Neil Lambert: Introducing Adam’s Brother

Everything related to Adam Lambert’s brother Neil is going to be posted here so keep checking back for more pictures and ‘stuff.’ Before I get a million e-mails asking this question let me just give you the answer: YES, HE IS STRAIGHT.

Go get him ladies.

He is a very good writer and I’m really digging his humour. I can definitely relate. Reminds me of Maynard from ‘Tool.’ Pictures and posts from his blog below:

Dad :Lambert, Neil, Adam, Momma Lambert


Neil and Adam a couple of weeks ago


Neil Lambert



From Neil Lambert’s Blog

“Take it all in, Neil”
by Neil on Apr.23, 2009

Lately I’ve been getting comments from people on here, via email, and real life and they all say the same thing: “Your life has forever changed because of American Idol. Take it all in, Neil! It’s gonna be a wild ride!”

My first reaction is to roll my eyes. I don’t feel any different, it’s just that my only sibling is a nationwide sensation at the moment. Also, why must I “take it all in”? If my life is changed forever, won’t there be taking-in time later on? Can’t I just take it in gradually instead of all at once? Why spoil it, you know?

Lately, though, I’ve begun to wonder. Perhaps my life has changed. Maybe I just don’t realize it which is why I don’t feel any different. So, today I decided to put this whole “your life has changed” premise to the test:

This morning I woke up for work just like normal. Besides a bit of extra drowsiness, I felt no different. Pulling on my clothes and brushing my teeth felt the same, my slightly disproportionate gut didn’t look any smaller, and my new haircut from last weekend still looked dorky. “It’s all in how you carry yourself, Neil,” I told myself. Nodding my head in agreement, I hopped in the car.

And that’s when it began. Cars seemed to part for me. Pedestrians scrambled over themselves to allow me the right of way. They shook their fists in praise of my awesome lineage. Other cars joined them, honking in agreement: Adam is talented, everyone loves him! You are related to Adam, everyone loves you! It’s simple logic, really, and I was suddenly a bit ashamed of having never though this way before. I eased onto the freeway, admiring all the Normal People going about their mundane lives. They will surely never get the opportunity to sit in the 5th row at a taping of the nation’s most popular television program simply because they followed one of the contestants out of the womb three years later! I could scarcely remember what it was like to live that way. So…. ordinary.

Cop car. Shit. I guess nothing’s changed. OR HAS IT?! I repeated my mantra for the day, that fame and glory are a state of mind. I stopped and the police officer followed suit. He approached my passenger side.

“License and registration, please.”

“Of course, officer,” I said while I shot him a cool and collected smile. He has no idea, of course, that I’ve been taking it all in for the whole morning and I am, naturally, a changed man. I continue to smile. The officer shoots me a quizzical stare while double checking the name on my I.D.

“Are you…?”

I didn’t want him to have to embarass himself. We both knew how that sentence was going to end: “…related to Adam Lambert?” Why not save him the trouble?

“Yes. Yes I am. Is there a problem, officer?” I beamed at him. So this is what it’s like, being indirectly famous. Life is good! Soon this cop would be stumbling over himself in apology. He had no idea who the fuck I was. I decided this time I would be merciful.

After a lengthy and frankly uncomfortable Field Sobriety Test, I realized my mistake. Do not finish police officer’s sentences for them. I can guarantee you that the end of their sentence, 99 times out of 100, is “…drunk?” and not “…Adam Lambert’s brother?”

Lesson learned: you are not cool. If complete strangers on the internet assume that your life is radically changing but you aren’t seeing the effects, that’s because your life is not radically changing. It’s not because you somehow managed to be unobservant over the course of the last few months, it’s because you are still lame. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later.


Seasonal Disorder

by Neil on Apr.10, 2009:

This morning I woke up and everything was gorgeous. After half a week of miserable, rainy weather, I was pleased to see sunlight glinting off of the assorted glass containers strewn across my desk.

It wasn’t just nice weather though, it was incredible weather. Two birds were fucking on my windowsill extolling this particularly glorious Friday. There was a hint of pine in the air.

God himself appeared to me in a sunbeam and said, “Stop masturbating, Neil, and listen to me. I exist, and I want you to walk with me along the beaches of Santa Cruz while I explain the intricacies of the universe to you.”

“Sorry God,” I said. “My boss pays the bills around here, not you, and I unfortunately have to work. Besides, I’m sure the weather will be beautiful over in San Jose.”

30 minutes later I’m half way over the mountains encased in fog. The entire day was a miserable, rainy mess.

Fuck my life.


My brother is on American Idol today

by Neil on Jan 20, 2009

My brother Adam is going to be on American Idol Season 8. Perhaps I’m biased, but I think he should win.

It’s already a done deal, really. The rest of them should just go home. A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N I-D-O-L contains the word ‘Adam’ first of all, and unless there’s a guy competing this year named Ericn Iol, I really think that he’s got this thing locked up. Plus, the world greets Obama and Adam on the same day. Coincidence? Not a chance.

I encourage all of you (5 people who read this) to watch at 8pm PST on Fox. It’s gonna to be grand. Feel free to add your comments about his performance to this post so I can ride his coattails to e-fame. I’m a social network climber, big deal.


Leaving Los Angeles

by Neil on Jan.05, 2009

I can’t recall exactly when the end of my LA trip begins. Adam and I sit around on Saturday brainstorming potential songs he could sing.

It’s funny: when we were kids, Adam annoyed the hell out of me when he sang along to songs on the radio. A song will play and he’ll sing along, oftentimes wildly improvising on what the artist recorded. I guess I always thought of it as a way to show off or compete with the singer to prove he is better than whoever is on the recording. He usually is. But in his apartment, I realize that Adam does this whether anyone is watching or not. Improvising helps him decide how he will sing it when someone is watching. Now I listen to him wail and I smile instead of cringe. I see in that private space the same side of him that I see in myself when I put on my favorite tracks and pluck out some notes along to it on my keyboard, alone in my room. It is for no one’s sake but my own.

We talk about unrequited love and his thoughts on the subject. He says things about his current situation that I said in that very same apartment two years previous.

Sunday is spent waiting for my ride back to Santa Cruz to arrive. I’m supposed to have breakfast with my friend Maggie but we mutually flake on each other. We speak on the phone instead, catching up on the last few months. I’m reminded why we became friends in the first place.

When I was 13, I had a friend who was 24. I did not find this strange. In fact, at the time, she was the only friend I had any genuine fun with. I don’t know if it was because I was an old soul or because she was young at heart, it must be a mixture of both. We drifted apart when I became an angsty teen, though I am happy to say we are friends once more even if it is currently peripheral.

Now she is 34, a mother. I’m 24, some guy. We speak on the phone as if nothing has changed except that my brother may or may not be imminently famous and I may or may not be moving to another country. It is a rare thing to have a friend purely because the two of you have compatible personalities and not because you both work together, or because you are both in college or in the same city.

Sometimes the most important friends are friends with seemingly nothing in common. Sometimes the best brothers are brothers that have nothing in common until you spend a weekend with them.


LA Day 2
by Neil on Jan.02, 2009

I get a ride to Adam’s apartment to find out that we have completely miscommunicated. He is waiting for me at another location. No problem, I think, I’m in an adventurous mood. I’ll just kinda…. walk around Hollywood and wait for him to show up. Adam informs me that there is a public library somewhere in the East. Perfect. So I set out, imagining myself an explorer with walking stick in hand.

During my trek in search of the library I pass a house with a sign out front: “Psychic Readings: Tarot Cards of the Past, Present, and Future”

First off, that’s some poor presentation, Miss Chloe. By your wording I’m thinking you own a Tarot card museum. You should have been able to predict that many of your fellow citizens would be similarly confused. That you didn’t is the first indication that you are a bad psychic. Moreover, the entire house has bars on the windows and doors. Sooo, I’m going to pay you to read my fortune when you can’t even sense premonitions of impending breaking and entry at your home? No, not convinced.

I think of going in, but ultimately choose to save the $15 it will cost to make this post more interesting. I walk on, plodding my way through the urban wilderness in search of my true destination. Along the way I see a Scientology Library across the street. Christ, I hope this isn’t the library Adam had in mind. Again, I briefly entertain the notion of entering the library: “I’m here to research the study of science? I’m pretty sure I’m in the right place.” They’ve probably heard that one before. Maybe I’d say, “My engrams are, like, totally disrupting my destiny. I… I had a very loud birth,” while stifling some unexpected tears. Again, probably been done. Once again I move on in search of my true destination.

I finally find the library and silently rejoice. Of course I go straight for the Science Fiction section. Fahrenheit 451 instantly catches my eye. Hell yes! I’m ashamed to admit to not having read this book until now. Well, dear readers, that will quickly be remedied. I manage to get through one chapter before Adam arrives. It was good. It was really good, in fact, and every time I read something that exudes that level of quality right off the bat I think, “I should write. Not with the intent of contributing anything to the literary world, but because this author so obviously receives such pleasure from arranging words in the way that he does. I’m sure there are untold pleasures that await me if I put a pen to paper, too.”

But then Adam, or anyone else really, appears and my train of thought breaks. Suddenly I find myself riding around in his friend’s car petting her dog, Attila, and the inspiration evaporates. This happens to me quite frequently in many facets of my life: music, writing, pretty much anything creative. I always find myself content to observe, analyze, comment. It’s… hollow. What’s the point of living if you don’t create anything.

And then through some sheer luck or perhaps something more, I recall the quote at the beginning of Fahrenheit:

Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things. – Ray Bradbury

I know it sounds fleeting, but I think there’s a lot to learn from that. I’m going to attempt to live in this fashion more often.


LA Day 1

by Neil on Jan.02, 2009

I slept in a tent last night. In LA. It turns out that upon leaving Santa Cruz, that nagging feeling I kept having that I had forgotten something was not for nothing. About an hour into the drive I slapped my forehead, gripped by the realization that my sleeping bag and pillow were sitting safely at home. So I slept in a tent at a friend’s house in her backyard. I should be clear: “tent” connotes some sort of squalor but I would venture to call this a luxury tent. It had electical outlets. Laptop, desk lamp, music, and my favorite: tons of blankets that her cat had seemingly lounged upon all day. So obviously my allergic response was potent. I made it through the night.

Now I’m on my way, to meet Adam at his house. I have no idea where I’ll be sleeping tonight. Maybe I won’t sleep? I don’t know. I think at some point I’m just going to give in and get a hotel room to make my life a lot easier.


Sayounara Japan
by Neil on Jan.28, 2009

Last night the Embassy of Japan’s website was updated with information about who is scheduled for an interview for the JET program. I am not on the list. Yes, I checked it twice (three times in fact. Once this morning just in case I was dreaming). The myriad of reasons my application was not selected aren’t worth ruminating upon. I’ll never know why I was rejected because they don’t send a letter explaining the decision.

Well, Japan? You think all your applicants know what “ruminate” means? Fuck you.

It’s like Japan broke up with me last night. We were going strong, so I thought. I mean, sure, I hadn’t heard from her in a while but I didn’t sense any tension last time we spoke on the phone. We were going to move in together in August, but I guess that’s what you get for planning too far ahead.

She called last night to say, “Neil. Look, it’s you not me. I’m actually seeing 2,478 other guys right now. I don’t really care that they know how to properly use ‘ruminate’ in a sentence. I don’t even know how to use it in a sentence. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. Actually I won’t. Bye.”

So I shed some tears after realizing the full weight of our breakup. Particularly vexing is the embarassment I’ll have to endure when my friends ask, “How’s Japan doing? When are you moving in with her?” I’ll have to reply that, despite my talking about her all the time, we actually weren’t in a relationship. We went on a date once, that’s it, and I didn’t even get a kiss goodnight. But this whole time I’d been bragging to them about how we slept together.

Surprisingly, the bitterness hasn’t kicked in yet, just the disappointment. I guess I’m still in denial. When it does, though, you’ll know. Now this website has no future purpose which I guess is fitting considering I don’t either.

Now I’m just some college kid (not so) fresh from graduation with no plan, no short-term goal. Don’t worry, dear readers, I’m going to attempt to find a silver lining to all this. Perhaps now I’m better equipped for some serious fraternal coattail riding? I can ride those babies all the way through August, hopefully. I’m free to find a better job now, knowing I won’t be leaving in July.

Whatever that near future happens to be, Japan now has nothing to do with it. What should I do instead? I’m pretty open to suggestions at this point.


A Trip to the Land of Locusts

by Neil on Jan.01, 2009

Talkin’ about L.A. there, but I wanted to be all cryptic and well read. I’m going to visit my brother there. On Thanksgiving we had this spectacular blowout of an argument.

You know those arguments you get into which start off innocently enough:

“Could you pay attention to the directions so we don’t get lost?”


Surprisingly enough, I was the one with the mild shot across the bow and he was the one reducing me to splinters. So it turned into us trading blows for the sole purpose of cutting the deepest. He totally won, which sucked. Since then we’ve made amends and this will be our first test run of our not being dicks in each other’s presence since Thanksgiving. I’m anxious to see how it goes, though I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.


Neil just sent me an e-mail saying it’s ok to post the source. PLEASE don’t post a comment with OMG YOUR BROTHER IS SO HOTT!!!




  1. Randyboots says:

    Ahaha I saw him in the audience and was wondering who he was! 8D

  2. I want more.. please keep writing. I look at this site several times a day and glad we are finally finding out something about the you and Adam… I think Adam is going to go very far and hope you and your parents keep him grounded. I think he is already poised, confident, sharp and knows what he wants.. I hope that he finds trust in the right places when his singing career skyrockets.. I am sure you and your parents will be there to help guide him when needed.

    BTW Neil, you are so cute like Adam.. I am sure the women are going to hunt you down.. make sure it is about you, not because you are Adam\s brother.. lol…

  3. LOL I love it! Brought me to tears of laughter. Yeah, you should definitely write.

    It’s nice to be reminded that in the midst of all the Idol worship, Adam is still just guy..with a brother. Like was said previously, keep him grounded and don’t let him take himself too seriously.

    Looking forward to reading more! Thanks for posting this!

  4. I have seen Neil’s site. Wow. I was hooked on his blogs. Just sick! Hahaha…
    Please do read his other blogs…he’d appreciate it more if you comment on his other stuff other than his “my brother Adam is on AI” post…

  5. you are too funny! I love your writing style. hope to see more of your writing on here because it is now obvious that Adam isn’t the only talented one in the family and it would be great to get to know you too.

  6. I noticed that Adams brother had a optimist tee shirt on in the picture. Is this from Waterloo Iowa?

  7. MariahKS says:

    Wow, that was brilliant! Really great stuff, post more Dreamsound, plz!!!

  8. OutlandoGirl says:

    Neil is a great writer!

  9. Really enjoyed reading Neil’s blog posts. Hope to see more!!

  10. OMG YOUR BROTHER IS SO HOTT!!! ( haha….but seriously)

    • omggggg ur brother is hot gorgeous and sooooo talented has such a wide vocal range he reminds of chris cornell it doesnt matter whether he wins or not (which if he doesnt then this shit is fixed) every rock band in the world will be blowing his phone up wanting his vocals with their band,,,,,, tell him im 42 and have a very nice home in jacksonville ,fl would be gladdd to have him as my guest (yummy)) he is definitely extremely talented. You and I and millions of America wants Adamto be the next Amercian Idol. In my opinion he is “the” AMerican Idol.. his looks, voice, great attitude, magnetic personality, charms etc. he got them all.

    • AdamAddict says:

      That’s funny! LOL!!

  11. I’m so proud of Adam though I don’t know him. He is an inspiration with his developed talent and positive attitude. A ray of sunshine in the world!

  12. omg Neil.. I luv your story. Your bro Adam touched millions of people hearts including mine. I wish I am related to the Lambert family 🙂 I’ve watched Adam performs every week and he is definitely extremely talented human being. You and I and millions of America wants Adam Lambert to be the next Amercian Idol. In my opinion he is “the” AMerican Idol.. his looks, voice, great attitude, magnetic personality, charms etc. he got them all.
    Neil I”ve really enjoyed your story here. Your parents are lucky to have you both.
    Let’s not waste Adam’s talents make sure he wear the American Idol Crown, he is the BEST thing that ever happen in the Idol history so far. Let’s face it he got the looks, as Kara said he got the whole package. So tell me from all the winner who is the best looking of them all? Carrie Underwood is cute but not That Cute, thank goodness for the Country music to embrassed her talents and she doesn’t have that beautiful voice either. I think her talents is limited good thing she is Blond hehehe.

    This is all about Neil!!! so Neil, I hope you write a song for Adam to sing later.

    God Bless you Adam and your family!!! WAy to GO Adam…. go for the Crown!!!

  13. it’s time we met you,neil. great blog, easy ,interesting and just slightly off center. grew up reading ray bradbury, try martian chronicles, lyrical and otherworldly yet familiar. i like reading about you and your brother. the struggles, fights, and closeness my brothers and i have make your thoughts very easy to relate to. can’t wait to read more.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been reading his blog, and IA that he is a great writer with a really interesting perspective

    lmao at your request not to comment about his brother being hot, I know people have lol

  15. It is nice to see a picture of your entire family. People have written that you write. What type of writing do you do? Is it for a living? As a parent, I think your parents are proud of each of their sons and what they do. How fortunate it is to have a family that listens to different types of music. Again, thank you for sharing your writing . Dixie Milwaukie, OR.

  16. wow, neil is extremely talented.
    i mean i know i liked him way back when i first saw his photo
    lol (i believe this is a roundabout way of calling him hot- sorry
    dreamsound), but who knew adam’s brother could be equally
    as talented as he just in a completely different way.

    someone should seriously thank their parents.

  17. Neil, while I love your stories and they are very funny I can’t seem to get past hearing Adam singing them to me and then it’s! “well strange” actually. Your talents are both beautiful and I wish you and your brother equal reward as I guess we are past recognition already?

    A fan.


  18. I am a little let down with the cussing. I think that is a total turn off. It also does not make you look attractive.

    • I agree. Too much writing talent to mess it up with useless expletives.

      • It’s not like it’s over the top or vulgar. It just adds a little color and humorous punctuation in the right spots. Sometimes those are the only words that will do your feelings justice. “does not make you look attractive” ?? LOL. I think he’s going for more expression and relating his feelings on a deeper level than being attractive…which by the way, isn’t unattractive at all.

        Keep up the great writing Neil and just be yourself.

        • I visited his web blogs out of curiosity since I’m a Adam Lambert fan; I would say that the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” is really apropo to what I’ve observed:

          People in our society who have ANGER ISSUES, PREJUDICE, with gripes, ANIMOSITIES and are “BULLIES” themselves always COHERE together.

          Just Like:

          “Birds of the same feathers flock together”

      • keelinggraham says:

        i read this dude’s blogs. Gees man take a therapist couch + have some chill pills. Better yet get yourself a nice chick to straighten you up. i was a bad a$$ dude before until i met this oriental chick (oops) i mean woman and she made me see what an a$$hole i was. later dude.

  19. As little kids, they look so-so, but as grown up men, WOW, and I mean really really WOW, they’re gorgeous and HOT.

    Ok, ok enough of the hotness. I love the fact that they are so close together as a family. Being supportive toward each other in everything they do, it is no wonder that Adam and Neil can develop their talents to the max.

  20. My younger son, a budding musician and fellow Adam fan, really got a kick out of the fact that even Adam’s brother was annoyed by his singing (my older son is constantly telling him to quit tapping on things, quit whistling, quit singing, etc.).

    By the way, I agree with everyone else here that your writing is very entertaining and I’d like more of it. And this whole thing here is exactly why I love American Idol – it’s cool to see the human being behind the budding star.

  21. I treasured the time just after college before finding a “career” job. It was like the world was wide open and there were so many possibilities. I could do and say whatever because I was really beholden to no one. I love that time when you are at a fork in the road – it is so ripe with both potential and catastrophe. Take your time Neil – savour and write – if just for yourself – so that in 20 years you can look back at your true heart and recognize that kernel of yourself before it got all tangled up. Sometimes you need reminding of what your passions in life were when you were 20something.

  22. Wow. You are a phenomenal writer. I want to hear much much more!! please please please keep on writing!! (:

  23. Interesting writing style. Very dry sense of humour; I like it. Reminds me of Mark Haddon, (A Spot Of Bother), only a little more raw.

    If he ever wrote a book instead of a blog, I would give it a chance.

  24. This is my first season of AI…was never a fan before..but out of sheer boredom of other TV, started watching….I was least in favor of Adam…really thought he was a emo pretty boy knock off…..
    Then he sang JC Ring of Fire…just plain amazing….then knocked me out with SR Tears of a Clown… Hope he wins…I will buy his Album when he gets it produced and out for the public.Congrats to a very Talented man.

  25. Neil, I loved reading the stories you write. The first one I read is titled “Seasonal Disorder” the funny thing I know exactly what that is and how you were probably feeling on that day, I am replying because I do think that Adam is talented and I also like you think he has AI in the bag, He absolutely amazes me every week, So far my favorite is the Ring of Fire. That was brave and exactly what the competition is about, On another note, I think that you are very talented yourself. Your parents should be very proud to have two sons to have shining so brightly before them. Thank you for writing about your experiences about the little parts of yours and Adams lives that you like to share with fans. I look forward to reading more. Good luck to your family and God Bless!

  26. hi neil
    im from israel and a big fan of adam,i was shoked to see him in UTUBE sing in hebrew at 2005 to yizhak rabin memorial day,he was fantastic u was almost cryed when he sing the song in hebrew,how he got to this memorial?are you jewish???any way i cant wait to see adam in the final and cross mo fibger for so sorry that we cant vote for him from israel…he has a lot of fans here…cant wait to see him this week
    take care

  27. hi again
    sorry about the writting mistakes i hope that it want happend again….i love your writing you are so talented well both of you,promise to be in this site often,i found about you only today and was realy happy to know more information about adam,because in isarel we have american idol on TV only on friday and saturday ,not live…

  28. Hey, Neil, I want to read more about your adventures and observations on life. Great writing. Some of your turns of phrase remind me of passages from the novel The Brothers K.

  29. Neil, U are a very talented writer. I’m glad that “Japan” broke up with u so that u r free to date us “other gals”. Don’t fret though, I’m sure that in time u will come to realize that the move to Japan just wasn’t in your best interests right now. In fact, had u gotten the job over there u wouldn’t be here to witness your brothers rise to super stardom,or ride his coat tails. God obviously had a different plan for u. He will reveal it though, just as he is now revealing his plan for Adam, so the next time he offers to enlighten u to the intricacies of life- u might want to take him up on it! I truly believe he will ultimately reward u with a phenominal opportunity that wouldn’t have come if u had gone. In fact, maybe u & your brother’s future is destined to be more intertwined than you ever previously imagined. U never know, u may want to consider writing some songs or penning a bio, because the demand will ceratinly be there. I honestly believe your brother has the potental to be one of the greatest performers that ever lived. I also think u have enormous potential as a writer, but agree with others that the cuss words can detract from your brillance. Surely u can find other ways of saying the same thing in a less vulgar way. For example, instead “fucking” u could have said that the birds were “putting Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson to shame” or they were “getting down to business” or some other creative way of saying the same thing. Another example would be if you wrote “screw my life” instead of the more offensive “fuck my life” or tried to go in a funnier direction by saying that your life gave you “suicidal tendicies” or something else of that nature. Obviously it’s up to you, but it’s a suggestion that I think would actually enhance your writing & wouldn’t made your grandmother embarrased. I wish you all the best that life has to offer & look forward to reading more from your unique perspective.

    • EXCUSE ME ,


      • People who appreciate and enjoy the DEROGATORY remarks, the INSULTS, the PREJUCE and the BULLYING of others are the BULLIES and the DISCRIMINATORS themselves who have THOUGHTLESS and MALEVOLENT feelings for the underdogs.


        • I agree with Theresa…but completely disagree with Xxxxxxx…I go back in life to my age of Neil’s and the consant use of the “fuck” word is just a college/age thing! Neil if you’re like the rest of us, with the pasting of time the “fuck” word will be used only to describe something “really” fucked-up! You’re an intriguing writer and your choice of words will change with your travel through life….don’t change just because, change because you want to!!!

    • henry miller is rolling in his grave right now at the above comment!!! argh. 😛

      for all of you who have kids, SO DO I, maybe you should watch what they read on the internet if you’re so worried that they’ll be permanently scarred by a fatal f-word sighting.

      In high school I read lots of great literature that contained… SWEARS. Sexual innuendo. Ascerbic wit. Death. All kinds of vile, dangerous stuff. When I look back and remember the things that really hurt me as a kid, it wasn’t from books or articles with bad words. It was from other kids calling me and each other bad names.

      I’d be more worried about what your kids hear on the playground than what they read here. I would rather my daughter hear that high-voltage yet meaningless f-word a thousand times, than have to explain to her what someone meant when they called her mommy the “other” f-word. Hate (and censorship of her creativity) are the only things I worry about for her as she grows up.

      There’s nothing more awkward than people who feel they have to give unsolicited “helpful advice” to self-realized, happy and successful people following their unique path. Would we give such advice to people we just met on the street? Somehow, celebrities seem so iconic and unreal to the general public that they invite this disconnect of logic, a sort of delusion where people think they sort of “own” a piece of them. Suggesting a song for Adam or a topic for Neil is one thing. But, why phrase it in a didactic, condescending way?

      I blog. I don’t mind straight-up, thoughtful criticisms on my blog. I even enjoy the occasional flame war. But I don’t want patronizingly well-meaning suggestions for improvement from amateurs who simply want my blog to fit their desired demographic… and I’m sure Neil doesn’t either. He is a writer. He’s not taking a high school creative writing class. If his writing doesn’t fit your demographic (ie, your kids, etc) then go read another blog. Don’t stay here just because you want to catch a glimpse of Adam.

      (Neil, I hope I haven’t crossed the line there. I can be kind of a bitch sometimes but I have a good heart. 😉

    • twobirdscopulating says:

      Suicidal tendicies….that’s a funny direction in your world. You’re a scary person Theresa.


  31. To Neil,

    It says you’re in College. Do you by any chance major in Journalism? If you do, then you have great potential. Keep on writing. Your journal is very entertaining. Good luck from a fan of your ‘writing style’.

  32. hey Neil you seem like you’re a lot of fun to hang out with like Adam I’ve actually seen him as Fiyero and met him in August last year and he’s very sweet and talented.I guess good looks run in the family and I guess also you two have your own talents I have a cousin named Cindy who attends the University of Florida and I’m so proud of her and support her in volleyball b/c she’s like an older sister to me even though I’m an only child and both our dad’s are twins so I kind of look like her but she’s much taller than me(I’m 5″4′ and she’s 5″9′) and she’s got a younger brother.Your blogs make it seem like you’re really funny with a great sense of humor

  33. Hey Neil, I, too, enjoy your writing, and the color you trim it with. It’s also cool that you have your bro’s music running on your blog. It’s a fulldimension blog! I’ll keep checking back Your writing is inspiring to other onthewayup writers, but I’m sure it’s not as easy as you make it appear!

  34. ok like your request this comment will not sayt “OMG YOUR BROTHER IS SO HOT”
    Oh my good golly gosh adams brother neil is very handsome thats another thing those boys have in common. and hes hilarious


  36. Im an “ole lady” and I think Adam is the best Idol Contestant since Kelly Clarkson………….even better than Kelly. If he doesnt win, I am thru with Idol. He is humble, beautiful, stylelish, and of course super talented. His range is a pure joy to hear and I look forward to Tuesday every week to hear him and his interpretation on whatever. All others are second rate to him………Am I obessed?
    PS I am not crazy about his nail polish……………but what the hell, I thought Jimi Hendrix was well dressed and cute,,,,,,,,,,,,forget his talent.
    Thank you Neil……..really enjoyed the read.

  37. Hi Neil,
    I see yall free minded,fun people in the family:) Nice to read your share with Adam.I’m a fan but I don’t believe everyone can get Adam’s power of impact on music industry.He would be understood better in Europe,I assume.Still, I hope to see him as a STAR as he deserves.
    Seal,David Bovie,Prince should be his line to choose.Nothing common but signature of his own music. Support and grats from me….
    Diane K.

  38. Hi, I’m from the Philippines. Although I’m a golden girl – mother/pensioner with two grown up boys – who grew up and out of being a fan to anybody ages ago, I do enjoy music and being entertained by a showcase of fresh amateurs, such as that in the American Idol TV show. I watch AI regularly and I find this handsome Adam Lambert an unprecedented and unique bundle of talent – singer, arranger/song artist, dancer, and stage performer rolled into one! I don’t have an AI judge’s musical critique credibility but each time I observe him perform live at AI, Adam Lambert captivates me and touches my inner being as I watch and listen, so that I find myself involved in the music and viscerally experiencing the thoughts or emotions conveyed by the lyrics of his song. The experience can be a strange or haunting one, but beautiful like watching/listening to a Maria Callas or a Luciano Pavarotti performance at times, so that you want to listen to it over and over and over again. The voice, the charisma, and the ability to connect are enhanced by his unusual song choices and brilliant arrangements, making him stand out as an enduring luminary among the many competing nova. It is disappointing to find, however, that at and other sites, his studio recordings seem to pale in comparison to his live performances at AI shows — why is that? At any rate, he is certain to win! Even my relatives in the U.S.A always vote for him! I have become his big fan and, when he goes on tour as American Idol’s Season 8 winner, I will find the means to watch him live, if and when he comes to perform music in the Philippines!

  39. hi neil! i love your writing!

  40. Cool guy! You’re brother will DEF win! I vote for him multiple times each tuesday! He is outstanding. How clever to mention that American Idol contains “Adam” haha Good one!

  41. Hi Neil – I think this is a great thing for you to do. They say great writers write about things they know. Just look at this as the intro for when you go on tour with Adam. You can keep a record/journal of your journey. Should be some fun and interesting reading. Who knows, you might be going to Japan after all! Never question a door that has been closed to you. A new and better one usually opens soon after. You and Adam sound like pretty good friends. Most brothers your age kind of grow apart. I hope you guys are ready when that door to fame finally swings wide open. I think it’s going to be bigger than anyone can imagine. As you know, Adam is by far the most talented singer and performer that have ever been on American Idol, and he’s certainly nice to look at too. But it’s MORE than that. It’s not like people like him for who he is because most folks don’t know much about him – a man of few words. No new artist on the scene has caused as much “stir” as Adam has. I even find myself caught up in the Adam craze and I’m certainly not some bewildered teenager (more of the Paula Abdul age category). I’ve watched the Idol since season 1 and I think that from memory I can only name one song that one of the contestants sang – Clay Akins –Bridge Over Troubled Waters. That being said, I can name every song Adam has sung. They stick with you. I get to my office and have to have my morning dose of one of his songs. After the show is over everyone waits with baited breath to find out what he’s going to sing for the upcoming week. Still – there’s something more than his singing. People are star-struck after they watch him perform. A guy I work with (in his 50’s) hasn’t been able to watch the show this season so I sent him some clips of Adam. A short time later he came back to my office and said “That guy is phenomenal!” He told me that he forwarded the e-mail to his daughter and asked her if she knew who Adam was or if she had seen him. She wrote back to him saying “Of course I know who Adam Lambert is dad. What planet are you iving on?” Most of the time when people vote on Idol it’s because the person is close to their age, or wears an outfit they like, or even just because they are from the same state. Not so with Adam. People are compelled to vote for him even if they have never voted before. Even my dad who is usually watching some news or business show is tuning in to see Adam. Not to sound too corny, but Adam is like a rainbow – you don’t see them too often so everyone rushes outside to take a look. I don’t know anything about your belief system, but I really think Adam must be an old soul and there are just masses of people feeling some sort of connection with him. Up until now it sounds like he has been doing what he loves, but like a wind-up toy in a small room that keeps walking in place once it hits the wall. The door is getting ready to burst open. Timing is everything! I hope you and Adam and your family are ready for the ride of your life. Stay grounded. Take it all in. Keep a record of it all so you can look back on it some day. Let Adam know the folks in Virginia are supporting him. Enjoy! Feel free to write. Good Luck!!!!!


  42. You must be as talented as your brother but in another way. Love your writing and I am one of those older woman (much older) that your old soul really seemed to like when you were younger. Your parents must carry great genes to have produced the two of you. I adore your brother and his voice even though I am old enough to be his grandmother. I want an album full of songs like “Mad World” and “If I Can’t Have You.” Tell him for me will you. I want to feel 16 again. The dementia that I will be going through in a few more years (if I live long enough) will hopefully make me act like I am 16. I can play Adam Lambert music til I die.

    Keep writing. I want to read more. lol

  43. I am a person with no Patience at all and i just don’t like to read I think I am too lazy to read BUT I actually enjoyed reading Neil’s posts not just cuz he is Adam’s brother but actaully his writting is stimulating really he must write more he is funny and his writting Attract ppl 🙂

    I love ADAM so much I am seriously addicted on him he is something even beyond this competition and those contestants with all due respect but ADAM is really something different than them he is very amazing and unique I love him and he must win without doubt ppl VOTE 4 him like u never did before he is totally deserve to be the winner hands down no one deserve it like him 🙂

  44. Boy some of these websites are crazy. What is your brother going to do with 20,000,000 people screaming at him. It is ironic that he has been hacking around California for the past 8 or so years and the world didn’t notice. Suddenly he appears on Idol and the world is watching and listening. He is on his way finally. All he has worked for will come to fruition. It really is amazing to be one of the chosen. Some people say “watch what you wish for–you may get it.” I hope he is happy with all that comes to him.. I remember when Elvis finally made a name for himself. It seemed to happen overnight and he was king. Same with the Beatles. Once the Ed Sullivan Show aired around the world, it was all over. Their lives were never the same. I guess the money makes up for a lot of things as well as all the perks that go along with fame. Adam will never be alone again. I hope he is a good judge of character. People are awful sometimes. The outside may be beautiful but the inside may be evil. It takes time to see what a heart holds. I hope he stays tender and sweet. I want that sweetness in his music.

    Can’t wait to see the end of this story. Good luck to both of you. It seems like your parents did something right. Keep that incredible sense of humor.

  45. Okay better use of words this time.

  46. Hi Neil,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories! You’re a very gifted writer, and seem to have an uncanny knack to absorb life happenings around us that most of us miss or take for granted! I bet you have many more wild stories to share in the future, and I’ll be watching for them! Kudos to you, also, for letting us get to know you and for supporting your brother. He is already a WORLD-WIDE Phenomenon, and according to myself and my 88-yr-old mom, is our next Superstar since Elvis and the Beatles. (My mom’s wish before she dies is to meet Adam!) I hope he’s ready for SOLD-OUT concerts, screaming, crying, and pushing girls, going incognito, and having many bodyguards; because his electrifying talent has mesmerized the world already! We are witnessing history-in-the-making, and the start of Adam becoming a LEGEND!! We can’t wait to see him in concert and buy his cd’s!! Never before have I seen or heard a performer like him! Wow!
    Much Love and Luck to you, your parents, and Adam…Our prayers are with all of you…what a nice family!

  47. Question for you. Came across a video where Adam was singing “Shir Lashalom”. Are you guys Jewish.

  48. BTW Neil, Do you sing as well? How about your mom or dad? Is there someone in particular in your family that the natural gift of singing/performing stems from? Perhaps grandmas or grandpas, etc…?

  49. Hey Neil….just finished reading your new post, TIAIN, and I truly thought it was hilarious. Won’t be too long before there will be no humble pie necessary. Please keep letting us into your life. It’s a treat. Take care, abbe

  50. eskimobob says:

    im sorry neil but i dont think ur cuter than adam. its sumtin to do with being gay that makes u hot and its not f*ckin fair 🙁 anyway i <3 adam and i hope he goes far btw ur an amazing writer u should write a book

  51. eskimobob says:

    i no wat makes ur bro hawt its his hair, smile, + voice

  52. Bird Cherry says:

    Neil, you’re just hilarious! I really enjoy your writings, so keep up the good work!
    A reader from Finland

  53. Thanks a ton for posting all this stuff ^__^’s a big deal for adam fans(getting to know their superstar better).He’s absolutely brilliant and we’re all voting for him..Go Adam bomb!!!!..btw I love the way it’s written 😛 honestly blunt hehe

  54. P.S:Neil you should seriously try writing a book..that was excellently written(fun too)

  55. Bird Cherry says:

    I just have to add this to my previous comment: you’re not only hilarious but you have insight and depth, and your style is captivating. Is there some other place where I can read your writings?

  56. Hey Neil,You say Adam is talented, well you are definately artistically talented also with your writing abilities…its very refreshing!!!

  57. Mr. Lambert,
    Im a 12 (almost 13!) year old girl. I stumbled across this website, and yes, Im a fan of your brother. You are amazing! Someone needs to invent writing idol, and you need to be on it! I laughed, i cried (not really, but ya know what I mean). I found the “take it all in” one so funny. “Leaving Los Angeles” was really cool, because I have a 10 year old brother, and his best friend of all-time is 22. I never really understood, but that piece helped me. Im a fan of you as much as I am of your bro, and thats saying alot. You guys are great, not only with your talent, but your personalities. Thank you Mr. Lambert, for sharing this with me :).
    -Emily <3

  58. if hes not gay then why are there loads of pics of him kissing guys???
    like and its kinda obvious like the way he holds himself 😛

    u tell lies, lies , lies do do doooooo


  59. Hi Neil! Yes, please keep writing about your experiences with Idol, your family, and Adam. But could you please tone down the cussing because my 13-year old gets on here sometimes. thanks! 🙂

  60. heather9 says:

    >I think, “I should write. Not with the intent of contributing anything to the literary world, but… I’m sure there are untold pleasures that await me if I put a pen to paper, too.”>

    Neil Neil Neil… what an amazing talent YOU are. You are so very gifted, from what little I have seen of your writings. I hope with all my heart that you do contribute something (or several somethings) to the literary world. I should be so lucky to someday have a collection of Neil Lambert titles on my bookshelf. 🙂 Hope to read more from you soon.

  61. haha really liked it!

    and well i’m those kind of persons that now loves Neil, because now I know he’s Adam’s brother!

  62. silly rabbit says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Sorry about the JET interview. Here are some tips for the next attempt.

    To ace the JET interview…

    Don’t be cocky. Be respectful. Be humble.
    Imagine you’re going to be interrogated by the police. You’ll feel better prepared for the ‘interview’.
    When in the waiting room, you are being watched. Be on your best behavior.
    Flip through the magazines on Japan that are usually lying around. It makes you look eager.
    Show knowledge of the country and a keen interest to learn more.
    During the interview, don’t slouch in your chair. Feet planted firmly on the ground.
    Don’t say that you want to live in _____ city, but that you would prefer to live in a city. Have a good reason why. Health, long lost family…think of something.
    Learn how to introduce yourself in Japanese (it goes a long way!)
    Show that you have traveled outside of your country and can cope with culture shock (there will be plenty)
    Commit to teaching, commit to the program, commit to whatever you’re saying even if you are lying through your teeth.
    Smile. Relax. Appear relaxed…
    Tell them you love kids and you are a team player 🙂 That one got me in
    Finally, talk to people who teach in Japan. They can tell you all about teaching, classroom management, life in Japan, etc. Listen to all the stories , good and bad, and decide if this is something you really want to do. It can be fun over here, then there are those other days…

    They appreciate someone who applies a second time around and shows ‘fighting spirit’. Good luck next year! (^_^)

  63. Azzie M says:

    Hi Neil,

    I love your writing abilities, you’ve got a great sense of humor. You are a handsome man, so forget about Japan (!) Your next adventure is just around the corner. Yes, I am a huge fan of you-know-who, and live in Australia. I believe that a whole performer is the sum of many great parts, including fantastic people around them, especially family during their formative years. So well done to you and your parents, you all look so cool on TV.

    I was wondering what other talents and hobbies you have besides writing, and what plans you have for travelling. Also how tall are your family members? Your Mom looks tiny with all her boys. 😀

  64. Arizonahiker says:

    Holy freak Neil this is hilarious stuff! You should write a book and instead of Marley and Me it could be Adam and the Ant or something. Since you are like the fly on the wall but strong in character and Ants can lift their body weight plus! Okay so maybe that won’t be the title of the book but you get my meaning! Your family sounds cool and it is something I would read. It is great to have such a supportive family. Do you have photos you can add to this book? Really think about it man. You are creative and you do make things happen. Don’t procrastinate, grab ahold of this and run with it man. Peace!

  65. Arizonahiker says:

    Oh hey one thing…kinda off the subject. If you guys came up with a buy Adam Lambert t-shirts that would be great. I’d buy a whole lot of them for my family for Christmas this year. I’ll be waiting for your book.

  66. Hi
    Would you please check out my daughters website
    She has written over 40 songs and her style is current and perfect for Adam.
    She rocks the guitar and plays other instruments. She mixes her own music …has a raspy voice and would like to do her own music….but she does have songs that would suit a male better.
    She is 23, extremely smart, unique and fun.
    Best wishes to Adam…”Mad World” , “Black/White were my favorites.

  67. glambert says:


    Hi, from Australia! Your life must have changed overnight! Your brother certainly has transformed our entire family beyond belief! Our whole house has become Lambertville! Our daughter’s painted her room to represent Adam’s incredible version of the ‘Ring Of Fire’, streaks have
    gone in hair (and more added for the finale), ears have been pierced. Adam has been an amazing
    inspiration for our youngest daughter who is taking singing and voice. She thinks he is “Awesome”!
    Plus Adam’s music is played constantly!

    Neil because we cannot attend the Idol Concerts or other events we have made a pledge to fly over
    to L.A. next year especially to see Adam perform. Can you help us with a reliable source to help keep us up to date on Adam’s tour itinerary as it progresses so we can make sure we can book
    our tickets beforehand. It’s a heck of a distance to travel for a family without a good solid contact.

    Most sincerely we thank you.
    From us in AUSTRALIA (the land down under)

  68. hey neil (and others:)

    im here in SA and we are SO behind on all the american idols and all the gossip! i must say..adam is AMAZING.. i re-watch ALL of his past performances on iols EVERYDAY!! i can honestly say that i LOVE HM!! and he is THE WINNER! my mother always refers him to elvis..well i wasnt around in Elvi’s time..but adam will be a legend… so please neil (and others plese feel free to respond)..for all us in SA who are adam fans.. is he straight?? i mean really…(i dnt actually care i will love him no matter what!!) and buy ALL his CD’s! but its just too frustrating to not know what is actually going on?? on my last note, thank you neil for your wonderful writing peices..its awesome to know more info on the other MR LAMBERT <3 !!

    form all of Adams fans in SA:)

  69. June McKown says:

    LOVED your writing! I feel a lot of visceral connections to the humor of your family and life observations in the same way I do when I hear Adam sing. Don’t change a thing about your writing – it is what makes you unique. I am an old soul and an old person with a young mind – I laughed at Kathy’s response regarding the dementia she will be going thru in a few years while acting like a teenager and still enjoying Adam’s music. Keep writing Neil – you have a gift! My arthritic fingers will be dialing for Adam Tues. until he wins this thing. He is the best I have ever seen on this show plus his kindness to others and humility make him the real deal. His humanity shines through. Take care. Lambert fan on the East Coast

  70. Sue, you seem to just wait for negative comments to agree on. You’ve made your point many times. Put a cork on it already will yah. Thanks. Keep on writting Neil.

  71. Neil,

    I’m putting myself out here with the hopes that you actually read comments to your own blog 🙂 First off, I wanted to give kudos to you and your family members for being so real and supportive of your brother. My family means the world to me and I sense that same connection within your family. The fact that your support Adam for being who he is speaks volumes! You’re a lucky soul, too, because I have no doubt that you receive the same family support and acceptance that Adam does. Cherish your family closeness – it will carry you through life.

    As I’m writing this, Adam is already underway with preparations for the finals next week. I so hope you read this, because I have some suggestions that I think are integral to get to Adam ASAP. Let me explain something first. I’m not delusional and I do not believe that I have the right to give suggestions on how Adam should perform. I am his fan, through and through, and will follow him no matter how he chooses to follow his artistic path. Whatever the song choice, whatever the style, whatever the performance, I WILL vote my fingers off for Adam. He doesn’t need to win me over – he already has. He has also won over all the Glamberts and other new and die-hard Adam fans. BUT, in order for him to win AI next week, he is going to have to do something to blow away the rest of America who is still on the fence.

    Face it – American Idol draws ALL of America. It’s a great forum for new and undiscovered talent, but viewers are mostly going to be conservative. We’re talking mainstream America here! I AM one of those individuals in mainstream America – born and raised in the Midwest. Lets just say that Adam (and you) would have a chuckle over my background and the fact that I have fallen totally in love with Adam! He seems such a good guy, so I think he would feel complimented that many of us, who on the outside look totally different from his usual fan base (before AI), have found a connection with Adam and truly want to help support his career.

    You’re Adam’s brother, so you have a better grasp than I do on Adam’s true desire to win AI. There’s a debate on the AI board under Adam’s fan forum going on about Adam’s desire to actually win AI or just to use AI as an avenue to get his name out there and secure a record deal. I’ve watched his immediate reactions (like last night when he was announced as a finalist) and I truly believe that he wants to win this thing. When his name was announced, he beamed true joy – as did I!

    If he wants to win AI, he needs to do some things to win over the undecided voters. He doesn’t need to prove anything to his strong fan base at this point. He DOES need to prove something to his doubters and especially to those who are trying to rig it for him to lose. You seem to be a real guy, Neil, as does Adam. Adam stepped out of his comfort zone of his followers in LA to make an attempt to reach a larger audience through AI. I applaud his growth and am phenomenally grateful that he chose to reach out to larger America. I may never have heard of him otherwise. Back to reality – middle America is a tough, tough crowd, especially the conservatives. With Danny being voted off this week, the “haters” are out full force. I understand that you are a smart guy and already aware of this, but just wanted to let you know that Adam’s supporters are well aware of this, too.

    On the AI board (Adam’s fan forum – home of Glamberts), there are many debates sprouting on “letting Adam be” and trying to give “constructive criticism.” I am one of those trying to get some tips out to Adam. I know that he does know that in order to win AI, he WILL need to get through to the more conservative, middle America crowd. Those of us asking him to tone it down for at least one song during the finals are not asking Adam to sell himself out. We ARE ONLY ASKING HIM TO DO THIS FOR THIS ONE WEEK!!!! Personally, I love Adam’s signature style. All of Adam’s fans love his signature style, but I’m sure you have heard the endless comments referring to Adam’s high notes as “screams.” I get that they’re not. Other people do, too. BUT, the naysayers don’t get it and they will use this against him.

    From what I have seen, there are many sides to Adam. He’s made it clear that his style is glam rock. But, he has also shown his kind, sensitive side in his other works. On AI, he did this in Mad World and Tracks of My Tears. Last week, he penetrated our souls with his pure rendition of Star Spangled Banner. We need to see more of this. I firmly believe that if Adam is going to win over the swing voters, he needs to tone it down and sing a pure, beautiful song, full of raw emotion (not theatrical). His range is out of this world. He has made a point of showcasing his upper register and his other-worldly ability to hold those high notes. He’s a showstopper!

    Speaking as a Midwesterner and AI voter, I think Adam needs to shock America in a different way. They have not seen enough of his capabilities in his lower register. Right now, we need to hear his pure, raw emotion without the theatrics that AI viewers expect. Kris is a great singer and is gathering fans as we speak BECAUSE of his toned down nature. I have heard Adam sing in a pure, toned down manner and he blows the socks off of Kris! Absolutely no comparison! Adam has the ability to pull this off and I think he could win over many, many new voters if he shows this side of himself. He needs to shock them into thinking “Wait . . . .THIS is Adam? I had no idea he could do this!” If he could grab people emotionally in this way, there will be a better chance that he gain voters based on that emotional shock value.

    If you are able, please check out the AI website and check out the threads under Adam’s fan forum, especially “Adam Sing in Your Lower Register.” Please understand that this request is coming from fans who love him, want to see all sides of him, and most importantly want him to win the crown next week. No one is asking Adam to change who he is or to take away his signature high notes. We’re just asking him to do this for the finals – it would be another shock to America! After AI, we’ll all go back to supporting Adam in whatever he chooses to do. These suggestions are only meant for next week and next week only – it’s what we think will help him win the crown.

    Neil (or any of Adam’s friends or family who read this), please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my “Heart of America” viewpoint. I’m an open gal, but I do regularly deal with conservative folk. I know how to get to them, since I have experience dealing with them!

    Best of luck to Adam in the finals and all of his future endeavors! Good luck to you, too, Neil. You have a hard job being the wall to help hold up your brother through all of this. I think you have the toughest job. I wish you the strength to help your brother, your family, and most importantly to find your own happiness!

    Much Love from Ohio,

  72. Dori Coste says:

    Neil, this is the first picture I have seen of Adam and his family all together. You are just as handsome as Adam. I can see it’s in the genes. I have to say Adam is a phenomenal singer, but I guess you already know this. I can’t for the life of me figure out how those high notes come out of his mouth and sound so awesome and controlled. He makes it look so easy, like breathing. Can you do that? He is, by far, the most talented, charismatic and exciting performer to ever grace the stage of American Idol and he definitely deserves to win. I am pulling for him with all my heart. My stomach is in knots each week when it’s time for the results and my husband, who is no where near as passionate about the show as I am, pulls for Adam because he knows it won’t be any fun around our house for days to come if Adam gets eliminated. God forbid! I love all his looks and and songs, but I especially love when he does the slow songs because, to me, that is when his voice becomes so magical. He doesn’t need all those high notes to prove he can sing…..he has a god given talent that no one can match. Please “ask” (because by now I’m sure you can’t “TELL”) him to consider singing a slow song as one of his final songs next week. Since Kris is such a mellow kind of guy, Adam can blow him away without even trying. Each week I wait in anticipation to see what Adam will do and sing next. As always, he delivers each and every time. You and your parents must be so proud of him.

  73. blossom665 says:

    First of All ADAM ROCKS….I have two young sons who are musically gifted and they love Adam and his performances….

    I do wish that these writings of his brother could be written without the profanity…children like to visit this site also.
    The F-bomb isn’t necessary for the point to get across….that is just the opinion of a mother.
    However I am also a writer and believe in freedom of speech and press so keep on writing.


  74. Neil–
    With the blog posts above being my only taste of your “work,” I felt obliged to jump in here and make a comment–something I don’t usually do in venues such as this. Keep going with your writing! It’s obvious to me that you have considerable talent; and, while I’d love to be able to follow that up with “and I represent a reputable publishing company–just sign here for your mega book deal,” unfortunately I can only back up my compliment with sincerity and some life experience.

    Having said that, I do represent a class of people that you most certainly do not want to join: those who have been told that they have writing ability/talent, but who then proceed to do nothing with it. Well, “nothing” isn’t quite accurate…I/we start lots of things, with the best of intentions, but because we’ve chosen the path of a job that puts food on the table (admittedly important) the writing tends to get pushed to the back seat–or, in my case, all the way to the luggage compartment of the SUV behind the kids…you get the point. Family is vital, yes…job is crucial, of course…but find the time and the discipline to let that muse speak through you. So many of us don’t. Your facility with irony and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, your familiarity with the bitter pill and ability to make the rest of us laugh at it before we have to swallow it down as well (“Seasonal Disorder” above? A masterpiece of humor and brevity!)…these would be a shame to miss.

    The blessing-and-the-curse of the AI phenomenon, and how it has thrust your brother into the limelight, is obviously going to impact all of this for you–I know that hasn’t been lost on you. As I would never expect you to take advice from someone such as myself (just as I would hope you’d merely get a good laugh out of many of the comments above), I’ll settle for simply stating what one person hopes for you: that 1) you do manage to leverage some writing out of Adam’s success; but that 2) it has absolutely nothing to do with Adam himself, or your experience of being his brother. At least, if they want the one, make sure they can offer a bit of the other as well. Sorry, that’s crossing the line over into “advice,” but I’ve said my piece.

    Well, I don’t know what form your writing will take, but I look forward to seeing it hit the bookstores!

    Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood dentist-who-was-told-in-college-“Well, if dental school doesn’t work out for you, you can always have a career in writing!”-and-is-turning-fifty-this-year…omg!

  75. OMG!!!

    Neil… how did I never find out I had not one, but two incredibly cool and talented cousins on the west coast I never met? (This is your cousin Sarah, Aunt Jennie’s granddaughter). I feel bad I never got to meet you all until it was Too Late (ie, Idol Happened).

    I can’t sing (except campy karaoke covers of 80’s one-hit wonders) but I write, and I’m psyched to know another writer in the family. Sounds like you share my bitchy sense of humor too. 😉

    Someday over the rainbow when you aren’t bombarded by paparazzi, check out my blog if you want.

    (here’s a sample post called “becoming provincial,” about moving to jersey):

    if that doesn’t work, has my blog on it.

    I’ll definitely subscribe here and come back often. You’re moving to NYC? I’m in Jersey City, and our cousins Andrea and Max are in NYC. Cool, we’re here for you.

    I love your dancing windsock post. I saw the first one of those things at the Quebec Winter Festival in 1998 and was enchanted with its blue flailing glory amid the snowflakes and cheesy French music. Yet disappointed to see the sad wares they usually pimped outside of festivals. They do kind of look like Munch’s Scream guy.

    I think saying the birds were doing anything but “fucking” would be ridiculous. Don’t listen to the Pamela Anderson comment!

    Oh, and by the way, Adam’s gonna win. I don’t need Chloe to tell me that. But, I won’t bore you with any further celebrity slobber. Even though I’ve never met him or you, I feel like you’re family to me (what a coincidence, you are), and I love discovering talent, whether or not it comes along with stampedes of crazed teenagers.

    Sarah (and my daughter Jeni, the aspiring rock star mini-muffin)

  76. You are very funny. One idea I’ll hope you’ll mention to your brother for next week—should he perform a more contemporary tune? Obviously, he can sing anything, but this approach might help him win the title.
    Hope you keep writing.

  77. dferrara says:

    Neil- You rock! obviously you have an amazing sense of humor which combined with your writing skills makes for optimal PLEASURE on the receiving end – kinda like that bird! Please keep writing i need more!

  78. tonto55 says:

    So do people who have posted prior to me believe that Adam’s brother is the one to the right of Adam’s dad? Surely not! Where is your gayradar, for heavens sake!!!

  79. okay, I’m so confused, they say he is gay because of the making out pictures? and you his brother say he is not. really what’s the answer. ugh!

  80. Adam is someone I look up to in music. I write and sing my own music and whenever I get nervous I think, what does he do, well, he just goes for it and stands strong which I really look up to. I hope to train my voice like him reaching high notes like him with vocal training in classical training and more, but he has a pure talent and has really worked up on to it ever since he was young and it’s just so amazing. I wish him the best of luck in his career and will buy his albums for sure and hope to at least meet him someday, if not, I always say high on tv. lol I am happy for him. GO ADAM!
    -Lahre <3

  81. stephanie says:

    OMG I would just like to say you’re hilarious! I love the story about the police officer… just thought I’d leave you a compliment that wasn’t hinging on your brother’s fame and talent.

  82. Hey Family!!! Adam was the real winner!!! i’ll miss seeing all of you giving amazing support to adam all season!! take care, and im confident we’ll be seeing lots more of adam. i would love to see adam unidoled!!! you know, as he is in zodiac show, upright, and, of course, lets not forget his amazing wakeupamericadance in his cool red lycra. YOU make me crazy adam! i’m a lifetimefan…. I LOVE YOU!!!

    • Adam, I am 60 years old as well as my friend and we both thought would win and wanted you to. You had the whole package sweetheart.. You have a huge base of fans. Not to mention my Son went to Mt. Carmel but that has nothing to do with your huge talent. I just love your voice and your showmanship. You are the winner in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!! My friend is devastated. I don’t think she’ll recover. Ha!!!!
      You will be a star. Shine on Adam.I love your kind way of saying “Thank You” and wish every chance to make it. Best wishes Little Elvis! You have it, go with it, win without AI.

  83. Neil, you are to writing what Adam is to music. Both of you are super talented.

    My hubby and I voted for Adam every time- we were disappointed he didn’t win, but you know he just might be BETTER off that now he has a chance to create music his own way, instead of being coerced into singing pre-formulated dreck /whatever the Idol machine demands (case in point: the ear-bleeding droning song Kara wrote for the finale. It did neither Kris nor Adam justice). It’s great that you are a writer (and a good one at that) and that Adam has found his niche as well. If people stick to what they are truly passionate about, they always succeed. You and Adam are wise souls and have already figured that out. 😉

  84. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adam is my idol forver..he has more talent than any other american idol to ever step on to that stage..I LOVE YOU ADAM!!! neil..u have to telladam to kep strong..BECAUSE HE IS THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! america doesnt know whats hit them…adam’s fan for life

  85. good morning Lamberts,

    how proud you must be of your sons! Adam has surpassed American Idol – he’s an American Icon (he always acknowledged the musicians – that’s class).
    Neil has a NYTimes best seller in his not-too-distant-future.
    as Neil said: take it all in

  86. punklove says:

    dear neil
    the second i first saw adam sing i knew he was my role model. im only 13 but i write a lot. and your writing is freakin amazing! i think both you and adam are bith my role models. adam for singing, and you for writing.
    thanks soooo much

  87. hello mr lambert,
    I am verry sorry and feel free not to answer or even delete this question but is your brother Adam gay? I am verry sorry and I am a huge fan and am curious, I do not judge ^^


    The main reason Adam did not win the “title” was because of Danny’s votes/fans. They were encouraged to vote for Kris. The new additional votes were not votes for Kris, but votes against Adam. All the folks that voted for Kris on the final night of competition will not be out there buying his albums. Only his true supporters that have been voting all along will put out the money.

    The looks on the judges faces after the announcement that Kris won, tells it all. Simon is not going to make as much money off of Kris as he would have off of Adam. Like the song or not, Kara is not going to make as much money from Kris singing her song as she would have from Adam. I am confident that Adam’s albums will break past record sales. Let’s face it, Adam fans would buy a CD of him singing the Flintstones song. We’ll need something since we will no longer have our “weekly Adam dose”!!!

    I truly believe that all of us that have followed Adam on this journey will continue to support him and his music. We will continue to follow him as his career blossoms during the Idol tour and explodes once he is cut loose from the Idol machine. The AI crowning would have been nice as a symbol, but it is not necessary for Adam to now become all that he can be. The show gave Adam an opportunity to meet Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry who are 2 of his favorite performers. How cool was that cape??? He met Paula Abdul who was the star of the first concert he attended. I believe she could be his biggest fan now. (Talk about coming full circle!) He sang an original Kara DioGuardi song – in her presence. Bono said it would be U2’s pleasure to have Adam sing One. He got glammed up and sang with Kiss, and he sang with Queen. Doesn’t get much better than that. Who else do you know that has done so many really cool things like that in just a few weeks time???? The show served its purpose. It brought a brilliant artist, a singer, a kind and wonderful human being to our attention and into our lives that we might never have known about. Thank you AI.

    Thank you fellow Glamberts and Adam supports. I enjoyed reading the daily comments of love and support for Adam. I hope we will continue to be together and write as he takes us to the next chapter of his journey. I don’t want to miss a thing!!

    Thank you Mom, Dad, and Neil for sharing Adam with the nation – the WORLD! I’ve read so many things from supporters and followers of the Adam Story from many, many, many countries around the globe. Amazing since he doesn’t even have an album out yet. Heard he surprised you with the Kiss performance Neil. As a family you sure did something right. Such a polite, kind, handsome, talented person. Adam never forgot to thank anyone.

    And finally, thank you Adam for letting us into your life. I think that most of us out there that have followed you and your music and supported you – well, “we get you!” For some of us there was an instant attraction, while you kinda grew on others. I think most of us will be with you for the whole ride. Best of Luck!! Looking forward to your next song choice…Ha Ha!!


  89. “After a lengthy and frankly uncomfortable Field Sobriety Test…”
    Thank you for making me laugh.

  90. I love Adam i knew he wasn’t gay when i say him i am glad he is not affraid to speak him mind and exspress his self he is young.has his life ahead of him and he is than hell. But i feel that Chris needed it more than Adam because he is kinda a poor kida nd Adam has many aportunitys ahead of him and i know that people will fight over Adam because he is good.Great Hot SEXY all of them and Chris is going to be starting a family.I still voted for ADAM LAMBERT the top sexyest man on EARTH…(no joke)


  91. debolisa says:

    please keep writing, I want to know Adam’s feel after this Idol ends, is he OK ?
    please told him that even though he didn’t get the IDOL title (because of the vote were base on religion, sex personality,etc) but I’m sure that he is the “future super star”

  92. Jennifer says:

    This is about the closest I will get to my “AMERICAN IDOL” Adam Lambert until he gets to Broadway (if he wants to go that route) and i will be there front and center.
    Your parents & their friends and your whole family is a very fine supportive family and your brother is fabulous! I enjoyed watching your mom get her Rachel Ray makeover.
    Great family
    and I hope your brother keeps his head about him when all are crazy trying to get at him and his talent.
    God Bless the Lambert family.
    Jennifer/STATEN ISLAND

  93. Hi Neil
    I happen to know Neil Diamond’s brother and they have a very strong bond. Harvey is also very protective of his brother and shows much love when they are with each other. I’m sure growing up it was hard having a famous brother, Harvey never made it big., but is a happy guy with a great family….keep a good attitude and love your family..

  94. SamiieGiirl says:

    Ok…i have one question. is adam [ur brother] gay?? bc i saw some pics of him kissing other guys. im just wondering. no offence to anybody. :] adam should have won!! i luv him!! and neil ur cool to!! :]

  95. SamiieGiirl says:

    i dont want to hurt anybodys feelings. i was just asking.


  96. Neil,

    I love your writing…simply said – but complex. I only hope that I might run into you in a library somewhere, sometime and not know who you are and share a Ray Bradbury moment. And yes…never assume why a cop is stopping you…and because its become obvious above – I love your brother’s talent and I think I would pretty much love him if I knew him, but enough of All that Jazz, you’re mighty interesting, keep writing.


  97. Please read this. It concerns the final voting at AI. Someone posted clear evidence of voter tampering online yesterday, and I re=posted it at the AI site. You will not believe what has happened to my posts regarding this issue. Please just read on.

    I read the post online yesterday giving clear evidence of voter fraud re the American Idol finals through the use of AT&T calling cards bought and distributed by Arkansas students to throw the competition in favor of Kris Allen. I copied the post and re-posted it into at least ten threads at the official AI site.

    Since yesterday….

    The original post has been “mysteriously” removed from the site.

    All my posts have been removed from the AI threads.

    My profile and ability to post at AI has been suspended without explanation.

    Clearly AI has gone through a lot of trouble to keep this under wraps. The truth must come out, however, not just for Adam’s sake but because without a fair uncorrupted voting system, AI is not worth watching.

    Fortunately, I do have a copy of the post.

    Here is the original post:

    “The ONLY reason Kris won is because of the 38 million votes cast by the State of Arkansas. This means that ONE state represented almost 38% of the total votes for BOTH contestants. This number is so screwed. It’s ridiculous when you consider the rest of the country and the 36 million population of California. Arkansas only has 2.8 million people in the entire state!

    The week prior there were 88 million votes cast and Kris beat Danny when it was clear that Danny was favored in the finale. How did Kris Allen pull this off and where did the additional 21 million votes come from the following week? Here’s how it happened…

    First off there were hundreds of pre-paid AT&T cell phones given out by organized Kris Allen supporters with West Coast area codes to vote long after the lines were closed in their time zone. They also were able to text hundreds of times faster than it takes you or I to dial in, and you can ONLY text if you have an AT&T cell phone. It’s actually possible to text your vote approximately 40 times within one minute using one of the new “smart phones” which equals about 2,400 votes within an hour. I tried this experiment myself with a borrowed phone today and could do it myself. Multiply that by the extra 2 hours for the cheating phones and you get over 14,000 votes by one individual provided they keep at it non stop the entire time, and believe me there are plenty of tweenagers and college students who can do this.

    Once the voting officially ended in Arkansas they switched to the phones with the west coast area codes for the remaining 2 hours. AT&T is a sponsor of American Idol. Who do you think made money on all those pre paid phones? I have a AT&T land line and I was able to vote for Adam about 25 times within 4 hours because of constant busy signals. Meanwhile someone in Arkansas had voted over 500 times that amount using power texting. You only need about 1,500 people to accomplish the amount of power text votes Kris received in addition to those around the rest of the country and the state of Arkansas who voted for him by phoning in their vote. If you remove the organizers from the equation and the number is the more realistic 60% – 40% margin that was originally predicted in Adam’s favor.


    I have the original link but it no longer takes you to the original post.

    The post numbered 6178 has been replaced.


  99. Like everyone else…I totally ENJOYED watching Adam Lambert perform with American Idol. What a talent, what a performer but more than that, what a Class Act. I am currently living/working in China as a Business Consultant but was born in Indianapolis, Indiana like Adam. I am more than proud. If you and your family EVER come to China; let me know. I will make sure you get the BEST of China!! I watched you and your family and how you all support Adam and his exceptional talent. I was moved to tears. I have never done this before (writing a comment) but I feel the need to do so now. I would watch each week and plan business appointments around Adam. I am not alone. He is awesome but so are all of you…his family who believed in him and supported him; through thick and thin. I understand. I support. I applaud. Kudos to you all. You have done a GREAT job!!!! Always welcome to visit China and I will help you however I can!!! 🙂

  100. LOL, he’s a fantastic writer!

  101. Neil,
    Lovli to reade yur blog an finde yur writing funny,sharp wit an origianale,an also wishe to espress many bonwishes for yu an l’Lambert famille..As it’s apparente ther’s so muche luv et support an a very close bonde whech is a blessing..having loss parentes to cancer J’misse trop with every day ..So always trasure them!An seeing passe interview with l’famille mom,et dad see where
    Adam get’s his humble et graciousness.
    Well plese passe thes to Adam I av adore evry performance with evry week an was swept away by
    his estraordinaire talente as an innovative,artistique vocaliste who toches deep within one’s hearte..As his voice has emotione,passione an hauntingly beautful making evry chanson even an old one his owne distinctive style..An superbe way to singe many genres from rock,pop,jazz,motown,popera,romantique ballads, moved me in way no othre artiste has..
    Have to say “Tracks of Ma Tears”,”Mad World”, an slower version of “If I cant av You” ..tears flowed
    here!.An even an olde country songe “Ring of Fire’ to be exotique,an Egyptian backgronde I adored
    thes mode.. Adam’s innovative style..Then to his passione for rock is apparente an toched othre artistes as Queen,Kiss,as well as oldre Motown legende Smoky Robinson..Thinq if Elvis was still alive he’d commende Adam also!So many artistes an even toughes judge as Simon hed ovationes..thes is l’making of a true legende as vocaliste,artiste an agree even imagaine can av an acting career given his passe theatre credites in “Wicked” an seen videos of songes from “Andre Lloyd Webbre’s “Superstar”” an Ten Commandment musiqual ..such diverse vocal range..superbe.
    Well Neil thinq yu also av writinge flair an if thes is yur passione then do it!
    Many blessings for all of yur famille ..An special grande hugs et bisous for yur handsome an multitalented brother Adam…Know he’ll be on many stages in concertes,recorde CDs,joine artistes an reman in l’heartes of men,women,chilren….all ages aronde l’world..An so toched ma couer always! Bonregardes for yu.. an J’adore et bisous for Adamxoxoxo


  103. I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I’m sure it won’t be long before the policemen recognise you for yourself lol! I’m so grateful to Adam Lambert for bringing rock back. I’m a die-hard Def Leppard fan and I’ve been longing to hear that sound again for a very long time. I think Adam will put his own fresh spin on whatever he brings and I can’t wait to see/hear what he’ll do next. Having something to look forward to makes life worthwhile! Love to you both from Barbados.

  104. Just Another Glambert says:

    Well I guess being insanely talented runs in the Lambert family. 🙂 Please keep writing, Neil– and more often!! You’re amazing!! You should definetly be a book author or a magazine author!! I can’t wait to read more. Take it all in, Neil! 😀

  105. Neil,

    1. You’re a gifted and amusing writer.

    2. Your brother has the capability of being an American icon like Presley. Not just for his singing ability, which is, of course, amazing, but for his incredible, unflappable decency and kindness. You can see it radiate off him when he responds to questions and, most especially, when he did “Slow Ride” and came out with the requisite rock snarly face, saw little Alison and couldn’t keep from beaming his smile at her.

    3. It’s great that you and Adam had a close friendship growing up (or you seem to have had). Seems like he probably needed that relationship and it helped him develop the inner core of self-confidence he seems to have. I live and work as a physician in the SF Bay Area, so someone being gay is certainly no shock. But too many of my gay patients lacked supportive families.

    4. If you wish to send someone’s thoughts to Adam, it’s that he interprets songs with a rare ability to bring out emotion, particularly love and longing and make people believe in all that again. I hope that he looks for and finds true love in his life and doesn’t squander it on what celebrity can bring. Presley was so immature and your brother seems so much more grounded already.

    Good luck to you in whatever you want to do, also. Hopefully it will be to document what you can as your entry into big time writing.

  106. Peggy Sue says:

    Hi Neil – I didn’t realize Adam had a brother until he mentioned it in his EW interview with Michael Slezak so I just googled you and found this blog. I thought he might be an only child but I’m so glad he has a brother. I loved reading about how Adam annoyed you as a kid by singing to the radio all the time and improvising with the notes in a way that seemed “too much.” Look where that got him now, and I know you appreciate that now. A lot of people can probably relate to that, even if their siblings are not famous. What a wild ride your family has been on. Your parents presented themselves as very real and down to earth and funny in the little tv time they had on Idol. I hope you and your parents will continue to help Adam stay sane through all the instanity of the media and the crazy fans. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  107. Adam says he’d like to be a rock recording artist – but sure would be nice to hear him do
    Phantom of the Opera– HE’D BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Victoria says:

    I saw Neil on Idol and paused the playback because I thought he looked suspiciously familiar.

    Then I realized that I know him. Or knew him.

    About an hour ago, I realized that he’s Adam Lambert’s brother.

    Commence freak-out session.

    I’m still freaking out.

  109. OMG YOUR BROTHER IS SO HOTT (just kidding, well not really he is drop dead sexy but anyway.)

    Your writing is so so funny , I was reading it a three in the morning a couple of weeks ago and in some parts it was so hard not to laugh but I could not because I would wake up the people I live with and they would be mad. I especially liked (A Trip to the Land of Locusts.) Were you or Adam driving and if Adam was the one who said “I don’t know. COULD YOU EVER MANAGE TO INTERACT WITH HUMAN BEINGS ON A BASE LEVEL THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING SHITHEEL?” no offence but you kind did deserve it. I loved the part were you said, Neil. Look, it’s you not me. I’m actually seeing 2,478 other guys right now and don’t call me, I’ll call you. Actually I won’t. Bye.” Maybe you should have put you were Adam Lambert’s brother then maybe that would have helped even though it did not with the cop. Is Adam allergic to animals too? You could sleep on the couch unless Adam is with someone and wants you out of his apartment for the night. Good thing you saved the fifteen dollars can’t be mooching off Adam can you even though he now is a famous and quit soon to be rich rock star (kidding about the mooching thing.) Though seriously how did Adam become Fiyero’s understudy not Fiyero. I watched Wicked on Youtube after I read the books and it was the one Adam was the understudy for, which I did not know at the time but later when I found out I was like what Adam is a million times hotter and a million times a better singer. It is cool Adam and you brainstorm potential songs he could sing. I agree Adam can sing songs better then the original artist. I did not find the I was 13, I had a friend who was 24 thing weird. I loved when you said sometimes the best brothers are brothers that have nothing in common until you spend a weekend with them. I am sad Adam did not win I thought he should have. Um not being creepy but I do not think birds do each other. They lay eggs etc. What do you do for a living any way. Also about Adam sexuality, even you said he is strait I think he is bi especially because Adam said “keep speculating” when someone asked him about his sexuality. It does not matter if he is bi, strait, or gay though (I hope he is bi or strait though so I have at least a 1% chance with him) everyone will still love him well at least I will. Why do you not write anymore you really should your writing is witty and hilarious. You should also write more about your and Adam’s relationship with each other more. By the way how close are Kris and Adam? Anyway to end this super long paragraph I love your writing and I LOVE ADAM.

  110. Hi Neil. I am an 11-year-old fan of Adam. And, before I get into the rest of this comment, I want to say that Adam and you are both DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!! Remember, that came from an 11-year-old! Lol!
    I want to tell you that you and Adam are both AMAZINGLY talented in your own ways. You have the ability to make people feel your inside emotions, and I feel that you guys let out your emotions through singing and writing.
    However, I wasn’t so called “turned-off” by your language, but a little surprised at the cussing. Not that it bothers me, that’s just you in your writing. Lol!
    I LOVED seeing Adam on American Idol, and I’m a little depressed now that I know I won’t be able to watch him perform on that show every week. You and your mom and dad seemed very supportive of Adam during this somewhat rough and weird situation for him. I am also a little sad that I didn’t get to send Adam fan mail. I have the address, but I was so busy with school and Track and homework that I didn’t even have time to breath, lol!
    I guess to sum it up, I LOVE you and Adam. I love your writing and I love Adam’s singing. Your writing is somewhat humorous, lol! Even to someone as young as me…….. haha!
    When and if you read this, and if Adam is near you or free, can you have him read this? This is a comment I left on, and it is about how he has helped me and given me a new life. It was replying back to someone else’s comment. Here is what I wrote:

    Posts: 32
    Apr 30, 2009 – 06:06PM, DomSimonetta wrote:

    I know he has done the same for many other people.


    And I am another one of those people that he has taught that to. Everything you wrote in the first comment, he has also taught me. Every word you wrote in that comment is me, too. I am no longer afraid to be myself, and never will be…………. but only because of Adam. He is one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances. He is an inspiration, a hero. One that is not afraid to be himself. He is one that knows that you do not have to change just because you want friends. Yes, we are all different. If people don’t know that, then they don’t know the world. It takes all different types to make the world go around.

    I truly am Adam Lambert’s #1 Fan. And I will support him forever. He deserves it. He has taught so many people that, if you are yourself, you will have many more chances and successes in life. If he weren’t himself on American Idol…………… he probably wouldn’t be there right now. People keep him on there not only because he is an amazing singer, but because he respects who he is, and he IS who he is, and everyone knows he doesn’t want to change, and never will. He is different, but……. aren’t we all? I love him like he is part of my very own family. I love him to death.

    And, the very first comment on here that you wrote about how Adam has changed you, it was truly inspirational. Like I said, he has done the very same exact thing for me. That comment you made…………. I can’t get it out of my mind. It almost made me cry. So many people are snobs these days, and if they think that you don’t fit in……………. then it’s actually THEM that doesn’t fit in. They exclude people, for who they are. And they don’t see that the group of friends that is excluding just that one person are all different too. They think that that group of friends is all the same, so they exclude people that are different. It has happened to me many times, but Adam has taught me that it is no big deal. He is one of the best people alive, in my opinion. He has taught so many other people, and they follow him and his examples, not “cool” people examples. Adam has taught people that that is wrong. If you know you aren’t that person, then he’s basically saying, don’t be, because you don’t have to. Nor should you try to be exactly like someone else just to fit in with that particular group.

    Adam, you are truly inspirational, and I hope you read this. I have mentioned in many comments that I will soon be sending you fan mail, and if you read this or any of my comments, you will know who I am in my letter.

    I am Adam Lambert’s #1 Fan, forever and ever.

    I love you Adam. I wish you Godspeed. (In other words, the best of luck.)

    Yours truly,


    I hope that you and Adam both read this. I am also your #1 Fan, Neil. Your’s and Adam’s #1 Fan. I truly love you both.

    With love and always yours,

  111. I think there is not one but two brilliant young men in the family and
    your parents I know are very proud of you both. You both are not only talented and smart but are not bad n the eyes either. So go on, go ahead and continue to do what you do best and Adam will do what he dows. You may someday be able to seek out a publicist and write books of some kind if that is of interest to you. You both keep your head on straight feet on the ground and always remember the basics that you have been taught, and you will do fine. You and your brother may need to help implant that within one another from time to time and always be there for each other but that is just what siblings do for one another anyway. You have a wonderful looking family and lucky parents to have such wonerful children as the two of you. God Bless you all and be healthy.

  112. Adam and neil dont even look a like lol.///

  113. Neil you are hilarious! Your writing brings a different but equal joy to people as does Adam’s singing voice and you should be proud of yourself for these adorable life snippets that you so kindly document for all of us lame fans and beyond. Reading these really reminds us all, I think, that you guys are normal people just like everyone else! Thank you- I love reading this, especially the drunk driving part!

  114. Neil – Just came across your blog today….you’re too funny! Wow, please continue writing. So what if you’re riding the coattails of a rising star in the family, who wouldn’t? Ever hear the term ‘First Ladies?’ It’s just an open door for you….use it. If you’re a good writer, you’ll stand on your own over time, and if you’re not, well, it just won’t pay too much. But you’re good! Use the opportunity shamelessly. I’m in the age group of your parents, but recall laughing my a$$ off through the years over Dave Barry’s essays. Your writing style reminds me a little of his with a little Sedaris thrown in. I agree with some of the other posters that you should lose a few of the ‘f**ks.’ Too much of that makes the piece sound desperate for attention rather than cleverly crafted. But of course, I had already finished my education by the time you were born, so maybe those expletives have lost some of their shock value over the years. Blah, blah, blah, anyway, I’ll be looking for more from you. What a multi-talented family!

  115. seeyes22 says:

    It appears you are as talented as your brother Adam. I do hope you start writing. You have a gift with words. I am a Grandmother of two. They are my joy in life. Earned all the bells and whistles to be this age and very proud of it. I think your brother is a wonderful entertainer and has a God given gift. I will be surprised if I don’t see a book by YOU on the shelves one of these days . Mom and Dad must be pretty proud of your two guys. They did a great job of parenting. Good luck and we wish you and Adam all the best. A Fan

  116. sooooooo I’m not one to go for younger guys but …………………….Neil you are a hotttttttie
    and I know you will never ever read this and if you did It isn’t anything people haven’t been saying…..

  117. The only thing that stuck with me was the Fahrenheit 451 quote by Ray Bradbury:

    Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things. – Ray Bradbury

    …definitely something to “think” about 🙂

    And why did poor Neil’s blog turn into an official Adam of American Idol Opinion Page? Oh yeah! Because that’s how we all found this blog! Clever Neil! But strike while the iron’s hot….

  118. Neil – you are a punk and your political rants (on Negative Neil) are immature, naive, under educated, and trite HOWEVER, your writing style and wit and impressive. Keep writing! In my book a Pulitzer trumps “AI” anytime.

  119. AbigailLambert says:

    I loved the fight in The Land of Locusts!! LOL!! Adam’s so funny!!:)

  120. Neil – don’t think, WRITE!!

  121. i love you neil and your website very funny and sincere

  122. Neil – I hope you know I was stealing quote from Ray Bradbury. I also say “JUST WRITE” because you have that rare and easy gift that just grabs me in the few and far between times of encounter. You write like people think – no fluff, no glitzy words, no rehearsed emo’s, just the very funny train of thought that skitters through our heads ALL THE TIME!! And you just wrote it down – and it was GREAT! Do it JUST LIKE THAT – don’t clean it up for Grandma’s or jazz it up for publishers! It is (oops, here comes an Adam reference) just “imperfectly what it should be”. Question – HOW did Leila and Eber get such interesting sons?

  123. mackenzie aka glambert says:

    omg your brother is so hot no i’m just kidding i like doing things like that it pisses people off well some times anyway neil you should diffinetly write more your halarious and i love your website i was reading it in school and started laughing i made a complete idiot out of myself and got like three detentions but whatever that was awhile ago i still luv ya both

  124. Neil, you have the hottest brother on earth!! i love Adam, and you are so cute!

  125. Neil, love your writing. You are amazingly humorous. I actually thought I was a good writer until I read your stuff. Fucking mind-blowing. Keep it up, dude. Talent like that should not be wasted.

  126. OMG NEIL you told this whole story in your life about your brother maybe I could sing with adam one day. I hope you can achive what your brother has achived being a singer on american idol. I hope me and your brother could have a singing competition one day.

    GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. is adam really gay?
    neil is cuter!!!!!!!

  128. They all have perfect teeth and beautiful smiles.



  130. i love adam lambert.
    he is very beautiful and he has a beautiful voice.
    i love the song Whataya Want From,Time for Miracles and For Your Entertainment.
    I love him even if he is gay.

  131. On Mr. Lambert
    Dear Neil Lambert,
    These are two of your twits:
    “Are there attractive hassidic jews? I’m just asking questions over here. Do they exist?”
    2:22 PM Mar 24th via Seesmic
    “I’m celebrating the death of millions of Egyptian babies one day early. It’s never too early to celebrate genocide.”
    3:06 PM Mar 28th via web
    Your Twitter followers, most of them Adam’s fans, think you’re a specially funny, cynical, nasty, sharp & talented writer. Many of them even enjoy being humiliated by you. That’s fine & even fair. They made their choice to follow you.
    BUT when you speak about Judaism exposing a total ignorance on the matter & dare defame Jews with your “hilarious” twits, that’s a different story.
    You know what? you’re not even original. We Jews knew throughout the history of our people, renegade Jews. Those self haters, those pathetic ones that thought they would be accepted by gentiles if only they behaved like them. Those who thought that by going against their own people would clear themselves in the eyes of gentile society and be accepted for that.
    For your information, Passover symbolizes the freedom of our people. Freedom from slavery. The end of the massacred Jewish baby boys by the Egyptian empire.
    Jews NEVER celebrate murder or death. Not even the enemies’ death! That is why we pour wine after each of the ten punishments inflicted on them by God. We remember their defeat, but we never celebrate their suffering.
    Since you showed so little knowledge on Jewish tradition, I can safely assume you have zero knowledge on Jewish history.
    Take this into consideration:
    Nothing helped Jews in Nazi Germany. Not their being modern, educated, talented, secular, famous, intellectual, married with gentiles, assimilated, religion haters, democrats, patriots, nothing! They were Jews all the same in the eyes of the haters.
    Those haters spoke about Jews the way you just did. They also made propaganda cartoons to arouse the gentiles’ hatred against Jews. Hassidic Jews are not attractive you say? Exactly Neil! Jews have big noses, they smell, they steal gentiles’ money…
    Those ‘ugly’ Hassidic Jews were cremated along with ‘handsome’ modern Jews like you.
    You implied Jews celebrate the genocide of millions of Egyptian babies. Exactly as the ‘blood libels’ against Jews in Europe did proclaiming Jews killed gentile children to bake with their blood matzos for Passover. Then massacred Jews in organized pogroms because of that.
    I hope you have some intellectual integrity left, and as a true intellectual, get the facts straight before you express yourself.
    P.S. Talk to me about things you actually know, and shut up about things you don’t.
    Or would you rather me conclude that you are a modern anti-semitic Jew?
    (based on what a very smart blogger wrote once to a certain Mrs. Noonan)

  132. adam lambert has inspierd my sister to play guitar becuase of her singing. now she loves adam lambert and wants to go see him live at much music or take a tour with him, as you can see adam lambert made my sisters dreams come true and now she wont get with the rong kids because now she is just thinking of how to be a star like him.

    thank you adam lambert.
    my name is phoenix and im 11 and my sister sidney is 13 thanks again adam,WE LOVE YOU

  133. talented writer you are. You remind me of my son who is majoring in International Studies at UCI. You sort of have the same style of writing. I am a cougar mom who happens to admire adam’s singing ability . Sometimes, my kids get embarassed but I don’t care coz there’s many cougars like me who share the same admiration for Adam.

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    jonas almost
    adam call me please


  136. I loved reading your thoughts. Very entertaining! I love your brother’s music and he is crazy talented, but I think I may have crush on you! I saw a picture of you, and wow! Great looking and funny! Rare find!


  138. ? Adam Lambert & Neil Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. I remember when you asked people not to read your blog and just ask about your brother. I can not
    understand why they refuse to abide by that one small request. If they want to know about him, why dont they just go to his site and ask him.
    I love your writing style. I read it on the other site, and loved your blog. You have my favorite sense
    of humor. Our whole family is very sarcastic in that way as well. I heard you were one of the road crew
    on his tour, and I looked for you to tell you in person how much I enjoyed your writing. I also read that
    stuff your dad posted about God hating figs. That was hilarious too. I suppose your family is just naturally smart and funny. It must come in the genes. Or the water in San Diego. I hope you get a
    job, where we can see you also from time to time. Some comedian should snap you up. You could
    definitely make a good joke writer, for one that likes satire. I specially liked the one you wrote about the train trip, the Bar at the concert, and now the Japan story…Keep up the great job. A fan…

  140. Ok that was seriously the best blogs I have read in a long time. Your writing is amazing and truly funny, you are an incredible talent.

    Keep on writing Neil, I look forward to reading your latest blogs

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  143. adam lambert and neil lambert good boys i love you

  144. Hey Neil, you are AMAZING!!!! I love you and you give the BEST hugs 🙂 I love you Lambert boys but, no offense Adam, I personally think you are awesomer and give better hugs, you are also HILARIOUS 😛 And yes Neil, I may be a bit of a handful, as you warned Adam before I went up to meet him when he was in Auckland last night *le sigh*, but I DO have a name…oh wait…you already know it…..never mind…. 😀 I just love you and Adam and hope life brings you nothing but good luck 🙂 xx and btw, I think it’s sad that people don’t really recognise you or tell you how loved you really are 🙂 so here it is: I (….I mean WE!) LOVE YOU!!!!! Keep on writing and if you do ever publish a book, I will buy it, read it, love it and ask you to sign it if I ever see you again (which I REALLY hope I do) Ok time to shutup now ily x
    p.s To all you people that have NOT listened to Neil’s one, simple request, I suggest you go get glasses, apologise repeatedly (begging for forgiveness) and to go sit in that dark corner with your head hung in shame and think about what you just did and said/typed *big frowny disappointed face*

  145. I can relate to you Neil you and me are the same I love to write stories and want to travel have adventures. I know what is like fighting with my own brother but in the end we are friends again. I Like your brother’s music and his picture’s. But it would be nice to see more of your pictures online Neil. And it would be cool if you star in an movies I am writting an story about Adam and you Neil both. It’s Haunted house mystery.

    If you want to hear about my story, it almost done I am on the 19 page now. Write to me at my email address at to read my story let me know. 🙂

  146. I like how this guy is real. This guy isn’t superficial, and thinks about things that effect everyone once in a while, except for “birds f@$king.” If Neil Lambert is reading this, keep writing; I’ll actually have something interesting to read.

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  148. Neil,

    I love your brother so much he is so sexayyy ur hot to

  149. Niloofar Asal says:

    Hi I saw these pictures how much adam was ugly but now he is handsome he is my and my friend honey favorite singer
    Luv u adam.

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    I Love U.

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