OUT’s Editorial

Aaron Hicklin, Editor-in-Chief of OUT magazine, wrote this “Dear Adam” letter:

I like you, I really do. Although I’d never watched American Idol, I
became a fan this year thanks to your unapologetic flamboyance
and sexual swagger. It was refreshing to see someone playing by
his own rules among so many cookie-cutters. And although you
narrowly lost to Kris Allen, you were the real winner for those of
us who saw your success as a test of America’s growing tolerance.
That’s why we’re proud to have you in this year’s Out 100, along
with all the other men and women who don’t believe their sexuality
should be a barrier to success. It’s unfortunate, therefore, that
your record label and management don’t share the same view.

Read the rest of the letter here.

The following is my opinion of Mr. Hicklin’s letter. I don’t think I’ve ever read an editorial that was so critical of someone featured in their own magazine. More than just critical, it was rude and mean-spirited. To even suggest that Adam and Adam’s management team should not make their own decisions in what Adam wants to do and what’s best for Adam’s career is ludicrous.

In Adam’s interview with OUT, he stated he wants to be remembered first and foremost as a singer. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

If you were going to pick one thing to be remembered for, so far, what would it be?
That I can sing my face off. I mean, that’s what I do. All this other stuff is part of a personality, persona thing surrounding that. I hope that people are like, “Oh, I like his voice. I like his music.”

As a singer, Adam and his team made the decision to “come out” (not that he was ever “in”) in Rolling Stone, a magazine that spotlights music and artists. (Gee, makes sense to me!) I see no reason at all for criticizing that decision. Adam is first a singer, who happens to be gay. The notion that gays who don’t choose to be solely defined by their sexual orientation should be criticized is ridiculous. He’s been up front and honest about all aspects of his life. I don’t think the problem is Adam, who is doing just fine living his life on his own terms, but people like Mr. Hicklin, who expect others to submit to HIS agenda.

I hope Adam continues doing what he wants to do, not what others expect or want him to do. I was excited when I heard OUT was going to be featuring Adam, but I’m so disgusted by Mr. Hicklin’s editorial that I’ve decided not to buy this or any future issue of OUT.

“We don’t want to sound ungrateful,” says Mr. Hicklin. I don’t think you tried very hard, Mr. Hicklin, because every sentence of your article proclaims your ingratitude. But I’m willing to bet you won’t mind pocketing all the extra money this issue will bring you. Well, sorry, but you won’t get my dollars.

You can also read Michael Musto’s take on this whole affair here. Mr. Musto is glad he voted for “the other guy.” (He claims this line was meant as a joke.)

What do you think of the editorial and of Mr. Musto’s article? Are you going to boycott OUT or buy it?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Thank you for this post. I will not purchase the magazine. Thanks for the heads up. People who diss our boy does not deserve our money.

    • Jeanette, you write with such style and elegance. You should take over for Mr. What’s his face at Out. You would do such a better job! I will boycott OUT, I took back the magazine I had someone buy for me, and got my money back. The sales lady said alot of people were doing that………she didn’t understand………..well if she had read THIS she would have………..

    • What the editor of “OUT” did was disgusting.. I wrote 2 letters in response. What i want to proclaim however, is that I just heard the complete ,no snippets Album, by Adam . It’s being streamed.
      It’s the best album I have ever heard in my life, with so many songs vying to be instant classic hits. So whatever all the hate and craziness going on like “Bonfirei of the Vanities” Adam settles it all with his music and the talk of love. Please find this musical gem, listen to it and all the fighting will make no sense at all . Adam is beyond talented,he’s a force.



  2. leilani aloha says:

    They are all begining to sound & behave like kids in kindergarden !!!
    No time for such negativevity.

    Music’s all art & fun, to be able to unwind, relax & dream…………….unfortunately most people & thier opinions ??? Do we detect a little jealousy here……….????

    Adam Lambert is just fine doing what he’s doing.
    We love his amazing voice, he’s very talented & very creative & good looking too. He has the whole package 🙂
    He sure got lots of us excited & want to bogie woogie again!!! Shocked some maybe, so what!

    No matter what we will surport Adam’s music & wish him great sucess which I believe is happening NoW internationally for him not just in USA!!!

    U go Adam Lambert!!! U ROCK!!!

    • KailuaGirl1966 says:

      We from Hawaii are more akamai than most of America. We embrace both differences and similarities in all people. Talent and beauty have no boundaries. Mr. Hicklin comes across as arrogant and self righteous, not very admirable traits.
      Adam is a global star, that shines for all people. Adam is a ROCK STAR!!!!!
      Glamb #394

  3. this is disgusting! the Editor of OUT should lose money on this issue! I Love Adam, he”s a huge musical talent. He is not going to cheer your Gay Parade ! His Sexuality and his personal life is none of anyone’s business. Gay or Bi who cares as long as he finds happiness! There are lots of Gay Men that fall for the opposite sex, so what if it happens. Adam is Open minded. And if Adam remains Gay is still his right and business. He is a entertainer! The Editor has a lot of nerve. trying to tell Adam what he should or shouldn’t do.. I personally think Adam does Too Much explaining to the Media, I would tell them to go to hell. But he’s honest. and charming and to nice to be rude to people. The editor deserves to be exposed for this. He’s just looking for the $$$ …
    Will be an ADAM fan for life whether hes Gay, Straight or Bi!!!!! Love his talent. Go Adam!

  4. If I were Adam I wold SUE him!!! They want him in the Mag. to make money then they want to condem him!!! Why put this spread out if your going to be negative?????

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    Aaron Hicklin seems to me to be a complete and utter w****r. I just can’t get over the mentality of someone like that, makes you wonder how he managed to get to be editor being so closed minded as he seems to be.

    Poor Adam can’t seem to do right for doing wrong in the eyes of these jerks. I thought he gave a great interview, he was as honest and open as he always is. I don’t understand why his sexual preference has to come into it at all. I mean really what has it to do with anyone except Adam. And what does it have to do about his ability to sing a song and entertain people. He is being himself isn’t that what it is all about.

    I don’t want the magazine now. I told Mary C to go and have a look for me but I will be sending her an email not to bother. I wouldn’t give Hicklin and his crew a penny.

    This sort of thing makes me so angry, I am actually surprised at how angry it makes me.

    You just keep doing what you are doing Adam, everything you have done and everything you will do in the future is fine by me. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. Love you. Dianne.

  6. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    It’s unbelieveble ridicious article wrote in Adam lambert and so-called “Glambert” Fansite .Jeanette,your ignorance even worse than homophobic.

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      WHAT? Wow.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Eeeerrr,glamb#193,You do know that the article wasn’t written by Jeanette,don’t you?Jeanette just posted here!By saying you want to buy or boycott,I think she going to boycott that magazine.Eerr,I’m confused!WHAT,glambertfan??!!

    • GLAMBERTFAN #193…………………………Say, what????? I really don’t think you said what I think you said!!!

      IF you are saying that Jeanette is wrong here, then I really can’t believe it! IF that is what you are saying, then I have one comment for you. WTF is your motive for saying that?????????
      One more thing, IF you are saying that. You are as bad as the editor of lthat article!! You, therefore need to go to some other site and spew your ignorance.

    • To Glambertfan #193 and everyone else,

      I knew this would be a controversial article when I posted it. I welcome dissenting opinions, but please refrain from calling me or anyone else on this site names. Your point of view is much more likely to be considered if you present your viewpoint without flaming people.

      • AdamAddict says:


      • cheryl 334 says:

        JEANETTE…………………..You got it! OK, people, let’s keep it happy, here!!! I’m no moderator, but Jeanette is right. Happy, positive, and no name-calling. That’s just the way we like it here. Go ahead and disagree with Jeanette, but there’s no need to be so rude about it. You can just say that you disagree, like I do. Okay? OK!

    • glambertfan Glamb#193, it is easy to get so caught up in our love for passion that sometimes we fail to pay attention to important facts. As AdamAddict indicated, this article was NOT written by Jeanette, so your response to her is inappropriate and hurtful, given the work she puts in to keep this site alive and current. I sense that you got it wrong and I know that Jeanette is not one to hold a grudge but as your Glamb sista, I suggest you put things right and we can all move forward. Mmmmmmmmwah

      • cheryl 334 says:

        INGRID……….. Likewise! I say it can all be friendly and nice and passionate. Jeanette posted what someone else wrote. She is an Adam Lover of the best kind. I remember her in GR concert when she talked with Barnaby from the radio statilon and she was so nervous and wanting to do a great job. She was in heaven that day and the next. So we all need to be more thoughtful of others on this site. This is the site Adam comes to to get the best feelings for how his fans are responding to everything he does. Everything he does is perfect for me. Try, people to let it be that way for your, too. It’s such a lovely way to feel. Much love to all Glambs, Cheryl

        Now Behave!

  7. Marie/Toronto says:

    OMG, calm down ladies. I read the letter several times, and yes, this guy is a jerk. But he was not coming down on Adam! He was pissed at Adam’s management. It would only make Adam look like he didn’t have selling power if we don’t support him and buy the magazine.

    But yes, this dude is one big jerk. The kind of gay person that thinks that, if you’re gay, every waking moment of you’re life is about the fact that you’re gay. You know, I’m straight, but every decision I make isn’t based on my sexuality. This man thinks that Adam’s management is somehow insulting his homosexuality, and they’re not. Period. Can’t sue someone for exercising their right to be an ***hole.

    • MARIE……. What the heck do you mean, omg, calm down ladies???!!! If you are calm, so be it. I am not and I don’t even like the tone of your first sentence, like you are so mature and anyone who is pissed at this is just over-reacting!! Who do you think you are?

      I read this article several times, and also read the articles of others who read the article and yes, he was coming down on Adam! No, it wasn’t Adam’s management he was pissed at! I think you need to check your own reactions. You are way off base, here. Jeanette is right on spot! She has nailed this guy for who he is and what he did.

      No, I do not think this guy thinks about a gay man like you said, at all. This guy is one person. This is his idea of Adam and Adam’s mgmt. He is out of line in the biggest sense of the word. If Adam could sue him for anything, I’d say do it, also! And yes, you can be sued for things that you print and say. It is called libel. Defamation of character. Guess you didn’t know that, lady.

      • Marie/Toronto says:


        Who do I think I am? I certainly am not someone who is here to argue, unlike you. Your tone directly to me is way more harsh than my tone, which was not directed at any one person. You are directly attacking me and my opinion of this jerk editor. And we ALL AGREE that this guy is a jerk.

        They only thing I meant by “calm down” (and once again, this is only my opinion) is that to boycott anything Adam is on will only, ultimately, make Adam look bad.

        And this “lady” has a journalism degree AND is published. So, certainly I know about slander, defamation of character, etc. People can only be successfully sued if they are PROVEN to be LYING. Somebody expressing thoughts and opinions is free to do so, regardless of how vile they are being.

        I have tons of Adam fan-friends on this site, the chat room, Twitter, and my local Glamb chapter. They will ALL vouch for the fact that I am a huge Adam lover. So don’t hate on me.

        • Marie/Toronto says:


          One more thing. I have also read a whole bunch of reactions to the letter. Reactions seem to be split 50/50 as to who is being attacked, Adam or his management. The editor is going through a list of things Adam has done and how they somehow, according to the editor, don’t honor his homosexuality.

          All of these choices were made by his managemet. It’s only the business stuff he has a problem with. Not Adam personally. That said, this guy’s still the biggest kind of ***hole!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            MARIE…………..This EDITOR ‘has decided’ that Adam is not “honoring” his homosexuality???????? Say What!!!!?

            Question: Who died and left that editor in charge of ‘deciding’ what Adam ‘honors’ and does not, even if ‘honor’ is even a correct word here???

            Whoa…………………………………………..! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

            If that were even true, I say Adam will only ‘honor’ himself and others by being true to himself, not being harrassed into ‘honoring’ this editor, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bis, or anything or anyone. That is the WIERDEST statemen I think I’ve heard in a long time!!!! So, Adam is not ‘honoring’ homosexuality? Maybe he is not a homosexual. Dare think that way? Maybe he is not ‘honoring’ homo. b/c he doesn’t want or need to!!! This editor can only make a bigger fool of herself/himself the more it talks.

            • Marie/Toronto says:

              I agree! No one died and left this man in charge of how Adam should conduct his career. This guy is a real piece of work!!

              • cheryl 334 says:

                MARIE……………. Absolutely! The guy should just shut up! He’s a disgrace to his profession, to say the least! A real piece of sh^%!

              • It has been my observation that the gay community “eats” their young and one wonders why it’s so difficult for them to “come out”!! For some reason they are expected to be poster children for the gay community. The same pressure is not on heterosexuals. Just let Adam sing and leave him alone. Does he not want him to be successful.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARIE…….. Yes, I did posst to you. Not to everyone. Everyone did not make the statements you did.
          But when you post to everyone it includes me, and I have the right to respond, and I did.

          The fact that you have friends and neighbors and relatives, or whatevere, and that you are a published person, means zilch to me. There are millions of published people, my own son is one, but that does not impress me. Being published has nothing to do with one’s correctness on any given subject unless they are considered an ‘expert’ in their own field.

          I have lots of friends on this site and others, too. So what? What has that got to do with my opinions???? Nothing. My opinions are just that, opinions. Yours are just that, too, opinions. Nothing more nothing less. Being ‘published’ gives you no more respect for your opoinions than anyone else. If I were a lawyer, that would not prove that I know more or less than you. It has nothing to do with intelligence, personality, ability to bear children, etc. You are no more important of a person on this or any site simply b/c you were ‘published’! Big deal!

          I am not hating on you. You made that choice to feel that way.

          I know slander and defamation of character have to be ‘proven’ to win a court battle. It does not mean that the crime was not comitted. I am not a fan of suing people for anything shallow, I was making the statement that one CAN be sued over something like this. It can!

          So, in ending, I will just say that it’s nice you have friends, but that has nothing to do with the price of bread. I am not saying, nor do I think that you don’t love Adam. My post was not addressing your loyalty to Adam or yourself as a fan. I would not conclude you are not a fan, and did not. Someone expressing their feelings or opinions or thoughts does not include doing it in print or verbally when they are doing it under the guise of a journalist. When they do that, they most certainly can be sued, if they ‘harm’ another’s career or person. So, freedom is not freedom to spew lies about or insinuate anything that could be ‘harmful’ to that person’s person. Yes, there is more than that, but that is it in a nutshell.

          • Marie/Toronto says:


            I ONLY mentioned that I was published because you implied that I didn’t know anything about libel, slander and defamation of character lawsuits. I have been posting here for months and have NEVER brought the subject of my journalism up. Therefore, no, I do not think I’m better than anyone else. But I certainly know that jerk editors and music critics are everywhere; that’s why they don’t freak me out all that much. I’m used to them….

            I am curious though, several people on here agreed with me and even mentioned me by name, yet, you ONLY choose to get mad at me….aren’t you Cheryl Norman? We’ve had several friendly exchanges in the past….lets not change that now!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              MARIE……Cheryl Norman????? Why, yes, I am! Hahahaha!!!!!! I am NOT mad at you!

              Knowing me, as you do, you surely realize that I just respond to a comment, not to the person! Then, I’m over it!

              You should remember that I am often on the opposite side of a POV! I march to the beat of my own drummer, obviously!

              You are my friend, still. Don’t let my rantings misdirect you! Hahaha!!!! I just am so pissed at this “editor”!!! Check out on Twitter, Adam’s response to this whole thing!

              peace-love-light-truth……………..2Adam and you, Marie!

    • NH Glambert says:

      Don’t be fooled by this d*ck’s passive-aggressive approach. He IS attacking Adam and his philosophy indirectly. He just doesn’t have the b**ls to do it. We all know Adam is in charge of his career as much or more than his management.

    • Well said Marie!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I don’t think by boycotting this mag, it would say Adam doesn’t have selling power, everyone knows he does just by everything he’s done to date. Didn’t I read that the R/S issue was the best selling issue in 2009.
      I loved the interview. Thought it was new and as always Adam was refreshingly honest and open. Up until I read the editorial I was going to buy it as I have every other magazine Adam has been in. I won’t now and that saddens me because I wanted to add it to my collection. However, I will definitely let the editors of OUT know the reason WHY I am not buying this magazine. The editor is criticizing someone whether it be Adam or his management for not following HIS ideals of how to act or react. Everything Adam says or does should not be defined by his sexuality, he is so much more than that. Please everyone in the public, just leave him alone. Let him just be himself and SING HIS F–KING FACE OFF as no one else can!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        If any of you are disturbed by this editorial, I would hope that you too would write to the editor to express that.

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          I certainly will write the editor. Adam gave them an interview; yet they complain about this, that and the other afterwards. It is none of this editor’s business how Adam and his managers run his career.

          But as for buying the magazine, well, honestly, at this point, if we boycott or not, it will prolly sell like crazy because of the controversy (which we are adding to by giving it this kind of attention). I just think it’s sad if we don’t buy something of Adam’s because someone behind the scenes is a jerk. Adam put work into the photoshoot and interview and I want to acknowledge that it was not a waste…

          On another note; Helen, we missed U at the dinner!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hi Marie
            Yes, it sounded like you girls had a great time at the dinner and movie. I had to go out of town for 2 days so missed all the fun, but I was thinking about you.

        • Helen of Troy, I tried to leave a post on the other website but it was not accepted. I have posted here. I agree we need to make our sentiments ‘heard’ and ‘felt’! Mmmmwah

  8. JEANETTE………….Pardon me if I do say so, but I think this is the best article you have ever written!!!! Bar none! I think you zeroed directly on target, and left no question as to your feelings of this *&^^%.
    I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!!!! Never would I give this looney tune a penny! not if Adam were pictured all over inside. After ‘dissing’ Adam the way he did, he should be fired!!!

    BAN THIS MAG!!! I totally agree with you in the strongest sense I can!!! I am furious at this man! Or whatever he is! Adam is not paid to give this guy a minute of his time, yet he agrees to the interview, which as you said should profit the mag, and the guy turns around and ‘slaps’ Adam in the face!!! I only wish I could print all the names I would like to use for this (*&^%^!!!!

    That is cold! Who the hell does he even think he is?? I don’t get it!!! Like I posted on the previous thread, this guy, who is gay, and demands to be treated with equality, without prejudice, turns around and does not afford Adam the same courtesy!!!! Where did the mag get this dude anyway??? I have my own ideas on that! You bet I do!!

    As usual, Adam is the ever constant good guy. As usual, Adam is giving this guy respect. As usual, Adam comes ouot smelling like a rose in the company of a piece of sh*&^!!! Good for Adam!!!! Now, never give that guy or that mag a single second of your prescious time, ever again. Do not forget the bad turns and where they came from. Don’t dignify this guy’s comments with any of your own! Just let a dead dog lie. Let your fans and friends take care of the ‘slammers’ of you in this world. Don’t you, Adam, ldirty your hands on this kind of trash!

    peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 2 Adam!

    • Yo Cheryl, well said and I agree – Jeanette’s article leaves no doubt as to her sentiments and indeed, they are accurate! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmwah

      • Helen/Canada says:

        So glad you are back. We missed you. Hope you are feeling better. I also loved Jeanette’s comments. Jeanette, you are so articulate. I hope you write to the editor to let him know why you are boycotting this mag. I know I am.

  9. Mr. Hicklin greatly emphasized how difficult it is to get gay celebrities to appear in the magazine.

    Well, Adam is a gay celebrity who agreed to be on the cover of the magazine!

    His editorial doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe he’s an editor.

  10. I’m not sure if anyone is a General Hospital fan. But there are some heavy mob things going on and the darkest parts of these scripts. What music do you hear ?????? Of course Adam Lambert sing

    • sorry I was so excited about Adams name I hit submit to soon.

      Back to the story. Adam is singing Mad World and with the script they have it’s make the song seem very very dark and spooky. I think it has been played on at least 5 or 6 episodes. You just never know where Adam will pop you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Here’s an article giving more press to Adam, indeed placing him in their list of 100 folks important to them, urging his handlers to get out of the way and let Adam be Adam, and you slam them. It’s ironic that you bring up their wish that Adam has been open and out earlier (it IS the name of their magazine after all) while at the same time whining that they don’t support Adam in the way that YOU want them to. Pot, meet kettle. I recommend that people actually read the whole article, and not just your clips of it.

    As for Out, their best years were in the mid-90s, but the last decade has seen Out as mostly a shrinking magazine for selling trinkets to gay men, and despite the name and mainstream content, has often arrived inside opaque plastic, not out, presumably to protect the closet (i.e. the lie) of the recipient. Add to that the fact that we’ll soon see a day with no print media at all, and I wouldn’t worry about any impact a boycott will have, either way. The inevitable end for Out and all print media is coming regardless. In some ways, it has already happened.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      RANDY………………………..Don’t think we need to worry about print media drying up in our lifetime! You think not only newspapers are a dying thing os the past, but also all the magazines? I disagree.

      As to the rest of your comment, it is not easy to figure out what you are saying. A lot of words, but not too strong on your point.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about Randy. I suggest YOU read the posts again. We want Adam to be left alone and just let him be who he wants to be as he himself has stated.

  12. It is too bad that Mr. Hinklin is so ignorant yet supposedly educated. I will also not be buying his magazine.

  13. In the article, Adam says he had oral sex with a girl . He says he finds it intriguing. He talks about his discussions about God and religion w Danny. He talks about how nice Kris and Michael are and about how he hates how they gay comunity ID themselves by their sexuality instead of as a whole person. He talks about being both very masculine and very feminine and dosen’t understand why someone wants to be only mucho or fem. So why not read what Adam says instead of worrying about what the editor thinks.

  14. Okay, Jeanette, my response. I agree with parts of your article and also with marie/toronto. IMO,

    1) the OUT editor has a case of ‘sour grapes’ because Details got Adam first and Adam posed with a female.

    2) the editor has a POLITICAL AGENDA which has nothing to do with Adam’s interview which he liked. He is aiming at a whole other aspect of gay sexuality, that in which he wants the entire gay ‘community’ to behave in a certain way.

    I think all of us should reread Adam’s words on how he sees himself, his value system and the kind of life he wishes to live, that of inclusion in all of society not just a segment. It does not take away from his gay identity. If we were to hang out with a few gay friends would we be ostracized by our other straight friends? I think not!

    I have watched how Adam has dressed and conducted himself since last February. I have a huge collection of pics and vids where Adam is dressed in drag, or semi-drag, or campy outfits and at some parties, and performing. He is talking, acting and dressing for his milieu at the time. These are all over an 8 or 9 year period after he worked in Germany and did the cruise show.

    Since then, Adam has dressed for comfort (T shirt and jeans), style (black pants, leather, nice shirts, fabulous jackets, boots etc) and never was he anywhere near ‘drag’ or ‘gayness’. Heck my neighbourhood is full of young people who dress like Adam every day and they are not particularly the gay segment. Adam can portray himself in any way he wishes and I just see Adam, a handsome, articulate, intelligent, kind man, a man, a person, not a sexual identity.

    Management or not, this is the way Adam wants to appear at this time in his life, he has moved on mainly from his earlier clubbing years.He is grounded, focussed and working on his career’s success and doesnt have the time or inclination for silly stuff or political agendas!

    • KailuaGirl1966 says:

      Well stated.
      Glamb #394

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        BRAVO, Theresa/Canada!! Quite elloquently put. You stated my personal point of view perfectly. Thank you so much!

        Light, Peace, Love to Adam!

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Well stated – good analysis.

    • Amen Mother T!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I totally agree with you. You have said what I think.
      Thank you,

    • cheryl 334 says:

      Adam keeps trying to let the public understand that he is also attracted to women. He has made that point so often, it seems to go in one ear and out the other of a lot of people. Adam, himself, is not projecting himself as a strictly gay man anymore. That is What Adam is saying if anyone cares to actually “listen” to his words since he left idol. He has changed. He said that. He used to feel he belonged in a ‘box’ where he was a gay man. He does not want to live in that ‘box’ anylonger, as he is saying, he has ‘changed’. What part of this don’t people get? I’m just curious. I do not understand it. After saying he is attracted to women, has had oral sex with a girl, loves to have a few drinks and make-out with girls, is intrigued by women, would not rule out being totally sexually intimate with a woman, and on national tv asked the question, ‘who will be the lucky girl?’, saying he isn’t sure if his first experience should be with a groupie or someone he knows. What don’t you understand about Adam’s thinking about the opposite sex when you hear him, really hear him????

      • cheryl, I do not understand why his fans dont understand this either?? Dont you get it people? Listen to him, he is telling us all something. He is such a good honest person.
        He loves just BEING. He loves all people and he is sending a message here. What do you think the interview in OUT was about? He knows what kind of magzine that is.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY………………Absolutely! Adam loves women, too. He is going to be with women. That’s it. It’s not that difficult!

          • Cheryl & Mary C, do you remember who the Chief of all Adam’s body parts is? tara … ME, YIPPEE!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              INGRID……Ummmmmm……, no, I don’t remember that!

            • Ingrid, chief of body parts? ALL parts? Give me some………….
              Fever, I wanna get Adam alone, give him Feverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeh yeh yeh
              fa fa fa fever

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Right on Girl! I wish people would JUST GET THAT!

    • Yes!, I also agree with you Theresa…..well said.

      I know, it’s upsetting when Adam is slighted as such. This so called editor has behaved very unprofessionally and I hope he ends up with ‘egg on his face’.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  15. I have been lurking here for a while, and totally love this website. I first saw Adam on AI, became a huge fan, and saw him in concert in Ontario and San Diego. I can’t get enough of him and his music. I’m also straight, by the way.

    I am so offended by Hicklin’s letter to Adam that I can’t see straight. He expects Adam to meet his outdated standards of what a gay pop idol should be and how he should act. He puts down women by first comparing us to kittens and then to Barbie dolls. He seems personally offended that Adam did not choose to accept his cover offer first. Despite the fact that Adam gave a full and very frank interview to the magazine, he is essentially calling Adam a hypocrite.

    Hicklin writes “..we’re all counting on you not to mess this up.” Adam isn’t messing anything up. Aaron Hicklin is a dated and meanspirited writer who may become responsible for his magazine’s unfortunate demise.

    I will not be purchasing this magazine.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LINDA………………….Welcome! Glad something hit a nerve with you! This man is personally offencive to everyone it seems. He/She has got some deep problems. Personality problems. Very judgmental. Yes, that is just what he called Adam, a hypocrite. It is what it is. No one needs a journalistic degree to understand this elementary way he thinks. It is not that difficult!

      By commenting in ‘print’ that we will not buy this magazine, we don’t expect to hurt this mag ourselves, but we can at least show people reading this site how strongly we feel about the attitude they showed Adam. There is no backtracking and explaining what he meant. He said it, we read it, we understand. Women are not dumb. They are very superior to many men, including this one.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Welcome Linda. I thought your post was very well said.

  16. I agree with your assessment of this editorial; here we go again, someone else trying to fit Adam into a box. Come on Mr. Editor, you didn’t get it – Adam’s whole point is that the music comes first. He does not need to fit your agenda any more than that “cookie cutter” one you despise! Adam is different in the most amazing ways; how he defines his “gayness” will also be of his own choosing. It really sounds like sour grapes from an editor who couldn’t get an artist to act the way he expected – bravo to Adam for being true to himself and keeping us on the edge of our seats! (and still a gentleman at that!)

  17. Bravo Jeanette bravo and all my Glamb friends! Aaron Hicklin, more appropriately ‘Heckler’ has displayed every reason why he should be the Editor in Chief of repugnant journalism of the highest order. Mr ‘Heckler’ did not waste time joining the bandwagon of folk who are determined to feed off Adam’s popularity and newsworthiness by stealing some air-time to draw attention to himself. If the intention was to increase readership, he has failed miserably. His reference to apartheid is TOTALLY misplaced and to add insult to injury he then proceeds with a damn good effort to polarise people even further. I am even inclined to think that it may be a matter of, “hell hath no fury like a confused and frustrated WHATEVER scorned. Count yourself lucky that you are not a South African citizen!!!! Mr Hicklin/Heckler, I have these quotes by Carl Gustav Jung for you to put in your pipe and smoke and hopefully the fumes will bring about some sensibility on your part.

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

    “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.”

    “But what if I should discover that the very enemy himself is within me, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved – what then?

    As for the poor, confused Mr Musto, who did a great job of shoving both feet in it and exposed himself to the point of no return, … shame! Try some proper research next time and you won’t have to defend your spurius remarks.

    As for how Adam will handle this … with his usual finesse!!

    My beautiful Glamb family, thank you for your posts on one of the previous threads – love ya all! I usually post one-liners, but whilst I am playing catch-up with my work, I was compelled to get this off my chest so that I can breathe again! Over and OUT … excuse the pun! Mmmmmmmmmwah

    • AdamAddict says:

      Hello Ingrid! I miss you and miss your post!Glad you are here again,meaning you are feeling well! 🙂 mwah!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Thanks Ingrid, I agree with what you have said.

      I think everyone should take note of the quotes you posted by Carl Gustav Jung. They really do make a lot of sense.

      I have missed your posts on these threads too and hope you are feeling better and are back to 100 per cent real soon and we see more of you.

      • Hi Dianne! Yes, I am fighting-fit as you can gather from my post above. Just as well I am feeling better because Mr Heckler’s letter would have pushed my blood pressure through the roof. Missed you and its greaaaaaaaat to be back! Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

    • cheryl 334 says:

      INGRID…….Absolutely!!! Every little word of what you posted is spot on!!!Thank you for reminding us of Carl Jung’s thoughts. It’s been a long time since I’ve read him, but I remember these quotes very well, and am so glad to see you bring them to life in this situation! So good to see you step up and voice your passionate opinion here, Ingrid! Much luv to you!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Missed you Ingrid,

  18. Very interesting discussion.
    Here goes…I am a sister, an aunt, a niece, a great aunt, a sister-in-law, a cousin, a Brownie, a Girl Scout, a Winderful Woman, a Republican, and Independent, a Democrat, a hippie, a model, a kayaker, a lover, a wife, a writer, a creative consultant, a dancer, a singer, a golfer, a tennis player, a web master, a real estate broker, a cook, a sunday scholl teacher, an acolyte…oh, and I’m gay!

    • AdamAddict says:

      And here goes…I am a sister,a daughter,a grandaughter, a niece,an aunt,a sister in law,a cousin,a glambs,a pervert and a huge fan of Adam 🙂 Hmm,not that long like Lynnsy,what the heck!! I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT THE MOST!! <3<3<3<3

    • Helen/Canada says:

      A gay Republican, oh my what is this world coming to!!! LOL!!! Loved your post! You said it all!

  19. So sick and tired of the b.s. about his sexuality. Adam said in an interview months back how he constantly had to prove himself when he was younger. Once he opened his mouth and sang they backed off. Well once this man sings sunday night at the AMAs no one is going to care what OUT says or whoever. All these editorials etc will do is create more publicity to make him more famous. Better for Adam. Just heard this OUT situation on wplj 95.5 fm. This just makes more hype. GOOD FOR ADAM

  20. AdoringAdam says:

    I don’t think OUT is available where I live. It sounds like someone(HICKLIN) has a gigantic ego.

    Anyway, I love Adam’s personality, his gorgeous face, and his out of the world beautiful voice.
    I don’t care if he’s gay or straight or bisexual, he’s a sexy man who is talented beyond anything we have seen in a long long time, and he will shake things up for the better in this world.

  21. Have to admit I’m surprised at the reaction to this magazine. I’m on the page with Marie and Theresa–both Canadians by the way. Hmmm, what does that mean?

    The filter this editor is looking through is pretty narrow. The one most of us are looking through at Adam is wide open. If I could find the magazine I’ll buy it. And, if I can find Elle (is that the name of it?) I’ll buy it, too. I’m supporting Adam :-).

    Kind regards from Michigan,

    Allegan #116


      • For what it’s worth, I agree with you. Adam is smart and careful but he is surrounded, for the first time in life, with crazy money makers who are twisting his resolve to be “honest” and sometimes it does not come out right. It is certainly true to say “its about the music” but Adam is also earth shakingly gorgeous, engaging and widely appealing. That has to be managed also and I don’t think anyone really knows how to do that yet for this unique young person. All I can say to anyone who gives it a try is DON”T hurt him. In a way, that’s what the editorial is trying to say.



          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Ofra, I do agree with you. Emili sent me the second part of the interview and I have read that this morning and we both agree that we feel really sad for him, sorry Emili, I shouldn’t be speaking for you, only for myself. The only thing I do know is that I just want to give him a huge hug and tell him how much I love him and to take care of himself. He is just so open and honest with everyone he seems to meet, it just makes me love him more.

            • AdamAddict says:

              It’s okay Dianne!We feel the same!Like I said,I love him more today then I loved him yesterday.Tomorrow I will say the same thing! <3 Adam!

              • Ofra, Dianne and Emili, please don’t worry. Adam is bigger and tougher than this guy. His strategy failed and instead of Adam being the victim, he is the victor! Hugs and mmmmmmmmmmwah

    • Theresa/Canada and I are total political polar opposites, and yet we remain good friends and manage to agree on most things. Tolerance and acceptance are wonderful things. I just wish everyone could embrace that.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      ….I think it means you’re too close to Canada, LOL!
      I’m not buying the magazine as I’ve stated and explained in my posts above.

  22. I support Adam every time I can, commenting on articles, and it is effective-I see my own words repeated by others down the line. And when I read wonderful insights by other Adam fans, I repeat their words as well. We all can heip. And as we support Adam, it helps others become more accepting and less judgmental of our fellow human brothers and sisters.Simply by our love and support of Adam is a magnificant movement , and it’s so easy to do.

  23. The problem I have with the editor is that he made a letter to Adam public and on top of that just before the release of his album. This should be a private matter that should be handled in private. The editor saw Adam as a way to make money and the letter to publicly get back at 19 and at Adam. I WON’T be a party to this scumbags lack of ethics, I refuse to buy the magazine, I hope he is stuck with a ton of the magazines that don’t sell.

  24. I hate his editorial. Adam is an artist. Along with other people in the arts,their personalities are part of who they are but do not define their craft. It’s looking to Britney to be a role model. She is an artist. When did people in show business start being obligated to shoulder the moral views of people in our country? So ridiculous.

    I admire Adam as an entertainer and musical artist. He has an amazing auro and is intelligent. His sex life is really none of my business and would certainly never use it as an avenue to criticize moves he must make in his career to be successful. Which is is goal afterall. To me, if he chose not to do something with this magazine during AI, that’s his decision. He knows, afterall that this is the USA, not europe. As a whole, the nations tolerance of people for a multitude of reasons is very low. Go figure. We are supposed to be a progressive country yet we have some of the most prejudiced population in the world. People are hated because they are mexican, because they have an accent, because they are gay, because they are black, because the are…….the list goes on.

    When I listen to Adam’s music, I feel good. Alive, Excited. I want to dance around and feel good. That’s what entertainment in all about. Making the audience feel good. He accomplishes that times a million! Thank you Adam for all you hard work. Your fans are loyal and love you for who you are!

    • Deborah, Donna, ianaleah … all the positive posters above, loved your posts! Mmmwah Ibor, I am sure many people will cancel their subscriptions – a costly lesson, thanks to Mr Editor!

  25. Adam interview ,the online one part 1 and part 2 is so refreshing,honest and illuminating. He gave his heart again and this is the result ! I’m not going to buy the mag,and I read a lot of people already canceled their subscription


    • AdamAddict says:

      I read it,part 1 and 2. Some of his answers really touched me!He so honest and sincere,I hope no idiots will take advantage of that honesty!!Awww, I understand him more and love him even more!! Oh my Adam…I mean our Adam…which I really really mean is,he sooo my Adam! <3 Adam!!

  26. I just sent Mr Hicklin a note..It wasn’t very nice,,but then his article wasn’t either..the address is letters@out.com if anyone else wants to vent……….It was nice to get what i was feeling off my chest 🙂

  27. I also just sent a note to Mr. Hicklin, addressed to: letters@out.com. Here is what I said:

    Unapologetic flamboyance and sexual swagger does not define all gay people, as your own casual business-attired photo demonstrates, Mr. Hicklin. Nor does your hypocisy regarding Adam Lambert. You say you like him but all you’re interested in is making money off of him at his expense. He made it clear from the beginning that he is not ready to jump on the political gay bandwagon. If you really liked him, you would honor his goal of getting his music and the images he and his record company select, out there. Adam has represented the gay community, the music industry and himself very well. We are proud of him and his music. Out Magazine has demonstrated, through your editorial, that it doesn’t deserve to have been given the first cover of Adam Lambert. Rolling Stone Magazine was a more appropriate place . . . and it worked beautifully.

    Warren Guidry
    New Orleans

  28. Great thread Jeanette and post. After reading Mr.Hicklin’s letter to Adam, I will be keeping my $ in my
    pocket. No, not going to buy this magazine. Not because it mostly represents the gay community,
    because of these out for a buck editors who use their feature stars to conform to what they want them to say and do. How dare him say he hopes Adam finds his path in life and is honest and true. Adam cant be anymore honest than he already has been. For God’s sake, he is one of the most open, honest , kindest person to be in the limelight ever. Seems like Mr.Hicklin had a question and answer session all lined up for Adam and wanted to dictate how it was to go! Well once again, Adam
    did things His Own Way. Not surprised at all. How he answered those questions came directly from His heart and no magazines expectations………. OMG, he is too honest for most people. He just comes out with it, to hell with these people Adam. You gave this interview your all and layed it out for the world what to expect from you. He didnt come up with the questions, the Interviewer did. WTH did HIcklin expect? Well he got honest answers. Adam just being! Love it and him.
    Adams music rocks, over the top greatness!!!

  29. ….and I”m listening to the all album ……..is unbelievable!!! There ‘s no song bad.It’ every thing I was expecting and more!!!!!


    • I KNOW!!!! All are awesome but I love Soaked,Strut,Pick U up(love the laughing at the end),Fever,Sleepwalker!!Man,too many to mention.I just say the one that I don’t like then . I don’t like…….HUH?Nothing that I don’t like!!What a surprise…not!! I F****** LOVE THEM ALL!!! What a wonderful day!!First I can listen to this awesome songs then saw Ingrid’s handsome son pic!!!Life is too good,baby!LOL!! 🙂 BUT SOAKED JUST KILLED!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I looooooooooooooooooovvvvve this cd. I can’t believe there is not one song that I don’t absolutely love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. It’s about the music! It’s all about the music! I want the escape, I need the escape! I don’t want people negativity and hatred to poison my heart! I want to close the door and leave all the toxic words outside!!! There will always be darkness, but I want to let the light in… Adam, thank you for the music, for the voice, thank you for letting your talent reach out to me, to us!!!

  31. So many want Adam to fit into their own little agenda box. . . let Adam sing people!!!

    On a personal note, I need to step back and take a deep breath. . . I find myself reading the comments after blog posts and articles about Adam, and I let the obsessive Adam haters (you know, the pathetic, ignorant, hateful people who cruise the web for anything about Adam so they can bash him AND his fans–fat sparkly cow anyone?) get to me. . . I need to stop reading all this stupid crap. . . life is too short.

    Mean people suck! >:(

    ADAM ROCKS!!!!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

      I’m dancing listening to Adam!Break dance,krumping,slowdance,yup, I’m dancing alone!! So,you think I look thinner now??Whataya think??

      • cindy, like that, “mean people suck”

        AA, keep dancin dear, me too. listening to Adams album, Fever is on now……….” I wanna get you alone” what good lyrics……… fu fu feeverrr dance move shake keep it up..

    • Cindy, well said! There is one thing that Adam has that everyone (including those who speak out against him) cannot refute. Adam is comfortable with whom he is and that is and nothing will change that! Lotsaluv to you Cinds, mmmmmmmmwah Ingrid

  32. Marie/Toronto says:

    The reporter who actually interviewed has now spoken out about all of this. She said that Out Magazine found Adam to be delightful and candid. She does, however, agree with the editor that Adam’s management/handlers made things difficult (with their requests to make things “not too gay”).

    The finger pointing is toward the business people. I find it funny how that straight community seems to accept Adam more than the gay community. They constantly act like he owes them something. Now that Adam has a recording contract, the only thing that he really owes anyone, in my opinion, is to SING!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARIE…………….The reporter you refer to is not a reporter. She lost the right to be called a ‘reporter’ when she gave her ‘opinion’ on WHY she THINKS Adam said this or that. That is not the job of a ‘reporter’. Her job was to ask questions, and get answers and let the public decide what they think, not for her to tell the public what SHE thinks.

      Your second paragraph, I think, is right-on! I also khave noticed that Adam has more trouble and problems from the gay community than the straight. Yes, I agree, they (gay community) does act as though Adam “owes” them his loyalty and his life! They set up expectations on him and if he does not do or say or act like they ‘expect’, then they are the first to ‘judge’ him. Something all gays say they hate being ‘judged’, and I understand that. She can’t see the forest for the trees.

  33. Things “todo” on my list today…….buy the OUT mag………………..NOT!!!!!!!!!
    As for Adam being so open with details of his life………….No one can sneak up on him later on with some thing he did in his pre-Idol days……..Good for him!
    I can only hope that my grandsons grow up with as much honesty and dignity as Adam Lambert…..a credit to his family and friends and Fans.

  34. brandy scoobydoo says:

    o my gosh!!!!! we know he’s gay and i think all of us here respect that for adam!!! i think too many people are making a big deal out of it. it’s not like he’s the only gay famous person. besides, adam is hot!!!! remember? i think we all love adam and whatever he does!!!!

  35. Tweeterpie says:

    I think the editor of “OUT” was way out of line. First of all, Adam is an entertainer (a singer & actor) and not a gay rights leader. He has been in the industry for over a decade and knows how tough it is to make it, yet he has found a way to be successful, while still being true to himself. The gay community doesn’t OWN Adam anymore than WE do. He’s his own person and that’s what most of us love about him so much (along with his amazing voice & beautiful face of course). The gay community should be grateful to Adam for showing the “Main Stream Media & Film/ Music Industry” that a gay or bi-sexual man can be seen as a universal sex symbol and leading man. Isn’t that what has held back so many gay actors from coming out of the closet? Their fear that they will be denied roles based on their sexual orientation? We expect straight actors to play homosexual parts so shouldn’t we expect the same in reverse. Isn’t that what acting is-ACTING)They claim they want equality, so that should mean that they want the same ability to market their image anyway THEY seem fit. If any actor is too overt in any “one image” it is going to limit his opportunities. For example, an actor who always does bad guy roles is going to get cast as a “bad guy” and not offered the leading part in a romantic comedy. The same is true in music and Adam has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t want to get marginalized or boxed into only one genre. He also likes to play dress up & he even likes to kiss women sometimes. Anyone who knows Adam has known that about him. That knowledge was “out” long before the Detail photo shoot, which just goes to show, that this editor guy doesn’t really know or understand Adam at all. The editor is guility of stereotyping Adam, assuming that every gay man is the same, which they are not! He wants Adam to fit what “he thinks” Adam’s image should be, not what “Adam thinks”. Adam’s a smart business man, as well as an amazing performer, and he knows exactly what he is doing. I predict he will have a long career ahead of him, as long as he follows his own instincts, and doesn’t allow the gay community to hijack it. I’m torn between buying the magazine to support Adam and boycotting it, in order to deny Out magazine the money from Adam’s fans. Actually I’ve just decided…I’m NOT going to buy the magazine, instead i’m going to write to the editor of Out explaining to him my reasons for not buying it. That’;s what we ALL should do. Bombard the jerk with letters showing our opposition to his RUDE & BIGOTTED editorial. Maybe we can get an open apology letter written to Adam to counter the open editorial.

  36. Helen/Canada says:

    Everyone should write their posts to letters@out.com
    They’re great!

  37. Here is my response.. I apologize, it is long….

    Dear Mr Hinklin,
    In the most recent issue of OUT, you wrote an editor about Adam Lambert stating in short that he wasn’t gay enough in your opinion.

    I, as a straight, married female, totally disagree and will explain (forgive the length, I am a writer myself).

    I never watched American Idol, find the whole idea ridiculous, until my darling friend David called up breathlessly and told me about this amazing singer named ‘Adam something or other.’

    It was obvious from the first time I saw him of his sexual orientation.

    Adam lost but of course came out finally and said what we all knew.

    And the gay community embraced him… for a moment.

    But some began the growling and snarling when he made comments that he has been attracted to women and then gnashing of the teeth about the Details magazine. Why didn’t he be with a man instead of a girl?

    I was in the newspaper business and I’m going to be blunt: get real. Advertising people would shit on themselves if you had two men kissing and naked in a magazine. It’s about money, and you know it.

    Your magazine caters to a mostly gay and lesbian audience. Would you be willing to put in an ad for a Christian church and bible quotes that damn gays? I bet not.

    So what is gay?

    Is it the boys who are at the clubs? Who go to the parades with queen nation and transvestites?

    Since Adam isn’t gay enough for you, I propose to you my friend Michael.

    Michael is in his mid 30s, handsome as hell, a highly successful businessman who luckily got married to his loving and much younger partner David two years ago when H8 was still in the fighting stage and they have three happy children.

    All picture perfect of what you would want ‘gay’ to be, I believe.

    But Michael is also a Asian, Republican and conservative. Call the lynch mob, indeed.

    Michael shrinks at the ‘gaydom’ that seems to be forced on him. Being someone who rarely did the bar scene and even rare screwed around, he gets tired of the whoreboys in bars representing him.

    Michael read your editorial and told me he was both amused and annoyed. “If Adam Lambert, with his flash, hair and make up, is not ‘gay enough,’ what would I be to out?” he mused with me. My reply is not fit for print.

    Adam represents Adam and Adam only. Got that? He doesn’t represent anyone else but him.

    He does not need to be put on a flag as “the gay guy in the music business who represents us.”

    Do the kid a favor, let him be himself. He’ll make mistakes, he’ll screw up and he’ll do stupid things.

    He’s not just gay. He’s human. And we’ll see his humanity more than a few times, I’m sure.

    And as a straight woman, I applaud that he HAS spoken out about being gay as part of him that he embraces and is comfortable with. The best line in the Rolling Stone article was that he was comfortable in his own skin.

    When I first saw the cover of his album, I shuddered. Of course, I hate disco and am old enough to remember it. But it’s grown on me.

    But I see your editorial as something more uncomfortable: if you do not fit into the stereotype, we will bash you for not being what we say we are.

    Isn’t it time to get gay out of the box? The cookie cutter flamer isn’t what gays need today. And sadly, do you not see that ‘the box’ was actually made by non gays?

    How often gay is represented by the media as cute white boy with the giggle in his voice as he talks about fashion with a wiggle in his hip?

    They need to be represented by a large, vast and sometimes terribly diverse crowd that is not represented by one race or one idea

    Like Michael and David. And yes, by Adam ‘what’s his face’ with an incredible voice and a love for eyeliner.

    If Adam is not gay enough for you, maybe you have to change your boundaries or accept that it’s not always going to fit in the box

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MONGOOSE………….In your third sentence down from the top, you say that Adam’s wexual preference was ‘obvious’ to you from day one. I find that interesting, since no one other than those who knew Adam or of his work, felt that way. it sure was NOT “OBVIOUS”, at all, in my opinion. And it IS MY opinion, of course!!

      • Lol. I think it was obvious but I have a lot of gay friends who were going “he’s OBVIOUSLY gay”
        My ‘gaydar’ is ok but I did ask David and Michael the infamous “do you think…” which got hysterical laughter and a YOU THINK reply. Indeed.
        REmember, I also came in about 5 or so weeks INTO AI. I didn’t watch it much, I work overnight so the only think I watched was on Youtube and only watched him and Danny

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MONGOOSE………..Are Michael and David experts like you? I don’t know who you are talking about. But, I will say, however, and I am not a professional writer, though I have written a lot in my many years on Planet Earth, and am intelligent and think I can decipher a gay man for a straight man most of the time. Of course, we’re all not always going to get it right every time. Barney Frank was an easy one, but they are not all that easy. Never entered my mind that the father on the Brady Bunch was gay, or that the husband on Bewitched was gay. Wasn’t surprised that on Rosie O’Donnel’s show the girl who played her sister was gay and so was the youngest daughter gay. I just think that when someone comes off with a certain kind of attitude, like they know more than everyone else, lol, that they are doing a disservice to a situation where all points of view are to be considered and respected, and not ‘mocked’ as if they do not know anything about gays. Mothers on this site feel that b/c they have a gay son or dau. that that gives them more credibility and expertise on the subject, which it does not as all gays, straights or bi people are not ‘cut’ from the same mold whatsoever. Right now in the gay community they are all beside themselves for some who see Adam as too gay and others se him as not gay enough, and still others see him as not to the point to where he definately knows for sure, as he said in the ‘OUT’ article. So, just sayin………………I firmly believe that there is no one on this site or any other site who really knows anything other than what they’ve been told. No one is the expert on Adam’s personal life. Not me and not you. And not anyone wlse. No offense, and I certainly lhope none is taken, I’m just giving my view on the matter of who knows what and when did they know it (channeling Congress)! hahaha!!!!!! There are a lot of gay men in the republican party in congress that’s for sure!

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Excellent! Bravo! I hope this is THE letter you sent. I’m pretty sure what you’re saying speaks for all of us…..

    • Mongoose – hi. This is a brillliant post. Thank you.

    • I watched Idol from the beginning of season 8. I loved Adam from his first audition. No, you couldnt tell me he was gay. Didnt look it, didnt act it, didnt talk it. I never had any inclination at all, when he gave his RS interview and those were his own words I was like, OK. I think a change is gonna come with Adam by the messages he is sending. He is so curious and wants
      to experience something new. Life is to short, go for it.

  38. By the way, folks, handlers have A LOT of control on what someone does or does not do. And a young star must lean heavily on their expertise.

    And they are not stupid. I dont’ think Adam hired some folks off a used car lot, they have a lot of experience with these type of things.

    You can not believe the amount of research and investigating that goes into career decisions by management. I’m sure there are other reasons than just being ‘too gay’

    In short, if they feel it’s not good for his career to go to the OUT 100, it may be for the best. And it may be based on past parties and past negative press gays who did go to them.

    And let’s be frank, he still has to ‘play in Peoria’ in some respect.

    I can tell you a few stories about OTHER magazine parties… but I someday want to work in the business again. lol

    OUT, like GMHC, seems to be more of extreme magazine leaning towards the far left and pushing their agenda.

    And agenda is not often just ‘gay marriage’

    And lets be frank, if he goes to the party, then he is saying to the world “I support what they stand for” on issues that can have

    I personally agree with his handlers. As a young star, it’s often career suicide to be on ANY extreme side of an issue.

    I am also old enough to remember when they supported ACT UP and DEFENDED when it came out that one ACT UPs members wanted to throw AIDS tanted blood on President Reagan.

    I also remember when OUT was totally against a lesbian who sued her partner for child/spousal support.

    OUTS position was that gays didn’t get married so they didn’t owe children ANY support that the ‘other mother’

    Look how far we’ve come….

    I do hope that Adam eloquently speaks on the subject in the next few interviews. Not turning it into a ‘Adam vs OUT’ but just his opinion of being the poster boy for gays.

    While he owes them nothing, he can make them look like idiots.

    And in a sick way, I’d be amused if he made them look like that. Hey, I could write him something to make them look bad. Wait, I’ve already done that. carry on. 😉

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MONGOOSE………………….Who cares about the agenda of “Out” mag???? We are on a bigger agenda, and they are not invited to the party!

      They have no credibililty even discussing Adam’s management, anyway. It is non of their business. I read where they sugar coated every word while in his presence, but when he left the room all talked about how much they ‘hated’ his HAIR!! What’s with that?? Jealousy on many people’s part I say. Man, to act like children and talk about his ‘hair’ after a heartfelt interview from Adam and that’s where their interests ended up??? Makes one think, doesn’t it? Pitiful and Petty!

      • Yes but the arrogance of magazines and media is often part of their charm. (written with a grin)
        You have to remember that those in the media feel THEY make the stars, not the stars or the management.
        And media folks are often of a cookie cutter themselves. Most are liberal, bias and arrogant.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MONGOOSE…………….Guess you are the expert, then? No need to post much. We can just wait to read what you have to say to understand all these complicated things.

          I still think that regardless of what the magazine and media think, they are not in charge of any artist, and part. not Adam. So they can think whatever they like. That doesn’t change things.

          Funny, no one that I talked to about Adam could believe he was gay, and I still don’t. He is not obvious about it at all. He was not gay before he turned 21, if you remember correctly. In h.s. he was a goody-two-shoes, and ran with that type of crowd. He did not announce that he was gay back then. Actually it was his parents, particularily his father who announcd “it’s officeal” to Adam’s mom that he thought because he was looking at some porno on the computer that he was definately gay, so they took him to a meeting to help him understand what they believed his sexual preference was, and told him that it was ok to be gay and encouraged him to seek out boys, not girls. No one in his h.s. ever thought he was gay, either. It aazes me that so many people think that he looked and acted gay as soon as they saw him. Very interesting. Then there are others, myself included, that don’t see it at all, except when he was singing with the gays in the business. So? To each their own thoughts!

  39. The editor “bit the hand that was feeding him” as far as I’m concerned. And you know what, it is management’s job to be concerned and careful about the steps Adam does or doesn’t take with representing his career. So what if Adam’s management was difficult — that is their job, dude!

    Seems to me that someone running a magazine would just accept this as a natural part of the business, not b*tch about it in public print – SO ungracious.

    Glamb #6

  40. Bellelinda says:

    Why is it that when I check the comments at the beginning of the day and then again at the end of the day I cannot find the original comments to see if any responses were made to them?

    • cheryl 334 says:

      BELINDA………..That is a problem. That’s why I post the name of who I am commenting to, if it is someone special, then I can look to find a response easier. But, I agree with you. I don’t understnd how posts get rearranged in certain ways at times and not left a reply below the comment one is replying to! Need help!

  41. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM TWEETED his feelings to the magazine. He put them in their/his/her place!


    • Cheryl, what did it say, please, i.e. his tweet!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        INGRID………….I’m going to do this strictly from memory, but this is the jest of it. He said; It is not that deep. Chill. to the guy who dissed him. Then continuing his tweet, said, for the mag to stop using him for their issues, and to print no more unless they have a ‘conversation’. But this is not totally accurate! Go to twitter and click on Adam, or go to MJsBlog, or to Gossipocandy, or Google it. It is really all over and we fans got some credit for pouncing on anyone who tried to ‘diss’ Adam. So, I think that is cool! Yeah, we won’t stand by and ignore it when someone says mean and rude and ignorant things abour our Adam! We won’t stand for it! So, we are recognized as a power to be reckoned with in the print media, when it comes to Adam!! They got that damn right! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMwah! Ingrid!

        • Cheryl, let me first say that you and MadBert have come a looooooon way! Thanks my friend. I also read Planet Fierce’s response and what a contrast in editorial competence. Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmwah … now for some work!

  42. I think I’ll repeat my reply to a bunch of us who are e-mailing each other:


    After getting a stellar interview from Adam, full of truth and candor, the a**hole editor writes the above, crappy letter (see link above). F**k Out Magazine, I say.

  43. Jeanette, First of all, thank you for letting all of us know about the article in OUT magazine.
    You let us know about something that if you pardon the pun was “Out” there regarding Adam that you perceived as being negative and unjustifiable and then you asked the rest of us what we thought.

    Thank you for not only expressing how you feel about an article that is in my opinion extremely immature, hypocritical and irresponsible journalism but also for inviting us to express our opinions as well. That’s one of the truly magnificent things about this fan site, the intelligent and the light-hearted topics that are presented for discussion.
    As for Mr. Hinklin, he needs to realize that just because someone agrees to be interviewed in his magazine he does not own that person or their thoughts or feelings.

    I find it ironic that on the one hand he criticizes Adam for not standing up to his management team but yet he assumes that this is so. What it boils down to is that he is piss**ed that Adam didn’t meet his personal expectations by conforming to his desire for Adam to jump on his (Hinklins) bandwagon.

    Where is it written that Adam or any other celebrity gay or straight has to meet our expectations.

    People who are in the media because of their celebrity status are forever being put on pedestals and then summarily knocked down because they “fail” to conform to the public or a reporter’s desires or expectations.

    Adam is not only an amazingly talented singer and entertainer, he is his own person. I love his honesty and the fact that he marches to his own drum. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight, bi is gay on Tuesday, straight on alternates Mondays a monk on the weekends whatever. For one thing, it’s none of my business but also what the hell doe sit have to do with what really matters, that heis incredibly gifted, refreshingly open and honest and he is so much more than a cardboard persona that Hinlkin would want him to be. If Hinklin wants his subjects to be putty in his hands maybe he needs to just use fictional characters that he can create and then interview. I don’t think he can handle interviewing a real person that seems to be not in his makeup.
    \ Good for you Adam, we love you and acknowledge the fact that you aren’t about to let an idiot ruffle your feathers. Oh and as for Adam being a slave to his management label etc. That’s a bunch of crap too. He has consistently demonstrated an innate sense of good judgment. I love the fact that he is able to deftly field questions that are ridiculous while answering salient questions in a forthright and often humorous and always charming manner. Few people can handle interviews so well especially y when they are his age. All right I’ll shut up for now, I’ll give others the chance to point out why Hinklin will no doubt ” go down” on himself – LOL! as one dumb a*s** editor and spokesperson for the Gay Community.

    Btw loved reading others comments about this as well.

    Many Blessings to all of you,


  44. wow, all these opinions… anyway i really liked the interview… both parts – Adam as usual is refreshingly honest and very endearing=) i’d rather not think about the editor. no need for wrinkles… no sirree

  45. Choke…

    ROFL…. I hate huffingtonpost but I love this.


  46. adam just tweeted – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-vogel/an-open-letter-to-adam-la_b_361733.html and i totally agree with him. it’s hilarious! =]

    • Yeah,I do read it!!Jeanette should post this one.He’s one of us!LOL!!Very funny!And Adam fight back in twitter.Aaron jerk,you get that,JERK?~puke~

  47. Theres a pict from the 24 hr site that is a pict from Details mag that is the perfect response to OUT, Adam giving them the finger!!!

  48. Glambs, I hope that your responses to the letter are accepted and posted. Mine wasn’t – interesting!

    By the way, I have’nt seen any posts from Lorrin. She would have had a field day with this one!