Paula Abdul Officially Calls Adam Lambert the Next American Idol Winner

At the end of this video Paula Abdul talks about how Adam Lambert is light years ahead of any previous contestant of American Idol:


This was posted here before the Top 36 performances in February 13th 2009, remember? :

“The TV Guide Network show “Idol Watch” interviewed Paula Abdul last week and asked her who are her top three contestants are for American Idol this Season 8.

She said: 

Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Ricky Braddy.”



  1. Who’s Ricky Braddy?

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m confused too! Ricky Braddy…hmmm,don’t know,don’t remember,don’t care!

      • lililu says:

        Rickey Bradey was in the first group and then on the wild card. he was actually much better than both Michael Sarver and Anoop but Simon said that he “didn’t have enough personality” and killed the poor guy’s chances.

  2. Yeahhh No Girls. I Would Rather Have A Boy Win Again This Year. Like ADAM.! And I Bet Allison Is Going Home In Like 2 Weeks Or Next Week.! And Its Gonna Be Adam And Danny. GO ADAM.!

  3. Adam is definitely in a different class of performer than any of the other contestants. Even if he doesn’t actually win, I think he will outsell anyone else on the show this year. He has an awesome voice and an easy stage presence… like he’s been doing this for ages!

  4. I agree with Paula about Ricky Braddy. I’ve been saying all season he got the short end of the stick just because they wanted more girls on the show. That’s the only reason he got cut. Sad. As it was they ended up with a top 13 only because they wanted more girls. The top 13 should have been Ricky, not Jasmine and she was first to go anyway! And Ricky might have still been there. Spot on, Paula!

  5. I swear Adam is the best contestant ever 2 be n the show .. period .. he is not even contestant he is almost like the super star or the guest they having on the show …… I have never ever been this excited about any other contestants before this is the first time ever 2 be interested on AI 🙂 ADAM ALL THE WAY GUYS HE DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANY ONE BEFORE …

  6. Adam is the best I have seen , period. The guy has an incredible voice in every singing style (check out youtube), he has unbelievable stage presence, and it is a great pleasure to watch him execute his skills every Tuesday evening. He is definately in a class by himself. To say he is an”American Idol” is an understatement. He deserves everyones Vote if the American people are LISTENING on Tuesdays. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  7. keithm says:

    I feel he’s the closest thing to Freddie Mercury I’ve seen in years. He may be the supposed next “Rock God”, but I prefer him singing the “broadway” stuff. Would absolutely love to hear him singing from Andrew Lloyd Webber songbook! Check out vocal from youtube (brigadoon)Some of you may remember Sam Harris(star search) Their singing styles seem quite similer, although Adam seems more daring in some of his choices(again check youtube).

  8. Kathleen says:

    I remember that as Adam was walking out after his audition that Paula said he was the best of all they had seen in all the cities…and she said directly to Adam as soon as he was through singing Bohemian Rhapsody that he was brilliant!!! I know I was mesmerized by him by the time his audition was finished. He is better than any contestant that has ever been on American Idol, I think he has raised the bar for subsequent seasons. It has been a joy to watch a super star exploding in front of us each week. The only reason I keep reminding people to vote is that Vote For The Worst is determined that Adam does not win…they are pushing everyone to vote for Danny Gokey…they want to make a mockery of AI…vote for the best…Adam…vote for the worst..Danny (especially after Danny’s song last Tuesday…VFTW was thrilled by their pick of Danny). So vote, vote for Adam.

  9. I hope everyone will be voting tonight for Adam. He is the greatest performer since Elvis. If he doesn’t win, he will still be a major star, but American Idol will never be taken seriously again.
    I can’t wait to buy his first CD for me and my 4 granddaughters. Go Adam!!!!

    • Evelize says:

      Hi, Merle
      I have the same feelings you have. He reminds me ELVIS every time he performs. The same smile, eyes, moves, amazing performances, great voice. The same sweet way talking and joking with the audience. I think God blessed us with a NEW TRUE IDOL. HE answer our prayers and gave us this fabulous entertainer the is beauty inside and outside. We are facing history at this moment: a STAR is borning to shine all over the globe.

  10. Adam is the most fantabulous singer they hav ever had on american idol. He reminds me more and more of freddie Mercury every time he sings. It would be a let down if he didn’t win, but like you guys say it doen’t matter cause he’s gonna get a record deal anyway. I really think that Adam is the best singer thats out there now, professional or not. I was attached to Adam right whenever he sang the first note of he’s audition. Every song since then has amazed me more and more. I think he deserved to win from he’s fantastic voice to he’s great personality, It’s Adam all the way, so VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE for Adam