One Legend Passes, Another is Born

One was from Waukesha, Wisconsin, and the other is from Planet Fierce. One was known as the Wizard, the other is known as the Alien. One played the guitar, the other uses no instrument but his magical voice. On the surface, Les Paul and Adam Lambert would seem to have little in common other than their love of performing music.

Now I don’t know how many of you know who Les Paul was, but where I come from, he’s a legend. He hailed from Waukesha, only a few miles from where I live in Milwaukee. He died on August 13th at the age of 94. He sang pop and jazz and played the guitar, but what he’s best known for are his innovations in recording and electric guitar design, specifically his pioneer work in the evolution of the solid body electric guitar and multi-track recording. Though Les never actually played rock and roll, his influence has been felt since the beginning of the rock era, and even after the age of 90, he continued to play regularly in New York. But what really caught my attention yesterday was a local news report that included an interview with Les from a couple of years ago. In that interview Les stated how important his fans were to him, and that he always made time for personal contact with fans – posing for photos and signing autographs.

Now I know Adam has missed signing sessions for a variety of reasons, but I still believe that his fans are immensely important to him, and when I heard that interview with Les Paul, I immediately thought of Adam and how similar they seemed to me in that regard.

Les stated that during his autograph sessions he signed everything under the sun – books, CDs, pictures, programs, guitars, ball caps and body parts. It’s reported that a professor from Texas, who was in New York with a group of students, insisted Les sign her breast with a felt pen, and he cheerfully obliged.

“I sign lots of boobs,” Les said.

I read that, and in my head I can hear Adam laughing. The Wizard of Waukesha will be missed. Let’s hope that our new legend-in-the-making is around until the age of 94.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Great article Jeanette! I love how you put the two together!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Feel the same thing! Although I don’t know who Les Paul is! I bet he was a great guy! RIP Les! Adam,be ready,you are next who’s gonna sign a lots of boobs!!

      • Great article Jeanette. Do know who Les Paul is. In fact this past weekend my family and I went to
        Cleveland (Ohio) and toured the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and saw a very good display of his
        history. My 16 yr. old son who plays guitar had already given us the history of him.
        Wht a good comparison with Adam.
        Also dont know if u have gone to past posts yet, I’m trying to send photos in but keep getting a
        delivery failure I’m sending this to

        • Mary, that is the correct email address for sending in photos. Not sure what the problem is. Try sending only a couple at a time and see if it goes thru.

          • Ok thanks, I will send these from my home computer later. Sometimes it may just be
            our computer here at work, ( company network ) the server preventing from sending. Not sure but I’ll keep

            • Mary — The tourphotos mailbox is working. There must be a problem (security block?) with the email network from your work location.

              • Thanks, I tried to send them to my home computuer from the work location and then resend them and
                still got a failure to send. I will have to start over from home computer w/o going thru my company network. That suck it didnt work. I’ll have to get help
                with this. They’ll get thru sooner or later.

    • iluvadam4ever says:

      I love the connection that you made between the 2. You are oh so right. Your articles and posts are so fun to read. It is so nice to have others out there that care so much about Adam as I do. Are any of you planning on attending the AI Tour in Cleveland on Aug 23. If so, I would love to meet you and learn more about you and put a name with a face, since I am on this site daily. Great comparison! It is so true!!

      Sandy – Bryan, Ohio

      • Lisette here..thenks agan Jeanette for lovli articles an althout I was non born in thes time..I av hearde his work thru ma parentes album collectiones,was an acomplishe guitarist an reading above see why yu compare regarde to signe autographs an his fans.Agree Adam goes extra mile an beyond..even if exhausted aftre concert has signe autographe.Seem only few times skip due to personal reasons..rightful so.As I av mention on othre thread,he is wise to avoide eithre craze fans,or feling drained..etc.An Ive not been able to attend concerte..sadly but seein interviews/videos an Adam will signe whatevre he can to plese his fans,such a beau hearte an soul. Thenks agan! hugs an luv to all glambs..Luv an bisous for Adam(angel d’chansons)!xoxo

    • Love it, Jeanette, many thanks! I first heard about Les Paul passing away via Monte Pittman (yes!!), the fella who played guitar with Adam years ago, he is one of Adam’s followees. So I clicked on his name and that is what he wrote yesterday. One guitarist paying homage to another.

      When I was a kid the radio was alwalys on. My mom loved Les Paul and wife, Mary Ford….. I remember “All the World is Waiting for the Sunrise” and “Vaya con Dios” etc..

      Anyone interested in hearing Les Paul, go to for a real ear treat!!

  2. Les Brown and Mary Ford. I remember them well. We wondered for years exactly how they got that innovative musical sound. No one else was doing it at that time. I can hear them now. Nice.

  3. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette. Nice to see Les Paul remembered. He was a legend to anyone who ever picked up a guitar! I saw him in person when I was very young, he was legendary up till his death. Great article. Am surprised there wasn’t more about him on tv!

  4. Back in the early 60’s, ( yes, I’m older than dirt) I spent some time in the area where Les Paul lived near NYC. I was told by people in the area that back in the day when he was with Mary Ford, that they could only practice at night because they drew too much electricity during the day when general usage was high. I remember Les and Mary best for “”How High the Moon.”
    I may be old enough to be Adam Lambert’s great grandmother but I absolutely love his singing and his stage presence. I hope he can avoid the sharks-you know what I mean-look at other famous people in the music field. Some can handle it and surround themselves with good people and some make big mistakes I.e. Michael Jackson abd Elvis-what a waste of great talent.

  5. MyBoyAdam says:

    I know who Les Paul is through my husband who plays guitar. I’ve heard of Les Paul guitars spoken of with reverence many a time. Sounds like nice guy just like our Adam! Thank you Jeanette for all you great articles and to the other contributors as well. I seldom post these days but I read everything! I have to get my daily Adam fix! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has been pulled in on his other worldly tracker beam.

  6. Hello guys!! I must say I have also been addicted to these regular emails that inform me of Adam’s life and I always make sure I have time to read through the articles that you write here. Many many thanks to the authors of these articles – you are doing such a great job – I just don’t know how you are finding time to combine it with what you all do as a daily job – simply amazed!!


  7. Thanks for the emails. This is a wonderful and wonderfully run website.


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