My Glam Nation Journey From Hammond, Indiana-Finally

Time sure flies on this Glam Nation tour, and yet it has taken me forever to get these pictures posted!! These are MY pictures that I took when we saw the Glam Nation tour in Hammond, Indiana on 06/17/2010!! Yes, it has been a few weeks…Whataya want from me?? Hee hee.

Not too much more to add since you have all seen the videos from that night on Carol’s post, right?? Were they not ridiculously awesome?? He was stellar, gorgeous, and to-die-for… what more is there really??

WAIT, I found someone that was literally right behind us so now you have our vantage point as well!! Thank you pillonk!!!!
Fine, I added them ALL just to re-live it…


VooDoo/DTRHCheck out 3:08ish in DTRH when Tommy waves to us, lol.
video via: pillonk

Ring Of Fire
video via: pillonk

Okay, play along with me here, isn’t he opening his eyes really huge (in our direction) at the exact part of the song that he was singing to Jess and I when he surprised us on Oprah?? Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not! Okay… TOTAL COINCEDENCE…but whatever!! Hahaha in my dreams…
video via: pillonk

video via: pillonk

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video via: indybeck71

Music Again:
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video via: indybeck71

Mad World/WLL
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Well, maybe a little info to go along with the pictures would be good…

As you will be able to see by the angle of my pictures, I was down the stage from Carol and her gang, to her right. The barricades were empty down there as we got in and that put us right in front of Tommy. Seeing as this concert was 21 and over, that meant my daughter Jess could not get in. Being in the front row was not something I wanted to do without her, but I figured that if I could score some great pictures, she would LOVE that. I did my best!
My friend, Jenny, and I were talking to the people around us and we befriended the two people to my right, Marti and Johnny. They were huge Adam fans, which you will see by the look on Johnny’s face when Adam hits the stage!! Priceless!! We had fun talking about who was going to jump onstage first, haha!!
As we were all waiting patiently inside, this lucky guy got to sit down and have a chat with Adam!! He is definitely an Adam fan, and they are just chatting it up… um, hello, can you get a move on, people are waiting for you Adam!!
Adam Lambert Hammond interview:
video via: ElifVabay

Our view of the stage:
Ori’s Guitarist:
We had fun watching Orianthi’s guitarist, right in front of us!! After the set, she smacked hands with us and told us that we ROCKED!! Orianthi’s drummer gave his drum stick to our new friend Marti, and Jenny and Johnny both got picks from Ori!! That was awesome as well.
The show begins, Terrance in front of us:
Our new friend, Johnny, when Adam hits the stage:
The man in purple:
Beautiful long jacket:
Tommy Joe:
Surprise face:
UM, are you looking at me????
HI Adam, remember me?? Sue, from Oprah?….yeah right, lol!
Tongue action:
and again:
A fav of mine:

As I was in the concert, Jess talked her dad into bringing her to the venue to see if she could see the band again after the show. YES, she is her daddy’s little girl, even though she is almost 16!! She is also a very lucky girl, as you can see, because she was able to get her picture taken with Longineu this time! He was too fast for us to catch in Milwaukee, so it was cool for her to meet him again after being on Oprah with him.
Jess and Longineu:

We put Jess to work and had her take a picture of the newfound friends:
Johnny, Marti, Jenny, and ME!

Of course, the highlight was having Tommy come out and talk to Jess again!! As I told him that she “sweet talked” her dad into bringing her, he apologized to her for for not being able to get in to the concert (as if it was HIS fault). As he was telling her how Allison and Taylor couldn’t perform either, he was digging in his pocket to see if he had a guitar pick for her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find one but just the time he spent talking to her alone was priceless. As they talked, she handed him a cute fan letter that she had written just for him, and he asked, “What’s this?”. She explained to him that it was just a thank you for being so nice to her in Milwaukee. He then asked what her twitter name was and sure enough…he thanked her, in a tweet, a few days later!! He also made sure we got another picture of the two of them! Ahhh, to be so young and beautiful!
Great memories that will last a lifetime…
Tommy and Jess:

As we add another chapter in our Adam Lambert scrapbook, keep in mind to ALWAYS think positive because dreams really do come true!!



  1. adamfan says:

    These are beautiful pictures!
    (love Monte on the table! tho not as much as I love Adam’s
    leg on the table haha)

    • lovemyadam says:

      Did I say how distracting that leg was, lol?? He was GORGEOUS!! Mmmmmm, so sweet. Monte was awesome too though!


  2. wait…so the girl jess went back into the place and she got to meet them?

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Kylie, Jess couldn’t get inside because you have to be 21. Her dad, my hubby, brought her there as the show ended. The band walked through the lobby of the casino and walked out into the parking garage where she was able to see them again. It was great fun…


  3. renogirl says:

    Fantastic pictures. You had wildy fantastic location for the show. Wow . video is great too. What memories.
    Two weeks and 3 days til my first Glamnation Tour of the 2 I have tickets for. I remember the Idol tour and yes his voice live is out of this World. I really didn’t think it could be any better live because Adam already sucked me in. But live Adam is just something you need to experience to understand really how incredible he is. I am with Paula Abdul what took people in the industry so long. I watched his pre-idol videos and was so amazed. I just got so wrapped up in his voice and the way he puts everything into his performances. Just Beautiful.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you!!! The memories will last a lifetime! I hope you have a GLAMB-tastic time when you go!! The idol tour was NOTHING compared to this, and even watching the videos don’t do it justice! You are in for the time of your life…


  4. All of these wonderful experiences for Jess and only 16. Of course, Your own are awesome. I am sure you feel very blessed to be a part of this beautiful man’s imersion into stardom. And we thank you also for your dedicated and hard work on our behalf. Your descriptions add color to your postings. I guess we sometimes forget that you have your own full life, and have managed to incorporate Adamland into it and thusly into ours. Again thank you!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Daffyd: Thank you sunshine!! Jess hasn’t even hit 16 and has had more fun in her life than I ever had at that point, haha! I am making up for it now though, and yes we do feel very blessed!
      You are so very welcome, as I have said many times before, I love doing this for you guys!!


  5. Sue, I, too, thank you for your wonderful stories, photos and videos. We were at the Milwaukee concert and I just about died when he laid back on the steps. I loved the mixed crowd and the adoration shown to him from everyone there. Again, thanks for your time. Do you go to all of the concerts?

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Sandy, wasn’t he AMAZING? Where did you sit? We were up above and it was really fun… I had my 15 year old daughter to my right and a 60ish man to my left! You got that right about the mixed crowd, it was awesome…
      Unfortunately, no I don’t go to all of them. I have been very lucky with the one’s that I have gone to because they have been so cheap. Hopefully his prices don’t go up next time around!!
      How about you, any concerts coming up?


  6. Me again. Do you suppose Adam wears those kangaroo pouch underwear? Sure looks like it to me. You lucky girl!

  7. As we add another chapter in our Adam Lambert scrapbook, keep in mind to ALWAYS think positive because dreams really do come true!! – that says it in a nutshell Sue – WOW!!! love your stories, love the pic of jess & tommy and how Jess is getting such amazing opportunities, and YOU my dear reaching out to all of us fellow fans taking time to respond to each of our comments / notes / emails / even Facebook stuff!! woohoo!! too much fun…ever grateful ever blessed!! have an adamazing day!! love, Jill

    • lovemyadam says:

      Well then it is a good thing I love telling my stories!!! Jess has had the time of her life, and it has been even greater because I have been right at her side the whole way! We must have been blessed by the Rock God’s to have had soo many special experiences!
      I LOVE MY FELLOW FANS!!! YOU ARE THE REASON I DO WHAT I DO!!! I am one of you as well, just with a special opportunity to be here on this site! I will talk to you all anytime, anyday. You all know that, RIGHT??
      Jill, we must meet up again… get in touch with me…


      • you got it sista!!! i’ll hook up via email later – k? yes, we MUST meet up again… – i’ve got some awesome photos I still want to share with you and I most definitely want to finally see the Oprah pics….any more word on Rockford tix?! I just sold some stuff on Craig’s list!! I’m thinking if I sell a few more items I can afford those expensive up front seats!!! amazing what we’ll do to get up close to adam!!! actually I’ve never done anything on craig’s list until this week – if there is a will there is a way – ADAM is the MOST POSITIVE motivator – isn’t he?! – LOL!! in all the best ways… love, Jill 🙂

  8. What I want to know is how does everyone get to go to so many of Adam’s concerts? I would think getting tickets would be hard to so many venues.

    Are any of you going to see Adam in Houston? I want to go, but I would like to hook up with some of you who are going.

    Love love the pic of Tommy. He is so sexy, but is that a picture of Linda Blair as the demon tatooed on Tommy’s arm…creepy.

    • hi sally – there is a group of us here in Milw that literally were online OR on the phone the moment the tix went on sale to the concerts we wanted to get to – literally all of them sold out in a matter of minutes, AND for the milwaukee show we were the first in line at 6 am the theatre the day the tix went on sale & only paid $30 a tix for 1st and 3rd row seats. unfortunately there are scalpers out there, so now if you want tix, you pretty much have to pay for them, or keep your eye out on sites like this one for extras that some of us might have cuz we got “too many” or “upgraded” to better seats by paying big $. BELIEVE ME HE IS WORTH EVERY DIME to see – i don’t know anything about Houston, but hopefully someone will connect with you – i’m here in WI so not much help. Good luck girl – your life will be forever changed – make it happen…get to a concert and even if you have to go alone, you’ll be among “family” with all the amazing fans you’ll meet! go for it!!! btw – nothing about tommy is creepy – he’s the sweetest guy you’d ever want to meet!!!

  9. JohnnyStar says:

    OMG thats me!!!!! Lol Loved the pics!!! So happy we met you and Jenny in the FRONT ROW!!! And we had a BLAST afterwards playing stalker with you girls!!!! LMAO!! Kisses!!

    • Marti Skaggs says:

      I had an absolute blast!….Want to do it again!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hahaha, aww Marti, we would do it again in a heartbeat!!
      I think we ALL had a blast, thanks for the great night!!


  10. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    pictures and video are wonderful!! it makes me crazy to wait until august to see him live again,but i know it is a blessing to have tickets for 2 more shows and i was lucky enough to be at his first 2 shows.i’ve converted my husband to an adam lover! he is happily touring with me this summer – and he is totally ok with me loving adam his standard joke is if Adam didn’t like boys you would have left me by now to tour with him.LOL
    sue thank you for your dedication to us all i look forward to your email everyday.your always appreciated!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      HEY PAULA!!
      It drives me crazy waiting too!! My husband supports everything about Adam too, obviously! We picked the good ones, lol.

      You are so welcome, I am glad you enjoy it…