One Year Later-Adam Lambert Remember’s The King Of Pop

Who can remember where they were when they broke the news about Michael Jackson’s passing? That was definitely a day I will never forget, and it was already a year ago. Where has the time gone??
Here is a snippet video of Adam and other’s giving their thoughts on the King of Pop…



Rob Pattinson, Adam Lambert, Melissa Etheridge and more stars shared their thoughts about the one-year anniversary of the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s death.

“Michael Jackson has been a huge influence on me,” Lambert said. “I mean you really look at male pop stars, and the theatrical ones who really took it to the limit are few and far between. Michael still in my mind owns the label ‘King of Pop.’ He did things that nobody else will ever come close to doing,” Lambert told ET.

Pattinson called Jackson “amazing,” adding that he was “probably in the top three most original artists of this century.”

“I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and I can’t believe it’s been a year already. We certainly miss him but his music will live forever,” New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez told ET.

Etheridge, for her part, expressed her sadness over his early death at age 50, saying, “I grew up with Michael Jackson.”

Watch our video for more remembrances from the stars. Michael Jackson passed away suddenly on June 25, 2009.



  1. Everything what Adam said, re:MJ, summed it all up . Adam is so knowledgeble and witty. He has timeless intellect. He speaks so eloquently and with such honesty. I am so proud of him. I love all his endearing and witty comments on every single interview, by far. Love you Adam, forevermore!!!!

  2. Adamisamazing says:

    Michael was a huge influence on Adam. And like Orianthi and others have said, there are major similarities between MJ and Adam. Both multi-talented, exciting performers with great showmanship. Adam, as usual, expressed himself with great intelligence. I will never forget when Adam performed “Black or White” on AI – one of my fav moments of his. When Kara said that she wished Michael was watching (because she was so impressed), you could see how much Adam admired him. I admire Adam for the way he expresses himself in interviews. And I miss MJ but I am so thankful we have Adam – our pop/glam superstar. Loved Michael Jackson. I love Adam Lambert.

  3. libraglam says:

    Thank you Sue for posting everything everyday.
    I was still at your article ” Well Hello New York!! Glam Nation Has Arrived”. Boy, I have to catch up!

    I really love this site because of you, Carol, other fans on this site who have contributed so much and spent all of your time sharing so much ! I really enjoy it !! I really like this “Glamily”.

  4. Hi! LIBRAGLAM !
    I won’t miss Michael so much because we now have Adam. His death was just timely because Adam is now here to hold on to the baton. If Michael died without my first knowing Adam, then it would be lonelier and sadder. But now ADAM is here to COLOR MY WORLD RAINBOW !!! OH HAPPY DAY !!!
    I want to dance again…. I want to sing again……..

    Of all the comments given in the video on Michael’s death, Adam’s comment is the most substantial, most meaningful, most insightful, most truthful and most humble. That’s our Adam !! Isn’t he a treasure ? Ha – ha !! We’re getting richer by the minute, by just having him in our lives. Spiritually rich, mentally, emotionally, even socially since we socialize with other Glambs…….. and even, WOW, this is a bit difficult, physically, because he help us shed some pounds and live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE !!!

    I won’t forget how I danced Interpretative Ballet to Michael’s song BEN, when I was in third year High School. During our Graduation Ball in Medicine, we were dancing to Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean. Then I made these songs also as background music to our dramas in our Cultural Presentation. But now, it’s ADAM’S MUSIC that inspires me to dance again. I’m experiencing a resurrection of my retired muscles and nerves. Even Margot Fontyne danced ballet in her sixties. THANK YOU ADAM FOR A NEW BEGINNING !!!! AAAhhh… LIFE HERE I COME !!!!

    • I’m with you Dainty. I love MJ, and he will always be #1 in my book. I believe that Adam has the talent and the capability to become the King of Pop someday. I hope I get to see it in my lifetime.

      I grew up with MJ. We were only 2 years apart. I was crushed when he died, but Adam has softened the blow. I don’t think Adam realizes what a huge impact he is making on people. I would love to be able to tell him in person.

  5. i love love love you and that’s real love from me to you