NEW VIDEO!! Better Than I Know Myself – Dark Adam vs. Light Adam!

What a night! Adam Lambert’s just released video for Better Than I Know Myself has caught me quite off guard! To be honest, from the Sneak Peek, I thought it was going to be reminiscent of WWFM. But wow was I wrong! The fight between Dark Adam and Light Adam is full of imagery, symbolism and metaphor. In fact so much that it could produce a term paper!

The internal mental fight that that Adam exhibits fills this video. It’s a real test to Adam’s acting ability. Is this is a look into what’s gone on with Adam this past year? At least internally? Not just any artist could pull this off. With nods to Twilight, who knows where this Dark Adam will go. But the redemption from Light Adam takes us back from the edge.

Introducing, the video for Adam Lambert’s Better Than I Know Myself!

Please let us know what you think!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Glambs! We’ve broken Twitter . . . again! Anytime Adam releases something big, it always happens. A sure sign that this video is going far! Be sure to watch for the VH1 voting to start soon!
    Love ya!
    Carol – Glamb #2

    • Absolutely crazy amazing! A real winner once again. Everyone deals with conflict from within this video just shows it!

    • Sue Shirland says:

      OMG! Fierce! Beautiful! Sad! Happy! Scary! Adam somehow manages to exceed our wildest expections. Which were pretty wild already! He continues to amaze!

    • I see awards in Adam’s future with this song and video.


  3. love love love it!!!! And love the leather jacket from the EMA’s.

  4. Every time I watch it I get more out of it. Truely amazing!

  5. Wow! Not what I expected from the sneak peek! It’s really insightful and full of metaphors. I love it! Way to go, Adam! I am ready to vote on VH1, and vote, and vote…

  6. AllaboutAdam says:

    So worth the wait – love it…. he has really classed it up….and once again, i can’t take my eyes or ears off of him…. after all these years (has is been only a couple?), and having all of his music burned into my mind, his voice still shocks me and takes my breath away.

  7. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    Wow!!! I love the split screen when he’s singing a duet with himself!

  8. Too Poppy, sounds better live and stripped down(I bet). Really thought his sophmore CD would be raw/more rock like(Jack White/Muse).

    • glamity58 says:

      I can understand what you’re saying Jim. I am older and love the rock and roll Adam. When I first heard this song I thought it was too poppy. The problem is he wants to be heard on radio or he’s sunk and I doubt the rock stations will play him and the pop stations are overloaded with crap. It’s all marketing. He has the same management company as Katy Perry and writes with all the great pop and rock writers. He should be heard.

      I think some of his other songs on Trespassing will help you with this. I for one loved when he sang with Queen because it is more rock ‘n roll. The haters will be out, but either way, this guy can sing and no one can deny it. I hope he does songs with Queen on tour but has his own tour as well.

      • just not sure this poppy stuff will be rememberd in couple months let alone years or decades. he has a great voice and look but the songs are just not there so far. i really enjoyed his live version of Twneth centurey boy and thought maybe he would go that road. I guess i’ll have to wait for his tour with Queen( should be great). I just hope he does some new original material with them too. I think the reason i like him live or Accoustic is you really get to hear his voice and the different levels of tone and octives. Brian may and Adam would seem like a good fit but who knows till they write together.

        • I kind of agree. A voice like Adam’s goes very well with big big songs and themes, a la U2-ish major wold causes. This song is nice, and the video’s really cool, but somewhere in the middle of the song I heard Rhianna, and I’m not particularly fond of all that type of music because it is so generic (Beyonce, Rhianna, etc) and in Rhianna’s case, self loathing and the desire to be beat up. But the video is inventive and I just love light Adam. Of course, Dark Adam has the desired effect, with the amber eyes and general demeanor. But that guy in the cardigan? I could really enjoy hanging with him….of course.

          • I agree with the with you Irena it sounds like a song a lot other lesser vocal artist could sing/pull off. When I heard the new single by James Durbin I sort of felt the same way could have been anyone singing the song.

  9. Your voice, in fact all of you, is a true gift from Papa God….
    It’s said that the greater gifts we are given, the greater the responsibilities…
    And YOU Adam, are unselfishly giving back to the world……..
    for this, I am so grateful…

  10. This vid terrifies me! Lol but n a good way TOTALLY AMAZING!! <3 U ADAM 😀

  11. LOVE IT!! Thank you Adam!

  12. m-e marsh says:

    I find this stunning; deeply spiritual and something we all can relate to. Visually beautiful and with the vocals we can feel all the emotions during this epic struggle. Thanks Adam for always taking us to a higher level and challenging us to look at ourselves and others as we really are!

  13. linda royce says:

    adam is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has been too long without his music genius!!!!!can’t wait until 3/20 for the arrival of Tresspassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Life is good!
    linda royce

  14. I’ve watched just once…
    And I can already tell this is a video that will keep everyone coming back for more.
    Mesmerizing…so many twists and turns to capture the imagination!

  15. Wow amazing!!!!

  16. glamity58 says:

    Love the video. This is really pure genius. I thought if he didn’t spend much on the video (looked like he’d be in one room and it would save money) it wouldn’t be popular. But this dark-light side is very creative and I think people will really love it.

  17. TinaGlamb#645 says:

    OH DEAR GOD!!!! LOVED!!!!! Watched it I don’t know how many times, and can’t get enough!!! His eyes are already beautiful, but with the wicked contacts, that just makes you crave him more…YUMMY!!!!!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait for the cd to come out!! My daughter is ever into him now! Love my “husband” (hey, I can dream)! 🙂


  18. Great video – loved that intense ending shot. I find it especially connecting in an emotional sense, though, when Adam looks and sings directly to camera, as I could do without some of the histrionics, especially the oxygen meter thing. However, this video brings great meaning and life to the song and is a great fit for Adam’s acting as well as singing talents. Well done!

  19. Totally brilliant!!!!!! Can’t stop watching. The symbolism just doesn’t end. What a great gift to all of us!!!

  20. The ‘light’ Adam looks like ‘the Adam on A. Idol’ that I fell in love with. So, fell in love again ! Never did like the guyliner look, (even on girls looks plastic to me) He is sure lookin’ good, and, of course, sounds great.

  21. Absolutely magnificent! Genius. So unexpected. I am a very happy and a proud Glambert.
    ADAM has insinuated what to expect but totally took me by surprise the play of Light ADAM and Dark ADAM. Brilliant finished product. It’s like eating peanuts. You just can’t stop with one. You keep going on and on watching it again an again . . . Bravo, ADAM!

  22. Ohhhhhhhh Adam! How can one person have this much talent leaving all the others in the dust! This video alone will have Mainstream America begging for mercy!

  23. I can’t get enough!!!! I just love it!!!. Such a creative spin in delivering the concept & lyrics of the song. Thinking is was a bout a love interest yet turns out to be the inner turmoil of ones various personalities within. Pure Genius…but then everything our Adam is involved reflects that.
    Bring it on Adam!!! I can’t wait for Mar 20th I’m dying with ” HEATED ANTICIPATION”.
    You are so GORGEOUS!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  24. Anyone else notice the one brown eye / one blue eye in the final seconds of the video? I think I will find something new each time I watch!

  25. I loved the video and the contrast of the two sides. I just see a big hit in this song–it is so catchy, I find myself singing it during the day! Thank you Adam!!!

  26. cory-coralys says:


  27. Scootersmom says:


  28. cory-coralys says:

    you adam, must think well your desision to follow queen if you made a new cd with queen with your songs and buy some rights of queen songs
    i love you and the true friends always is hiden and i want see you well. one question why do you left your old band, , and what happens to the new musicians .? answer me ……. I see you living in england , but your home principal is california……

  29. I agree this is brilliant…..anything Adam does is full of meaning. I love how Adam shows that he can do any type of music and do it so well. I think doing different types of music will show the world how truly great he is, and if you love Adam, you want him to be successful in all he does. I love the closeups of Adam’s face….both with the makeup and eyeliner and the natural look….it’s just wonderful seeing all his expressions and hearing him sing upclose!!! His natural talents come thru on this video and apparent acting ability….This video is just brilliant!!!! Can’t wait for the new album and all that follows!!!

  30. Adam is nothing less than brilliant. A once-in-a-lifetime talent who has it all…..voice, looks, humour, humility, generosity. The list goes on but as a fan of course you know what I’m talking about. Love, love, love this video and a total surprise to what I thought it would be about. Can’t wait for March 20th and everything that comes after.

  31. Daffy Doodle says:

    Adam again thinks outside the box and this is pure genius. I am sure this was his vision, and Ray Kay brought life to it. Very simply, it is a marvelous piece of work.

  32. I hope someone told him one contact fell out there at the end. How embarrassing! 😉

  33. This is a bit reminiscent of the WWFM vid , in that it’s dark vs. light. But it’s more amped up!

  34. Ann Johnson @adamfanann says:

    I love it, just LOVE it!!! Adam is so creative awesome, beyond words

  35. Wonder why this vid is in letterbox format? Is this something new I don’t know about? I’m hoping the one that will be sold will be in full screen format!

  36. this is the best video of his yet