Our World Idol – Part 2

Here’s the second part of the wonderful interview by Ruben V. Nepales of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

LOS ANGELES — “THE world of rock has a bright new star.”

Queen guitarist Brian May wrote those words in his blog after hearing Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles,” the theme song from director Roland Emmerich’s disaster film epic “2012.” When we asked Adam to comment on Brian’s effusive praise, the “AI” standout couldn’t hide his thrill. “It’s such an honor,” Adam said. “Brian May is part of one of the best bands out there ever…To have him give his stamp of approval meant a lot to me.”

Here’s part two of our interview excerpts with Adam, who grew up in San Diego, home to a large Filipino community. That could only mean rock’s new star has Pinoy friends so yes, he craves our food every now and then.

Was there positive reaction from fans when you admitted being gay?

I was a little nervous coming out. But I had to do it because there was so much speculation. I didn’t want to go through the rest of my career with people constantly trying to figure out what I’m about and getting into my personal life, so I just figured I’d crack it wide open. Now we can just get past it and make some music.

Would you sacrifice your trademark look for a movie role?

As long as the role is good, it doesn’t matter if I have to take off my eyeliner and nail polish.

What are the things you’re still struggling with?

Remaining levelheaded and grounded is a slight struggle but I’m doing good. Dealing with the lack of anonymity is a new adjustment but it’s worth it. I’m getting all I ever wanted so if I can’t go to the grocery store without being recognized, it’s a small price to pay.

Have your friends and family already said, “Come down,” or something?

No, they’ve actually been kind of affirming that I am staying that way—it helps to hear, “Good for you for staying on two feet, Adam.” I am like, “Thanks guys. If I ever start going up into the clouds too much, pull me down please.”

Can you look back on your first “Idol” audition?

That probably was the most nervous I was throughout the entire process. My heart was beating so fast. I was just trying to stay cool…Paula was really sweet and I kind of knew what to expect, but the minute Simon and Randy said they had their doubts, I thought, “Okay, this is your moment; fight for it.” I opened my mouth and said, “Come on, give me a chance.”

Have you seen “This Is It”? How influential was Michael Jackson to you as an artist?

That movie is fascinating. I was satisfied to see how he contributed to the creative process…doing choreography and musical arrangements…If something was not right, he went, “No, no, no, no,” because he just didn’t feel it.

Despite your admission in that Rolling Stone article, women are still attracted to you.

Maybe it feels safe for them. Maybe they feel like, “Okay, well, I can fantasize about this guy but I don’t have to worry about my husband being mad about it.” Maybe there’s a safety there because I’m not available for that sex.

Who were your musical idols when you were younger?

Definitely, Freddie Mercury…I discovered the music of the ’70s a little later though. I grew up with Michael Jackson, Madonna, the big pop stars of the ’80s and ’90s. Later, in my 20s, I got into the whole Summer of Love era, that whole movement in San Francisco. I got into Jimi (Hendrix), Janis (Joplin) and the Beatles, and then Led Zeppelin and Queen. I loved T. Rex and Sweet, Gary Glitter and Bowie.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. AdamAddict says:

    OH THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS.I’ve been waiting for the 2nd part. I love this interview.Always love how he answers!He saids he was nervous coming out at first.Awww,poor him!If he right in front of me and admit he’s gay,I say thank you for being straight!!I mean straight like straight to me,being honest not eerrr,yeah,ok U got the point!LOL!Maybe what he says is true,that husbands don’t mind their wives love Adam so much coz they know that their wives won’t get a chance….well not like they have a chance if Adam is straight,DUH!!U know what Imma saying!LOL!

    Imma so glad that Adam answer back to them during audition.Oh love that audition.”I can sang”Too cute!He sang 2 songs and I can tell Simon already love this guy!Sparkling star!!Imma so happy he has wonderful parents and friends who can help to pull him back if he going up to the cloud too much….I think what he trying to say is he would like to act in “Walk in the clouds 2” Keanu Reeves need to back off!!No,just kidding,I know exactly what he’s saying.He meant he a huge fan of Care Bears who lived in the clouds so he afraid he can’t resist to live with them.LOL!!OMG,I think I have sugar rush,I need to drop this Toblerone…after one more….maybe two!! 😛

    • Emili, you’re so funny! Adam—being lured into the clouds by the Care Bears. hahaha

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Emili, sweetheart, are you sure you are not living in the clouds too? I know Adam has that effect on us. Care Bears??? Oh I just love it so much, you have me giggling all the time and that is definitely what I need this afternoon. Cheers and hugs to you.

  2. Good article. Adam nervous about coming out and first audition, heart beating fast. See, he is human. So glad he has so many good friends and family to share the love with him!
    Wish him the best always.

  3. Love this article, so glad that Adam spoke up, we might not have heard of him, what a terrible thought, never to know Adam’s charm, his amazing voice. I can’t think of what I would have being doing these past months if I hadn’t became involved with Adam, nothing important, I am sure! Love,love,love “OUR GUY”

  4. Silvana/Argentina says:

    It’s always wonderful to read a good interview of Adam He is amazing, so honest, so open. For us he looks so confident always, but is good to know that sometimes he too is nervous.
    How much I love this guy!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I know, as all of you. But is great to know that he exists. The world would not be the same without him. How proud must be his parents!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jeanette,

    thanks for the second part of this interview….ADAM is just toooooooooo adorable !!! Don’t you just love him….honest, straight-forward, nervous at his audition….but he DID fight for it !!! THANK GOD !!!

    Can’t wait to see him in a MOVIE ON THE BIG SCREEN….DOING ANYTHING !!!! OMG, OMG, OMG !!!

  6. He’s a real world wide star! Today I found a brazilian fan club. It’s good to find other glambs in my country. Check it out!


    Cheers from Brazil!


    • Ola, IV and welcome. Glad to see Brazil loves Adam also.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Love the Brazilian site IV, just been to have a little visit, actually got to watch Question of the Day, one that I haven’t seen and Adam was actually talking for about 1.29(ish) about advice for new artists, very articulate as ever.

      Everytime I try to go to the AO site the thing comes up to buy Adam’s album or single and I can’t get rid of the bloody thing. I can’t buy it seeing as I am not in America and all I want to do is go to the video section and watch the Question of The Day, but haven’t been able to because of the stupid box thing that keeps appearing and WON’T DISAPPEAR. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

      • Rvillarreal says:

        Hey Dianne, all you have to do is click the “X” on the top right hand side and the box will disapper.

    • Fabulous! Adam is indeed a World-wide Star! Great to see this but I hope you still come back here often to visit us on the Glamb site, IV!

      Glamb #20

      • This site is a MUST every day for me! Don’t worry Jane, I just wanted to show that brazilian site for you to see that Adam is REALLY a world wide star!

        Leaving the glambs … never!


  7. This may have been posted elsewhere but it’s a very good interview, yet again, with Adam being his charming bright self… aaahhh how many performers do we know who can use the word “metaphorical”?


    • Terry, we’re on the same wavelength again – I just posted this.

      • OMG ! How could she have manage the interview without fainting ! Those incredible eyes focused on you, the handshake….OMG! ! I bet without those notes, she could only say HI Adam ! & Nice to meet you Adam ! And a light kiss on both cheeks…..Ahh Too Much !

  8. Is it just me or can any of you see Adam in remakes of “Grease or Saturday night fever”? The leather jacket and tight jeans.The white suit and the dancing.I think he would look spectacular.Not that he doesn’t now.But with his hair like it was in Details mag.I have to keep the book under other books other wise it’s to distracting.I just can’t stop looking at it.WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Fantastic idea Toni and before long we would be saying John Travolta who? Oooooh can you just imagine him in Grease, all in black, oh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy. And dancing up a song in Saturday Night Fever dressed all in white, oh sssssssssooooooooooooooo sexy AGAIN. Well, when is he not sexy – um that would be NEVER.

    • Our Adam will soon be able to write his own ticket to a lot of different shows! I do like the idea of Grease or Saturday Night Fever but what about the MC in a remake of Cabaret? Or as Billy Flynn in Chicago? I had previously mentioned the male lead in Kiss of The Spider Woman which some producers were thinking of for Adam just before AI. It’s all very exciting!!!!!!

      Glamb #20

  9. leilani aloha says:

    Adam’s simply adorable & born to ” entertain”
    Adam’s a star!!!

  10. I thought of another movie.How about “Dirty Dancing”?WOW