Old Looks, New Looks

Regardless of what we think about Adam’s new look – whether we love it or hate it – I think it’s a good idea that we get used to Adam changing up his look on a fairly regular basis. After all, for the past eight or so years, Adam’s been re-inventing himself over and over. I thought it would be fun to go back and re-visit some of those “other” Adams, some of which I love, some not so much. (You can always tell when I love a photo – I blow it up as big as I can get it!)

So below are a few photos showcasing the changes, beginning in 2001 when Adam worked on a cruise liner and was pretty just himself. From there, the photos are in no particular date order, except of course the last few, which are more recent, and the final two, taken a few days ago in New Orleans. I know he was just relaxing with friends in those NO shots and being very casual, but not a good look IMHO.

For me personally, the Adam I know is the Adam from Idol and the concert tour. That’s the look I fell in love with. Change is hard, and as I said before, the new look is not my favorite, but on the upside…it probably won’t be around for too long!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5



















  1. Dianne Hill says:

    I’m with you Jeanette and all my favourites are the ones that you have blown up big. Oh he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous. I just love him so much. I have tried to like his facial hair, and it isn’t too bad, but I can’t say I love it, but as you say Adam likes to change his look and that’s a good thing. I really think he must dye his mustache and beard because otherwise it would be strawberry blondish wouldn’t it. Thanks for these, they are just great.

    • O!M!G! Has anyone ever cried while making love to your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend? , because you love that person so much you just cry. Well I have, and the love between you both is so beautiful.Well right now that is exactly how I feel when I look at these pics of our beautiful ADAM. That darn brown suit with the zipper, again, I’m just too skerd to look at it. It’s intimidating and intimidation = love. That is my favorite!

      • You’re talking about that 38 second video, aren’t you? LOL! Been there many times!

        • HEY andi ! How are u doing? I just wanted to let you know that that video is absolutely sexoutrageous!!!!! ADAM is one heck of a sex god! Who would’ve thought that man had it in him. I wish our husbands and boyfriends had that kind of sex appeal. I wish my husband would watch ADAM’s Bowie medley and learn a few things and that’s all he would have to do. well, he may have to wear some guyliner and color his hair black and wear tight pants with a zipper too! That video just makes me want ADAM even more,I might go into a sex-craze and lose my mind,take everything I have, drive to LA and hunt his ass down and seduce him like a mad sexcrazed, mad fiery, pulling my hair out, womaniac!!!! I can’t take it! I NEED ADAM LIKE A WILD MARE ON A WILD STALLION!!! AAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is it just me, or does ADAM look out of place or not as happy as he would normally look , in the New Orleans pics? He could be a little drunk too. He could be homesick cause his twitter said “home sweet home” like he really meant it.

      • kimber, very observant of you. Couple of us said the same thing. Something is missing in Adam
        in NO. He’s used to partying, so I would think if he was drunk, he’d be smilin his A _ _ off.

        And oh, Look at the zipper, dont be skerd. Are you afraid something may pop out at you?
        You would love that, I know I would.
        One of my favs. too.

        • I’ m trying to fit my hand around it, but i have small hands and even thru the screen it’s still too big!!!!! OOH! He is definitely my Mr. Wonderful!

        • cheryl norman says:

          Mary, Mary C!!! Put your tongue back in your mouth, and stop drooling!!!!

          The pic of Adam in the hunter green is the sexiest of them all!! The pic of him wearing the double-breasted black jacket makes him look so thin, and the arms are a bit too short. But, he’s got that ‘dangerous mystique’ look going on! Sexy, my manly-man, very sexy!
          Too bad he had to be in NO. Doesn’t look very hapy there! Thin maybe he wan not! In that green velveteen scarf, he looks ‘royal’. Like a PRINCE! PRINCE OF ROCK! I bought a hat like Adam’s today, and the coolest top. It is so sick!!!! hahaha!!! It is, tho, black cropped jacket like thing with gold antique metal buttonholes but no buttons. The metal holes are on both sides, a med round and a smaller triangle, no collar, long sleeved black. You wear a white mock neck or black mock neck under it, and the color shows thru the large fake button hole, but is closed with hooks, it is so hot, I love it. I got a pair of UGG black short boots, very cool, too.

          I don’t think Adam will “open” for Lady G. She is def not attractive. Have you seen her before she got all gaga’d up? OMG! not-so-good,putting it nicely. But he does have a thing for gaga, and katy perry and madonna. Why? He’s better looking than all three together! Hahaha!!! 3 fake blondes and one Adam with black hair and gorgeous eyes, lips, nose, chin, cheeks, body, clothes, 6’1″ barefoot. HHhhhmmmmmmmm…………swallow.

          • Cheryl, my dear, you know I cant put tongue back in mouth and stop drooling.
            Looking at those pics, gets me all heated up inside. The pic with Adam in hunter
            green scarf is too hot to not drool.

            sounds like you’re getting your fall wardrobe together girl. Very cool indeed!
            Rock On.
            Lady G? nah , Adam our man is the Headliner, not gaga’s opener……
            Oh yes, I can swallow all tht gorgeousness, gulp.

            So glad you are back with us here.
            missed ya.

          • Ma cherie, seems like you have been shopping up a storm! Retail therapy does any gal the world of good. Your jacket sounds real cool! It may come in very useful when we go to Adam’s solo concert.

            As for Mary C, I don’t think she’s ever going to put her tongue back in her mouth! That’s cool so long as she keeps her tongue away from adam. I agree with Mary C – it’s good to see you back aposting! Lotsaluv and mmmmmwah

            • cheryl norman says:

              Hey, Ingrid!! Yeah, you know the saying, ‘when life gets tough, the tough goes shopping’! My rule for sure!!!

              Mary better keep her tongue away from Adam!!! Someone might just grab it and pinch it! Ya never know!! Lorrin gives me enough trouble with Adam. I don’t need Mary putting more pressure on my manly-man! I mean, he has all he can handle with me!

              I got 2 more pr of shoes, Mad World’ before the finale. I just loved that coat. Would never go out of style. Had it about 3 yrs, wore it all the time. My sister wanted to borrow it, and when she returned it, there was so much cat hair on it, I couldn’t get it clean. The dry cleaners couldn’t do a thing with it. It was like she let the cats sleep on it for a year on the floor. I have been trying to ‘replace’ it for years. That’s about the 3rd coat I loaned her and, of course, will not loan her another piece of any kind of clothing, that is if I ever see or hear from her again. Thanks for the reply, Fingrid. Good to hear from you. I’ve been ‘down’ with ulcer problems for about a week, and the last 4 days with a slipped disc. But, I think it is on the mend now. Been staying in bed with meds and heating pad. Could not walk yesterday, except all bent over. So, things are beginning to get better. Then, I’ll be able to check out this site more.
              Lotsaluv, Cherry

              • Hello, my dear, just wanted to let you know I am back to give you a little more trouble over our ‘mutual’ husband….the three weeks are up, cough him up!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LORRIN, well, my little flamingfingers, I would like to help you out, but, Adam has gone into ‘hiding’!!!! He says he can NEVER leave me! Poor guy! But, I knew it all along. I have been giving him some ‘special’ vitamins for a while. Now, for some reason, he won’t leave my side. hhmmmm………..I just wonder if those vitamins have anything to do with it?……..Naw! It’s just obsession!

                  • Those are NOT vitamins, Ms. Naughty Cheryl, as you know perfectly well….hand those over too, while you’re at it! Thank you…..allright, now, slow and easy, hand over the guy next….no more sass from you, Miss C. Winkie Norman!

                    • cheryl norman says:


                      OH, WELL, I just can’t hear you. Too bad. Bummer. But hope you are well. Adam and I have been doing mighty good!!!!

                      LORRIN! CAN YOU HEAR ME????!!!!! darn it.

      • Maybe he is just tired. I know he is a constant motion kind of guy but I wonder if he should just slow down and have some down time. Something about Drake bugs me. I don’t get the feeling they will be together too long.I don’t get the vibe that he understands Adam is the treasure that he is. Just my observations of their interactions in photos. Sorry.

    • From what I’ve heard about being new in the music business, you still have to build your fan base.
      As much as I love Adam, the AI base will only carry him so far. He will only have one album out so he will either have to do a solo tour in smaller venues or open or co-headline with someone else. Lady GAGa is pretty hot right now but even she has been playing smaller places. Together they could really bring in more people. It will really depend on his record sales. I think this would be good for him and he really loves her.

      • OOPS! My comment should go with the thread about GaGa’s tour- sorry.

      • Don’t hate me either, guys, but I think Heidi is right. No matter how we love Adam and think he is #1, he still has to build himself and his fanbase up. HIS TIME IS GONNA COME, it will.

      • hummm, I dont know. If Adam were to perform his show in smaller venues that would
        be an ideal concert. Even with one album out, which presales have already broke record sales, he still has a catalogue of music choices on top of that he can sing.
        With all the theatricality he wants to bring on and wardrobe changes, dancing and singing
        he can do, OMG I cant wait for the explosion to happen.
        I still can see Adam solo and having his own opening artist whoever that may be?
        He is just so brilliant at knowing what he wants to do and how,, I can hardly wait for the
        Rock on Adam

        • Hello everyone – on this question of Adam and the smaller or larger venues I have only one thing to say: Adam is the ‘Field Of Dreams’ and the world-wide audience in their hundreds of thousands are ‘They’…..his advance promotion with the smaller venues and smaller co-stars was the AI tour. At this point in history, Adam Lambert is the #1 artist for music sales (with only word-of-mouth publicity and NO ALBUM), and his fame has already gone out throughout the world. People are dying to see him, hear him, possess his albums…..so, set Adam Lambert ‘out there’ and ‘they’ will come….make it a big stadium, and ‘they’ will fill it!

    • hi ally its brandy i love adam lambert and his mustach!!!

    • hi ally its brandy!!! i can play the clarenet

  2. Sorry Jeanette,
    I am off the topic but I am so excited!!!
    New rumors (may be not) about our Adam!! If it is true, It is AW SOME!!!!!
    Quote:The Twitterverse got on fire today when it was announced that Lady GaGa and Kanye West will no longer be having their Fame Kills Tour. Enter Adam Lambert. Adam, who’s new album is set to be released on November 24 and is already breaking pre-sale records is rumored to be the opening act for GaGa on a new tour which has not been structured yet
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows when does her tour start????

    What do you think about this “rumor”? I think it’s true! You remember a month or so ago there were some articles talking about the possibility of their collaboration?!!! Adam tweeted her about her new hair colour… as if they know each other…. That would be wonderful!!! ZI mean if he opens her concert!!! I am buying tickets!!!!

    • Sorry, but I hope this is not going to happen. Adam doesn’t need to be some second-rate opening act to a “big” star. When are people going to believe that Adam has his own fan base, and doesn’t need someone else to carry him? Isn’t going to #1 on Amazon in 3 days proof enough? Will be soooo disappointed if this is true. I had all I could take during Idol with Adam being “No. 2” – he needs to be “No. 1”!!!

      • It’s not about being#1 or #2…We know that Adam #1!!!!!! My sister will be furious, she hates Lady Gaga! LOL
        But Adam loves Lady Gaga and he said numerous times that it is his dream to sing with her! I am so happy for him! Looks like all his dreams come true!!!

        • I adore Lady Gaga and for Adam to Tour with her would be a dream for me. I have thought so many times what a concert that would be! She was coming to my area, but wouldnt buy tickets because didnt want to pay for Kayne (just done care for him at all). Is Adam #1 to me..YES, but it seems like a dream for him too. I hope this becomes a reality. Lady Gaga does the theatrics, costumes and makeup. They both are smart and clever young folks with great vision for what their fans want. Please dont hate on me for my opinion…I love Adam…already bought presale album and will buy the deluxe edition also. I just think Lady Gaga is one cool chick. If Adam thinks this is a smart move he will go for it…it would be a chance to pull his own ideas together for his solo tour! Adam is #1 and has an amazingly HUGE fan base who adore him, he would sell out all on his own and cant wait for that to happen.

          • I also think alot of this decision will have to do with his album sales. Which we know will
            prove to be a huge success.

          • Anroln,
            Why should we hate you?.. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion!
            As for me, I absolutely agree with you… To sing with her is his dream and If he thinks it is good for him, go Adam! I trust him… He is very smart and talented.. . He knows what he is doing…

          • Cathie Bair says:

            Having dealt with the horror of my neighbor’s 18 year old son hanging himself this year, I was not happy to see Lady Gaga’s performance with al the blood and gore and the rope around her neck. I love Adam and I believe he has many OLDER fans like myself who will support him, but I don’t think my generation wil go see him with Lady Gaga. I too have purchased his advanced sale CD.
            I won’t stay away from his concert if he is with her, I will just leave after he is finished!

      • I agree. Like the line in Black or White song he sang, “he is second to none”. Adam needs someone opening up for HIM, he is a major star now, he does not to open up for anyone.

        • Trish, I agree with you 150% – Adam Lambert doesn’t have to play second fiddle to anyone, and that includes Lady Gaga. He’s number 1; hasn’t released one single solitary note on this CD, and has surpassed MJ, Barbra Streisand, and The Beatles in pre – sales. Let somebody noteworthy open for him on his solo tour – now that sounds much better!!

      • Jeanette, You took the words right out of my mouth.. That is the first thing I thought of when I read this new rumor.. Adam shouldn’t be an opening act for anyone… He is way too strong to be a lead-in for any artist.. HE Should be the main attraction !!! NOT THE WARM UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE…. just saying.

      • Jeanette, I agree whole-heartedly! Lady Gaga would probably use Adam as a draw card. I can understand if it was the other way round. Adam needs to go solo. He doesn’t owe Lady Gaga or anyone else, ANYTHING! I would also be very disappointed if this is true. Very clever tactics on Lady Gaga and her producer’s part if this is to happen. We want to see Adam period! I suspect that there are quite a few “Lady Gaga’s” around who will want to exploit Adam. Please God, let this NOT happen!

        • … the pics are awesome! Strawberry blond, black hair, WHATEVER! Adam is drop-dead gorgeous!

          • If I was to meet ADAM, I would dare him to go back to being his natural color strawberryblonde. His voice is naturally beautiful and so should his looks because we love him no matter what. I think he is gorgeous in the pic with the twin towers. That is the ADAM I love. I want to see him in his true form. But darn, he looks so doggone good in frkn BLACK!!!!!! And he is not overweight in the NO pics, he is BIGGGG and MEATTTTTY!!!!!

        • Dear God, do NOT let this happen to our dear Adam….I don’t care how much he loves her, or how much he wants to collaborate with her, this CAN’T happen! For one thing, Lady Gaga’s North American tour with Kanye West was just cancelled for no reason, and I don’t like the idea of Adam ‘following’ on the coat tails of that whole thing. I really could not BEAR to think of Adam starting out his career as a shill for ANY act! I truly am asking for heavenly intervention here! This is horrifying news!

          By the way, Glambs, I just found one of the source sites for this rumor. I have posted it directly below.

          • Here is one of the source sites for the rumor that Adam might possibly ‘open’ for the Lady Gaga tour:


            • bonmatin ..lisette here..thenks Jeanette an all glambs..an Adam beauhearte for taking away pain..injurie to lefthand,hardly typin w/one hand..longstory cut with heavyaluminum foil(soiled) from removing from parents crypt ..to er last nite..up takin painmed..thout I’d see best artiste/an angel Adam an some frends for comfort..Thenks for lovli photos..tresbeau in all..Re: lady gaga agree with lorrrin(thenks for notes..reply soon,when hand mends..An thinq Adam has trop talent to be 2nd au opening act..Adam wil soon av his own magnifique tours..his cd will sell platinum for sure..an can see him in new ventures in film/tv too/perhaps Flashforward ..still thinqing of thet last episode..miss lastnite..due to sitting in Strose urgentcare..Anything new re: Adam?I came to see l’angel of musique to feel some joie an take away pain..av to go..hand throbbing now..blessings to all an always best vocaliste/artiste with voix,hearte an soul d’angeli…Adam! j’adore vous!
              Luv to all …Lisettexoxoxo


              • Hey lisette! hope you aredoing okay today. I am new here and I just wanted you to know that reading your posts you seem to be such a sweet person. I’m so glad we are all here together for ADAM. I keep listening to ADAM’s A Change is Gonna Come over and over. I loooove it so much. Let’s keep in touch, I like you.

              • lisette, take care of yourself me sweet one. You are truly dedicated typing with one hand.

              • Ohh, Lisette
                Sorry to hear about your hand…. Hope you feel better soon..

              • MY DEAR LISETTE
                LOTS OF LOVE FROM ISRAEL\

              • Evette #419 says:

                Lisette, sweetie, hope you are feeling better. Take care!

                • lisette here..bonmatin all lovli glambs above..soo sweet for welwishes..grande hugs nbisous..im typing here onehande..hed to av stitches (in er yesterday..as bleding wouldnon stop)..between forefingre an thumb where all capillarie are…wound all from heavy tinfoil thet was scrunch into budvase of crypt al mama’s grave..i’ll nevre try n pull out agan..next teme place infront of her place there ..soo nice to see all an taking meds for apain antibiotic..soo just to say hello an grande bisous for nous angel d’musique …Adam..His photos here r rai of lit an like petit bit of heaven..tresbeau inward/outward..his hearte,soul,voix an face…one of kinde like michelangelo’s au raphael painting…perfection…j’etaime Lisette..an luv to all here…mmmmmwoi bisous ,Lorrin,Cindi,Evette, Emili,Mary C. Timber,Ofra,Sherry,Lee,CherylIngrid,Jeanette,Sue..many more….xoxoxoxo

                  • Hi Lisette! I am sorry to hear about your hand – please take care. You are a passionate Glamb! Not even a painful hand will keep you from Adamising. Love to you and mmmmmmmmmmmwah

                    • lisette here..grande hugs lovli Ingrid..althout in pain..nothing will stop a petit note to all of yu here..an nous ange d’musique..crying to thinq i av misse soo many lovli posts..an threds so reading mostli now..an am toche by all le compassions an kindness we all share with one anothre..all for one angelique hearte..non othre then Adam Lambert..Sans thes l’homme there’d nevre be any tributepage an he has united heartes too arounde l’monde..in every country seeing here..Dont thinq any artiste/au musician as done thes in histoire of musique..Adam will be here for many yers,genertiones an even perhaps teens(now) granchildren to know an adore..just like passe legendes thet of gone now as Elvis,Sinatra,Michel…Adam will be in thes bel companie..but j’espere he has a longe an fruitful life..perhaps he’ll reach 100 yers given medical advancementes now! blessings an luv always lisettexoxo

            • Thanks Lorrin, for the info. Reminds me of the rumour that went around about Adam to be
              the lead singer of Queen. He never heard of that and he said he would love to do A
              song with them, his intentions were not to be in their band. So I would just let this go as
              another one of those things on the ole Rumour Mill.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I totally agree with you Lorrin, it’s a horrifying thought! Adam would definitely be a draw for that tour, not the other way around. I hope it doesn’t happen! Adam needs to prepare for his SOLO tour.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              P.S. I think I’m needing a “chill pill”. This is awful. I wish rumours like this didn’t start–yuck!

              • Helen,
                I’ve just posted above that you might need your chill pills and here we go… LOL
                Don/t be stressed.
                hugs and love,

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Hi Gala
                  Oh, that’s funny! I just saw your post. Great minds thinks alike, eh?
                  Hugs to you too!

          • cheryl norman says:

            Hey Lorrin!!! No, Adam will not open for gaga. I won’t ‘allow’ it! She is a ‘has been’ already and she hasn’t been anywhere! Adam is just confused right now. He’s probably getting her mixed up with a guy! He needs to de-stress from going off the tour. He hasn’t regained his own mind yet! He’ll soon realize what a hot, hot, manly-man he is!!!!!
            Luv, Cheryl

            • Thank you, Cheryl, yes, yes, I needed that….just with one song alone, ‘Whole Lotta Love’, or something just as wild with those decibels, he would blow Lady G. clear out of the water…..there is NO ONE who can compete with him…..are these people all ASLEEP?

        • Ingrid, so true. Speculations are that Lady G wanted to cancel Kanye after all the controversy at the


      • Jeanette I with you on this one, Adam does not need to be an opening act for anyone, he has already hit the #1 preseales spot with Amazon, once his single and album are released it will go sky high. Internaional fans are begging for Adam for Adam to have a solo tour, do I want to pay money to just see a bit of Adam and then a lot of someone else, NO. Adam hit the big time sicne the AI competition, the ADAMSTORM began with the AI tour, once the album is out it will be a HURICANE. All of Adams fans are doing all the PR by word of mouth, we now mean business, the real campaign has just began, we will kick up such a storm that Adam will have to tour solo. I want to see Adam and whatever else Adam creates for us to see, I am sure his shows will be quite something, his imagination and creativity, his voice, the theatrical performance, that fantastic body, his dance moves, OMG!!!!!!!!! Collaboration yes, Number #2 NO, Adam is NUMBER ONE ROCK GOD.

      • JosieNurse says:

        Lady GaGa is a “flash in the pan” gimmickie entertainer, with a 6 note singing range who has to do stupid, outrageous things in her “act” to get any attention. She has NO staying power in the world of entertainment and a limited fan base who will dump her when the next weird act comes out. In 10 years no one will remember anything about her “talent”

        Adam’s has a range of talent that is unlike anyone in this Century. If he is managed correctly…and if he takes control of his career …. and if he develops all aspect of his career….he will obtain SUPERSTAR status for the rest of his life and have huge fan bases in a wide variety of venues and age groups.

        In NO WAY should he ever agree to be an opening act for a mini-talent like GaGa. Frankly, I would prefer he have nothing to do with such a lite-weight, but if anything, she shoud open for him.

        Be careful who you associate your self with Adam – especially in the early days of building you career!!!

        • lisette here bonmatin..Josie see yu on twittre plse join me as I av added yu ..enjoe yur posts..an we all adore Adam..takecare..lisettex0x

          • JosieNurse says:

            lisette….what is your Twitter name? I don’t see you following me? Do you have a different name?

            Any of you Glambs doing Twitter ? If so, I’m on there as JosieNurse.
            I’m new to Twitter. Just bought a new iPhone to try and Twitter easier. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize people pm Twitter if you use different names.

            I’m learning many new things due to Adam Lambert and he is is sure costing me lots of money!! Ha Ha

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Well said JosieNurse.

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more, JosieNurse!!! GaGa (no “Lady”!!!) goes for the shock value w/extreme outfits, wigs, etc…All that “blood” down her front at the VMA was just gross. Madonna did a lot of this type of stuff, too, & parlayed her mediocre vocals into super-stardom. Too many others now doing the same….easy to forget & won’t stand the test of time. Adam has true talent, great vocal range & power.(no need for “auto-tune” or lip-synch on stage)…If he chooses to play it up with all the glitz & glamour, that’s great, but he doesn’t NEED to do all that to move people with his music. If he wants to give GaGa a boost & do an occasional duet with her, OK…but NO combo tour with her or anyone else. He can SOLO right now!

        • Totally agree with you Josie, Adam is not opening act for lady GaGa, he is far too talented, better vocal range, he does not have to relly on gimmicks to get the attention of the audience.

    • Gala, I think Adam should be his Own opening Act. I mean he is much to big to be an opener.
      His album sells will prove this.
      He has mentioned working with Lady G, but to open for her?

      He might have Allison or Megan open for Him. I would love to see Adam have his solo
      concert, much more of our Hot Sexy Beast on stage……………

      I read where Lady G was to busy to collaborate with him at one point and then is she now
      wanting him to tour with her??? Forget it. Adam go soloooooooooooooooo.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I sooooooooooooooo hope this rumor is just that, a rumor, and WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

        Adam can’t be someone else’s opening act. I know he said he would love to collaborate with Lady Gaga….he can duet with her in a new album, his or hers……but not on tour. Praying this never happens.



        PS: Love Adam always, but prefer him in black hair…with or without make up…NO FACIAL HAIR…..TOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL TO COVER HIS FACE

      • Sorry Mary,
        but I will go to the concert anyway… I am not big of Lady Gaga… I like her theatrics though… and her voice is not bad… not sure about how she dresses on stage… LOL
        But it means to me that I will see Adam soon.. And he is a big boy… and smart on! If he decides to join her, it’s up to him…he knows what he is doing and what is best for him… He proved it staying himself on the American Idol!

        • I wanted to say : big FAN of Lady Gaga,…

        • Lady G is defin. way out there. Her papparazzi video, kind of got to me and the performance
          she did of that song on MTV’s awards , yuk. Her hanging herself. Gave me the creeps.

          I have to say if this was true, and I hope its not, I will go to see Adam of course…………

          • Mary,
            Hehe… I will go with you but we’ll leave after Adam finishs… Right?!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Me too, I would leave after Adam is done, but again, I hope this doesn’t happen. I hope he would spend the time to perfect his own tour rather than hurrying up to tour with her.

              • I agree, I’d rather he did a tour of smaller venues if he has to, to start with.. let’s say 5 000? But I’ll bet if Alison did his opener and she dueted a couple of songs he could command a fairly large audience already.

                The problem is, how do we know with those advance orders, what it really means? We are avid fans and we are the ones who did the advance ordering/ It will still take time for those who just barely know his name or don’t know him at all to get to ‘hear’ him on radio and TV, and then maybe decide to take in his concert. Most people to whom I’ve ‘introduced’ Adam by music think he is a great singer, or at least a good singer, but some are not particularly attracted to his genre (s) of music yet.

                I’m trying to be realistic here. Show biz is cutthroat and money talks. I wonder how Daughtry has done this year in his tour and how large his venues are?
                Most of us gauged Adam’s fanbase by visual counts at the Idol concerts we attended. We ‘think’ half or more of those there came for Adam but we do not know for sure.

                Then again, how long does an entertainer wait till a tour is arranged? How long after an album is out? Based on sales? Or does the tour amp up the sales?

                ONe thing we know for sure, Adam is becoming ever more ‘visible’ in the media. Apparently he was on TV several times this past week. I was out of the country for 5 days and missed it all but saw the HLN segment. All of these little ‘appearances’ help and make others who hardly know of him, become interested or at least curious about what his music will sound like. Curiosity is all we need, and we know, they will be ‘sold’ on our lovely man!

            • Oh yes

          • Yo Mary Mom, how are you doing! Adam doing something like this would also make me go gaga! Let all them ‘stars’ stand in line to get a spot on Adam’s parade, certainly not the other way round. Uuuuuuuuuurgh! Adam is such a nice guy that he may just indulge Lady Gaga, but I hope not.

            • Hey Ingrid, doing well thanks. I would go gaga with you. I gotta a feeling he wants his
              Own Show.

              He is so sweet though, oh what a sweetie pie……………
              I just want to smooch his cute little lips…………..

              • Yeah, I’m and don’t we all! Ooooooooooh, I could so live with that, my sista! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Mary
        I’ve always said I would love Allison and Adam to tour together. Allison would be a great opening act for him. I don’t think at this point that she could carry her own tour, but with Adam, it would be great and good for her too.

        • What about Kris? I think ADAM and Kris ought to do a reality t.v. show together called “the real ODDCOUPLE” . Reality shows are the thing now and! we would get to see ADAM again on t.v. I believe those two do have a good chemistry like the oddcouple. I believe ADAM and Kris would bring a lot of people together. Spread the LOVE! ILOVE YOU ADAM!!

          • i dont like kris using adam that’s crazy! it should be the other way around because he won

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Totally agree. Although I love the friendship they have, enough already of Kris and Adam. Adam is the star. let Kris go out and make it on his own–he is the American Idol after all. Allison and Adam would be a great fit–both rockers!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                P.S. This reply posted to perllee.

              • I’d like to see Adam and Kris to a spot on SNL. They would be adorable. Then do some singing too.

                • :((( I like Adam and Kris together… I agree Mary, they ARE adorable together… And I don’t feel that Kris is using Adam… may be 19 do… I believe that they are very very good friends and Kris respects and admires Adam (they probably all do, I mean Idols… Except Danny… He envies him…)

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Gala, as I said above I love Kris and Adam’s friendship. Love all the vids out there with the two of them together. That’s a great idea to do something like SNL together and sing a few songs. I just don’t think they’re a good fit to do a tour together. Although, they would probably have sell out crowds. Their music is too different. Allison and Adam would be a good fit for touring. I also do not feel Kris is using Adam at all, but I just think at this point they should be doing their own thing. Maybe down the road they could get together again, but right now they have to make their own separate paths.

                    • Helen,
                      100% agree on separate paths. Enough sharing Adam with somebody else…. We want only Adam, nobody else!!!

            • Hey perllee! thnxs for replying. I understand, but I believe ADAM and Kris do cherish each others friendship, especially after all they’ve gone thru with AI, the media, the tour, and so on. This is just my opinion, but one Aidol I was not comfortable watching was MG. He seemed to me always trying to get attention and when it was convenient, there he would be next to ADAM. I didn’t get good vibes from him, just watching him there in Dallas at the meet and greets, he reminded me of someone I had those same vibes about. I’m glad you responded ,let’s talk more.

          • Kim, reality shows are for ‘has-beens’ or ‘never-was’s”. It would be the beginning of the end for Adam. However, one single show, like a special with the two of them would be fun to see!

        • Helen, Megan may love to be opening act for him too. Remember their long goodbye hugs.
          So sweet.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Mary, I’m sure Megan would LOVE to be his opening act, but he needs someone who can actually SING!!! LOL!!! (which rules me out, I’d love to be his opening act too!) Actually, I kind of like Megan. I think she got better as the tour went on and she’s kind of quirky and does her own thing and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I like that about her!

        • Helen, I so agree with you. Adam and Allison would do well together although Adam will most probably still be the main attraction and that’s cool. Kris is a nice guy but it would do Kris no favours to tour with Adam because Adam will so over-shadow him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam and Allison do something together, even a concert.

          Allison can hold her own unlike Megan, who is also veeeeeeeeeeery fond of Adam. Megan performing with Adam would highlight her amateurism in the face of Adam’s unique talent. I have nothing against her other than the fact that I think she has the serious hots for him.

          Allison appearing as a guest artist in Adam’s concerts would be great! Lotsaluv to you, Helen of Troy, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

  3. After I posted this new “rumor” ( i am sure it is NOT a rumor!!!!), I can breath….
    I had a look at the pictures… WOW Jeanette, I thought I have all of them… LOVED the third from the end!!!! Adam is so beautiful!!!! Love his lip freckles! So cute!!!
    thank you for posting them!!

    • All those freckles are God-made tattoos of sparkles and glitter! I love his beautiful freckles!

      • Kim,
        You sound as you are in love????!!! Are you???

        • I have never cried over a STAR so much in my life. I would cry almost every day over ADAM just being so proud of him or feeling bad cause he has worked so hard his entire life to get noticed. How can this beautiful human being with this beautiful God given gift be ignored or left out in the cold to struggle like he did. WTF! I was so mad at all the stupid and lame and boring people in this country for not making a simple logical decision to give this man the recognition he soley deserves!!! (shaking and crying). YES I DO LOVE ADAM LAMBERT WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I know I’ll never meet him but he gives me hope and love.

          • kimber, why do you say you will never meet him? Think positive. You never know.

            • You’re right. To get his rs mag was a dream come true,didn’t think I would get it. To go to his concert was an absolute dream come true. And now after writing in this ridiculous journal for almost 2 mos, and reading all of the GLAMBS’s posts on my phone every day, I am sitting here talking to all of you!!!!!! You all have been a dream come true for me as well! I just have so many feelings inside for ADAM and no one to share them with. I want to send ADAM this journal I’ve kept and I just finished as I was starting this site. If I didn’t, I was going to offer Jeanette if she would like to read it. This journal has been my only escape to talk to ADAM. Call me crazy, but I have it bad for ADAM!

              • kimber, Your journal sounds very special. We all have it bad for Adam and its a Good feeling.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Ok Kimber, we all know how you feel, it’s all good. He’s driven all of us to absolute ecstasy, joy, and wonderment. Good things are happening for Adam now and he’s in a good place in his life. It will only get better as time goes on.
                Do you need a chill pill, hon? (just teasing!)

                • Oh HELEN ! Are you putting me on the “chill-pill” list? Yes of course! Can I have a lifetime refill prescription please? And thank you! Please include any side effects if any and dosage amount per day. I’m here to stay and hopefully join some of you for ADAM’s solo tour. We will have one big party!!!!

                • Helen/Canada, please give a megan a couple of ‘chill pills’ as well! Mmmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

          • Don’t be upset, Kim…
            Just think that NOW Adam is getting what he deserves…. That’s the truth about Entertainment industry… You need to be pushy or bitchy (sorry for this word…) in order to get into… and Adam is not like that..
            But he is smart and he tried American Idol and it worked!!!
            He’ll be good from now on… Don’t cry anymore… :(((

          • Lisette here..bless yu for above post..agree nevre doubt yu can meet Adam someday m’amie as Im one of few thet avnon seen his summerconcerts..but av faith even thru illness,an as old diana ross songe says..Aint no montain high enough..ant no river wide enough ..can keep me from yu..meaning Adam!!..I av knoledge of old songes having oldre siblings..An thes is one yu shold listen to..Beliv yur dremes will come true..as we’ll all await his solotour! where ar yu from Kimber? pardon for sloppy post onehande Lily now!..Take care luv an hugs Lisette!

            • The beautiful Lisette! Thank you so much for replying. You are a true romantic, you and my husband have similar writings. He too is a romantic. Thank you for the encouragement. How is your hand and arm? I’m sure the pain feels as if it is all over, when one part of your body is not well, the rest feels just as bad. I always said that ADAM is magical, literally. For him to have this kind of effect on us all,you know he is a true wonder of this world, I believe someone else had said this about him. What’s funny, is that I had also read a comment by another, that ADAM was the chosen ONE. …….NAH!!!!!…..I do recall D ROSS song, didn’t connect, but maybe if ADAM was to sing it to me it just might inspire me to believe that someday I could possibly meet him. Thank you again for replying, we should talk more. I LOVE YOU ADAM! PEACE! LOVE! LIGHT! CHEERS TO ADAM AND THE GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!!!!!

  4. puteri abdul says:

    lurve the photos….especially the blown up ones ( guess, we are in the same boat jeanette )….
    but adam being adam….. whatever looks he has on him, still luv him the same ……

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    No 13 is my favourite and No 9. God I could drown in those eyes. He has me hypnotised.

    And I am with Jeanette, he should be headlining his own tour not opening for somebody else, even if it is Lady Gaga, I think his talent outranks hers by a mile, no make that a 100 miles.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      lol you would…. I actually like nearly all of his looks…..esp no..4… even though I dont think it will last…. he’s cute whatever he does… he can park his shoes by my bed anytime…. unlikely but I’m allowed to wish….
      I dont want him to open for anyone… imagine when he’s finished and everyone leaves thinking the concert is over…. lol. Maybe she could open for him…. that way people would hear her…

        SORRY, ADAM———–When Adam sees how well his album sells, he’ll know that he can do his own tour as ” #1 ” NO>NO>NO NOT AN OPENING ACT FOR ANYONE <NO<NO<NO

        THANKS JEANETTE FOR THE PICTURES!! I think that he came to us via AI at the right time in the stage presents that he brought forth. But, then that was when I fell heads over heels for him, the looks really have nothing to do with that voice that no one elses can come close to touching..
        If I had to pick my favorite picture, I would have to go with No 13, those eyes! No 4, when I see this picture I always want to ask Adam,” just what were you thinking about when that was taken?”

        • Lisa and Lee, I LOVE # 4 too. He looks like a YOUNG HOT AND SEXY STUD!
          And with that look on his face, shows his confidence that he knows it too.

          First large pic, reminds me of his look performing B&W very sexy too.

          Then how can we not love the pic with his band Citizens Vein? Those tight pants!!!
          Adam you know how to bring it on baby……………

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Totally agree, I love #4 too, even though I don’t like facial hair, I could live with that look. And #7 with those brown pants and zipper again, OMG, he makes me tingle! Love #13, the close up of his beautiful face. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

            • Hi Helen, dearest sista Glamb! It sounds like it is ‘cold shower’ time again. Lotsaluv & mmmmmmmmmmmwah

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Hello lovely Ingrid, it’s good to hear from you. How is S. Africa today! It is raining and cold here in Canada–but no fear, it is not snowing yet, ha, ha! We get a lot of fruit from Africa this time of the year–yummy, buy not as yummy as our gorgeous Adam. It’s too cold today to take a cold shower, so I’ll just have to be tingly all day! Lots of love and hugs to you!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  that’s “but” not buy, hee, hee!

                  • Helen, we have had to perfect summer days! Spent most of the day just chilling in the garden. I am so glad you like our fruit. South African exports a huge amount of fruit. Summer fruit is just the best. Have you ever been to Cape Town or South Africa for that matter. I must admit that I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else in the World. In Cape Town we have mountains, the sea, the winelands, country side, all very accessible. All very beautiful but bleak by comparison, to our beautiful, gorgeous … just a sec, just have to wipe up the drool, … okay sexy, sensual, … just wiping the sweat from my brow, …well, you know what I mean! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmmmwah

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Sounds wonderful (chilling in the garden all day). Are you a gardener Ingrid? I am, love being in my garden and puttering around in the dirt! South Africa sounds beautiful too, I have never been there. Maybe one day!

            • the brown outfit just blows my mind away! I can’t keep my eyes off of it, i mean him.

          • MARY C/; Yeah I agree with what Adam in #4 is thinking, only adding, maybe he is also thinking ” Gotcha” and for sure he does !!!!! THE WHOLE WIDEWORLD !!!

    • Dianne, spot on – let’s make it marathon! Hugs & Mmmmwah

  6. oooohhhh! i love all the looks… it’s nice to see him with the other hair colors… he’s really gorgeous and does he have style!

  7. lorraine #440 says:

    Ladies—-Cool down {as far as your opinions about Adam’s recent “facial hair photos” are concerned!} My son tried EVERY kind of facial hair style ,as well as regular hair styles and colours you can imagine, when he was in college and beyond.It’s just what guys do! Adam is Adam -and who could notice any thing else besides his gorgeous sky blue eyes and beautiful smile anyhow? Not to mention his “other worldly” voice.
    And, I’m with you Jeanette et al—Adam never should be an opening act/performer for ANYONE!!! He is a headliner on the world stage. Thank you for the great pictures; I especially love the ones you enlarged!

    • Lorraine, that is so true ( two sons, one grandson) but remember before the 20th century men were the ‘peacocks’ and were much more colourfully dressed than women most of the time. Poor guys, they don’t have much to work with, hair, beards etc…

  8. Personally I love the blonde with long hair….. ooooohhhhhh but I love them all ….. he is who he is and I just love

  9. I love his look in the number four picture. SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  10. I look at one picture and love him. I look at the next picture and love him there, and it goes on and on. I don’t think that ADAM will keep the facial hair. I think that he just wanted to grow the ‘stache/goatee because it’s a way to totally relax after his tour…now he’s on his own, and can be free to shave or not shave. ADAM is beautiful no matter what!

    • I love the facial hair look – so masculine. I think it takes more effort to have the facial hair tough. First he has to trim it, then dye it black (as they come out strawberry blond), in oppose to just shave it clean.

  11. I love all the pictures except the last two. Whoever took the picture managed to make him appear chubbier than he looked on the donorchose video. Love him with any hair color, w/wo facial hair. What a sexy creature!

  12. I really hope that it’s a rumor.Adam can stand alone.He doesn’t need to be the opening act for anyone.I think everyone is antisapating the ADAM LAMBERT TOUR. I’ve been waiting for HIS tour. I didn’t see the Idol tour for that very reason.Adam recently said his album was coming out he was going to make a couple of videos and then tour.I hope so.I love the pictures jeanette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The crowd in the pics with Adam and Drake look a bit like Drake! Drakes’ family – no, yes????

  14. JEANETTE, you have done it again, ritht in the middle of the working day, I have a room full of students, what do I see on my screen, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, ADAM LAMBER, couple of those photos have me in orbit once again. I love Adam, but I am not keen on the new look, get rid of the hair Adam, please, you do not need it.

  15. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    AAAAHHHHHHH! lovely!!

  16. Thanks so much, Jeanette for the pictures! I love Adam any way he decides to look. After all, it’s still him! And that’s all that matters. I don’t like the idea of him being an opening act for Lady Gaga or anyone else! He should have his own tour and have someone else open for him! It would be fun to have Alison be his opening act!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      yeah, i’m not “thrilled” with Our Adam opening for the GAGA Lady either,,event tho i know he wants to work w/ her,,i think Adam is too smart to ride her coattails or whatever {since she doesn’t wear pants},,{haha} i hope he concentrates on his solo tour,,20 minutes of Adam performing was just *not* enough for me,,even tho the meetngreet was fabulous,,:)

  17. Love the pics Jeanette….wow Adam has so many looks and I think he loves changing it up….likes to keep us guessing! I love the look with his longish straight hair and the pic of him wearing the “peacoat” (remember those?)….he looks young there, but still HOT!

    I agree, Adam should NOT be the opening act for anyone! If Lady Gaga wants to come on stage and perform a duet with Adam on his solo tour….great….otherwise, not! Our Adam should be the STAR that he is….

  18. earlzagurl4u says:

    Thanks Jeanette for these pics,,I simply loooove them all,,but then again, tears spring to my eyes every time I see a *pic* of Adam,,,he is simply beautiful and perfect in every way,,{{{{*sigh*}}}}

  19. adamismyangel says:

    I love all these pix!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them Jeannette!! I hadn’t seen the first one b4! Gawd, he is just the most gorgeous man on the planet, I swear he is!! I LOVE his new look, but I’d love him NO MATTER WHAT!!

  20. I agree with most comments above. The first thing I wrote on Twitter re the Lady Gaga thing was No NO NO NO. Adam is his own planet and others should orbit around him. He can not be an opening act.
    Also I saw on twitter, they are casting for his MUSIC VIDEO. Asking for normal looking types, businessmen, medics etc. CANT WAIT.

    • Kathy, how exiting about the casting for MV.

      Ok all of us normal looking people, lets go audition……………………………….

      • Mary!!!!!!!
        Great idea!!! WHERE IS the audition??? if ii in LA, i am buying the ticket! LOL

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Mary, Adam in a music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can hardly wait. I just bought a new 32″ HD TV
        yesterday for better Adam viewing! They’re doing a video, which means the time is getting closer and closer for his single release?

    • Right on! Can’t wait! I need a new t.v. performance to play over and over and over and over……..!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Kathy, where on Twitter do you get that kind of info. Don’t really know how to do twitter. I just follow Adam and a couple others, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. Didn’t see anything on Adam’s twitter about that.

      • Helen,
        Contact me through Jeanette, I’ll give you a few tips….

      • Helen, who are you on Twitter? If you don’t want to put that down here, then please go to the little tab on the top right of your home page where it says ‘Find People’. When the blank box comes up, type in AdamssAngel, and click on the ‘Follow’ box when AdamssAngel comes up. You can write me a message and I will pick up on it, or I will simply see you in my ‘followers’ list, and I will start following you…then, if there’s anything I can help you with on Twitter, I will be very glad to do it!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Lorrin
          I’m glad you mentioned Twitter. I forgot to tell you that I started following you a few days back. With all this recent excitement about everything, including your new venture, I totally forgot. I’m Glamb4ever. I don’t really tweet though, I really don’t know what I’m doing at all. I just signed up so I could follow Adam. Now I’m following Michael, Matt, Allison, Kris and Megan and now you, just so I could hopefully get more news about Adam, because he doesn’t tweet alot! But I’ll give it a go and maybe send you a message one day, ha, ha!

          • That’s great, Helen! I’ll go back and pick up on you, and send you a message….you’ll be getting lots of news in no time…see you in a bit!

      • Helen, you can go to Adam’s home page, then click on who he is following and scroll down them and choose to follow whomever…. just click on their twitter name and in upper left choose ‘follow’. Sometimes we learn more about him that way.

    • Kathy, this is too good to be true! OH, my heart be still, stop beating so fast.
      Adam, you are just “IT” all the way!

  21. just wondering what would had happen to adam if he instead of a music career woul had persued a modelling career, he looks great on those 2 shots and on every picture he takes, he really knows his angles and how to express fierceness in his eyes, ok ok ill stop watching ANTM jeje but my point is…mr male model could have been greater than zoolander LOL!

    • i imagine adam posing for a giorgio armani and other famous designers etc in the future, i hope anyone of them will consider hmp

      • Hey perllee, I have often thought the same thing. The two shots of Adam with the extra-long, spiky hair with the pea coats on, are sensational fashion shots. On Twitter, it is fascinating to go take a look at Adam’s Home Page to see who he is following…one of the people he follows is Karl Lagerfeld, which I thought was so interesting. I just saw the fabulous documentary about Valentino Garvani, the great fashion designer who recently retired from the active fashion scene, and quite a long portion near the end was devoted to the conversation between Valentino and Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld’s very cutting-edge fashions for men would be a perfect match for Adam’s more avant-garde look. I would love to see him do this in the future.

        And about that starring with someone else in a live tour – what I want to see and hear are Adam’s singles, albums, and then his music videos come out (which will absolutely captivate the REST of the world who don’t know who he is yet, and will delight his legions of fans who DO), and then for him to do his OWN live tour, or maybe two of them. THEN, after he is established as the premier singer of the known world, he can invite others to tour with him…..the only person I would make exception for in that scenario would be Allison…she would be a perfect opening act for him, and it would benefit her, too. Otherwise, FORGET IT, Adam must take hold of his fame on his own! (But of course, HE knows that….I’m sure he’s got the whole thing thought out, and has been way ahead of us for months, even years ago, so why worry…but I do get so wound up when these crazy rumors start up about him.) Perhaps we should all be flattered for Adam when these rumors start up, because it shows that he is truly the center of much interest, talk, and speculation…Adam Lambert IS the buzz right now in the world, which is always the case when an important new star debuts on the scene….but honestly, I could sometimes do with a little less intrigue!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Lorrin
          You and I are on the same page as far as the tour goes and Allison opening for Adam. See my posts above.
          Adam does wear clothes well, doesn’t he. He was made to be a male model. Tall, thin (but not too thin, very masculine) and so photogenic. One of the many avenues open to this amazing man! Love him!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            P.S. I could do without all the drama too! Man, everyone wants my “chill pills” LOL

            • You’d better send me some too, while you’re at it, Helen, I’m telling you, this long wait thing is for the birds!

              • Found something tonight while looking around for all things ‘Adam’. Believe it or not, it’s about Adam’s album dropping on the same day as Susan Boyle’s. Once you read the article, you might want to ‘Vote’ at the bottom. Don’t worry, it’s not a contest. Here’s the link:


                • A Little Trumpet Call This Early Morn, my fellow Glambs! Here is the news on my regular MSN news page that Lady Gaga will ‘tour ALONE’ – thought you might all want to see the latest news, so here it is:


                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Thank God!

                  • Good, and Adam should tour on his own.

                  • Hi Lorrin dearest! Thanks, this is GOOD news. Do you know where Cheryl is hiding. Have’nt seen her or MadBert around! Lotsaluv and Mmmmwah

                    • cheryl norman says:


                      WHAT UP???

                      Been busy keeping Adam entertained lately! He’s such a cupcake! He just wants to go everywhere with me. So, sorry guys, I can’t post very often. He gets ‘jealous’! I know, I know, you all are my friends, and he does know that, but you know how a man in love/lust is! Just can’t get enough of me, But, I get back to ya later. He’s calling me!
                      Don’t ya just love a man with soft full lips ? Just so kissable!

                    • My dear Ingrid, I have been missing YOU…our old Glamberous selves are missing something else lately, too, could it be what we are ‘missing’ is Naughty Cheryl Norman? She has some kind of obsession lately that she and Adam are ‘married’, have you heard about that? She writes me and tells me she has Adam there with her all the time, have you ever heard of such nonsense? Everyone knows that Adam and I have been together all this time since the tour ended….I live in CALIFORNIA, for pete’s sake! But if it makes her happy, I guess we can let her keep her delusion for a little while longer, poor thing..

                    • Lorrin, I was just about to say that Cheryl is delusional when you get on the bandwagon as well. Thought I would just let the two of you know that I received the following message from my Adam (Remember, I am Chief of all Adam’s body parts, in case you forgot).

                      “Dearest Ingrid, honey, dearest, the only love of my life. As you know it won’t be long and I’ll be back where I belong – in your arms. Just as a taste of what’s to come … Absence makes the heart grow fonder and Abstinence makes my bulge yearn longer! Love you, Adam”

                      So, put that in your pipes and smoke it! Heleeeeeeeeeeeen, bring me a couple of chill pills and Mary C, stop hyperventilating because of Adam’s message – just put your tongue back in your mouth.

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      INGRID,,,Oh, Paleez!!! Someone help get Ingrid out of the tree in her front yard!!!! Do we have to go thru this again??? I just hope not!!

                      Lorrin, you better come quick, Mary, Dianne, anyone who is 111available!!! Ingrid has been off her meds again. She’s having those hallucinations about Adam again. She can’t face the fact that Adam and I are as ONE since we got married. She cannot get past this!!! Now she’s skerring me!!

                      Maybe she needs a lobotomy. Maybe we should just let the doctors do wht they think is bestk, and that would be the lobotomy. Sorry, Ingrid, it’s for your own safety. We all will still love you, even if you won’t have your mind. Really. Bummer. Luv from the Glammbs!

                      Keep smiling, Ingrid!

              • lisette here hugs for all tweets an welwishes Lorrin..type w onehand forgive..i ad to have stitches due to excessbleding,an cast..so here for moment to send affetions to all here an Adam …agree above photos with long doublebutton coat..sont trsbeau..an can be best Gq l’homme in any top fashion line,runways,couture internatinal..an oui he appears to favor Carl Lagerfeld an valentino..!!But imagaine his solo concerts nevre to be second fiddle to any performer..Id adre to here thet special guest duets with Madonna,an even Allison,or Gaga..but it woulde be Adam as estraordinare artiste onstage,dansing in sis very sensual styles..velvet smooth,passioate,an tendre ballads,,,Await thet cd..too long now..hugs bisous..luv to all..angel bisous pour Adam..jetaime pour une vie…Lisette even thru illness,injuries av to feel some joie..just to see toi beauface,an here voix d’angeli….heaven! j’adore Adam

                • Oh my goodness, dear Lisette, please take care of yourself and your injured hand, did you say you have a cast as well? Don’t overdo, and don’t worry about typing for now. I do hope your hand gets better soon, what a painful thing to happen. I know we are all thinking of you, my dear friend,

                  Les anges, la guérison et le repos soient avec vous..

        • Lorrin Iagree 100%!! I can see him lending his ‘name’ to certain designers’ work.. he does love his clothes!!

          • Adam could ‘MAKE’ the career of a new young designer on the scene, and he would cause a riot at an haute couture show….I hope he does do some modeling work, and cinematic work as well!

            • Adam would make a top model! As I said before, he would look good in a sack, without the sack, oooooooooh, let me not go there! My mind was drifting to ‘in the sack’!

  22. Glambertcraze says:

    Love the Pictures but hate the idea of Adam Opening for anyone. Someone needs to open for him.
    I think his album sales will show this.
    He is a smart cookie and I am sure he will do what he thinks is best. I think he may finally be aware of where his career is going. I have a hard time believing how fast and passionate driven his fans from around the world have been, so I cant imagine how Adam feels. He must still think he is in a dream.
    I know he’ll do the right thing for us all.

  23. Adam is one of a minority that looks good in any hair color and hairstyle and with or without facial hair. So his choice is fine with me. As for mine, his own natural haircolor but darkened brows and guyliner to see his e;yes. i love his looks. He certainly was gifted with beauty and talent.

  24. AdamAddict says:

    I can’t take my eyes off “Brownies Adam” THE SHINING ZIPPERS!!! ~drool~ 😛

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Emili, you are much too young to be looking at such things, hee, hee. So move over and let us mature ladies have a look!
      Mwaaaaah to you!

    • AA, me either, then what about when he grabs it? Although I do love his eyes. Cant hardly take my eyes off of those.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Grab it…~sigh~ I almost fell from the chair,LOL!! Maybe it’s too heavy??!!Hahaha,we should help him 😛 OMG,Imma so horny!!Helen,just give me any pills to calm myself down!!LOL!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Ok, AdamAddict, I give up. I tried to save you from yourself, but you are too far gone, so just enjoy!!! I don’t think the chill pills will help that condition, ha, ha!

          P.S. Confession time, OMG, I just love it when he grabs it too!!! getting hot……..I wonder if he needs some help…….

  25. mrslambert530 says:


  26. i think the opening act for gaga is just a rumor. that won’t happen. whoever manages adam’s career wont allow that, they are keeping adam’s mystery until he promotes his own stuff. i hope they will stop riding his coattails,he always had a hard time proving himself until he joined AI. and he is the best! adam didn’t use anybody.

    • He is probably getting such a Big kick out of all this Speculation………………

    • See my comments 9 posts above, ladies, for the same ‘take’ on all this hype that you two express here..

  27. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I know you all aren’t thrilled about the Lady Gaga rumor and maybe it is just a rumor. I must say it’s funny though because when I heard that the Lady Gaga /Kanye West tour was cancelled yesterday, I tweeted to Adam that maybe now he would get his chance to perform with her. Did I have a premonition? Don’t know. I agree that she is very out there but I do like her songs and he seems very focussed on performing with her so don’t know. Seems a little early for him to do a tour though since the album is not yet released. I hope he gets a solo tour too but either way I will go see him.

  28. I’m wondering if that tour was cancelled because of the negative publicity that Kanye got after the MTV awards incident. I don’t want ADAM to replace Kanye…ADAM doesn’t need to be in 2nd place to or for anyone! We’ve all waited so long for an ADAM Tour (solo or with an opening act before his concert) As much as ADAM would like to sing with Lady GaGa, hopefully he knows that he can draw huge audiences by himself. Maybe later, after he solo performs in concerts, he can do some music with her. I think ADAM could help HER!!!!

    I hope that we’ll see him doing interviews on talk shows when he’s promoting his cd. That seems to be the usual thing that the performers do when they have a new movie or cd coming out.

    For some reason, I have the feeling that he will be a substitute co-host for Regis on the Regis & Kelly. They both seemed to really respect and like him. He’d be absolutely wonderful doing that! We’ll have to wait and see.

  29. I am going on strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is going on???????????????
    where is Adam’s single????????????
    Just read that on Monday Alison’s single will be released “Friday I’ll Be Over U” ?????
    And she signed the contract long after Adam!!!…
    And what’s going on with Adam’s single????
    Are they planning to KILL us….

    • Let’s all together pound our fists on a table and chant “CD CD CD CD”.
      Maybe that will hurry it up!!!! LOL

    • Gala, SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They like to torture us! They tease us, then push us away, then tease us some more, until we’re ready to go CRAZY!!!

      • Hey Jeanette! Doesn’t that sound like ADAM? He teases us ,especially on stage, and tells us he’s gay. WHATEVER, if winning the idol title didn’t matter then his preference shouldn’t either. I’m game!!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          We should gather around in front of the company and do sexy dance like Adam did,tell them that we won’t stop until we hear Adam’s single!! Yeah,imagine 50-80 yrs ‘young’ people do that sexy dance??!! I think they will listen to us fo sho!! GET ME THAT FREAKING MIC STAND!! 😛

          • LOL! Hey AA! My name is Kimber and I am an ADAMHOLIC. You’re one of my inspirations on this site, I’m in the 40’s and I would like to dance on that mic stand too! This has been fun everyone to share our thoughts and dreams. I’ll chat with ya’ll tomorrow, I work the graveyard shift so I better go to bed with ADAM, oh sorry, I’ll be by myself . But he’ll be in my dreams. I LOVE YOU ADAM! Have fun everyone and I’ll catch up tomorrow! PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT!

          • OMG!!!!!!!!! AdamAddict, I cannot stop laughing, ’50-80′ year young doing the Adam moves, I am cracking up with laughter, the music company won’t know what hit them. Let them release everyone else’s music first, we don’t want Adam’s music getting lost in the rush, we want everyone fully concentrating on Adam’s album. The music company know what they are doing, they are just teasing us, getting us worked up, they know we are hungry for Adam’s music. Other artist will want Adam ot appear on their tours or shows because they know he will pull in the crowds, if he is the opening act then all the Adam fans will go. I don’t think they will be tht stupid, they will probably leave him till the end, we will all have to suffer until then. ADAM PLEASE TOUR SOLO.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Adam’s sexy dance wasn’t many.We can try either grabbing our treasure but I guess for us,nothing to grab!!So we can forget about that!The mic stand…we need to bring our own mic stand!! No mic stand,then bring your broom stick.Doesn’t matter as long they get the point!LOL! But the easier dance is the latest ones that Adam thought us.The squat dance!! ~nodding~ Very simple step!Squat,up,squat,up,squat,up,three times!!Not straight up just half way and then squat back! Whoever that still got hemorrhoids from the last voting thing,I suggest DO NOT pick this one.Imma fine BTW.LOL!Ready to go! I can do 10 times straight! Everybody can do that.Their eyes will bleed fo sho,LOL!! YIKES!!

              They might checking us through the window and like “WTH,look at that woman,oh my god,if she is my mom, I would….MOM?…What the….granny ,you too??!!” LOL!!We probably will be in David Letterman’s show!LOL!Pick your choice,ladies!
              And Kimber,inspiration??!!Awww,thank you! Imma flattered!That’s so sweet of you,mwah! 😛

              • Helen/Canada says:

                AdamAddict – There are no words, girl, you just CRACK ME UP!

                • AdamAdict, everytime I come to this site I look for your comments first, you are the most entertaining GLAMB, I need no other pick me up to get me going for the day, except Adam’s pictures. OK, I doing he squad dance, practicing every hour, I should be really ready for the day, I think since you started this craze you should be right at the front of everyone.

                  • Ha ha, Emili, I do so agree! You remind me of something in Michael Slezak’s artivcle that Lorrin so kindly gave us the link for , above

                    His own mom apparently cried out, “Come to mama Adam!” at his concert.. ha ha well, yeah!

              • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! DAMN! I just crapped my in my pants! Can’t stop laughing! AA I told you you inspire me!!!!!

              • AA, you are priceless! Actually, you are younger than most of us and I heard very beautiful, so why don’t you just go and do it for us! Ssssssssssssssh, we won’t tell mamma and pappa!

          • Emili!!!
            I am hysterical now!!!!!!!!!
            I don/t remem

          • Emili,
            I am hysterical now!!!! I don’t remember last time I laughed so much!!!!! Just visualize again our sexy???? dance and I cannot stop again………… Me with a mic stand!!!!! No, me, Helen, Jeanette, Mary, Terry and everyone of us with the mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I cannot stop!!!!
            I need some pills!!!!!!!!!!!!
            HELP ME!!!!

            • Please Jeanette, don’t do it… I mean the zipper thread.. LOL I am pretty sure this StupidIdol aka TopIdol will tell the whole world about our crazy imagination… LOL
              How about that, Emili:
              According to the Wall Street magazine the discovery of Adam Lambert is as important as the discover of the penicillin…. How do you like this topic for discussion?

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Gala, are you kidding me with that Wall Street mag thing???? Where did you see that??

                • Yes, Helen,
                  You got it right!
                  Here is the quote:
                  You’ve heard right! It’s not Entertainment Weekly or MTV or PEOPLE Magazine, it is The Wall Street Journal! Here is the snippet of the article in which the author of WSJ referenced Adam.

                  (This is the real quote from Wall Street Journal)”There was a time in human history when we thought we were marching forward toward perfection. It was the Enlightenment. Or the Risorgimento. Or is that a trumpet-shaped pasta? I can’t remember, I’m getting stupider. But there was definitely that time. Throwing off the shackles of ignorance and superstition, we went on to discover penicillin, lunar ice, Adam Lambert and, now, this old lady.”

                  Adam Lambert’s existence and discovery is as important as the discovery of penicillin! Our discovery of Adam Lambert is being used to illustrate the enlightenment of the human race. How amazing is that? Adam’s name is appearing everywhere! Even a science article is referencing him and acknowledging his phenomenon!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Gosh ladies, I should start a little cottage industry here with the chill pills!

              • Indeed Helen! You could have a lucrative little industry, provided you don’t use up most of the chill pills yourself! It seems like double-strength chill pills are required!

            • Emili and others, have you ever seen that cute fan art of Adam with the mic stand? It is sooo funny! I don’t know how to post it here and the link is long gone but I do have it saved and can send it to Jeanette to put…. well, somewhere……

              • AdamAddict says:

                Yes I saw that.I saw 2 of them. One is the WLL in tour and another one ROF!Very2 cute! 😛

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Gala, Allison has a phone number on her twitter that you can call to hear a short sneak preview. I called it. Although the sound quality is not good because it’s on the phone, it’s a catchy tune. I think I’m going to like it–a lot better than Kris’ song.

      • Thank you Helen,
        I tried to go on Twitter but couldn’t … it says some technical problems… Do you have the same? I tried a few times… may be starting from 6pm…
        And I left you a post above regarding Tweeter tips… E-mail me through Jeanette…

        • Hi Helen,
          Just called…. Heard Alison’s voice and some music as a background… They are asking me my mobile number and don’t want to give it… I receive enough junk calls… But I didn’t hear her singing… What did you hear?

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I didn’t get that at all. First it was Allison’s voice, then I think you had to press “1” to hear the song. I listened to it, then hung up, I didn’t go any further.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Ok, Gala, thought I’d try it one more time to see what was going on. Allison answered and said hope you like my new song, when it’s over you can press 7 to forward it to a friend. Then the song just started playing. Here’s the number

              • Thanks for giving that number out. I called it. Her song sounds catchy but was really hard to hear with all the background noise. NOW WHERE IS OUR ADAM’S SONG? I AM GOING INSANE. UGGGHHHHHHHHHH

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Gala, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m off to bed early tonight. I’m really tired. I had no trouble with twitter, in fact just tried again now and everything was fine.

          • AdamAddict says:
            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thanks AdamAddict. Better than calling that long distance number. I don’t know where the heck I was calling, LOL! I hope my phone bill isn’t too outrageous!!!!!
              Catchy tune, don’t you think?

              • AdamAddict says:

                Really?I don’t pay attention!LOL!!That’s other celebrity did to me!When it comes to Adam ,I was like a a thief that put their ears to the safety box searching for a code.haha!Yeah,the speaker almost stuck in my ear.100% paying attention!~nodding~ 🙂

                • I am not very keen on Alison’s song, I would have thought a proper ‘rock’ sound is more her style. Probably the recording company tried to give heer a ‘teenage’ sound. I am looking forward to Adam’s album.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    I’ll wait and see until I hear the whole song. The tune sounded catchy and upbeat to me. Since she is only 17 they may be trying to target the younger crowd. Like a Miley Cyrus type of thing. I hope they don’t go too far down that road, we don’t need another Miley! And Allison’s voice is way cool and very mature sounding, so we’ll see. I like her a lot and think she has a lot of potential. I love when she does Janis Joplin songs, but she can’t go around singling like Janis, she has to do her own thing.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      P.S. I’ll probably buy her cd, Kris, I’m thinking NOT!!! Hated his single, but of course the creme de la creme is………A D A M !!! Can’t wait.

  30. If anything Lady GaGA should open for LORD GaGa….this is just another rumor!!!

    • YEAH! Can you dig it? I can! HEY ADAM!!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO GO BACK TO BLONDE!!! Then LORD GAGA AND Lady Gaga would both be blonde!!! I did love ADAM in all white on FEELING GOOD.

  31. LibraLamb7 says:

    No! No! No! No more of Adam opening for GaGa or anyone else! Didn’t we just go thru this whole summer tour with him “opening” for Kris??? How’d that work for ya? How’d that work for Kris??? IMO, it just made Kris look weak & a buzz-kill….GaGa better be careful or she’ll find herself in same boat. No ONE is strong enough to follow ADAM!!!! He proved that on Season 8 American Idol…Who wanted to be lined up to sing after Adam??? He always blew everyone else off the stage. No! We want ADAM, ADAM, & ONLY ADAM!!!!

    And he can wear whatever he wants & look how ever he wants cause he always looks FABULOUS! He always SOUNDS INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks, for these pics, Jeannette…Love his entrancing EYES, of course, but I’m hung up on his gorgeous LIPS….OOOOH, what I wouldn’t like to do with that mouth of his! Can’t talk about the brown zippered pants…I’m dying here….

    Candace in MS

    • AdamAddict says:

      That shining zipper tight pants….Jeanette make a new thread of that one. That will be hot and interesting topic to discuss! LOL! Don’t die just yet LL7,the best part is coming!! haha 🙂

      • Please Jeanette, don’t do it… I mean the zipper thread.. LOL I am pretty sure this StupidIdol aka TopIdol will tell the whole world about our crazy imagination… LOL
        How about that, Emili:
        According to the Wall Street magazine the discovery of Adam Lambert is as important as the discover of the penicillin…. How do you like this topic for discussion?

        Sorry I posted it in the wrong place first…. Emili, that’s your fault!!!! I laughed so much after our sexy dance…

        • Yes Jeanette! Do a thread on the brown zipper pants and the ROF zipper pants and the WLL zipper pants! ADAM says he likes intelligence and artistry in a companion, do ya’ll think we are exactly that and more? That’s why he should be joining us here on this site!!! We are the perfect “companion for ADAM!!! Did you hear that ADAM?!!!! We need you to come and play with us and to share some insightful conversations!!! Open for Gaga, don’t open for Gaga, shave but don’t shave, come dressed up or don’t dress at all, we all love you more than any other site!!!!! You think he heard me?


        • I WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU ADAMADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            “Movers and Shakers” I think that’s what we should call ourself when we dance in front of the company.Move you hips,ladies! Yay yay yay!! Now shake your boobies,ladies!yeeeee haaaa!! LOL! YEAH,I DON’T WANT TO BE THERE 0_o

            • Hey AA! Given the average age around here, it is probably more a case of ‘boobles’ than ‘boobies’! Hee, hee!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Candace, you made some great points, totally agree. See my posts above. Now, I’m off to bed, so tired today! ( I keep saying I’m going to bed and yet I’m still here!)

      • Helen/Canada says:

        P.S. He does have a great mouth, doesn’t he! mmmm…….and the pants, good Lord, help me!

    • Candace, Oh you nailed all this in the butt. So right about how following Adams act is
      a weakener for anyone. Loved that fact. Thank God after Kris’s set on tour, the whole group
      came out with DSB so Adam would be part of the closing of the show. We do only want Adam Adam and only Adam.

      Brown zippered pants, well start by unzippingggggggggg. OMG I’m with ya.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      You said it Candy! All we want is ADAM!!!

      We’re all dying with you. . . and we’re dying happy! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • AMEN to that, LibraLamb7!

  32. Hi everyone, sorry for my ignorance but honestly I never listen this songs, are so… dance : “Live the life” and a version of “What s love got to do it”, if you want listen, here is the link for “shake your ass”!!! ( go to music list). http://adamlambert.ning.com/

  33. Blond…Dark…Mustache…Clean Face…Black Jeans…White Jeans…Smiling…Pouting….Whatever!!!! Adam, you will dazzle, electrify and stop the hearts of millions forever. Personally, I would like to see him host Saturday Night Live. That’s a fact that has been kind of forgotten…the guy is hysterically funny, crazy and a master of precocious sarcasm. Every interview includes wise cracks and sparkling observations ….. sometimes with just a look. This guy is truly a multi-facited treasure. And…MMMMMMMMMMMMMM….that freckle on the lower right side of his lip …Kiss it…Bite it!!

    • Yes, YES, YES, I totally agree with you, coloforadam, he IS naturally funny and witty, and his comic timing is excellent….somebody snap the boy up!

      • Ooh coloforadam, those freckled lips so do it for me! Just want to nibble, more nibbles, delve a bit deeper, … get totally lost in the warm, moist, sweet, … … I’m falling … gone!

  34. i love ADAM!! but i dont like the facial hair, it makes him look too gay!! i want my old adam back!!
    i hope he realizes that this is not a good look for him!! i guess you get tired of looking the same ,
    i can relate to that, ive changed my looks a bunch of times, did it always work out:”: hell no!!
    i look horrible as a red head, im a blonde!!! i have more fun that way!!

  35. LibraLamb7 says:

    Here’s another pic from Adam & Drake’s New Orleans visit last weekend. I do think at least one of these girls is Drake’s sis. Drake looks pretty high in this pic…they’ve definitely been hittin’ the bars in the Quarter.

    I would bet that this trip was one that Adam promised Drake he’d do once that tour was over…goin’ home with Drake to meet his family & see where he’s from, etc. If Adam seems to be a bit distracted or whatever (& I’m not sure he does), it may just be that he’s thinking about all the recording he still needs to do on his album & he might rather be in the studio instead of posing for pics & playing tourist in N.O. at this moment. He’s such a sweetheart that he wouldn’t want to disappoint Drake & not make the trip. His tweet from N.O., “Big Easy is the JAM”, sounded like he was enjoying himself…..Of course, it could be just that it was still HOT & HUMID in the Big Easy last weekend & he was just uncomfotable when pics were taken (this is an outdoor shot on the street). I think he looks WONDERFUL, but I do prefer the clean shaven look better…just sayin’.

    Candace in MS

    • Thanks for the picture of Adam & friends in The Big Easy. I’ve seen Adam looking much happier also, Maybe he was wishing no one would reconize him & that is why the facial hair?
      I do like the facial hair, looks sexy to me.

  36. He is so photogenic! He looks so handsome–in every photo. I am from NO–so,I like the new look.

    Adam loves Ga-Ga and that should not be a surprise to anyone. She shares his sensibilities for performance. He is attracted to costumes, big stage productions, etc. Elton John has this preferences for performing as well. Isn’t that what fans fell in love with on Idol? All those costumes–instead of plaid shirts every week? He is all about style.

    I know I loved his sense of style and all that work for 1 song every week was impressive! He has such great taste and really knows how to set the tone on stage for visual as well as voice and he sells it. The tour would not have been the same without that jacket–especially, the whipping it off part! He is a very smart guy.

    Most of Cher’s fans were gay men back in the day. Ga-Ga is just a new version of Cher except she writes her material. Most of her fans have been gay men.

    Ga-Ga doesn’t rattle me. She is a better match for him than the Idol 9!

    I remember all the gay guys who warned that some people would be disappointed when Adam stepped out and made his own choices which would be, as far away from Idol as possible. But there is no denying that his Voice is worth buying a ticket and he puts on such a good show that no one— not even Ga-Ga can distract from that fact.

    Solo tour is best but if Ga-Ga is his choice then there will be a lot of tickets sold.

  37. Glambertcraze says:

    Its impossible to scroll down and not stop at those pictures. Adam is Gorgeous in any look. I do think the facial hair takes away from those beautiful eyes.
    Anyway back to the reason I came on.
    A new vote on ew.com to see whos album is most anticipated, Adams or Susan Boyles.
    Adam of course is in the lead.

  38. Where’d everyone go? Is the ADAM party over? Oh well, I’ve got to go to join ADAM in bed.No ya’ll can’t come. Just me and ADAM in my fantasy, of course. OKAY, everyone is invited, we can take turns. I’m first cause it’s my bed. Check in with ya later!

    • kimber dear, I’m not sure if you know this yet or not, but you are at the END of a long, long line….the way things are going on this site, I’d say you and Adam should be able to get together some time in 2014, that would be AFTER the movie…(I’m laughing now, just friendly joshing, ha ha ha)

      • LOL!LOL!LOL! But do you think he’ll see me? Hey Everyone! there’s Elvis, over there, LOOK!!!

  39. Adam is hot no matter what. But I do not think he looks as good with the blond hair! Like ELVIS who was good looking any way any time so is ADAM! But ADAM BABY I love you the very best with the black hair!!! LOVE YOU ALL THE TIME ADAM!!! THANKS FOR THE FABULOUS PICTURES JEANETTE!! And Gee whiz, who wouldn’t like to join Adam in his bed? And it is in our Fantasy’s kimber. WOW, THAT IS A HOT ONE! Love to ADAM & EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD! SHERRY K

  40. One more word of wisdom here: I would think that Lady Gaga, having had a little more time in the business on the world stage than Adam, and having quite a few ‘smarts’ of her own about how things go, and having once seen and heard Adam pile-drive through an audience with his enormous voice and stage presence, would find it very prudent to NOT get herself entangled in a tour with Adam Lambert. If Adam wants to go her direction stylistically, then he is a potential RIVAL to Lady G., and verily, once he sets foot on HER stage, HE will OWN it. Being an intelligent and saavy woman, she will already see where that could lead. I can’t see her taking that risk. And that is my final word on the subject. If they persist in touring together, I will cry..

  41. sylverine says:

    Hi all!
    Just wanted to say that I don’t think you should worry too much about his ‘facial hair’ if you don’t like it.
    I think it might have been just temporary for his Time for Miracles music video shoot on Saturday.
    The girl who tweeted about the shoot from her grandmother’s house in the street where the shoot was taking place, said when asked how he looked, that he had facial hair (and a trenchcoat, and eyeliner).

    If she was correct, it occurred to me that they would never shoot him with facial hair if they didn’t want it that way for some reason. In other words, if he had grown a mustache etc just for the hell of it, he would have had to have shaved it off for the video. So I think it may have been grown for the shoot. Don’t know why they wouldn’t have used fake hair, but maybe he preferred it real. Also don’t know why they would have wanted him to have a mustache/beard in the video – who knows?
    Just a thought.

  42. I don’t see a problem with Adam growing facial hair, he’s still a beautiful young man. I’ve grown used to the clean look, but i know it has to be difficult to leep up all of the time as busy as he is. i’m just waiting for his music, and hopefully tours. I find the young man totally mesmerizing.
    Still waiting for glamb # since April!

    Glamb #
    Lawrence, Mass.

  43. I adore approaching your website! your enticing approach to see things is what keeps me interested. Thanks so much!!!!