No Surprise…Our boy can sing AND talk (… and act too)!

Okay, I’m still in withdrawal – I admit it. I know people think a lot of us are insane, but that’s all right. I’m learning to embrace my feelings and accept them. Anyway, I find I am really, really missing Adam’s weekly performance. I miss hearing what he’s going to sing and how he’s going to interpret a song. I miss seeing how he’s going look and which way the hair will be worn. I miss the endless variety of pants, footwear, and ways in which leather can we worn and adorned. I miss the download of new songs and new photos for my worn-out ipod.

This is interview week, and I’m getting my Adam fix from the slew of talk show appearances, radio interviews, and video clips that are flooding the web. There are a few performances of Mad World, which are wonderful to hear again, and the TV interviews give me a chance to once again drink in Adam’s beautiful self and marvel at the style he brings to something as mundane as a talk show interview. (Loved the painted-on jeans and boots he wore to the Live with Regis and Kelly show!)

For the most part it’s Adam speaking and not singing. And you know what? I’m just as enthralled. All of Adam’s fans know he’s articulate, but I was trying to think what exactly it was that that was keeping me glued to his interviews. Was it curiosity in wanting to find out as much as possible about Adam? Was it the reassurance I sought that he was perfectly okay with not winning American Idol? Was it the speculation on his album, whetting my appetite for the future while I salivated shamelessly over those skinny jeans and rapier-toed boots? Yes, all of the above, I think.

But as he spoke, answering some potentially uncomfortable questions regarding his sexuality and his reaction to the disses of Clay Aiken and Bill O’Reilly, I found my admiration for Adam growing. He never hems, haws, or hesitates, but answers with confidence, humor, and a great positive attitude. He seems to know himself so well, and he is so NOT embarrassed by any topic that there is simply no such thing as a hard question. He laughs at controversy and he laughs at himself. He realizes that people hung the “cause” sign around his neck, and though he says he didn’t seek that in the beginning, he accepts the responsibility. He wants to be a role model to kids. (Don’t laugh!)

How about you? Why do you feel drawn to Adam’s interviews? Has anything he’s said surprised you? Is there a question you haven’t heard asked yet that you are dying to hear the answer to?



  1. Star Catcher says:

    I agree with you Jeanette, I can’t get enough of Adam whether he’s singing or speaking. He’s just so intersting and unique! Honestly, he one of the greatest people I’ve ever seen or heard. I can’t get him out of my head. Sad, but true and I embrace these feelings by happily gushing while my friend ignores me because she doesn’t find him awesome.

    • I have enjoyed the interviews and articles; it sure helps with the withdrawal! He is so articulate and open, very real! I’m not the only one missing him…my 3 1/2 year old grandson asked if American Idol was on tonight. I told him, no sweetie, it’s not on anymore. He started crying, and I asked him why he was sad. He said, “I miss Adam!” Me too, baby, me too!

    • SUsan L says:

      Adam’s intelligence, wit and humility have always been a major part of his appeal for me. I fell for the music, I stayed for the man…He had me at “I’m not scurred” as they say!

      This week has turned out to be a real treat with all the interviews–the best have definitely been Michael Sarver’s “Idolatry”—LOVED Adam’s face, tone of voice, etc when talking about Gene Simmons, Michelle from “the best week ever”–made me cry from laughing, and the little bit from TV Guide–the “pink elephant” quote is priceless. Adam is REALLY funny! He has a great sense of humor–and is incredibly quick.

      Other interviews have been a bit tiresome…don’t these journalists ever tire of asking the SAME questions? Why did Kris win? How do you feel to come in 2nd? Are you really friends etc. They’re such bores. When we see the good interviews it becomes painfully obvious that they (the bad journalists) just don’t get it.

      Adam is exhibiting what I think is now his trademark of grace, humor and the ability to articulate what is going on in the firestorm around him.

      Will there be more next week? Or will I then be forced into painful withdrawal…….

  2. Everything you say, Jeanette is perfect articulation for all of us. Adam is the cat’s meow. And really, so are you! Thank you so much for all of this, your gift to the Glamberts.

  3. adambonjovi says:

    well said. I’m incredibly drown to him, too. he’s just unique and amazing in ways no one ever has been in my eyes, this no-nonsense, straightforward selfconfident way just astonishes me. I’m not the kind of person that bloggs or writes to people I don’t know and for the firts time (and i’m not young at all) I’m glued to my computer just reading everything there is about him, watching every video and enjoying it in a weird fashion, as if I myself hadn’t got a life. I live in a country where he’s virtually unknown and my friends laugh at me for all the time that I “waste” on him. I just can’t help it, and I’ll follow wherever this might lead me

  4. God i agree to every word u wrote here …. i just can’t get enough of him and i missed his performances and the way he will look and now i am all over the places to find new vid of him never saw before just to be happy seeing his beautiful face and listening ti his amazing discussions with reporters n the interviews he is amazing at everything he do i just love him to pieces .. he is the best ever period.

    and my answer is too all of the above 🙂

  5. ejw89109 says:

    I am drawn to his incredible sense of humor, that irresistable laugh, his positive outlook on life, as well as his remarkable singing ability, and he’s definitely not hard on the eyes. I love it when he smiles. He has a beautiful smile. The man is just gorgeous. I am sorry people continue to prod him about his sexuality, and I understand he’s going to make an announcement on the subject. So in case you ever read this Adam, let me stand up and say “I am sorry and apologize to you for all the insensitive jerks in this world.”
    You have a right to your life and your privacy, but living in California, they will be camped out on your doorstep and following your every move. I guess it goes with the territory.

  6. cmhagey says:

    Oh Jeanette, you’re oh so right! I miss him so much too! Not sure how to deal with my anxiety about it. Probably need to form a “support group!” But good news, I just got my autographed picture from him today. I’ve posted about it in in the file. Hopefully it will be there soon.

  7. I am just TOTALLY drawn to the man! That’s It!!! As for what surprised me…? I didn’t know he had a “HATER” living in the AI house with him and that now said “HATER” is going to be on tour with him this summer!!! I would love to know who this IDIOT is!!!!! I will DEFINITELY NOT support them!!! I also want to know what is all the one-sided (I’m sure) animosity is about?? His sexuality/androgeny?? His talent?? His fame?? His professionalism?? His confidence?? Etc… etc…etc. Whoever it is and whatever it’s about I hope they get over it…and soon. If Adam has to be around this person for an ENTIRE summer touring with them, then I don’t want him to be brought down by the crab in the bucket! We all know how misery loves company!

    • marlis hanson says:

      of course, you know, it must be Gokey. He copied him–which is why we had to hear that horrible scream. And the eye in the camera thing, and the trying to look cool in jeans, but coming off fake…Gokey even said he was watching performances of ‘others’ and copying it. Neil said that he is okay that Adam didn’t get the number one win spot–the only thing Neil would not have been okay with was if Gokey won.

      • Ma Berry says:

        Careful. I don’t think we need to throw names around. I saw an interview with Danny and he really likes Adam and said some wonderful things about him. Let’s not turn this into a hate thing. Adam can take care of this himself and he does not need negative. Let’s just support him and that means having a succesful tour this summer with the whole team.

        • adamfan7 says:

          I investigated this, and I believe that the 2 harshest people toward were Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver. Danny and Michael made a video in which one said to the other that he loved him and they added “in the right way.” Michael allegedly quasi-threatened Adam by saying that, where he is from, people are either straight or dead. You can google the video. Seriously, how Christian is that? While I am an Adam fan, I embrace Kris as the winner because he is so kind, open-hearted and tolerant. Its a shame that , in 2009, I admire Kris for that rather than his kindness being the norm.

  8. marlis hanson says:

    Okay, YES, I take you up on the challenge–I have a question for him! He has said in previous interviews that he the thing he is most proud of is when he fell in love, at the age of 25. So.. the question that begs to be asked is, of course, who did he fall in love with, is he still in love with that person, and describe it (he is so articulate, his description of what it feels like to be in love will most certainly make us all melt into big globs of gooey Adam-mush.)

  9. Leticia says:

    I think all of us just could not get enough of Adam and if not for this site updated with all the fantastic interviews, most of us would surely have died from Adam withdrawal symptoms! We just cannot get enough of him and this is just Adam’s magic! No one can explain it. He is just so mersmerising even if he is just talking! And I agree with Marlis Hanson, let’s ask Adam that question about his proudest moment was when he fell in love. This has been hanging at the back of my head for some time. I hope our great interviewees who have such priviledges to meet Adam in person will be able to satisfy our cravings for more information on Adam!

  10. a mad mad adam fan!! says:

    i love to listen to the sound of adam’s voice and the sense and intelligence with which he communicates is so refreshing. we are all used to celebrities with talent yet to find someone with such talent and intelligence is absolutely amazing!! the more i find out about this guy the more i’m hooked! i love his attitude and hope he keeps it up!!
    PS – did anyone read what KARA has said about him? i can’t wait to see ADAM’s response!!

  11. I totally agree with everything that was said. I have said this before…..I love watching his interview as much as him singing. I want to know everything there is to know about this amazing man. His sense of humor, confidence, and overall presence is just overwhelming. He has such charisma!!! I love the fact that he is so quick with his answers….and can just shrug his shoulders at all the sexual oriented questions. Although…I am so tired of the speculation…for us real Adam fans…WE DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see him perform…on stage…I do not need to know about his bedroom performances….WAIT…or do I?LOL (just kidding) Anyway…love this website for the great info…ty so much!!! Adam…keep on doing your thing!!!! I think people need to remember he is a human being….and unfortunately the haters will continue to try to knock him down…but I don’t think that is going to happen. We all know that this will not be the first time Adam has had to deal with negative drama or haters……jealousy turns people into vicious beasts!!! I just wish people would say…ya know what…his style just isn’t for me…and that is totally fine…cuz we all do not like the same thing….but c’mon folks….stop with the bashing…..grow up!!!

  12. IveBeenAdamized says:

    I watch an interviewed where he addressed his likeness to Elvis, which he said he wasn’t so sure he understood the comparison, but I think he missed the point. It is not that he is a twin for Elvis, it is that he has that same effect on people as Elvis. People go insane for him, his looks, his songs, his voice,his presence. And it isn’t just teeny boppers. It is everyone and every age and every sex. He just exudes something unexplainalbe that you just can’t help but want to see, hear and soak in every second. I am married with children and In my upper 40’s and I don’t know why the hell I think about him 24/7. Kind of like being hypnotized. I get in a trance when I hear him speak. Makes no sense logically. He is so amazing.

    • IveBeenAdamized says:

      OOps, I meant I watched an interview!!! See I can’t even speak/type properly because of him!!

    • Cris Fin says:

      I must admit, I also have this secret addiction to this powerful force of nature who is Adam…I am a 29-year old woman who works in an international organization, and I find it reassuring that I am not alone in this inexplicable desire to imbibe everything pertaining to Adam. I have watched his interviews, and I am incredibly impressed – I have worked with many intelligent individuals in my life but something about Adam exudes more than eloquence. He is very engaging – he is able to express himself not only in plain words, but in language that vividly communicates his thoughts and emotions to the listener. Like, it is not everyday I hear someone say “nebulous”, or “edgy with a smile”. Not only that, the construction of his sentences, the flow of words, the sense of what he’s saying – he is a very gifted speaker. But that is only the superficial part. More importantly, his warmth and sincerity shines through, and it is very difficult to fake that. He always has something positive to say to people, especially Kris, and has been endlessly thanking everyone even when he was still in the show. Finally, aside from having an interesting life to start with, he is able to translate this to a tremendous energy that captivates the audience. I guess this is what they call charisma or magnetic aura. Whatever it is, he got us all hooked – me especially. Looking forward to more Lambert for years to come…

  13. With full hesitant I have to reveal my real job, I’m a diplomat. I was trained to be articulate, intelligent and able to answer ANY question with such graciousness. I have been admiring Adam’s singing and performing ability. But now I have read many of his interviews, I have to admit that his diplomatic ability, in answering questions or tackling any issue, beats many of the best diplomats I have ever seen.

    • frodo325 says:

      I thought the same and I am not an diplomat–just a teacher who has to be diplomatic on occasion. His maturity and grace sets the bar high.

  14. Adamforevercayman says:

    We all have that feelings and I’m really happy that you guys are keeping us updated. I just hope that people will stop asking him about his sexuality. We love Adam and it doesn’t matter just leave his personal life alone. You rock Adam, we love you!!!!

    • Ma Berry says:

      I agree. This is a big media thing and it’s getting way out of hand. Personally, I don’t care. What I care about is seeing Adam perform and spreading the musical joy that only he can do.

  15. Malocari says:

    Adam is such a wonderful person!! He is not only talented, but he is absolutely centered and mature. Yes, I have to admit that I am suffering from withdrawal as well, I guess it’s normal, he has such magnetism, I couldn’t wait to get out of work and go home to watch him, to listen to him.. to see his smile, so ample, so honest, so true…
    He is a very well prepared for this world guy… and I admire that!!

  16. Sun&Stars says:

    I totally agree with Jeanette and with many others who have made complimentary comments about Adam. I crave to see and hear him daily. His music stays on all day in the office where I work. I’m starting to like “No Boundaries” more and more as I hear him sing it. He is just awesome! Words can no longer express how he affects those who love and adore him. My note to Adam would be a quote from Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss):

    Be who you are and say what you feel…

    Because those that matter… don’t mind…

    And those that mind… don’t matter.”

    We love ya~!

  17. I’m so hooked and I think I need serious help!!!!! This has got to be the strangest, but most welcomed, phenomenon that’s ever happend to me (LOL)!!! So now my poor husband, who has had to listen to Adam sing Mad World on every venue I can find to TVO, says to me last night that he now knows what I mean about the eerie haunting chill you get when you hear that song (for me it’s all his songs and a bit more that a chill, but this is progress (HA))!!!!

    I am too old to deal with an American Idol concert I have to say…I simply don’t have what it takes to sit through most of those awful performances with all the very young kids…so at my ripe old age of 44, I simply have to record every interview or show that Adam is on and try to patiently wait for his CD and his first Washington DC concert!!! God Help Me!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!! And we’ll keep looking for Adam at every turn (smile) By the way, Adam’s sexuality is just simply pure sensuality…other than that who the heck cares!!!!

    • my sentiments exactly…will be 40 in a few days and don’t have what it takes to sit thru a whole concert with the other idols. although, if they were coming to my city, i would probably force myself!

  18. I’m hoping the cover of Rolling Stone, where it is anticipated that Adam will “come out”, will say something like, “I’ve never been IN the closet–except to find something fabulous to wear!”. To all the speculation, I would just like to emit a collective “duh–what did you think he is?”. It has been clear from very early on that Adam is gay and has never hidden it. It is only the fact that people think that it is something to be ashamed of that has made them continue to “speculate”. No one has to declare their heterosexuality for us to make assumptions, why should anyone have to declare their homosexuality in the face of evidence (the photos) that is not denied? I applaud Adam for not making a big deal out of the issue during the competition yet never denying the photos, or trying to alter his persona to appear more “straight”. His ability to be sexually exciting to all and project that in his performances is a gift. It may even help us here in America redefine what it is to be an attractive man. May all men celebrate that there may now be a broader definition.

    • yeah, that would be a great quote! he is a beautiful man, in body and spirit, guyliner or bare-faced…i don’t care that he is gay, though i must admit that in my fantasy world he is most definitely NOT 😉 LOL

    • i for one hope that ADAM would say something cheeky as that!! it would be such a poke in the eye for the so called speculators! i believe that ADAM’s fans don’t really lose sleep over specualations concerning his sexual orientation – its the paparazzi that’s been creating all this hype. his ‘coming out’ won’t change anything for his fans. i am an ardent ADAM fan from southeast asia and folks here absolutely love him! go ADAM!!

    • Jeanette says:

      Susan, beautifully put! Your closet quote would be so perfect!

    • Ma Berry says:

      The guy is sexy and sensual and that can be a universal thing. No one should to be threatened by his talent and his charisma. That’s what I am getting out of all this hoopla. The man is absolutely amazing in talent, grace, humor and sensitivity. Enjoy, have fun, rock on and support Adam.

  19. Oh Jeanette, you do speak my mind. Adam is such an amazing man. I miss him terribly. Cant wait for the tour…Greensboro here I come. We just need more Adam.

  20. There is definitely a “Mystique” around Adam that lures me in but also a mystique that I am not sure of what . . . but it keeps me wanting to see and hear MORE and MORE of him. . . . it has NOTHING to do with his sexuality either . . . straight, bi or gay, I DO NOT CARE! Im forever a fan since day one! Keep up the great work, Adam! I’m behind you ALL THE WAY!

  21. Who is the lady that sits with his family at the shows. She has a pretty face, long straight light brown hair, she’s the one they have photographed out to dinner with Adam, she looks about 25 – 27 years old?

    I think it is Matt that Adam does not get along with.

  22. i wanna hear his answer 2 this question:

    During “Idol,” did you ever feel like a front-runner?

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      That’s genious, would love to hear his answer; also, why do they keep saying that the judges pimping him as the winner and gave him so many good reviews each week, when we all know that he did get criticized – remember ROF, Simon and Kara both didn’t like it. I think there were others, Born to be Wild too. Of course, Adam is too humble to correct the interviewers when they said this to him.
      I hate when they say that – Adam did take his share of criticism and had to put up with alot.

  23. Jane416 says:

    I agree with everything others are saying here but I can probably beat you all in the age department – I am a 56 year old Canadian woman! As soon as I wake up in the morning, I just have to head straight to my computer to get my Adam fix, listen to his songs, watch the videos (I’ve bought everything from Itunes) and check out the websites. Thank goodness all the talk shows this week have been helping my habit! Adam has transported me back to my own teen years when I would be going mad crazy for a little group you may have heard of – the Beatles! I knew the first time I saw him at the auditions that he was going to be someone to watch. I was in awe each week and couldn’t wait to see what he would do next.

    There is just something indescribable about Adam – I know it’s alot of pressure to put on one human being, but honestly, there’s not one thing that I do not LOVE about the man. His phenomenal voice (is there ANYthing he can’t sing??!!), looks (those eyes! that smile!), manners, song selections, emotional phrasing, stage presence and clothing choices. I like ALL the choices he has made – goth, punk, suit, tight jeans (oh man!) leather jacket, glam rocker – anything he wears. And on top of all that, there is his unbelievable sense of humility, enthusiasm, friendliness, compassion, politeness, infectious laugh and sense of humour — everything about him is WONDERFUL! I can’t get enough! He is truly MESMERIZING!!!

    My friends know I am a fan but I don’t feel I can continue to talk on and on about Adam for much longer. Thanks to sites such as this, I can continue to feed by addiction!!

    I for one hope that Adam DOES decide to come out soon. I have said all along that he would make a wonderful role model for (as he has said himself) all those kids who feel “different ” or “weird.” Although I wholeheartedly agree that he has a right to his privacy, I have a feeling he just knows that this is an important area where he could be a great leader and really make a difference in kids` (or anyone`s) lives. Imagine – he could make it cool to be gay – or at least to just be yourself!!!

    • Jane, I’ve got you beat! I’m 60 years old and you’ve expressed all the same feelings I have about Adam. Such talent, such sex appeal, such a gracious and well spoken young man! I can’t wait to follow his career. I will be sad if (when) he comes out, but it’s only for the young women out there who have harbored fantasies that they might someday have a chance to have a relationship with him! No matter what his preference, everyone will still fantasize about him in those leather pants, won’t they? Hope you all continue to post updates. It surely is boring not to have his performances to look forward to every week!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        I am 51 and feel the same – I just want to say I hope Adam thinks about his older fan base when he records his album. I would hate for him to come out and do what everyone else who is new to the industry does – I haven’t enjoyed any new entertainers since the late ’80s. Would love to hear him do covers of the ’60s, ’70’ and some ’80s. Anyway, whatever he does I’m sure will be great!

  24. I began to post comments about Adam from the night he ‘lost’ American Idol until now, on MSN, YouTube,, and on this website, the best-of-them-all of the Adam Lambert fansites. I am the Mom of a beautiful gay son, exactly Adam’s age, and I see in Adam the same expansive, tremendous soul as I see in my son. I am the same Mom who has been around since the beginning of rock and roll, and has seen it all develop from the beginning all the way to this present moment. Like so many of you, I have thrilled to the fantastic performances and fabulous voices of this exciting era. Now, here before us at the end of an era and the beginning of another, stands Adam Lambert, all alone and without peer, ready to launch into the stratosphere of what will come as the next biggest thing in American music. I see Adam as the synthesis of all things that came before, as the culmination of all the countless unforgettable moments in music and the arts to this moment, and as the incomparable hero of a new age in music and entertainment.

    Adam is a man larger-than-life, with an enormous capacity for taking in and giving out. He is old enough to know what is going on around him in the music business, and so highly intelligent and self-aware, that nothing escapes him. He is standing in exactly the same place that Elvis occupied in the early 50’s, in that fragile moment before world-wide success and universal acclaim awaited him. Only now, some 53 years later, we have a young man far more able to direct his own ascent into superstardom. And yet, there is that controversy about his sexuality. I was appalled to read today in the MSN Entertainment news that it was revealed by one of the AI judges that “Adam Lambert is gay”. His being gay is not what is appalling, it is that someone else in the business has ‘outed’ him, so to speak, something he himself has wisely not clarifed. So perhaps, not everyone wishes him well, and the possibility exists that not all may be smooth sailing to the top for this glorious young man.

    I am saying to everyone: make a noise for Adam so loud that his success cannot be denied! Look at every video of his that you can, comment everywhere, tell everybody about him, buy every song and album he makes, and scream louder than you screamed for Elivs and the Beatles for this 27 year-old phenomenon, when you see him in public, and online. If you are connected to the entertainment business, know that we, the fans of Adam Lambert, want to see him all the time, everywhere, and in all kinds of places, and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! People in the most obscure places in the world are clamoring for more of him (and believe me, they will take him if we won’t!), and we here in this country are speculating and quibbling over his private life! It is misguided, hypocritical, and ridiculous to make an issue of his sexual orientation. As Adam goes forward, my hope is that the very graciousness with which he handles himself in all situations will dispel every black cloud around him, making a shining path to something new and much-needed in the world today; affirmation and acceptance of the differences and commonalities of all people.

    There is one more thing to be said, something unusual, yet beautiful. In entertainment and in life, sexuality and the loving interaction between human beings is not cut and dried, black or white, or rigidly defined. People are not exclusively one thing or another, and this makes life mysterious and beautiful. Life can never be boxed in, cut off, regimented, or denied, it will find a way to express itself. Think of what vast resevoirs of courage and capacity exist in Adam Lambert, that he so fearlessly strides out into the glare of public life, defying rigidity and judgmentalism as he goes, daring us to come out and play with him! Come on everybody, let’s go, throw down your preconceptions and old, tired attitudes, and let’s go see what can happen when people refuse to be influenced by hatefulness, and instead embrace each other with love, as Adam has so beautifully modelled for all of us. Isn’t that what all religions should be about? I think so.

    So, Adam Lambert fans, let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder, across the nation and across the world, for freedom, and joy and the power of music, and the most exciting thing that’s happened in the world today, – Adam Lambert!!!

  25. I Love hearing his voice and looking at him when he does whatever it is that he does! He Amazes me and that is why I seek out and watch every interview I can find. I am in love with this guy! He is beautiful…..I love his eyes and perfect teeth! <3


  27. adamfancajungirl says:

    Lorrin, that was so beautifully said. I agree with everything you wrote.I was a teenager when Elvis was a young man and he had a special magic about him. Adam has that magic. I find myself wanting to read everything I can about him.I love watching his videos everyday and looking at his handsome face. Whatever he does in his private life is his business. I only care about all the joy he will bring to all of us, his fans,through his music.

  28. I agree with the OP and many of the rest of you (great post Lorrin). I am hopelessly wrapped around Adam’s little finger. I find him so endlessly fascinating. He is so witty and adorable in interviews and has such charisma. I am so excited to see what his future is going to bring – he totally deserves superstardom!

  29. Thank you dear gopi, adamfancajungirl, and Dorena for your kind comments. I want to add one final comment to my small ‘essay’ on Adam Lambert. Historically, it seems that many of the most creative, fascinating, and beautiful things in life are done by androgynous people, or people who have a dual sexuality, and/or extraordinary sensitivity. In fact, I would almost say that this duality and sensitivity is essential for the production of the most wonderful things in our world. That ‘differentness’ makes the artists themselves suspect and unacceptable to much of mainstream society during their growing up and young adult years. Society thrives on conformity and regimentation, and often greatly hinders and punishes those who are different. But those who are different are those who contribute the most to the world of the imagination, to the arts, to music, to acting, to writing, to architecture and design; to the things that make all of our lives most comfortable and beautiful. All of those forms of artistic expression are eagerly awaited and accepted by that same mainstream society who so easily rejected the very people who made them possible. This should not be, but it is, and society has become in some ways even more intolerant and rigid than it was before the 1960’s, an era of which I am more than proud to have been a member in the very heart of Berkeley, California.

    I would say before you challenge Adam Lambert and all of the beautiful, ‘different’ people of the world that Adam so loves: Get out your black paint buckets and get ready to deface Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and DaVinci’s Last Supper, stomp on all the old recordings of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and Swan Lake, rip up all your copies of Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass and all of Willa Cather, Oscar Wilde, and Truman Capote (yes, they were all gay), and then get ready to make a bonfire of all the art (Andy Warhol), modern classical music (Leonard Bernstein), and all of your cherished rock and roll music (because somebody who was gay surely worked on the album, if not the artist himself or herself).

    So I say, let Adam have his day unhindered and fully supported and loved by everyone, because he will surely give his all back out to us, singing at the top of his lungs at full power, straight into the hearts of this nation and the world.

    And he’s only 27. Aren’t you glad? Yes!!!

    • YOURSFOREVER says:

      Very well said!!! Before you throw a stone think if it will hit your loved ones!!! So much ignorance around, people not only tone deaf but musical and art history unaware…

      Thank you for the beautiful skillful posts!

  30. Jennifer T says:

    Agree. Agree. Agree.

    I, too, am completely bumfuzzled at my “possession” if you will. I google him every day for any new scrap of information, any new picture, any new interview.

    I laughed and laughed at the VH1 best week skit! Oh goodness! If you haven’t seen it, you MUST find it! Oh goodness.

    But, yes…..I adore this man and simply cannot get enough. Adamitis, baby!!!

  31. AdamAddict says:

    There’s nothing wrong for him to be a role model to kids.He’s very positive in everything,make me think(not kid anymore) “why can’t I do that,Of course I can! Adam Lambert say so.Yeah,I’ll do it!! OMG!!! WHY AM I DOING THIS!!!! And then,phew,I ‘m glad I did it!” LOL!!!Thank you,Adam!

  32. Ok… so I’m almost embarrassed about my obsession with Adam. And it’s probably not right – I’m married afterall!

    But for me, I think the major draw (apart from his other worldly voice), is that he reminds me of a young Elvis. And I love Elvis – have since I was 14 and I’m 29! In fact, I’ve talked my mom’s ear off so much about Adam, that she told me that my behavior is reminding her of the early days of my Elvis obsession! Oops – I was 14 then, what’s my excuse now??

    Like Elvis, Adam has some serious charisma. He’s so charming. And with all the latest interviews, I’m realizing that this guy is really funny too (also like E).

    So here we go again. This time, it’s Adam. It’s the 21st century and we’re ready for our next Elvis. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.

    I only hope my husband doesn’t run me outta town when it gets really bad (like when we go to the A.I. tour and I SEE Adam)!

  33. Jeanette: Thanks for summing it all up! I’m a middle-aged, married mother with teenage kids who all think I’ve lost my mind. I check the computer first thing every morning to see what’s going on in Adam-land and listen to several of his fabulous interviews over and over. For me, it’s just so much fun to witness his rising star. Also, he seems like such a sweet, smart and grounded kid–something really rare in most young celebrities. I can’t wait to see in what direction he takes his array of fabulous talents!

  34. te_amo_adam says:

    My husband lost his job and we were really short on cash to pay the rent. But was I looking for a job? No. I was obsessing on Adam. Can you explain that kind of behavior? I just kept reading about Adam and somehow that got me through the stress. Things worked out regarding the rent, but I can honestly say it’s embarressing. I’m not acting my age at all and my 11 year old daughter is wondering if I’m OK.

    So ask Adam for me if he’s prepared to handle crazed fans like me and what does he think of it? Is it a turn off? If it is I’ll have to force myself to stop. Yeah Right.

  35. I love Adam in interviews …. One of the things I love the most is how he is able to show fierce ambition and aspiration without having to put others down or do it at someone else’s expense.

    I also noticed something during the show that I haven’t seen any interviewers mention. He was about the only contestant who consistently thanked the musicians, the arrangers and band after his performance. That’ reflects so well on him that he’s not a prima donna but rather appreciates collaboration with others.

  36. YOURSFOREVER says:

    In my understanding, Adam woke up in us all those wonderful things we were starving for! Plus introduced to the new ones we never new. I am 30+ and I have NEVER been so much in love with artist! Even the great ones! I would assume that getting to know him as a person really helped to love him even more. His talent is huge and he knows how to PUSH OUR BUTTONS in so many levels awekaning our sensors we thought were functioning well. LOL

    Thank you to everyone!


  37. Suse1701 says:

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to add my two cents into the discussion because it is a magical, exciting time for all of us and I really think we are affecting change right now. BTW, Lorrin, I am a professional writer and you are a BRILLIANT essayist. You should look into getting some of those thoughts published. Beautiful, beautiful job.

    I too am experiencing a profound addiction for Adam like I’ve never experienced with a performer before. I cannot tell you how much sleep I’ve lost on account of him. I start watching his U2B videos on my iPhone in bed and promise myself, “Just one more and then I’m totally going back to sleep …” Instead of working out, I’m reading posts. I actually have a potential major deal for some of my work happening right now and I’m so distracted with Adam that I can’t focus on it. It’s not healthy, but I love it.

    It did occur to me that Adam’s phenomenal charisma could be an incredibly dangerous thing with the wrong person. This is how religious cults happen. If he decided he wanted to take over the world, he could probably do it; he’s so freakishly compelling. Thank God he’s such a good person. And I am very glad he waited and matured a bit before going down this road; if it happened when he was younger, it could have been too much for him to handle (too much for anyone to handle).

    Anyway, I also hate the discussion and analysis of his sexuality, but you know what? It is getting people to DIALOG. And that’s how we change things. People who have never had a direct emotional attachment to someone who is gay (I know, right?) are now being forced to reconcile their own opinions and perhaps grow and stretch and recognize that it does not define a person. We are all an amalgam of the myriad details that make up every one of us and our sexuality is only one iota of a complete human being.

    Adam did not sign up to be a poster child for sexuality; he’s a singer who entered a singing competition. But he is still wearing the mantle with the exquisite grace and dignity with which he has managed everything else. I am particularly frustrated with those in the gay community that have been riding him; it is completely uncalled for (looking at you, Adam Markowitz and Perez Hilton).

    And I’ve never been a big fan of the saying, “Any publicity is good publicity,” but if it helps build his mystique and opens people’s minds and hearts, it’s a good thing. At the beginning of the season when ABC News (who I’ve always watched and respected) asked that question, I was incensed. But you know what? The VAST majority of responses were 100 percent supportive of Adam. Even a gay man commented that he came on the forum expecting a bloodbath of hatred and was overwhelmed at the level of support.

    Hopefully, this indicates that the haters are just an obnoxious, loud minority.

    • Thank you Suse1701, for your very affirming comments and excellent letter! I would never get on a public forum and comment so openly on anything, unless I had seen something so worthwhile it simply cannot and must not be ignored. I had decided not to watch any further episodes of American Idol a couple of years ago, because I was tired of the noise and emotion, and endless competition of it all. And then, for some reason I decided to check it out one evening this year near the end, and I saw Adam Lambert. I can’t even remember what he was singing, but as a singer myself, I recognized immediately his trememendous command of the vocals, and his complete command of the stage. I also saw at a glance that he was a charismatically handsome person, the equal to or more than equal to any perfomer in any of the arts, before or since. After seeing him, I began to look up all the information online about him, saw his theatre background, his youth, his campy wild man side, his life as a loving son and brother, and the controversy surrounding him about his being gay or not. Something in me began to form, and I realized I had to say something for this darling boy, the same as I would say and many times have said, about and to my dear youngest of four sons, who is gay. Since I can do very little else for my son, and for Adam, I will be a cheerleader, drumming up excitement and confidence and direction for a young guy trying to make it through life. I saw in Adam my own son, trying to do something big in life, not even fully realizing how formidable the world is, and how unwelcoming it can be, especially to gay people. So, from there, I took it a step further and wrote about the beauty and diversity of life, which must be allowed to flourish, or we will all suffer the consequences of a society increasingly defined by rigid mores, and by darkness and hatred allowed to find expression.

      One young man can make a huge difference in the world. Just recently, in the Asian film world, just such a young man has become wildly popular, both in his own country and around the world. His popularity is so extreme, that he has virtually single-handedly turned around an ages-long prejudice held by another country against his own country. This is extraordinary, but it shows the tremendous appeal of the boy hero, making it against all odds and opposition, to make a difference in the perceptions of the real world. That is why I decided to latch onto Adam’s star and see if something can be said that might help in some way to get someone into a position to make that difference. I think he will do it, and it will be wonderful to have him there on that world stage.

      I too, thought about his mass appeal and the obvious hysteria he is raising everywhere, and the pitfalls and dangers of following a public figure. Your comments about his being older and about his maturity, balance and good nature are the counterpoint to any fears about his suitability to wear the mantle of superstardom. When I look at him, I see the darling boy and loving son which are unmistakably part of him, and which will never leave him. I also see the over-the-top rocking wild man he has to be to keep the stage, which so galvanizes everyone who sees him. I see his warm and completely natural personality, his dazzling smile, his infectious laugh and the joy he carries with him like a brilliant aura. And added to all these is his VOICE, which as in ages past, has never failed to utterly thrill anyone who hears it, a voice that maintains its power and potency from the lowest tones to the highest wail with perfect pitch and control. With a voice like that, he can and will move through mountains.

      So thanks once again, Suse1701, you made my day. And if you ever want to let me in on just how to go about getting some of those things of mine published, let me know, I’ll be right here. Best wishes to you in all that you do, in writing and in life.

  38. Jeanette,
    You are not alone having withdrawals.
    I am a 71 year old Canadian and waited all week for Tuesday and Wednesday just to see and hear Adam. LOL

  39. Hey everyone

    I am so glad others feel the same way as me! I am 43 and I have fallen…fallen….who IS THIS MAN???? He is radiant in spirit and soul.

    I am sneaking off at work and looking at his songs and interviews just to get my fix!

    I love the things written here…they go deep…


    • Actually my husband is looking at me like I was completly out of my mind. LOL
      The truth is I can’t get My World and Adam singing it out of my mind.
      I predict him to be a huge success and it could not happen to a nicer guy.
      He is the whole package, He is nice, generous and I can’t forget his looks.

  40. Lorrin
    Having a little experience dealing with sick gays and who were deserted by their families because of their sexual preference, I salute you Lorrin and all other Moms of gays out there for loving all your children, gay or not.
    I thought a lot of Adams Mom and family and how they must have dealt with dealing with him growing up and raising such a talented, polite young man.
    I am sure those formative years growing up, couldn’t always been easy .
    It can be a cruel world!

  41. he has this way of talking,humble yet still confident.i guess it’s a most valuable thing that every human being should have in his life.Not to mention his sense of humor,which is NEVER about mocking others nor showing off.Adam is all genuine,so true about himself.
    he IS the nice guy next door which is deluxe version, ( the guy next door is normally less charming or stylish,looks like Krist ,maybe),he’s gonna RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!

  42. Jeanette? if that is who wrote the above article… I totally agree with all that you have said, and surprise… I am 67 years old and Canadian. I notice that his released itunes songs are constantly listed higher on the hit lists than in the US, reflecting our rather open minded and tolerant view of the world.

    I am well educated, well travelled, and usually mature,, but I am like the proverbial teenybopper when I see or hear Adam. I have always admired originality and think it’s a plus that he is bright, articulate, and a genuinely kind hearted man. Like most I was disappointed in his loss but then I realized, he will never lose, he is a winner all the way and has won the hearts and minds of the world, not just the US, check it out folks.

    HIs sexuality means diddley squat. In fact I think that whatever God put into his brain to make him what he is, is nothing but pluses, he is so creative. I’d be proud to call him my son. Mr and Mrfs Lambert you did a good job!

  43. My gawd! I’ve just read the posts above and see most of us are over age 40, and a lot of us are Canadians. I think it is because we have lived longer, perhaps had more experiences with different sorts of people and thus, we accept Adam, just as he is.

    However, I wonder why we are all so besotted?? We are the teenybopper generation when Elvis first appeared on Ed Sullivan. I have become obsessed with his music and play his songs online while emailing or playing games. It’s kind of a deja vu… we feel the same as we did at 13 or 14. I

    I have not felt that way since my early married days, and never since then!

    If the younger fans of today feel the same way, Adam will have a long career. I’d love to see him act as well.

    • Hi Theresa,
      I am also Canadian, 57, and besotted with Adam (see my post below). I have never seen or heard such amazing talent and charisma.

      While waiting for Adam’s first official album, I have created my own by purchasing & downloading his songs from iTunes and then burning them to a CD. Since I started playing that on my stereo, all my other music has been banished. I also have all his iTunes AI videos.

      If you want to see him act, and If you haven’t already done so, check out his performance of “Is Anybody Listening” from the Ten Commandments on YouTube; he is riveting. I wish they would make that video available for purchase also. Until then, I remain “bewitched, bothered, and bewildered” as well as besotted.

  44. “Besotted”–

    -that’s the perfect word for how so many of us feel about Adam.

    He is very magnetic, charming, charismatic–there are really no superlatives that do him justice.
    I, too, have not felt this way about any performer in a long long time..

    There is something about Adam–

    i think he could be a phenomenal ACTOR–in fact, I believe that is where his true genius will show itself.–

    I can hardly wait for whats next!


    • iluvadam_03 says:

      Have you seen the little clip he did about “The question no one else could get him to answer” ?
      That was HILARIOUS! I laughed pretty hard afterward. He is indeed a great actor.

      And I think I’ll have to agree with you on the “besotted” bit as well! LOL
      Adam = <3

  45. Maybe our Canandian Government put something in the water to make us all a little nuts and silly Theresa?
    Actually I don’t care, I feel like you ” BESOTTED ” LOL

  46. dorene smith says:

    I check to see what Adam is up to or the latest news before I check the balance in my checking account. I wish he was still on every week

  47. I keep telling my husband that I’m not crazy. There are other people out there like me. Although the neglect around my house would suggest that I’ve gone off the deep end! I luv Adam so much. I write “luv” because it is a new experience. I love my husband, I love my kids, and I love my family. But I LUV Adam so much!!!!! I wish him all the best. He is way too adorable and talented and I’ve completely lost it. How fun!!!!

  48. diandra says:

    I’m missing his weekly performance too .. I really can”t wait for his cd .. adam is so inspiring .. I love everything about him .. his singing, his looks, his interviews .. everything !!

  49. Famose1 says:

    “role model to kids”…how about role model to the masses? I’m 56 and I find myself wanting the self-confidence, articulation, gentleness and just everything he is. I find myself on the computer constantly looking for any shred of the mention of his name. I have never been so enthralled. I get giddy at the thought of seeing him on the AI tour (Memphis). Oh well, until then I’ll keep searching.

  50. I certainly echo all the positive and adoring comments everyone has made about “our Adam”. He has definitely become”our Adam” as we have taken him into our hearts and homes each week.

    I suddenly feel tempted to out my “secret” fascination with Adam. I have set up automatic e-mail notifications with Google, this site, and many others to let me know the minute there is anything about Adam in the news. When I get up to use the bathroom during the night I always head to my computer to check, regardless of the hour. I have copied pictures of him from every week on Idol to my computer and printed some. I feel like 21 again, but I’m a 57 year old mother of 2 adult daughters and a grandmother as well. I’m a full time student who has Adam’s picture on the outside of my math binder.

    He reminds me of my attitude to fashion during the sixties and seventies. I didn’t really care what everyone else was wearing; I did my own thing. I was slender and had long blonde hair. I loved leather, long coats, poet shirts, pants tucked inside knee high suede boots, a filigree metal gauntlet on one hand, etc. I love Adam’s sense of fashion and gasped with pleasure the night he came out in the long coat.

    I also love his speaking voice. I think the reason we all love to hear him interviewed is because he is such a change from many of the inarticulate young airheads we have today who can hardly string a few words together and liberally pepper their conversations with “like” and “okay”.

    I don’t compare Adam to Elvis, Freddie Mercury, or anyone else. Adam is unique unto himself and I hope he will continue to enthrall us for many years to come.

  51. I think the Elvis comparison was merely because of the huge fanwave taking place, his sexiness without really trying etc… that is how it all started when I was 13 and …. of course the slicked back hair was reminiscent too but I immediately thought of Chris Isaac as well, similar high notes..

    Re. Freddie Mercury I went back one night and played a whole whack of old Queen videos, and yes, they are similar in their creativity, their rather posh style of speech etc..

    Adam is so articulate (and me a retired high school English teacher), just like Sir Obama, isn’t it a refreshing change to hear complete sentences? He is also so disingenuous, I keep wondering when he will get turned off by the constant crowding, questioning while out in public… he is so generous with his time and attention.. so unspoiled…. Kudos to his parents!!!