Our World Idol – Part 1

We know that Adam has been getting some great press in the U.S. from the likes of Ann Powers, Lyndsey Parker, etc., but just imagine the delight of many of our International Glambs when articles like the one below surface. This lovely in-depth article is from the Phillippine Daily Inquirer by Roben V. Nepales (Part 1 of 2) and is continuing proof that Adam is indeed our “World Idol.”

LOS ANGELES—“I did this myself, yeah,” Adam Lambert said with a smile, amused at a female reporter’s question on who dressed him up or styled him today. “This is out of my own closet. I like clothes so …”

“This” is his version of glam rock—pinstriped jacket, T-shirt with Marilyn Monroe’s image, skinny jeans and silver boots. The look is completed by his trademark dark eyeliner ringing those blue eyes, spiky hair, black nails and striking rings on each hand.

Mix those elements with his chiseled facial features and an incredible singing voice—and wonder no more why women fling their underwear at him onstage even though he’s admittedly gay.

Beyond these physical attributes, the “American Idol” runner-up is remarkably grounded and sensible. Very confident and articulate as well, the 27-year-old singer gave a very moving comment when a reporter told him that he must have wonderful parents.

“I do have great parents,” he said. “My father is teacher-oriented. He was very much guiding me through. I always felt weird and kind of out of place. I remember my father from my early age going, ‘It’s okay. When you’re older, everybody is going to want to be your friend, trust me. The weird ones are the ones that everybody wants to be like when they’re older.’ I really enjoyed hearing that as a kid. He gave me a little tip. He was like, ‘Hold on, just hold on. It will all work out. It will all fall into place. People will understand you later.’ So that gave me a lot of confidence, being like a strange kid. And my mom is just as supportive.”

It’s all working out for the “strange kid,” probably way beyond what his father had imagined. Adam’s much-awaited album, “For Your Entertainment,” comes out on Nov. 23. He gets to sing the theme song of “2012,” the apocalyptic movie of epic proportions. Titled “Time For Miracles,” the song was composed by Alain Johannes and the late Natasha Shneider for the movie that stars John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Interviewed by my wife Janet for TV, Adam disclosed that he has Filipino friends so he rattled off the Pinoy food that he loves: “pancit, adobo and lumpia.” Told that “American Idol” alumni David Cook and David Archuleta have been to the Philippines, Adam said that he wants to visit the country, too. He offered a message of hope to Filipinos affected by the recent spate of storms, according to Janet.

Below are excerpts from our interview with Adam.

Can you talk about your journey from “AI” to this point?

It’s been pretty wild because I didn’t think I would get as far as “Idol” at all. Every week that I got through, I was like, really, they voted for me again? So each time I thanked my lucky stars and just did what I do. I just didn’t expect all the support that I’ve been getting and it’s been really amazing, very flattering and very exciting because I’ve been working towards this type of career the 10 years that I’ve lived in Los Angeles. I’ve been working toward this so I feel like it’s all added up into this moment.

And this moment includes the release of your album and you singing the theme song from “2012.”

Yeah, as soon as “Idol” ended, I was busy that month, already working on my album, with different producers, doing writing sessions and then the opportunity came up for the “2012” song. Alain and Natasha’s demo for it was this beautiful melody, just a beautiful acoustic kind of rock feel and then with (producer) Rob Cavallo, we made it like an epic kind of rock power ballad that I’m very proud of.

“For Your Entertainment” is the first single off the album. It’s a lot different from “Time for Miracles.” What’s great about “Time …” is that it has a kind of classic rock power ballad feel. It appeals to all ages. It goes full on like Zeppelin or Queen rock toward the end but starts out with a beautiful melody. It does what some of those great classic rock ballads do. I’m really happy with it. As for the single “For Your Entertainment,” we wanted to release something that was dance club ready. I wanted to get people dancing, drinking to it and shaking and feeling kind of sexy.

Is acting also in your future?

I hope so, yeah. It is something that I’ve done a lot over the past eight or 10 years. If the opportunity came up and it was the right thing, I would love to be a part of a film. Right now, I am going to try to work on the album first. One thing at a time, right (laughing).

Talk about your androgynous look.

Even on “Idol,” I wear my eyeliner and my black clothes, my little rocker outfits. That’s just how I’ve always dressed over the past couple of years. You can label it however you want—androgynous, glam, emo, Goth. We can put a bunch of different labels on it but I’m just being myself. I like to pretty it up like all the good rock stars do. Mick Jagger and David Bowie did it and I’m like trying to do it now (laughter).

What can you say about your female following?

The female following is really flattering, with underwear flying up on stage (laughter). I never really expected that to happen but I’m enjoying it. It’s very flattering and I like the attention (laughter).

Five million people are probably trying to give you directions about your career. How do you know what’s the next step you should take?

I don’t think anybody ever knows the next step. I think “Idol” was a great microcosm for the way that this could work from here on. I was given the opportunity and what was so great about “Idol” is because it’s a contest. They help you where you need help. But they really put it in your hands which made it really exciting for me because I had to pick the song, what I was wearing, what my staging looked like, what the arrangement was, and obviously there were professionals in each of those fields who went and offered their advice and they were like, “I think you should do this. What do you think?” And it was all teamwork in a way. I think that was like a great way to experiment with how I would be received. Okay, this week I’m going to be crazy, over the top with my eye makeup on and screaming and wailing at the top of my lungs.

On the album, you went to many different ways …

I did. I went four or five different ways all on the same album. That’s what I decided after “Idol.” I was like, okay, I have all this classic rock that I’ve done. I got a lot of credibility from that but I also perform “Mad World” which is like a New Romantic, New Wave haunting ballad thing. I did a disco song and I did a bunch of different types of music.

I wanted to figure out a way to do an album that had cohesion to it but that was kind of a variety of different directions, just like what my experience was on “Idol.” I think we did it.

As far as your question on what to do now, I’m trying to keep following my instincts. Luckily, my team that I work with both at 19 and RCA have been really great with backing me and asking me like, well, “what do you want to do?” They’ve been very supportive. Maybe more so than people will think. It’s not as Svengali puppet master as people commonly think the “Idol” experience is. It’s actually been the opposite.

Can you talk about some memorable moments that have happened to you so far?

I remember that finale getting ready for the Kiss performance which was actually really funny. Black Eyed Peas were onstage and I love Black Eyed Peas. I love pop music as well as rock music and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas walked in. I was getting rhinestones glued onto my eyes at a backstage makeup mirror. She just wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big squeeze. She was going, “I just love you.”

I turned around and I was like, “No, I love you! (laughter) …” And then she said, “Look at your outfit, wow, you know (laughter). Is that thing painted on?” So it was great moment, just that kind of exchange. It gave me a lot of confidence going out there in my glitter platforms, thinking that Fergie thought I was cool. That felt good (laughing).

After you said in that Rolling Stone interview that you are gay, was there negative reaction from the fans?

Yeah. I mean, I’m sure. I tried not to pay attention to the negative reaction because that’s a waste of my energy. There were a couple of people who felt turned off by that. Quite frankly, if my sexuality is enough to deter you from the art that I’m creating, then you probably shouldn’t be my fan, anyway, because I’m looking to create fun music that’s entertaining and sometimes makes you want to dance. Some of the album tracks are emotional and very vulnerable. If you can’t get past that, then you’re probably not going to enjoy the music anyway, so to each his own.

You can find the interview here.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Glambertcraze says:

    Every time this man opens his mouth I just love him more.
    He is truly the guy next door making it BIG.
    I hope his father read this article, I am sure it would make his life, not just his day.

    • eventful.com/ryanrockmytown Have u seen this!!! Ryan Seacrest contest to have Adam in your town for a concert!!!! GO VOTE!!!!


    • I just love him more too. I love to hear any interview with him, the way he talks, expresses himself, I mean who else can do it as well as he does and still be true to yourself? NOONE but ADAM LAMBERT!

    • he’s almost painful to look at, he’s sooo cool, hope this ama thing doesn’t hurt him, he deserves the best

  2. Exactly ! Adam ‘to each his own’ -no manipulation, no whining, no complainin, no blaming, no excuses. just -‘to each his own” and Adam moves on. Another lesson in enlightment, without preaching or giving a sermon-just being Adam himself.

  3. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    ADAM has always had that beautiful voice, can’t imagine why he would be the weird one.

  4. I read this article this morning, just found it browsing the internet for Adam “stuff.” I swear, there are times he has me close to tears, at the same time I am smiling, by just being himself. I have grown children, so I know how his parents must feel about the son they raised. To see him voice his appreciation for their “job well done” is so much who he is. The maturity, the acceptance that life is not always fair or easy, the sense of humor about himself and the world, all of these things combine to make him totally irresistable, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He never casts blame or ridicule, not at Gene Simmons after his comments, not at AT&T after the finale revelations, not at anyone who makes negative comments about him and his music. He truly is a flower child in the best sense of that word. His response to most things is love and acceptance, with a little evil wink and a smirk sometimes, but always with joy in his heart for who and where he is. He deserves our undying love and admiration !
    I can’t wait for part II of the article…….

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Carrie, so well said. I have tears in my eyes reading your post. You captured everything that Adam is! Wonderful!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Carrie i enjoyed reading your post very much thank you. ADAM is truly a gift to this world, a very special gift. He does deserve all love and goodness coming to him. Appreciate your words.

    • I’m with you Carrie. I can’t wait for the next part of this article. I cannot get enough of Adam, whether it is an interview, a picture, performance, all Adam is exciting.

    • To bare your soul to the world invokes risk, risks can leave one feeling vulnerable at times, ADAM is a risk taker and how grateful we are that he took that risk. He’s perhaps the most articulate and appropriately honest man who has opened his heart up to the world. The repsonse to that ” weird kid” as he refers to himself ( while growing up) has painstakingly paid off. He is adored by so many and perhaps he has acquired more friends/ fans and followers than he ever imagined. Aways a kind word, forever a humbling presence; perhaps the most intellectual, grounded, gifted, artist to grace the stage with his presence. ACtually, he OWNS the stage. His music is created from the depths of his soul which is beautiful and adoring. Created only from the evident love his parents were blessed with. A father who encouraged his son’s ” culturally diverse theatrical & entertaining strength” speaks eloquently to the depths of character so prominently evident in all his interviews. Adam, we love you and continue to take pride in watching you SOAR to the top. We are enjoying the ride and now that Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce is here..” For Our Entertainment”. For that, we are blessed by one “Glamangel”. Glitter Struck and mesmerized, by your hypnotic and captivating spirit.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCvXi3GK7xw

    Some new never seen pics of ADAM

    • summer, you’re bringing some good stuff in girl. Always did love Adam singing “Cryin” I wanna be layin on the couch with him and at the :45 mark, OMG the AdamBulge. Whoa, whoa,
      whoa. When I see pics of him like when he was wearing the black jeans and the black legends Tshirt, that reminds me of his true size, which is on the tall and slim side.
      Great video!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Mary C! That pic of the “bulge”, it could be, but the way the light was hitting it , it could’ve been that he was full and needed to be relieved. Yikes! Always loved pics of ADAM looking at himself in the mirror, I have that one on my phone. It’s just a beautiful moment , a moment of just him looking at himself and I wonder what he is thinking. And the pic of ADAM & Kris on stage doing a soundcheck, loved that pic but w/o Kris. Then the one of him performing w/ his jacket on, from behind, so PERFECT!!!!

      • Mary C I am right behind you pushing you outta the way so I can HAVE that moment of Adam singing that song to me while I gaze upon his gorgeous face as he leans down to ……….wake up! LOL 😉

      • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

        Thanks for posting that link! Pics are SOooooo ADAMalicious!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks for the video Summer, You got me crying here. ADAM is… Love!

    • OMG!!!! ADAM is sooooo gorgeous…..how many times have I said that or willl say it again!
      He looked darling with the cap on in the interview….and also the rest of the videos! He is so sweet and gracious, and you can tell he loves and appreciates his fans!

  6. Adam our World Idol. Wow, you’ve come a long way baby! From American to World in such a short time. We knew when we laid eyes on him he was destined to be the Super Star he longed to be.
    “Hold on Adam everybody will want to be your friend, boy do we? It all fell into place, just like he was told. Dreams do come true. The Lambert Way. I’m so glad RCA & 19 are being so supportive of Adam and letting him do things his way. Cant wait to have his CD in my hands to play and listen to his fun, emotional, vulnerable, dancey music! He had support on AI, on his album and now I fully support him. Rock On Adam!

  7. He has such a beautiful, open mind. I absolutely LOVE that about him! There’s nothing weird about Adam – he is just ONE GORGEOUS MAN!

  8. Jeanette, Thanks for bringing this here for discussion, because I think it is a very important
    interview, cause we can learn from Adam’s words, at least I can. When I hear a negative comment about Adam, I become a Momma Bear and I want to come back at the neg. person with all kinds of comments.
    I wonder how this man became so wise at such an early age, wonder how his life was before Idol
    and what he has gone thru and when I do think about it, my heart breaks for him, I am so glad that he did have the parents that loved him unconditionaly. His parents have every right to be very proud of their son and Adam should be very proud of himself for being such a grand person.
    How did I say all this and not to add how sexy, georgous, beautiful and sings like no other person in this world,,,now I am done………….

    • lee, you didnt, you got it in at the end………… Yeh, so proud! I remember when he saw his Mom in the audience in New York on GMA and he just smiled and said ” Hi Mom” so proudly to her too.

  9. Adam contiues to impress me with his total acceptance of who he is. He definitely is a wonderful role-model for young kids who feel “left out and misunderstood.” Actually, he is a fantastic role-model for all of us who sometimes feel “different and unsure”……He is beautiful inside and out. The more I learn about him, the more I love him. I want to protect him from anyone who bad-mouths him when in reality, he doesn’t need my protection. He is doing just fine with all of the sudden fame and the positive and negative that accompanies it. ADAM…..YOU ROCK!!!!! 🙂

  10. Love him….new subject Ryan Seacrest on Twitter this morning said he is going to have a concert with Adam, Kris and Allison. You have to vote for your city, you only get one vote and the city with the most votes gets the concert. Find the link on Ryan Seacrest twitter account.

  11. Adamfanatic says:

    I cant believe Adam likes Filipino food….. Yay!!! Proud to be Filipino! Btw, Adam was a World Idol ever seen he came on AI….. He still is, and will ever be…. Luv ya Adam!!

    • OK, so can you explain to us what “pancit, adobo and lumpia” is?

      • pancit is kinda like the chinese noodles w/ veggies and pork. adobo is a mix of chicken and pork cooked in oil and patis(fish sauce) or soy sauce. lumpia is a filipino variation of the shanghai rolls.
        BTW, i noticed that adam is following leah salonga on twitter. she’s a filipino and a big name on broadway so maybe they are friends. i also saw youtube videos of her in upright cabaret.

        • MsGlam….Thanks for answering the questions about the food! I was wondering what it was. I think ADAM is so-well rounded, and has experienced interesting, different, exciting, and new experiences and places. We’ll all learn, through ADAM, that we also can take chances and learn new things!

      • Hi Jeanette,

        I love to cook and I’m always looking for new cuisines to try….ADAM will NOW make me look for Filippino recipes to try….

        Here’s a recipe for PANCIT….

        Classic Filipino Pancit

        [Reset] Keys : Philippine Philippines Filipino Asian Oriental
        Ingredients :

        1 cup chicken broth or vegetable broth
        1/4 cup vegetable oil
        2 tbl soy sauce
        1 sm cabbage, shredded
        1 clv garlic, minced
        2 med carrots, julienne into 2 inch long sticks
        2 med ribs of celery, julienne into 2 inch long sticks
        4 oz rice sticks (“py mai fun”, comes in an 8 oz. package)
        soy sauce and
        sweet & sour sauce for seasoning

        Method :
        In a separate pan of hot water soak the rice sticks until soft, then cut with scissors into lengths 4-6 inches long.
        In a skillet, using medium heat, saute onions in the vegetable oil.
        Add garlic. Add cabbage, carrots and celery and stir together.
        Gradually add broth and soy sauce while cooking and stirring.
        Cook until the vegetables are just tender ; the liquids should be almost all absorbed.
        Add drained rice sticks to the vegetables, mix together and cook until heated through (about 1-2 minutes).
        Serve and season to taste with additional soy sauce and sweet & sour sauce.
        Poncit (or pancit) can be served as a vegetable dish or can also be mixed with sauteed shrimp, strips of beef, chicken breast or pork.
        It is a dish that is best served as a ‘fresh from the stove’. Holding it for several hours is not recommended, especially if adding meat or shrimp. It looses much of its appeal when soggy…


        HERE’S A RECIPE:

        * 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
        * 1 pound ground pork
        * 2 cloves garlic, crushed
        * 1/2 cup chopped onion
        * 1/2 cup minced carrots
        * 1/2 cup chopped green onions
        * 1/2 cup thinly sliced green cabbage
        * 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
        * 1 teaspoon salt
        * 1 teaspoon garlic powder
        * 1 teaspoon soy sauce
        * 30 lumpia wrappers
        *1 egg slightly beaten
        * 2 cups vegetable oil for frying

        Place a wok or large skillet over high heat, and pour in 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. Cook pork, stirring frequently, until no pink is showing. Remove pork from pan and set aside. Drain grease from pan, leaving a thin coating. Cook garlic and onion in the same pan for 2 minutes. Stir in the cooked pork, carrots, green onions, and cabbage. Season with pepper, salt, garlic powder, and soy sauce. Remove from heat, and set aside until cool enough to handle.
        Place three heaping tablespoons of the filling diagonally near one corner of each wrapper, leaving a 1 1/2 inch space at both ends. Fold the side along the length of the filling over the filling, tuck in both ends, and roll neatly. Keep the roll tight as you assemble. Moisten the other side of the wrapper with water to seal the edge.Brush roll with beaten egg. Cover the rolls with plastic wrap to retain moisture.
        Heat a heavy skillet over medium heat, add oil to 1/2 inch depth, and heat for 5 minutes. Slide 3 or 4 lumpia into the oil. Fry the rolls for 1 to 2 minutes, until all sides are golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Serve immediately.


        Pork / Chicken Adobo Recipe

        Adobo Ingredients:

        1/2 kilo pork cut in cubes + 1/2 kilo chicken, cut into pieces or

        choice of either 1 kilo of pork or 1 kilo of chicken

        1 head garlic, minced

        1/2 yellow onion, diced

        1/2 cup soy sauce

        1 cup vinegar

        2 cups of water

        1 teaspoon paprika

        5 laurel leaves (bay leaves)

        4 tablespoons of cooking oil or olive oil

        2 tablespoons cornstarch

        Salt and pepper to taste

        3 tablespoons water

        Adobo Cooking Instructions:

        In a big sauce pan or wok, heat 2 tablespoons of oil then sauté the minced garlic and onions.

        Add the pork and chicken to the pan. Add 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, vinegar, paprika and the bay leaves. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or when meat is tender.

        Remove the pork and chicken from the sauce pan and on another pan, heat cooking oil and brown the pork and chicken for a few minutes.

        Mix the browned pork and chicken back to the sauce and add cornstarch dissolved in water to thicken.

        Add salt and/or pepper if desired

        Bring to a boil then simmer for an additional 5 minutes.

        Serve hot with the adobo gravy and plain rice.

        • OH thank you, Dee! I have made a document out of this… love to try the recipes…

        • Finally, Adam mentions the Philippines. We are a small country, and yet he knows us and would even come visit …..CAN’T WAIT ! We will surely serve him the best “pancit, adobo and lumpia.” BTW, for those wanting to try these dishes, I suggest you go to a good Filipino restaurant that serves the authentic ones. Not cooked in a “fusion” way. If done correctly, it may become your favorite…

          • I’m going to find a Filipino restaurant and go with a friend….I’ll be adventurous like ADAM, and try it!

            • You won’t regret it. There is a video showing a young American lad showing his “adobo” cooking skills…. cute & hilarious !

        • OH WOW.. ADAM just did a cool thing of promoting filipino food which is not really globally famous. wooohoooo… ADAM should have known LEA SALONGA since both of them are broadway stars, the latter being so successful in this field.

        • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

          Yum! Lumpia! They are so Goooooooooood!!!!!! Neverl have made them myself. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  12. Adamfanatic says:

    Sorry typo…. *since

  13. Thank you Jeanette, for bringing that interview “out” as some may not have seen the link. It is one of the better interviews in that it gives us a slightly different insight into all that is Adam. Like someone above said, the more he speaks the more we love him!

    I like that expression for Adam “flower child”. I thought that all along. He is like someone out of the sixties or seventies in his values and world outlook. He would have fit in perfectly way back then and been accepted instantly. Today’s world is somewhat more conservative after having gone through the selfish, consumer-driven eighties.

    Thus Adam has a little more of a rough road to universal acceptance. The ‘world’ aspect is what is going to make him a super star IMO, rather than N. America. I’ve played the ‘snippets’ from the album incessantly and can hear where certain songs are going to be embraced by a multitude of other cultures. Soaked, for instance, has that universal appeal and grabs the heart.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Adam said in an interview once, when asked if he could have been born in another decade, what would it be, that he would have liked to have been born in the fifties, so he would have been a teenager/young adult during the summer of love — which I know you know was “69. The year I graduated from highschool. Adam and I could have been great friends! LOL (Of course, I would have preferred lovers, but oh well, LOL!).

  14. Hi all! Just saw that TFM is #1 on MSN’s “today’s top 100 videos”! That’s our World Idol, Adam!!!!
    I never get tired of watching the video, and look forward to having many more Adam videos to watch!

  15. Speaking of the ‘world appeal’ aspect of Adam’s music, go to MrLambertPress on twitter


    I tried copying the words of writer Greg Wells but it would not allow copying, I tried a .jpg ,not good.

    Apparently there will be different VERSONS OF ADAM’S ALBUM for world distribution. Greg says some of his songs not on the cd will be on the others. I hope we can buy them individually through itunes at least .. I want them all!!!

  16. Okay, I did some fiddling and got it:

    Answer: “I did five songs with Adam…3 are on the physical CD, #4 on the iTunes deluxe version, and #5 is on the UK and Japanese CD.”

  17. Adamazing says:

    Check out this website http://adamaholic.blogspot.com/

  18. Hey, people. How is that Adam didn’t make it to People’s 100 sexiest men? I saw Kris’ face, but not Adam’s. They’re going to announce it on Wednesday. I went on the comments page and plugged his name. His name does come up quite a bit on the comments. http://ow.ly/AJdm

    • Hey Slick, Adam should have made People’s sexiest men. He was runner up for Peoples
      most hottest bachelor’s last summer.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      What’s up with THAT!!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me. . . Kris is the boy next door. . . Adam is sex on legs!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37




      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t know what to say to people who don’t really know what sexy is. Maybe Butler, but patenson WTF! There is absolutely nothing sexy about that one. We know, all that matters is that , ADAM is the sexiest man in the world,because he is able to show sensuality like no man has done. I think if my hubby would put on a blue boa w/ a whip, I would get excited. I think I forgot who I used to think was sexy before ADAM. Now, all I know and will ever know is that our man ADAM is the definition of sexy!!! ADAM is our rock-hard-sex god!!

        • well sexiness is in the eyes of the beholder and i find robert pattinson sexy as well, his hair for example is so sexy for me. But kris allen, apparently one of idols sexiest, is not really sexy for me, it think he is just cute, countty boy next door. ADAM on the other hand is just raw and raunchy sexy, he does not even have to take off his clothes!!!

    • People Magazine always holds back something in this contest. I’d like to think that they will come through in the end and do what is right – our Adam is THE sexiest man and I am envisioning his gorgeous face on the cover!!!! Not the obvious choice for many in this heterosexist world but Adam has it spinning on its axis! He is re-defining what sexy is for everyone and they have to know that he would sell a hell of a lot of magazines! He is so HOT!!!

      Glamb #20

  19. Off subject here …but I was just watching Oprah and Ellen was her guest.. Oprah was asking Ellen about being a judge for AI next year. She asked Ellen if she thinks she can be honest with the kids singing and Ellen said Yes and for example, she said had she been on this years show , she would have told Adam Lambert that she loved him and he was good but could he stop showing so much of his tongue all the time.. then they showed a picture of Adam singing where he has his tongue all the way out.. lol … it was kind of funny and at least she is saying Adam’s name on one of this biggest rated shows this seasons.. Oprah and Ellen at the same time should have huge ratings.. I know I have said the word ” tongue ” enought that Dianne should appear any moment now. lol muahhhhh anyway, I think it’s great to have Adams name out there for any reason..

    • Ha ha!! Yes, Dianne popped into my mind immediately after seeing the word, ‘tongue’ LOL

      hugs to you, Dianne!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, I knew I wouldn’t like Ellen, Adam can show as much tongue as he likes and whenever he likes. Ellen can “stick it in her ear” – not Adam’s tongue though. But yes I agree with you Adamfan1 that it is good to have his name said by these people like Oprah and Ellen.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Dianne, I think you know that Ellen said that jokingly and said she loves Adam. She talked about him on her show a lot during Idol. I’m sure he will appear on her show once he starts doing the talk show circuit to promote his cd–at least I hope he does the talk shows, usually when artists have a new cd out they go this route. Let’s hope!

      • DIANNE !! I knew you’d show up after I typed ” tongue” a few times.. lol Ellen did say that she would tell him he was fantastic.. Now don’t quote me word for word but she said it was too much tongue and then she joked that maybe he could have turned sideways more.. Some talented fan here should figure out how to bring just that part of the clip here for all to see.. I don’t want to tell it too much out of context. But to say his name and show his pic for this show was Great !! You would have drooled over the shot they brought up to prove their point.. Dianne, Your just easy girl… lol We all know how to push your buttons.. we love it… we love you

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Adamfan1, I hope someone can bring it over here I would love to see it, in fact I am drooling just thinking about his tongue. I can look to my left here and there he is in full glorious colour with his beautiful tongue sticking out, OMG it/he is so beautiful.

          Love to you too Adamfan1, I am so glad you are looking out for me and “winding me up”.

        • Hi Adamfan 1,

          Where did you find the interview where Ellen said these things? I would like to read that.
          Have a Fantastic day!

          Hugs, Nana #1

        • OH there is not too much about ADAM’s tongue, the more he flaunts it out the better LOL….

      • ELLEN is just not the RIGHT person as an AI judge period.. I just love her the way she is right now. And to hell I care, ADAM can stick his tongue out as much as he can, it is just part of the whole ADAM package. AWESOME!!!

    • Adamfan1, Hahha, oh yeh, I was reading about Adams tongue, Dianne came to mind immediately!

    • Here’s the link to Ellen’s interview with Oprah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlmdiETflRc
      She starts talking about being an American Idol judge at the 4:23 mark and about Adam and his tongue at 4:50. Catch the whole thing if you can – great interview and lovely to see Ellen with her wife and pictures of their wedding. I loved the fact, of course, that Adam was mentioned – it’s all good!

      Glamb #20

      • THANK YOU THANK YOU JANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew someone with knowledge would bring this over… thank you so much…. Dianne, are you watching ?????? lol

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Thank you Jane for posting the link. Ellen is a big fan of ADAM’s and I’m still waiting for him to be on her show. Is it in December?

        • WTH??They remove the vid!!I haven’t watch it yet!COME ON!!They put Sesame street,WHO WANTS TO SEE SESAME STREET??!! 🙁

  20. His real, honest, and down to earth, that’s why I adore this humble man-Adam Lambert!

  21. Hi Glamberts,

    Adam never ceases to amaze us with his interviews etc. He is so unpretentious! He keeps it so REAL! I am thrilled with his debut single as I believe so many of us are, but I just read a blog where it states that his debut single is not doing well at all…it’s only #76 on i tunes. I don’t understand that. I don’t expect everyone to be enthralled, but I certainly expected a much higher (and more favorable) response! What is your opinion?

    Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Well, when it came out last Wednesday, itunes froze for two days, and you couldn’t even find the single to buy it unless you did a thorough search. . . they had it listed under albums. There are no banners advertising the single, (while at the same time you see a banner for Kris, his album is available for pre-order, and they’re offering a free pass for his single, which I think means if you pre-order his album, you get his single free.) I don’t want to sound petty, but why didn’t RCA and/or itunes release Adam’s single with major fanfare? It’s a little frustrating.

      It’s only been five days though. . . I think we just need to be patient. I really believe that in the long run, the single and the album are going to be HUGE. The general population probably doesn’t even know Adam has a single out there. . . just wait until the AMAs, and it starts getting more radio play. Isn’t itunes just a fraction of the digital downloads? From what I’ve seen, he’s been doing great on Amazon, and I’m sure the single downloads from AdamOfficial will count towards total digital sales.

      I wish every country was able to buy his single from itunes. . . he would be number one for sure! But no matter what happens, he’s number one in all of our hearts. 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • Dianne Hill says:

        We still can’t buy it here on ITunes in New Zealand and quite frankly it is pissing me off. So unfair, if it was someone I didn’t like their stuff would be plastered everywhere, it makes you think there is some vendetta going on. Was I bad in a past life, or maybe it is payback because I love him and his tongue so damn much.

      • Hi Adam Rocks,
        I have requested that they play Adam’s new debut single, on several radio stations and they said they would look it up…but they never played it! I don’t know why…it’s out there after all!??

        Hugs, Nana #1

        • AdamRocks! says:

          I was hoping this would happen, since I had read that itunes updates on Tuesdays. There’s now a banner for Adam, you can pre-order his album (it’s the deluxe version). . . which is now NUMBER TWO on the top pop albums, after This Is It, and #16 on the general music album chart . . . his single has also moved up, to #26 from about #33 yesterday on the pop chart (he’s #48 on the general music song chart). YAY!!!!!!

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Nana, I’ve been requesting that several radio stations in my area play FYE for awhile now. Haven’t heard it yet. 🙁

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Nana and AdamRocks
            Go to the Amanda Peet thread and right under Lorrin’s post there is one from Songwriter and one that I posted with questions about the single and air play on the radio. Songwriter is in the music biz and gave a good explanation about how things work. It’s very interesting and insightful.

          • Same here Nana. But we will not give up requesting

  22. Gawd! This article came out in my very own country and I never saw it! To think I’m subscribed to Philippine Daily Inquirer website. Thanks so much for posting it here.

    Adam Lambert is indeed big here in the Philippines. A lot of us are crazy about him, even my favorite female radio DJs. Whenever they announce news about him the female DJ who reads the news can’t help but remark how she’s crazy about him. But I just have to wait for a while until they play his FYE and TFM on radios here. I’ve been requesting for both, but never heard it so far. But I’m just listening to 1 station. Maybe I should try other stations as well.

    Can’t wait for his album and songs to come out here. Still can’t download from Itunes and Amazon. I’d just wait for his CD to be available in music stores here. Then it’s party time! Our house will surely turn into a disco house coz my two kids love to dance with FYE. Whenever I play it from YouTube, my 2-year-old daughter keeps asking me to play it over and over. It’s so fun!

    Gawd! I’m excited! hahahaha!

  23. puteri abdul says:

    I would have to say, I am little bit jealous of you guys philiphinos !!
    he loves your food !!
    hahah, just joking..
    but adam, seriously you must start opening up your geography book, or at least buy a globe, atlas, anything and get ready to learn about the countries in this world.. because dare I say that adam is capable to storm all the continents in this world with all his right moves and sound ..
    from the coldest part of europe, to the most remote of south east asia, I would say at least there must be a tiny fraction of adam’s groupies lurking in the corner.. waiting.. and waiting if adam would ever step on their soil ..
    and dreams we may, us international glambs will continue our love and support to this talent that we so much cherish ..

  24. Puteri, you and Emili, I firmly believe, will have an opportunity to see Adam in all his glory, live! Both David Cook and David Archuleta have been to Singapore and that is not too far away, is it? Adam fully expects to tour in Asia, Europe etc. just like MJ did.

  25. Oh how I love this site and so proud to be an Adam fan. It feels great to be a fan for someone who outsings the rest of the world and speaks with intelligence and honesty. I love everything all u fellow glamberts write and getting my daily dose of Adam news. Best to u all and Adam.

    • Thanks, Gina – glad you are here too but we call ourselves GLAMBS around these here posts – NOT Glamberts – just so you know! 😉

      Proud to be Glamb #20

  26. I am from the Philippines and I have been a fan of Adam Lambert from day 1. Love him so much, his voice, his body, his performance, everything!!! Why isnt there a video of him on tv? Cant wait to see his face on tv again….

  27. I love this interview! Parenting is the hardest job in the world and it has completely occupied my life for too many years. I realized right away how supportive Adam’s were and I wish I had their ability to calm the fears of their boy. My boys were and one still is, very insecure (not gay) and it’s so hard to instill confidence in him that it will all work out some day.

    Adam has such wise supportive parents! He is a role model and his parents are as well. I do believe they raised one beautiful kid so, I am taking tips from them every time I hear him say something that they did or said while raising him, which inspires me to be a better parent.

  28. The 2 Davids already had a successful concert here, a week before the Season 8 finale.
    So, I know Adam will come here too. Cannot wait for the BEST DEBUT ALBUM EVER to come to our shores….we are all excited and really really proud of what he did in his album.

    Thanks guys for putting up something from our local news and for talking about pancit, lumpia and adobo…now I cannot help but think about Adam whenever we have these for dinner. hahaha.

    Good vibes all around because of Adam, cheers!

  29. I am going to take a part of this article and apply it to my real life. When he said his dad taught him to hold on,everything will come together. I am raising my grandson who has bad adhd and behavioral problems. I struggle so much because he is different,but omg he is just so funny and the sweetest boy. He just overwhelms everyone and its hard for him to make friends. Next time we have a good moment I will tell him, to be patient and hold on….I love that what his dad said to him. I can see where Adam gets his fabulous attitude, and what has made him such a fabulous person. I thank god he was born to these parents. Bravo to his parents and bravo to Adam. Hes a GREAT roll model, He has it all…..My grandson and I are loving watching him fly to the top in all he does….

  30. ADAM’s parents did a wonderful job raising him. They didn’t stifle him in his desires to be a performer, and encouraged him to be the best he can. And ADAM came through for them, and for himself……and for us!

  31. Have a little confession to make…..Adam makes me feel sexy (you know what I mean)…and you are all saying….So what else is new!!!!!!

    Jeanette, thanks again for article. As I said previously – rely on you heavily for information re Adam.

    Also, can some one please tell me when the People’sChoice Awards will be on ?

    Lisa, where are you? (did you read my reply?)

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)


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