner up” , that has got to stop! He should be referred to as “the IDOL that should’ve won” . Damn! I’m still not over it. LOL!!! I need help!!!

        • yeh but kimber, it doesnt matter to him. Look how far he has come, look what he is doing
          he is the winner. 1st or 2nd AI???? Look at this man, he is the STAR. Lots of people were shocked when he wasnt announced AI winner. He is showing the world
          what a true winner is.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            AGREE Mary C!!!

            • Adam is a winner, no one like him in the music industry. Those small minded people that did not vote for him, well, look at our Adam now, he is a super star, an international superstar, look at what he has achieved in such a short space of time. All the well know celebs want to work with our superstar.

  6. puteri abdul says:

    they say looks can kill ..
    and if this statement is true .. I would have been dead for I don’t know how many times..
    seriously, this man just could not go wrong in his looks department.. walking down the streets of LA in that trenchcoat and look hot like hell !! tell me, who else can burn the streets like that ..
    and who cares about those undressed extras .. fully clothed adam sizzles me more than anyone else in that picture, and I can just imagine me steaming by the time I watch that FYE video ..

  7. *_* He’s so hadsome…*_*

  8. *handsome


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  10. maddymarie18 says:

    Love the pic where he is smilin’…He needs to do this more often, just let himself go, especially with the media, his smile will win anyone over, counting down the days till release, yeah!!!! Love ya Adam:)

  11. Dianne Hill says:

    Look at him, he is just loving this, finally his dream is coming true. Adam’s first music video is going to be just so super hot, all I ask that it is not too super hot – just because I want them to play it on the TV, if it is too super hot it will be banned and then I would be absolutely devestated. I can’t believe I have just typed that, because really I don’t care how hot he gets, but I do so want to turn on my TV and see Adam’s video playing. You would be able to hear me scream all over New Zealand when it comes on.

    He looks so damn beautiful. When I first saw these pictures yesterday, I just couldn’t believe how fantastic he looks – well yes, I could because he always looks fantastic. But I just couldn’t help thinking, where have you been Adam, the world was such a dull grey place before he came along. And now everything just sparkles around him.


    • puteri abdul says:

      well dianne, I think they will still show it but there might be some blurry parts, like what they did to britney’s womanizer video..
      only in this case adam shouldn’t get blurred like britney, because he is fully dressed ..

      adam just glitters with sparkles and our life just glistened with the dazzling drops of stardust that adam showers ..

      • KO's smiling says:

        We assume he’s fully dressed under that trench… but wouldn’t it be great if he wasn’t?

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I’m with you KO I bet there is something else under that coat – despite the bulge girls, we ALL know that is there, but we know Adam loves to surprise and shock us, who knows what he has in store for us under that trench coat.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            The “Treasure” of all treasures! Jackpot!!! Bingo!!! Whole in ONE!!!! BULLSEYE!!!! FULL HOUSE!!! WILDCARD!!! #1 always & forever!!!!! THE ONE & ONLY!!!!! CHA-CHING!!!! DOUBLE OUR PLEASURE!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!

      • Puteri..lisette here for brif moment..merci for welwishes on othre threads..I av read some,but given pain intense post very sporadic.Yur lovli words were very kinde..blessings always an luv Lisette.Aw an above photos toujours sensual,chique,GQ,oh,la,la Adam..Wil adore to visit agan soon..Sure these photos wil be lovli wallpapers for pc/laptop,etc..anwhere in le maison a worque of art!An remedie for any pains no need for medication..holistic healing now!!Hugs Lisettexoxo!!

        • So true, Lisette good to see you appear here, and hope things are improving for you. Yes, Adam in that trench sure could be a GQ model.. he is so ‘spiffy’, that is my word for him.

        • puteri abdul says:

          you are welcome lissette..
          actually I have notice you from the comments from the youtubes too..
          it is you right lissette, as you always leaves your beautiful words there..
          it’s true, adam’s photos and videos are part of our pleasures of life..
          take care lissette..

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      He looks sooooooooooo beautiful and soooooooooooo happy, he sure is loving all of this. it will be a very hot video. Can’t wait to see it.

      You are right, Dianne, “such a dull grey place before he came along” He brings such hapiness to us all.

  12. Adam looks so hot in black leather, I know he will be so sexy when he performs on AMA. Adam you rock my world.

  13. Look at you Adam looking so hot in black leather. Can’t wait to see the FYE video, I know it will be just as hot.

  14. Adam Lambert is so ridiculously crazy on everything he does. Thank you, God, for creating this beautiful creature in my lifetime.
    Adam Lambert, why do you have to explain or appologize? You are PERFECTION.

  15. OMG,I HAVE TO SHARE THIS FUNNY STORY.Wait,calm down first!Ok,calmed!Ok,U guys know about the KRADISON concert,right?It too sad about Gokey didn’t join in,right?Okay maybe not!LOL!!So,the concert(is it will be 4 sho?) so anyway,this ‘winner’,the runner up,and the FORTH place will probably do it!They totally forgot about the 3rd place dude!!Poor him,right?Okay maybe not!! Then the ‘winner’ will release his CD soon!The real winner should release yesterday,if you ask me,DUH! Then the 4th place will in DEC 1st!This 3rd place dude will release sometime 2010,middle 2010!So,yeah,who cares,right?

    So,that just the intro.Here the funny story!There’s one article,look like a newspaper,they show this “idol fans favourite to drop CDs.”They put Kris.Adam and Aliison names then ‘and more’ Yup,yup,yup, Gokey dude in that ‘more’.hahaha!!Wait for it!!They write short article about these idol,right?Then Gokey also have one.He must be thrill!LOL!!Then there’s this DANNY GOKEY then below it,says “On his MySpace page,the FOURTH PLACE FINISHER says blah blah blah” THE WHAAAAT??FOURTH PLACE FINISHER????Can I laugh at that?Can I?Can I ,pleeeease!!?Hahahahaha!!!FOURTH PLACE???LMAO!!!The writer didn’t do his homework fo sho!!Hahaha!!Poor Gokey dude!!What have he done to deserved that??Oh yup,he mocking our Adam!!Yeah,next time don’t ,FORTH PLACE!!LOL!! 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      HE sucks that’s what! LMFAO!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I just about p****d myself laughing so much at your story Emili. You are sooooo funny. Poor Gokey LOL, well he really did deserve only fourth place didn’t he, actually, I don’t think he even deserved that.

      But what about this KRADISON concert, tell me more about that, I haven’t heard anything about it. Please tell me it is true – not that I will be able to go because I doubt if they will be doing anything outside of America, but there is always hope, isn’t there, there has to be hope.

  16. Addict, YOu’re toooo funny!! Love it!! Karma sucks, huh Gokey!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Awww,poor Gokey!He probably playing guitar singing country somewhere in Texas now.We should leave him be….NOT!!Hahaha,Imma so bad.You think I will have get that karma also?~gulp~ Oh oh!! 🙁

  17. Read this.This from OUT magazine.There’s 3 pages!I love the 3rd page the most!!He talks about Drake,Kris,Gokey,Michael and oral sex with a girl! Sound interesting,huh?
    This is Part 1 anyway!Who find part 2 later,please do share!

    • OK, going, going, gone………

      • Okay AA, I have gotten to the part where he doesnt know anymore about type, since he’s gotten
        older, things have changed……………….. Not in the same boxy idea , if you’re hot , you’re hot..
        OK, back over to article

      CAN HE GET ANY HOTTER???????

      • AdamAddict says:

        I think he can,Dee!! I need sprinkler on the top of my freaking head.Only that way,I can cool down.LOL 😀

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Adam Addict, you crack me up! You need sprinkler on your freaking head and Adam wants fire coming out of his! OMG, I’m gonna die!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you very much AA, that was a very good interview, it had me in tears. The part about when his pics came out during AI. I loved his voice no matter what!!!! And I still do. I love you ADAM!!! I need to get this mag, it will be one of his very best, I think.
      Is ADAM on GMA solo?

  18. Ooops,I just post OUT magazine article.Part 1 ,3pages.I should post it in OUT thread!!Oopps!Sorry jeanette!Hmm,I send straight to Jeanette then! 🙂

  19. OMG……Adam is so F–king Hot & seXXXY that I can hardly stand it…Makes me want to SCREAMMMMM his name…”Master Adam-Hurt me sooooo Good!” I should be ashamed of my self for the thoughts that man makes me think, but I’m not… I’m just loving him instead! Oh Yes! “He’s definately In & he OWNS my HEART”



  20. I can tell you all right now, after reading the article in OUT, Adams curiosity will get the best of him.
    He is NOT ruling out women. He will have sex with a woman. Women do not turn him off sexually. He has left this door open for so long. He doesnt know what he may love, because he hasnt had the experience yet.
    We’ll see where this leads him. Never know, he always thought of himself being a particular way, thats what he has known for so long, now things have changed in his life. What a great magazine to
    open up to about his feelings. Great interview. He rules!
    love and peace

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Mary, I loved this interview too and did you notice that it said the next part will be out on Monday (which I am taking to be 23rd). Do you think this interview is in the magazine Mary or is it just online. Can you have a look at the magazine for me when it does hit the stands (I am sorry if I am making you look at a gay magazine, but I want that interview if it is in the magazine, otherwise I will just have to save it online. Thank you Mary, love you.

      And yes, I admit he is obviously very curious about being bi. I loved his story about his experience with oral sex with a girl, I wonder if she will read this interview, she will know who she is, LOL.

      • AdamAddict says:

        The truth is….he was talking about me.Yes,yes,I have to admit that I was the girl that Adam had oral sex with.Yes,Imma that bitch!!Haha,how I wish Imma that bitch!! 😛

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I’m sure you would have been cleaner Emili. Did you not take in that part?

          • Ha ha, Dianne, yes, I was amazed, not at the oral sex part, but that he actually admitted it wasnt gross in spite of her not being as clean as she could have been. At least he knows the difference between gender chemical turn off and a cleanliness issue. As far as I am concerned (Mary!!) he is well on his way to at least trying the opposite sex at some time.

            The biggest hurdle is the whole gender/chemistry thing. For instance, I am totally straight by inclination and if I had to French kiss a female I’d be grossed out, nevermind oral sex, the ultimate intimate act IMO. And I am a very openminded person with the opposite sex so it’s not a matter of being conservative which I am not. So I know I would not go that way , not even as an experiment. But Adam has overcome the kissing hurdle many times and he may have had a drink or two but he wasnt blotto.

            It’s just a matter of time I think, unless he gets into a wonderfully satisfying longterm same sex very serious relationship. Why do I think that? Because he has finally realized he is very attractive to women and that is a very heady realization. To me it will be opportunity and attraction that will be it for him.

      • Dianne, hey I have no problem buying gay magazine. Is it happy? LOL No I want this mag. too. This may be the article to go down in history…………….. He is in the OUT magazine
        and so honestly opening up again about his true feelings and how they change as his life becomes soo different than it has ever been. He may be more in than he know right now.
        lotsaluv, ACIGC!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY……………Well, it’s finally beginning. As I have always felt. So, Adam has had oral sex with a girl? How interesting. Not surprising, but definately interesting. For me reading that, it makes me wonder, why would a man prefer oral sex to vaginal sex, like he said some guys just cringe at the thought of sex with a girl or woman. I KNOW gay, just born gay men feel that way. Adam does not, which again gives credance to my feelings and thoughts for a long time that Adam is not born gay. A true gay person is gay before they exit the womb. It is not a choice. But, Adam is giving himself permission to explore what he finds desirable to him, and that is a woman. He has ‘lived as a gay man’ for 8 yrs. That is not the same thing as being born gay. He felt he was gay, for specific reasons, not by his own ‘choosing’, to begin with. He was in the theatrical venue, and the majority of people there are gay. So his peers became the gay guys, or so he thought. Now, as he is growing up more, and has matured more, he sees that his thoughts of himself being a true gay man is a definate question to him. Thank God!!! Not that I care one way or the other, but I would hate to see someone put themselves in the gay life if they are not gay! I mean that is not a very easy life to live.

      Adam is letting so much more of his sexuality out into the public, which is hs way of deali ng with the inevitable. He is going to date women. He is putting out the rumor himself that he might not live a gay lifestyle forever and that one day he may go straight, for that is who he is down deep. I know exactly what he meant when he said his living in a certain box for so long it is scarry to venture out of that box. But he obviously is going to. He has lived a more immature life up to Idol, I think, due to his ‘fear’ of women, and/or sexuality, period. Maybe that is why he tended to the small, younger boy types. They did not pose such a threat to him and he could experiment with his own sexuality with less fear. Now, with all the experiences he has had while on idol, not being able to get back into the life of just being with the gay guys, he has learned so much more about himself, women, sex, and his deeper feelings, than he might ever learned had he not gone on idol. Also, he learned what it means to be a Christian, how they think and what they believe, that he no longer fears people who say they are Christian, and even admits that even tho he is Jewish, he has not subscribed to the Jewish faith, per se. All this is good! Wonderful news, in my opinion, because it is all ‘life’s lessons’ that he probably never would have been exposed to at the rate his life was going. This, to me, is even more important in Adam’s life,I believe than his musical career, which of course, I believe is phenominal!!! How much more greatful Adam will be when he truly ‘finds his true self’, and has some knowledge about the world of believers in God. He is the kind of man who would not change for the worse with this knowledge, for he is of a good moral standard, but it can only make him even a better person, human-being, to which seems impossible! I mean how do you improve on perfect?? Obviously, he is not perfect, but pretty near!! This interview just fuels my fire for all my beliefs since day one, when the rumors started about his being gay. He could never have said he wasn’t, living the way he had for 8 yrs. But 8 yrs does not a lifetime make. He was ‘stuck’ in that scene, and had believed that that was probably who he was, after being drawn to girls throughout his life, even wanting to go ‘have some drinks and make out w/girls’, afterall, he could always laugh it off saying that he had had too many drinks. Didn’t feel that he was emotionally strong enough to make any kind of real ‘break’ away from the gay life as long as he still worked and lived in that style. But, as I have contended, he has a natural desire to be with the opposite sex, and if given half a chance, and maturing, and growing stronger and willing to be ‘himself’, he would leave the gay life one day for good, only b/c it is NOT who he is.

      I say, GO ADAM, DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY ARE, you have the self-esteem to do it. You can see that girls DO like you. You are not fat and ugly, never have been. Just slower at maturing emotionally from whatever the reason, but you owe nothing to anyone except yourself, to be who and what you choose. The world is just opening for Adam, and I for one, hope he can continue to take steps to continue the climb right up to the edge of political correctness and forget about owing the gay community your life, continue to support them even as you leave the scene.

      The pics above are just too gorgeous for words. He is the hottest thing on two legs in this world! I love his hair, the black trench leather is really ‘him’, I love the boots, he just oozes beauty, coolness, sensuality, and charm. He cannot be described, and the more I try the harder it gets. The more he is ‘captured’ by pics, the hotter he gets, it’s a catch 22! There he is just walking along a street! Could Elvis or any of the Beatles do that? Hell no! Why? Because they started off hiding, fearful of their fans. Adam has the best fans in the world and they love him and would protect him from any harm at any time. I hope he can always walk around in public and enjoy the love of his fans.

      Next time he has oral sex with a woman, I pray she is a good clean hot woman, who can show him just what he has missed out on. One who is of good nature, loving, warm, and caring. One who understands what a wonderful man she is with. One who deserves to be with Adam. Some day.

      peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 4 Adam.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        VERY INTERESTING articvle in gossipcandy. The article says that Adam was not going to be on the cover of “OUT” magazine, unless there were more than just Adam and “STRAIGHT” people on the cover with him.

        Then the interviewer, after interviewing Adam, ‘dissed’ him about his attraction to women, saying that his readers would much rat her know what Kris looked like in his boxers than of how Adam likes the smell and sex of women!!!!

        Another journalist ‘dissed’ the original interviewer of “OUT” for ‘dissing’ Adam as soon as the interview was over!!!!

        INTERESTING?!!!!!!! Ah,,,,, yeah! GO ADAM! Looks to me that the gay interviewer, who wants to be accepted for who he is, is not very accepting of anyone who is not GAY!! WTF? Now, who’s besing prejuidice???? Yeah. What an a–hole!!!!!!


  22. Again, it has been very entertaining to read your comments here! How wild it will be when the video is out…

    • Dianne Hill says:

      What wil be wild ailaR, the video OR the comments. I do so love this site almost as much as I love ADAM. Nah, that’s not possible.


  24. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Expect nothing but the best from Adam Lambert!!! 😉

  25. puteri abdul says:

    I am sorry if I sound on alittle bit of a serious note here and I think I am running out of the FYE topic but since you guys are talking about OUT, I ran across this article, which I wouldn’t say disturbing, but it does make me think of what is actually with those people managing adam’s careers..
    since adam said that he is not puppeteered and all that, does adam really know what is happening behing him ?

    “” Ever since American Idol’s mascara-wearing runner-up Adam Lambert came out, it seems his people can’t wait to get him back in a little.

    In the new Out 100 issue of Out–which I write for–editor Aaron Hicklin pens a sharp letter criticizing Lambert’s management for their namby-pambiness in trying to re-cloak his sexuality. Lambert gave the magazine a terrific interview, but his handlers were not so glorious, alas.

    Says Hicklin:

    *Adam’s people were reluctant to let him appear on the cover. They only let it happen if it was a group shot, preferably including someone straight. (This even though Out was first in line, ages ago, in asking for a Lambert cover. Somehow Details was granted a crack at him first, presenting the singer caressing a barely clad woman and talking about kissing girls, though he did also manage to get in the fact that he’s gay).

    *Out was urged not to make Adam too gay in the shot.

    *They were also informed that Adam probably wouldn’t be able to attend an Out 100 event because they didn’t want to jeopardize his record sales.

    Some progress, huh? I’m starting to feel better that I voted for the other guy.

    Update: Here’s the actual letter. “

    • puteri abdul says:

      the link to the article ..

      The Semi-Closety Marketing of Adam Lambert Village Voice

    • cheryl 334 says:

      PUTERI ABDUL……………I am not sure what your thinking is here. I did not read your post besfore I posted above on this very article. I think Adam is controlling his life and how he is portrayed. I beslieve it is Adam’s desire to get away from the ‘gay’ thing, to focus on his music, and away from his private sex life. I do not believe he is trying to deny he is something he is not. If you read the latest articles or interviews on Adam, he is distinctly saying he is attracted to women, and that he is interested in pursuing that attraction. I am not one bit surprised that Adam does not want to be in the Out 100 event. He has always maintained he does not want to be political, in the first place, and in the second place, he is saying that he is attracted to women. So, it all makes perfect sense to me! He is just being true to who he is, and he is not feeling just gay anymore.


        • cheryl 334 says:

          ADAMFAN 1…………………Who died and left you as the genius that “knows” that? I say he is not gay, and I wonder WHY you feel the need to keep him in the box he says he is not going to be put in.

          • Cherly.. Did you watch the interview on 20/20 where ADAM looks straight at the camera and say, ” yes, I am Gay” ??????????????????????????????? I guess hearing Adam say it HIMSELF makes me THAT genius Cheryl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              ADAMFAN……………….Did U hear Adam say he is trying to decide if he wants to be with a gorupie or someone he know for sex??? Did U HEAR what Adam SAID about kissing women all the time???? If so, what does that SAY 2 U?? I know genius, and Adamfan, you are NO genius!!

        • Admfan1,
          I AM WITH YOU!!!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Adam said he probably make out with women…if he drunk.Adam said he like pretty boys!!So…??!! 0_o COME ON,let’s just talk about how hot Adam is!!HOW MUCH YOU THINK THAT GOLDEN FINGER JEWELERY WILL COST ME??AND WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND THAT F****** POP CAN?? 😛

            • I don’t try to psychoanalyze Adam. . . I love him, and I want him to be who he is. . . he said on 20/20, in RS, Details, and Out that he’s gay. . . why second-guess him? The most important thing to me is to support him, enjoy his talent, his beauty, his goodness, his HOTNESS! I believe that’s what he wants from his fans.

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

              • I dont want to think of myself as psychoanalyzing Adam. I have thoughts about what he
                has said in the past and what he says now. I read him as maybe second guessing
                himself. I really do. He has lived a gay lifestyle for the last 7-8 yrs. Thats what he has
                known in his LA life style. Ima thinking Adams intrigueing hormones are racing all
                around his body with some serious thoughts about trying something he hasnt
                experienced before. When the opportunity comes a knockin, Adam will be a rockin!
                He’s a wild and crazy guy, nothing at all surprises me about him. Some people need to
                read between the lines about what is going on. He is the one putting all this out there.
                God I love this man. This good, kind loving man wants to have something he has never in his young life had yet. Why is it that so many of his fans want to question the curious
                side of him? Why cant so many maybe accept that he may just love what he finds
                in a woman? Chemistry, intelligence, beauty, sense of humor? Is it because some
                fans themselves may be gay or have a son or dau. or close person they love be gay?
                I think this accepting situation needs to work both ways. We’ve loved him from day 1, gay
                bi, or straight. No one from the beginning knew for Sure what his sexuality was.
                Adam if by chance you read these posts, Go for your dreams baby all of them. You’ve
                accomplished your music one, so lets see what is next in store for you.
                I love you, love your talent and all your beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                This makes them identify with him so much more.

                • the last line was supposed to be above the ” I think this accepting situation”

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Adam has said he is gay and I believe what he says until he says something different. Yes, he has said that he is curious and not opposed to experimenting if the situation came along. Good for him, he will not one day when he’s old ever regret the things he didn’t do. It seems he’s living his life the way he wants to and I so admire him for that. Live your life Adam, enjoy everything you can. When he says the words, I am not gay, or I am bi, then so be it, I will accept that too. We all just want him to be happy, straight, gay or bi.

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    MARY…………………Thank God I GET IT!! You are right, we loved him before anyone knew or even cared what his orientation was. I still love him just as much, and RESPECT HIM EVEN MORE, now that I see that he does have some questions about the way he has BEEN living and the way he wants to live in his FUTURE. He is very strong willed. Thank God. I would hate for him to feel ‘pressured’ into living gay if he is not inclined to anymore. Or if he wants to wear his hair natural, or his nails, green. I DON’T CARE FOR ME, I only CARE FOR ADAM’S SAKE. This is what we ALL should say!

                    Hot, hot, hot! That is all I can say! Perfect in every way!!

            • AA, you have a way of makin us smile girl. ahhahahaha
              you lookin for pop can,? he used it all on me……………………….

          • Gala, Be with me. Curiosity will not kill the cat this time.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            GALA……………. Nadia is with ME! Adam is with me! I am with Adam!

            • Adam is not with you, Cheryl!!!!
              He SAID HE IS GAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!1

              • cheryl 334 says:

                GALA………………Yes he is!!!! Lorrin and Ingrid and Mary and I have been sharing him for many months now. Where have U been?????

        • Agree with you Admfan 1….Cheryl, with all due respect, I think you have gone into ‘denial’.

          I know a little about the subject as I have a gay son,

          Anyway, like us all….I couldn’t care less about Adam’s sexuality…just want to look at him , listen to him and……. IMAGINE !!!!! Once again, he looks divine in these pictures ……thanks Jeanette.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • cheryl 334 says:

            YVONNE…………….. I understand what you are saying. I am not in denial, though. Believe me. That is what I think of those who will not hear and will not listen to all the things Adam is trying to and does say, and no one even thinks he is knowing what he is talking about! I’ve yet to see some of the people on this site who continue to state, ‘Adam is gay b/c of this or that’, and never refer to the things he has said that is the exact opposite of that statement!

            Why would you feel I was in ‘denial’? I have not horse in this race. I just see and hear Adam stating his feelings and no one responding. Everyone just IGNORES

            • cheryl 334 says:

              continued………………I was not finished with my thought and this stupid thing just printed ………………….
              EVERYONE JUST IGNORES those sttements and actions from Adam. If he did not want to be taken seriously, I don’t think he would be putting out all the feelings he has about women. I am defending him, not trying to obscure his self. I think most on this site is in denial. Not me, Yvonne. no offense!

              • Cheryl,….. it’s called Marketing.

                Love, Yvonne

                • Cheryl,
                  P.S No offence taken….always enjoy reading your posts. They come straight from your heart, very open & honest…..and very ardent. You are indeed a very passionate woman.

                  Love, Yvonne (Australia)

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    YVONNE…….Thank you for that. But I do have to respond to what you said about marketing. I don’t think Adam is doing and saying things about how he feels sexually to ‘market’ himself more. Why? How would it benefit him? No matter what he says he can’t satisfy all. Being more hetero is who he is. He was that way long before he even started on idol. He didn’t just suddenly become this way, except to the degree that he says, in that he is older and has a more sense of himself than he ever had before, he said. So, just think that b/c most on this site just can’t even stand the thought that Adam is anything but a sullper strong gay man and has been all his life, those are NOT the FACTS. So, just had to make that point, not that I will change anyone’s mind. That is not what I try to do. I am just a passionate fan of Adam. I became obsessive back the first moment I heard a single note from his voice and saw him in an instant. I did not know his name, as it was not divuldged yet, but got on youtube trying to find out who he was. Finally, he was given a name and face on the show, and I lived on my computer for everything I could find on Adam.

                    Most people on this site just hate my viewpoint, but that does not distract me. I have another view about Adam, and want to encourage him against all who would not want him to be hetero in any way. I see him in a different light, I think, and I think, of course, that he is not truly gay. That he has been sidetracked early on after he graduated h.s. I am, I confess, a very deep thinking person, and I see things that I have not been able to ignore about Adam, and that is that he is interested in the opoposite sex, and I think one day would like to be married to a woman and have some little ‘Adams’ and Adamettes running around. I look at the long run, not just what is happening today. Maybe you can understand me better by my efforts to tell you who I am and why I think the way I do. Not to convince you or anyone to take up a cross and follow me, but respect my feelings and thoughts as well as all others who do not believe like I do. So, every now and again, I feel the desire to ‘reply’ to some posts and inject my belief into the mix. Luv, Cheryl

                    • CHERYL….a very enlightening and well written post which clearly demonstrates your inner personable psyche.

                      Although we are all united (on these sites) with our love for Adam….I enjoy reading the different views and adverse reactions which makes this site interesting……and fun!……especially yours….and I thank you for this.

                      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • cheryl 334, Loved your post . You nailed it on the head. Being curious and embracing his
        curiosity is what Adam is all about. He says you dont have to be any one thing. You can just
        kind of be……. He identified himself one way for so long and admits its scary to go outside that lifestyle, he is intrigued and will make the steps slowly. You know, I love this guy, gay or straight. When something is right in front of your face and you hear someone’s
        heartfelt thoughts of what was and what is and what may be, you just have to wonder. When he went down on that girl, ” she wasnt as clean as she should have been” Oh Adam , that was then and he has matured so much since 17 or 18 yrs of age. He wasnt turned off by the act of oral sex. I bet that person interviewing could have crapped. This is a gay magazine and he is interviewing someone who came out in May and now this person wants to NOT rule out having wild passionate love making with a woman. OMG. Adam is so very brilliant and he knows exactly what he is doing and so does his management. They are a team. He is learning so much on his new journey in life. Even getting more educated about Christian beliefs and a better understanding of how he has spiritually grown.
        His last 8 yrs. have been spent surrounded by a circle of friends , seems like he didnt get out of that circle much. Well he is expanding is horizons. Gotta love him for opening up even more. Oh Adam you will defin. be remembered for singing your face off. Cuz you can sing my love. And also for your damm good looks…………………..

        • MARY……………… No need to say that Adam sings ‘his face off’! I mean is there another adjective someone has not used for that talent of his??! Sing his face off, and his arms, his hands, his legs, (here we go again!) his feet, his hair, his bulge, hislips, ….etc! You get my meaning! hahaha!!!

          Adam is brilliant!!! I give him SOOOO MUCH CREDIT for having to life his life in the public eye so much now, and still be strong enough to find a way to continue to be true to who he is and what he likes.

          I will support Adam no matter his preference. That is the kind of person I am. I love Adam for his ‘one of a kind’ self. Nothing to do with sexual preferences. Wither way, he is the most gorgeous man on Planet Earth, has the most talent on Planet Earth, and who he is intimate with will never mean a damn thing re that! I love his strength.

          • puteri abdul says:

            my point of view is just that I was just confused ..
            it was for me like reading a foreign language, trying to figure out the editors point ..
            but the heck with the whole thing now..
            adam is a big boy ..
            he can think what’s best for him..
            as for me, I’ll just make do without the the magazine ..
            there still many adam’s pictures for me to drool at ..

      • puteri abdul says:

        cheryl.. I am not quetioning about adam’s sexuality.. that I have known and could not care less as it is his perogative..
        I was disturbed by the editorial of this magazine.. what the heck is he doing, one minute he says he love adam, another minute he sounds like he is degrading adam and his management for seriously I do not get what he was talking about ..

        • cheryl 334 says:

          PUTERI……. Oh, I got ya! I saw where you seemed to be questioning the interviewer’s motives, but I could not understand your POV. I feel the EXACT way you do. I do not care one bit if Adam was gay, bi, or straight. I just want him to KNOW himself and have every opportunity to have a very happy life. A life with the person who can contribute to his happiness and his to theirs. Not to be railroaded into any lifestyle that he doesn’t want, whatever that is.

          Yeah, the interviewer is totally a **** to interview Adam and sugar coat the whole interview, then when he did not like Adam’s answers, he ‘disses’ him! He is just pissed that Adam is not embracing the gay issue. I don’t get it either! Dumb. Very dumb. Very immature, too. Was he interested in Adam or not? Apparently not. lJust interested in his own self interests, which is not what he should be doing while ‘interviewing’, which is getting answers to the asked questions. Adam was nice enough to give him the interview…………….I hope Adam learns from this ‘mistake’!

  26. LibraLamb7 says:

    As much as I’m lovin” Adam in HOT trench coat here…IMMMA READY FOR IT TO COME OFF!!!! Can’t see his dancin’ moves all belted in like this! Adam (& little Adam) MUST be FREE to MOVE!!!!! Bet this was just “walkin’ down street to the shoot” outfit & the REAL GOODIES be hidden underneath!!! Can’t wait to see ADAM REVEALED!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I have a feelin “little Adam” ain’t so little !!! ~giggle~

      • Ha, Helen that was good. I have the same feelin! hee,hee.

      • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

        Helen/Canada; ADAM aint so Little!!! ~giggling too!! But do take notice!!! Some People are getting pissed off about some of the fun things like that we say on here. As if it is hurting anyone? Hey AdamAddict are we perverts? What do you and Kimber think about the dressing down we got from some certain people??? GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!! giggle, giggle!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Sherry K
          I think I’m pretty mild compared to some posts! I try to keep my thoughts reined in!!! LOL
          But, it’s all in fun. Like you said, girls just wanna have fun!
          We all know Adam is so much more than the sexual being we talk about so much. It was his amazing voice, his beautiful face, his charming personality, grace and sensitivity that we all fell in love with. The rest is just icing on the cake!

          • Helen/Canada; I was’t talking about you girlfriend.I think it was Belinda that said we were getting to nasty! I am like you Helen. I want to know how the fuck we can get a job as ADAMS assistant. giggle, giggle!!………………. I am usually pretty mild too compared to the others. And like I said , it’s all in fun. I just don’t know why some one has to get on here and lecture us about the comments. Yes some of them are pretty nasty. But I just laugh. Believe me there is nothing funnier, or nastier than a bunch of women. ADAM has that effect on us anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I can remember when I worked at Bell Telephone a long, long time ago. It was all women except for a young guy about 19 years old. And he had to sit there nightly red as a beet we talked so nasty. A lot of it was just to make him turn red. LOL! It’s OK when guys do it though huh? Well that’s it for tonight! all of you have very much fun! JUST CAN’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS! ADAM IS going to perform. Enough HEAT for tonight!! I need to go to bed. And dream about ADAM AND HIS VERY BLUE, SEXY EYES!

  27. Helen/Canada says:

    Enjoyed reading all your comments and what can I say, you guys have said it all. I can’t come up with any words anymore to describe how HOT Adam is! Just when I think he can’t possibly be any hotter, there he goes again! Can’t wait for the cd and video. I think I just may burn up when I see it!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I love the first picture of Adam here. Usually this hair style isn’t my favourite, but he looks smokin’ in that picture and I love the hair!

      • HELEN……….. You said it!!! Doesn’t he look too good to be real??!!! I like his hair down in his face more, usually, but this is kind of ‘in-between’ both styles. The pompadore and the in his face look. I really love this look!! “SMOKIN'” is the right word!!!!

    • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:


  28. puteri abdul says:

    I am excited !!
    fye just debuted on fly fm, malaysia’s no. 1 english radio station..
    the dj said he loves the song and this is the highest debut for a new song so far has been on the radio’s daily top 10 chart ..

    emili.. start voting for the song now in

    • AdamAddict says:

      Oh,thanks for telling.I didn’t listen to radio coz Imma…here all the time,DUH!!LOL!Thanks 4 telling,I’m voting,that’s my expertize.I can add that in my resume!Super excellent at voting Adam Lambert! 🙂

  29. There’s been quite the discussion on Adam’s actual sexuality on this thread and I put in my bit above.

    However, maybe some of us might want to spend a little time reading up on just what sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual preference etc is.. it is a complicated combination of physical, emotional, mental and social pressures, attractions and inclinations.

    Sexuality is on a continuum, like a line graph from 0 to 10 with “1′ being completely hetero and “10” being completely homo, and everything else in between. Adam is about to find out where on that continuum he lies.

    If you’re wondering what “0” represents it is persons who are asexual, have no sexual drives or inclinations whatsoever. And they do exist!

    • terry, interesting.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      Sexuality is very complicated for some. Not for some. I think everyone, almost, realizes that there are de grees of masculiniyt and feminity in all en and women. It is more complicated in the last years w ith gender bender, preference, gender idendity, transgender, transsexual, etc. I don’t think Aam’s fans need to study sexuality of the humanbeing. With the exception of the newly popular transgender, gender reassignment, etc., I think it is impossible to understand it all. The only thing we need to know as far as Adam is concerned, is that he says he used to think he was one thing, gay, and now he doesn’t think he belongs in that box. That is simple to me. Not necessary to take any courses just to be able to live loving Adam and understanding him.

      It is not that difficult. Adam says he is not the same as he was when he was younger and not so wise in the way of the world as he is today. That seems simple enough to me.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      Maybe some people need to study up on sexuality. That might be good for you to do that. Didn’t realize you were a sex expert. Oh, you’re NOT.

  30. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Ha. after reading all the above and being immensely entertained by Emili, I have to say this…..

    Adam is what Adam is. We’ve seen all along that he has a dual nature, both feminine and masculine. Adam is an explorer. He loves looking for the new while embracing the old. As we all know experience can only encourage us to embrace something new. I see him very much wanting to be everything to everybody and not being influenced to do it. I think that he wants to experiment with the view that he will know himself and us better. How can a man have so many women hungering for him without being the least bit curious as to why. What do we see. When he has found out and decided whatever he choses to decide he will use it to tease us and taunt us and turn us on further.
    I dont think he needed to learn anything more about Christianity as he has already been living it with far more grace than most Christians show. You know sometimes the best Christians are the ones that aren’t.

    But this topic is about FYE and the photos above. He looks happy and content and confident. This is fantastic for him and I just know that that coat and tidy shirt totally belie the amazing boots which strap up over the knees, the leather pants, the gold finger rings and that cane with the woman’s torso for a handle. I cant wait to see what they will do at the AMA’s as I believe that this will be what we see in his music video, except for any other special effects.

    • AdamAddict says:

      “being immensely entertained by Emili” I really love this line,I don’t know why! Hahaha 😀

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well said Lisa, Your statement “How can a man have so many women hungering for him without being the least bit curious as to why. What do we see. When he has found out and decided whatever he choses to decide he will use it to tease us and taunt us and turn us on further.” God, how will we ever survive that? I’m at my limit now, tetering on the edge of Adam induced insanity!!!!

    • Lisa, I loved what you wrote….wholeheartedly agree with you and especially the Christian paragraph.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LISA………….FYI Adam said he has learned so much about Christian people and how they believed, and that he had never really been exposed to that before idol and appreciated learning more. Adam likes to learn anything he can. He is the ‘forever student’ in life, which I applaude him for. He really isn’t of the Jewish faith, either. No harm can come by learning more. Just the opposite. Knowledge is Power.

      That low-blow about the best Christian are the ones that aren’t, is totally uncalled for, in my personal opinion. Putting someone’s religion down is the same as putting someone’s race down. It is prejudice talking loud and clear. I would hope you would be abouve that. Apparently you’re not. Just sayin’…………………………..

      • Lisa said “Sometimes the best Christians are the ones who aren’t.” This means there are many people in the world who live by good Christian ideals, kindness, honesty etc.. and they are not of the Christian persuasion ex, Moslems, hindus, Buddhists, Jews…… even athiests

        Following the teachings of Jesus means acting like a Christian while not being one. Nowhere did Lisa say Christians are not Christian in their behaviour. Nowhere did she put down Christians. Christianity is not a religion anyway, it is a belief system.

        Adam is a Jew by tradition as he has said, not ‘confirmed’ in the faith as he was not bar mitzvahed. But Adam is a Christian man in his ways.

    • Lisa,
      Absolutely agree with you on the paragraph about Christianity. And the sentence – “You know sometimes the best Christians are the ones that aren’t.” – this is soooooooo true!!!!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        GALA……………………It doesn’t take a scientist to see here, that your main purpose for posting here is to take another ‘jab’ at me, personally. Why? Don;t know, don’t care. But if your main purpose on posting on here is to just voice how uch you disagree with me, then I’d say your life must be so boring, or tht you just don’t have one.

        I must really get on your nerves. That makes me very powerful, then. Gala, why don’t you post some ideas of your own? Do you have any? Are you just so interested in what I post to others and they to me, that that is all you have to give? What a pathetic life.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LISA………..”grace”, in itself, is NOT religion. What would be the point of encouraging anyone not to learn about other religions??? That makes NO sense. Adam himself, said he never was around the Christian religion and now understands so much more and is glad he has had the opportunity to learn about it, since in his life, he probably never would have.

      It is easy to blanket all “Christians” into one box. Why would someone do that, tho? Because they are prejudice, that’s why. I try hard not to be prejudice about things. I would never get on a internet site and beat-down Christian people. Never. It is against my better judgment, I may have similar feelings that you do, but, to openly and blantently be crude, rude, and insulting toward a religion w here people of all religions, races, creeds, nationalities read, would make me appear as ignorant as the statements I typed. But, hey, go aheas, make horrible, mean, cruel statements that harm other people. If that is who you are, then no one can help you. You are doomed to the kind of life that people using that kind of lnguage deserves. SHAMEFUL.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:


        It seems then that God who wanted to give us “grace” through Jesus, because we in no way could ever be good enough to enter into His Kingdom, in your view, would be wrong. Just in case you’re not completely sure of your facts i’ll let you know that I am a “born again christian”. So not catholic (yet raised this way), anglican or protestant or whatever. Now in what I’ve learned about this in my short time as a Christian is that religion is a man made idea. The original church was called “The Way” after the death of Christ. They considered themselves to be followers of Christ saved by “grace” (which happened only through the cross).

        No where did I say that all Christians act unchristian. In amongst Christian people there are many amazing people who do great things in Gods name and for His purpose. I think you have made a mistake in what you have said. I never blanketed anyone into any box. I simply made the statement that “some Christians are very unchristian in the way they talk to and deal with others” I am of Roman Catholic origin, my father was Italian/Spanish, mother – Irish/English Australian. I am a mixed breed and proud of it. I dont recall no can I see any slur to any race creed or colour etc in my entry. In fact I made no statements that called for your attitude to me.

        Adam learning about Christianity was probably more about the tolerance and love of his friend Kris and the initial bible bashing and intolerance of another idol. He would have also seen changes from the others in response to his christian manner and love of his fellow man (not even in a gay way). This happened because they saw something different in the way he treats people. In fact he treated with kindness even those who tried to persecute him for who he is. Do you think Adam would be happy with the way you attack people even in just this forum?

        I feel that you have indeed showed your ignorance. In fact have shown that you are not one of the non christian faction who cannot behave in a Christian manner towards others. And if you are a Christian then shame on you. In this one forum topic alone you have been so rude to so many people that I have trouble believing that the moderators tolerate it. Maybe you are a moderator and do not care to censor yourself.

        Myself as a Christian should, I suppose turn the other cheek which normally I might do but there has been a line crossed right through this thread. The bible says that I should correct my fellow Christian if they should stumble (christian being defined by a person of faith – it doesnt say which kind) so I feel that in this situation you need correction.

        I am not a perfect Christian, in fact no one is. Nor will we be until we die and Christ justifies us to his Father. I am not trying to push my faith down anyone’s throats either. That is not my intention here. Just giving a few facts.

        Cheers to you

  31. puteri abdul says:

    ok, my apologies as I know, I am one of those who brought this topic up here in this thread ..
    so time to chill out and back to this real topic of thread and let’s get on with the fye ,
    after getting all excited to hear fye in my local radio station I also got excited with adam’s latest twitpic ?
    check it out !! gotta luv it !!
    again, as they say, looks can kill, here I go again ..


  32. WOAH, these posts got CRAZY!! Hello…..why is this a discussion about his sexual orientation? I don’t get it, come on guys.

    LOVE those pics, SUPER HOT!!! Can’t wait to see this video!!

  33. OMG what are you people doing? To Summer and Glamb#474kimber and others of the same mind: Adam is so much more than you are dragging him down to be! Why are you obsessing on his physical image and wallowing in sexual innuendos? Do you want to turn Adam into a porno star? Do you want to alienate the millions of fans that admire his talent more than his crotch. Do you want to doom him to a fan base of people obsessed with his sexuality rather than his amazing voice? There is nothing wrong with sex…sex is great…BUT why do you want to make sex Adam’s main feature? Unless I have missed something…it is his vocals and his theatrical staging abilities that make him a super performer. Please stop your too vocal obsessing over Adam’s body parts and body fluids so that you don’t distract from his amazing talents. Let other lesser performers rely on sexuality to sell themselves…Adam does not need to have sex as his main focus..people will see him as a sexual being without all the dirty talk and overkill in that are. We all have eyes and we don’t need you to remind us how sexy Adam is. All Adam has to do is perform for the world and he will continue to grow in popularity and climb to the pinnacle of stardom that he has worked so hard to reach! If you want to have sexual fantasies about Adam fine…but keep them to yourself…we don’t need to hear them from you. Your “wishful thinking” only detracts from all that Adam is and from all that he has to offer the rest of us, his fans who see Adam as a combination of unique talents and hard work that have combined to make him “the one and only Adam Lambert”.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Appreciate & respect your input. I will apologize when Mr. ADAM LAMBERT stops being sexual in everything he does. His voice, his looks, his dancing, & his “Ultra Sexy” music video.
      “Live and Let LIVE”!

      • Ha, good kimber, I was hoping you all wouldnt let that above comment Put the Light Out in
        Your Souls……………………. Yeh baby , we are the naughties of the world………………………
        SHAKE IT ADAM!

      • YEEEAA YEEEAA!! I want to drag him down, obsess on his physical image, wallow (indulge excessively) in his sex , and yes that would be very nice to be in a porn film with him while he sings passionate songs to me all night and all day…..WITH HIS MIND-BLOWING SECOND TO NONE VOICE THAT PENETRATES MY SOUL– giving EQUAL PRAISE TO HIS AMAZING VOICE AND CROTCH!!!
        Oops, I said penetrate!!

        COME ON– you all started the SEX TALK!! I just joined in the FUN!!! And most of you have been soooo much FUN!!
        BUT–There is only one thing on a womens mind when we see you ADAM and it’s SEEEEXX WITH YOOOOUUU!! O.K!

        SWEET DEAR ADAM created this mass hysteria on women kind with his
        salacious – erotic – sensual – lustful – oversexed – passionate – orgasmic -dancing and VIBE that permeates you!
        YOU KNOW IT AND YOU LOVE IT!! His orgasmic smirk during his performance shows he knows exactly what is is doing to us!! When Adam is sexxin it up I AIN’T THINKIN BOUT HIS SINGIN- and like he said “I’m doing my job”. WELL DONE ADAM– YOU GET AN A+

        I told you all I was put under a spell when I got here, and how I felt like I could not control it, and you all said “We understand, we feel the same way, your safe here with us, we are family”! Now the judgement.

        This is ALL ADAMS FAULT–BLAME HIM- THAT “BIG-HUGE” BAD BOY!! He needs a Spankin but good!!

        I guess I like the wild crowd! Wild FUN CROWD– we should all get together for Adans concert!

        • Time for my nighty night video Lullaby to give me sweet dreams of Adam– which one though?? So many to choose!

          Well this one just seems aproppriate for the above talk and explains the “HYSTERIA”

          (can’t get enough of this one)

          may be offensive to some-

          • OMG, I’m high on his singing, his dancing, his thrusting, his humping, his teasing, his smiling
            Ima a just high on him all the way. @ markers 1:53 he is doin this to me……… oh and also
            @ 3:08. Ima feelin so good right now, love this I shake I move video.
            Happy Friday everyone!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      BELINDA……………….I so agree with you! The only lthing is that Adam is sex. Oh, he’s first the greatest singer on the planet, but, he presents himself in a sexy attitude, cuz he is sexy and can’t act or be differently b/c he is being who he is. I don’t think Adam’s sensual-ness will ever be de trimental to his fans. His fans will be loyal to him forever. So, I would just suggest that maybe you could just keep track of the ‘horney’-est posters and avoid them. Oky-dokey? There are posters that I have a hard time reading, and so I have decided NOT to read anything they say. Less hassle! Good luck.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Bellelinda, did you go and watch the Idol tour and Adam perform, have you watched any of the clips on YouTube, either the Idol tour or the Zodiac Club. Adam is a very sexy person and he puts a lot of sex into his performance, in fact I am sure it is all designed to turn us all on.

      You need to chill, take one of Helen’s chill pills. We have a lot of discussion about sex and everything else on this site, it is all fun, some of it gets heated but we are a family and all families have heated discussions now and then.

      We fantasize a lot about Adam, why wouldn’t he, just look at him, he is the most gorgeous man to ever appear anywhere as far as I can see.

      • Well said! Ditto!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        DIANNE………………….Belinda and Judy Blum have a view of the insanity of yours and others posts which have gotten so out of hand that it has gotten to the insulting stage, even for we adults who are used to some degree to hearing this kind of language at times.

        It’s like you demand to be on the ‘wrong’ side of this issue. Why? That’s crazy! Think about it. Just take a mental break, and think about it.

  34. Amen, Bellelinda. I’m with you all the way. It’s Adam’s voice and personality that makes him who he is. Are all the rest of you “fans” drunk when you write these stupid comments?

    • cheryl 334 says:

      JUDY………………Name calling is not allowed. You are calling people stupid. That is not nice.

  35. Jane Parker says:

    OK can you all get any more out of CONTROL than you have been in this thread??

    I will be waiting to read it OR see it at ADAM’s concerts!!!!

    • Ladies, cant we have some fun on the site too? Lighten up. If it wasnt for Adam’s amazing incredible
      talent we wouldnt be here to begin with. I dont want to alienate or doom any fan of Adams. Perhaps
      you could just skip over the ornery posts. Adams voice is his main feature and along with his great
      voice are many other qualities that we love. We love to share these thoughts. He says himself ” he loves how the fans go crazy over him” I can hear him giggling now……….. This fansite is for Adam fans
      who want to discuss everything about him. BTW, stone sober when I write my thoughts………..
      This is all in fun and love and lust and everything thats good!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Oh yea! Thank you Mary C for your words of wisdom. We do like to have fun w/ ADAM!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Right on Mary C, as sober as a Judge.

        I don’t want to alienate anyone either, but if these people look at Adam and don’t see what we see then I feel sorry for them. Yes he has the voice of an angel, that is what attracted us to him in the first place. But just look at those pictures above, look at his eyes, look at his smile, try and tell me that he doesn’t turn you on, you must be made of stone if that’s the case.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          DIANNE…………………….One does not have to stoop to having garbage running out their mouths with swear words to show that Adam is a turn ON. Good Lord! What the heck are you trying to pull off???

          Your words are so ridiculous, that I won’t even bother to try to teach you manners, you’re too old for that. You just are the way you are. Too bad you must subject everyone on this site to it.

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Gee Cheryl, I didn’t mention one word about swearing, so don’t really know what you are on about, I was talking about Adam’s sex appeal, sorry if that turns you off in any way. You have managed to alienate almost everyone on this site and yet you still keep going. Sorry if that offends you, but really I don’t give a rat’s arse.

  36. OMFG!!!! As usual, just when I think Adam cannot get more handsome or hotter, he does!!! What a classically beautiful face! His smile melts and burns me at the same time! Sorry Adam: you keep saying you don’t understand why you have this effect on women but we all know (and I am not going to repeat myself): Y-O-U A-R-E A L-A-D-Y K-I-L-L-E-R!!!!!!!!!! “Eileen screams this at the top of her lungs and collapses in a heap!!!!”

  37. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    This video is gonna be out of this world! Ohhmyyyygoouuudd….canNOT wait!!!! More Adam please!!

  38. Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

    Jeanette Thank-You for the GREAT photo’s of ADAM!!! AGAIN! Who is the chick who goes everywhere with ADAM? Doesn’t someone want to just shove her out of the way!!!! And say, Hey girl, I want to be with ADAM??? Who is she??? OF COURSE ADAM KNOCKS US ALL OUT!!! He is just so DAMN good looking!! And look at the guy behind ADAM with the BIG camera! ADAM better get used to that!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE BEING ADAM, NOTHING SEEMS TO BOTHER HIM!!!

  39. I’m so happy for him when I look at these photos! His mom said he always liked to dress up in costumes and stuff and now as an adult he is still getting his wish! He looks like he’s in seventh heaven! I love this young man as a mother would and so so happy to see him happy and getting the stardom that he has worked for and he well deserves this!

  40. Lisa Smith says:

    OMFG!!!!! These photos are FREAKING HOTTTTT!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! WOW, you guys sure got HEATED in here!! I could go on all day about how GORGEOUS, SEXY, BREATHTAKING, ORGASM-GIVING Adam is!!!!! Gosh, he just BLOWS MY MIND!!!!
    I just have to mention something here. Cheryl, I’m really put off by you. & I think it’s REALLY SAD that you seem to be causing so much drama. We should all be trying hard to get along. We’re all one big glamily! Chill! It’s not that deep!!!!!