Photos of Adams CD Signing at HUM Records, Australia

Here are some pictures, via celebrity-gossip, of Adam at his cd signing at Hum Records in Australia. Once again, I saved the best for last, in MY humble opinion!! I am finding a trend in my favorites though, notice the open mouth again…hmmm.
I saw on one of our threads that someone had said how they love him best with light make-up, then they love him best with heavy make-up, then they love him best… and it just goes on and on. I couldn’t agree more, with every picture that comes out it is just more gorgeous that the previous. I wish I had soo many looks where no matter how I looked, it was amazing. He is such a lucky guy to radiate such beauty no matter what the look of the day is.
Better yet, WE are the lucky ones…








  1. Libraglam says:

    Wow, i like this ADAM new look too…(i think i saw it once while he was resting during tour, but not a closed up like this…) yup…no matter how is his hairstyle, make up…i have to say they all look good! Tell you all this: Lately , i look at other young male artists and i wonder why they are so un-attractive (if not saying that they are so ugly…sorry …i got hooked to the way how ADAM present himself… :-)))

  2. I havn’t seen a bad photo of Adam! He looks like he’s having a great time “down-under”! Any news on when he will guest appear on American Idol?

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Barbie, I just read somewhere online that it’s supposed to be during the “Top 12” week, so it’s going to be coming up very soon!!!

  3. very handsome adam lambert i love him as my american idol. hes a great singer.

  4. Joy Glambert says:

    wow…you have taken the best photos of him at Hum yet! Thanks so much. Adam looks gorgeous as ever…Wish I was down under with you…sigh…

  5. Leotalola says:


  6. tweeterpie says:

    Adam looks great no matter what… the best part of all… the extraordinary beauty he has inside. He’s in and he own’s my heart!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, inside and out!! He is so gorgeous no matter how he decorates 🙂

    • leilani aloha says:

      totally agree with u :):):)
      A beautiful man:) with a beautiful soul:) very spiritual soul
      love Adam

  8. Glambertcraze says:

    He is such a beautiful, free, easy spirit

  9. Handsome man and he is the most photogenic person I have seen in years….Love these pictures…..

  10. Glenda #1946 says:

    Ditto to all the above!!! what more can we say!! Miss him here in the USA…

  11. Gorgeous!

  12. grandjag says:

    love all of Adam’s looks and songs and interviews. love them all…

  13. I was at hum records to meet Adam. I got there at 7:30 am with Patricia who I met via this Glamb site. She had flown all the way from South Australia. Glamaus and her daughter plus two friends soon joined us. We were the first in line and the crowd steadily grew and grew. Adam arrived at 12 pm and the crowd started to scream out Adam, Adam , Adam. As you can all see from the pictures above that he looked as handsome as ever. He is strikingly beautiful in person and his eyes just dazzle you. I was surprised that he was wearing a leather jacket and a beanie as it was extremely hot and humid ( my curly hair frizzed up like you wouldn’t believe and I had so wanted to look nice for Adam). I thought that maybe he had not yet been to his stylist to do his hair…hence the beanie.

    A table had been set up for Adam and as he sat down he said “Hi Guys”. A young man who had won a competition in Same Same magazine was the first to greet Adam. Soon it would be my turn to meet and greet Adam. I must admit, I was feeling very anxious and nervous as it was very overwhelming at the thought of meeting him. OMG…how will I react? We were asked to stay in front of the table… I leaned over to get as close as I could to him. He asked me my name and how to spell it and then signed my CD. I told him how much I enjoyed his music and thanked him for coming to Australia. He said it was a pleasure to be here and then touched my hand. I really wanted to grab him and hug him and kiss him but thought that was perhaps not appropriate.

    The store was frantic with people from various media organisations taking photos, on lookers, Adam’s entourage and security.

    I was in heaven and could not believe that I had been up so close to him, spoken to him and touched him. He is genuinely the sweetest person you could ever meet. He is so polite and he was always smiling. He came out of his chair to greet a disabled person in a wheelchair and spent some time chatting with her whilst crouching down to her level…..and Adam stayed until the queue was finished even though it meant him being half an hour late.

    We remained in the shop until Adam was leaving as we wanted to savour everybit of our time with him.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia) .

    • Lucky you, Yvonne,
      I’m not surprised that Adam would be a gentleman and go out of his way to greet a person in a wheelchair. He’s a great ambassador for our country. I’m glad you got to meet him and I can only imagine how you must have felt. Don’t know if I’ll ever be so lucky, but who knows!
      This will stay with you for a long time.


    • KO's smiling says:

      I’m so glad you got to have this experience! I’d been hoping everything would work out for you!
      (and nice restraint on the hugging and kissing… not so sure I’ll have that if I ever get the chance to meet him)

    • retrogrrrl says:

      WOW Yvonne, you lucky girl! and that is just so much like Adam to give extra special attention to the person in the wheelchair…he’s such a sweetheart! I only hope I can meet him in person someday. He’s such a positive force and inspiration, not to mention those killer pipes and gorgeous looks, sexy moves, his style and playfullness…I could go on forever but ya’ll know what I mean! We luv ya Adam!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I’m with you KO’s, I might not have the ability to restraint myself especially when up close and personal like that.. I will jump over the table, drag him under the table and ravage that beautiful man to my full satisfaction… I’m sure I will be arrested or he might have enjoyed it and bail me out for the next round…

  14. Tomi in Delaware says:

    YAY! Adam is wearing one of his QUEEN t-shirts. That’s my boy!

  15. yes, I agree that Adam is so beautiful and kind , which I experienced last week at Fantasy Springs. Ha came out to greet us about midnight and signed autographs, talked to everyone and did not seem rushed and hugged everyone that asked for a hug. Of course I asked and he is a great hugger. And mind you I’m in my sixties. There weren’t many people as it was so late, so I don’t know if that made a difference. I’m still in heaven, hope I don’t come down for a long time. Adam has changed my life forever. Like everybody says, beautiful inside and out!

    • Luzia,
      I was at Fantasy Springs, as well and one of the lucky ones (like you) who waited for Adam hoping he would come out to greet us (his DIEHARD FANS) in the cold. I got a hug and agree with you Adam is a great hugger! Thank you for your account of this wonderful opportunity. Did you happen to take any pictures? Would love to see them if you did, Just where were you standing? I was in the middle of the line. up against the barrier. You are right, there were not a lot of people, but I don’t know if that made a difference. I think Adam was just being Adam. He made me feel like I was the only one there! I had soooo much I wanted to say and ask him, but I had gotten his autograph and a wonderful, unforgetable hug and was afraid to take up too much more of his time. Perhaps there will be a next time! By the way, I took his picture as he continued to sign more autographs, if you would like to see it, go to Adam Official (his official fan website). I use it as my avitar. Hey, perhaps you are in the picture!

      • Hi Cheri, I have been searching for your picture at Adam Official and cannot find it. I did not get a picture, as his bodyguard kept shining his flashligh t into the cameras. would you consider sending me one by email? or tell me what category I need to look at? Anyway I was standing pretty much toward the end of the line, there were only about 3 or 4 people after me. what I wouldn’t give for a picture. Thank you Cheri! Hope to hear from you.

  16. maryann says:

    I am from the Philippines and I just love reading everything the fans write about Adam. Adam is just fantastic!

  17. This is Adam’s Jewish look with his cap on. And he always look attractive, not only because he knows how to look attractive and knows how to carry himself, but he has an inner beauty too. He is charismatic, the Pied Piper in the music industry today.

  18. yes, i was at hum records store too with my daughters and two friends, the waiting of 2 1/2 hours was nothing compared when i had my turn to talk, touch and a photo session with adam. he was great, very friendly, charming and a magnetic smile. compare with US adam’s mardi gras performance was welcome here in sydney and did not hear negative comments from the media yesterday (not yet anyway). like yvonne above, i was nervous but at the same time excited to meet adam. it was a great experience.

    • Hi Lou….Yes, wasn’t it exciting. I am still trying to come down from the clouds. We have been very fortunate to have had this opportunity to actually meet the amazing, talented, beautiful Adam Lambert. Dreams do come true.

      You make a very good point…I have not heard any negative comments about Adam’s Mardi Gras performance and even if he had kissed a bloke….it would not have been an issue.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  19. His eyes look a bit exhausted… He works a lot… Love him!

  20. Maureen says:

    Love the jacket…I want one!!!

  21. Fantastic promotion!!!! Beautiful day in beautiful Sydney!!!! Great day for all ADAM fans to meet
    and if they were’nt a fan they were by the end of the meet and greet!…Even the Security guy,
    can vouch for that!!! ADAM arrived looking superb as usual and graciously signed for everyone
    with the FYE Album constantly playing in the background! The response was incredible and everyone was going crazy to set eyes on the Glitter Prince in Oz at long last. Was so fun to
    catch up and feel the aura that surrounds ADAM….that’s what makes him such a Superstar!
    We waited a long time for this day when Oz would experience the talent and beauty of this
    amazing guy!……we got so frustrated after all these months and albums but when it happened
    at HUM it was so magical!….We’ve loved ADAM for a long time and knew he would be an international star…….it just took the right moment.! Great promotional work from SONY/RCA!
    …..and noone can compare to the POWER of ADAM! He always flaws us… breathtakingly
    amazing! …..our lives changed from knowning ADAM! ……………………………….We too had to
    drink red bulls to keep us awake for days too…..and noone wanted to miss an ounce of the
    Mardi Gras Party with ADAM which totally rocked! Check out his outfit it was INCREDIBLE!!!!
    (Just a note to remind people AUSTRALIA is a huge Continent and so many flew in from all
    over the country! We’d fly to Planet Feirce and back if we had too!)
    Oz has embraced ADAM at last!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …you guys are the best! Oz has fallen in love with ADAM!