New Interview with Laura Saltman!

***UPDATED WITH MICHELIN MAN INTERVIEW*** Some of the tidbits in this interview are things we already heard yesterday, but it’s always great to look at Adam. He already looks like a star – his gorgeous looks, his incredible sense of style, his poise and confidence and total ease with not only the media, but whatever situation he’s put into. He just *belongs*! Not bad for a kid who used to feel he didn’t fit in. What an inspiration – not only to young people, but all of us. It’s never too late to be the best you can be.

Laura promises more to come soon, so stay tuned!

Here’s the Michelin Man interview. I don’t care what context you put that outfit in, it was hideously ugly and not at all flattering or interesting as far as I’m concerned.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette,
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    She is my favourite interviewer!!!!!!!!! And looks like she and Adam have such a great connection!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Yeah…great connection & A LONG, TIGHT BIG HUG…I’m SOOOOOO JEALOUS. I WANT one of THOSE!!!

      And what about the tease at the end???? More of the interview to air next Tuesday????Maybe after we finally get to hear the 2102 song & see vid????

      • Thanks for the video Jeanette, Laura is also one of my faves, also Lindsey Parker, they both do great interviews with Adam. He does seem to have a little ‘gleam’ in his eye when he sees Laura, hmmm, my matchmaking motor never stops!! But then he has he same gleam when he sees Cassidy Haley, so, who knows??? LOL

        He scored a big one yesterday, getting himself seen and heard among the movers and shakers of the music biz and other performers. His appearance on AMA will be the next big step, and the album!! Only two days later!! Wow!

        In astrology there is a time in your life called a Saturn Return, which happens approximately every 28 years, so Adam is approaching his first one. We have another at age 56, 84 etc

        “Astrologers call the period between ages twenty-eight and thirty “Saturn Return.” That’s because it’s the first time the planet Saturn completes its cycle through your birth chart and returns to the spot it occupied when you were born. Internationally respected astrologer Rob Hand calls Saturn Return “one of the most important times in your life. . . a time of endings and new beginnings.”

        I have been thinking about this all through 2009 which is his 28th year of life. Often it’s a marriage, a graduation, a birth of a child etc.. with Adam I think it is his ‘launching’ into our world.

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          Hey Theresa! I love Laura and Lindsey too. Their interviews w/ ADAM seem so down-to-earth, so natural. I also love astrology and the info you just included is so interesting, I think I might have to go check out his books. I was thinking, hmmm, “Saturn Return”, did anyone come up with an album title similar to this ? Cause that would be a cool title, esp for ADAM. Anyways, great post, and thanks for the info.PS I was was wondering what Laura was referring to at the end? ADAM looks HOTTT!!! LOVE the hair too!!!

        • Wow never heard that about “Saturn Return”.. Just turned 56 and have been looking for a good reason to celebrate that. Well now I can kick back and wait for great things to happen. Thanks

    • I love this woman, she could interview anyone and make them look good, but um Adam makes her look good. I just wish he would wear his hair back to the left. I am use to that and I don’t like this wearing of his hair. Just me. I love Adam though, and he is sexy no matter what he wears.

      • Not just you….Like hair parted on other side better too. Don’t know why just think it looks more natural. But whatever… week it will be different.

      • I also noticed his hair going in other direction, but that’s how you get more height to it. Blow dry it “against the grain.” Always works. I’ll take him either way. Many stars insist on photos from either RT or LT side, but Adam is gorgeous from both.
        Glamb #492 and proud of it !

    • I loved the interview too – Can’t wait to see Adam perform in Nov – I already pre-ordered the 2012 Soundtrack and his CD and can’t wait to get them and see the video. I know Adam will go FAR – he is sooo talented and deserves it!

  2. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Thank you for so many updates. Still at work and can’t watch the video. But I so agree with you. HE JUST BELONGS. HE IS WHERE HE WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
    His appearances, his new single, Time for miracles, the AMA presentation, his CD. Soooooooo much to look forward. Its truly amazing all that he has accomplished in just over an year since he auditioned for AI. Of course, he has worked all his life for this.
    He must be very happy and can be very proud of himself, though being so humble he will never say. But I’m sure his parents and all of us fans are inmensely proud and happy for him.

    Love to all,

    • Silvana, you got it girl. Oh how his parents must beam with joy when they see how far their son has come and his dream of playing rock star is reality! You can just feel his happiness in your own heart when he talks and smiles. Yes I feel all giddy.

  3. puteri abdul says:

    oh my ! what a look …..
    makes me just wanna take a bite ( on him ? ) …..

    just watching the tmz video of adam and drake at 7 / 11 last night ….
    he still has that hair he had at AMA’s from morning till late in evening …..
    he sure must have used one heck of a hairspray or mousse to make it last that long ……

    • Puteri……….
      Dangerous topic…Do not start it……..hehehe But you are right… Adam is sooooooooo handsome!!!!!! I love his hair!!!!!!!! He looks different all the time!!!

      BTW What time is in Malaysia now?

      • puteri abdul says:

        it is 2.16 am (thursday) now in malaysia …
        and why am I not asleep ?
        blame it on adam …. hahah ….

        • 2.16 am………OMG, Puteri….Good question….. why are you not in bed???? Even Emili is sleeping…………. Looks like….. LOL

          • AdamAddict says:

            No,I’m not! It’s freaking 4:30am and I haven’t finished googling Adam! Adam make me super busy 😉

            • Do you EVER sleep???????????????

              • AdamRocks! says:

                No Gala, it’s a known fact. . . she doesn’t.

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Does that mean she is a vampire and turns into a bat and hangs upside down from her ceiling and parading round as our Emili so we are not skerd!!!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    LOL!In twitter party one time,Adam’s fan asked him,he prefers Superman or Batman?He answer Batman! I am obviously trained myself to be his Batwoman!!Haha! But my sister called me Bat for a long time now.My dad called me night guard!LOL! We have CCTV at home and I can see it from where I sit.I think he should pay me for taking care of the house. hahaha 😛

            • Yo AA, I left a post on the thread with your artwork – I am totally blown away!!!! One of these days I will have to call you Lady/Madam Emili! So proud of you! Mmmwah, mmwah and you deserve … another mmmmwah!

              • AdamAddict says:

                I read it.Thank you so much Ingrid!Mwah,and mwah and mwah and special mwah to you again! 🙂

  4. AdamRocks! says:

    Thank you Jeanette! I love this interviewer too. . . I’m so crazy excited about everything that’s coming up, I CAN’T STAND IT!!! and WOW! My VERY FAVORITE look of Adam’s. . . it reminds me of when he first started on AI. ~MELTING~

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Cindy,
      It’s my favourite look too….LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    • I know – this is my favorite look, too. I think it’s the signature ADAM LOOK – it’s how we first saw him and how many of us will always think of him, no matter how many times he changes his look in the future. I will never get tired of this look – NEVER!

  5. Thx, Jeanette, for this great great interview. Love Adam and Laura together, they just glow off of each other. My fav. look of his too. Longer hair and brings back memories of when we all first laid eyes on him. Wish I was setting up lunch dates with him, Man he would be soo much fun to hang out with every day!!! Probably never a dull moment with him. She nailed it about Adam being just like a kid in a candy store, oh so excited and cute he is. So sweet at the end , more surprises..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Not fair you guys, I am stuck here at work and cannot access any video content. I want to see Adam, I don’t want to stay at work, I want to go home, NOW. I am sure I wil love the look that you are all going on about. It is 1.10pm on Thursday afternoon here and I have to wait almost four hours before I can go home. I am going to be a wreck by then, I fell I am missing out on so much.

    • OH Mary, speaking of ‘lunch dates’ with Adam, I just found a pic of him with a lady, holding her hand at a table!! And……. ta daaa!

      SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! So go to

      Her name is Gail Zimmerman, check her out!!

      • Terry, Ha, Gail does resemble me, wow another Mary Mom. What a great great interview. Lots of different questions this time too. Oh Adam and her at a table and he is holding her hand, Look at him, is he the cutest guy ever?
        I cracked up at Gail wanting to say “Hello Gorgeous” and held back wanting to be more professional. Hell w/that girl, say it, tell him he’s Gorgeous, haha, She must have been feeling in a big whirlwind. We know what she is saying about his Intense Eye Contact, OMG he does make you feel like you’re the only person in the world when he talks to you.
        I felt that the 1st time I met him. Adams gift of beautiful eye contact!
        Totally agree with all of us having our MOJO back…………..AAHH our Adam love fest!
        Thank you for sharing this !!!!!!!!!

        • Mary C, there is a striking resemblance – a good ‘older’ version of you. I bet you would looooooooove to sit and hold Adam’s hand … okay let’s just say hand! Mmmwah

          • Ingrid, Ha, thanks for clarifying the “older version” I didnt feel right saying that. hee,hee
            Probably not much older though.

            Oh yes, lets just say I would love to hold his everything……………….
            mmwah back at ya!!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Mary C.
              she is truly an older version of you. Striking resemblance. Imagine being sitting across a table from him holding hands. You’ve been lucky enough to be close to him, and talk to him. Your Karma.
              Great interview. I liked the last part, she having friends who were friends of friends, and the way he reacted. Besides, sooooooooooooo gorgeous.

        • I felt like that too with Adam. When I met him after Grand Rapids show and we talked he made intense eye contact and I think some of the younger girls around me were jealous. Even my son commented that he really seemed to “connect” with me — there was that gleam in his eye! I am smitten for life!!!! He is so gorgeous and the sweetest person ever!!! By the way, I also love his hair and it reminds me too of the “old Adam.” Especially when he threw his head back on “Satisfaction” with that satisfied, lustful smile — so sexy!!!

      • Great interview! Thanks for posting, Terry. I hadn’t seen that one anywhere else! (And she DOES look like (an older version of) you, Mary – I recall you from the Famous Mary C pictures and articles. Yes, it WOULD be lovely to be there holding Adam’s hand!!!

        Glamb #20

  6. Jeanette…great video….I was spellbound watching and listening to ADAM.
    OMG, that man is THE most sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, sexy, lovable,
    cute,sexy, adorable, cuddly, grabbable,sexy, kissable, wonderful man that I have EVER seen. His personality comes shining through… So humble, modest, kind of a shy but confident personality. He completely mesmorizes me!
    I love, love, love ADAM and everything about him.

  7. Oh, yea! Did I mention that ADAM’s sexy too (above)!!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes you did, a few times, and now I am worse off than my post just above yours Jaberone. I want to see SEXY ADAM. I feel a “headache” coming on, does that mean I should go home and spend the afternoon with Sexy Adam. I know he would cure me of any headache. Ooooooooh I cannot wait.

  8. I love when Adam hugs this girl !! Every time they meet up she gets that wonderful warm hug from him.. I can just feel it in my bones when I watch it happening.. I wonder what she meant about next Tuesday airing the rest of her interview. Makes you wonder what we will all be hearing and seeing by this time next Tuesday. And yes, let’s talk about his hair and not his boyfriend..llol just kidding ! but I’m not totally with you girls on his hair.. Don’t throw rocks at me but I think it’s ok but I personally love when you can see his beautiful face. I love his hair the most when he did tracks of my tears song.. the slick elvis look.. I knew he was growing it out because on the last day of the idol concert he must have been 4 inches taller with all his hair piled high on his head. I also liked it down with just a little bit falling around his eyes.. a couple of inches shorter than now.. Adam can do no wrong with me.. I know he will continue to keep it new and fresh. Some of his hairdo’s we are going to like more than others as a personal taste.. I am freaking excited to see him in the GMA awards premiering his new single.. I JUST HOPE TO HELL HE DOESN’T WANT FREAKING FLAMES COMING OUT OF HIS HEAD !!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Cool outfit-GOOD,dancers.-GOOD….EXPLOSIONS- SO NOT GOOD!! Ok,that one is a bit scary! I’m with you,Sherry. Whatever you do, just not flames on your f****** head! ADAAAAAM!! WTH??!! He really likes to play with fire,huh? Well,not on that head you’re not!! Put fire on others head,yeah burn their head,Adam ,if it’s really necessary! I don’t want whatever happened to MJ,happen to him! BTW,this new looks,new hair is gorgeous but again everytime he change it, i said the same thing! 🙂

    • Sherry, Freaking Flames?? haha, I agree sometimes what Adam says, gets a bit scary. We love
      crazy , but ooh not sooooooo crazy. Next Tuesday cant come around quick enough, surprise, surprise. Oh, I want hugs.

  9. Jeanette, thanks for laying it on thick and really keeping us ‘Adam current’! I just find myself looking for adjectives to describe Adam. We’ve said Adam is beautiful, mesmerizing, awesome, drop-dead gorgeous etc. etc. and I think it is time for a new vocabulary because what we currently have at our disposal is almost NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    With all that is happening in his life, he still manages to stay grounded and actually says that he will never get used to the fact that he has so many fans. How fortunate we are to be around here and now to witnesses this extraordinary, exquisite … (help me out!!!) human being who is revolutionizing the music industry. Adam is the best tonic EVER, EVER! Oops, I am starting to sound like Paula.

    For me, the cherry on top is being able to share our love for Adam right here in ADAM’S HOUSE!

    • Ingrid, you are so right how Adam stays so grounded and earthly. Then once he gets on stage
      and break into his performance mode, well we know he’s from Planet Fierce!

      Love how he said he will never get used to all the fandemonia, but IT FEELS GOOD, such a cutie, and was he ever so cute, when Laura mentioned “twats” soo cute, so very cute.
      Love him.
      Wonder what the Big surprise is going to be on TV next Tuesday?? Wow suspense, suspense

      • I feel alone in my taste. I love his long hair, but I like it to the left. I know you all love this look……..I feel alone. 🙂

        • puteri abdul says:

          trish, you are not alone ….

          as much as I love this AMA’s look, I also love your ” to the left ” look …
          only that I am so fickle minded, that I I think adam is so good looking that almost all his looks are his best looks … * sigh *

        • Trish , dont feel alone, its okay. You like left, he changes up often, it’ll be swept back to the left before you know it.
          Now, think ornery thoughts!!!!!!

          • I did and do Mary C. My thought was I want to mess his hair up and make it go to the left…………among other things I wish I could do to him……;)

  10. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    Thank you Jeanette…what a nice interview…you are right his seems comfortable anywhere…this is because he is humble, grateful, honest and has nothing to hide. May I also mention he is one beautiful hunk of a man.
    When looking at the close up pixs from this day you can see the freckles on his lips. He is really a redheaded freckle face. It is amazing that the dark hair is so stunning on him…better than his natural hair coloring. I am going to see “This is it” so I can see Adam’s video for 2012 on the big screen. I am so excited!!!

  11. HI GUYS
    OMG IM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OFRA,
      Thanks for posting that vid for us…..Adam and Drake are so cute together….in the rain, how cute….and the KISS!!!! LUCKY DRAKE !!!!! OMG!

      • It sure shut the papparazi up didnt it??

        • Yeh, it sure did. Look at all the rain coming down, getting all wet. I wish Adam was getting me all
          Look at his cute self driving all over, lookin good.

          • I watched it again on TMZ last night and they cut it and put in a different sequence, the car kiss, then the walking, then the car kiss again, and it seems they are shouting at him through the glass, and on TV the words “kiss, kiss!” were written, so they egged them on, and you know Adam!! always the unexpected!! though it looked like he was surprised, as Drake made the first lunge… as Adam was doing something, his seat belt up?

            • I caught tht Adam was surprised too. Didnt see TMZ on tv but on the video posted here. Oh Adam,must you??

    • ellen #447 says:

      Hi Ofra! my son and his wife are in Tel Aviv this week on vacation. His wife lived in Israel during her teen years. I took her to the Chicago American Idol tour and made her stand with me in the cold weather for 2 hours to see if Adam would come out to sign. We did see him, but only over 4 rows of people. Is Adam in any magazines or other articles in Israel? I told her to look for any. So glad you are in the Glambs. You find videos and information about Adam way before I do!!! Love your imput!

  12. puteri abdul says:

    for most of what has been commented here about adam, I couldn’t have agree more……
    and the laura’s interview adds up the justification of all the nice thoughts from us about adam ….

    and another thing about adam is that from the start of the season, he is seldom caught not smiling, even in the worst case senario, ie. being bombarded by the papparazzis, or being asked stupid questions like he could wear the bras being thrown to him, or got pissed off by the photographer that leak the album photoshoot ….. he will still maintain his composure and still gracious enough to attend to all the craps around him with a smile ….. and that makes him special ……
    so for that , adam deserves all the media attention he is getting now, for not only he has an incredible vocal and sound, not forgetting a terrific performer, he also has a personality that is so likeble to his fans and people around him ….

    and with this note, I will turn in to my bed now ( it’s 3.20am ) …..
    oh my…. I think I am getting sleeping disorders with all these adams’ news, but it’s ok, I am loving every minute of my time …

    • Sweet dreams……………

    • puteri, so sweet what you say. I think Adam can be so gracious to the papparazzi ,leaky
      photographer, Rumour Mills, because of just what you said, he can attend to alot of the craps around him, because he knows that is exactly what alot of all that is, Craps and he handles it
      beautifully. Tolerance must have been something taught to him from day 1. Bless him
      and sweet dreams to you.
      Seems like you and AdamAddict have your days and nights mixed up?? Ha , its all fun.



      • AdamAddict says:

        The vid is not in youtube yet but this what he said “It’s funny, because when you take something like that out of context, it kind of looks silly, like the Michelin Man,” Lambert told MTV News. “But in context, in the set that we had, which you didn’t see in the leaked photo … it works.”

        Lambert confirmed that the much-blogged-about Michelin Man outfit is, in fact, one of the looks fans will see in Lambert’s CD artwork and said it definitely fits in with the bigger picture of what he’s going for. “[The look] was supposed to be kind of high-fashion, avant-garde ’space,’ and I think it works really well, actually.”

        To the makeup artist who leaked the photo (along with sneak peeks of Lambert’s fashion-forward eye accessories and a spiky leather jacket), Lambert sarcastically quipped, “Thanks a lot for leaking it.”

        Funny when lots of people think it’s like michelin.I am one of them.Then I saw lots say the same thing that means not only me who think too much!Why she leaking it?If I work there,I will be very loyal to Adam <3

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Here’s the vid you refer to:

        I was always hoping that “Michelin Man” pic was a ruse, but if Adam says it works “in context”, I’ll have to believe in his judgment!

        • Thanks Libra, Adam said that Michelin Man suit was One of the outfits used for album pics, so maybe that wont be the outfit used now, that its been leaked??????????

  14. Just watched the video….going crazy!!! Could Adam be any more cute, adorable, intelligent, and funny!! I’m at work and missed some of what he said, because there are other people here who wouldn’t understand, but I sure enjoyed watching him!! And, love the hair!! Can’t wait to get home to watch again, and again, and again!!!



      • AdamAddict says:

        Dang! You must very excited,you keep screaming,Sherry! Calm down,my ears hurt! LOL! 🙂


          • P.S. EMILI… NOW I’M SCREAMING .. 😉

            • AdamAddict says:

              It’s 5:40am, mommy! I’ll go to bed after read this one.Last one mommy,I promise…if they don’t update about Adam!! Nite nite,mommy! Haha,I wish my mom loves Adam as I do,then we both can go crazy together…behind my dad’s back! LOL! 😛

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Adam is like seeing an old friend! He does not come across any different except more personable and more friendly and at ease a bit more. He seems like he is just really beginning to realize what he has hoped for anf wished for all his life is coming true right before his very eyes and even tho he is astonished, he is still so unbelievably extaticly happy. It’s like he is TRULY LIVING A DREAM AND WE WHO LOVE HIM ARE ON ANOTHER PLANET WATCHING WITH SUCH ANTICIPATION AND WE CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT OURSELVES!!! At least that is the best way I can come close to expressing myself, like Ingrid and Jaberone, and everyone else, the feeling is unexplalinable!!!

    Yes, he gets cuter, more handsome, hotter, and yet, seems to be a bit more accessible. It’s fun, exciting, screerier, more loving, more lovable, and then, not able to deny his mystique, but that the mystique no longer sets him so far apart that we can’t genuinely adore and love him and know that that is alright with him and that he loves us for loving him!! I am getting all strange myself, now, but I can’t help it. He is everything I could ever hope for or want in a man, but then you have to multip;y that times infinity!!! Good God, how did we get to be so blessed by being able to live Adam’s journey right with him!!! Thank God for the INTERNET, too!! Think of how much we would have missed without the way the internet allows us almost immediate knowledge of everything Adam all the time. And how about this fansite!!! Never would I have ever known all I do now, without THIS site!!!

    If I am going to be perfectly honest, I do have to say this to Jeanette; YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU INFLUENCED MY CONCERT THRILL BY SIMPOLY INSISTING ON ME WEARING THE BLACK NAIL POLISH!!!! Up to that point, I was being my ‘safe in the corner’ self. Yes, me, ‘safe in the corner’!!\
    When I read your post Jeanette, and you just said it in the right way, I took that and decided to ‘let go’ and llike you said, something like ‘let yourself go crazy’! Or something to that affect. It was that nite I went out to Macy’s and gound the eyeliner, found the headband with the peacock feather, th nail polilsh, etc. and it just started grjowing for me, and the experience of doing the concert and getting all excited about getting the plans right for the ‘meet and eat’ got me carried off to a new plateau!! At any rate, thank you, Jeanette for that, and for nudging me just the right way to let me excell my own fantasies and have such a glorious few hours of great memories of Adam in his beginning!!!! I just love everythilng about him, and always will, but, thank God I had the opoportunity to see him ‘face to facer’, hold his loving hands, talk to him, have him look into my eyes, sign my picture and leave me without ever being the same.

    Adam has changed my lilfe. He’s not jusst another perfect face, nor another beautiful voice, for he is far, far more than that. He is at the limit that I could even have imagined for one person in looks and talent, but he is all that rolled up into one beautiful person with the heart of gold. He is just more than I can believe.

    peace-love-light-honesty-joy-happiness 4 Adam.

    • Cheryl 334, hee hee! Amen to that my friend, Amen!

    • Cheryl, you crack me up! You went from being safe in a corner, to climbing over chairs to be close to My Man Adam…………………………..
      I guess we can say, You’ve come a long way Baby………..
      OH, this is all good.

  17. sherry s. says:

    I love the Laura interviews, too. I’ve seen her interview many people from the Hollywood A-list, but she never seems to get as excited as when she’s with Adam.

    Thanks Jeanette, and Glambs for making this the most info.-filled and fun-filled site imaginable!

    Just saw the Drake kiss. So sweet. Couldn’t help crooning an audible “aaaaawwwww”.

  18. Help!

    I was just checking Amazon. I am holding the 2012 MP3 download in my wishlist. The detail on the page says the release date is 10/16, but it also says “this song will be available on 10/20.” Which is correct?

    • Hope someone can help you Linda.. you are not the first one to mention this mix up.. Sorry but I don’t know the answer… someone ???

  19. Thay interview was awewome, just to see Adam speaking, still the same Adam, love his speaking voice, and the way he describes the his performance, OMG, I wish I could be there, I cannot wait much longer. Love his new hairstyle, loved the outfit.

  20. Thanks for the video Jeanette….I love Laura’s interviews too….she’s very sincere and always asks great questions….And that HUG she got from Adam !!! I’m getting chills here! She’s soooooooooo lucky! Adam looks so gorgeous…his hair looks great…I like the longer look and his outfit is impeccable…just like him. He’s always so poised and polished, but down to earth and funny and cute and sexy and adorable and I could go on and on !!! Can’t wait to see what happens next Tuesday….they sure left us with something to think about, didn’t they!

  21. Glambertcraze says:

    He is sooooo Gorgeous. Can never get enough of Him
    I know we are allll so proud of him and the best is yet to come.
    The AdamStorm is coming at him also.

  22. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Thank you Jeanette for all the updated info on ADAM! I really appreciate everything you do for this site, that’s why it’s the best!!! I was telling Theresa/Canada, Laura and Lindsey Parker are great interviewers because ADAM is so down-to-earth with them. I want to keep watching the video over and over again. ADAM just takes my breath away. I look forward to his performance on AMA, do you think he will instill some Zodiac into it? ADAM mentioned he wanted fire and so that made me think Zodiac. And I absolutely loved his Zodiac performances!!! Thank you again for making this site the best, I’m very happy to be here with you and all the other GLAMBS!!! PLL to ADAM and to the GLAMBS!!!!

  23. I just stumbled into this MTV tidbit from yesterday, referring to the “Michelin Man” outfit.

    • I’m so glad Adam goes out on the town. He truly enjoys life! I want to go clubbing with him…..

  24. Adam is a Star, but he remains very humble. He is genius, class act, and an inspiration. Just as I said, he is the Superstar. Love him so much!

  25. omg, he is so hot!!!! i love to see him do interviews, he always knows what to say and does nt
    stutter or say um. he is such a beautiful man!!! cant wait to see him perform on the amas!!
    its gonna be sick!!!

  26. Awesome! We need to petition NBC SNL to have Adam Lambert LIve on SNL in November!!!!
    Anyone know the contact info????

  27. What a bummer…..I watched Entertainment Tonite and NOTHING about Adam or a video was even mentioned!

  28. sherry s. says:

    just visited Amazon—CDs for Susan Boyle and for Kris now have picture covers (both are very nice)

  29. someone wake me from all my ADAM dreams. My husband is not happy.

    • melinda can relate to this my husband is not overly impresses with my obsession eitherm Oh well…..

      • puteri abdul says:

        melinda , jan …

        as for me, my husband is just fine with it, infact he is also loving every minute of it because he said since I ” met ” adam, I have been a new “me ” that he was losing for the past few years of our marriage…
        I don’t know, adam just makes me feel younger, and my husband is getting all the benefits from all these …. heheh…

        • Hi puteri. Are you from Maylasia? We were with NZ Army well my hsband was, in Singapore for two years, and went up to Maylaysia for a holiday, just loved it would love to go back some time,T just love this site and reading all the Glams comments and the wonderful information about our lovely adam,

          • AdamAddict says:

            It’s spell Malaysia,Jan! Just to let you know but maybe you already know that.When we came here,the Adamania will make us don’t care what is spelling or grammer!! LOL 🙂

          • puteri abdul says:

            yes jan ….
            I am from malaysia …. just like dear emili here ….
            please jan, do try to come back and visit malaysia, come to KL, you have friends now here jan…

            • Jan, after you meeting AA and puteri your life will NEVER be the same!

              • Yeh they sound really hardcase those to girls Ingrid, do they ever sleep? Where are you in this big worldn. I am from NZ.

                • jan, I am from Cape Town, South Africa – The Rainbow Nation! We’re a real cosmopolitan bunch here, aren’t we!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Hey Melinda! I know what you mean. I keep mine busy w/ his own laptop and he likes to play those dragon war games. That’s how I get to spend as much time as I need w/ ADAM.

    • Melinda, hahah, he’ll come around! Keep on dreaming!

  30. LibraLamb7 says:

    Just found this great piece (thanks to “gossipcandy”) “Adam Lambert:The Jewish Mother Interview”….It’s from back in August at a pre-show press meet & greet. Don’t know why it’s just now being posted on the net, but she asks some interesting questions & he is very charming, gracious…FABULOUS, as always! He gave a very good interview & she was enthralled!



  31. puteri abdul says:

    jeanette , thanks for updating the michelin man video ….

    so true, I was quite dissapointed when adam said that the shot was part of the album cover, as it is without doubt one of the ugliest outfit I have ever seen ….
    now our only hope is that what adam say about ” the photos not being in the context and all that “, is true and that the cover will show up much better than what we thought that it would be …

    but come rain or shine, in light or in darkness, hideous or gorgeous, adam is still adam, and I luuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrvvvveeeeee him …

  32. AdamAddict and others, I think the Adam video announced to be shown on Entertainment Tonight was likely based on its release date and since that date kept changing there was some confusion. It would not be right fo rit to be shown before its official release.

  33. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Jeanette…I LOVE Laura’s interviews! She’s so funny, & she asks him the good questions! He looks FAB!!!!!! Love how close the camera is!! YUMMY!!

  34. AdamAddict says:

    Oh nooo!!!HELPPPP!! Out of topic but my mom going out for a while,she asked me to looked for her fish for a while.She fried it.At the time I go checked,it’s already black!! So, in panic, I turned it around and that part still white! Oh there,so not out of topic,it Black or White from Adam!! LOL!! No, no, not time for laughing! I’m about to pack and run from home,then she came back!! Luckily she just laughed and not mad!Phew! And she said that tell everyone that we BBQ it not fried!It does look like BBQ bcs it’s darn black!! LOL! 😛 It’s not my fault,I’m in this sites so this is all your fault!!

    • AA, you’re truly a character….Soooo funny ! hahaha

    • puteri abdul says:

      emili… it is not our fault…..
      it is adam’s fault …. because just thinking of adam only would put me in trance …. hahah….

      but seriously emili, can you cook ? hahah …

      • AdamAddict says:

        I can’t cook because I never learn,if I learn,I can cook! 🙂

        • puteri abdul says:

          well emili, I can be your teacher….
          let’s learn how to cook …
          who knows, one day in my wildest dreams we can prepare our special malaysian dish for mr adam lambert ……

          • puteri, good advice! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Learning quickly AA!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Mee Segera Sedaap,it is! LOL! (Instant noodle) 😛

              • No, No AA, pop over to Puteri! Puteri, this girl needs help! She seems to be artistic and creative everywhere BUT IN THE KITCHEN! Her culinary skills leave much to be desired – what are we going to do with Emili … sigh!!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  LOL!Don’t worry,I don’t know how to cook but in high school we have a test,big test for cooking lesson.I learnt and practiced and I passed!I’m excellent if I put my mind into it.LOL!For Adam, I’ll be chef for him 🙂

  35. AdamAddict says:


    • AdamAddict says:

      Picture 6 of 7–I WANNA BE THE PEN!! lol He already practice biting! Very good Glampire indeed! 😉

      • AdamAddict, thank you for again finding great treats! Ladies, Adams hair is swept over to the left side!! OK, AA you be the Pen, I WANNA BE THE SCARF, ALL WRAPPED AROUND HIS NECK! Cute, cute Adam. So stylish!!!!

  36. earlzagurl4u says:

    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it; you can become it. That’s our Adam,,PL L for everyone,,

  37. puteri abdul says:

    just read this from a blog called papermag wordup ,

    ” ……….. Despite the rain (more like drizzle) in LA last night, Star magazine threw their 5th birthday bash at Hollywood club Bardot. Umbrellas in hand, pretty faces salvaged their hairstyles and Louboutins as they attempted to dash from their limos to the club in seconds flat. After they had dried off, I was able to talk to some of the evenings attendees, who included Ice-T, Adam Lambert, and Pussycat doll Melody Thornton. Some choice celeb quips below!

    Adam Lambert: “There is a lot of pressure right now! My pre-sales are really adding up, and I just want to make my fans happy and live up to their expectations.”……….. ”

    oh adam, I really feel for you …
    personally I am also a little bit worried of his upcoming album and really hope it will blew everybody’s head off …
    I don’t want adam to fail ( him not winning the AI was a horrible traumatic experience for me already ), because I think no one deserves the best in this entertainment business except for adam lambert ……

    • AdamAddict says:

      He must be really in pressure.Poor guy! There’s 1 time,I want to watch a movie,2 of my favourite acted in it so I was super excited.Before I watched it, i was like,it must be great movieand all.But after I finished it,I was disappointed.It’s not like I expected to be.

      Then in another time,also 2 of my favourite acted in this 1 movie.I didn’t expect too much from it because I never like so much korean movie,it’s a bit slow(I like their dramas more) but I watched it becase those are very handsome actors.But it turned out to be awesome super sick,excellent movie that make cry.Tears and snot coming out.I have to calm myself down before I can go out because I can tell my face already swollen because cried too much!Seriously,I have to cover my mouth because i cried and make a sound!! But not me alone,everybody was like “isk,isk” but tried to hide it.LOL!Great movie!

      All I’m saying,if we don’t expect too much,maybe we can satisfied easier.Not that I’m saying the CD won’t be great,I bet whatever Adam sing will sound great,but ….you know what I’m saying?We’re Glambs,you know what I’m trying to say,right?I think you are so I just shut up now because I don’t know how to explain! I can’t wait Nov.24! 🙂

  38. Also press conference at AMA with Julie Moran:,,20311923_7,00.html

  39. A mini interview at Walmart with KRADISON about end of tour.

    • Thanks Terry, Adam just stands out from the others. Oh so Hot!

      You and AA do a good job finding all these goodies! Oh and Libralamb too, aside from the leaders of course…..

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks Terry,I love it!Adam looking hot and sexy like always! Weird,can’t I never see him not gorgeous? Don’t answer that,I know it’s impossible! LOL Yay,Adam always hot and sexy!! 😀

        • Fantastic Mother T and my sistas, I agree with you. How do like Adam’s pout???? I so want to devour his hips, actually everything!!!! Mwah

  40. The link to Oprah from the link above does not work. You just type in and then in the search box adam lambert and there is a Q and A there.

    You lucky Chicago area people! You can be in the studio audience if you are free in the daytime!!!

    • FYI on the Oprah site people are already writing in for studio audience tickets to see Adam… no date yet though. If you register with you can get info mailed to you about upcoming shows.

      • ellen #447 says:

        I live near Chicago and it is almost impossible to ever get Oprah tickets. I went to the website and requested the Adam show. They e mailed me back to come up with 3 questions I would like to ask him. It was hard to come up with questions because everything has already been answered on this site!!! There are probably thousands of fans that have already contacted them, but I can still hope! Love all of the daily laughs from this site! Some of you could do stand up comedy!!! If anyone gets to go to the show please post!

        • Ellen, I have a cousin who has tried for 5 yrs to be on Oprahs show to no avail. She doesnt care what show she goes on, she just wants to be in the audience. I’ve heard its very hard.

          She uses that lottery reservation system, I just looked and its closed for now.
          I dont see any info . about Adam on her site. I see Tom Hanks under celebritys. upcoming.
          Where are you guys seeing Adam being on ??

        • lovemyadam says:

          Hey guys,
          It’s me… Sue and I am GOING to the Oprah taping today!! I will let you all know the details when I get back… woo hoo. Gotta get ready…

          XOXO Sue Glamb#10

      • Read this ladies… I’m going to cut and paste what someone said on the ADAM ON OPRAH ARTICLE ….. HERE IT IS.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The Oprah people took the form down. Apparently there was quite a The original form asked for questions to ask Adam. But I am hearing from people who filled out the form and were contacted by Oprah’s people that Adam will be on via satellite because of his really intense and crazy schedule. Keep us informed Belinda…BTW I’m from the Boston area too.

        • Ohh, thanks for the info. Via satelite, maybe one day he can make it back to Chicago for Oprahs show. Geez it didnt take long for the form to fill up, I shouldnt be surprised.

          • Oooooooooooooooh, I so wanted to see him being interviewed by Oprah in her studio …. maybe in the future!

  41. Where is this “Michelin Man” photo that was leaked? Can someone post it, please?

  42. Helen/Canada says:

    Love it, love it, love it, love it all. Love the interview with Adam, love his rapport with Laura, love his hair, love his outfit, love HIM. Loved reading all your posts!. Ladies, you are all wonderful, funny, lovely people. Have been really, really, busy lately and can’t find the time to post, but have been trying to keep up with all of you. Life just sometimes gets in the way!!
    Mwaaaaaaaaah to all of you, my sista Glambs!!!

  43. This is Laura’s twitter. READ IT FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.


    1. The Adam reax segment will air Tue on Access Hollywood (extended version online). This wknd is just a quick hit about performing on AMA’s .5 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    2. i cant tell you anything else . you’ll see the photos on Monday. im sure it will be online everywhere AND then watch AH for his reax to it.12 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    3. yes, both he and paula in my wknd segment RT @BdwayDiva1: Hey Laura, is your interview with Adam gonna air on Access Hollywood Weekend?14 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    4. now doesn’t that photo (albeit blurry, lol) of us from Tuesday make more sense to all my Adam fans?15 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    5. I have the first reax from Adam when he sees the cover/photos for the very first time. like he said, its racy… and it will cause a stir.16 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    6. Now that the secret is out about Details (which I wasnt allowed to reveal until he did) ill tell you what’s coming Tuesday…19 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    7. did they show it? RT @LoveLifeDC: @DishofSalt Hey Laura – We already knew b/c E aired a segment about it b4 adam tweeted lol26 minutes ago from TweetDeck
    8. BIG HINT. Thx Adam. RT @adamlambert: I’m going to be on the cover of the November issue of Details Magazine. The photoshoot got pretty racy29 minutes ago from TweetDeck

  44. RE Oprah’s taping today. I misremembered… old age creeping up!

    It is beautifulsoul29 who was tweeting Oprah info on today’s Adam Skype appearance.