Adam Lambert has American Idol Looking Like a One Man Contest This Season

Extra with host Mario Lopez talks about Adam Lambert. Does he have an unfair advantage? Advantage, yes. Unfair, no. Adam is getting so much more attention that people are starting to forget about everyone else in this competition. From ‘The View’ to radio stations, coast to coast, the new controversy is that this season might already be over… and is no kissing contest.

One thing is for sure: Adam Lambert has everyone under his hypnotic spell (watch video below, press pause to the music on your right hand side)




  1. Yes, everyone else should give up!! They should kick everyone else off the show and make it the ADAM Show!!!! I would LOVE that!! The more Adam in my daily regimen – the more happy Mandy is!! 🙂

  2. Go home everyone. Oh hey american idol ’09 – – – i mean adam! What’s up man?

    haha 🙂

  3. This lambert guy is a great singer, but that said, he is also a PROFESSIONAL SINGER! He took private voice lessons and appeared in musicals – “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Grease,” “Chess” – at the Starlight, the Lyceum and other local venues. He has over 15 years experience and training in professional musical theatre,being cast in a six-month European tour of the ”Musical Hair ”. He has made appearances in The Zodiac Show at The Henry Fonda Music Box, and Club Makeup at the Key Club. He has even performed for audiences at the Burning Man art festival the past two years. His breakout theatre role was opposite Val Kilmer in Moses. He was cast as Joshua in The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theatre in 2004. After ‘The Ten Commandments,’ Adam was cast to understudy in the 1st National Broadway Tour of Wicked. While on tour for six months, he also collaborated with Composer/Guitarist Monte Pittman (Madonna, Prong). They have written over 20 songs as the alt/pop/rock band THE CITIZEN VEIN. Right before American Idol, Adam was appearing at the Pantages Theatre in the LA Company of Wicked. People who appear on American Idol NEED it to land a record deal, This guy does not!
    Hey, Idol producers, I have an idea, next season, why not get Christina Aguilera to compete with the regular batch of amateurs?

    • Almost AI contestants had musical experience before gracing the AI stage. The amazing Melinda Doolittle, for example, was a professional back up singer. Even the 16 year old Allison took singing lessons and had already won a big competition landing a record deal and 50,000. Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood adn many others have all had record deals that did not come true. The one thing all AI contestants share is not the lack of experience but the fact that they were not discovered.

      • I agree, he might’ve been singing for a while, but how many people heard of him before Idol??? Heck, I live in San Diego and I hadn’t heard of him before. Sign this guy already, but let the compitition keep going. I need to round out my Adam Lambert Album from iTunes and the next 6 weeks should do the trick.

    • Kassandra says:

      Yes you may think this, But he doesnt have a record deal, Through all those years he has been trying, And this is his year to get somewhere with his amazing voice.

    • David Newman says:

      I was wondering if Kelly Clarkson was a professional or semi-professional before Idol. Was she set-up by the Executives to give Idol’s first season a kick??

    • So what if he did all that stuff, we never heard of him before Idol – he so deserved the title last night, but at the same time, being a runner up gives him so much more freedom to pursue his career – we haven’t heard the last of Adam, but in a few months we will be saying Kris who??

  4. Yup, its true, adam has the whole show in his hands. By watching his performances, you can tell that hell win. I dont ever remember the judges telling him to improve deeply. If he continues to sing the way he does, and put tthe audience in a trance with his voice, surely, hell win. YAY ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. While I can understand that some people, particularly those who are not fans of Adam, might see his experience as an “unfair” advantage he hasn’t broken any rules of the “game”. Some people, no matter how hard they work or how connected they may be just can’t break through..does the name David Cook ring any bells? Yep, Adam has a lot of experience but more than that he has talent. He has abilities that can’t be taught like musicality, an ear for melodies and harmonies, incredible instincts and a hunger for this win. He may even have perfect pitch. These are all things a person is born with. Let’s not even get into his appeal and likability. So when this kind of talent shows up on the doorstep of AI and meets all the requirements, what are they suppose to do? “oh sorry, you’re actually TOO good. We just want mediocre, bland performers on our show.”. right. People talk about AI “pimping” him. They don’t have to!!! The media has taken hold and AI and Adams fans just get to sit back and take it in. If you ask me, AIs gone Gokey crazy…and that’s okay too.
    The contestants are asked to perform a 90 secong concert every week. That is what Adam brings. He brings all the emotion, electricity and excitement of a a mere 90 seconds..and always leaves us wanting more. I don’t think this over yet. Far from it..there are 7 more weeks to go and I do beleive that there are at least a couple of people up there who, given a little more time, could come out swingin’ and give Adam a run for his money. I think that any of the the contestants left standing will have no problem making a career from this exposure. No matter what happens now, they’ve all won.

  6. is one of the rules that you cant have an agent? I’m in the business and i know for a fact that you can’t get a high level audition without an agent, im not talking about a high school play. one one who has ever graced the AI stage has had this much exp.

  7. no one has ever graced the American Idol stage with as much exp as Lambert. David Cook? no-
    “oh sorry, you’re actually TOO good. We just want mediocre, bland performers on our show.”no-
    we cant take you Christina because you have an agent sorry

    This guy already has merchandizing. look on ebay. Does Allison?no-

    • If that person has no talent, no matter how many years of experience he got, he still won’t able to win the contest…e.g. William Hung, after all these years (he made records & movies etc) I don’t think he can win if he returns to AI again!! So drop it!

  8. Basically the rules say that you can not have a current recording or management contract at the time of your audition or anytime through the Idol “process”. Idol (or rather the parent company that gives the winning contract) also gets first dibs on recording contracts for the finalists and they can not release an album (oops..showing my age LOL) until the winner has released theirs. Wikipedia states that one if the rules is that you can have no formal training but their have been many contestants who have and weren’t trying to hide it so I don’t believe that to be true. The auditions are just like any other casting or any other reality show. They’re looking for people who fit an image they want to present to the audience.

    As for merchandising..I have seen a couple of things on e-bay an other sources selling “Glambert” and Adam lambert paraphenalia but I don’t know that he has any direct connection to it. All of the contestants have to pull all of heir videos, music, etc. but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t capitoloze on them.

    As was stated before, Allison won a singing contest, money and a recordig contract. Kelly Clarkson had a previous contract as have others. David Cook sold over 1000 albums on an independant label and toured the country as have others.

    I know…Adam’s so good it hardly seems fair but according to the rules, it is. If it really bothers someone then by all means, contact AI and let ’em know how you feel! I havent watched Idol since season 3 but now im hooked as are millions of others so dont think AI really cares about fair right now. Theyve got huge ratings and big time sponsers. For those who are irritated and up in arms…it’s just a reality show…it’s American Idol and it’ll all be over in a few weeks.

  9. I also appologize for misspellings! On the iPhone and along with my fingers getting numb it keeps “correcting” my spelling for me…and not always the word I was going for! lol

  10. BackOffMyAdam says:

    Who gives a sh*t! Adam is the best preformer EVER on american idol! i hope he comes in second though b/c the people in second are usually more famous!!!!!!!!!! GO ADAM!

  11. Jefferson says:

    I am the singer of a band none of you have heard of. I have been singing for 15 years and I have won contests. But I am not…at this time in my life…making a living at it, nor am I a houshold name. I have had an agent. So if I go to an audition, they select me, and I make it to the top 10, is that unfair? Because I tried to make it before, somehow I have an unfair advantage? That’s garbage.

    Look…Adam is in another league because he just is. I find him to be and extraordinary talent and I think he’s probably gotten more votes at this point than the rest of the contestants combined. And he deserves them.

    Cheers! Go Adam!

  12. Briannaa says:

    Hey just wondering where can I find that interview that you see during that video clip? like him saying ” it’s not a kissing contest..,”

    And Chica’s been giving out great responses, so I can’t really say anything that will sound nearly as intelligent, but yeah about the merchandise thing.. Adam has merchandise because like all us Adamaniacs know we are the most dedicated, true,obsessed fans out of all the other contestants’ fanbases, therefore there probably is a few fans out there making all this merch with Adam on it because that’s simply how us Glamberts roll =]
    So the reason Allison has no merch is because her fans just don’t bother, and because she is DEFINITELY not as talented or adamazing or all-around special like our Adamn is.

    • Well, thank ya 😉

      I’m on my phone so I don’t know what the video clip it is but you can try YouTube. If it’s an interview try searching “Adam Lambert interview”. also has lots of videos but most of them I think you have to register to see.

  13. The A.I. playing field is indeed imbalanced, but the reason for Adam’s glaring advantage is not his own past experience or (laudable) professionalism, but the mediocrity of the other contestants pushed through by the judges and producers this season. Such a number of much better, more interesting singers, such as Kristen McNamara, were passed over in favor of “personality” and back-story (not to mention how the likes of Alexis Grace could have been voted off). Adam could have had real competition, and all of us a far more worthwhile cultural experience, if the likes of S.C. were not so cynical. Too bad the producers of AI don’t realize that “america” is actually hungry for real “artistry,” better music and greater authenticity than what the commercial music engine regularly pumps out, and that the chance of happening upon it is what draws them to idol in the first place. Too bad they waste idol’s potential as an opportunity to engage the public in a process of cultural evolution. Not to say Adam might not have still been the front runner — it is not strictly his theater experience, but his cross-over sensibilities that give him the edge. He puts on a show by interpreting the song, not the other way around. He is this TV show’s saving grace, though I am not at all sure they will be his.

  14. Adam Lambert will win the American Idol, nobody can compete with him! Watch his wonderful performances from my website.

  15. To the Ill-Wishers,

    If you are not the AI Producers and you don’t have the ‘legal written rules/regulations to qualify for AI’; then all you have are CONJECTURES.

    It is very OBVIOUS that Adam Lambert is in the competition because he qualified to be there per the AI Rules and Regulations. Just think about it before you post.

  16. farmboyWI says:

    Adam did the grunt work for an entertainment career, then those with sour grapes say he has an unfair advantage. He’s just so good that it seems unfair. American Idol 8, a.k.a. “The Weekly 2-minute Adam Lambert Concert Series.”

  17. AdamAddict says:

    Adam put me in his spell,alright. I love him from the 1st audition and remember his name immediately. I prayed he going to top 12 so that I can watch him more and thank god he did. Love him more in each week,still going to love after he win the American Idol title!

  18. yakinette says:

    whats so unfair with adam being on the show? can u imagine AI without Adam Lambert? woould you be satisfied with anyone of the remaining contestants as the American Idol after hearing adam?

  19. Okay, nothing is unfair about adam being on AI. 1. hes sexxy. 2. he has an amazing voice!! and 3. I am his biggest fan!!! All you other girls can get over it, so dont even lie. I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! <3<3 :):)

  20. ADAM WILL WIN IT ALL. 🙂 i love you adam!!! 🙂 and im you BIGGEST fan not that other hoe!!

  21. Adamfanatic says:

    I can’t get enough of Adam!!!!! No unfair advantage here!!!!! Just an amazing talent who has dedicated himself to music.

  22. I been watching A I since it started. I have never seen anyone compare with Adam befor on Idol. He is in a league of his own. You go Adam. I might be a grandmother, but even I have never heard pipes like u have! U go ADAM!!! I’ll keep voting. U keep singing. U got it in th bag man! LOL Peace out!

  23. unbelievable EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Thank you so much for gracing Australia with your melting voice.
    I’m a puddle on the floor!!!
    Australia luvs you

  24. ADAM LAMBERT is the best super star…he is AWESOME…UNIQUE..and has alot of nature talented,,,,Brilliant voice………Genius,,,great Performance…Motivation….intelligent and nice personality singer…………..we wait of his CDs and his Gala concert……..we are very proud of you ADAM LAMBERT….all fans in the world are very proud of you,,,you are super fantastic….wonderful….Elvis Presley jr………………………good luck and God Bless……….greeting from Miki Yamamoto(JAPAN).

  25. Konnichiwa
    Adam Lambert… are really a super star ever and forever……you have wonderful talented,,,Brilliant voice,genius,,,intelligent..good personality person,,,,you have caught all fans in the world by your talented and everything of you,,,all fans in the world are very proud of you……when you wake up in the morning and pls look at yourself on the mirror,,,who is he.??He is A_D_A_M LAMBERT…super star ,you may proud of yourself,,we are very in touch when we hear your sing..never boring..our eyes couldn’t close when we watch you,,,our ears couldn’t stop when we hear you sing……nobody else can compete with you…you are the best.Fantastic!!.and you are also Elvis Presly jr…..AMAZING!!!!! we would like buy and collect all of your cds and go to your gala concert…….Gambatte Kudasai….Domo arigato….Always success..take care……God Bless and Good Luck ADAM LAMBERT.We love you and admired at you..


  27. Adam is amazingggg. i love him! :]]

  28. chiqui says:

    i’m glad to know that it’s not just me who noticed that ADAM LAMBERT is very much like elvis presley,I honestly think so, just slighty better though…I believe that he may be the next biggest artist globally like Elvis. i just wish him with all my heart that he does not follow the sad state of “ill health”Elvis succumbed to that ended his beautiful career.I’ll be looking out for ADAM’s own songs in future.I am a big fan and I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT.I hope to see you in person, i really do…

  29. cindy lou says:



    GO GOKEY GO!!!!!!!!!!

  30. TOcoolFORyou says:



  31. Mabul, Malaysia Fans says:

    Whattttt Happend???… How can the one Person with the All the Talent in the World did not Win???? What happen AMeriCa???? We are So Upsettttt =…. ( He Really Diserve to be the Americon Idol Winner!!! Adam is Unbelievable Talented & always deliver a jaw droping performance…American Idol Surely Bored without Adam Lambert . Adam Lambert Will always be Our winner … He Is the BEST of the best & we can’t Hardly wait for his Album… God Bless you always & May you have a Wonderful future ahead.

    Lots of Love from us….

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