OUT is Coming!


OUT magazine will feature Adam on the cover of their “Out 100″ issue along with other nominees. The issue will also contain an interview with Adam. This will be the December issue, which will most likely hit stands in the next week or so. I checked my local Barnes & Noble today, and they didn’t have it yet. But here’s a sneak peek at the photos:




Here is the link to the article.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. You do such a great job keeping us informed about Adam Lambert. I know that if I am too busy & miss something that your “tweets” will keep me posted. Thanks!

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  2. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    OMG!! HE’s AWESOME!!! LOve the pics the MAN is everyfreakin’where!!! AGGhhh!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      That’s right, the person “who made our year”, ADAM LAMBERT!

      • I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for my album. I loved him from the first time he stepped on stage. Told my husband and kids [ I’m a freakin’ 65yo] FINALLY we have the next super star!!!!!!!!!!! At 13 I loved Elvis, then Bowie, Prince and MJ. Saw him @ Auborn Hills, Mich. I love his music and I like it LOUD! lol

        • Hi Linda,

          I’m 63 and think Adam is the sexiest creature on two legs. He always makes me smile really big and hoot and holler! What a man! No hormones needed here.


  3. Thanks again Jeanette you are thebest, as always I can spend ages on this site and know if I come straight here I will miss nothing. I love reading all our regulars comments and love to see new names posting comments , just over a wek to go now, I think we will get oue cd within a day or two of the 23rd. Dianne will be banging on their door before opening on that day.


  4. One of the Vancouver ladies said Amazon told her her ‘package’ would arrive around the first of Dec. Durn!! That might mean me too. Oh well, three cd’s will arrive sometime.

    I still want to try to track down the deluxe album but so far we cannot order.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Why o why is ADAM so teasingly beautiful? Must he look at us like that? Must he dance like that(AI concerts)? Must he sing like that? Must he love like that? Why o why? Must he, be, just he?

    • I got a notice from Amazon saying that mine would be here 11/23…. UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends.

  5. Ok my heart just dropped WOW Thanks for keeping us up to date. Adam is Beautiful sexy love the pouting look pic. What a Year is Right

  6. Hi Jeanette, thanks for posting the pictures, lOVE THEM, I read his comments on photo 3, I so proud of Adam for standing by his beliefs and for been true to himself, this man is brave, love him.


  7. Thank you for all the hard work…2 more mags to add to my collection.

  8. is so true.if i lose fans.f**k it i have to be happy too. awww adam I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY .only true fans will stick with you through anything(:

  9. If you can , would someone make the interview available, the mags hes in are hard to find>

  10. puteri abdul says:

    I luv, luv, luv the brooding image potrayed in these photos ..
    I do not know how to put it in word but it’s just when you look at the photos, it looks like so much is lingering in his mind, the past, the present , the future, so much that you just want to sink it all with him , to be in his thoughts , to hold in, in all that moment of silence ..
    beautiful ..

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      You are so right Puteri, How one would like to know what he is really thinking, felling in these moments.

      So beautiful in these brooding images…

  11. You said it Liz…..only the true fans will stick through anything. I just read the recent Rolling Stone Interview. Adam comments about Gene Simmons of Kiss. Will we need to get our glamming-gloves on?

    Link to article:

    • Yes, this gives us again more insight, new angles. The dynamcis of Adam as a person and a artist just keeps us on our toes. For me it is: How am I leading me own life? Am I this brave? Am this I honest. Am I this accepting of others?
      His says it is not all that deep, he is just having fun.
      Come on Adam, you are walking the talk and blazing the trail. You are changing peoples lives because you have changed your own Life. I transformed myself when I was your age, I went through another transformation when I became a Nia teacher in my late forties, now I know I still have more to learn, that I need to stop standing in my own way.
      Thank you for being my teacher and I am glad you are having so much Fun while doing it!

  12. What do I have to do to get the right info? I bought the November issue of ELLE and couldn’t find one single photo of Adam. RIPPED OFF!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Andi, it is the December issue of Elle that has Adam in it – as far as I know.

      • AdamAddict says:

        LOL,it is December issue.I know it’s confusing,right?I asked again and again if she say it wrong.How they can sell December issue when December haven’t come yet?November issue sells more coz many confused with December issue.The cover should be Sarah jessica Parker,andi!But it is disappointed when they only give one page for Adam. 🙁

        For Out magazine, it is easier to find.LOL!Adam looks so dashing!He can be Dior Hommes cologne model,baby!!He looks so fresh!I want to smell him.LOL.”The people who made our year” Yup,they better put our guy there!LOL!I love the FUCKING article.Adam is FUCKING brilliant.This FUCKING magazine is better that that FUCKING ELLE magazine.They didn’t promote like ELLE did but Adam is on the FUCKING cover and more 1 page for our Adam.FUCK,Adam look so pretty in tux!FUCK,we all need to buy book shelf just to put Adam’s magazine coz this FUCKING Out magazine surely won’t be the last magazine!But why all this magazine didn’t send all over country?Didn’t they FUCKING know that Adam has fans all world wide?FUCK them!!All right,Adam make the FUCK word really FUCKING funny and FUCKING sexy at the same time!!FUCKING Cool!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Girl! I’m gonna do to you what my momma did to me when I was 5, and I called my brother a “bitch”, WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT W/ SOAP!!!! LOL!!!
          I got my Elle, but no OUT.
          Where’s your momma ? I wanna talk to her!

          • AdamAddict says:

            If you read the article,Adam use the F word a lot.So,I just copy him.LOL!!Do you want to talk to Adam’s momma also??!! 😛
            The best part is “If I lose some fans,FUCK it!I need to be happy too” Yes,That’s our Adam!Fuck them!!LOL!!Can I pick my own soap,Kimber?LOL

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              F U C K N O !!!!!!

              • Ok you two, AA and Kimber. The Fuck wars……….. Adam and his words.
                He is one cool dude so honest and open and hot written all over his sexy body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Jane Parker says:

                  You all crack me up. This thread needs to be on the comedy channel.
                  You, Emili, need to be on the comedy channel. You just make me smile and feel good every day!!

                  THANK YOU!!!

            • AA, hahah, I want to use the F word in a sentence that would be something like….. Adam I want you to ………… but then he wouldnt have made it in this magazine……………probably..

  13. Lisa Smith says:

    OMG I loooove these pics!! & the article is going to be so interesting!! Can’t wait to buy it!

  14. OMG…he is so freaking gorgeous!! DAMN *swoon*…ok, so that will be the first gay mag I buy! LOL!!

  15. Gosh, he looks good in those photos (when does he not look good! !!) Hope my “nice man” in Borders phones me if any magazines with articles of Adam arrive……he promised me he would. But, of course, I pop in there every week….just in case!!!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  16. man, i wish i could read those tiny words. oh well i can always buy it. love brandy (USA)

  17. I loved this article too. The openness and honesty of Adam is one of his most endearing traits. It is also the one thing that will continue to draw criticism from those who are always looking for something, anything to give them a reason to strike. Adam will most certainly turn some people off, (while turning the rest of us on, Ha! Ha!), and I hope he never changes. To have someone willing to be so truthful is a joy and the world needs many more like him.

  18. Yeah, we’re probably gonna hear from those along the way that cannot tell between “unafraid” and “bitter”. Especially with the pictures showing him looking a little “broody”. I cannot fathom the pressure he must be under this month between the album, the single, the AMA’s, the photo shoots. We have to keep sending him our love to help him through all this. Cause it’s just beginning. Remember how that awards show catapulted Ricky Martin several years ago? But anyway, here’s an opportunity to jump ahead of ourselves…Who should Adam take to the Oscar’s when he’s nominated for Best Song? Hmmmmmm…..

    • Shit ,Glamb #120 ?, ME!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      ME too!

      • AdamAddict says:

        F*** both of you!Adam will take this b****!!LOL!!Imma so sorry Mary and Kimber! The F word not so funny when I want to use it to you guys!!No,I take that F word back.Only funny making sentences not calling names.Imma sorry!!

        Ok,here’s the deal.Mary will be on Adam right side.Kimber will be left.I just sit on his shoulder.How that’s sound my beautiful smoking sexy friends?? 😀

        • AA, LOL me on right?, kimber on left? I thought for sure you’d wanna be on his treasure,hahahah. Second thought, you can have the right side, I’ll take his treasure……………..Now, how’s that sound you two???

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hell, let Terry on his left side,AA on his right side, Mary C on his treasure , & I ,ME, on his tongue!!! YEA!!!!

            • KIM…. your going to be in trouble with DIANNE for wanting ADAMS tongue… I’d hide if I were you…

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Sorry Dianne, don’t know how to hide my feelings for ADAM!!! LOL!!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Mary C,U want to be in his pants?So,just your head that coming out?What U think Adam is?Momma’s kangaroo??LOL 😛

                  • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                    ADAM can be my DADDY!

                  • AdamAddict, LMAO! in his pants, on top of his pants, Ima not gonna be picky in this situation.
                    We’ll just let nature takes its course once it all gets started……………..LOL

                    • Ladies,Ladies!!

                      Slow down…one on his left, one on his right, one on the tongue and one on his pants!!! Well, I just want to thank you ALL for warming him up for me…a little foreplay before I bring out the Champange for me and Adam, so we can get into a “heated” discussion about “oral” sex (to use his words)….and who knows what the future holds? There’s a first time for everything!!

                      Did I just say this OUT LOUD!!??? Someone pinch me hard and snap me out of it before I hurt myself..LOL

                      Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

  19. Thanks for posting, another one to grab at the mag stand. Gorgeous as always!

  20. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    I saw this a few days ago and all I can say right now is…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MORE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!! 😉

  21. What an amazing interview!! They are getting better and better, and I believe it’s because as they get to know Adam, they can up the ante in their questions and get the best out of him. He is just so eloquent, I love it! He has put the spotlight on his innermost feelings and values.

    The comments are excellent also! Here is my fave partial quote:

    “Welcome to the only male transformative pop/rock singer on the world stage.” and one other comment had words to the same effect.

  22. AllaboutAdam says:

    Randon thoughts: …LOVED the “OUT” interview…. Adam never ceases to be interesting, and I think it’s because of his blatant honesty – it’s refreshing – he’s not afraid to be vulnerable, and that, right there, is THE SEXIEST thing about him, in my opinion. He’s simply incredible – and if I could say ONE THING to him in person it’s “Yeah, Adam, I GET IT.” I totally agree with his statements about his sexuality: about not being labeled, and having “gay” be just something else about him that he happens to be – NOT the big issue that people (straight AND gay) try and make it… i love that he’s open to anything, and that his head is in the right place regarding his fame… he may be THE SINGLE MOST HONEST and down-to-earth person to ever hit the pages/screen in the media, not to mention being highly intelligient, with a business savvy that will take him to the very top. You GO Adam! THANK YOU for being brave, loving, kind, smart as hell, sensitive, sexy, honest, vulnerable and most fo all, for having integrity. These are qualities that few possess (and I’ve been around a long time – looking for them, believe me!) As they get to know him better I hope everyone becomes open to his music and his genuineness – and let people learn from Adam’s example – he has that rare quality of being inspirational just by BEING.

    • AllaboutAdam,

      Very well stated! You are quite observant and I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments. My only wish, for Adam, is that more and more people “GET IT” and allow him to shine in his own distictive way. May he never have to bend to appease those who (sadly), don’t get it.

      Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb #488)


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