Personal Experience Log: Our Anti-Gossip Ammo

*** UPDATE: Adam nicely says he thinks that is some people just talking shit when asked if he was a diva and that’s just how it goes :

It was sadly inevitable. With the success of an individual comes that army of low-lifes determined to bring him down. I don’t understand their motives, but their weapons are gossip, rumor, and lies. How do we spot these? Look for unsubstantiated claims, unknown sources, and outlets with an obvious bias.

Most of you have probably already seen the online articles regarding Adams supposed diva-like behavior. Courtney Hazlett of MSNBC quotes unknown sources that say Adam is a diva and rude to everyone, from fans to lighting folks. Media outlets all over the web have thrown gasoline on the story, and the trash fire is burning, folks. Thankfully there are voices of reason – responsible journalists and bloggers as well as Adam fans all over – who are coming to his defense. See for all the speculation regarding this story.

I wondered what we could do as a group on this site, and I thought that one thing we could do would be to start a thread of personal experiences with Adam – a permanent log detailing fan or professional interaction with Adam that shows him as the man we all believe him to be – humble, polite, always with a smile, and willing to go the extra mile for his fans. This could include any of you who saw Adam during his homecoming (ahem, guys – you know who you are), during press week, or during a show. Maybe you were at a taping, in the crowd, or got his autograph. The log of comments may start out short (how many of us have been lucky enough to see Adam in person?), but as the tour starts and more of us have the chance to see and/or meet him, I’m sure it will grow.

This is our ammunition against those who would spread lies about Adam. Anyone wanting to know how Adam really acts has only to come here and see the proof of personal experience. If you’ve had such an experience and are willing to share, please comment with the particulars and what you heard or saw from Adam that shows him to be the person WE believe in.




  1. We do not need to look far. Just check some of the Youtube files where Adam was interviewed and the articles. ALL the comments of the interviewers, when Adam is off the air or off the screen, say “what a nice guy”, “what a great guy” etc. Just look at the Micheal Slezak’s latest Twit: “ I can’t speak for other outlets, but Adam was absolutely delightful when he visited the Idolatry set. Heckuva nice guy!”. Collect those, cut together and post it. I would do it myself but too busy with school (not kidding). Good Luck and thank you for being such a grand Adam Lambert’s fan.

    • Lisette here,
      So agree one does non have to even see Adam in person if yu visite Utube Adam’s has display such humilitie,sweet demeanor in all l’passe media interviews/before an duringe American Idol,
      an his homecominge to his hometowne how he actual risque his safety to shake hande,signe
      audographes,responde to all l’press/reporters/paparazzi anyone he always hed have thet charmant smile an graciousness..Nevre can imagaine Adam being arrogant,or “diva/or divo
      like in any mannre!If anythinge he as beene opposite,an is evene polite to his worse critiques..
      So do view those videos on utube..Thinq thes will disclaime any scandal or slander remarques
      thet msnbc reportere has false claime of.Wel an I beliv all Adam’s fans,frends an evene famille may wishe to visite an adde ther personal stories givene they know him..
      An I’ll nevre belive any disparage commentes/an thes above mentione reporter’s hurtful critique. Thenks agan for poste of thes dreamsound.Thinq all who visite here adore an respecte Adam non just as an artiste/vocaliste but as a very beautful person inward et outwarde.
      An always will beliv he’s a very caring,genuine,humble an kindehearted fellow as well!
      Blessings an luv for all an Adam! bonwishes Luv,Lisette!

      • Pardon as I mentione dreamsounde poste..Jeannette bonwishes to yu for sharing thes article..An plese know I’ll always supporte an adore Adam Lambert a tresbeau artiste/vocaliste with couer ‘dor..kindehearte! Blessings agan Luv,Lisette!

    • I flew from Tampa to San Diego just for the chance to maybe see my idol. I did from a distance, he was polite, kind, sweet to the kids, and showed alot of respect for everyone. DIVA HA!!!! I have seen every guest appearance, and I have read every interview. He is the ultimate gentleman. Did you see him on the TODAY show, watching Kris sing. He refused to autographs til Kris had his moment. To me that shows a really nice guy. Plus when he was on IDOL, he always complimented the band, the backup singers, and the arrangers. Did you see anyone else show any gratitude for help they received? I will always be an ADAMLAMBERTFAN!!!

      • Adam has always been the ultimate gentleman! His talent is so huge, but his ego is not.

        I live in San Diego and know several people who know his family and know Adam. He has worked all his life for this. He is humble and appreciative! If you watch back on the shows, he is attentive to all the judges comments. He is the ultimate professional and loves his work!

        Go Adam, you gave us all something to look forward to each week! Can’t wait for your album. You are a TRUE professional. Thanks for your creativeness each week.

      • And, in the live show which I saw last night, Adam is the only one who goes over to the guitarist, the back up singers and kind of spotlights them for a few seconds. At some point he even said “Lets give a hand to the band…” Real class!

    • Please, read, it’s nice response to the notion of Adam being a diva:

      • Wow, what a super article! The writer, susanarebecca, has certainly nailed Adam’s behaviour,, as we all know. All one has to do is go online and read countless interviews, and view the video clips of his many interviews, the best IMO being the idolatry five part one… excellent!

        I recommend you all go to and read her article on Adam’s graciousness.

    • Check out his t-shirt in this photo…”lies” …look closely. A wonderful coy way of responding to the negative earlier post.

  2. colleen says:

    Perez Hilton just released a story falsifying the claims that adam is a diva.
    Turns out it was angry Clay Aiken fans who do not like Adam because of this “beef” with Clay.
    The really need to look to their “idol” because he was the one to throw the first punch
    Back off Claymates! Adam is a SAINT

  3. Adam would be the very last person on earth to be rude to anyone!! I hope nobody buys that stupid stuff!

  4. AdamAddict says:

    The DIVA issue,I don’t believe it AT ALL!
    I know he’s still young but some people need to learn to respect him as human being!
    “He’s young,He’s new,let’s talk bad thing about him,he won’t dare fight back!”
    And when Adam defense himself he became “DIVA” Whatever people,whatever!!Screw you all!!

  5. I was looking at all of his My Space comments dating back from 2006 till February 2009 when he made the top 36. All anyone has to do is read them and see all the positive comments about his talent and personality from friends and strangers even before he was on Idol to realize he was always like that and has continued to be like that now, even amongst the surely mad crush of newfound fame. Plus the pictures of him are great – he looks like a little boy

  6. From UK says:

    What these negative people want is a reaction from Adam so they can say “I TOLD YOU SO’ Adam is smart by ignoring them.A diva…no, a gentleman, YES!!!!

    • Yes, and as fans we need to ignore the comments and not feed into them…the journal is a good thing…..a journal page needs to be started…..

  7. I think that we could let it go. It won´t be the first time some idiot writes lies about our dear Adam. I just don´t believe it. Surely Adam will ignore it.


  8. One need not be in personal contact with ADAM to know what kind of person he is.. just read all the comments of people he had met..and you’ll know the truth. ADAM you are truly an amazing person i like to emulate your positve attitude.. so now everytime i’ll do or say something i would always think “what would ADAM do” and i think i would be all right then.. You’re such an inspiration to many people..We love you and thank you for being who you are..God bless!

  9. I have never met Adam, but just look at how he reacts to negative comments, that show his true personality. He could have come back with nasty replies about his commentators but he doesn’t. That speaks volumes.

  10. and watch the Idol performances where Adam is just about the only one to consistently thank the band and the arrangers and the other musicians and give them credit. He’s a collaborative person – the farthest thing from diva-dom …

    • AdamAddict says:

      And remember the backup singer that sang louder than him when he sang “Crying?” In 1 of his interview,the host asked the question about that backup singer,and Adam such a sweetheart didn’t even think it was a sabotage.He even compliment the backup singer! How sweet is that? A DIVA??!! Seriously??!! Only morons will believe that!!

      • AmazingAdam says:

        Totally AGREE!!! OH…i can’t believe bad press attacking ADam, it probably some other ‘DIVA’ s fans just trying to put Adam down! That sucks! They’re just bitter and afraid of Adam’s talent.

        Play fair people. And don’t judge book by its cover. Its time for ‘changes to come’ and be open minded.

        Through all the interview, all the people that worked with Adam the entire AI season 8, had nothing to say other than good comments for Adam.

  11. maryann says:

    I would never believe stories like that about Adam. These false accusations should be condemned.

  12. fefe4Adam says:

    I have personal experience . . . and Adam was nothing more than gracious and gentlemanly. He greeted his fans in the cold, wet weather, he asked us if we were cold, he sang his heart out, he supported Kris when he was singing by swaying and rocking out. He posed for the camera, he interacted with his fans, he always had a smile. There was NOT ONE iota of rudenss, diva-ness, grandiosity, difficulty, Adam did whatever he was directed to do. Let’s not listen to the haters . . . , Adam has more grace in his pinky than all the haters have together.

  13. Star Catcher says:

    Personally, I think people need to get lives and leave our darling Adam alone! These Diva rumors are disgusting and I would like nothing more than to have them put to rest immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen as long as there are newspapers and magazines in the world. Some sleazy writer will always try to make Adam look bad no matter what we do, but hopefully we can make a big enough difference that most people stop believing the dive rumors, those that do anyways.

    Adam, we love you and know that you are NOTHING like what those fools say. TEAM GLAMBERT FTW!

  14. Suse1217 says:

    I was on MJ’s blog when this story hit and of course the reaction was outraged disbelief (rightfully so, it’s complete crap and has deep-sixed msnbc’s credibility completely). But one of the posters pointed out that any time a comment was made about Clay his fans would go ballistic and rush to his defense. Soon the tabloid press knew that all’s they had to do was make and allegation and they would get a deluge of hits and responses. The poster had said that the enthusiasm of Clay’s fans ended up hurting his mainstream credibility. She has a point.

    I’ve done by best to emulate what Adam has proven countless times that he would do, roll your eyes and take it with a grain of salt. When we react, we stoke the fire. That being said, I’d still like to get my hands around that Courtney beyotch’s neck. Not just for having the gall to slam Adam (should be a ticket straight to Hell) but being such am embarassment to journalists and writers everywhere who kill themselves to get sources. Gee, who knew I could have just made them up all these years ..?

  15. He has cameras on him everywhere and I have yet to see him even once be rude. And I’ve watched eveything I could find. A normal person would be rude and short with the paps at least sometimes. Notice how well he handled himself even when he was dead tired. Diva stuff is a bunch of crap!! I would like them to name one source. they can’t. I don’t think we really have to worry, Adam’s true colors are showing and anyone who cares will not believe the stupid rumors. I will say..It does make me mad. He doesn’t deserve that. but on the bright side he is a star now, and that’s how people treat stars. If he wasn’t so news worthy no one would bother to make up stories.

  16. karen862 says:

    From I copied and pasted the below. Perez is actually defending Adam if you can believe that! I knew it was an ugly lie.

    You best watch out for those Claymates. They can be caddy, sneaky bitc___ And they have the power to influence major news stories!

    Apparently, a group of Clay Aiken fans were still angry over the whole Clay vs Adam Lambert showdown, probably because everyone sided with Adam.

    So they started a vicious rumor about the recent American Idol runner-up and it spread like wildfire all around the Internet. They reportedly told MSNBC that Adam was a grade-A, crazy diva, confessing he was “rude” to everyone he met on his publicity tour.

    Haters are going to hate, but Clay Aiken fans are gonna mess with your reputation.

    Watch out, Adam! They might try and strike again!

  17. while he was being hurrassed by the poperazzis om tmz he even thamks the idiots when they are leaving..He is so kind and positive….I LOVEADAM

  18. Whatever we can do, I will be a part of it. Hopefully Adam can let this crap go right over his head.

  19. lambertfan4fr says:

    I finally got my ticket to the Idol Tour in Tampa on Jul. 28th. I so hope that there is a meet and greet section. Will have camera and will comment afterwards whether I get to meet him, however briefly, or not. I look forward to wishing Adam all the success in the world, and Adam and Drake a wonderful journey together.

  20. from adam lambert’s meeting with his mom at the san diego fox tv station which was a surprise for adam to the numerous youtube videos of him in every kind of media light.. this kid is the genuine article!! THE FRUIT DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE as the saying goes… his mom and dad are really nice people… and just look at adam’s character on and off the camera… he resonates true character of a gentleman.. if adam were to lose his grip a little, my goodness… i believe he would be forgiven for a mishap here and there… he is a human being.. for goodness sakes.. he knows how to handle the limelight! he said he would not have tried to audition for idol before until now, because he was seasoned enough to handle the pressures that come with the territory.. kudos to you adam lambert for being your true self!! i love and adore and support all you do!!

  21. Being an idol, doesn’t mean you stop being a person. A person with feelings, good days, bad days, and a personal life. Even the fame, the pressure, paparazzis all over and one interview after another, with a few nights of good sleep surely, I think we have never seen Adam in a bad mood EVER.
    No matter what people or media say he’s always smiling and happy to do or go where he has to.

    Now, if diva means you are a person in perfect control and comfort of who you are, happy with yourserlf and your choices, careless of what people think or gossip about you, then yes… Adam absolutely is one. If there weren less people with unmeaningfull lifes and happier whit themselfes this would never be an issue to talk about.


  22. C’mon, this diva issue is pure crap, GET A LIFE.

    Everyone who meets Adam always talk about how cool he is. There are no more things than compliments for him everytime he shows up.

  23. I went to see Adam at his homecoming in San Diego, he was nothing but gracious, kind, humble and accommodating to say the least. Outside the TV studio and the radio station he was greeted by throngs of fans and he took the time to stop and get pics and sign autographs for as many as he could. His handlers kept on trying to get him to move on but he just kept stopping anyway, for a hug or a hello with his fans, you could tell he genuinely wanted to interact with them and not be rushed.

  24. Every video I’ve watched of him, every interview he’s had, every picture I’ve seen of him, he’s always so humble, respectful, and always has a smile on his face. I don’t know if anyone had noticed, but every bit of praise he received from the judges, he always said ‘Thank you’.

    • yeah i know rite!! he always said thank u 2 the judges and what else is there 2 say?! i totally agree wit u 😀

      also if yall click on my name there is a link 2 1 of my websites feel free 2 click it and leave a comment (let me kno you’re a glamb and/or come 2 this site) and yes i know i barely have anything on it thats y i need you’re help and support like dreamsound!! 😀 YOU ROCK DREAMSOUND!!!!

  25. Dreamsound, great idea! perhaps you can post on this thread part 4 of the idolatry videos where they show other contestants saying that Adam helped them with song choice, arrangements, etc. Also, I think that in one of the interviews posted on this site many of Adam’s colleagues were interviewed and they all said that he is a super nice and professional guy.

    • If any of you have not yet seen the five part Idolatry interview with Michael Slezak, you have missed a treat. This is the real Adam!

      “Gothic Grace”!!!!!!

  26. Our, and Adam’s, good friend, Michelle Collins at VH1’s Best Week Ever wrote the following response to the notion of Adam being a diva:

    Pass it along to anyone who might have their doubts. Adam is awesome. That’s all there is to it!

  27. JRZGRL1 says:

    I have never had the honor/pleasure of meeting Adam but all someone has 2 do is look at the video in the stairwell 2 see what kind of person Adam is. No cursing, no threats , no “divaism”. I think Adam is smart & mature enough 2 ride this out but it all sure does make me mad. But then I try 2 remember Adam & do/think what honors him. Thanks

  28. This will all fall back on Clay. Don’t think this is helping Clay’s reputation. We should just keep the positive interviews and statements flowing on the sites. Eventually the hateful, mean and nasty rumors will subside. No more fuel for the fire!

  29. Time to hire a bodyguard Adam,let the look like the bad guys ,cause we all know you are not .

  30. This is a great response to the diva-smear by our friend (and Adam’s) at VH1’s The Best Week Ever, Michelle Collins:

    Adam has never been ANYTHING but generous and gracious. It’s ironic that someone tried to create a diva smear, of all things. It’s so easily repudiated by the world’s experience of him.

  31. brinalind says:

    I thought it was hysterically funny when the last thing Adam said to the paps following him and Drake after lunch in Venice, was “Thank you!” Those Divas are SOOOOO polite.
    It seems to me that Adam’s behavior is exceedingly consistent, from official interviews to impromptu conversations with fans to exchanges with the press. He engages easily, he laughs easily, he smiles a LOT. But he’s not so polite that he’s unable to defend himself against implied or outright criticism and rudeness. I mean, he’s not a wus. Would we want him to be a wus? I don’t. (How do you spell wus, anyway? Wimp, I mean. He’s not a wimp.)

  32. Adam is the most kind, genuine, warm hearted person anyone would like to meet. He displays that demeanor on a daily bases. Anyone that would ever want to say nasty and evil things about Adam there all just jealous and envy him so much. Because he is the picture of graciousness and Love.I love Adam for the incredible person that he is, and I can’t wait to meet him. There is so much I want to tell him.

  33. adamfancajungirl says:

    It’s so sad to know that there are a lot of haters out there who will do anything to try and make Adam look bad. So much jealousy. But Adam’s fans know the truth. All you have to do is watch his interviews,and I’ve watched many,to see what a wonderful and respectful young man he is. There were a lot of hateful things said about Elvis and his music when he was starting out and look how famous and popular he got. Adam is going to be just fine.I’m looking forward to seeing him in concert someday.We love you,Adam.

  34. JRZGRL1 says:

    On a happier note – if you have not downloaded the studio version of “Born to Be Wild” – download it – it is amazing!!! I can’t stop listening to it.

  35. To all Glambs and Fans: I posted the remarks below on June 4 here on this site under the thread title #84 of “Obviously Adam Lambert Isn’t Gay Enough”. Those few short days ago, I was very uninformed about the lengths to which entertainment journalism and those who work for it would go to create wild stories and sellable copy when the careers of young stars are beginning. I realize now that this is normal, it will probably pass, something new will take its place, and Adam will still become the biggest new superstar in modern music. However, I still could not let a public muckraking campaign go unnoticed and unremarked, so I wrote to the site I originally saw the article on, and to its editors. I will also write to the MSNBC entertainment editor at For this one time, here at the beginning of Adam’s career, I wanted to make a noise to those who should know better than to print something so patently, ridiculously wrong about Adam Lambert. So here are my original remarks to all fans on this site, and to the MSNBC entertainment editors:

    “Thanks to all of you for the continuing support for Adam Lambert, expressed with such eloquence, style, and thoughtfulness. I too have been commenting on this website since the night Adam ‘lost’ to Kris Allen, and I have continued to search for anything of interest concerning this incomparable new young superstar. Although this thread is probably not the exact place to publish this ‘heads up’ to all Adam Lambert fans, I thought I would go ahead and share this item of news with all of you on this page, since it is one of the most current, and probably most-read blogs.

    Last night (June 3) I was enjoying looking at all things pertaining to Adam, and I Googled the name ‘Adam Lambert’. One of the very first articles that appeared was listed under the Hollywood Outbreak moniker, and the article was entitled “IS ADAM LAMBERT NOW A DIVA?”, in brazenly bold letters. I proceeded to read the article, and was horrified to see that it was an insinuating and insulting put-down of Adam, saying that he was now behaving like a rude and spoiled prima dona now that he has become famous. The article quoted no sources by name, and even more horrifyingly, it was listed as being from MSNBC, supposedly a trusted news source. The article remained at the top of the page under the heading for ‘Adam Lambert’ throughout yesterday evening, but has now moved to a second page. If you Google ‘Adam Lambert diva’, or link to, you should have no trouble finding and viewing the page. Needless to say, I immediately wrote a staunch defense for Adam, as did 66 (now 118) other fans, many of whom were absolutely incensed to read this complete trashing of Adam’s character. I urge you all to read it, and add your comments to the site, because it is truly a real attempt to cast doubt on his integrity.

    In keeping with this, I have added here below the comments I made on the Hollywood Outbreak site last night, in hopes that you will all join me in rallying behind Adam in fighting these outrageous claims. I wrote:

    “This is the first outright, blatant slam against Adam Lambert and his character I have read since Adam took the country by storm. I invite all of you reading this column to come over and read the literal avalanche of emails and posts with all their outpouring of love and support for Adam at This fan website has an excellent open format with dozens of new posts, terrific photographs of Adam, all his videos, and all the fun details of his personal and public life. If Adam Lambert is a difficult, mean-spirited diva then I am a talking toad. I have just finished viewing a charming video of Adam greeting a small line-up of fans before a Fox interview in San Diego, and he literally had to be pulled along gently to do the bidding of the TV host – he was stopping to admire and sign the sweet signs the little girls had made for him, and commenting to them in the kindest possible way. There are countless videos of Adam listening intently to each person around him, taking care to carefully hear what they are saying, and responding fully and personally to each person. He himself has said that he considers himself a ‘paternal character, a big brother’ to his friends and other AI contestants. I have also viewed the video in which all of the other AI contestants say what a ‘truthful’, ‘fun’, and ‘fun to work with’ kind of guy he is. This is documented evidence of Adam Lambert’s kindness, expansiveness, gentleness, and essential goodness, and it is right there for all to see. I suggest you close down this kind of innuendo right now, it will have no effect. Adam Lambert is headed to the top and beyond, and he will be unstoppable in his ascent to national and international superstardom, and we will be right there with him, cheering him on, despite this kind of thing to the contrary!”

    All of the other comments (by fans) on the Hollywood Outbreak website were wholly supportive of Adam in no uncertain terms. I urge you to go and see for yourself this ugly and destructive piece of yellow (in more ways than one) journalism, and add your voice in Adam’s behalf!

    Here also is the letter to the Hollywood Outbreak (MSNBC) editors –

    Dear Hollywood Outbreak editors:

    Far from ’supporting’ Hollywood Outbreak, the fans of Adam Lambert are decrying the article on the previous page in which Adam Lambert is so attacked and maligned in such a back-handed, unsubstantiated manner. Although I am sure you can easily read the comments for yourselves, I send the link for the page to you here:
    The comments of support for Adam grow by leaps and bounds every hour. We are all especially shocked that you are a division of MSNBC which has always been such a respected news source! I am also sending my personal comments to the main MSN address.

    I truly believe Adam Lambert deserves a public written apology for this outrageous attack on his character.

    Sorry all of my remarks are so lengthy, and I’m sure my response was probably more than was necessary, but I simply couldn’t let that infuriating article go down in front of the world without a fight! Here’s to Adam’s continued growth as an artist and to his complete success in the future in all forms of media and entertainment! — Lorrin Glamb #102

  36. Lorrin: Fantastic post! People (fake journalists and their readers) get real. Adam is nothing but gracious. I love the interview with Adam and his mom during the homecoming visit. She is beautifully gracious and kind and so is Adam. It really stinks that a journalist would spin the truth (and completely lie) to get a headline or a hit. Stupid!!!!

    • Thank you, dear caitie, for your kind words. I see that carrie here below us reports that USA Today is also running an ‘unflattering article about Adam’. MSNBC and USA Today are not the little guys on the playground, and I truly wonder why they have also chosen to get on the bandwagon and add to the fire by printing belittling and unsubstantiated things about Adam Lambert. There are two things we know about Adam: he is spectacularly gifted and talented, and he is one of the nicest guys walking the earth. These things can be seen, heard, and felt by anyone viewing Adam on any of his countless videos, and God bless you privileged few, by anyone knowing him personally and working with him directly! So, I do wonder why the bigger guns are getting involved. I hope it does not mean anything more than the usual predictable media glare and hype for Adam.

      In keeping with these somewhat unsettling thoughts, here are the rest of the comments I made on thread #84:

      “It’s really quite a revelation to see how these stories about celebrities get started, take on a life of their own, and become distorted. Even though the story may have been started by a ‘rival fan camp’, it is also quite possible it has to do with malice against Adam from another source, which filtered out in this particular way. As I’ve said before on another thread, as a huge fan of Adam’s and as a mother of sons, (and as the mother of a gay son), I am a little anxious about him. I truly think all will be well with his rise into world stardom, but still, one watches out for the lions and tigers and bears hiding out in the bushes. But I will choose to ignore all the malarkey printed about him, and look forward to seeing him firmly and finally installed as the next star of this generation! Hopefully, all the muck will fade away as he emerges above it all in the coming months. But in the meantime, I’ll keep watch with my eagle eye. Gotta get that lion cub safely to the throne!”

  37. JadoreAdam says:

    I have no idea if Perez Hilton is right about Clay’s fans starting this rumor. Where is his proof? I can only note that I know from the personal experience of very close friends that Clay himself is well known to behave the way the report claimed Adam is behaving. It is a well known fact that Clay has lost all respect in the business and millions of fans because of the arrogant way he behaves and the disrespect he shows his fans and the people who work with him. Notice you never see him invited back to perform on AI. Very sad, because he too has talent….just about 1/10 of the talent and charisma that Adam has

  38. JadoreAdam says:

    Agree with the idea that we should compile posts about the great experiences people have had with Adam. Not to make this too big of a deal, but to be ready to protect his reputation, if this thing really begins to take root with the general public. Obama had a website toward the end of the campaign, called something like, Fight the Lies. that’s what Adam will need…..along with a very big, strong, protective bodyguard. The paparazzi….yikes!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      This is a great idea – he will have to put something out on Youtube, other media and his fansites to combat this – the AI publicists or his new record label I’m sure will take care of it. They have to do something positive and I feel confident they are handling him in a professional way. I mean, they should know what they are doing.

  39. Someone posted on mjsbigblog today that USA Today also has an unflattering article about Adam. She went on and said that none of us really know Adam and he could have gotten a little diva like after all the AI success and exposures.

    I don’t even want to read that article. We love Adam so much that it hurts when someone said something bad about him. Maybe someone took his humor or joke the wrong way. Maybe someone took his confidence as cockiness. Who knows?

  40. One more footnote while prowling through Adam Lambert news again tonight: there are approximately 32 sites picking up the “Adam Might Be A Diva” post from the original MSNBC article. Only two of them, from Softpedia and Rant Rave are balanced, positive, informed, and have their feet on the ground about these accusations against Adam. But there is far too little being said by people with real clout in Adam’s defense. It looks like everything is still way up in the air about this outrageous story. One article actually stated that Adam is starting to have a ‘bad reputation’ among show business people! People are actually believing what has been said without any kind of substantiation! This might be a good place for someone from Adam’s camp to step in and answer this folly, and for the ‘other side’ to print an apology. Perhaps Adam himself could make a visual information video about the way he views life. If any of you fans or Glambs are in show business, and you have any pull, perhaps a ‘visual’ rebuttal to this vicious gossip might be in order: how about a video showing dozens of clips of Adam being his pleasant, kindly, charming, funny self? Get that video out as soon as possible into powerful places, and on television if possible. And to all you YouTube video wizards, how about getting to work on this too, and put up something that will ease the hearts of Adam-lovers everywhere? Please, before it all gets to be too much and Adam is buried under this mountain of muck before he even begins!

  41. While developing a log of positive stories about Adam is admirable (and should be done whatever the reason)… the real goal here is to force a retraction and/or apology of this travesty of “journalism”. I’ve noticed many of the above comments reference this “Diva” story on many different sites. Be assured… they are all copies taken from the one and only original article… that from Courtney Hazlett… the MSNBC gossip columnist. SHE is the original perpetrator of this.

    Her column runs on Monday through Friday. (go to, scroll down to the Entertainment section… and on the right hand list of links there is one for “gossip”. That’s where her column regularly appears). I looked back over the past few weeks of her column in the archives, and the average number of comments is less than 10. Her highest comment count was
    28… for the story on the AT&T/Idol texting ordeal. This Adam/Enemies/Diva column already has over 200 comments! (Note: There is no Comment Text Entry Box available on the page: You have to click the “Comment” button at the bottom of the article to get one.)

    I propose that starting with her next column on Monday June 8, if Ms Hazlett or MSNBC does not issue an apology, a retraction, or provide further evidence besides questionable quotes from two unnamed sources… that all of us, once every day, continue to post comments to her daily column reminding her to address the Adam issue: an apology, a retraction, or provide names and credibility of the sources.

    She must not be allowed to perpetrate this hit-and-run character assassination… and then just go on with future columns as if nothing ever happened. WE must remind her daily… by posting comments in her column… no matter what the subject of the day… that it will not be business as
    usual until this issue has been addressed by her or MSNBC.

  42. AdamAdmirer says:

    NOT TO WORRY – Adam’s amazing talent, personality and postive spirit will overcome any negative bullcrap that these negative spinner meisters can dream up. No one will remember any of this idiot’s ridiculous diva comments as soon as Adam does his next best and big thing! Adam will shine through and prove them wrong!!!

    Also, anyone who can go up against a less talented, less of a singer, personality and still say that he “deserved to win” is a hero in my book, and diva?? come on people, get a life and go prey on some real divas that deserve to be called on their bad behavior, not our dear, sweet Adam.

  43. AdamAdmirer says:

    * I meant Spin Meisters

  44. One thing that should definately be included in a pro-Adam archive showing examples of his good charac ter is a transcript of his answers on a live AT&T Chat that was held around May 22. I won’t post a link here, but you can find it easily by Googling “adam lambert Q&A chat transcript” . (Don’t put in the AT&T… or you’ll get lots of links to the texting scandel).

    I encourage you all to read those answers. They show his true gracious, giving self. I’ll just post the last two answers of that session here, and decide for yourselves

    Question from JustAndee: Adam, your amazing and are my american idol! Whats the greatest life lesson you will take from this experience?

    Adam Answers: For me it is about the power of positive thought. I never hesitated to help or support the other contestants, and that made it very rewarding. The more you help each other, the more you will get in return. This experience has confirmed my belief system and I will continue to live my life that way.

    ChatHost: Adam thank you so much for your time. Are there any last words for your fans?

    Adam Answers: I just want to thank everyone for embracing something different. I am not your average contestant and it took a lot of courage for people to believe in me. And the courage from the fans fed my courage. I hope everyone is ready for the next stage in which I will become an original artist. Also, I hope people can continue to realize the joy that can be found by being unique and different.

  45. ignite123 says:

    I never met Adam but I truly believe that he is a good person with a good heart. I watched all the articles on Adam and his interviews. The mother day interview touched me the most. I was almost in tears (I am 49 and have two teen daughters). I believe Adam’s mom raised him well. Adam always took the judges comment in a positive way, even from Simon’s nasty comment. So I do not believe in those negative gossip from unknow sources. They must be from those people who are jealous of Adam’s success. Some sources said those gossip was from Claymates. I can see why … Jealous.

  46. This is such a bogus issue. Clay’s and Adam’s fans are being played by John Paulus. John is gay and had been stalking Clay for years and had even attend a few of his concerts where I witnessed extra security when I was at one of his concerts. Now that he’s got new meat to go after he’s enjoying rekindling his famewhoreness. Don’t go blaming Clay fans or fans of other Idols of this. Adam and his fans need to watch out for this guy. John Paulus is his name. Beware, he’s just starting.

  47. Fandomatic says:

    I love this positive answer to defamation. This is the kind of web site I want to be a part of. Right now the official site is one huge cat fight and isn’t fun anymore. I just signed up for my Glamb number!

  48. AdamAdmirer says:

    WOW – I just googled Courtney Hazlett and found something interesting on a democratic website, where she had another problem with a news story as well – seems she was on air apologizing for Joe Scarborough (also on MSNBC) who was selling his book, when someone called in and had a problem because he was a right winger etc. etc., whatever. Anyway, it went on to give her background info, she has only been doing this for four years – she graduated from journalism school in 2005, prior to MSNBC, she worked at Okay magazine, which is a very low-end gossip rag.

    I found it very interesting, the following was written in bold about her at the bottom:

    “Her credibility as a journalist is currently being questioned for posting an article about Adam Lambert being a “diva” and most likely homosexual. The backlash from the article is based on her questionable use of unnamed sources, which has angered Lambert’s large and devoted fan base.”

  49. Hi all Adamlovers! Can you believe that Askmen rate Kris higher than Adam even in sexiness? You need to go to than type Adam Lambert to vote for Adam in the list of 49 sexiest men of the year 2009. That’s a great site, but the editors are blind to take Kris higher than Adam in his own league. Go go guys! defense!

  50. frankly i was not worried when i read the ‘rude diva’ report. being a journalist myself i spotted the report as nothing more than an attempt to ride the ADAM LAMBERT wave to fame – the said reporter is probably just craving for a bit of spotlight…

    also being a hardcore ADAM fan i know that many around the world have been touched by his music and his presence and people are not as gullible as some of the media would like to imagine… i have read all these so called reports and comments made by his fans and it is pretty clear that ADAM’s fans are true and will continue to stick by their idol.

    i for one am proud to be an ADAM LAMBERT fan. he is everything that the music and the entertainment industry needs right now – he’s got the style, the looks, the amazing talent, the gift of being a forward thinker and an innovative artist as well as the humble sweet personality that we all expect out of our idols. it is unfortunate that the media keeps hounding him wherever he goes but i am sure ADAM knew this was part and parcel of being famous. i am a bit worried about his safety though but i am sure ADAM would address this issue the correct way – from what i have seen and heard, he appears to be an acute businessman and reads situations correctly.

    on a final note, i just like to say how touched i was at seeing his treatment of quween. if you want to know the true character of any person, observe how he/ she treats those of lesser standing. ADAM was kind and even hugged quween – to me that speaks of a gracious, sympathetic, caring and honest individual. after that, i don’t think any sensible person can refer to him or believe ADAM to be a ‘rude diva.’

    Asia loves ADAM LAMBERT!!

  51. With this being such a camera happy society with many outlets for outrage / revenge…why hasn’t this “diva” like behavior been caught on film yet??? Why haven’t we seen some scorned fan post a video / voice recording of his supposed missteps??? Don’t you think if this story were REALLY true, someone would have CASHED IN already to some tabloid / gossip magazine??? I’m not buying it!

  52. Leticia says:

    Everyone who has followed Adam’s performances and interviews will be able to tell that he is such a sweet, humble and sincere guy. He has no airs about him and has not once lost his temper or showed any irritation when he was bugged by the media or having so many of his fans around him. He is so good natured that sometimes I just wonder if he is human! I am just so glad that Adam had waited till now to go for Idol because he has built within himself the strength and ability to withstand all these nonsense which he knows he will face when he is a celebrity.

    I admire how he uses humour to fight back whatever and whoever is trying to bring him down. No point getting angry and so worked up he might be thinking and he should know this since he has been living in LA for quite a while. I always see something to learn from how Adam carries himself in public! He is just so confident and he’s got style! I will always support him!

  53. This Courtney Hazlett person ought to be sued for defamation. Does she not know better than to report something based on UNKNOWN SOURCES?? What type of professionalism is this? SHE IS JUST ADDING TO THE GRAPEVINE. I’m serious. I’ve seen many unethical people like her and they are being sued by celebrities till bankrupt.

    Of course I do not believe what that article said. All of us got eyes and ears to see how sweet and gracious and wonderful Adam Lambert is. And his smiles are so unpretentious. All his moments are funny, cute and inspirational. He is smart, witty and full of confidence young man. Do they think we are all a bunch of idiots to believe some nonsensical stuff written here.

    They need to PUBLICLY APOLOGISE TO ADAM LAMBERT. The fact that he is so nice does not mean he has to simply laugh off all this shit.

    Lots of support