Obviously, Adam Lambert Isn’t Gay Enough


 If you haven’t heard of Adam Lambert, you will soon.  He is the flamboyant rocker who recently came in second on “American Idol” in a stunning upset by boy-next-door Kris Allen.  Adam, the judges’ obvious favorite throughout the show, is a 27-year-old actor-singer who was struggling to make it in the music business until “Idol” came along.  A former cast-member of “Wicked,” Adam worked in various Broadway touring groups and avant garde shows in order to pay his rent.  But his real dream was to become a pop-rock star.

Adam has an amazing vocal range and a falsetto so rich in quality that it is imperceptibly different from his chest voice.  His incredible ability to control his vocals enables him to hold his high notes seemingly forever.  His versatility is unmatched in “Idol” history.  With the arguable exception of country music (his rendition of “Ring of Fire” received strong emotional reactions both pro and con, as it was more like Johnny Cash doing Goth music with Middle Eastern undertones), Adam excels in every genre of music.  He sings soulful ballads to pop to heavy metal and glam rock, all with ease, style, and pitch-perfect tone.

Week in and week out, other “Idol” contestants appeared on stage in sneakers and T-shirts without sets or lighting design, all of which are in the contestants’ control.  But enter Adam, and the show began!  One could criticize his attire (and did!) but every week Adam came with an outfit, sets, lighting, and moves that fit his song choice and made his performances both unpredictable and more entertaining.  He’s not just a singer; he’s the whole performance package.

Unfortunately, talent has not always been the focus of commentary on Adam.  Rumor has it that some on the Christian-right refused to vote for Adam because of his ambiguous sexual orientation.  Explicit photos of him making out with other men, attending the Burning Man (an annual event in Nevada which constitutes an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance), and occasionally dressing in drag, detracted from his deserved praise.  Supposedly, Kris Allen’s church pastor urged “all believers” to vote for Kris (though Kris emphatically objected to votes based on religion).  Additionally, “Idol” contestant Danny Gokey, who touted his Christianity, had a similar performance style to Kris’.  His devout following likely swung in favor of Kris once Danny was booted off the show.

Many deemed it unpalatable if not morally wrong to deny Adam his hard earned votes based on sexual orientation.  This should have no place in the “Idol” competition.  As Kris explained, this was supposed to be a competition about singing, not a vote for the presidency.


Yet, as soon as the winner was announced and the finale was over, the left-wing media started bashing Adam for not being gay enough.  Adam has admitted that the explicit photos were of him, and he has not been at all shy about anything including his sexuality. (To date, interviewers have beaten around the bush and have not put the “gay question” to him directly.)  But neither has Adam made his sexuality a political issue…at least thus far.  Still, the photos and Adam’s behavior, which are about as “out” as can be, still leave some dissatisfied.  As is often the case with leftists, words are more important than actions, and one isn’t truly “out” until he mouths the words “I’m gay.”  Adam hasn’t done this and thus will suffer the wrath of leftist activists.

No sooner had he walked off the stage than criticism has befallen him — not for his performances, which were controversial but fair game, but for his alleged “silence” on his sexuality.  Indeed, Entertainment Weekly Online dedicated four whole pages to chastising him for failing to announce his orientation.  But, making one’s private life fodder for public consumption seems to be something the gay community does often.  In the recently released film “Outrage,” the filmmaker assumed that if he outed gay Republicans, they would change their votes on gay marriage.  The presumption seems to be that gay marriage is the world’s most pressing issue, and everyone who is gay should prioritize this about all else.  To hell with national security, the arts, or whatever else one might be interested in.

Adam has acknowledged feeling pressure from some quarters to use his sexuality and “alternativeness” to influence how America views related social issues.  Contrary to helping those in the gay community, they are doing Adam and the gay community a disservice.  By pressuring Adam to act differently than his straight counterparts, they separate him out rather than allow him to integrate and be accepted as equal.  They are also denying him the right to define himself as he wants to be defined and decide for himself how his talents will be used.

It unlikely that at age three when Adam starting singing around the house, or at age ten when he first began musical theater, that his goal was to achieve success as a vehicle for gay rights activism.  Why does everyone who is gay have to represent a political cause?  Why can’t Adam just be a singer and an entertainer like other artists?  Both those who withheld votes because Adam’s gay and those who are bashing him for not being gay enough, insist on defining Adam by his sexual orientation.  But Adam clearly defines himself by his music.

Politics aside, it is apparent that Adam is not going to be a flash-in-the-pan like previous “Idol” contenders.  Adam was the only reason to watch the cheesy show this season.  My prediction is that he is destined to be a national star, if not international.  Offers are already pouring in, and there’s talk of him touring with Queen, being courted for Broadway leads, and making his own CD’s.  Refusing to be boxed into a specific genre as most record labels demand, his first album promises to range from pop to rock to funk with innovative electronics.  Additionally, he hopes to do corollary theatrical performances.  His goal is to fill an artistic niche of theatrical pop music which is currently female-dominated on the scene, and largely devoid of male artists.  It is Adam’s artistic expression and personal style that make him notable, not his sexual orientation.  If he does have a political message, it’s one of personal empowerment for anyone who might not fit the mold…sexuality aside.

Those making social criticism of Adam based on his sexuality — one way or the other — should apologize.  I myself owe him an apology for using his orientation in the title of this article.  However, I doubt if he cares much about any of this.  Adam is all about the music, and I’m sure he’s too busy singing to pay this any mind.

by Deborah Weiss from Big Hollywood



  1. Adam Lambert is a great singer/performer. I miss Tuesdays , Can’t wait for his albums/ concerts . He was the only reason my family watched Idol, and he is my Idol. LONG MAY HE ROCK !!!! who cares that he’s gay ,he sure can sing ! and he’s not hard on the eyes either !!!

  2. So right about others trying to define Adam or tell him who he should be, what he should be about. I think he’ll do inclusiveness of all kinds a heck of a lot of good just by being himself. If that means he says anything about his sexual orientation, so be it. And if he doesn’t, so be it. Why does it matter?

  3. CatEyes says:

    I don’t understand the orientation obsession either… Somehow we boarded this train and can’t get off. It is all about the music to me – and I hope the public focus shifts in this direction ASAP. I’d bet this is what Adam wants as well. I want to enjoy the musical and performing talents he has, uncluttered by all the noise this “gay” issue keeps making.

  4. irish1139 says:

    Everyday I say to myself “Why won’t they stop.” “They are now beginning to hound and harrass Adam.” Of course, the “they” is the media and print press. What is tthe point? All we want him to do is make music, entertain us, let us drool over his sexiness, and let him get on with his career. His fans are not wondering if he is gay or straight. We don’t give a damn. We want Adam to get on with his music. For the love of God, leave this man alone. No one cares.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Agree with you completely!

    • Evelize says:

      I agree with you completely.
      We want and need ADAM happy and singing as beautiful and powerful as only he can do.
      We will never want him teased by anything or anyone.
      “THEY” must be sure that ADAM is over of all criticism and pursuing.

    • Grandma3 says:

      Thank You!! I just hope these media people don’t ruin Adam. As everyone knows, his fans don’t care if he is gay or not. Its whatever makes him happy. I am so tired of reading about this _ _ _ _. Just let that man concentrate on what he does best MUSIC.
      This guy can sing anything and make it his own, but no one that I can think of can sing Adams songs the way he does.
      PLEASE, whoever, leave him alone.

  5. Barry Wendell says:

    Deborah Weiss is correct that Adam shouldn’t have to be “out” and that he is a great entertainer. But she does him a disservice by even bringing up the subject, thus extending the conversation, and worse, complaining about “leftists” who want him to be out. As if Entertainment Weekly were a leftist organization. And the movie “Outrage” outed gay congressmen, Republicans mostly, because they had opposed gay rights publicly and carried the far-right’s gay-bashing agenda.
    Adam is in the spotlight now, and will have to handle personal questions the way every other celebrity does. Me, I want to hear his CD when it comes out and see him onstage in a great show.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Barry, in case you didn’t know, the subject has already been brought up. She is simply letting the leftists (yes, EW included) that they shouldn’t make any more of it – it’s not important to anyone but the media spinners and to the gay activists that want more spokespeople for their “cause”.

      It’s up to Adam if he wants to be that, not the leftists, gays or any media trying to get a story. Frankly, he shouldn’t have to answer to any of them – the only question he should answer is what kind of music he will make or when we can buy his CD.

  6. Adam, is an amazing talent. He is much too good for American Idol in the first place, I mean let’s face it even the judges said he was the best singer/performer they have ever had on the show. The only thing holding him back is the lack of decency we as human beings claim to have. It is the homophobics that are making it difficult for all gay people to be treated equally. I think it’s a shame that they cannot get past the “gay” issue and realize that this man has amazing talent and stop looking at him like he is so different then the rest of the world and learn to embrace and enjoy all that this man has to share. No matter what he is or isn’t he is Adam, a great talent and a beautiful soul.
    Rock on Adam!

  7. If Adam was just a great singer there wouldn’t be half as much talk about him. But he’s not. He’s a “star”. There is a difference. As a star he attracts fans and detractors, supporters and naysayers, music lovers and self-styled critics. So the talk, positive or negative, is going to persist. Adam is just one big “attractor”.

    I’m sure Adam knows the deal and can handle it. And woe betide anyone who crosses his fans!

    A new star has appeared in music heaven and its a wonderful sight. Out with the telescopes folks. He’s even better close up!

    • Judy Huston says:

      I loved the post from dreamsinger. It pretty much says it all.

      I don’t think I’ve been enthralled with a STAR since my teenage years with Elvis. This man, Adam Lambert, is everything positive all the judges had to say about him. He is versatile, he is authentic, and in many ways, to me, he is a model for humanity. He is who he is. And, who he is is someone we find ourselves admiring, intrigued by, rooting for, entertained by, and left with wanting more.

      If I were his mother, I’d be so proud.

      I have all of his performances on TIVO except Ring of Fire (it was too early in the game for me to
      appreciate, now I wish I’d saved it) and the first performance of Mad World because TIVO didn’t get it. I would LOVE to have all of these on one DVD. Watching and listening to Adam perform is uplifting. Who would have thought? I LOVE Wild Cherries, Play that Funky Music. It really is so much fun watching him have so much fun. I don’t even know if I have a favorite because they are all so good.

      I look forward to his first album. I hope to get to see him in concert!


  8. Adamized says:

    In the past, controversies had helped artists with their careers. Madonna, for one, was famously stimulating. Howard Stern is another one – at one point more people who hated what he had to say listened to him than those who loved his show. I hope it’s a blessing in disguise, and all this talk eventually will help Adam reach more people.

  9. BRAVO!! I’ve been SO annoyed with this constant topic ever since it started. Here’s the deal: Adam has had AMPLE opportunity to come out with arms stretched high in the air and proclaim: I’M GAY. I’M SUPER GAY. But, he hasn’t. You know what that tells me? HE DOESN’T WANT TO!

    I think Adam wants to be an entertainer and I think he wants to appeal to all types of fans – not just one sector. Quite frankly, I think he enjoys his female fans and enjoys being a sex symbol for us too! What irks me more than anything is that the gay community wants so badly for him to be the GAY POSTER BOY. It’s like they want to throw it in his fan’s faces and then demand to know if they still like him as much – knowing he’s gay. Like, they want to force something on people. I’m ALL about embracing who you are. Live and let live.

    But I just wonder how much pressure the media is going to put on Adam to be so out and LOUD about it that he may eventually alienate some of his fans who may not relate to him anymore? Adam should just ignore the media storm on him about not being gay enough – or not being “out and proud” as I heard my favorite blogger say (unfortunately). Because the beauty of American Idol fans is, we’ve been with him since the beginning, he grew on us – and we’re not going anywhere. He’ll sell albums, sell out stadiums, and eventually sell movie tickets because of us – regardless of a silly blogger or a magazine headline. In the end, the fans employ him, not the media.

  10. I not only find it inappropriate but downright creepy for others to insist they know what someone else is doing with their “private personal parts”! I understand if you plan on doing something with them yourself, but to inquire just for entertainment or pure noseyness??? Please!!! That’s just crazy!!! I could just imagine someone walking up to me with a camera and a microphone demanding that I answer who is benefitting from my vagina!!! And Why!!! I guess in Adam’s case no one WOULD care if he was short, fat, bald and ugly…no matter how talented he is! Since we all know that’s not the case then I have to believe that he has a great number of people in a sexual tizzy! I think they all secretly want to know if they are “in” or “out” of Adam’s “do me” range. As for the politics, I just think that it’s a really political time right now for gay rights issues and the people who want to advance those issues naturally want to get the most visible and popular people solidly on their side to help them advace those issues. Adam is VERY hot right now and will be for some time to come so naturally, the gay community and others who lobby for issues even remotely connected to Adam will put him on blast for not taking up their cause in the way they would like. Too bad too. I think if Adam were to get politcal, it would benefit whatever cause he chose to take up a whole lot better if he had the time and freedom to get his career off the ground first, solidify and grow his fan base second, and then be in the business long enough to at least put a 3rd album out. Adam has a tough road ahead of him in this business as it is, even with all of the AI notoriety. The media shouldn’t make it any harder.

    • I think all artists need to be careful about getting political. It might help the cause they are fighting, but they might alienate at least some of their fans in the process. In the end we pay entertainers to entertain, and politicians to get into politics and news people to tell the news.

      As you might surmize, I hate when I see an entertainer voice a political view. I want to tell them to shut up and sing (or act or whatever) because that’s what they’re good at.

  11. I can’t help but think back to the 1950’s, when a tall and strikingly handsome young singer with jet black hair and the voice of an angel first shook his hips on the Ed Sullivan show….some audience members were AGHAST! Religious fanatics called his music the “work of the devil.” and worried parents forbade their daughters from listening. While this singers’ talent was undeniable, the world just didn’t seem ready for a man who dressed in skin-tight studded leather and gyrated on stage like a velvet snake.

    Looking back, I can almost forgive those misguided people now; it was a straight-laced world back then, so its no surprise that Elvis seemed a little “too much” for the general public.

    But I cant forgive, and I won’t forgive, any member of the general public today who shares a similar attitude when it comes to Adam Lambert, because we’ve all poked our heads through the cave doors and the world is a much different place!

    Is he gay? Straight? Bi-sexual, tri-sexual? Does he date men, women, both? What part of “none of your freakin’ businesss” don’t you people understand? Why should Adam have to explain himself to anybody? If his style of music offends your primitive senses then pick up that little plastic box with the buttons on it and switch the channel. I don’t recall Adam pointing a gun to anyones’ head and forcing you to watch.

    We live in a world where there is so much going wrong at any given moment. People are out of work, parents are stressed , losing their homes, children going to bed without a decent meal;, people are being robbed and shot down in the street. In what seems like an almost endless parade of negativity, out of the blue, we’re given a gift like Adam Lambert. A true entertainer that can make us smile with his talent, make our hearts beat a little faster and our pulses race when he’s on stage. And instead of being grateful for his talent, some of us question whether he has the right to be a star because he doesn’t fit the “christian” mold ? Get over yourselves!!

    I can only apologize to Adam on behalf of you people because you’re close-minded attitudes make it unlikely that you’ll ever apologize yourself. But just like those vanilla-shake morons of the 50’s who tried to cut Elvis down in his prime, you’re wrong, and Adam is going to do just fine with or without your support.

    Keep making us smile Adam, and thank you….

    • Evelize says:

      BRAVO, Cyndi !!!!
      You made me cry and it is the very true.
      I have no words to express my gratitude for your comment, you are a sensitive and beautiful person.
      I totally agreed the world needs more good thoughts and actions, more people loving each other, more fellowship.
      We must say NO to all they are doing to ADAM. We must prove them that nothing can stop ADAM’s thundering career, not now and any time.

      • Thank you Evelize and Obsidian…I’m sure it pleases Adam to know that his fans are behind him 100%., and like you both, Im quite proud to be amongst them.

      • Linda Desplanque says:


    • Obsidian Eye says:

      Cyndi, yes yes YES a million times YES WITH BOTH FISTS RAISED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s crazy. Let’s just let the guy be successful! Too many politics, it’s simple, it’s about music!

  13. Wow. The soft bigotry of privacy. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    The fact that this article was written at all proves much of what the “leftists” have to say. (Seriously, who uses that word? Think about where you’ve heard it before.) Equal treatment is not a left-right issue. And obviously people care a great deal about whether Adam is gay, and how he deals with it. That’s in part because he is flamboyant, which is often used as code for gay, but offers plausible deniability to those who want him to be straight. It’s also in part because gay people are in the news every day, some being supported, and others being dragged through the mud. We want to know what will happen to Adam. How open will he be? What price will he pay for it? And how will we feel about ourselves when it happens? To pretend otherwise is to deny reality. Besides, rock and sex go hand-in-hand. It’s natural to want to know what rock stars of any variety get up to under the sheets. Adam knows this, and his pre-Idol song “Kiss and Tell” makes pretty clear that he doesn’t mind telling. I look forward to what he will tell us in his interview.

    You have to jump through a lot of Orwellian hoops to take different treatment and claim it is equal, to take special secrecy and claim it is open, to take an open secret and claim it is no secret. Yet, people’s lives seem to turn on the hope that no matter how gay Adam may look, if he’ll just never say the words, just please God don’t let him say it, then he’ll remain pure and sell millions of albums and remain a glam rock god like Bowie. Space Oddity good — Honest man bad. The message is crystal clear. And yet Elton John is highly successful after telling the truth. And Ellen is still invited into people’s homes every day after telling the truth. People respect and reward honesty. Because it’s worthy of respect and reward. It’s how adults behave. It’s not about “Yep, I’m Gay”. But it is about “This my boyfriend Drake, who I’ve been seeing for a long time, if you didn’t know. I just love him! Look at that smile!” (Really, isn’t this how Adam would really address it if he could?)

    People’s reactions to Adam Lambert being permitted to be honest about who he is seem to follow a similar track to reactions to the same-sex marriage debate. (Interesting that the author brought that up, don’t you think? And national security?? What’s that doing in an Adam Lambert article?) Certain people want Adam to do everything he wants except never talk about it. And similar people want same-sex couples to have all the rights of marriage except the word. Words mean a lot, and both sides know it. The real question is, which side is the dark side? I’ll take the honest one.

    Don’t like that comparison? How about Obama then? He’s the first (half) black president. That still gets said at least once weekly. Why don’t we just let him be president? Because it’s a milestone. It’s important to know that the US can elect a non-white to the White House. And it’s important to know that an Idol finalist can be honest with us while still on tour, with his career on the upswing. After asking them all to perform for us every week, we should at least allow them all that little bit of self-respect.

    I would comment in more detail on Outrage and the national security issues, but they really don’t belong in an article about Adam Lambert. I’ll just simply say that Outrage and eliminating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are primarily about telling the truth, and not asking people to lie, and that’s always a good thing. Most people get that, and I’m confident most Lambert fans get that.

    • I found the author’s article well written, articulate, and thoughtful. You seem to be saying that you find it way off base that individuals prefer his sexuality not be such an issue, that those who feel no proclamation necessary are cave-men wanting to preserve the status quo of don’t ask-don’t tell? In contrast, people like yourself who want a public proclamation are enlightened, unbigoted, individuals who seek only the liberation of gays from the oppressive social restraint of not being seen as heterosexual, but see it as a step towards eradicating an existing Orwellian social structure? At least, Ithink that’s what you are saying.

      In California where I live, there are and have been domestic partnership laws in effect for quite some time that provide the same benefits as marriage. It is the “psychological” currency that is sought, not the the protection of my right to engage in a sub-culture, you must elevate it, endorse it, and remove all distinctions from it as being a sub-culture or in any way different. NAMBLA too piggybacks off those trademark objections.

      Speaking for me personally, it is not the “dark” side to get weary of the cries of equal treatment when it is not equal treatment that is sought, but social validation for your preferred object of sexual arousal, be it same sex partner, children, animals, or chairs. 30 years ago it would have been laughable to see domestic partnership laws demonized as “oppressive”….. 30 years ago we didn’t have computers filling our in-boxes with “come see Jo Jo with the farm animals”. Sexual liberation and restriction from all social constraints, validation of all sexual practices as a “protected right” that one must not just be allowed to engage in, but requires broad social acceptance, support, and public discourse….. well, let’s just say there are some who disagree, and have valid reasons for disagreeing.

      Nor do I find it “liberating” that gays are subjected to pressures to publicly announce who/what they find erotic, any more than I want my heterosexual friends making public statements about what sex toys or avenues of eroticism they engage in.

      The one point I can agree with you on is that this is not the place to engage in the debate….. and the entire absorption with his gayness is way out of line, as is the demand for a public proclamation of it. It just makes sexual preference become the issue, when it is his persona, not who he sleeps with, that garnered him media attention in the first place.

    • Just because you (or maybe “a friend” you once knew) might’ve found it liberating to proclaim your gayness, doesn’t mean every gay man (or woman) would. Some might just prefer “to be”. It’s not like Adam is hiding anything.

  14. mishelle says:

    great article.

  15. As someone who lived through the 70’s glam era, I am so happy to have another artist who is right up there with Bowie, Alice Cooper, Elton John , Queen , Kiss etc.. He can rival any of these legends. Just let him be himself and give us the pleasure of having him entertain us. The rest doesn’t matter. It is all about the music!! I love Adam and will be a fan for life!!

  16. suebella says:

    Thank you Beauty, Cyndi and Randy for expressing so eloquently your thoughts on this article…..
    I agree with every word and will not re-iterate them except to say that Adam is truly a once-in-a-lifetime talent…….I was 13 when Elvis started to become known in 1956 and remember vividly the denigration he was exposed to by the media……but both men and women fell in love with his talent and his beauty in the few photos, scratchy records and innocuous films he was allowed to make……………
    now Adam has burst onto a world stage in all his glory……..
    men, women, gay, straight, will all fall in love with his talent and beauty…..
    with modern media we can stay connected at all times to the beginnings of the rise in Adam’s career, a source of joy to us….just listening to his singing, hearing him speak and witnessing his “I’m not skerd” demeanour will inspire millions of people world-wide and I am so looking forward to the ride.!!!!!!

  17. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    It has been cracking me up how many times women have written comments on this site “hoping” that Adam is straight or at least bi. Why do you have to think you might get to be in a sexual relationship with an awesome artist, instead of just enjoying his music?? He’s obviously gay, get over it.

    I think we will find out in a few weeks that Adam signed an American Idol contract (as well as his parents) not to discuss his sexuality. His mother all but admits that in an interview recently. But, he has done everything short of shouting “I’m gay!” to the world – when asked about photos of him kissing men he says “I’m not ashamed of who I am.” He kids with the TV guide reporter about the “big, pink” elephant in the room. When asked by Michael Slezak about Bill O’Reilly’s comment that the pictures of him kissing men are “embarrassing,” he replies “what’s so embarrassing about that? I’m not embarrassed. And why did BillO’Reilly feel he had to censor the photos?” And now he is going around town holding hands with his boyfriend. What more does he have to say?

    I am old enough to remember Freddie Mercury hiding the fact he had AIDS until just before he died – how sad that was. It was obvious he was dying of AIDS, but he was too afraid to admit it. I am glad our society is past that – remember how long it took even Liberace to come out? Elton John? Rock Hudson? Ellen? Melissa Etheridge? They certainly didn’t come out at the start of their careers.

    The next step is to be able to just be who you are, without the issue even coming up. I think gays view it as a pride issue – why is Adam not admitting he is gay? Isn’t he proud of being gay? Is he ashamed of being gay? Who knows – maybe we’ll find out Adam wanted to come out, and American Idol wouldn’t let him. I think that is the real story. Does Idol think he won’t sell as many records if he admits he’s gay and ends the speculation?

    • te_amo_adam says:

      Well said.!!Can I be your BFF?

    • Rockchick, I think your comment about the women who write wanting to sleep with Adam is a little off-base. Several of us have mentioned that we were alive to see Elvis…..do you honestly think anything we write would make Adam want to date a dinosaur? He’s gay, not blind….

      Like you, we adore him, that’s all, and want to support him as much as possible. Surely you can’t fault us for that

      • RockChickDigsAdam says:

        Not on this thread, but on several other threads it was repeatedly mentioned that the woman hopes Adam is straight, or bi, that they didn’t like how he changed the song lyrics to make them gender neutral (Tracks of My Tears, for example), or that because he once mentioned prior to a song on You Tube that, although not necessarily his preference, he kissed a girl during a play and it was “nice,” and therefore he just might possibly like girls, too – these were the comments that cracked me up. Not every female who writes in mentions this, and I have no idea how old the women are who write these comments. I like what someone wrote about a 90 year old woman who said she doesn’t care about his sexual preference because she doesn’t intend to sleep with him! I guess I feel that way, although I am far from 90. I guess I could be Adam’s mother!

        I want to support him as much as possible, too, I just don’t need to deny the fact that HE’S GAY!!!!

        • Thank you for explaining. I am definitely old enough to be his mother but in spite of my age, or perhaps because of it, I know talent when I see it. And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we all still want the same thing; to be entertained. And my god, does that boy know how to entertain! I don’t care if he sleeps with livestock as long as he continues to charm us with that amazing voice of his…..

  18. Adam is an amazing flawless artist and above that he is a great human being .. so ppl should not treat him based on his sexual orientation this will be huge mistake cuz he have talent no one has it ever … he is the best one there and he is International Star not just ( national ) his fans is from all the world and i ve seen many … ppl should respect his talent and treat him fairly cuz he deserve to be successful and happy … i think some ppl need him to Spell the word this is really pathetic .. i really don’t think he should explain his life 4 others he want it 4 his music and he is amazing performer and great entertainer .. ppl should see that not the silly things ..

    I luv u ADAM 4 who u r and will always do no matter what … may God help him to be the biggest Idol ppl knew and the most successful of all the seasons contestants ..

    My hat off 2 u ADAM 4 always being true to yourself and never change yourself 4 others and ppl love him 4 that 🙂

  19. Being gay never hurt Freddie Mercury or Elton John or any other artist. The world will listen to the music and watch the shows and forget anything else. Many artists have far worse afflictions including jail time and still the survive and prosper.

    All the best Adam – rock on!!

  20. wholelotta lambert says:

    I met a woman the other day, she was probably 90 years old, who said she had seen Sinatra and Elvis and Adam was better than them both…she said she was thankful she had lived long enough to see and hear Adam.She didn’t care if he was gay or not as she didn’t plan to sleep with him…but she wished THE MEDIA WOULD SHUT UP ABOUT IT !!!!
    Great post but it’s about talent, people, not personal sexual preferance!

  21. Glambertfan says:

    I think that the women need to hear he is strictly Gay and not Bi in order to not have that little hope and move on – as well the men need to know he is Gay and be able to say he is one of us and you women can’t have him “so there!” …. regardless, Adam is one of the greatest Artists to grace our stages and he will be around internationally as long as he is on this earth!

  22. Hui Wen says:

    I don’t really care if Adam is gay or not.. I only care what kind of music he is going to make and his debut album! I can’t understand why America is obsessed the sexuality orientation of celebrities!!

  23. Jaylambert says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what is the big deal about Adam being gay. He has never been shy about who he is. Why don’t America just concentrate on the fact that a WORLDWIDE STAR has been born and is about to take the world by storm in the entertainment industry rather than focus on such a petty issue as ‘when is he going to admit he is gay’. Focus on the right issue which is talent and not sexuality.

  24. Best article I have seen on Adam, his goals, accomplishments, and common sense. Thank you.

  25. Obsidian Eye says:

    It pisses the hell out of me that people just won’t leave Adam alone about his sexual preference, and his right to say or show things the way he wants to.

    HE IS A PERSON AND HIS LIFE IS HIS OWN. It’s extremely exploitative of certain groups to demand that he spell out “I’M GAY” in public for the furtherance of their political and social agendas. They want to impose an obligation upon him to politicize himself– A REPREHENSIBLE DISREGARD OF HIS RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT HE WANTS TO POLITICIZE HIMSELF AND HIS SEXUALITY. It’s as though they’re saying, ‘Well, you’re gay and a celebrity so you have no choice but to see the matter as non-private and political. You have no right to choose to be apolitical, no right to freedom of expression, no right to privacy. Make a public declaration!’

    All this really shows America’s social immaturity. Would this sort of thing happen in Europe, e.g. France or Britain? I don’t think so. They know how to respect art and artists and individuality over there.

    (totally non-sequitur: It just struck me –to my knowledge, America has not produced any great philosophers.)

  26. I think Adam is an amazing young man who happens to be one of the best performers I have ever witnessed. I fell in love with his beautiful persona, and penetrating eyes, yes, the eyes have it!
    Whatever makes Adam happy makes me happy, and he’s helped me find my smile again. Swagger on, Adam!

  27. Obsidian Eye says:

    In a society where ART is held in high regard and informs life to a high degree, what is being criticized as “coyness” on Adam’s part would be appreciated for not being direct and prosaic and brash, and therefore more ARTFUL, more TITILLATING, more DESIRABLE. Why are subtlety and ambiguity such sins in America? Those are qualities that prod one to think and imagine. I guess America would rather not do any thinking or imagining.

    Sfumato: (Literally “Going up in smoke”) A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty. (from ‘How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci’ by Michael J. Gelb)

  28. Could not agree with you more. Great Article. Adam will be around for a long time. He will be an international Superstar!!!

  29. Zachiloni says:

    I agree with you completely. Those entities who try to shove Adam coz he’s different (gay or whatever) are bunch of ignorant, self-righteous hipocrites who try to ruin someone’s life and dreams just to make a living. It is so unfortunate that the stardom that Adam dreams to live is swarming with biased, selfish jerks who tend to gravitate more on one’s imperfection (not that i’m saying that his being gay is part of his imperfection) than on one’s special talent or skills which is their very tool in surviving in this kind of industry.

    Adam has great talent and special skills when it comes to entertainment. I firmly believe that he will survive all the odds and will be the icon of multi-genre music. Go for it, Adam! Us, your fans, will support you all the way!

  30. This is an interesting take on the topic. There is something about this whole “Adam being out” topic that I personally can’t get my head around, but I think you just pushed me one step closer to understanding. I think it’s somehow much more about the gay community expecting gay people to act a certain way. This “lock step” thinking is not limited to the gay community, but can also be generalized into political, ethnic or religious communities. When someone steps outside of the expected “norm” their own community bashes them for it (a la Perez Hilton calling Adam “Lame-bert”).

    It’s also possible that groups who ostracize their own simply for not following what ever convention they select (i.e. mouthing the words “I’m Gay”) might simply be afraid of loosing their OWN individuality. This might especially be true of “older” gay people who have worked for years to gain the amount of acceptance they currently have and are afraid of loosing it. I do admire their tenacity and willingness to put themselves “out” there, but times change and it is possible that in the future those kinds of labels won’t be necessary (well, we can at least hope).

  31. te_amo_adam says:

    Adam is Gay.
    There. I’ve outed him for the world to see. Now can we get on with something else?

    • Obsidian Eye says:

      Sure, on another thread/page. =p

    • Obsidian Eye says:

      As I mentioned in another site, Adam has certainly said and shown enough for us to intelligently draw some inferences for ourselves. The issue being discussed here is how he’s been getting flak for not saying the two words “I’M GAY”, and being pressured by some groups to do so.

  32. Thanks to all of you for the continuing support for Adam Lambert, expressed with such eloquence, style, and thoughtfulness. I too have been commenting on this website since the night Adam ‘lost’ to Kris Allen, and I have continued to search for anything of interest concerning this incomparable new young superstar. Although this thread is probably not the exact place to publish this ‘heads up’ to all Adam Lambert fans, I thought I would go ahead and share this item of news with all of you on this page, since it is one of the most current, and probably most-read blogs.

    Last night I was enjoying looking at all things pertaining to Adam, and I Googled the name ‘Adam Lambert’. One of the very first articles that appeared was listed under the Hollywood Outbreak moniker, and the article was entitled “IS ADAM LAMBERT NOW A DIVA?”, in brazenly bold letters. I proceeded to read the article, and was horrified to see that it was an insinuating and insulting put-down of Adam, saying that he was now behaving like a rude and spoiled prima dona now that he has become famous. The article quoted no sources by name, and even more horrifyingly, it was listed as being from MSNBC, supposedly a trusted news source. The article remained at the top of the page under the heading for ‘Adam Lambert’ throughout yesterday evening, but has now moved to a second page. If you Google ‘Adam Lambert diva’, or link to http://www.hollywoodoutbreak.com/2009/06/03/is-adam-lambert-now-a-diva/comment-page-1/, you should have no trouble finding and viewing the page. Needless to say, I immediately wrote a staunch defense for Adam, as did 66 other fans, many of whom were absolutely incensed to read this complete trashing of Adam’s character. I urge you all to read it, and add your comments to the site, because it is truly a real attempt to cast doubt on his integrity.

    In keeping with this, I have added here below the comments I made on the Hollywood Outbreak site last night, in hopes that you will all join me in rallying behind Adam in fighting these outrageous claims. I wrote:

    “This is the first outright, blatant slam against Adam Lambert and his character I have read since Adam took the country by storm. I invite all of you reading this column to come over and read the literal avalanche of emails and posts with all their outpouring of love and support for Adam at adamunofficial.com. This fan website has an excellent open format with dozens of new posts, terrific photographs of Adam, all his videos, and all the fun details of his personal and public life. If Adam Lambert is a difficult, mean-spirited diva then I am a talking toad. I have just finished viewing a charming video of Adam greeting a small line-up of fans before a Fox interview in San Diego, and he literally had to be pulled along gently to do the bidding of the TV host – he was stopping to admire and sign the sweet signs the little girls had made for him, and commenting to them in the kindest possible way. There are countless videos of Adam listening intently to each person around him, taking care to carefully hear what they are saying, and responding fully and personally to each person. He himself has said that he considers himself a ‘paternal character, a big brother’ to his friends and other AI contestants. I have also viewed the video in which all of the other AI contestants say what a ‘truthful’, ‘fun’, and ‘fun to work with’ kind of guy he is. This is documented evidence of Adam Lambert’s kindness, expansiveness, gentleness, and essential goodness, and it is right there for all to see. I suggest you close down this kind of innuendo right now, it will have no effect. Adam Lambert is headed to the top and beyond, and he will be unstoppable in his ascent to national and international superstardom, and we will be right there with him, cheering him on, despite this kind of thing to the contrary!”

    All of the other comments on the Hollywood Outbreak website were wholly supportive of Adam in no uncertain terms. I urge you to go and see for yourself this ugly and destructive piece of yellow (in more ways than one) journalism, and add your voice in Adam’s behalf!

    • SallyNS says:

      Seems like this story might have been “planted” by Clay Aiken fans who are angry at Adam’s rebuttal to Clay’s rude remarks about him (the “riding my coattails” comment). TWOP is now saying they’ve traced this “story” back to Clay Aiken fans.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I hate those people so much! Why,why,whydon’t they just leave Adam alone? You hate him then just ignore him,why have to make this stupid rumours about him? Don’t they know that they are destroying someone dreams? Luckily,Adam has a loyal and smart fans like us who won’t believe all this crap!
        Adam is a diva??!! This is rubbish!Bullshit! Adam didn’t act like a diva!Stop attacking him.Everything good that he did,these haters will just turned it into negatives thing. If this is about this Clay Eiken guy,well guess what,Clay started it! Why Adam should respect the guy who didn’t even know what respect means?Stop it,you really pissed me off! Adam is a sweetheart!!

  33. Well said Cyndi Davis!



    • Thanks Suzanne. Isn’t it amazing what a person like Adam can bring out in us? Ithink he brings the world closer every time he sings..

      luv back,





  35. I think that the media will find anything to bash him, have you seen the latest headline from MSNBC: Adam Lambert already making enemies – While much of the chatter surrounding “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert has to do with speculation about his sexuality, the behind-the-scenes talk at many of the stops along Lambert’s publicity tour is how difficult he is to work with.
    “He is such a diva. Rude to everyone — from fans right down to the lighting folks,” said one person who worked with Lambert.
    “A-list celebrities have come through here and been infinitely more polite,” said another person who worked with Lambert during a stop in New York.
    Lambert should change his attitude quickly, according to one music producer. “No one sells that many records these days to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. To be a success you need literally everyone in your corner.”
    Let the Adam be…

    • Dear Kari, – this is the same article I commented on a few posts above, and the link is provided should anyone choose to comment on Adam’s behalf. Thank you!

    • Suse1701 says:

      Yeah, I found out about that yesterday and something is TOTALLY up with that. It is ludicrous and beneath even the National Enquirer, with NO legitimate or named sources (because of course they don’t exist), drawing on rumor (fabricated) innuendo and hearsay (and I doubt even that because they would have had to “hear” someone “say” it).

      My level of respect for msnbc has plummeted off the charts. What the hell were they thinking printing such a complete load of crap that is so easily discounted? It’s credibility suicide and for what? A few thousand clicks? WEAK!

      Jeez, what are we? Fox News?

      • Good to hear from you again Susie1701, and thank you for the information about the sources for the ‘diva’ story, SallyNS. It’s really quite a revelation to see how these stories about celebrities get started, take on a life of their own, and become distorted. Even though the story may have been started by a ‘rival fan camp’, it is also quite possible it has to do with malice against Adam from another source, which filtered out in this particular way. As I’ve said before on another thread, as a huge fan of Adam’s and as a mother of sons, I am a little anxious about him. I truly think all will be well with his rise into world stardom, but still, one watches out for the lions and tigers and bears hiding out in the bushes. But I will choose to ignore all the malarkey printed about him, and look forward to seeing him firmly and finally installed as the next star of this generation! Hopefully, all the muck will fade away as he emerges above it all in the coming months. But in the meantime, I’ll keep watch with my eagle eye. Gotta get that lion cub safely to the throne!

        And on another note, has everybody gotten their new, freshly-minted Glamb#? Go sign up on the Home page!

  36. johanna says:

    adam i love u no matter what ur sexuality is, u have been the highlite of my year and will go down as a legand, a true idol to people of all races u have inspired people to go out and do things that they were scared to until u adam lambert came along and inspired them.

  37. lambertfan4fr says:

    Adam is the single most talented contestant to ever grace the American Idol stage. If America had staid to the whole point of the show then they would have voted for the most talented and not let so many negative reasons influence the vote. I wish Adam all the success in the world and would be proud to be a member of his international, or any other Adam fan club. His first album will rocket to platinum in no time.

  38. Adam Lambert is a great singer/entertainer. Period.

  39. I enjoyed reading this article and tend to agree with what was said. I really miss watching Adam sing on Tuesday nights. My whole family looked forward to seeing him each week. He might not have been given the title of American Idol but as all Adam fans knows he is the TRUE American Idol. I don’t think the world’s seen such talent since the likes of Elvis. He is the whole package. I can see him acting in movies, on stage and of course singing. I have never heard such a beautiful voice. He sings so beautifully that he makes me cry, which I seldom do when listening to music. I could care less whether or not Adam is gay. I am sick to death of all of the attention the media has been paying to the mere possibility. Adam exudes sexiness like no other. His eyes make me melt and his voice makes my knees shake. I think he will have a long and wonderful career and will go down in history as one of the true icons of our time. I know I can’t wait until his CD comes out. I will definitely be one of the first in line to buy it!

  40. Star Catcher says:

    Jesus, I don’t get why people just can’t leave Adam alone about this. He doesn’t have to come out and say it, it’s his freaking choice and all those nutjobs who criticize him for it need to STFU and let Adam sing his heart out because that is what he was born to do, not face all this crap that people and putting him through.

  41. Well, I don’t even care if he’s gay. If he’s gay, it’s ok. as long as he do not dress like a lady. If he’s straight, it’s ok either(much better). But i don’t really care if he’s gay. I care much to his music. and I’ll support him no matter what! He’s the reason why my whole family watches idol coz he have that what you call “element of surprise”. We love you so much ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT!!!

  42. JAN LYNN says:



  43. it does’t make any sense because the artist mika is also flamboyantly gay (much more so in his music style than adam lambert, whom i love with a fiery passion ><) and isn’t “technically” out, but the gay community isn’t harassing him. then again, mika isn’t nearly as popular or talented as adam (vocally, anyway, i like mika a lot too – his “grace kelly” is super cute). but oh well. people will get over it eventually.

    i don’t really care if adam’s gay. i just think he’s the most talented a beautiful singer to grace the planet. just saying. <3

  44. The media, celebrities, gay activists, bloggers, etc. can try to legitimize all they want why Adam should publicly confirm that he is gay but IMHO the relentless pressure for him to “make a public confession” amounts to nothing but pure and simple bullying. He is, as he’s stated, an honest guy with nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of and just wants to sing and create art (and encourage other “different” (but not necessarily gay!) young persons to do the same). The fact that’s he’s gay makes no difference to my enjoyment of his music or of his on stage or off stage personna (nor for that matter of any sexual fantasies I may indulge in). I think he’s a wonderful singer and entertainer and just a great human being, period. Stop the harrassment now and let him focus on what matters to his real fans – more music ASAP!

    • AdamFan52 says:

      “bullying”…. that is exactly what it is….. shame on them for not allowing talent to be talent and allowing Adam to live his life as he sees fit. It isn’t anyone else’s right to control or manipulate him into doing something he does not want to do. Shame on them….

  45. AdamFan52 says:

    Good commentary, Deborah!
    I am absolutely bowled over by Adam’s insane talent and artistry! That should be the ONLY focus!! How dare the Liberal press and Liberal zealots bash him for staying private??!!! It is the way the liberals operate, tho…. anyone who doesn’t agree with them or operate in the way they deem proper is subjected to COMPLETE RIDICULE, SLANDER AND ARE BADGERED until the subject(in this case, Adam) capitulates to the liberal agenda and cause. JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE AND LET HIM ENTERTAIN US IN HIS AWESOME STYLE!!! AT LEAST ADAM IS BEING A COMPLETE GENTLEMAN ABOUT ALL OF THIS CRAP! Obviously, I am so sick of all this crap being crammed down our throats if we don’t agree with these so-called “social agendas”. AGAIN….. LEAVE ADAM ALONE ABOUT THE STUPID “GAY” ISSUE AND ALLOW HIM TO BE AN ENTERTAINER WITH A LIFE!

  46. AdamFan52 says:

    I am prepared for the onslaught of “hate mail” I will probably receive due to my posting, but I want it to be clear that I am in no way a homophobic…. I have many gay friends of both sexes and I love them to pieces! Wonderful friends and great people! I am just sick of the agenda to cram certain things down our throats whether or not it is in our own belief system. What happened to live and let live?

  47. Colette says:

    The subject of Adam’s sexuality is in the spotlight not because he’s gay, but because he’s beyond awesome. Celebrities are always scrutinized, I would say always unfairly, by the press and their private lives dragged through the tabloids. And the better they are usually the harder they’re attacked. I state the obvious I know. For whatever reason it seems to be the way we do things. And in proper order, people like us rally to defend them from the unfair, unjust invasion of their rights and their privacy because we love and adore them for filling up our soul with their gift. Adam has a gift that is so big, beautiful, and moving, that he could easily move me to tears singing a jingle for a fast food commercial. So let the world spin, let the haters hate (I’m glad I’m not on their side!), and let us all enjoy that we are on the right side of this yin and yang and in love with Adam because of the beautiful gift he has that he shares with us. We love you Adam! Thank you for filling up our souls with your beautiful singing!

    • RockChickDigsAdam says:

      Yes, Colette, you’re exactly right. Beautifully said. Look what poor Susan Boyle had to go through just because she had the audacity to shine like a star and get the world buzzing about a frumpy middle-aged woman who can sing like a dream. So they hounded her from dawn until dark (I guess American Idol singers are lucky to be sheltered away in a mansion during their weeks of competition), picked on her mini-makeover and kept going until she had a breakdown.

      I’m glad Adam was older (poor Allison!) and had years of stage experience when he began AI, I think that will give him a huge head start for the crazy media roller coaster ride he will be on for many, many years to come (we love you, you’re awesome, we hate you, you’re a loser, up and down, up and down).

      Yes, thank you Adam, for allowing the gift of your voice to brighten our lives!

  48. Well written, Adam is a singer performing artist.;gay,straight,or bisexual has nothing to do with it.
    The “pastor”(hate filled bigot) could learn something from a real christian, Kris Allen, who is a great friend and supporter of Adam.

  49. Adam is a wonderful performer and that is what is important. If he choses to come “out” that is o.k. as long as it is his choice. He shouldn’t be required to be a supporter of gay rights or be involved politically unless that is his choice. As an older, married woman I find him super sexy and if he is gay or straight doesn’t matter. BUT again he should have a choice about what he wants to reveal about his private life because it really should not be our business! It’s about the singing – nothing more!

  50. Georgianne says:

    I love Adam for the singer & performer he is! This season of American Idol was the best because of him. I don’t think his sexuality is anyone’s business. Whether he is gay or not will not change my opinion of him!!!

  51. Linda Desplanque says:


  52. dang…i wish the show wasn’t over…then we would still be able to see those performances that are completely free from the gay issue…if being out means publicly saying, “i’m gay”…then the media, not to mention the world, must be extremely bored to harrass adam into saying he’s gay…get a hobby reporters…

  53. jnellie says:

    In Canada being Gay isn’t as news-worthy as in the USA. However, gossip is a universal infliction and if you’re famous, then anything usually considered private is up for public scrutiny. Personally, I don’t follow that stuff so I couldn’t tell you who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood, but if I did care I’m sure I could find out more details than anyone has any business knowing, whether their straight, gay, bi or otherwise (and trust me there are a lot of kinky, unfathomable otherwises – if you can think it someone has probably done it). So that brings me to the question; What is sexuality? It certainly isn’t just about a female having sex with a male. Sex comes in many different forms and if it is a satisfying experience for all involved, and no one is getting hurt, then rock on. My son is gay and I don’t define him by how he finds sexual pleasure, just as I don’t expect him to define me by how I find sexual pleasure. When our son came out my husband said it best “Why should I care what he does in bed? It’s none of my business.” So, where am I going with this? ADAM rock on with what you do best . Yes, they are going to talk because that is what they do and and that is what sells, unfortunately; it’s the price of fame. I’ve seen your interviews and you have the character, strength and sense of humor to handle whatever they throw at you, and in the end you will be seen as the professional that you have already shown yourself to be. I predict there will be so many headlines about your amazing talent and unprecedented international appeal that they won’t have time to report on your sexuality; not that you care, but for some reason we do. So hurry up and get something out for them to talk about. PS see you in Vancouver.