New Keyboardist Signed for Adam Lambert’s Band

There is a report that a new keyboardist has been found to replace Lisa Harriton. Lisa is a very accomplished, much-in-demand keyboardist/vocalist. She was formerly in Smashing Pumpkins, and is currently the keyboardist for Ke$sha. She is not turning her back on Adam. Nothing was set in stone with the members of Adam’s band. Some or all of the members were only signed to do the introductory promotional events when For Your Entertainment was released, and Lisa signed for other jobs at the conclusion of that contract. We wish her the best of success and we’ll be recognizing her when we see her performing with other top artists.

Camila Grey, from Uh Huh . . . Her? will be the new member of the band. I don’t know the terms of her new contract yet.

The following report is from Clubskirts’ Autostraddle.

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Adam Lambert Snags UHH’s Camila Grey for Magical Gay Mystery Tour

This Sunday is extra Funday! Camila Grey is Adam Lambert’s new keyboardist, Gay Mardi Gras rocks Sydney, Harry Potter is going to save gays from suicide, Chris Rock schools you about healthcare, Sad Magazine will make you feel good, and recovery from anorexia is possible. Also, Lilo’s looking hawt.

CAMILA GREY/ADAM LAMBERT:Camila Grey is officially the luckiest lesbian in the world. She’s (as far as we know) dating Clea Duvall, she’s in a band with Our Lover Leisha Hailey (Uh Huh…Her?) and they make lovely music, she’s able to play songs beautifully despite her bangs always being in her eyes, she’s very pretty, and NOW SHE’S GONNA BE OUR BOYFRIEND ADAM LAMBERT’S KEYBOARDIST. Uh Huh Her broke the big news on Twitter:

She says to watch out for tour dates! I hope they find a way to synch up Camila’s druggie acid-dance of hippie darkness with Adam’s glammy sex-dance of screaming darkness, because that would be one hell of a show.
This seals the deal: Adam Lambert is officially a lesbian phenom. Also: this is going to be the gayest band since The Village People! I JK, I JK! I know there’ll be only 2-3 gays in the band, obvs they can’t hold a candle to The Villlage People. Monte Pittman is married & straight and drummer Longineu Parsons is straight & engaged.
I mean… we know that Tommy Joe Ratliff the bassist is like “straight” or whatever, but like, if Adam Lambert tongue-kissed me, I would probs become a gay man. That’s all I’m gonna say about that except this one more thing; Adam’s nickname for Tommy is “glitterbaby.” Just saying! Maybe Adam & Cam can go gay clubbing today and make us funny vlogs about it!

Longineu Parsons was actually the drummer for Yellowcard, and Lisa Harrington (formerly of The Smashing Pumpkins, currently keyboards for Ke$ha) must be who Camila is replacing? Shortly before this photo was taken she got her head caught in a fishing net so that might be why. No but seriously if she is keyboarding for Ke$ha she’s probs pretty busy right now.

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  1. sooo, does Adam now have a ‘permanent’ band? And, yup, Tommy is really straight-just like the SNL guys who play kissy face. it’s just USA isn’t used to seeing straight guys lovin the glam look and wearing make-up- and not used to seeing a gay guy lookin like a marine and liking it. Adam has a fantastic guitarist in Monte and drummer in Longineu and that is a great asset right there. Got to get to know the rest.

  2. ianaleah says:

    The keyboardist who played w Adam at Fantasy Springs was great. I looked up Camila Grey on you tube and could only find her playing acoustic guitar and singing.Not impressed, but Adam knows what he is doing and I have total confidence in him. I am surprised he dosen’t stick w an all male band since traveling on tour is far easier w arrangements and accomodations w all members same sex, same facilities etc. But, again, I don’t know what I’m talking about, just wondering.

    • I really think the female backing vocals are a real asset to his sound. They increase the fullness of the range. Maybe they purposely wanted a female for this reason??

    • uniquelyme says:

      @ianleah: Besides, isn’t that called *discrimination* anyway??

  3. tweeterpie says:

    if you look up Uh Huh Her on Utube and click on the LIVE performance of WAIT ANOTHER DAY you will see why Adam hired Camila Grey. She sings beautifully and plays the keyboards as well.

  4. Camila gives some BALANCE to Adam, like what he said before to some EQUAL participation. And the acceptance to Adam as gay, can also redound to Camila’s acceptance as lesbian – and HEY, it seems just like a perfectley normal world. And it’ll be easier for her to get along, when she seems like “just one of the boys”. WELCOME Camila, hope you find your home in Adam’s band.

  5. Libraglam says:

    I remember on Twitter a month back that Lisa Harrington was 4 months pregnant ! Could anyone confirm this? or may be i was dreaming… Or May be this is why she has to drop from Adam’s band because she could not travel and be pregnant while “Rock n’ Roll”… :-))

    • I think the Lisa they were talking about was Lisa Pittman, Monte’s wife, who is apparently pregnant with twins!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        This is for SURE true. We saw her yesterday at the Leno taping. I sat where I could see back stage and he was running around with his daughter (who was SO cute) and then his wife brought the daughter out to see the front of the stage. She was very pregnant!

  6. buffy522 says:

    Let’s wait for something a bit more official. This almost seems like a spoof, or “what a great idea” kind of article.

    • skerrrdyKat says:

      I believe it is “official” this is not rumor – Tommy tweeted this about her last night: “Camilas rad! Were stoked to play with her!!!” and Zach, who was filling in for Lisa Harrington, tweeted this on the 28th: ” Leno will be my last show. time to get Cam ready for Aprils, & i’m back to KoRn” 😀

  7. One of the things that I really liked about Lisa was here vocal ability. It has to be very difficult to provide back-up vocals for Adam but she had a beautiful tone to her voice. I will miss her but excited for what will come.

  8. nottooldyet says:

    You are forgetting about Zach! @justcallmehorse who has been filling in for Lisa, or next up on rotation! Now Camilla is up for the tour! This biz is so screwy and unpredictable! Loved both of the them (keyboardists) and wish them well and hope they return one day even if for only a reunion!

  9. Damn, that keyboardist he had was like a one woman band….. she was GREAT !!! I hope Camilla is as good…. Oh well Adam is a winner and I am certain only picks winners…. He is out to TEAR up the music world and has all the talent to do it !!!

  10. Who cares, as long as he keeps sangin’!! He could surround himself with muppets and a naked harmonica player and I would hardly notice!! I’m getting tanked for Leno Land and Adam in the “REAL” ……. Hope he feels frisky tonight cuz nobodies cuter!! UIMA

  11. loved the Fantasy Springs video….Adam is just outstanding, my oh my,,,feathers, glitter…the whole look wow….Jay Leno performance. fresh, wonderful ,,loved that look also..Wow, Adam… can sing, perform and look just too wonderful….don’t stop…more,

  12. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Just watched Adam on Jay Leno. He was awesome and I’m so glad he chose to sing Sleepwalker because it is really a great piece of music and I think it will be an enduring classic once it gets up and running. I’m still listening and listening to the Palm Springs version of “Broken Open”–totally sublime. Guys it is so great to watch Adam as he continues to grow and mature in his role of rock star!!!!

  13. To fans in Melbourne, Australia…. I believe Adam will be appearing on ‘The Circle’ on Wednesday. You might like to phone to confirm and perhaps try to be in the audience.

    Wasn’t Adam wonderful on J Leno show. Again, a stunning performance…and I loved his outfit . I believe he received a standing ovation from a very conservative looking audience ….Yeah!!!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  14. Where is everybody? Why is there nothing about the Leno performance or the SYTYCD performance?Where is the news? This used to be the place to go for everthing Adam.

  15. I read somewhere that the guy playing keyboards for Adam now is his new keyboardist(replacing Lisa). I think we should all wait for more concrete evidence as to who is really replacing Lisa. And anyway, who really cares, as long as Adam is doing his thing, that’s all that matters!

  16. LolaGlamb says:

    I can’t help but think of the guy who played drums for the Beatles before Ringo…remember what’s his name? If I got a gig with Adam, I’d hold on for dear life!


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