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I love a good review – thank you Todd Fletcher, AC Associated Content, Arts & Entertainment columnist!  The comparison of For Your Entertainment to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill “solid” debut album from 1995 is spot on.  Go Adam!  Dana, Glamb #6

Debut Album For Your Entertainment Shines

Adam Lambert’s album, For Your Entertainment , has been the most anticipated debut in quite some time. Lambert won the hearts of his fans known as Glamberts when he came in second place on the hit TV series American Idol. Music critics across the USA saw how madly talented this San Diego native is.  He has garnered more press than any other Idol so far, and it has nothing to do with his sexuality or his black eye liner. The 27 year old, musical theater veteran can sing any type of music thrown at him.

The main question while watching his rise to the top was if he could actually pull it off once an album of his own music was released. This means not singing covers, such as his haunting but much adored cover of Tears For Fears’ Mad World. Not only does FYE live up to its hype, it obliterates any pondering idea that he was just another of American Idol‘s many “here today gone tomorrow” contestants. The finished product is the most solid debut album since Alanis Morissette unleashed Jagged Little Pill in 1995. Pill sold over 15 million copies in the United States alone and earned four Grammys.

FYE is not just your average run of the mill pop-rock mesh up. RCA Records commissioned songs from the hottest acts in music today including Pink (Whataya Want From Me), Lady Gaga (Fever), Weezer’s River Cuomo (Pick U Up), One Republic’s Ryan Tedder (Sleepwalker), and Muses’ Matthew Bellamy (Soaked). Lambert will draw comparisons to rockers Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, but that is not completely fair. The vocal acrobatics conquered on the record prove that Lambert is the most uniquely gifted vocalist of his generation. He stands out all on his own accolades. As Michael Jackson was the King Of Pop, Lambert is the new King Of Rock.

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  1. Can’t agree more. The album is spectacular. One song more beautiful than the next-all in different ways. I’m so happy for Adam. He should be so proud!!!

  2. Thanks, I’d love to see this article all over the web instead of all the negative blogs everywhere for the past week. Like a Mother Hen, I’ve been going to each of them to comment defending Adam, just to keep a ‘space’ open for good news about his CD. There is almost nothing about this CD in relation to the AMA controversy, the gay controversy, the Aaron ‘Out 100’ controversy, it’s all a distraction away from his CD. Just drop it all and focus on his music for a while.

  3. Adam Lambert’s album is amazing. The songs are all so original and cool. His voice is WOW! People need to buy the album. You surely won’t be sorry. We hope to see him on many live shows. He is a talented, well spoken guy with an extreme talent. Give him another chance to perform live. You won’t be dissapointed.

  4. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Thank you Dana so much. I had already read this review, as other good ones on his CD. If only last week we, as a community, could have focused more on this than the negativities. Remembering who truly Adam is.
    Thanks again.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Marisa, I’ve been missing you.
      You know I would love to have your email, if you don’t mind, so we could share our phone numbers and talk, if you would like to. If you agree we could ask the moderators to contac us.
      I know you have plenty of work, me too, but we could talk from time to time. What do you think?
      Love you, even if you say no,

      • Silvana and Marisa!

        It would be great to meet up with BOTH of you while I am in Buenos Aires! (See Barbara Walters post about my trip to South America). My travelling companions do not fully appreciate Adam as we all do! Thanks your phone number, Silvana – I will call you tomorrow evening as suggested.


        Glamb #20

        (Could our Adam possibly BE any cuter???!!! It’s all good!)

    • Marisa, it is good to see you back! Thanks for the link and love to Mama & Papa! Mmmmwah

    • I just went to the billboard site and it says they quit taking votes.

  5. Just read it on AO site. Too bad everyone was in a state of flux last week and couldn’t hang together. I hope we have all learned something from it and in the future band together whether we are glambs, glamberts whatever and support our wonderful BB.
    He was so beautiful and endearing on the Ellen show and so was she, and when he sang with so much feeling I was a blob once again.
    So glad to hear he is going to be on the tonight show and do a live open air concert on Jimmy Kimmel.
    Lots to look forward to!
    Go Adam I love you.

  6. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I love this review and agree with others its so good to see some postitive focus on his amazing talent as it should be!!! Adam Rocks!!!

  7. This is the first CD I have bought in years! I love it…and not just a couple of songs…the whole thing!

  8. Now this is a review! Outstanding. He actually talks about the music & Adam’s unique & vocal abilities (the vocal acrobats) that few men ever possess. His cd so proves this. Every song offers something different vocally. He was just so wonderful on Ellen today. He sang flawlessly & looked beautiful! I think Ellen really loves him. I watched Kris Allen when he was on her show not too long ago & she hardly gave him any time at all, but I have to say he is not a good interview at all, BORING!. Sure didn’t give him hugs & did I see a little kiss, as well? I’ll have to watch again. I think our glittery & fierce baby is gonna be ok!

  9. Love it when critics write what I am thinking !!! Love that it (and Adam, as well) appreciated for being one of a kind. Sometimes I feel that critics think they have to find SOMETHING wrong or they will seem to be fawning, but when something is good, herald it as such.
    Thank you, Todd, we agree with you and love you for this review.

  10. This is an ‘older’ videod interview, from Nov 25 with a younger hyper interviewer and Adam gets on the silly bandwagon with her. It is hysterical, and do watch right to the end… haha

  11. ok, everybody! Go to & scroll down to Fresh New Music…Click on Adams New video. Then go vote. Don’t know if you need to sign up or not, I already was, (it’s painless, ha!) You can also leave comments! Let’s get him into the top 20 videos!!!!!

  12. Wow, the new King of Rock. Love how Todd says Adam stands out on his Own accolades. FYE is a
    remarkable CD, he captured so many different moods on this album. When I want to groove, I listen to the dance tunes, when I want to Rock a little, Iisten to the rock tunes, when I want to mellow out , I listen to the ballads. Adam you gave us a mix of a lot of love here. Thank You!

  13. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I sure do like the sound of that “the new King of Rock”. In my book ADAM is the King of Music! Never have heard anyone sing like he does, It don’t matter what kind of song he sings, ADAM is always pulling it off, & he sings it like he means it.

  14. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM, GLORIOUS GLAM ROCK-GOD, AND succession to the thrown of Elvis. Agree totally!!!!! What can be said that has not been said???? Adam started off by shocking the world, same as Elvis. Elvis made it thru to the next round and became the King. Adam, did the same at the AMAs and is going forward ever so gently and yet powerful. The only man in history to be able to be gentle and powerful all at the same time!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam, you are IT!

    peace-love-light-hope-truth 4U!

  15. wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!! Go Adam!!!!! that is so awesome to hear, i feel so happy for our Adam…..and couldnt agree more with this review. The new king of rock….that is just great!!!!! Adam must be thrilled to hear that, i wonder if he has…..

  16. LibraLamb7 says:

    Great article….& it’s about time! King of Rock!!!! Yes…but, I like “King of Music” even better-er, Kimber! Have been over to Vh1 site & voted for Adam’s FYE vid…So glad to see it there…finally! Will buy it from iTunes on 12/15! The Master Plan continues to unfold…Adam rocks!!!

  17. Can someone put the link here so we can vote, thanks ! BTW, just came back from a music store to buy more CDs and guess what …. they ran out ! … hmmm, is that good or bad LOL ! !
    It’s the calm before the storm.

  18. Todd Fletcher is a man with great taste XD

  19. YAY!! Some freakin positivity!!! ROCK ON!! I know that WE love this album and him, but is is fantastic to hear great reviews and praise for our boy Adam!! WOOT!!!

  20. Great review – couldn’t have said it better myself! Adam IS the new King of Rock! We have all felt and known this to be true for along time now!

    I am LOVING listening to EVERY song on this CD! You’re right , Mary C – Adam DID give us a mix of a lot of love!!!!

    Glamb #20

  21. This was so exciting reading this review….this is what we want to hear !!!! Adam has delivered the album he said he would and it is more than perfect. BRAVO ADAM !!! WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  22. I LOVE this review; so glad the focus is once again on the music and oh how this man can SING! I have been listening to the album over and over and I am not tired of it yet (unlike so many other albums). There is so much to listen to here; the nuances, the vocal layering, the outstanding music behind the voice – this is a very well crafted album and I can tell that Music Master Adam was supervising every part of it! Such a pleasure to hear (and see) his wonderful talent!

  23. This review is totally unreal. I knew before about some of the people who he worked with on the album but it’s cool to get a list like that with the tracks they wrote so you can truly see that Adam has support from all types of genres of music. I think that our Adam as a strong, long career ahead of him because he’s got the talent to back up everything else that he does!

  24. “King of Rock” BUT WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. what could be better? that’s great great. his debut album is awesome and we can just enjoy his talent!

  26. Bellelinda says:

    Couldn’t agree more..the album is terrific and it sounds better every time I listen to it,,the more I hear it the more I enjoy it and understand why Adam chose those particular songs for his debut album. . The Ellen Degen interview was perfect…..they both said what needed to be said perfectly. Thank you Ellen for your support. I hope by now most of the people offended by Adam’s AMA performance have forgiven the overly enthusiastic performance of a man who has to be overwhelmed at times by all that has happened to him in the months since American Idol. Cannot wait for his tour to see him in person again…I know it will be awesome! Yes…the world now has a new King of Rock. In the years ahead I have no doubt that he will become “The King” of whatever he chooses to do…..

  27. waveridergal says:

    Hey Theresa/Canada…………..Thanks for posting the interview – loved it!

    What a great review! Adam’s the MOST talented person and he’ll be a huge part of our lives for years.

  28. IT WAS grat

  29. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd he is wanderful


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