OPERATION: …And Justice For All

Kris’ fans are planning a massive operation to try to take the title that Adam so deserves. Unite, brothers and sisters, we shall counter-attack.

Now, we are not going to kinda’ copy their tactics, we are going to do the EXACT same thing and then some more.



DOWNLOAD GIZMO HERE: http://gizmo5.com/pc/

It will only take you a couple of minutes, please do this before you continue reading.

** This works for International fans too, so all of you guys on the Phillipines, Brazil, and Europe that are dying to vote, this is your chance.


Ok, guys, time for STEP 2:


1. DIAL. After opening Gizmo, dial (by typing into the space next to the phone icon) the following free Google test number:

The “00? helps connect the call faster in Gizmo. On voting night, you should add “00? in front of Adam’s number as well.

2. CALL. As you type in the number, the gray circular button should turn green. This is the “Call” button. Click it to call.

3. CONNECT. A new smaller window will pop out and you should hear a ringing noise,then a “ping” sound (meaning that the call has connected), and after a few seconds, a “Call’s recorded, Google”.

On voting night, expect anywhere from a 5-15 second delay betwen the ‘ping’ and the “thank you for voting” message. Also, expect a longer delay before the call is connected. (i.e. more rings)
4. HANG UP. Hang up by pressing the circular red phone button. The small popout window will close and you’ll be able to call again.
5. REDIAL. The phone number you entered should have remained. Wait for the call button to turn green again and call again.

On voting night, expect a delay before the gray call button turns green.

If you are having connection or speed issues with Gizmo then download vBuzzer which can be faster and work much better for both US and International users:



Steps 1 and 2 were only preparing everyone for this final step.

This is IT, here’s the information you NEED TO KNOW. I hope you are well rested, this is a big day for all of us.

Begin by making this page your home page, even if it is only for today. This will sky rocket our ratings on Google and get this message to more people.

If you do not want to make this site your home page press CTRL + D and bookmark, this also helps. We must be on the first page of Google today.

Be sure to share this page with Adam Lambert fans all over the world: http://adamunofficial.com/vote/

INTERNATIONAL USERS: Watch the countdown timer on the right hand side so you know exactly when to begin voting.





The official voting window for this week will be 4 hours, and with the use of Gizmo, we can all extend that to 7 hours.  Whatever it takes to win and cancel out Kris Allen fans’ efforts. Have water and food ready, stay in our chat room and be sure to motivate each other. You can chat and vote at the same time. Avoid any distractions that are non-Adam Lambert related. This is a test of endurance and stamina.


Here are the voting hours: (hours in blue indicate that you can vote only using Gizmo)

When calling using Gizmo, add “00? to the beginning of the number for better results.  For those who have experience issues in the past with Gizmo, you may find the programs such as vbuzzer may work better for you.   

Eastern: 8:55 PM-1:00AM and 1:00AM- 4:00AM (Gizmo)

Central: 7:55PM-12:00AM and 12:00AM -3:00AM (Gizmo)

Mountain: 6:55PM-7:55PM (Gizmo) and 7:55PM-12:00AM and 12:00AM-2:00AM (Gizmo)

Pacific: 5:55PM -8:55PM (Gizmo) and 8:55PM-1:00AM

Power Texting

Here are some great ways to increase your number of votes.

1. As soon as the recorded answer picks up, “Thanks for voting…” you can hang up and dial again.

2. You can start texting and/or calling usually five minutes before the show ends!


If you have AT&T and unlimited texting, go here for instructions: http://adamunofficial.com/power-texting-with-att/
If you know someone who also has unlimited texting, try power texting them something a few times, to see if it works (maybe give them a heads up that you’re going to bombard their inbox). Go ahead save Adam Lambert’s number 5701, in your phone.
If you don’t have AT&T, purchase a Go-Phone just to text on voting night.




Why should I use Gizmo? Where can I download it?
Gizmo can be used to vote for an extra three hours when voting is closed for landlines/cell phones/texts in your time zone. So, if you are on the East coast, you can vote from 1AM-4AM (EST) using Gizmo.
Should I use Gizmo instead of using my landline/cell during regular voting hours?
Probably not a good idea. During regular voting hours (i.e. when you can call using your phone) you should only use Gizmo as a secondary method of voting. This is because Gizmo is usually slower than using your landline or cell. So if you have a landline and a cell-phone, focus your voting efforts on using those two phones.
How do I dial in Gizmo? And what number should I dial?
To dial, just type in the number in the space provided (right next to the small phone icon). Be sure to dial “00” and then Adam’s number which will be:
0018664365701” or “0018664365703” or “0018664365705”.
How do I know when my vote has been counted?
Your vote is counted as soon as you hear the words “Thank you…”.
Why do I hear a “ping” sound after a few rings? Why do I hear silence after that?
After ringing, you will hear a “ping” noise indicating that the call has connected. It often takes anywhere from 5-15 seconds after the “ping” before you either hear the “thank you for voting” message, a busy signal, or a ‘call could not be completed’ signal.
I keep getting busy signals! Is Gizmo working?
Gizmo is working. So long as the lines are open, you should keep trying to vote. Just as people have a difficult time getting through on their cells and landlines, there is often some difficulty voting through Gizmo because the lines are jammed. Eventually, the lines clear up and you will be able to vote more for Kris!
The call button is gray and it won’t go back to green, what do I do?
  1. Make sure you have exited out of the small window that pops out when you call. Wait a few seconds.
  2. If the button is still gray, try deleting a single digit in the number and re-entering it.
  3. If that doesn’t work, go to FILE and then EXIT and restart Gizmo. (Do not exit by clicking on the “x” button on the top right hand corner of the window as that simply minimizes Gizmo rather than exiting out of Gizmo)

Gizmo is completely frozen? Is this normal? What do I do?
You can expect Gizmo to freeze up several times on voting nights – it’s normal and probably due to the high call volume to the AI lines. Usually if you wait a few seconds it’ll start working again. If not, try step 3 from the previous question.

I’ve heard a DJ say that using Gizmo is cheating, is it?
No. The American Idol official statement is that VOIP programs may be used for voting.

None of these FAQ’s have helped me so far. What gives?
Try the Gizmo support page here: http://support.gizmo5.com/

I hate Gizmo with a passion! What do I do??
Try downloading vbuzzer here:
http://www.vbuzzer.com/ . Some find this program to be more cooperative than gizmo. Ideally you want to have both.  

Some people have reported better success by putting no dashes between the numbers. Some have also reported more success by switching lines every so often (i.e. from 01, to 03, to 05).

Can I Vote if I subscribe to a digital phone service or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service?

Yes, you can vote if you subscribe to some digital or internet-based phone systems, such as Vonage or Skype [Gizmo is one, too]. However, note that digital phone and VOIP services **often re-route outgoing calls to a different geographical location from which the call is being made.** As a result, you may only be able to vote in the voting window to which your call has been re-routed. If you are trying to vote in the regular voting window for your region and your call is re-routed outside of your region by your service provider, you will not be able to vote (instead, you will hear a fast busy signal). **However, you still have the availability to vote during the other voting window.** For further information, contact your digital phone or VOIP service provider.”

The “legality” of using Gizmo and voting outside your own time zone, Gizmo is a VoIP service, which is totally valid for AI. Don’t scare people into not using it b/c they think the votes don’t count or it’s unethical or something. It’s totally legit – even for use outside your area’s voting window!

More questions? Our Adam Lambert fans have the answers. Comment below.

Remember everyone is responsible here to help people out on the comments below.



Now if you are a hardcore fan like most of us, go outside and write in the back window of every car that you and your family owns: “VOTE FOR ADAM LAMBERT” 

They have window paint pens at craft stores (I even saw them at Dollar Tree) you can also use shoe polish on windows ONLY- not on the paint.

Then take a good picture of it, and send it to dreamsound54143@yahoo.com and your friends and family.

Your picture may appear on this site. Examples will be posted at the very bottom of this post.

Vote For Adam Lambert Back Window

Vote For Adam Lambert Back Window

Vote for Adam Lambert Side Windows with Kelly's Son

Vote for Adam Lambert Side Windows with Kelly's Son

Thanks for sharing those pics Kelly


If you’re living abroad, or if you can’t make the call from a phone you can call for free ONLINE by following the directions below:


Gizmo5 (works for International and US) and vBuzzer


You can use Skype (works for International and US):




Dial Idol (works for only US residents):But ONLY works right now with dial-up for all the numbers;



For Gizmo, I suggest using the second option(on the website) on how to vote for ADAM
Try testing the softwares with Google’s Toll-Free number:
1800-466-4411 American Idol numbers are also toll-free so if you succeed in calling Google, you would also be able to call in to vote for ADAM If you are calling the number (1-866-IDOLS-XX):

– The phone lines tend to jam up directly after the show finishes and often times you’ll get a busy signal. Call continuously your voting will be more efficient and will more likely to count for ADAM.
-If you have a cell phone and a home phone, try calling for both. You don’t have to talk with anyone to vote, so you can just continue to re-dial on either phone for the duration of the two hours.
– It’s a toll free number, so you shouldn’t have to worry about phone charges.

Option 4

If you are an AT&T costumer:

You can vote without having to make the call. You just have to text the word “VOTE” to the special 4 digit number that will appear next to ADAM’s Toll-Free number on the day of the show. You can text as many times as you like. Since standard text rates apply you MUST get unlimited texting for $20 this month. Then you can send up to 5,000 text votes every hour.

Text messages is a BETTER vote because you are keeping the lines free for non AT&T customers.

As with the toll-free voting, each contestant will also be assigned his or her own AT&T Mobility text message number during the show — this 4 digit short code number will appear on your TV screen alongside the toll-free phone numbers. To vote by text if you are an AT&T Mobility subscriber, simply watch American Idol on FOX each week, input the word ‘VOTE’ into a new text message on your cell phone and send this message to the 4 digit short code number assigned to your contestant of choice (such as 5701 for Contestant 1). Only send the word ‘VOTE’ to the 4 digit short code numbers you see on screen, you cannot send a text message to the toll-free numbers. If done correctly, you will receive a message confirming your first valid vote during the voting window regardless of how many contestants you vote for, or how many votes you cast.

AT&T Mobility text message voting will open at the end of each performance show and stay open for at least 2 hours, subject to local time zone limitations. Voting will NOT be open during the show or outside the two hour time period determined by the area code on your cell phone. Votes sent outside of the voting window will be invalid, and you will receive a message saying the window is closed. If you are sending your text vote from a cell phone with an area code that is in a different time zone from that in which you are calling, the network will accept or reject your vote based on the time zone of your area code. So, if you have a New York cell phone area code but are voting from Los Angeles during the West Coast voting window, your vote will not be accepted. Try calling the toll-free number from a land line during the West Coast voting window instead.

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Picture Shows: Welcome Adam Lambert

Picture Shows: Welcome Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Printout in Back Window

Adam Lambert Printout in Back Window

Vote for Adam Lambert using stickers

Vote for Adam Lambert using stickers


  1. Shannon says:

    Hey! I have read SEVERAL times today in the Adam Lambert folder American Idol forums that the voting windowfor finales is FOUR (4) HOURS! Is that true, ya think?

    • I have heard this too. And read it in some news post.I think its very important for everyone to be ready for an all-nighter and just VOTE like crazy till the line says we no longer can

    • BLUEBERRY says:


  2. carmel_24 says:

    after reading this blog, I decided to download a Skype application in my macbook ! I tried calling a Toll free number (Apple Inc customer service) and it worked!! I got through!!!

    the voting numbers are TOLL FREE right?? so this means voting with SKYPE really works!!!

    so for non- US resident fans! better vote using SKYPE!!! whew!!

    thanks DS for this!!

  3. Natasha says:

    I just downloaded skype and tested it by calling my own phone and my work toll free number – both worked. I tried to call idols numbers with 01 at the end – the message was that i cannot call this number from Skype. I am a worried that the same will happen on Tuesday.

    Just in case Adam’s international fans cannot get through on Tuesday via Skype – we can call in directly and if someone thinks of the costs – you can buy a calling card for $5 at any corner store. I have been doing it since week 1. Note that you do not have to dial the PIN number everytime, to save time here is what needs to be done:
    1. Dial the number on the card to get through
    2. Enter the PIN on the card
    3. Dial 1-866-IDOLS-Adam’s number
    4. Once you here “Thanks for voting for contestant …” DO NOT hang up (or you will have to redial the whole thing again and will lose precious time). Press ** to start another call. Various calling cards may have different options for redialing (i.e. some cards will say press # or else) – check the card before the show to make sure you know what to press.

    One last note – sometimes i get a busy signal but it sounds weird… it sort of busy with with little interruptions in the busy signals… it lasts for like 3-4 seconds but than it STILL SAYS “thanks for voting for contestant….” – so i do not just give up the call if i get a busy signal, however if they say in a british accent – all lines are busy – this is it – start again…

    I live in Canada and i have tons of friend who vote for Adam from here now and who did not know before that Canadians (and others) can vote… I hope more people read this and will support our One and Only Amazing Adam!!

    • Natasha, thank you for the info! I tried Skype a few weeks ago, it was busy all the time, and I decided that my calls from Toronto just don’t go through. What do you think, which is better – to use Skype or a calling card?

      • Natasha says:

        Irene, what can i say .. i will be sitting with both my laptop and a calling card 🙂 whatever works. I’ll try Skype though first (during the show .. as someone here suggested – the lines are opened a few minutes before the show is over) and if Skype gives me trouble i’ll use the card.

        good luck voting and spread the word among your friends!

    • I have been voting 4 adam also from outside america and i use international calls and the Billing is the last think i am thinking about i will voooooooooote till my fingers fill off and my ears bleed i am not gonna guit now adam deserved the title from the begining and i will stick with him all the way … come on guys if our voting cost money and we still vote how about u free !!! lets do it come on plllllz adam deserve to win the title how great it will be to see him all smiling and jumping ,,, do u want to see his sad face 🙁 even though he will never show that cuz he care 4 others feelings and i know he will be happy 4 kris he is that kind and caring …. he is a great human being before being flawless amazing artist…

      voooooooooooooooooooooooooooooote 4 adam … ADAM FTW ..

      • Everything you wrote is so true. Adam is an absolute phenomenon – crosses all boundaries of every country – his talent boggles the mind.

  4. Can someone from the East Coast please post us immediately Tuesday night and let us know if our amazing Adam is 1 or 2 + N’s, because the land lines will keep accepting calls where as the cell phones will only accept during your 2hr window.as stated in the blog, and keep trying, because I kept trying last year and never got through once for DC. I hope this year is not as bad, I was amazed how I got through last Tuesday for hours until CA, was totally worried all Wednesday, because of it. Once you get through just keep going! Please all remember DC was chosen 2nd and he won! Adam will prevail! Either way Adam is going to have one amazing career going forward! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

    • if adam is singing first then i think his numbers will be 01 03 05 BUT i am not clearly sure u just have to check here on the site during the show and the ppl n the chatroom will give u the numbers better … I hope we voooooooooooooooooooote more pllllls … we must not take anything 4 granted this is it guys adam need us more than ever before … recruit 4 massive voting every vote will help adam more plz. voooooooooooooote ADAM FTW …

    • BLUEBERRY says:


  5. OMG I was so worried about operation ding dong–4 kris allen , but now we all are informed and have to COUNTER-ATTACK!!! AND YES I WILL VOTE EVEN THOUGH IM OVERSEAS….BEWARE, kris allen fans are massive and possibly the gokey fans will vote for him 2, but we are many too and we have support of celebs i guess so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnjhtJwDs2s check it out!!! 🙂

  6. Be worrying about where Danny’s fans votes are going!!!! Should be courting those people and persuading them to vote for Adam.

  7. Kris won the coin toss after the show and chose to have Adam sing first so Adam will be 01 03 05 numbers for dialing.

    • and why kris whant adam to perform before him !!!!! I hope adam rock the stage like never before that ppl will not even noticed anyone after him …. ADAM FTW … vooooooooooote guys pllllz moooooooooooore than ever before ….

  8. does voting with skype cost anything?
    i cant get my whole family to vote if it costs a million dollars per call! ok, going overboard there but how am i gonna convince my mum to vote?
    by the way i live overseas and cant ‘legally’ vote but I WANT ANOTHER WAY!

    • Everything is explained above. Please read the whole post. If you can’t convince someone else to vote is ok, do your best and forget the rest.

      • thankyou, i will be downloading skype momentarily and coming home after my exams early to vote for Adam!
        unfortunately i cant get anyone to vote with me as parents are at work and i am supposed to be at school but i shall vote untill the end!
        how many hours will we be voting for?

  9. Adam'sApple says:

    When voting, especially initially in your time zone, use the last or 2nd to the last number to vote for Adam since most viewers will call the first number listed so we don’t want to jam those lines with our calls. Plus, we will get more of our own calls/votes thru for Adam.

    Also, remember that Gizmo calls can likely be made for the Hawaiian time zone which will give another two hours of calling. Most people forget that Hawaii is another time zone available for voting.

    Also, someone from back East should post what numbers Adam has, as the broadcast airs Eastern time first and the rest of “we the committed” who have Gizmo/Skype etc. want to be assured that our premature votes are going to Adam. There may be 4 numbers for each instead of 3 since there are only 2 contestants, as it will relieve congestion on the lines.

  10. guys plllllllllz focus alot of ppl assuming that adam will win …. !!! he will not if we didn’t vote like crazy on tuesday ppl DON’T TAKE HIM 4 GRANTED PLZ .. the massivr voting is what gonna make adam the idol pllllz voooooooooote mooooore nonstop don’t assume anything and don’t talk like winning is n our pocket we have to work hard to nail the idol 4 adam …. plllz focus adam need us he want to win so prove your great support and love big time now ,,, lets do it we can we just have to work harder don’t underestimated kris’s fans and the haters …. we have to do adam justice … he deserve this based on talent and the whole package …. vooooooooooooooote support him …


  12. I live in Malaysia and I have skype. I would like to vote for Adam next tuesday and had tried to call a toll free number yesterday but it did not work. So I have downloaded Gizmo5 and had already set up an account. Can anyone advise which is better so that I do not blunder on voting day?

    • We are going to be group testing on Sunday, thanks for downloading Gizmo and for following directions!! 🙂


  13. Gizmo5 works better!!! USE IT!

    Also, can we use gizmo to vote on the west coast time if we live on the east coast?

  14. YEAH!!! i love when ppl gather like this and have a goal in mind 🙂 CROWN ADAM AMERICAN IDOL!!! is not only for the title and success but he really had been consistent during the show and has REAL AND ORIGINAL TALENT( not like a ordianry guy who plays guitar, ehem).

  15. AdamAdmirer says:

    I noticed that people go to youtube after Adam’s performance to watch and I think it’s important to post Adam’s voting numbers there as well. It seems people wanted to watch but didn’t have his numbers. We need to go there and post his numbers in the comments under his videos old and new as soon as they are up.

  16. ooo I like the name of it
    metallica owns 😉

    I just downloaded it! hope it works!

  17. Adamrocks says:

    Start courting Gokey fans!!!! Go to his fan sites, complement his talent and remind his fans that this competition is about talent and Kris took Danny’s place because of his tween appeal!

    Get them fired up that his place was stolen and they must vote for the remaining, most talented performer.

  18. what is adams number to use for voting with skype???
    could someone please reply with the whole number to use?

    • its ok, i got it all set up… thanx dreamsound for replying to my posts and helping me.
      i will be coming home from school early to vote for adam lambert all the hours i can!
      its all there!!

  19. vbuzzer is not working!!!!!!!!!!!
    It says that i have not enough credit??? It is a free toll number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please HELP