No Matter What You’ve Heard, Adam leads iTunes Charts!

I’ve been hearing how Kris is leading Adam in the iTunes singles sales for No Boundaries. And I’m sure you have too. Well, wouldn’t that sort of figure? After all, Kris did get declared the winner of American Idol (okay, he won -there, I’ve said it), and that song might lean closer to Kris’ personal style. So I thought I’d check the current iTunes charts out myself. I found some very pleasing stats that I’m happy to pass along.

Under Top 100 Albums, Adam leads the way with the #6 album, Season 8 Favorites. The next Idol to appear doesn’t happen until #20, where we see Kris Allen with his Season 8 Favorites. iTunes has a Season’s Pass for the winner, where people can purchase this, and they will be notified when anything new comes out from Kris, and it includes the No Boundaries download. The sales of this doesn’t show up until #39.

Now on the Top 100 Music


charts, guess who is holding #1? Okay, stop guessing – it’s ADAM!! No surprise here. After all, he’s so visual. Or should I say theatrical? Yes Simon, the whole country wants to see him “mooing!” The medley with KISS is firmly at #1! This column is very lengthy and is filled with lots of appearances from both (more one than the other!) so I’ll just list all the results. (Why haven’t they gotten clearance for the Queen number?)
#1 – Adam – KISS medley
#2 – Kris and Keith Urban duet, Kiss A Girl
#7 – Adam – Mad World (finale version)
#9 – Kris – Heartless
#10 – Adam – Change is Gonna Come
#14 – Adam – Tracks of My Tears
#15 – Adam and Allison duet, Slow Ride
#16 – Adam – Satisfaction
#17 – Adam – No Boundaries
#19 – Adam – Whole Lotta Love
#20 – Adam – One
#26 – Adam – Black or White
#28 – Adam – Ring of Fire
#29 – Danny Gokey and Lionel Ritchie Medley
#30 – Adam – Mad World (version 1)
#31 – Adam – Cryin’
#33 – Adam – Feeling Good
#35 – Adam – If I Can’t Have You
#37 – Adam – Play That Funky Music
#38 – Kris – No Boundaries (finally!!)
#42 – Kris – Ain’t No Sunshine (not sure which version)
#44 – Adam – Born To Be Wild
#55 – Kris – What’s Going On?
#73 – Group Song – So What?
#80 – Kris – Apologize
#87 – Kris – Ain’t No Sunshine (not sure which version)
#91 – Kris and Danny Medley – Renegade

I think it’s interesting to note the longevity factor in Adam’s performances. Satisfaction was way back in the beginning, and so was Black or White and the superb world-turning Ring of Fire. I think Adam’s fans have spoken loud and clear.


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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. CatEyes says:

    Thanks for looking into all of that and giving us a report. I agree, “No Boundaries” is more of a Kris song. I still think Adam performed it better, but ultimately it is far too safe and ordinary a song for him.

    Yes, Kris won…(there, I said it too!) So it only makes sense that the song is going to be pushed out there with his name on it, and that would obviously lead to more sales.

    If you look at your list of other purchases, it is clear who really delivered the favorite performances.

  2. This is what makes me suspicious that the results were fixed. I like Kris but am in love with Adam. He hooked me the very first time I saw him. If Kris were really the winner then why wouldn’t his songs be leading? Why is it ALL Adam? Why do the TV commercials for IDOL concert tickets lead with Adam? Why is everyone still talking about Adam? If Kris were so great then why aren’t other bands chasing him to perform with them? AI has lost any and all credibility with me. I won’t let their show jerk me around any longer but I do appreciate that we got Adam out of the deal. He’s the real deal and I hope the media will let us enjoy him for 5 minutes before they ruin it.

  3. Star Catcher says:

    Oh thank God! Hah, pathetic people lie rather than admit the terrible truth. Terrible for them anyways. I LOVE IT!

  4. sherrysugar76 says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying all along. I don’t know where some people think Kris is doing better than Adam. Even from articles I’ve read they clarify that Adam is doing better. I posted this on a board I think. In fact, the articles talk about how compared to David Cook’s song positions last year Kris selections are not faring as well. And not to knock Kris, its just from facts on Billboard and other outlets. No Boundaries didn’t even hit top ten on the Billboard 100. It’s #11 and its the winning song (although the song is not great). But most winners songs are not great and they usually chart top three. Besides the fact that Adam’s album and videos are exceeding the winner’s. Like some articles have stated that’s a fact that Idol may not want to hear. Besides the fact, every talk show and news stories pertained 90 percent to Adam this week. It just proves the point the Glamberts have been making. This dude is here to stay! 🙂

  5. Yeah, I go to iTunes every day just to see. Can’t help myself!! I’m always happy to see Adam totally holding his own. I kind of feel sorry for Kris. He is a good guy and I do like some of his music, and I think others do too; he has his fan base, right? But, Adam, well, he is something special and his music is incredible. May he stay at the top of the charts for a very very long time!!

    Vicki in Austin

  6. Norcal2009 says:

    Here’s the deal…Everywhere you go on the internet…Adam reigns supreme. Go to youtube and type in Adam Lambert…there are over 17,000 youtubes just with his name. Then type in Kris Allen…about 7,500. Type in Danny Gokey….2,900. Type in Allison Iraheta….2,100. Matt Giraud? 1,400. It was also mentioned that Adam has been googled 3 times more than all the other contestants this year combined. Every voting site that allows one vote, shows Adam in the 60-70% range. The voting system needs to change. The fact that I could dial for 4 hours and get in 1,400 votes only to have them erased in 10 minutes by an AT&T power texting tween is CRAZY.

    I still believe that Time will Tell…Records will Sell…and the TRUE idol will be revealed.

    Rock on ADAM!!!!!

  7. Norcal2009 says:

    Adams MADWORLD is still #20 and it was done the week of April 7th. Kris’ HEARTLESS came out only a few weeks ago. I think it’s obvious who has the staying power….

  8. Of course Adam has the staying ,power, and by the way, did yoU know that in the UK Adam’s new album which is due for release on 07/12/09 is already on pre-purchase sales?r People are already purchasing, why, we all know is going to be great.

    • Lamberkitten says:

      Hi Toni, I am from the UK and have already downloaded Adam’s two singles but I can’t find where to pre-order the album, could you let me know what page of itunes it is on assuming you mean itunes, or what to put in the search cos I just looked and couldnt find diddly squat 🙂 thanks

      • Lamberkitten, go to or Amazon.

        Kris’ album is also available for pre-order but it doesn’t have as many pre-orders as Adam’s at the moment.

        The advantage of pre-ordering from HMV is that if pre-order numbers indicate a good demand there is a better chance that the album will get stand and window promotion in the shops on release.

  9. Where do you find the list of top 100 videos?

    • cmhagey says:

      Go to the iTunes Store page. There they have lots of categories to get the stats from. Sorry this took so long.

  10. Adamstar says:

    Message for Lamberkitten. The UKItunes store currently only stocks 2 of adam’s singles. The only way around it is to buy an ITune giftcard off amazon, and then when you set up your itune account…put in an american address and zip code (get this off the internet), and then they won’t ask for bank details because you’re giving the gift voucher code. It’s the only immediate way around it. You can also put in a request for more adam songs to be on UK Itunes. There is a form on their website. if enough people do it, they will probably add the rest of his songs and videos. i spoke to the UK Itunes store and they said it’s likely to happen as he’s so popular already in the U.K, but if you make a request it helps it happen.

  11. AdamAddict says:

    Maybe the post before just to scare us a little and buy his singles to whoever that haven’t buy it yet??
    If this 1 is the right one,I’m so happy and this 1 make more sense!
    I wonder why Arkansas didn’t do what they did before?Come on now,buy as many as you can!
    AT &T didn’t help this time??LOL!!
    Well done,Adam deserve this!

    • AdamAddict says:

      We Adam’s fans still going to buy his singles, doesn’t matter what the chart saying! 🙂

  12. Fabianne says:

    I can’t imagine Kris’s “No Boundaries” performance ahead of Adam’s. When I read on one of the sites that Kris’s performance was ahead of Adams I figured people were just buying his out of loyalty. Adam’s studio performance of the song is fantastic. People ought to give it a listen, way better than the live version! Adam even said that “No Boundaries” is hard to sing live but totally liked it once he got into the studio and did it.

  13. Here in Canada, our Billboard Top 100 has Adam’s Mad World debuting at #10 and he has 3 other songs in the top 100. Kris’ No Boundaries is only #13 + 2 others.
    We know talent when we see and hear it! Adam has IT!

  14. Of course, Kris has sold more, much more, than Adam of the studio version of No Boundaries. Adam’s version is better all around. It is not just better performed (as it was on the night) but better produced and even the sleeve artwork looks like it has had more money spent on it. I have no doubt that they thought they would be releasing Adam’s version as the winner’s single.

    However, Kris won and it being the winner’s single it is hardly surprising that Kris has sold more copies of it and it has meant that in the week following the finale Kris sold more downloads than Adam. A lot of people don’t even know that Adam’s version is available (it isn’t on the home page of any i-tunes store, US or otherwise, and Adam does not perform it at his appearances or even mentions it). A lot of Adam’s fans who do know that it is available don’t want to buy it because they don’t like it and are glad that Adam not winning means that he does not have to be associated with it. Some fans have been mentioning on Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Twitter, Friends Reunited, etc that Adam’s version is available but many responses are that they do not want to buy it for the reason I have stated.

    That said, Kris’s sales are not wonderful for a winner’s single. Where are the people of Arkansas when he needs them?

    However, Adam’s sales throughout the season are unprecedented and the fact that not only are songs that he performed almost three months ago still being downloaded in high numbers but also his album of season’s performances is outselling Kris’ whose downloads, with three exceptions, didn’t sell that well, speaks volumes.

    This is without even taking into consideration that the only download available internationally outside of north America is No Boundaries (Is There Anybody Listening is also available in some countries). If Adam’s other downloads, including the season album, were available internationally, the sales would be so much greater. I don’t know why TPTB are missing this trick.

    • Sue Greer says:

      Carole….you asked where Kris’s Arkansas fans were when he needed them….most likely they can be found at the Kris Allen’s Victory Celebration Bar-b-que….all 5 of them!!!!!!!! They actually had time to party now that they had finished all of their “power texting”!!!!! LOL

  15. AdamAdmirer says:

    That said, it is proof what I have said before, Adam will continue his career and be the Rock God with staying power we all love, and Kris will be the AT&T poster boy!!!

  16. cbarbosa67 says:

    GO ADAM!! I’ve downloaded everything he’s done and can hardly wait for MORE!

  17. Sue Greer says:

    It stands to reason that you are going to hear a lot of “how much better Kris’s ratings are than Adam’s, when you consider that “smoke and mirrors” is the only hand that AT&T and Freemantle can counter with now that they have been caught up with in the vote manipulation schemes. Now that the public has heard about the Arkansas bandits, if Adam is shown to be in the lead in sales and publicity, it only underlines the fact that the votes were a complete farce. So, what do they do now?? To validate their publicity statement that “the votes clearly showed that America voted correctly and that Kris Allen is, indeed, the American Idol” they have to now coerce and cover up any publicity that shows Adam’s true lead! I love Idol for the fact that they brought Adam into the light, it was the shot in the arm that he needed, but now that his tires are aired up and his engine is fine-tuned, all competiters will only be able to eat his dust!

  18. of course adam is the best

  19. Go check out the Kris Allen Nation website. They again posted last night on how much Kris is dominating the charts over Adam in overall sales.

    • Sue Greer says:

      Tom….I guess it is subjective opinion depending upon who you are talking to. I do find it interesting, however, that I was “banned” from posting on the Kris Allen Nation website the very first time I visited it, (I was going to ask if Kris had mentioned whether or not he planned to do any duets on his album)…and they banned me before I had written anything in the “comments” window. I have never written a scathing or rude comment on any website, and do not understand why they would ban me. It puzzled me so much I called a few friends that I knew were Adam fans and asked them to go to that site and try to post a comment (a nice comment) and see if they would be banned, and sure enough, every one of them were banned. Sounds like those Kris fans are more than a “little” paranoid to me. I have not heard of anything so ridiculous in my life….none of Adam’s fan sites have taken up the practice of “banning” Kris fans from commenting. I can’t even fathom the amount of researching, etc. it would take to “recognize” an Adam fan from a Kris Allen one…doesn’t this sound a little weird to you?


    Kirsten give a TOTALLY COMPRESHENSIVE and EXAUSTIVE breakdown of Billboard’s charts as it relates to ALL of American Idol’s North American contestants (including Leona Lewis). Kris Allen IS actually doing a lot better than Adam Lambert in sales and number of chart placements. However, there are many of Adam’s chart placements that are higher than Kris’s and on the Canadian charts, ADAM is #1. This leads me to believe that the posters were right in that if Adam’s music was available worldwide, the sales total (and hype) would be TOTALLY different!!! Adam IS doing very well though. Here are some snippets from this VERY comprehensive list:

    Digital Downloads
    4 Kris Allen “No Boundaries” 134,458 (NEW) Total: 134,458
    5 Kris Allen “Heartless” 125,344 (NEW) Total: 125,344
    7 Adam Lambert “Mad World: 114,763 (NEW) Total: 114,763
    10 David Cook “Permanent” 102,595 (22310%; lw 308) Total: 126,905 (OFF)
    17 Kris Allen “Ain’t No Sunshine” 72,080 (NEW) Total:72,080
    30 Kelly Clarkson “I Do Not Hook Up” 50,633 (-9%; lw 55,729) Total: 285,499 (24)
    32 Adam Lambert “Change is Gonna Come” 48,068 (NEW) Total: 48,068
    38 Kris Allen “Apologize” 40,173 (NEW) Total:40,173
    43 Adam Lambert “No Boundaries” 35,984 (NEW) Total:35,984
    46 Daughtry “No Surprise” 33,684 (-51%; lw 68,774) Total: 206,051 (14)
    49 Carrie Underwood “Home Sweet Home” 32,812 (184%; lw 11,571) Total: 287,846 (116)
    57 Adam Lambert “One” 30,851 (NEW) Total: 30.851
    72 Kris Allen “Falling Slowly” 27,087 (NEW) Total: 27,087
    75 Adam Lambert “Cryin’” 24,580 (NEW) Total:24,580
    84 Allison Iraheta/Adam Lambert “Slow Ride” 21,742 (NEW) Total: 21,742
    87 Kris Allen “What’s Going On” 21,060 (NEW) Total: 21,060
    90 David Cook “Come Back To Me” 19,188 (65%; lw 11,607) Total: 147,449 (115)
    94 Kris Allen “To Make You Feel My Love” 18,525 (NEW) Total:18,525
    102 Adam Lambert “The Tracks of My Tears” 17,130 (NEW) Total:17,130
    107 Adam Lambert “Feeling Good” 16,178 (NEW) Total: 16,178
    110 Danny Gokey “You Are So Beautiful” 15,297 (NEW) Total: 15,297
    112 Adam Lambert “Ring of Fire” 14,970 (NEW) Total: 14,970
    113 Adam Lambert “Whole Lotta Love” 14,454 (NEW) Total: 14,454
    141 Adam Lambert “Black or White” 11,261 (NEW) Total: 11,261
    145 Adam Lambert “If I Can’t Have You” 11,151 (NEW) Total: 11,151
    147 Kris Allen “The Way You Look Tonight” 10,884 (NEW) Total: 10,884
    148 Kris Allen/Danny Gokey “Renegade” 10,826 (NEW) Total: 10,826
    155 Adam Lambert “Born to Be Wild” 10,450 (NEW) Total: 10,450
    172 Kris Allen “Come Together” 9,839 (NEW) Total: 9,839
    174 Danny Gokey “What Hurts the Most” 9,680 (NEW) Total: 9,680
    176 David Cook “Light On” 9,509 (48%; lw 6,423) Total: 934,469
    186 Adam Lambert “Play That Funky Music” 9,072 (NEW) Total: 9,072
    190 Allison Iraheta “Cry Baby” 8,666 (NEW) Total: 8,666
    191 Kris Allen “She Works Hard for the Money” 8,651 (NEW) Total: 8,651

    I couldn’t copy the chart listings, but the digital download totals are interesting since they are only available through iTunes. The above are the sales totals for the Hot Digital Songs chart. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check the site to see the charts and accompanying sales info like the above.

  21. Sue Greer says:

    I think that it ought to be taken into consideration also, that almost everyone I know that bought the downloads of Adam’s songs downloaded the “music video” (at least as far as Itunes charts show). Let’s face it, given the choice of buying the download of any of Adam’s songs (in video) vs. buying the download of just the music, there is no contest! Everyone loves the video for it’s great performances. Kris can’t hold a candle to that. Anyone who wants Kris Allen’s music is going to buy just that….his songs. I have purchased everyone of Adams music videos and will continue to do so with any future ones that he releases. If you take a look at the Itunes top 100, you will see a very different chart than if you check out the top 100 music videos. Adam resoundingly “owns” the music video top 100…check it out.

    What I can’t figure out is why the number they did with “Queen” is not available on Itunes as yet????? Could it be that they are having problems getting the release?

  22. AdamRocks! says:

    Why aren’t Adam’s songs available internationally? Could you imagine how far out in front he would be if they were???

  23. AdamRocks! says:

    I’m a little surprised that Kris Allen is doing better in the downloaded songs department. . . does it have anything to do with the “free pass” thing, and what is that anyway???

  24. I’m from New Zealand and am so gutted that we can’t download any of Adam’s songs off I-Tunes. The only ones we have are No Boundaries and Is Anybody Listening. Otherwise I would have all of them. Adam Lambert rocks, all of my friends and family love him!