My Excellent Adventure: Part 4 – Par-Dee in Grand Rapids!




Nadia & Vera

Nadia & Vera

Cheryl, Mary C. & Terry

Cheryl, Mary C. & Terry



Terry, Josie, Mary C., Jeanette & Flat Mary D.

Terry, Josie, Mary C., Jeanette & Flat Mary D.













Our hours of travel were long, but Terry (Mother Theresa), Cheryl (Naughty Girl Norman), and I soared to Grand Rapids, Michigan on Adam, adrenaline, and anticipation. We converged on Brann’s Restaurant on Sunday afternoon along with Glambs from all over North America. There was Judy (jaberone) from Michigan, Sandy (iluvadam4ever) from Ohio, my sister-in-law Merri from Michigan, Vera (gala) and Nadia (Veronica) from Canada, and Jennifer from Canada, among many family members and friends who accompanied them. Meeting these “old friends” in person was like a family reunion, with hugs, laughter, and lots of wonderful getting to know each other.

I took some time out of the party to hurry down to the Van Andel Arena with my “Personal Assistant” Cheryl (hey, everyone has to have “people”) to see Barnaby, who interviewed me on Friday on the “Barnaby & Friends” morning radio show on WLHT 95.7 in Grand Rapids. Barnaby told us that he’d just interviewed Adam, and that he’d told Adam about his interview with “Jeanette from Glambs.” Barnaby told Adam that I’d mentioned as a piece of “Adam Trivia” that he’d performed for a year on a cruise ship, and that just days before 9-11 Adam had had his photo taken on the ship with the Twin Towers in the background. Barnaby said that when Adam heard that, Adam slapped the table and said he was impressed and that I’d done my homework.

Well, needless to say, I about swooned. Adam had heard my name!!! Barnaby said he wasn’t able to give us back stage passes since he had no involvement in that, but I didn’t care. My day was made. We soared back to Brann’s to share the news that if Adam didn’t know about us Glambs before, hopefully he knew us now!

At the Arena we met up with the Famous Mary C. and her sister Sue for hugs and photos before finding our seats. I was in Section 109, close to the stage but off to the side. Not as good as the front row, so my photos aren’t as close-up this time, but there’s always a money shot in the bunch (check out the 6th Adam photo down!!!). The crowd was definitely a Matty G crowd, as I expected, but Adam’s fans showed enough love and support with their screams to let everyone know that Adam was the star *we* came for. The sound system was horrid, but Adam overcame and treated us again to “Woman” and “Back-Door Man.” I’m happy to say that my sister-in-law is now an official Adam convert!

We skipped out early again after Adam’s set, and at the barricades Mary C. called to me. I knew I would stand next to her, in whichever spot she chose, because no one is luckier than her in meeting Adam. Glambs lined up next to us, and as always, we agonized over whether we’d picked the best spot on the barricades and whether Adam would even come out at all. I was very optimistic, first because I felt Adam would do a brief or no-show backstage meet and greet to give Matt the spotlight (this is what Adam did in Milwaukee with Danny), second because of the upcoming off day (no need to “rest his voice”), and lastly, because I was with Mary C.

And our hopes were realized! Adam came out first, looking all calm and sparkly in his heavy eye-makeup under the near-full moon. People were going mad all around him, but Adam’s serene and composed demeanor never wavered. I almost got squeezed from the barricade as he approached, but Mary C. handed Adam a Glambs card, and I finally worked up the nerve to talk. I told Adam that I was the one who’d been interviewed by the radio station, and that my name was Jeanette. He looked right into my eyes and replied, “oh, yeah!” I softly squeezed his hand, he signed my Rolling Stones photo, and as he moved on, I took a few more photos before it hit what had just happened. I backed away from the barricade to give someone else my spot (I was done for the night – what more could I want?), so addled that I left my bag with my camera and photos hanging on the fence. Someone called “is this your bag?” and I was able to retrieve my treasures. All the Glambs were lucky, each getting an autograph (Judy got 3 doing the famous Mary D. trick of continually moving down the line in front of Adam!) and a touch and a chance to speak to Adam. I hope all the Glambs who were at the Grand Rapids concert will comment below with their own experiences and adventures.

My concerts are done – I can now join the many of you already in concert withdrawal. But when I return at the end of the tour, I hope to host a cyber (and an in-person) Tour Wrap-Up Party. Then there will be a CD Release Party, and next year an Adam Tour Kick-Off Party…well, you get the idea. Seriously, there really is no letdown with Adam, for there is always a party on the horizon.

Check out the most unbelievable Mad World video on the GR TOUR VIBE article here.

See you all in a couple weeks!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5

PS – Terry, Cheryl, Jane, Mary C. and ALL you guys – I had a blast and I love you all!!! Thanks for making it a special, special day that I will never forget!


  1. Jeanette,
    So happy for you! Thanks for sharing with us, you always make it sound like we are there with you. Enjoy your time away and revel in your Adam glory.

    Glamb #411

  2. Goatiegarden says:

    Sandra here. I’m thrilled that you had such a great Glamb community gathering, concert, and the good fortune and presence of mind to talk with Adam!! I had a blast at home watching mj’s live blog and listening to the cell cast. Watching the youtube videos today, looks like Adam was loving the energy of the GR crowd, which of course included all of you Glambs! Beautiful photos of you all and him!
    Have a wonderful vacation, Jeanette!

    I’m hoping a group of us Glambs will gather at the Manchester show like you all did in GR! I’ll be there!

    • Hey Sandra! Did Mary D. tell you she called me at 1:30am after the concert because she couldn’t wait to hear how the day went? It was so great to be able to tell her about my Adam moment. I hope the two of you have a similar encounter in Manchester. I can’t wait to hear about it when I come back!!!

    • Sandra, Hope you have a party animal group get together. Have a great time and Rock on w/Adam!

  3. WOW!! I have been waiting all day to read of your adventures in ADAMland, Jeannette! What a WONDERFUL experience for all of you Glambs. I screamed out loud when you got to the part about Adam hearing your name!!!! Unbelievable!!!! (But so worthy!!) I am living vicariously through you all.

    I was glad that I was able to get you on the phone at Brann`s restaurant and give you all a shout out before you headed off to the show. What a great treat to meet each other at last. I look forward to joining you all on Adam`s solo tour! Great pictures!!!!!

    Hugs to you all!

    Glamb #20

    • Jane, thanks for calling in – it was great being able to talk to you!

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs gals on l’special concerte of AITour!!Jeanette am totale elated for yu to av finalmente day to trasur always of Adam meetin yur eyes an speaking to him..aah I’d be so swept away thet possible wolde simply gaze into his esquisite azure bleu eyes!.Sure he’ll apreciate yur devotione to making thes tributepage diffarante with fans from evry parte of l’monde an USA! An thet splendide radio interview knowing details into his worque credites on cruiseline as entertaineur!Aw an sure yu were in shock aftre realize thet Adam finale had chat with yu!!Am soo overjoie for yu Jeanette..An merci for posting al le glambs gals photos too..luv signe so creative mentiones of Elvis,Adam an Michel all in one..toching!Aw an know yu truly deserve repose too apres monthes day an nite writing articles,posting photos/videos always keeping all glambs in know of Adam’s lateste AI eventes,interviews,tweets,linqs..etc,etc!
        Many hugs an feel blesse to av founde thes site so many monthe ago..all by accidente from early on when dreamsounde hed just few articles an his thenks agan to him too!
        benedictions,bless yu all glambs gals/n fellows..An always l’angel d’musique in ma life..J’etaime Lisettexoxo

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Hi Lisette,
          I’ve answered your welcoming post at the Madison tour Vibe.
          Blessings to you,

          • Silvana…grazie belamica very sweet..plasur to know yu’re parte of l’glambs famiglia here!Hope one day yu too see his I av been unable an feel petit sad as AItour is ending.So always visite here whenevre bleu,au illness semes much,reading lovli posts of all glambs gals special memoires of seeing l’angelo Adam onstage appearing like a romanesque figure,with a voce d’angeli..bello l’occhi aquamarina!Pardon ne sa spagnol,ma seulo Italiano,lei capisce questa lingua?If not just chat in best englais I know..baci sua amica Lisette!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              thank you for your comments. Italian is my first language, being my parents from Northern Italy (Friuli-Udine). But I assisted an English school, so I’m more comfortable writting in English than italian (even if I’m out of practice, and make grammar mistakes). Also studied some French, can understand bette than i write it.
              I’ve read that you suffer from health problems, I’m really sorry. Hope you feel better, and that it won’t prevent you from being always presetn at this site. For all of us that can’t see Adam at a concert, this site it’s been a blessing.
              Well, I’ll say bye for now, sending you my love,

  4. Way to go, Jeanette! You are definitely our official Glambs PR person now!


  5. Atomic_Betty says:

    Oh wow, Jeanette!! Such an amazing experience!! That’s awesome that the guy from Barnaby’s told Adam about you and he was impressed!! Way to go!!! I felt like I was right there with you sharing in the amazing experience. It also takes me back to the concerts I’ve been to, waiting at the barricades and the rush you get when Adam is right in front of you. I was literally shaking when he passed by me at one of the meet and greets after wards. Such a phenomenal experience. My face is beaming with joy for you. It’s so great that we can all share in this experience together. By the way, is that a real tattoo on Jennifer? SO COOL either way, and speaking of tattoo’s, this may be OLD news(my apologies if so), but I saw a vid on You Tube awhile back of this girl getting Adam’s named tattooed on her even BEFORE the finally. He has definitely made his MARK on us. LOL I think you guys would get a kick out of it!

  6. Jeanette, That’s so awesome! I’m so unbelievably happy for you, lucky girl! One of the best Adam experiences I’ve heard in quite awhile. I think it’s fantastic that you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve for all your hard work, and from Adam himself! 😀
    The first picture up there…I was confused for a moment. I thought to myself, “Did Adam color one leg of his pants pink?” then I realized it was an undergarment that had been thrown onstage…for a minute there I was bewildered. I laughed out loud, I truly believed Adam had done that. Photos can be misleading in some cases, I guess. 😀

  7. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Jeanette and all the Glambs girls,
    I’m so happy for all of you having such a wonderful concert and then meeting Adam.

    I can’t wait to hear from Cheryl…her first concert…and Adam encounter…..Have you braought back any treasure??????????????????


    • Cheryl…where are you ? I SUPPOSE YOU’RE ON EXTASE, but I can’t wait to hear all about the concert from you too!

      Jeanette, thank you so much for everything you are doing for all of us GLAMBS – YOU ARE THE BEST.


  8. I loved your pictures!! The blonde girl in the Adam Tee, shorts and with the handbag (sorry I could not figure out your names) was adorable. Was she the individual who was interviewed re Adam and the cruise ship? Glad you had a great time……………I am sure you contributed to Adam’s evening as well…………….

    • The blonde is Sandy who came to the restaurant with her wonderful supportive hubby and two great sons, one of whom is an Adam fan. She had the most excellent homemade shirt ad shorts and even a handbag! Adam is helping budding entrepreneurs all over America! Way to help the recession!

  9. Thank you so much Jeanette! What a gathering you all had! The pictures are really AMAZING, it was an EPIC night for you all! It’s so much fun to read everyone’s experience, and share each others joy! 🙂

  10. Silvana/Argentina says:


    after seeing your picture I can see that your aka (Naughty Girl Norman) is well deserved.

    Today I was telling Ingrid that each time I saw Mwah! written someplace it reminded me of you and missed you (remember you asking around what it meant?). I just finished playing the videos of Grand Rapids and……ADAM BEFORE SLOW RIDE SENT A BIG MWAH. I was so thrilled…as if it were just for you.

    At Grand Rapids he was especially HOT and playful, and smiling. He was AWESOME.

    As I asked you in the previous post: Have you brought back any treasure??????????????

    Love and peace,

    • AdamAddict says:

      Cheryl picture??You mean the one with Mary C and Terry? Is that her? Where the hell is that peacock feather,I don’t see it?? Hmm, where?? Don’t tell me it’s…where???!!Is it like black spiky hair on her left…that peacock feather?? Turn around for god sake, I can’t see!! Is that Cheryl Norman? I mean there’s another Cheryl here but I dunno if that Cheryl joined them! Cheryl Norman,is that you??

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Emili……Emili, do you ever stop?????????
        I just imagine is Cheryl Norman, and yes I thin it’s the peacock feather that spiky thing on her left. As you can read, Lorrin also thinks is Cheryl.


        • Silvana, I think Cheryl may have stopped off to see her family on her way back home. We sure miss her but I am sure she will be back with a bang. I love the first pic with her standing (all five foot and a bit) next to Jeanette. She is just as I pictured her. She looks too reserved on the other pic. I wonder whom she was trying to fool!!!!! I, too, miss ma cherie and MadBert.

          • Hey girls, That is Cheryl to my right (3 of us), you can see on the left side of her head, the
            feather sticking out. Oh yea , she was ready. I dont want to steal her thunder so I will
            let her tell you about her great time!!!!!!!!!!!
            She is staying in GR for a time, her aunt is very ill. Keep her in your prayers.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            well, if she is visiting family I’ll be patiently waiting for her.

            You are right, maybe she looks reserved, but i think her eyes are sparkling… with a naughty look.
            I’m sure she will come back with a bang.


            • When Cheryl mention peacock feather, I imagine it’s like a huge costume hat with feather…SSSS !! When she said it’s not that big and won’t block people behind her, I still I thought it’s quite big ,enough for Adam to notice her. So it was like super small tiny mini feather?? Cheryl, come on!! How can Adam see that tiny mini feather?There’s no point! If I know it’s gonna be that tiny mini, I’ll ask you bring the whole peacock in that concert!!

              • Ha ha ha, you are SUPERB, AdamAddict! I can just see you trying to smuggle a live peacock onto the concert floor, and then try to wear it while it was waving around on your head, Adam could not miss it! You might even get your picture taken for the local rag with the fabulous bird while they were loading you into the paddy wagon for the trip downtown!

          • Lisette here,bonmatin Ingrid, Emili,Silvana see Cheryl an imagaine her more conservative,non so.. tresbelle.Agree I dont see peacock feathre hat but her manicure glambs nails an jewels as many gals had!Aw am going to read post..sorry late as av famille from poste in midnuit agan to catch up..especiale with cher Cheryl..Merci Lorrin for lovli notes too! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo.

      • cheryl norman says:

        ADAMADDICT !!! listen-up!! Yes, that is ME> I am the short one with the dark short hair and the dress that is 2 sizes too big!!!!! It was too big when I bought it,l thought I could shrink it, tried, it didn’t shrink then I lost a few lbs, and personally, I hated it cuz it kind o grew on me as I sweated off and on all day!!!! No kidding!!!There are going to be more pics coming. I do have some, just need help getting them to Jeanette. ONG Was Jeanette ever funny!!! Gos, you’d thought she justs got ‘laid’ with that shit eating smile plastered across her face for over 24 hrs!! Hahaha!!!

        • Cheryl, dear, what a pleasure !

          You were so beautiful to meet ADAM…No, it’s not true you are a very beautiful woman.
          And I am, obviously wanting to know about the concert from your mouth.
          Ok, you can start to talk, tell us all the exiciting moments with ADAM. We have been waiting for a long time.


          • Lisette here, aw Evelize I av mentione above thet finde harde to beliv,apres monthe of readin Cheryl’s humourous posts nevre picture her as belle an jeune looking!Remindes me acousine Joanna in her 50s an has lovli complexion..youthful..So what’s l’secret?! Im in desert an in thirties thinq I support bath nbodywork lotions,bareminerals an any regenerise vitamin creme!..Ah do place more photos here luv to see.P.s. thinq I see petit hat ther with feathre..cute Cheryl.Hope we meet in future with othre glambs now for Adam’s future solotour..(don forget earlier threades where so many of us wishe can be..Thinq positive an beliv it shall be possible!Luv always Lisette!!xoxo

            • Lizette, my dear friend,

              It’s very true that Cheryl is a beautiful woman indeed and not only outside but mainly inside.
              Only a beautiful soul can love so much like she loves ADAM, ISN’T IT?


      • cheryl norman says:

        ADAMADDICT, Hey little one!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IS THAT ME?????? I do take terrible pics!!! Really! I look like I’m wearing a black potato sak and my hair is not right!!! But, I’d been running around for 2 days, and did not have a good chance to tease my hair as well as I usually do and had no spray on it. All a bummer.

        • Cheryl, me too, I sweated so much for three days, not used to the humidity of the east.. hair went flat and frizzy, oh well… Adam doesnt care…. and you looked great the whole time!

          • cheryl norman says:

            THERESA, Good to know you made it home. See you’ve got your computer!! Bet you are exhausted
            as can be!!! I still am weary from all the excitement and ‘exercise’!

            Theresa, thank you for the compliment, but I just hope someone has a better pic of me!! You took all
            good pics as did Jeanette. Gala looked great, too, as does Mary C!!!!!

      • I kept telling Cheryl to turn so we could see the peacock feather.. I must upload my pics but first need the software put in. I just got back to Vancouver a few hours ago.

      • cheryl norman says:



        PLEASE, YOU AL, TELL ME!!!!

        PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-JOY 2 ADAM and all Glambs!

    • cheryl norman says:

      SYLLVANA – W H A T ??????????? I thought I looked pretty harmless and innocent!!!! Hahaha!!!!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:


        SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Love you,


          • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs,Cheryl,Ingrid too! J’espere yu know I am overjoie for yu reading apres Lorrin mentiones of yur special connectione with beauhearte Adam..Thinq i’d av been totale swept away by his crystalbleu eyes an seeing him soo close..ah,la,la yu must av felt bit of l’ciel de terre..heaven,yes?!!Argh sholde be sleping but finde difficile as if I were ther with yu..if only (lovli reves always for I can do for now!) Hugs an luv to all an Cheryl ma cheramie!..Lisette slepless in l’desert!xoxo

            • Hi Lisette, yes our Cheryl had the time of her life! I am sure that she is exhausted after the concert and visiting her family but she’ll back soon! Can’t wait to see what she’ll get up to next! Love and mwah

              • Lisette here..bonjour Ingrid,am on here at diffarante teme as companie giving me some wel neede repose (brothre an his frends to comedie show an dinnre..yeah!!!)So inlieu of napping..who am I thinqin of…l’glambs gals an of course nous angel..Adam .Thinq I av non been same since thet auditione of American so very difficile to stay away.As Lorrin mentiones yes is therapie an holistic cure for what ailes in the immune for all glambs. Helps avoid eatingsweetes .othre addiction..chocolat,vanille glace et framboise(berries)! A few visite here has no calories to’hips,an just may wear thet swimsuit now to neibors pool(least a swim al le noir)!Take care Ingrid,Cheryl,Lorrin,Theresa,Jeanette,Silvana,Maryc/d,Toni,Jane, more!
                luv always Lisettexoxo!

    • cheryl norman says:

      SILVANA, This one’s for YOU!!! Mwahhhhhh…..!!!!!!! Yeah, he seemed more relaxed than anything I’ve seen in vids elsewhere! When he came out on stage originally, he seemed to take forever before he began his song. The crewd was deafening for sure!!!!! Amazing. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!

      • I found Adam very calm, self-contained yet totally attuned to each of us as he passed by. He is a class act, and sooo very handsome!

        • Terry, so well put. That calmness can be chalked right up there with his Eyes. Fantastic.
          Did you notice how he was fully tuned into the Glambs business card. He really looked at
          it and read it. He is a class act. Oh Adam.
          Cant wait to see your pictures too!

  11. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, sighing, laughing, crying, and hanging on every word as I read the wonderful words of your night with Adam and the ‘Grand Rapids Gang’. I’m so happy for all of you I can hardly stand it! All of you gals look almost exactly as I had envisioned you, Cheryl, you are so sparkly I can hardly take you all in but you are just as I imagined, Famous Mary C. and Terry, you look so good in all your ‘Adam’ finery, Jennifer, that is one ‘cool’ tatoo…and all you other gals are beautiful! The SIGN (who came up with THAT one?) of ‘Adam as the next King of Rock and Roll’ is superb, did he get a chance to see that? You know, I was thinking about all of you Glambs all day off and on yesterday and the day before, and I would say, ‘Well, now they’re in Grand Rapids, now they’re probably all at the restaurant, now they’re all at the concert and in the middle of it, NOW Adam is on stage and dreams are coming true, now they’re all probably up and partying half the night and talking about Adam’…you know, I saw the ‘almost’ full moon, too, and I had to smile all these thousands of miles away, because I thought how very perfect it was for the moon to be out on a night when the Glambs and Adam Lambert finally meet. (And I’ll just let you know, girls, that I was hoping and praying throughout the day that you WOULD get to see and speak to Adam, and I am SO glad you did.) Mother Terry emailed me also, and sent me a quick ‘hello’, to let me know you were all having a terrific time, and that you had briefly met Adam, and I was just thrilled. I am just so, SO happy for all of you! And Jeanette, I was practically biting brass nails to hear you describe the radio interviewer’s remarks, what he said to Adam about you, and then you finally being able to speak to Adam and tell him who you were, it’s just beyond too much! Jeanette, you’re probably going to be famous, in fact you probably already ARE famous! We are ALL going to be famous, we GLAMBS, because of our love and our perserverance, which was so manifestly evident at this concert when you women all made such a supreme effort to be together….what a great group! I must say also, that the pictures above are excellent, of the Glambs and of Adam, a number of them are the best shots I’ve seen yet of Adam up close…and say, whose little hand is that I see on Adam’s shoulder on #14 down? One of Adam’s little ‘touchy-feely fans’, a Glamb perhaps, I hope? Up until this point, I had been anxiously waiting for your full report on the concert, and I am so thrilled to finally read the news about all that happened. I think I can see why Famous Mary C. has all that ‘Adam Karma’, – she has that extra bit of ‘magnetism’ herself, – I’m sure Adam couldn’t help but gravitate toward you Glambs. Thank you so much, all you great gals for making the legendary trip to the ‘mecca’ of Grand Rapids, and to you, Jeanette, for your wonderful reporting….now I wait with great anticipation to hear the rest of the famous Grand Rapids Gang review of the ‘first’ greatest night of all time in Glamb’s history!

    • Hey, Lorrin, I saw the hand on Adam’s shoulder, too. I think it’s Terry from the nail polish, but you’d have to confirm that with her!

      • Jeanette, That is my hand on Adams shoulder. I was just getting ready to thank you for capturing
        that!!! Sweet, my blue nailpolish with the little stud!!!
        I will write my post later, what a wonderful time we had, what a way to end the ride of the concerts!
        I couldnt help myself from touching him, his own sweet self. At that moment was when I told him how
        Beautiful he is!!!!! OMG
        Lorrin, I love how you said Adam Karma, he is my Karma! Love him and all of you!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Mary C.,

          GREAT ADAM KARMA INDEED. It had to be YOU touching his shoulder….amazing. You’ve been so lucky since meeting him in LA.

          I can’t wait to read about your exprience at Grand Rapids.


        • Mary C, you touched him … where… shhhhhhhhhhhhh, I won’t tell! I am looking forward to your concert post. I love the pics – what a glamberous group!

          • Sorry, I see your hand was on Adam’s shoulder. Well, I would have let it slip south!

            • Ha Ingrid, I would have too, but to many people watching!!!!!

              • Lisette here..Mary lovli to touche Adam ah lovli amie thet’s something yu’ll trasure for lifeteme..alrite al yu naughty gals am smiling..Id prefer to steal a bisous..if yu know what thet means..tune in I’ll translate wee heures an crazy I am over here too longe..Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo!

                • Lisette, OK, now steal a bisous??? I’m afraid to ask???
                  Oh yea, he is so lovely to touch.

                  • a kiss, she means

                  • Lisette here..bonjour all for petit minute..alrite now thinq I’ve causing confusion as to what l’bisous translates to is non l’definition yu’re thinqin blushing abit..It’ simply meaning kisses…an beliv me if was anothre errogenous zone..wel thet woulde av to be a delicieux reve au encounter with monsieur AL.. qui sont quest mystere l’homme..ops .Alrite monbeau l’rendevous was suppose to be nous secret.!! Mary see what yu av commence! An thinq is due to brothre stressing me out..besoinescape o thes lovli place…so for afternoon rendevous am here. Away from visitors who have given me a reprive intown…yes thenkful now!! hugs an luv all !Lisettexoxo

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LISETTE, yOU KNOW i DO NOT KNOW WHAT A ‘bisous’???? Thank you, Lisette for all
                  your cute little gentle ways!!! There is another post from you below, and I’ve got to ask
                  you another question, so scroll downward and give me the answer, okay? I’m still kind of
                  in a ‘trance-like’ state, so forgive me if I’m not up to par for now!!! Luv to you, cheryl

                  • Lisette here..mama amia now here I go agan..Cheryl so glad yu’re back an missed seeing yu here!An happy yu enjoie thet special soir with glambs an meeting Adam a memoire to trasure for lifetime yes?!..Now far as bisous(I esplan above to Mary)..alrite anow so let me say is non what one may thinqing (blushes now)..simply means kisse..can be for frends..but in case of Adam thet’s is m’reve..As he so far as nevre done..Recalling Elvis doing infinite temes in his concertes av seen from Vegas (international) Aloha Hawaii,etc. Now if Adam ever entertaine to commence le bisous!..need bodyguarde for sure.An being a diffarante worlde then when Elvis was ontour.With fears of(swine flu,etc),plus othre Idols are feeling cold virus,etc..Adam woulde be risking as well his health,,serious note.Tis just a dreme here..An sureli Adam knows l’effect he has on gals of all ages ..pardon an include some fellows thet visite here..Adam says he adores when people feel excited sensually it’s an art when he’s onstage.An what makes him soo attractive not only his voix,beauface but his vulnerabilitie,humilitie,grace undre fire,even kinde to his worse adversaries..this is what makes Adam unique an adored by all us glambs an people arounde l’monde!
                    Soo all from inquiring of bisous Cheryl sorry to go difficile non to where Adam is concerne! luv an bisous..ah an a grande bisous for l’angel of musique mmmmmwoi!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:


            Too late ……I’ve already told AdamAddict……The word will be out in a moment…

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID, MY SWEET DEAR FINGRID!!!!! I touched him, too!!!! o, I ‘molested’ his hand!!!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              ARE YOU KIDDING????????????????????

            • Oh, Cheryl…I wanna die. So lucky you are.


              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID EVELIZE SYLVANA , His hands were the softest possible. They were soooo smoothe
                The whole time I was carressing his hands, he did NOT try to pull away at all! Not at any time
                until I loosened my ‘grip’ on his left hand to allow him to sign some things for others, but his
                right hand stayed in my hands. He did not even try to get me to let his hand go!!! How
                unbelievable is that????? I did not see ANYTHING ELSE while he was in front of me. Nothing!
                When Jeanette and Mary gave him the Glamb card they were saying that we all were ‘Glambs’
                as he looked at each of us, and me again in the eyes, the others too, I’m sure, and nodded his
                head like ‘yes, I understand’! At that point we were a ‘Groupie” of Adam’s!!! And he did NOT
                hurry himself at that time either! Such a manly-man, loving-man!

                • Cheryl, you are unbeliable! You let go of his left hand to sign some things and you still grabbing and squeezing his right hand! He’s right handed,for god sake! You never intend to let him sign anything to others, you are obviously want to keep him for yourself! And he really never tried to pull his hand? Really,no kidding? He’s so sweet to elderly,isn’t he? hahaha!! I bet he will slap me on my pretty face and push me on the floor if I keep molesting his hand! Although I don’t mind, because I like it rough! (BTW,have you seen the vid?It’s post in old thread,check that out,HOT!!) So, you should be grateful Adam is a wonderful young handsome man,he just can’t help himself to respect elderly! Poor me,I’m still young and gorgeous, If I do that to him, he will have me arrested for sexual harassment! Awww, i guess I have to deal with myself being beautifuuuul!! LOL!! Ok, I’m running away, I know I’m not getting away from this!! RUUUUUNN FOR YOUR LIFE,MILI,RUUUUN!! You can’t catch me, because I’m young and strong…forget about strong, I think you’ll catch in a second!! But don’t hit the face! 😛

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    EMILI DEAR GOD HELP THIS LITTLE ONE!!!! I’ve tried and cannot!! Emili, I’m now
                    drowning my sorrows with zanax. Every 5 hrs, I take another one. My cousins have
                    decided to drag me into their dispute with each other. I’ve temporarily disowned all
                    of them. I have never been as hurt as I am right now b/c of the things they’ve done to
                    me to hurt someone else.

                    But, your flattery will get you everywhere, dear! When everyone kept wondering where
                    I was in the pics, I started thinking, WTF!!!??? WHY doesn’t anyone recoginze me?
                    I said I was nearly 5’2”, big busted, short dark hair, WHO else fits that description, and
                    that I am 61, on 16???!!!! So, thank you for clearing it all up so well! It’s as clear as
                    fog now!

                    Yes, Adam stood there. I was not squeezing his hand, merely molesting it, very getnly
                    my little glam sister, gently rubbing his fingers in between, and all over, his palm and
                    up his arm just a tad. He was naturally in heaven, as he did not even try to pull his hand
                    away. After all, I did let go of the left hand, what more could he want? He got himself a
                    nice sensual hand massage. He got what he came for. I was still not done, but, let him
                    go, anyway. Isn’t it usually the man who finishes first?? See?! I’m very in tune, as
                    LORRIN said. I let him go to have a smoke, of maryjane, that is, and I would have joine
                    him, if he’d asked!

            • CHERYL, Oooooooooooooh, I am so glad that you have’nt missed your touch! Now ma cherie, give me all the naughty details … one word at a time … and don’t forget to breathe in between! Love ya soooooo much, mwah! SO VERY GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK! MWAH

            • Lisette here..ah Cheryl belamie..reade above poste left!Anow am truly overjoie for yu..imagaine yu’ll non wishe to wash thet hand for while yes?!An I’d be over l’lune et etoile for sure.Just to see Adam thet close up an those deux crystal orbes perfete outline with twinkles of glitter,sweet smile an romanesque physique..alrite Lisette must av some repose..bonnuit..matin whatevre timezone here..will catch up soon!Luv an bisous Lisette…Angel blessings for beau Adamxoxoxo

        • Mary C. I have your famous hand with the blue nail polish along with Adam’s adorable face plastered in living color on my computer screen right now big-as-life! I think the next thing is for you to apply for the job as his personal secretary and ‘handler’, what do you think? I think you have proven your ability to ‘handle’ the job already, and no further interviews are necessary….it is your Adam Karma speaking…

          • Lorrin, Ha, love your way of thinking. I may have to apply for another job soon, all this chatting during business hours? Adam, help!!!!!!!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Mary C
          You brazen hussey, you!!! LOL I wish it was me!!!!

          • Helen, you just made me smile so big. I love ya girl. You know I wish for you the same excitement! I love brazen hussey too. Now you get your a _ _ to
            Syracuse and score some points. I feel the good coming your way, you wish so
            many of us goodwill, it comes right back to you , you know, 3 fold!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thanks Mary. Just throw some of that good Karma of yours my way and I will think positive and hope for the best!

              • Helen, I’m throwing it really harddddddddd. So catch it.

                • Helen, check out coast to coast tickets (broker) there are 2 tickets @ 79$ ea
                  floor section 1 row E. Looks like there are 3 different Floor 1’s .
                  Check it out. Hope you can go!!!!! Sending my Karma your way.

      • Lisette merci Lorrin for note regarde lovli Cheryl an all othre glambs gals am very contente for all feel somhow as if were there in spirite on a magiqual evening where yu finale got to chat,take photos an see Adam’s estraordinaire beauface,here his velvet an gentle speaking voix,just as always seein in all his interviews.Bless him despite longe AItour onroad infinitie interivews,rehearsals, Adam’s gracieux manner,kindness,charm an angelique face is illuminate with such lit..tresbeau!Wel know one day we’ll meet somday,somewhere..somehow when Adam as anothre tour(his owne)!.. gathre it shal non be for while.Til thes we all av thes wondreful tributepage an second famille away from our owne.An yes Lorrin agree thinq in finale meeting at thes Grande Rapide concerte will be forevre a bonde of frenships made all for one very gifted/artiste l’beau l’homme with a voix an hearte d’or..Adam Lambert..An just hope oned ay he’ll visite Glambs site here a circle of frends/fans from arounde l’monde.!Blessings to all av seen last video merci for posting linq Toni!..P.s Jeannette I lefte yu some amour ther too.An what a plasur to here interviewer mentione yur nom..hugs for yu!! Take care Luv always Lisettexoxo

      • NO, I didnt touch him at all, just spoke to him. I wonder who????? I was the only dark blue polished one.

        Jeanette I wonder when you took those pics of him signing? He seems to be on your right side?

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      always your beautiful words expressing what I (and surely everyone else at the site) felt all through Sunday and then yesterday waiting for news of the Grand Rapids Gang.
      This WILL BE a night to remember, not just by the Glams that were at Grand Rapids.

      • Oh thank you for your sweet words, Silvana, and yes, we were all waiting for the news of this concert, and NOW we are STILL waiting for the news from the lips of ‘you-know-who’…I guess we will just have to be patient a little while longer..

        • Lisette here..m’cheramie Lorrin merci an hope yu’ll see thes petit post many threds now tis difficile to keep having fibromyalgia an companie yet still av to visite l’best Adam tribute page on web..Glambs international to feele joie an reliv health concerne still.Yet with faith,musique an thes site am able to cope always! Merci for all l’amitie Lorrin,an so many glambs who genuine care for eache othre in celebrationes of l’ange d’musique..tresbeau inward/ seemes to becoming more so with every video,photo of passe recente threds here..Merci beaucoup Jeanette,Dana,Sue,(an othre teamleadres for sharing an write daily articles)! Benediction a vous Lorrin nerby an perhaps unjour au incontrare! Luv Lisettexoxo!! bon nuit am truly obsesse now (on here over 2 heure mama mia an non be up early to av brekfast with brothre an frend.They’re herecouple weeks ( one hotel buffet bettre to miss..minute in lips is 5 lbs on hips!)..xoxoxo

          • Dear Lisette, I have indeed seen your ‘little post’ here, and I’ve thought about you a lot lately…it is so nice to get all of your special Tweets on Twitter each day and your beautiful posts here on this site…they are, as you say, a true ‘medicine’ for the soul and body. I too, have fibromyalgia on top of all the other health problems, and I know what it is to fight the pain and extreme exhaustion, but writing on this site and to each other is a godsend, don’t you think? We are able to transcend thinking about ourselves and the harder things we face, and we can soar high above all that with our friends here and beautiful Adam. That’s probably one of the reasons you and I both chose ‘angels’ as our logos..I also am tremendously thankful for this site and your friendship as well, it is as though we had gone walking in the woods one day and stumbled on each other and into a fairytale land where everyone lives in peace and concord with a marvelous, handsome king…for many hours, we are able to communicate with friends, laugh (which is so healing), share our observations, compare notes about Adam, and congratulate each other on our achievements in this special world…it is truly a gift. And don’t feel you are obsessed with only spending a mere two hours at the computer, I spend far more, I can assure you! Well, I know we will go on together for as long as we can lifting each other up, enjoying the company of all the other Glambs, and loving our Adam. It’s amazing to think that all of these good things have grown up around this one young man.. Love to you also tonight, Lisette, and many blessings from your friend next door!

            • Lorrin, we must find a way, any way, to get you to one of Adam’s concerts. He has a way of making the pains go away for the moment. Jeanette’s relative also has/had fibromyalgia, plus Cheryl has her pains, and I have mine, but the endorphines we developed while at the concert and after made most of it go away. The mind/body connection can have a positive effect on our health. Think positive, and we shall get you to meet him some day soon!! XO

              • Thank you, Terry, for your sweet thoughts, and know that I am planning on being at one of those concerts next year if it is at all possible…I will be thinking as positively as I can about it, and we will see what develops!

  12. Wow, Jeanette, I just feel like I hit paydirt reading your post. I’ve been so excited about hearing about the GR experience and I just love the cameraderie that’s developed among the Glambs. Thank you for sharing!

  13. You guys are the best. I feel so excited reading about your excitement. Adam’s just fantastic, isn’t he?
    Great pics!!!

  14. Jeanette, thank you for your wonderful article and I can hear it was everything we thought it would be. Imagine you Glambs all meeting up. I love the pics – didn’t have to work out who your side-kick is. There she was standing next to you with he head just bearly showing attop the poster … and what an awesome poster. You deserve your break, your moment with Adam and have done us all proud.

    Naughty Girl Norman (the name suits you), Mother Theresa, Judy (jaberone) , Sandy (iluvadam4ever) , Merri , Vera (gala), Nadia (Veronica) and Jennifer (with the cool tattoo), you are a group of AMAZING women. Looking forward to your posts.


    • AdamAddict says:

      Still voting! Now everybody home,we can get a lot of help . They still pumped up after the concert! vOTE,people.Adam can loose to Clay! That will ruin your fun!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Still voting here too. Left my computer on all night and when I had to get up to pee, I also voted!!! I had to work today, so I got in a few votes before I left for work, then emailed the link to myself at work. I wasn’t sure I could access it at work, because our server doesn’t always let sites like that go through. When I got to work I checked my email and tried the link and it worked!!! Had a really, really busy day at work today because it was the first day of school, but I did manage to get quite a few votes in. I was so happy!
        Came home from work and have been voting since I’ve been home. Keep at it everyone.

        I’ll post the link here without the actual link, because then it will have to await moderation, so just copy and paste into your tool bar. Let’s vote ladies!!!

        • Who in the hell is doing all the voting for Clay? I thought he fell off the face of the earth
          untill this whole contest started on twitter. We know what he has been busy doing,
          AdamAddict, he probably has hemmoroids too, voting for himself day and night.

          • MARY, That was my question too !!! who in their right mind would be voting for clay.. ?? something is wrong here.. There is no closing date and they really only want us on more and more to look at their ads !

            • Yea, when is that contest over???

              • On the 16th. When you vote you will see that they have inserted the count down which means you naughty Glambs have’nt voted for a while. Hhhhhhhhhhhhmmm, I am thinking of suitable punishment. Ah, here it is – a night with Clay! Now that should shock you into action. Love ya all and mwah. Vote and I’ll give you a mega mwah!

                Gala, with so many Glambs all over the World we do it in shifts.

        • Haha
          I like your voting during the night!!! Good idea! I’ll probably try to do the same tonight…

    • cheryl norman says:


  16. Thank you girls!! You are wonderful and I love your stories!!

    • Linda, so glad you enjoyed our comments about another night in the land of Adam.
      This is all so much fun, Adam hope you get on your own solo tour sooonnnnn.

  17. AdamAddict says:

    I love Sandy’s short!! And I love Adam’s new haircut!! Very adorable!! 😀

  18. AdamRocks! says:

    WOW!!! AMAZING pictures! I too kept watching the clock and thinking, the concert is probably starting, Adam is coming on now. . . I was so excited for all of you! I can’t wait to hear Cheryl’s recap!!! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamRocks, I think Cheryl’s trying to get her voice back! I’m with you – can’t wait!

      • Cheryl, is still on cloud 9 somewhere or cloud 10 or somewhere high off the ground!
        She’s dreaming of Adams eyes.

    • Thanks Cindy, I always feel that way too , thinking of all the others during their concert times.
      Feels so good.

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAM ROCKS!!!! Okay!!! It was more than i COULD HAVE EVEN CONCEIVED OF!!!! I am desperately
      trying to get myself back to a more ‘normal’ me!!! It’s is taking me some time!!! I am still in awe of what
      HOUSE!!! SO, I DIDN’T GET READY LIKE I WANTED TO!!!! (sigh) (poor me) . Other than that, I was in another ‘plane’ in the atmosphere for sure. Everything was in slow motion, and fast-forward at the same time!!! I do hope some other pics get posted by some of the others. I have some, too, but don’t know how to get them posted!!! Luv, cheryl

      • Cheryl dear you looked Marvelous! Your sweet face, with sparkly eyes all shining on Adam.
        And you were only one to wear a dress and why was that? Easier to????
        OK, I wont go any farther. Let the imaginations roar! I’m just soo so glad you got to experience
        his whole being in front of you, up close and personal.
        Can u believe we didnt get in the video at the M & G’s???? He probably stood in front of us the
        longest too, with all we had to say to him and give him and request of him!!!!!
        We have our memories.

        • cheryl norman says:


          NO, I can’t believe that photog didn’t tke the vid of Adam with all of us! It is unforgivable! He tried to spoil our
          nite, but he couldn’t. Adam spen a good amt of time with us. We know it, Adam knows it. He will not forget

          The photog is an animal! But, we glambs are absolutely adorable, intelligent, graceful, and ready for any-
          thing. Oh, yes, a dress does make things much easier for certain ‘things’! Unfortunately that photog was
          right there and Adam had to behave himself.

          It’s all good. We have something nobody can take from us……….our memories and our love for Adam.

  19. AdamAddict says:

    In Grand Rapids,WLL was the best!! Who haven’t watch it,you should check that out.I already post it other thread. It was awesome,super fabulous!! The “WOMAAAAAN” is sick!!!!! If I was there, I think I’m gonna be hysterical and then collapse!! Yeah,say good bye to Starlight, Mad world and etc, I already fainted by then with a big smile on my face! I bet Cheryl screamed her lungs out for that one!! Her peacock feather probably fly away shocked by her powerful voice,almost as powerful as Adam! LOL!! And they all get autograph from Adam… again!! Jeanette got 3 or maybe more already!! My goodness,she’s very lucky!! Imagine when they all get back here and tell their own stories, this thread will full of exciment!! 🙂
    I’m still voting,praying it end soon tho… While listening to WLL again and over again! He was hot and the way he sang,that was sick!! gosh,how he does that??!!Miracle!!~nodding~

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      HAVE YOU READ MARY C.’s COMMENT, further up????????????????????? YOU’L DIE AGAIN.

      THAT HAND ON ADAM’S SHOULDER IS HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      By the way, the vids are awesome. He was HOTTER, and playful, and funny and amiling as never before……IMAGINE BEING THERE????????????????

      Trying to vote……..


      • AdamAddict says:

        Mary C hand????OMG!! I read all over again Jeanette post and thought what?? She didn’t mention Mary C touching Adam and I read yours again and you said Mary C comment so I scroll looking! Dammit!!! It’s her hand alright!! LOL!! She damn lucky!! WTH??!! Why she always got to touch Adam,hug Adam,took picture with Adam,got Adam’s autograph like how many(God knows) and she better don’t kiss MY ADAM!! No,it ain’t gonna happen!! Did I said MY ADAM??God, I probably took too much hemorroids pills!Seriously, my butt hurts!! I can’t sit right now. He’s OUR ADAM!! yes,yes!! ~mumbling-no hard feeling Adam,you’re so mine,just I have to said that to them, make them happy a bit but you’re completely 100% is mine, and i’m yours *giggle* ok,shhh!!~ He’s OURS,people!!

        Thank goodness Jeanette got her bag again.Imagine if she lost it??!! First Jeanette lost ability to talk when she met him and now she almost lost a bag!! LOL!!When I meet Adam, only one thing that I’m gonna loose,my virginity!! hahaha!! Just kidding,ok! Don’t beat me, I almost got hemorrhoid voting for Adam,be gentle with me now!!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Emili, you are a piece of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Make me laugh so much always.

          But even if your butt hurts after voting all night long for ADAM, I’ll go all the way to Malaysia if you keep calling him YOURS…….IT’S MINE DON’T YOU KNOW. HAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            LMAO!! He’s yours?? Don’t make walk to Argentina,girl!! I’m gonna start walking right now. Yeah, see you after 10 years! He is so mine!! ~nod~

        • AA, I’m ROFLMAO again. Virginity?? Get your preperation H out and continue
          voting! Way to go girl.

          • What does that v-word mean?????

            • What Ingrid? V, what? You mean virginity? It’s means a gift that you give to your love ones/husband for the first time on first night of marriage( I don’t mean bills)….. or to your first blind date if that guy looks hot as Adam!! LOL!!

              • … first blind date!!!! I thought one kept this v thing for a very special person and occasion, but FIRST blind date! Whew, I must be getting old!!!!!! Sounds a bit blind to me!

                • I will only give my V to my husband! Awww, am I sweet?? or Adam even tho he’s not my husband!! LOL!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          All right AdamAddict, nice and calm! I can almost hear you screaming. Now sweetie, here you go, here’s one of my chill pills. That’s better, good girl, nice and calm……

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMADDICT, Little one!!!! Stop it! Wtop it!!!! I’m almost peeing my pants!!! My peacock feather flying thru
      the air from getting skerd of my screamming!!!!!! Oh, ha!!hahaha!!!! You are too cuter, and too funny at the smae time!!!! Hey, do you have a boyfriend???? If so, he’s a VERY lucky man!

      • AdamAddict says:

        No, I don’t have boyfriend because i’m very picky! I want good looking guy,tall,6 packs abs,rich and funny! They all extinct already. That’s why I’m alone. Or they hiding from me??!!They probably want pretty,long legs,36-23-36,rich and obedient! LOL!!

        • AA, you probably have most of those attributes but OBEDIENT – nah, so so sorry but you are way off … and I’m glad because you WOULDN’T BE AA. Besides, obedient is so BORING!! Yuk!

  20. AdamAddict says:

    I know, I know, I already post this but check this out,ok? At 4:50, someone threw bra on stage and Gokey ran to it and throw it back. When he did that, he accidently push the mic that Kris hold,hurt Kris lips! I dunno but it looks funny! LOL! Poor Kris! hahaha!! Too cute! And Danny was like “oh oh I’m sorry!” LOL!!
    I’m still voting, chill alright! Just need break a minute!! And my butt need a massage!! 😛

    • cheryl norman says:

      AA, Gokey!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!! He was even funnier trying so hard to look good!!!!! hahahaha!!
      Yeah, he soooooo badly wanted to get his hands on a bra,,,,,any bra!!!!!! He hasn’t touched one since he was married!!! He also wanted to show ADAM he knew what one was and wasn’t afraid to touch it! hahaha!! OMG the wedgie in his butt, kept making me think he had some dried poop on his underpants and that’s why they got stuck in his crack. But then, again, he’s not Adam, where he’d have his clothes ‘fit’ him properly. That unbelievable red shirt was the ugliest, next to Kris’ plaid. Think they were trying to see who could dress the coolest between the two of them. Anoop the poop, with his starched white shirt, trying to be sexy, unbelievable!!! He is soo much of an ass! Gosh, he made me ill. OH!!!!!!!!! HEY!!!!!!!!!!


      • OMG Cheryl, I am laughing so hard at work. They think I’m nuts.

      • There’s so many thing to see,you see at Lil”s butt?? LIL’S BUTT,seriously? LOL!! But she really has big butt,hasn’t she? LOL!! I noticed that when I watched A.I at the very beginning!!! I was with my sister and I told her,look at her butt,it’s huge!! She agreed!! No kidding! At 1st, I thought maybe it TV thing,you know what they say, you add 10 pounds on TV,right? But that’s impossible,it can’t only add pounds on her butt!!So, I assume she really has big butt to begin with.Not camera fault what so ever! Thankfully, it was Allison who duet with Adam,if it’s Lil, her butt will cover the whole Adam!! LOL!! I’m so bad,i don’t deserve to be human!! ~pouts~ Let’s talk something else beside butts! Butts not a good topic for me lately!! 🙁

  21. Jeanette thanks for posting those great photos, you all look like you had a fantastic time. I am so pleased that Adam knows who the GLAMBS are, perhaps now he will look on the site and read some of the comments, especially the ones from AdamAddict, I am sure he will find them very funny. The Mad World video is nothing less then I would expect from Adam, true artistry.

  22. Hey guys, this is the video of Barnaby interviewing Adam, a third of the way in he clearly mentions Jeanette. Adam is such a natural when interview, always ready with the answers, always honest.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Thanks Toni,it’s greeeeeaat Toni! LOL!!I’m glad the interviewer mention Jeanette and GLAMBS!! Wow! And ” I like the purse” hahaha!! Poor Adam,awww!!Did he bring that bag again the next day??!! Hee hee!At least he love that “purse’. I remembered when I was in school, my dad bought these schoolbag for 4 of us sisters.It was UGLY!! It’s like an army bag.SUPER UGLY!!The reason he bought it because ,that bag look strong to carry the books. You know how many book that we have to carry everyday in school? It’s like carry the whole library,alright! Unbelievable! If you fell, you look like a tortoise that try to roll over!! Seriously!!

      So, he bought 2 in blue and 2 in green. 4 of us told him that we don’t like it. It’s too ugly,too mainly,so not cute!We want to choose like we always do.He said,he already bought it and make us use it anyway.We were looking at each other and still refused, and he said like “U still gonna use that so pick your choice!” We ran tried to grab the blue ones because the green one UGLIER!!I was “lucky” enough to get the blue one.You should see my sisters reaction when only green left!! Hahaha! When we go to school, I was super embarassed! Nobody have the same bag like ours!!Nobody want to buy that old fashion army hard bagpack!! And we have to use it for a year!!Can you believe that? I prayed it will tear so I can buy new ones but that bag was strong as hell! What a year!! Oh god!!We were in girls school,everybody else using cute pink bag and mine….~sigh~

      • Hi AdamAddict, I know the feeling, parents do the ‘sensible’ thing, they never ask the kids, I was placed in quite a few embarassing situations. AdamAddict, how are your ‘hemorroids’? Have you recovered? You honestly make me laugh so much, when I come on this site I look for your posts. After that interview with Barnaby I bet Adam will be visiting this site, I wish I could see his expression when he reads all the ‘horny’ comments about him, and especially when he reads your post, I can just see him laughing his head off. I am still voting, I see now that Clay’s fans are competing in the love hearts.

        • AdamAddict says:

          At least someone cares! Awww, that so sweet of you,Toni! My butt still hurts! Seriously, I can’t sit comfortable now! Is there any scientific proof that says people who sit too long can have hemorrhoids? LOL!! Not that I have it but I would like to prevent it!LOL!! This voting seriously pain in the ass!! I meant every words!hahaha!Ouch,ouch!! Pain!! 🙁

          You think Adam will look for this sites? I don’t think so! He so busy already.And if he got time, he probably try to finish that book about…hmmm that dude…what the heck is his name…the dude from “Take That” band??I used to love “Take That” ,you know? LOL! When I was at school I like “New Kids on The block” Actually I don’t like it but all my friends like them so, I want to blend in.So, I was like NKOTB,yeah!!…~not really!~LOL!Where was I, oh yeah that dude,what’s his name? Robin Williams?Doesn’t sound right, whatever…Robbie Williams,yeah!! haha he read Robbie dude’s book.I don’t know why he read that,is it that interesting? I prefer Robin Williams book,he’s funny.But of course,robin didn’t have book to begin with.If Adam come here, we have to behave! What’s fun about that??Unless Adam join in!He can use “I’mAdam” as screen name! And we will call him Madam short for I”mAdam”!! 😛

          • AdamAddict, I dont think soooo. He will check us out, dont you worry your little
            heart out. He will know you as the Horny One.

          • AA, if Adam checks out our site, who says we have to behave??? Its all fun and
            games. No way, I’m not gonna behave!!!!!!!! Besides, you know he loves to have
            fun, just watch him.

          • cheryl norman says:

            AA, OK, OK OKAY!!!! Your butt!!!! Yes, sitting for long periods can cause hemmoroids to ‘flare’!!!
            Get yourself some PREPARATION H like someone else already said. Also, ‘TUCKS’ PAD-WIPES
            a lot of witchhazel in them to give relief. Keep the little can of them in the frig. They also will calm thre
            swelling down!!!! GEEZZZZZ!!! MUST I DO EVERYTHING!!!! I AM NURSE NORMAN, NOW!! BUT,
            I WILL say that I know more than the average re medical issues and fixes! Unfortunately!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks for the video link Toni. Great interview, love the Glambs being mentioned!!!

    • Toni, thanks for sharing this vid. Jeanetttttttttttte, Adam says how sweet you are!!!!!!
      He is a doll.

    • Thanks for pointing us to the Video, Toni. Great one ! Can`t get over how much of a contrast there is between Adam`s stage presence in something like WLL or Bowie and then interviews like this where he is so calm and still looks so much like a little boy sometimes. He is so sweet, polite, thoughtful, and – of course – I loved the fact that he heared about Jeanette and the Glambs! Very cool indeed!

      Glamb 20

  23. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN: The sun was shining bright as we pulled into downtown GR, stopped at the traffice light, and the sunlight got brighter! The 2 Buses with the idols in it , turned in
    front of us ( Sue Ann, my nephew Branson and I) So, we followed them, they turned into the VanAndel
    Arena parking lot, you could see people standing out there waiting for them. We parked, got out
    of the car and waited as well. The doors opened, Boy Bus-, out comes Anoop, minutes later Kris
    then Danny, Matt, we waited, Girl Bus- Allison and then Lil. 30 minutes later, Boy Bus- the door
    had been left opened, so you just knew someone else was still on the bus right?? Out comes Adam,
    the sunlight hit his face and he looked so cute and like he had just woke up. He may have been
    sleeping soundly in his bunkbed? Anyhow, he waved and off he walked into the building.
    We went and checked into our Hotel, which was across the street, got ready for the start of an
    amazing evening. 5:30 walked over to the Arena and met Sandy and her family and another
    Sandy. It was so very nice to meet them. Walked over to the Barnaby radio stand and spoke to him
    for a few minutes, he did give us the exciting news about him telling Adam about Jeanettes interview and Adam impressed by her trivia knowledge! Way to go Jeanette! We had so many people coming up to us about our T Shirts and where we got them. People are just so friendly!
    Then Jeanatte calls my cell phone to see where we are and we meet, finally! I met her and Terry and Cheryl, awesome ladies, so glad to meet all of you! She took some pics and we got carried away withconversation. We went to our seats with the plan of meeting outside after Adams set
    for the meet and greets. I’ll go straight to ADAM’s performance. Great as usual. The man rocked his heart out in GR and the crowd was roaring. This was my nephews first concert (he’s 8 yrs.old) and what a concert he was enjoying. He sang along to Mad World, he knows that song by heart! We had 2ND. row seats, more to the right , we ended up in front row as everyone was
    standing and dancing and screaming and singing. Oh it was all so good! Adam pushed it to the
    limit, you know I always love to see how Adam pumps up the neck veins and they were popping! Oh yea, before the show started, Josie recognized me and we met and talked, how great. She and her
    husband were a few rows behind us. We met so many people and talked about our love and support for Adam. One lady had a picture of Adam and her little girl, from last year when he was in
    WICKED, what a great picture it was. Adam looked so handsome in his wicked costume.
    I met Gala at intermission, so sweet she is too! Cheryl girl, I will let you tell them about your time
    down front. So glad she didnt faint, had me worried for a while there! She was totally mezmerized, I know that fo sure!!! Adams set comes to an end, the stage lowers our Hot, Hunky, totally Sexy Man away after his Bowie medley, Boo Hoo! Since I had seen the finale song and Kris’s set
    already, we chose to go outside and stake our ground. I saw Jeanette and called her over, we
    waited and talked and talked, oh it was so much fun. Lets see, where we were standing at the
    barricades, it was Jeanette, myself, Terry, Josie, the the L turn at the gate, then my sister Sue Ann
    and her grandson Branson. Like I said, we had a great time passing the time, eagerly hoping Adam would grace us with his presence. Here he comes, FIRST PERSON OUT! again, just like
    in Columbus. Couldnt believe it. Okay, the big TEASE Adam is, what does he do??? GETS ON
    THE BUS. I look at Jeanette, mouth wide open and we are like, whatttttttt? He had his back pack
    on his back, so what he did was get on the bus, take off the back pack and COMES BACK OUT!
    Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bless you Adam, for teasing us. He starts at one end of the line, makes his way towards us. Oh yea,
    by then Cheryl had found us and ended up squeezing in next to Jeanette. They get autographs and
    were ever so happy. ( I’m sure Cheryl will give you her own words on that) As he gets to me, I give
    him our Glambs site business card, Jeanette had made. He looks at it, very closely and I told him
    briefly with my hands pointing at us all , we are the Glambs here tonight. Okay, are you ready??
    I said” would you mind signing my shirt?????? He said no not at all, OMG Adam, you made my
    night, I mentioned that the pic was of he and I after the Finale’s in L.A. he says ‘Oh yea”
    Sooooo, he autographed my shirt, oh I loved him writing across my chest. I cant help it, I have to
    be ornery! My emotions took over and I just had to tell him again how BEAUTIFUL HE IS, and he
    thanked me. My touchy feeliy hands just had to touch him to, I couldnt resist! ( you can see my hand in the above pic) Geez I wish someone had a full shot of us, my sister had her zoom lens set, so she only got Adams face!! Way to go sis?? I mean it , Adam is beautiful not only on the
    outside, but on the inside too. WE all know this . You just want the moment to last forever, but
    it doesnt and you have the wonderful memories, untill the next time. Always think positive!
    He moved on, to Terry and Josie ( they will tell you their experience I’m sure). SueAnn was lucky
    to have her shirt signed and little Branson had Adam autograph a picture.
    The year 2009, watching a star being born, right before our eyes, then seeing Adam in person, all beginning in May, again in August and ending Sunday night in Grand Rapids, This has been a year of fun, excitement, emotions and the pleasure of meeting and chatting with so
    MANY Wonderful, Lovely people who’s friendship will last a lifetime ! This superstar Adam and
    the affect he has on all of us is truly what the world needed. We thank him for this.
    The joy and good feelings he has brought to so many people around the world is just phenominal!!!
    He has a message and we will spread his message: The power of Love and Peace.
    7 concerts to go, everyone going to these, I wish you the best of luck and good times and may all
    your dreams come true! On my way back to work today the song, Viva La Vida was playing on the radio, ( I can just see Adam dancing for joy ,spinning circles that day)
    it just gives me chills, when I hear that song. Soon we will be listening to Adams own debut album
    and planning our Glambventions for his solo tour!!!! Oh cant wait.
    Love to everyone!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Mary C. you exeeded yourself. Amazing experience once again…..While reading your post I only could imagine what all of you felt. Tears of joy and excitement come to my eyes. i’m at work so it can’t show, but I’m really inmensely happy for all of you. And for the unbelievable journey that still awaits for Adam.

      Love, Silvana

      • Oh yes Silvana for sure, so much more good to come. He knows the Glambs love him so
        much. Thank you!

        • Oh, Mary C tanks so much to all of you to introduced us GLAMBS to our dearest ADAM!
          I can imagine how kind of emotions you all felt that night and how difficult for you was to get some sleep after all you lived with ADAM so close to you.
          Great, great experience with our beloved ADAM !!!

          Tanks and regards to you all Glambs Luckiest Girls !!!


        • Great account, Mary C, and little Branson was sooo sweet!

          After all the hand holding I didnt even try, just said “I came from Vancouver, Canada” and he replied “You did???”, made my night, oh and the autograph too, on a lovely pic Jeanette printed from the GMA concert.

          • Oh Terry, he said words just to you, imprinted on the air between you, never to be forgotten…how wonderful..

          • Terry, sooo happy for you too. He was so worth the wait, and we didnt even have to wait
            long, since he was out first. The litte tease he is though, on the bus and off the bus!

    • Mary C,
      What a wonderful story! Very long indeed! Took me almost half day to finish it. I have to read 1000 times where you said Adam sign your t shirt….WITH YOU IN IT!! WTH???ACROSS YOUR BOOBS?? ARGHHH!! YOU JUST MADE THAT UP!! RIGHT,RIGHT? Pleeeease tell me you made that up!! ~puppy-dog eyes~ YOU DIDN’T?? HUH, is that right?? Then why there’s no picture Adam sign your boobs? Ah ha, gotcha!! He so did not sign across your chest. Come on, with that huge boobs, it’s hard for Adam to sign it there. You know there’s alley and mountain, he can compose a song with it,the sequel of No Boundaries!! LOL!! YEAH PART 1 ,THERE’S MOUNTAIN AND HURRICANES SO PART 2 ,THERE WILL BE MOUNTAIN AND ALLEY! LOL!!The title of the song is “NO BOUNDARIES PART 2-I DID NOT SIGN ON BOOBS!!” ARGHH, you make me really happy Mary C! VEEERRRYYY,grrr!! When you got to touch him and …boobs signed, I’m here massaging my numb butt voting for him!! Life is unfair!! 🙁

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        you are impossible…..I’m at work and can barely refrain mysel from LAUGHING OUT LOUD(with every letter)

        Sure, life is unfair. KEEP VOTING

        • Mary C, you are a legend, you actually got him to sign across your chest. My thinking was the same as AdamAddict’s. Was it above the boobs, across the boobs and AA, yes I also thought of hills and valleys – AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s why we call you the FAMOUS MARY C. Now you are even more famous! Well, our excitement back here on the site wasn’t in vain. This concert will always be remembered by the Glambs for many reasons, not least of all the boob-signing job Adam did on you. Ssssssssssssssh, just say Adam signed across you boobs!

      • AdamAddict, I think I am going to start a fan club for you, I laughed so loud that my neighboor phoned me to ask me what was so funny, I am glad I am at home and not at work, I think my students would think that I lost it completely. I am still voting if you carry on posting comments. I am having the best time.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Seriously,you neighbour called you?You kidding,right?And “my students”? You are a teacher??!!Wow, awesome!!

          • Yep, my neighboor called, she was curious to find out what made me laugh so much, I have a very loud laugh, your posts are great. The great thing about this site is that we all love and adore Adam, but there are so may fantastic people, and very talented people, and you are one of the talented people, you are really, really funny.

            • Toni, AA and everyone else, I find myself laughing out loud all the time.
              I think of what we say on these posts and all the comedians we have and, all the horniests,
              funny things, its a riot. And laughter is soo healthy.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            you should try Stand Up Comedian for a job (if you really want a job so you can go to an Adm solo concert, remember).
            You are so wittyand quick in the remarks and, of course, SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

            Think about it, seriously.

            • AdamAddict says:

              I’m funny?Really? I’m really quiet and shy in person you know? I’m not kidding! I always go find a corner and do my own business if I go to realtives house or someplace that have a lot of people. I don’t talk much! I don’t make jokes to them, I don’t even speak!! Maybe I need to spend time longer with them than I can be more open but usually I left early because it get bored! Well again maybe the topic is boring!! Maybe that’s it! If the topic is about Adam, maybe they will beg me to stop talking! LOL!! But seriously,if you meet me in person, I probably just smile,nod and only yes and no that coming out from my mouth! You probably wont believe it’s the same person! Have I told you that my english is suck?I’m not fluent! It’s worse than Jackie Chan english!My tongue so stiff when it comes to english.When you write, it’s different because you don’t have to say it loud so I’m only fluent when i speak “inside”. It will sound like this if I say it loud, “My english ish very shucks,I’m shorry.BTW,Emili name ish name ish my!” LOL!!

              • AdamAddict, you are funny even when you are trying to be serious, your English is perfect, I am still laughing with your commetns above, I am at work, students infront of me, and when I remember your posts I begin smiling, I have to control myself from laughing out loud, my students look at me thinking that I have completely flipped.

              • cheryl norman says:

                AA the way you explained yourself as shy and timid, etc. is the same way I am!!! Most
                people would describe me as shy and ‘withdrawn’. Not until I establish a person’s real
                personality and goodness and genuineness do I decide to interact or not! I am very
                surprised to hear you explain yourself in the same way!!!! I am not kidding at all!!! Very
                interesting, isn’t it?!

                • Cheryl, You know I thought the same thing. When AA described herself, that
                  is how you came across to me, meeting you in person. It wasnt my place to
                  state that, (but since you brought it up ) but you arent kidding. Maybe next time you will be a bit more crazy with
                  me. Reading your posts in the past, I thought I was going to have a real wild
                  and crazy girl on my hands, and you were a bit shy. We had a great time, didnt we?
                  Next time we meet up, I probably will have a wild crazy girl on my hands huh?
                  Thats fine w/me. We’ll be back up front and rockin it out.

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    MARY, JUST TELL ME WHEN AND WHERE!!! Yes, I beome quite a different girl
                    the more I get to know someone!!! For some reason, I kind of guess I want others to
                    know me better, also, so that when I’m being crazy it will be taken the very way I mean
                    for it to!!! I do ‘hold back’ as a precautionary thing, I think, self-survival. ?!

                    • Cheryl, As soon as we can plan a trip for Adams tour. You got it. No need to
                      hold back on me now. I know ya!

            • Second that!

        • Evette #419 says:

          I would be the first to join that fan club! I was just worrying about my neighbors.I am laughing like a lunatic. They have to be asking themselves what is so damn funny~~~~~~Adamaddict!

      • AdamAddict, funny girl, mountains and valleys?? Well the pics must make my boobs
        look larger than they are. They are little hills.
        You know he is such a gentleman. Wow, how I wish I knew what his wild little self does in private.
        Wouldnt we love to know??? I wish someone had a picture , anyone
        out there get the picture?????????? I’m hoping Josie. Josie please show them proof.

    • Mary, Wow, thank for sharing, Such a fun recap! You all have such amazing encounters, really cool:)

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Mary C
      WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! That’s all I can say! What wonderful memories you will have of our beloved dear Adam for the rest of your life! When you’re sitting in your rocking chair, great grandkids around you….now kids back in my day, there was this amazing man named Adam. Let me tell you the story!!
      You must make sure to treat that shirt somehow so that when you wash it his autograph stays put!
      That song, Viva La Vida. I think of it as Adam’ s song now. It’s one of my favourite moments of him, running out of the audition, sign in hand so happy and excited, running down the street, waving the sign and jumping around. OMG, did he know what his future would hold for him at that moment. All the possibilities and wonders of the amazing future he is going to have all in that wonderful video. He looked so young and innocent. It makes me cry everytime I watch it. What a joy he is to all of us!
      Mary, I wanted to ask you, when you take pictures at night at the barricades, do use a digital camera? What setting do you put it on, Do you keep it on auto, or do you use a night time setting? Trying to prepare for my trip to Syracuse. I’m not sure that I’ll be getting a ticket. I looked up the venue and it’s only a 6600 seat arena–very small. I’m not sure there will be any tickets to get at the last minute. Looked up a ticket broker. They had a 2nd row centre for $249! If it was his solo tour, I definitely would have bought it, but not for this tour (plus I have to pay US exchange on top of that). Oh well, I’ll keep trying Ticketmaster and hope for the best.
      Take care. Glad you had another wonderful night. I was thinking about all of you girls and wondering what kind of mischief you were getting into!

      • Helen, soo glad you are going to Syracuse. Unfortunatley, this time I brought my Kodak
        digital camera with me and the night shots were not good at all. In Columbus I had my
        husbands Canon Rebel camera and it took excellent shots inside and outside. Both cameras I keep on auto flash. I sure wish I had brought his camera this time. I could have
        gotten some pretty hot pictures. Oh well, live and learn.
        I’m getting so excited for you. Get yourself into some mischief now and have a fun time.
        Remember at the barricades, just talk to Adam , dont be skerd. He will listen.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Mary for the advice. I’d probably be out of my mind if I was ever that close! I read in a post too that when he was signing, don’t look down, just keep looking at him and savour every moment–good advice from someone, can’t remember who! Also, I like your strategy of moving down the line as Adam moves–way to go-smart thinking!!!

      • Hi Helen,
        I am also looking for ONE GOOD ticket for the concert in Syracuse. Keep it in mind and if you have extra, let me know.
        Would be nice to meat you there…

  24. Hey, my Glambs sisters and brothers!
    It’s Gala/Vera from Canada.
    Just came back last night from Grand Rapids! The whole experience was just amazing!… I am still in trance… I was so happy to meet in person these wonderful people whose articles and reviews I read on this site, whose pictures I saw here, with whom I communicated a lot while planning my trip to Grand Rapids! Jeanette, Cheryl, Terry, Judy, Mary C, Sue, Shaina, Lesley, adorable Damien and all other Adam’s fans I’ve met (sorry, I am so bad with names) – it was great to meet you all!!!! It was a great surprise to see Jennifer and her daughter Debora in Grand Rapids. I met Jennifer (the proud owner of Adam’s tattoo!!!) on the concert in Hamilton Canada. And then I was contacted by her through a different website and I invited her to our Meet&Eat Party. But I didn’t know that was the woman I met before the American Idol in Hamilton Canada! Small world! Adam brought all of us together! Thank you Adam!
    I and my friend Nadia had great seats on the second row on the right side of the stage. We were excited because in Hamilton we sat tooooo far away from the stage. This time we were very very close… And Adam fulfilled our expectations! I am not talking about other Idols, you know, that for me as for most of us Adam was the only reason we came to this concert. And he was amazing!!! His singing, dancing, and his smile were just unbelievable…. Even if English were my native language, I don’t think that I would be able to describe this whole experience… Jeanette, you are much better with that… Sorry, not even much better, no comparison at all.
    And after the concert we were blessed again! Adam came out first! And he was like an Angel. He was so calm, so quiet and reserved that it felt unreal amongst all insane screams and noise… It was like a delayed action – he was moving along the barricades very quiet and with angel smile on his face. He signed my picture and I asked him to sign another one for my friend. He signed it, smiled and touched my hand twice like patted it. OMG, after that I saw everything through the mist until he left….
    I still cannot understand what exactly about him strikes me most of all… He is a phenomenally talented singer no doubt … But there is something about his personality that attracts people to him. And when he is close you feel it even stronger… I consider myself blessed having been experienced this feeling.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      thank you for sharing your experience…amazing…..he touched your hand twice….so charming and gracious.
      You’ve mentioned his smile….I watched the videos and noticed that he was particularly smiling and funny and having a great time at Grand Rapids.

      Lucky you,

      • AdamAddict says:

        He touched your hand twice like patted it??!! Sure he did,Gala!! I have no comment, I’m tired…jealous at you guys!! 🙁

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT,,,!!!Listen here, our little comedian!!! No!! Right now my little pea-pod, we do not care about
          you cutre little bum!!!!! Sorry, little miss ‘nobody is paying me any attention’ glamb sister, we only care
          about ADAM’S butt!!! And what’s in front of oit and abovre it and to it’s side, and we just want to nibble his
          cute little butt to bits! Now straighten yourself up and come to grips with the reality that is now!!!! Sweetness! I MOLESTED Adam’s hands!!!! Do you think I want to hear your butt is sore???l No, I don’t!
          Do I care if Adam’s butt is sore. Yes, i do!!! Would kiss it and make it all bretter every day a hunddred times a day id he needed it. Now, just calm your little self down and live thru our adventure for now. It will
          trach you to ‘share’! haha!!

    • Gala, wonderful write up. thanks for your views.

    • Gala (Vera)! You and Nadia look very familair to me! Are you from Toronto? I recognize you! I know you are Ukranian background, right? Funny who you end up meeting here in ADAMland! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us – it sounds fantastic and like you all just had the trip of a lifetime! I will definitely be joining anyone and everyone on Adam’s solo tour which I am sure will be in Toronto instead of Hamilton!


      Glamb 20

      • Hi Jane,
        Actually I live in Oakville and Nadia is from Mississauga. We are Russian background. But Russian and Ukranian is kind of the same … we used to be the same country…
        And you are absolutely right, thanks to Adam I met a lot of wonderful people here. See you on Adam’s solo concert in Toronto next year! Las Vegas will work for me too….haha

        • Thanks, Vera! That would be great! I am still wondering if I will have enough time to be the Moderator of the Southern Ontario group. We need to form one for sure!! Would you consider taking it on? Look forward to meeting you! Las Vegas here we come!


    • Great meeting you Gala (and Nadia) hugs to both of you. Enjoy your next concert. It’s great to live near the US. When Adam’s real tour happens, I can drive to a few concerts also.

  25. Gala, he is WHAT???? I could feel your excitement as you were telling us about the concert. Cover your hand, don’t wash it! I am so proud of you Glambs! Mwah, Ingrid

    • Oh, I was sooo excited that night that I was talking all night in my dreams.M friend Nadia told me about it. We stayed for two nights in Grand Rapids in the hotel. I wanted to know what I was talking about, and she said she was not listening?… Can you believe that!!!!

      • WHAT, you have to speak to Nadia, this ain’t good enough. This could have been the introduction to the the Glambs ‘Adam novel’. Geez, what a missed opportunity! Mwah


  27. I also got an autograph on my shirt i was wearing, i made it with the rolling stones cover transfer and touched MYCHEST while signing it, I could have died a happy person that night. We had excellant seats after they let us move because of my knee surgery, I could`nt sit in our seats because it hurt so bad. We were in the top section and they moved us down a section, we were like 20 rows from the floor seats. Adam was spectacular, I was so star struck when he was signing my shirt that i did`nt even think to touch him or get a photo taken with him. But we got some nice close-up pics, you can see the sweat on his face…God I love that man

  28. Hey everybody!!!!!!
    Here is the interview of Barnaby with Adam in Grand Rapids and they mentioned Glambs and Jeanette!!!! Go to Youtube and print
    Adam Lambert Interview with Barnaby – Grand Rapids, MI
    Adam is sooo cute!!!

  29. cheryl norman says:

    HELLO TO ALL MY GLAMB SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really am not where to start. First off, let me say, I never take a good pic!! I wore a black T-shirt dress that was above my knees. I had gold and goldtone choker and 2 long goldtone necklaces, black and gold bangles half way up my left arm, some on right, 2″ oval gold hoops, and YES, my headband which had the peacock feather on it! Most everybody thought it was my hair ‘spiked’ on one side until Ifaced them, and could see it was a feather. I’m so conservative, you know. My hair had been totlly wet with sweat severeal times before the concert and dired, so I felt like I looked like a drenched rat.

    Skipping up to the minutes just before the concert. I was sooo worried that I couldn’t get up to the 2nd row with Mary C, but as Mary and I went into the arena, floor, we came across my seat, and Mary told me to come with her up to the 2nd row. I did. Then I was worried about going back to where my seat was and Mary told me to stay with her as everybody would be on their feet as soon as it started and nobody would notice me. So I did.

    Almost immediately as the concert began, I began sizing up the space in front of me. Thinking, ‘could I get even closer thatn this 2nd row?’. I decided, ‘yes, I could try’. So, I did. I lifted my left foot up as if to get it over the front row seat in front of me, when the people in that front row turned toward me, lifting their hands to help me get over the seat in front of me, then the people on either side of me in the 2nd row, also offered me their heop, and with everyone’s help, I was catapolted into the 1st row!!!! Yes!!! I immediately began checking out the situation to see if I could in any way get even closer. Ye, I could, if I wenr alon the right side of the staqge, which would put me ALONE in the corner facing the side of the stage, and when Adam would dance along the back of the stage, I would bre the only one that close!!!! Oh, baby!! So, I inched my way, around and in between anyone who was in my way to where I wanted to be. I did it!!! Oh, yeah!!!

    Now, i’ll just gives you all my own personal thoughts on everyone and get to the reason I’m living and breathing today, Adam.

    First Michael Sarvo, ok, othing special. Next Megan. Ok, def. nothing special. Scott, barely able to keep from yawning. Actually was yawning, looking all around the arena – get the heck off already, Scott, we’re just not that into you! Intermission. I begged the photo, camera guys to let me over the little fence between the stage and the fans. No, they wouldn’t. Jerks. Next it was either
    Anoop or Matt??? Ok, I’ll say Anoop. He’s so full of himself. he made me sick. Can’t sing either. Then Matt. Now,. Matt was good! He banged out the piano like a young Elton John, standing up leaning over the piano, smililng all the time. Liked him – wouldn’t pay to see him, but he was the beast so far. Then Gokey. I felt like I was gonna puke the whole time he was on. Everytime he came my way, I held up my ADAM sign in front of my face! Actually I did that to everyone, didn’t want any of them thining I was there for them! Gokey tried to play off the sympathies of his dead wife. He is def a mental jerk. He had a wedgie up his butt from poor fitting jeans-cheapskate! He was definately a ‘downer’ for me. The last was Kris. Kris looked to me, like a highschool kid doing good for his age. He must be only about 5’3″ or 4″. Plaid shirt, crooked mouth, same ol’ black tennis shoes, and was not one bit impressed by him at all.

    Now, to the best of the best. ADAM!!!!! OMG!!!! I kept saying that over and over as I stood in absolute disbelief and total amazement! I yelled out to him, he was only about 5 feet from me, ‘Adam!!!! OMG, Adam!!!!’, over and overand over!!!! At times when he was dancing and singing right at my face, I yelled, ‘OMG Adam,OMG!’, and he looked my way, and got a kind of half smile on his face, that was definately NOY planned! I KNEW HE HEARD ME
    !!!! I had cuffed my hands aroung my mouth to ‘project’ my voice to him. and as I held up my sign!!!! By now, someone was next to me that I didn’t know, and kept asking me, ‘you’re not going to faint are you???’! I wondered who the hell seh was, couldn’t answer her, just shook my head ‘no’. Then, there was someone else next to me, and she put her hand on my back, as Iturned to see who that was, she was dancing in a very provactive dance, pulling her long hair over her face and looking at Adam! What??? Don’t touch me, lady!!!!f Then it was over. Adam appeared on stage. I could not believe how ‘human’ he looked! I just had this way of seeing him as more of an ‘alien’ of gorgeousness and extreme talent. But, no! He is real. He is more gorgeous, more beautiful, more iconic, more unbelievable, more cool, more humvble, more of everything than I could ever have known unless Isaw him with my very own eyes. I did. He was. He was More of anythng you can imagine. He looked innocent and intensely sexual from moment to moment. It was so much more than you can actually ‘tke in at any moment. All ‘surreal’ and ‘out of this universe’ at the same time, and then understanding yourself, that it IS REAL! Even the, you can’t see HOW!! He seems like he could be your best friend, and at the same time, like he has NO idea what he is emoding (sp) fromhis body, his mouth and his spirit, which seemed to me to be ‘gliding’ around the stage S IF HIS FEET WERE NOT TOUCHING THE STAGE! It’s all too much, too lhard to accurately express all that I felt, all at once, but kind of in waves across my body and around my head. He was unreal and too real all at the same time. More gorgeous and his voice seemed unreal to me. Like seeing someone that you thought was a mlute, open his mouth and the voice was angelic. Not overstated in the least. Incredible, can’t even get close to his vocals and just his voice. Up, down, high, low, unbelievabel screams, unbelievabel body, all unbelievabesl.

    I had a hordrible time when I left finding anyone I came with at the autograqph line. There must have been 5,000 people there for Adam. As I walked all over for over an hour, and totally brelieving I would not find Jeanette, Mary Theresa, Sandy, Nadia, Vera, and the rest, I went back to the entrance to the arena, and was met my a woman who said they were closing the doors, and I could not come back in. I explained that I couldn’t find any of my friends, that my now, I could not even feel my feet, they were swollen and the pain had gone from unbearable to numb to painful numbness. Of course, by now, I was ever so sure that it was not going to be my fate to ‘see’ Adam, up close, or get an autograph. Actually, I NEVER EVER thought I would see him in the ‘line’ after the concert/ JUST WOULD NOTEVER happen!!! I was totally convinced of that. But, I still needed to find the girls, as I had the keys, I had driven, and I was NOT going up in a garage ramp parking ramp alone!!! Not gonna happen. But, as I walked around the entire outside of the arena 3 and a half times, probable 5 jmiles, I suddenly saw Jeanette, and thought I heard someone call my name!!! It was them!!! As I tried to make my way up to the, and they were up against the gater, I was saying ‘excuse me’ to everyone as I tried to get up to the gate with my friends. Suddenly, I seemed to rund into a large mass of flesh and muscles. As I looked up saying my ‘excuse me’, these 2 ‘thug’ of girls looked me in the eye and said ‘you’re not getting thru!!’ I looked right back at those two thugs, about a foot taller than me, and said ‘f— you, watch me!’ As I pushed forward to get next to Jeanette! If Adam was actually coming out there I was NOT GOING TO BE DENIED!!!! Then, Jeanette told me she was so tightly squeezed in that I wasn’t going to be able to get ‘next’ to her. As I then., began to ‘size’ things up, I turned sideways and pushed myself up between Jeanette’s shoulder and the person standing next to her, tucked my right arm in between the spikes of the gate, and there I was, when I heard ADAM was coming and was starting signing about 8 ft away! Still,k I just knew he would not get as far as me, and it was not going to happen. Then he was just 2 people away, then 1, then he reached for my picture to sign, and I said, Adam, wait!!!! He had this serene smile across his face as he stopped and looked at me. I said ‘I just want to see your eyes’. He stopoped looked me dirsectly linto my eyes, and for those few moments, I was not on this earth, then as I feared he would leave, I said, ‘your ring, Adam, can I see your ring’ as he gave me his tdwo hands, I uttered ‘I just want to kiss your ring’, (trying to be funny and kind of like he was equal to the POPE!!) But he gave me his two hands as I molested them with every bit of emotion in me! He then started to sign with his left hand as I was still clasping our fingers thru each others, and rubbing his palm, and suddenly I’m saying to him, ‘OMG, your hand are so soft’. He smiled at me, and out of a moment os embarrassment, I said, ‘Oh! Before lyou go, look at my nails’!!!!!! He did, and looked me in the eyes and said, ever so lovingly and softly, ‘very cool’.

    Then, it was over. I was a changed woman. Never to be the same ever again. Not ever. I REALLY FEEL ‘CHANGED’. FROM DEEP WITHIN. He seemed to be walking on air at that gate. He had an aoura around his whole body. He did not seem human again, then he did, then he didn’t. I can die now. Truly all of my dreams that I dare to dream have come true. Except the one I can’t dream anymore of bseing younger and meeting Adam and of us living together in total paradise for years, and conversation and sex and conversation and sex and love making and talk – that kind of stuff. That dream, I have to accept, will never happen. ……unless…….no.

    There were many, many other exciting, funj, silly, and wonderful thingfs that tkook place with my Glamb friends in GR. But, for now. I just want to get this off to all of you who are interested in what I saw and felt. This, although not truly complete, is the best that I can do for now. I once again, have no appetite. I do sleep, too much, but, I’m in love and lust and it’s with a possibly ‘gay for now’ hot hunk of 27 yrs. Those are difficult obstacles to overcome. Not that I would not be more than willing to give it my all, and my all would be good enough! However, the ‘age’ thing is bound to give ME problems. So, for now, I’ll end, and can hopefully give you all some cute and funny and great shared minutes and hours I was lucky enough to share with these beautiful Glambs that I was with or met in GR!!! Love to you all!!!, Cheryl


    • Cheryl, so glad to hear from you. Hope all is going well with the family. As well as can be anyway. Prayers!
      I am soo happy for you. I can still hear you telling me how you asked Adam how you
      wanted to see his eyes and how you looked into them. OOhhhh gives me chillsssssss.
      I was wondering where you had been for so long. Sue thought she saw you in the middle of
      the barricades with your sign. Then lo and behold you found us. Love your dreams, we all
      have them. Now go have your dreams and see his EYES looking into yours.

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY AND GALA HEY You two!!!!!!!!! Miss everyone already!!!! ESP ADAM!!!! I will NEVER forget his hand. So big and full and soft!!!! Hmmmmm………reminds me of another part of him, no….that part would not be so soft. hehehe!!! I felt like our hands were, well at leaswt my hand was having it’s way with his hand!!!!!

        Mary, and Gala, yes,. I waqs so sad after walking all aroung the outside of the arena so much and there was no place to sit at the entrande to wait for somone to find me. I just didn’t know WHAT in the world I was going to do!!!! I was kind of scared, and feeling very alone!!!!!

        But, such fun!!!!! Oh, I look so ‘cesty’, Vera in that pic!!!! Now, do you see it??? Also, I look so fat !!! Oh, well, I also saw Adam’s abulge!!!

        Much love to you both!!! No, I guess I won’t be dying immediately!!! Adam, where are you????? OMG!!!
        Can’t wait to see him again!!!! Yes, Vera, the sign!!! I kept saying “NEXT!” whe n whoever was singing came near me!!! hahahaha!!! The others didn’t really think any of us were there for ‘them’ did they??!!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          Mary and Gala, – one of the above typos: …….Oh, I look so ‘chesty’……not ‘cesty’…! ugh!

        • Cheryl, I had faith in you that you would find us. Since we left the show early, we
          were destined to be up front somewhere. You searched and you found.
          It worked out.
          sorry you felt sad and alone though.
          Adam made up for that, since u got to touch him and look into his awesome eyes!
          Cant wait to see your pictures. Hope you got some good ones.

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY, Yes, I was in the middle of the barricades with my sign in my hand!!! Several times, at least 3 or 4 I crossed over to the other side looking, cxalling out everyone’s name, moving down the line, eventually making my way back to the barricades, cutting thru people to get to the other side, looking and looking. That was ME!!!! I called and called Jeanette, but she couldn’t hear her phone. It was a sad state of affairs for a while!! You are a little ‘sly’ little fox, yoursself, my dear!!! Getting me to the 2nd row, and being so ‘cool’ about it! I couldn’t beslieve no one asked to see my ticket!!!!! Oh, it was a living dream!!!!

        BTW, thank you for inquiring so much about my family! The situation is dyer, to me. My Aunt is still breathing, but that’s about all I can say. She has lost all of her hair in the last couple weekks. Lost about 45lbs., no eyebrows or eyelashesm had her dentures out of her mouth. HHad never seen that before. She did not talk. I gave her her morphine each lllllldeay and slelpt in her room with her every nite. Things in the family are getting a little out of coontrol with her kids, my cousins. They are not bonding more, but are turning against each other, neither of them helpiing the other. I have another situation like this with my other aunt in Ohio who died in Jan., and her husband died a month later, That family and 4 cousins are having a terrilble time of things as the family has split 2 agailnst 2. I am very upset with 2 of them for the way they are treatilng the other 2. It’s so sad. Will keep you informed as things progress. So glad I went to GR a day earlier than I had planned, due to my aunt’s condition worsening. She originally had lung cancer, then it went to her brain, now it’s eating her cells alive as her body and mind are dying. Her eyes were all yellow the one and only time she was able to open them to look at me. She just lays sleeping 24 hrs a day.

        I can’t understand what happened to me when I saw Adam, massaged his hands, felt like I could not stop rubbing his hands all over, between his fingers, and around again. Oh, that was a pleasure that I won’t ever forget!! You nut!!! Went back for more Adam!! If I had known, I don’t think I could have done it, b/c my feet were sooooo bad and painful!!! I had my gifts. I was ‘satisfied’ as much as possible at the time with Adam. Didn’t want to mar the memory that was already planted forever in my brain. But, it was so much fun meeting you!! Makes every correspondant very different now! peace-love 2 U and ADAM!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          i’m sorry, so sad about your aunt illnes and all the other family problems.

          Surely that moment with Adam made you forget everything else, what a blessing. You will always have those memories, and go back every time you want or need.


        • Thanks Cheryl, Likewise. Loved meeting you and all the others.
          Now, didnt I tell you days before the concert? Have no fear my dear!
          It all worked out wonderfully. Cool and sly, thats how you have to be.
          Have you come down to earth yet, after your experience? I dont think soooo.
          You have so much on your hands it seems with the family, take care and take ea day
          at a time. So terrible when things like this happens and families split instead of
          being together and helping one another. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
          Just keep on dreaming about Adam and listen to his music and think of touching and
          looking into his eyes, so you can escape for awhile. Its therapy for your soul!
          I cant wait untill his own tour schedule is released so we all can start making our
          new plans!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Cheryl

      I am speachless, this time I really have no words to describe how excited I am with your experience. And…THANKS GOD YOU HAD YOUR NAILS POLISHED then you received a compliment of ADAM.

      How delicious must be hold ADAM’s hands, how excited must be look to his eyes so straight as you did….HOW LUCKY YOU ARE CHERYL.

      I am sure you will write a lot of more things that happened and you could not remember this time, some little details about how harm were his hands and how tender is his voice and how sweet are ADAM’s blue, blue, blue eyes and how much your legs became weak when ADAM was near you and so on..

      Actually I’m really happy for you cos you dreamed your dream, you went there, stayed near ADAM, talked to him , and even TOUCHED HIM.. Everything we talked about few days ago and I know you can remember how hopeful you were about this meeting and IT WAS GREAT, MORE THAN YOU EXPECTED, isn’t it

      Best Regards,

      • cheryl norman says:

        EVELIZE,, !!!!! Thank you so very very much!!!


        mwah to adam!!!!!

        peace to you, Evelize!

        • Dear Cheryl,

          SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD for you my dear friend!

          ADAM is definitely PERFECT as you described him we can almost touch your feelings, so strong, so clear that you really love him deeply (as we all do).

          It would be heaven holding ADAM’s hand, isn’t it? So perfect your meeting, so wonderful indeed, my dear.
          I’m sure you will remember every little detail of this meeting for your whole life feeling the same love, the same intensity you are feeling now.
          I also knew you will remember a lot of new things and you will run to us to tell every one.
          When I read everything you wrote I felt just gratitude: for your post, for ADAM existence, for life, for ADAM, for being here, for ADAM, for AI, for ADAM, for ADAM’s perfectly , hot, sexy body, for ADAM’s sensuality, for ADAM’s beauty, for ADAM’s tenderness, for ADAM’s sweetness, for ADAM’s gorgeousness, for ADAM’s innocence, etc, etc, etc.

          Cheryl, I’m at work now and I will be back later to talk more about your PERFECT, WONDERFUL, UNFORGETABLE MEETING WITH ADAM.
          I know everything you lived was marvelous but… A BIG HUG WOULD BE A GOLDEN AND GLITTERED KEY FOR YOU AND ADAM – OH MY GOD – OMFG!!!!!

          Best Regards,

          When I read everything you wrote I felt gratitude: for your post, for ADAM existence, for life, for ADAM, for being here, for ADAM, for AI, for ADAM,

          • cheryl norman says:

            EVELIZE!!! Wow!! you’re not so bad at expressing your feelings, either!!! Thank you so very much
            for all your kind words and your excitement!!!!

            To say you just felt ‘gratitude’ is extremely generous!!! I am greatful to call you my Glamb Sister, and
            friend! Wait till we all do this again! You and Lorrin and Ingrid and Emili, Cindy, and everyone else
            who wasn’t in GR will meet with the ones who were and together we’ll continue to make even better
            memories than we had up to now!!!! Life begins at 50!!! For those under 50, it begins earlier!!!

            Luv, Cheryl #334

    • Oh, my God, Cheryl, it was if the the world suddently stopped reading your amazing and wondrous post.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Cheryl Norman,
        I thought Mary C post was long, I took that back!! I can write a book while reading your post. Title??!! “Waiting it ended” LOL!! You really had fun,don’t you?I’m so happy for you,Cheryl! And another thing, I met Mr.T just now, he asked me to tell you that he needs his jewelery back ASAP!! Hahaha!! Gold and goldtone choker and 2 long goldtone necklaces, black and gold bangles, 2? oval gold hoops!! Seriously??!! Hahaha!! You rock,Cheryl! But seriously,Mr.T wants them back!! ;P

    • Helen/Canada says:

      To all the ladies who went to the GR show. Just wanted to express my happiness for you that you got to see Adam at last, whether it was just the show, or up close and personal afterwards. I’m thrilled for all of you. I know this is an experience you will cherish forever. I would love to respond personally to all of your posts, but this has been an extremely hectic week for me and I am exhausted! Also, this dang voting is driving me crazy–7 days to go! My computer is driving me nuts also. I think I’ve downloaded too much Adam stuff, it is so slow, it’s insane. Thanks to all of you for posting your personal experiences–they were a joy to read.
      And Cheryl, my little vixen, so glad that you had such a wonderful time. MWAH to all!

  30. Cheryl, welcome back!
    OMG! LOVE your story!!!
    When you describing all the Idols, absolutely in the same boat with you… Anoop and Danny… I was so sick watching them… Loved your sign on your face!!!!
    Pushing your way to the other girls… I can see you… LOL Nobody would be able to stop you, I have no doubt!
    And the whole “Adam experience” it is wonderful!!! I understand you completely. Everybody who met him, will understand!!
    But PLEASE PLEASE… do not die!!! need you!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us!
    Love you!

    • cheryl norman says:


      LOTSALUV ‘N LOTSALUV,…….keep it cool now, baby!!! Lotsaluv, yeah!!! Cheryl

      • Hi Cheryl, I guess you are back home now? Did you get any computer help? I got home a day late due to a big nasty head cold, too much partying and late nights, and excitement haha! Would I change it? No way! We will talk in a few days.

        I am so happy for you to meet Adam and touch him, he’ll remember you , for sure! XO

      • Have no fear Cheryl dear, you take care of yourself, rest, enjoy your precious ‘living’ memories of Adam and the magic day and night, and I’ll catch you later…I’ve been putting little comments underneath all your posts here, so not to worry…

    • cheryl norman says:

      GALA,, Hey there little sweet child!!! How did you manage to get into the photog’s video??? How much did you pay that guy, anyway??? Your Glamb sisters want to know!!!! Loved meeting you and Naudia!!! You’re both so extremely nice and genuine!!! How lucky I am to have met you both. It was so hard saying ‘good-bye’ to you!! Can’t wait to do this again at Adam’s own tour!!!! Bet we’ll have many more Glambs next time, too!!!! Wasn’t it so great to ‘know’ so many people at a concert that we didn’t know before??? Also, at Brann’s!!! Such a SPECIAL DAY AND EVENING! Very special. Luv, Cheryl

  31. Cheryl, I have waited patiently for five days to hear these words, and I have to tell you that I am so happy for you, so very happy for you, I can hardly get out the words. I thought about you the whole time, before you left, while you were driving, when you got there, during the concert, thinking, “it’s almost here, it’s almost time for Cheryl to see this man of her dreams”, and I knew, once you were there, that your own special brand of perserverance, feistiness, toughness, and fieryness would see you through to get where you had to go and see what you had to see, and they did and you did! But I just want you to know that from the beginning to the end, someone way out West was praying that you got every last little thing you could ever want from seeing Adam at this concert, and it looks to me, dear Cheryl, like you did….you schemed, you fought, you cajoled, you climbed over, you squeezed in, you walked for miles, you yelled, you glared, you caressed, and you looked lovingly into the EYES of Adam Lambert, and you saw the incredible truth about this man who is so very human, and yet so much a part of another world. You expressed it perfectly, Cheryl, couldn’t be better. Because I know you are so in tune with who Adam Lambert really is, and because you love him so fervently, your words are as ‘first person’ as we are ever going to get, unless we ourselves are there. So I thank you, dear friend, for your captivating report of your night with our Adam….I feel that you have now seen what we can only hope to see one day, have described what we have tried to describe without having seen, and that now, you are over on the other side with ‘those who know’. I’m so glad for you, I’m just so glad for you, and I look forward to hearing all of the little things you will include in the future you didn’t include here. Who knows, Cheryl, where it may someday all lead? With you in the equation, that starlit road will lead anywhere and everywhere. Much love to you tonight from Apartment 3, I can ju-u-u-s-t see your Apartment 10 glowing far above with you in it, bathed in Starlight..

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN ,!!! OH, Lorrin!! Sooooooooo often did I think of you and INGRID!!! i COULD ‘FEEL’ YOU BOTH WITH ME. i AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!! i KNOW, HOW WHEN i’VE WATCHED VIDS OF OTHER CONCERTS, I’d try to put myself in the concert and feel what everybody else might have felt. I just fllt you and Ingrid living the whole experience with me. Sooooo many times I thought about calling you both on the phone, only to realizw, I can’t!!!! It was so strange!!

      My typing and typos are terribe\le, buts I cannot see my own words, as I need new reading glasses, so I know you all don’t care, but as I was typing extra fast, I just couldn’t take the time to chrsck which keys my fingers and longer nails were hitdting!!! see hidting – I mean hitting!!! damn! hahaha!!!

      Lorrin, you know exactly what I tried to say about Adam! I knew YOU would!!!! It is something so spiritual and real and unreal and exciting and sensual and emotional all at the same time. I can be seen on the vids, by the way~!!! I had a red glow stick in my hand. As Adam is back by the band, goes to his left, by that rail, I am right at his feet! Qhen I saw the vid I could see me. Not much of me as I am shorter than the average, but I am there!!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, I WAS NOT DONE, YET!!! OLE MADBERT JUST HIT ‘REPLY’ HIMSELF!!!! He’s just upset right now.

        Anyway, I was right there by that part of the stage where if Adam dances to the left, all the way across the
        stage, I am the only one there!! If you listen closely to WLL, you can actually ‘hear’ me yelling OMG! I had asked the camera guy to get me in with Adam, and he was around by my area enouth, but, I could not believe it when I heard, “OMG!” yelled!!! It was ME! ……OMG!

        Anyway, I am so glad I got to see your post before I go to bed. I am soooo exhausted, and still have to call my cousin in Cincinnati. I just opened my computer today, and to start with I had 32 emails!!!!! Good lord!!
        Thank you so much for your post, it means so much. I am so lulcky to have friends who understand me and my complete love for Adam, and who ‘understand’ what I’m trying to say, which is so impossible to say!!! But, also, the face to face. I just had to think quick of something to say so he just did not pass me by as just another fan, which is what I am, but, don’t tell me that!!! hahahaha!! Ther was really no way I could just let him sign and walk. If I had thought I was really going to see him face to face, and had come up with something more to say, it probably would not have sounded as spontaneous and ‘dumb’ as it did, to which he had to know I was a pitiful thing standing in front of His Hottness. MWAH!!!! Lotsaluv, Cheryl

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I’m so inmensely happy for you. I’m not as eloquent as the other girls here at the site, and I’ve been posting for not even a week, but as you know I’ve been following the site for awhile. So I know how you feel about Adam and how you’ve anticipated with excitement this concert. All I can tell you is that I cried all through your comment, and still am, imagining how you must have felt at that moment looking into his eyes and then holding his hand. Maybe, you’ll think I’m stupid because of this, but is the truth.
          I’m truly so happy for you, because I know (as every one else at the site) what it meant for you.
          Love and peace,

          • cheryl norman says:

            SILVANA, You, my dear are not stupid!!! Cuz if you are, than I definately am!!! I soooo appreciate
            your post to me, very much!! I know how long you’ve been posting and how closely you’ve followed
            us!!! Remember??! Your message is important to me, and I know EXACTLY what you mean when
            you say you’re happy ‘for’ me, understanding how much it meant ‘to’ me! That is what is so special,
            that my friends do KNOW ‘what’ it means to me. Thank you, Sylvana soo very much!

      • Oh man, Cheryl, I am crying my eyes out, thank you SO much for telling me this, it means so much to me….and I know Ingrid will be flying when she reads your words in just a few hours. You are a darling, and I truly DID feel so close to you all through this concert experience with you. And you know what, you DID get catapulted toward that stage! We even got THAT right! I’ll write more later when I pull myself together. Love you so much, and I’ll go and look for that little red glowstick!

    • I don’t know why, this song just came to me yesterday when thinking of Adam and all of you dear Glambs, so I am going to put it here on this page where we have all gathered to hear all of the great news and reports back from the Grand Rapids show. So here are the lyrics to ‘Let It Be Me’, a song of heartfelt love, just for Adam:

      “I bless the day I found you
      I want to stay around you
      And so I beg you, let it be me

      Don’t take this heaven from one
      If you must cling to someone
      Now and forever, let it be me

      Each time we meet love
      I find complete love
      Without your sweet love what would life be

      So never leave me lonely
      Tell me you love me only
      And that you’ll always let it be me

      Each time we meet love
      I find complete love
      Without your sweet love what would life be

      So never leave me lonely
      Tell me you love me only
      And that you’ll always—let–it be–me”

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, beautiful Everly Bros song! I have always loved that song. Always loved the Everly Bros. Perfect!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I love the lyrics!! I will love it more if Adam sang it for me! If he does that, I will get down on my knee and start…. WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS THINKING??!! I’M GOING TO SAY PROPOSE,FOR GOD SAKE!! You guys are horny as hell!! I only going to get down way way down, on my knee…~gulp,giggle~ after I marry him!! Hahaha! It’s good to have a dream!! What a wonderful day!! 🙂

        • Yes, and Percy SLedge!

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID, love Percy Sledges, too!!

            • WHAT, you love his sledges, too!

              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID, I CAN SOOOOOO COUNT ON YOU, CAN’T I???!!!! I have been watching to see
                if any one caught that I inadvertantly added the ‘s’. You are till as quick as ever, huh????

                ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!!!! PERCY SLEDGE!!!!! Geeezzzzzz!!!! When can I catch some
                more breaks here????? I am suffering physically, emotionally, crying, lusting after Adam, missing Adam, missing my glamb sisters, and I cannot still catch a fu king break!!!! Give it up, Fingrid!!! Just
                give it a rest, babycakes!!!! Don’t make me have to hurt you. I will do what needs to be done,
                tho, you know Iwill!

                • Cheryl, you are all talk!!! You would NEVER hurt me, NEVER! Love ya and I am so glad to see you here. I have been thinking so much about you!

  32. Wow Cheryl – that was SOME STORY!! You GO girl!!!!! Loved every word!

    • cheryl norman says:

      DONNA, Hey, there!! Thank you so much!!! I am still in the clouds, Adam is right beside me!!! Yeah, Donna, some story!!!! Thanks to ADAM! peace-love

  33. Helen/Canada says:

    Hi everyone
    Any photographers out there? Need some advice as to how to get the best pictures of Adam at the barricades at night with a digital camera. What setting does everybody use? Thanks!!!

  34. MY DEAREST CHERYL, I feel your happiness totally and I feel you looking for words to describe how you felt and still feel. I am so happy that your Adam experience was everything and MORE than you had expected in your wildest deams.

    Firstly, I am so glad to have you back safely – you left me behind but my spirit went with you. I can picture everything you shared, so vividly. I can actually hear you saying, WAIT to Adam when you wanted him to look in your eyes. I can feel you all choked up and for just those few seconds being absolutely oblivious to anything and anyone around you. In my minds eye, I see you like a child caressing his hands … wanting, … no urging him to know how much you love him. I am sure he saw it in your eyes and the way you held onto his hands. Cheryl, fortune favours the brave. You were brave from the minute you stepped into the arena and edged your way to the front. Sounds just like Mary C to take you with her to the front. Cheryl, you have a way of edging yourself into one’s heart and I am sure that Adam will remember you. Some people are just like that. Well, my dear friend, look at the posts and know that you were sorely missed. I have just realised how much I missed you and I am shedding tears of joy because you are back safely and tears of happiness for your once-in-a-lifetime Adam experience.

    We fool around most of the time but hearing ‘all about it’ from you and having you back safely, is a moment I want to cherish. LOVE YOU AND MWAH, MWAH, MWAH! There’s more when you come back!

    • Ingrid, this is so very beautiful, your capturing the essence of Cheryl’s time with Adam: the words ‘Adam wait!’ that Cheryl so bravely uttered, her use of every moment of that time and Adam allowing her to have him all to herself for those brief minutes, and your understanding of her childlike love in holding his hands and willing him to know of her love for him, truly this is very moving. I have really been very emotional today thinking of everyone here, of the triumphant return of our heroes, of how much this site and everyone on it means to me, and I have been singing ‘Let It Be Me’ all day long, and crying over this lovely guy who has made so many of us so very happy. Once again, each one of the far-flung members of this enormous world-wide migration is heading to this site to be with us here ‘at home’ on these pages, to share, to exult, to congratulate each other, to laugh together, to cry, to hoot and yell at each other’s comments, to think deeply now and then about life, and to revel in and wonder at the love we all share for this special man, Adam Lambert. I feel as though I am leaving a lighted room full of laughter, joy, and the warmth of true friendship behind whenever I ‘sign off’ for the night. So, I thank you, Ingrid, for your thoughtful perception and lovely comments, and for being such a true friend to all of us here on this site. And a huge thank you to all the Glambs who make this all possible, each and every one of you! Love to all of you from the ‘Starlight Sandbox’ tonight!

      • Ah Lorrin, I had to leave the site to gather myself and then I had a client with me, who was very understanding when I excused myself from time to time so that I could vote (didn’t tell him but did it whilst he was on the phone). Lorrin, our understanding of each other is something to behold. I think we were in the same space and we just feed off each other. I share your love for the song, ‘Let it be me. You know in some strange way I don’t mind that it wasn’t me, but Cheryl who looked into Adam’s eyes and held his hand because it was equally satisfying and I know, dear Lorrin, the same goes for you. I can just imagine Cheryl in a deep sleep with the most beautiful smile on her face. Love to you my dear friend in the Starlight Sandbox. I need to go out into the garden and get some fresh air!!!!!

      • Lorrin, You are beautiful!
        Thanks for that.

        • And so are both you and Ingrid, Mary C., both of you are very special and beautiful people..

          • cheryl norman says:

            lorrin,…..BOTH YOU AND iNGRID AND mARY c, SO SPECIAL………..WHAT ABOUT CHERYL????
            hUH? WHAT ABOUT ME????

            • Ooops, Ms Lorrin, you are in DEEP TROUBLE! Suggest you do some serious sucking up, hee, hee!

            • Cheryl, my dear friend, your are the MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL! If you will follow down to the end of this page, you will see JUST how much I think of you, which is a WHOLE LOT! Remember, YOU are the one I was thinking of the most during your great adventure to Grand Rapids, you are the one we all love to see on these pages so much…you are the one and only ‘Naughty Girl Norman’, and you are simply irreplaceable..

              (How am I doing, Ingrid?)

              • Your doing well, Lorrin! Your nose is nice and brown! Lorrin and Cheryl, I love you to bits! I need this light relief to be able to deal with the vote situation!

    • cheryl norman says:

      INGRID, There is a lot I haven’t gotten to yet. I can’t seem to get past my ‘lifetime’ with Adam! I think I was kind of ‘sead’ for many years. As a matter of fact, my cousin, Lois, who was at my cousin, Rughie’s house, kept saying to me, “Cherry, you look like a movie star!! I haven’t seen you like your old self so excited and alive in years!!! Where have you been!!!” and she just kept telling me I looked awesome, of course, my cousin, Ruthie, never has complimented me in her life. Ruthie is 59 yrs old and over 300lbs now. My sister, kept promising to come to Ruthie’s to meet with me and go to lunch, but she never showed after 3 days of promises. I have divorced the bitch. She does not care about me or love me. She has proved that over and over for so many years, I now believe it. I even called her 2 times today, and she had her 38 yr old mentally challenged son tell me she’s too uposet about our aunt that she can’t talk to me. Right. I have never been a fool, don’t think I’m going to become one today! My male cousin, all 9 of them that was around all told me I looked ‘awesome and hot’. That was a shock. I always look ‘better’ than any of my female cousins and sister, and there’s always been much jealousy, with the exception of 4 or 5 of the girls. I am 4th in line of oldest, and so, our family kind of respects that line. Too bad it’s so hard for some!!
      As I reflect on the last year and half, 3 of my Granny’s daughters out of 6 have died within the year and half and 2 of the husbands, my uncles!!! We have never had a cousin die yet, and lilke I said there are at least 100 plus of us now, including 2nd and 3rd in the immediate family. It’s hard to keep track of them!

      Jeanette had this amile that you lwould not believe on her face the whole time after I took her to the Arena!! She forgot to mention, that I went running all around inside the arena in the afternoon to locate Barnaby for her!!! As I was asking someone where he was, etc., this lady asked me if I knesw what he looked like, and I told her it had been 20 yrs at least, but I thought I’d know him if I saw him and just at that moment, I saw a guy and knew it was him! I asked her and she said, yes. So I cut in front of the lilne of people he was talking to and gestured to him. He came over to me and I told him that ‘Jeanette’ that he interviewed on the radio was here, and then called Jeanette upo to introduce them, and she told you what happened. She was so happy, she was floating, and kept repeating, ‘Adam heard my name’, Barnaby mentioned my name to Adam!!! Soooooo funny!!!!

      Brann’s was so much fun!!!!! I made ‘announcements’, felt so ‘special’ when so many glambs said they wanted to meet ‘cheryl’ etc! It was too much fun!!!!! We had a really nice special place careened off in the restaurant, and had booths and tables, it could not have been better!!! Some of us had the deep-fried brownie fried ice cream!!! OMG! Couldn’t get enlough of that!!! Our waittress was so good to us. The owner that I made all the arrangements came out to welcome us, etc. Fun!!!

      Ingrid, have had a small headache today, am totally whipped, but wanted to answer some of these wonderful posts, and eommunicate with you and all glambs, but, think I will end for tonite, take som vicodin for my head and eat something and get in bed! Love you and Lorrin very much! This trip would not have ever been so good without the two of you with me every moment. Totally how I feel. Totally so very true, you two just don’t know!!!! For now, Mwah (?)……………………!!!! Cheryl

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID,,,,,, FIRST OR SECOND SENTENCE, ERROR: I think I was kind of “dead” for…..

        • Cheryl, Adam has had more than just a technical learning effect on all of us, he has raised our spirits just when some of us needed it the most. You just bubbled over with ‘life and happiness’ those two days we were together, and I truly hope, my sweet friend, you can keep your spirits lifted for a long time to come. Your relatives were right! You have a whole new glow!

          Who knows what Adam’s existence will bring to each of our lives in the future?? At the very least, new friends, new horizons and new feelings.

        • Ah Cheryl, give or take A FEW – first or second sentence, every second sentence – it doesn’t matter! Okay, I’m ducking before the missiles come flying from your direction! Serves you right for leaving us behind – now we have lots of catching up to do! Mmmmmwah! Cheryl, when you say mwah, you actually have to hold the ‘m’ – like mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah – must sound like a smack kiss. Lorrin, help me get this across!

          • Oh yes, yes Ingrid, you must hold down your lips in a nice little tight smoochy pucker and go ‘MMMMWAAHHH’ at the same time avoiding the missiles that are flying past your head from Cheryl’s direction, and then run in and give Cheryl two big smackerooes on each cheek and get out of there before the missiles start flying again, is that what you meant, Ingrid?

      • Cheryl, I’m sure Ingrid and I were truly there in spirit…we had to be sure our favorite gal saw her man that night… what are girlfriends for if not that?

        • Ah Lorrin and Cheryl, you two are truly AWESOME! Cheryl, go and rest up and we’ll catch up … and don’t forget to eat, okay.

  35. Wow, its Wednesday morning and I missed getting in on all your comments above about Grand Rapids. I’m the famous Mary C’s sister. Just wanted to tell all the glambs that I met there that I appreciate the welcome and what a great time I had. I do hope you all have some type of party or get together down the road so we all can meet again. My grandson had a great time too. He’s so excited about getting Adam’s autograph. During the concert he sang along with Adam for Mad World. That’s his favorite song.
    By the way….Mary hasn’t washed her hand yet!
    PS…I’m still hoping to get a glamb #……Jeannette please check on it.

    • Alright Sue, glad you are all aboard now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi SueAnn C
      Welcome, so glad you are joining us. You’ll have a blast here. We all loooove Adam so much!

      • Helen, thanks for the welcome. I have to log on in between taking care of two grandkids. They’ll be in school next week so I will have more time. Love that Adam.

    • cheryl norman says:

      SUEANN C. Was that night and day and next day at IHOP fun or WHAT????? I am sooo happy that you have joined us!!!!! The more the happier!!!!!!!!!!!! Your grandson got Adam’s auto.????? Sooooo sweet!!! Mary had a smile on her face that I told her looked like she had ‘gotten herself laid’ the nite before!! hahaha!!! Yeah, we were all nuts, weren’t we?! Cannot wait til I see him again!!!!
      peace-love-light Cheryl

      • Cheryl, Got Laid?? I remember you saying that. You sly devil you. Always a way with words huh?
        I love to smile, like you said above in your posts. in a lifetime everyone has a time of sadness and
        happiness all kinds of emotions etc. Adam and his special gift to us is truly a blessing!

        I just cant wait untill our next get together, so we can kick ass and rock with him.

      • Cheryl, all Mary C can talk about is how HOT Adam is. I believe she’d trade in her used husband for a piece of Adam….heeheehee. Our entire conversation on the way home was Adam., Adam, Adam. Can’t get enough. You’ll have to ask her about a dream she had about a week ago. She’s really into Adam for sure. Huh Mary C……
        Signed, sister SueAnn C.

    • Hi again, Sue, good to meet you, and dear Branson!

    • Sue, Jeanette is not in charge of Glamb numbers. Try looking above, to ‘categories’ and glambs membership

  36. AdamRocks! says:

    Wow Cheryl! This was well-worth waiting for! I felt like I was right there with you as I read your post. . . the most beautiful part. . . clasping his hand in yours with your fingers interlocked, looking into his eyes. . . omg, am I still breathing???

    I’m sooooooooo happy for you!!! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMROCKS, I hopes you are okay!!! hahaha!!! As you have surely noticed, along with all Glambs, I am making typos like no other posting days!!! Sorry!! I even have myself saying ‘what the heck is she trying to say’??? But, I will have to trim my fingernails, just that I still have the black sparkle polish, and do not have a chip anywhere yet!!! Theresa told me she HAD to have a manicure and pedicure to get the best polish that would not chip. I told her I finally found a little bottle for $2. It is still as perfect as the day I put it on and used a clear coat on top. Can’t believe it, but, I LOVE the BLACK polish!!! It really ‘suits’ me!!! Absolutely looks normal on me. Better than any of the hundred different colors of mauve, red, pinks, clears, etc. I have never had black, and now I will never GO BACK!!!! Yeah, rubbing his hands, thru his fingers, lightly massaging his palm and over the top of his hand and briefly up his arm, and he just let me!!! Think he’s ‘easy’????? hahahaha!!!! No, but, if I were alone with him, I think I could do whatever I wanted and he’d ‘let’ me. Really, I do. I KNOW he will try out the girls as soon as he’s free from ole Drake!!!

      • Cheryl, when you and I finally meet, will you hold hands with me, so I can just get a LITTLE bit of that Adam aura on me? (I think I’m feeling just a tad ‘impish’ again this evening, it must be the proximity of that old MadBert)..

      • Cheryl, you and I never got a chance to talk about the Adam , Drake situation did we?
        You describing how Adam let you feel his hands has got me turned on thinking about him. Jesus.
        Adam are you easy, that would be a great twitter question, next twitter party!
        I want to do whatever I want with him alone too. He’s said he’s tried out girls in the past, I feel a
        woman in his future. I had people seeing me in my famous Tshirt and thinking I was his mom.
        I want to be the girlfriend!!!!!!!!! Lets see thats a question of do I want to mother him or just
        tear his clothes off of him.
        When is he going to be free of ole Drake? We just want him to be in love and happy , right?

        • Mary, the joy of Adam’s existence is we want to do both to and for him!!

        • Mary C, remember you are MaryMom – your choice! … now pass him over to me so that he can find out the meaning of … WOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I am going into orbit – don’t help!

          • Ingrid, I want to go back to the ole Mary. I think! I love being ornery and sick and all the horny things!
            But then again, Mom? That could be caressing too. In a good way.


  38. Jeanette, I can’t stop looking at your concert photos! They are some of the best photos taken by a fan that I’ve ever seen!

    Cindy in MS

  39. All you Grand Rapids Gang Glambs, here is the entire 9 min. 25 sec. of Adam at the Grand Rapids barricades. I believe I can see that great ‘Next King’ sign you all had made at 2:46 – 2:55, and I’m not sure, but is that Vera there? Do any of you recognize yourselves, or HEAR yourselves anywhere on the video? I watched the whole thing, and there were a number of times I saw Adam lean over as Cheryl described, but I’m not sure who I was looking at, at any rate, this might be kind of exciting for you GR Glambs to see. It’s a ‘mindchnger’ video. Here’s Adam at the GR barricades, and boy, does he look good:

    • AdamAddict says:

      At 2:47,I saw the banner that they brought! “Adam the next king!” But I can’t reconized anyone there! At least the banner was in the video! 🙂

      • AdamAddict says:

        Adam was smiling the whole 10 mins,he was so adorable!! At the end when he put his arm on that girl,can you hear the cameragirl says? Hahaha,i’m so understood! How the hell that girl got the job,man? That’s the best job ever! got to hang with super handsome man and you get paid??!! Wow, unbelievable!! And those scream,gosh ,it’s damn loud! No wonder Adam “shhh” them before! That scream can make a coma people wake up, seriously,it’s ultrasonic!! But I can’t find any Glambs! Thanks for the vid Lorrin!! 🙂

    • Lorrin, Thanks for that vid. I watched it 6 times trying to see what was what. Ok, at 2:58 I see
      Gala, in the pink shirt. I see the King sign, Cheryl, Jeanette, myself , Terry, Josie, Sue Ann
      should have been to the right of that. Looks like the video skipped to when the person
      walking w/Adam had him cross to the side where he had to bend down a bit , due to trees in
      the way. Soooo, they completely skipped over us. Yea, you would have clearly heard us
      talking to him, with all we had to say.
      Another thing, I dont know how he does it, with all those people yelling etc. When you;re there
      it doesnt seem that loud to me. I guess you’re so in the moment , its blocked out a bit.

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY C, Yes, you are correct-o!!! How did GALA get that much photo time!!!! hahaha!!! That’s the sign we had at Brann’s alright!

        GLAMBS, WANTED TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY ‘dance with me’ sign. i BROUGHT IT IN BRANN’S AND WHEN WE LEFT ………..I FORGOT IT!!!!!!!!!……… When Adam sang those words, I intended to have that sign ready, ……and I FORGOT IT AT the restaurant!!!!! shit!!

        Mary, yeah, you did tell me over and over that everything would work out. I was just ‘wanting it’ to work out so much that I couldn’t relax about it!!! But, you truly did not let me down!!! Thank YOU so VERY, VERY MUCH for taking such good care of me to get me up front with you!!!! That was a true show of love and understanding from you!!!! I will NEVER forget HOW AND WHY I got up to the stage, and Who WAS COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. I can tell you that for sure!!! What a ‘blessing’ you were to me. Love, Cheryl

        • Thank you Cheryl, you are a good woman!!! Annddd you even got the Womannnn
          in WLL from Adam.

          • PS Cheryl, I know if the situation was in reverse you would have done the same !
            I can just see your face, you were just in awe the whole time.

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, Yes, I saw GALA!!! She was to our right, down maybe 8-10 people. The camera guy just seemed to skip me, Jeanette, Mary and Theresa and Sandy!!!!! What’s up with that, asswipe???

      But, lit sure brought me right back to the ‘moment’!!!! It WAS CRAZY!!!! That was a VERY small part of the ‘signing area’!!! Multiply that time 50, and you get the ‘feel’!!!! He did go around to the sides, and where you see an ‘island’ was a very heavily populated area!!!!! Those people really did not have any idea they were in the wrong place. I met them many times while I traveled looking for the girls!!!! hahaha!!! Lorrin,read my post below to Lisette and to Adamaddict and Adamrocks, too, I think. I want you and INGRID to know what happened to my ‘special’ sign that read “Adam……

      I was sick when I left it at the restaurant. Sick. Why????? HOW did I do that????? I did have 2 more signe. The one in yellow about “Glambs 4 ADAM” I made and another one with Adam in silver and blue glitter that I had with me at the concert. But, still……..oh, it’s ok. I saw and touched and talked to ‘His Hottness” and that is more than I could have ever dreamed of.!!!

      • Cheryl, correction, Gala was to our left. Makes me wonder where in the hell that person was
        who was filming skipping over us. Probably thought Adam took to much time with our section.

      • Cheryl, after all the excitement about the poster, you left it behind! Ta, ta, ma cherie!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN,,,,,Oh,,,, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cheryl, my dear, it may be, it just may be that you were SUPPOSED to forget that sign back at the restaurant…perhaps in forgetting it, you found some kind of new impetus deep inside yourself that you weren’t even fully aware of, to ‘connect’ with Adam somehow WITHOUT that sign there with you…it’s just a thought, but with all your phenomenal success at speaking with Adam that night, at holding his hands and looking into those eyes while he spoke, it just may be that that sign was meant to be left behind. And who knows, maybe some little child or worker back at the restaurant saw it and thought, ‘oh boy’ a sign from the concert, I love Adam too! It’s all about synchronicity my dear friend, synchronicity..

    • WE were all right at the black fence. Jennifer had that big banner, blue and white, and she was standing about 3 to 5 people to the left of us. Adam came to her area first, then ours, Cheryl, then Jeanette, Mary C, me, Josie, Sue and Branson.

    • Just after the banner which is held by Jennifer of Toronto, you can see Gala (Vera) and her friend Nadia, both blondes.l We were just a few people after them but I couldnt see us.

  40. cheryl norman says:


    On one of your posts you said some things and I don’t know what they mean! Please translate for me!! Here they are:

    You thought I’d be more conservative, “non so tresbelle” What is tresbelle!??

    Apres monthe …..never picture Cheryl as belle an jeune. What is belle an jeune??

    You said I remind of your friend who is 50, and her complextion is very nice. Yeah, I sure look at least 50 in these pics, but have NEVER been guessed my age that high before!!!! Believe me, I only wish I had taken the time to do my hair and make-up like at least as good as an ordinary day, and wish I had never kept that dress, as it is truly unbecoming!!!! This is just my EGO talking, but, I am usually quite particular about my appearance. So, I am unhappy with the only pics that everyone has to see me in! Hate that!!!!

    Thnk you Lisette for answering these questions!!! My fibromyalgia is out of control, too!!! I am sleeping so much from the fibro., sometimes I am so weak I sleep for a couple days, just getting out of bed to wash up and get something to eat, and pass out again. So, I know how YOU feel!!!! LOTSALUV!!! cheryl

  41. Cheryl, ‘bisous’ is kiss, and non so tresbelle means ‘not so very beautiful” and jeune is ‘young’ so Lisette is complimenting you well!

  42. cheryl norman says:

    THERESA LISETTE If what you said, Lisette is what Theresa says, then I am forever in your debt!!!! Hahaha!!! No, really, thank you very much. Young and berautiful??? Elvis did a song in Jailhouse Rock called “Young and Beautiful”, and when I was young, and saw that movie at the theatre for 25 cents about 8-10 times, that was one of my very favorite songs. Bought the Jailhouse Rock album JUST for THAT song!!! Does anyone else remember that song???

    AND BEAUTIFUL……TO MEeeee….. sigh…….

    Anyway, thank you for thecompliment, although not deserved by these pics!!!!
    love-peace, and lotsaluv ‘n lotsaluv…shake it shake it baby,,,shake it shake it baby,,,,lotsaluv ‘n lotsaluv..yeah……!

  43. cheryl norman says:


    It is 3:30AM Thurs. My Aunt just passed. I am home now, thanks to my cousin Ruthie, who told me originally to come up to GR fast, then, made it impossible for me to stay as I and she had planned on because my other cousin, Alinda, yes that is spelled correctly, Alinds, who’s a few monthe younger than me. and who’s Mother, my other Aunt who just passed in Jan. didn’t want me to be at Ruthie’s house if she was coming up, cuz I am very close to Alinds’s sister, Sue who is 5 yrs older than me, and Alinda and Sue, Billy and Barbie, who are sibblings have divided themselves into 2 camps. Sue and Barbie, and Billy and Alinda. Both their parents passed on just less than 2 monthe apart this past winter, and there is a big estate, and my aunt and uncle put my cousin, Sue in charge of it, and Billy and Alinda want more money and realestate than they have coming. so they are ‘divorcing’ each other. Now, it has infringed upon my relationshop with my cousin, who has impacted on my relationship with my Aunt, so that she passes on almost immediately after I’m gone, and my cousin Alinda from Cincinnati arrives in GR to Ruthie’s house.

    Ruthie called my at 3:15 AM> apologizing right off the bat berfore I even knew why. I thought she had accidently pressed my number and was apologizing for waking me up. But, no, she’s saying it was her fault that I was not there when her mother expressley wanted me there, etc. and I came running, only to leave just before she passes. So I told Ruthie, ‘yes, it is absolultely YOUR FAULT that I am NOT there due to the fact that you had to get me out of the house or Alinda would not come up. I told her I had figured it all out by myself the very moment she decided to get me to leave by telling me that she thought her mother would last maybe until Thanksgiving, and I said that that was a very unknowledgable thing to say at the least. She said ‘hospice’ told her not to let more than one person in the house at a time as it would aggreviate my aunt. I told her, then, and there in the living room that that was one of the stupidest things she’d said to me in a very long time,. that her mother was in a semi-coma already. She of course argued that with me also. On the phone tonite she said she argued with me and that I was right, and how ‘sorry’ she was, that she thought my aunt would last longer even tho she could not even suck water thru a straw, was on morphine, to which I was giving my aunt the morphine and trying to get some drops of water in her and laid in a chair for 3 nites watching her chest move up and down, knowing that it was exactly the way my Mother went as I saw her chest stop moving. Ruthie tried to take all blame. I told her she didn’t have to ‘take’ the blame, the ‘blame’ belonged to her for her part in my leaving by lying to me and caring only about herself and Alinda, who my Aunt had barely anything to do with. So, I said, I will not try to make you feel bad tonite, your mother has died, but I will not forget the way you treated me and your Mother for your own selfishness, and that I had to hang up now, and so I did. So, anyway, if I’m not around much in the immediate future, it’s for many more emotions, anger, sadness, remembering my own Mother, not going to the funeral, disliking my cousin Alinda for helping to cause such an unnecessary situation on Ruthie’s Mother, and for Ruthie letting this get in the way of her Mother’s quietly passing, and thus, causing bilg problems now with her funeral, and with Ruthie’s and my relationship that has been so damaged, that I could spit nails right now at both her and Alinda. Told her that she no longer had to wonder if she would ever see me again, because she would not and neither would my sister after my calling her 2 times today and her using some lame-brain excuse to ‘call me back’ which I have heard since Sat. and she has not called. I called her and told her how lucky she had been that I was still even speaking to her after everything she has done to me in the last 3-4 months including steraling $175 from me this summer and promising to pay it back and making herself scarce so as to not let me ask her for it. I told my sister that having ‘bi-polar does not excuse 50 years of lies she has told about me to people who don’t even know me. She tells people tha she’s a race car driver, that all my life experiences are now hers, that my ex-husband was in love with her, that my mother’s husband was in love with her, and my father was in love with her, too. She carries aroung pictures of some of my hunky cousins and tells people they are her husband. Well just suffice it to say 48 yrs of lying. If her mouth was moving, she was lying. She has NEVER had a friend, I had to let her run around with me and my friends, which is how Igot hit by a car when I was 11 yrs old, just trying to get me and my friends away from her, my mother said I had to take her with me everywhere I went cuz she had no friends and couldn’t make any or keep any. So, I see no reason for me to go to GR ever again, unless it sould be to see my cousins, Rom, Mike Mikey,Paul, Gerard, Joe, Germaine, Bridgette, Dawn, Jim, Sue, Bruce, Dewey, Paula, Deb, Scott, Lois, Maynard, Jeff, Fuzz, Terri, Gerrard, Gregg,Dawn,Dennis, Glenna, Keith, Randy, Jeniffer, Jamie, Jason, Jason 2, Madison, Joey, David, JR, Sherri, Branon , BJ, Paula, and the other 50-75.

    I am so bummed out right now. Am soooo angry and empty, and cannot go to thr funeral, nor will my son and family. Sometilmes life’s a beach, then you die.

    When I am more back to normal, I’ll make myself known!!!! But not until!!!! Much love to tou all who support me in these rough times. The world has not ended, just my respect for those wh have disrespected me. They will soon regret it. I don’t care how they do things, or make their lilves like it was when my Aunt was alive and supporting them all!! I had just about gotten rid of my headach, but it is back a bit stronger. I think I’ll have a hot fudge sunday and try the bed again. Sweet dreams, or have a good day to all, Cheryl

    • My dearest Cheryl, my deepest sympathy.! I am glad that you saw your aunt and don’t dignify the bitchiness by giving it too much airtime – they are not worthy of it. You know and what you are and those who count also do. Please take care of yourself! Eat (first), take some pills and rest – the past two weeks have been very testing in different ways. I am not going to post a lengthy message as you need rest. You know where to find me and know that you have all our support! Love ya and mwah, mwah, hugs and mwah!

      • Cheryl, I am very sorry for all that has happened….I pray that something can one day be salvaged from all of this, and that you will eventually be able to find some peace. I will be thinking of you and praying for you in the days ahead, and for your family. Until we hear from you again, I send you love and many blessings, and I hope that you will be able to rest and be restored surrounded by that love.

        • Cheryl, do not let the family ‘dynamics’ get to you now. Just think of the good times you had with your aunt. As Lorrin says, rest, eat, and try to recuperate as much as you can. Think over the happiness of the past few days which happened simultaneously with the family stuff.

          My deepest sympathies to you at this time, lots of hugs and kisses, and a personal email will get to you as well.

          love, Terry

    • Cheryl, my sympathy goes to you. Take care and do what you feel in your heart is best to do during
      this time. Peace and Love

  44. cheryl norman says:

    INGRID, LORRIN, MARY, AND EMILI, Thank you alll so very, very much. I had to ‘vent’ in the middle of the night. I did, and it’s done. I am very slow, to say the least to get riled, but when I’m disrespected and llied to to the enth degree, better run for cover, cuz as my family and friends to do that sort of stuff to others is up to them, but if they try it for too long and too much, I will not take any prisoners, or hostages. I am so much better of a person than anyone in my family, that the loss will be felt by them, not my me. I am thru turning the other cheek, pretending not to hear what I heard, just letting ‘everything’ pass without standing up for myself. Then, when I do, suddenly I’m a ‘problem’. So, what else should one expect after continuously abusing everyone? One day, someone will stand up and hold them accountable. That day has come to this family. I haold everyone who has done me wrong for no apparent reason outside of jealousy, accountable for their words and deeds. It’s over. I will lick my wounds, take the time I need, and will as usual, come out even stronger, while the rest of them can continue in their small minded gamesw with each other. I’m taking my marbles and going home. I will associate only with those who appreciate a good, kind, generous, loving and loyal friend or cousin, and leave the hatred behind. I want to deal with this shit NO MORE. Let all the cards fall whereever they may. My life goes on. Maybe a little more bruised and hurt for now, but, time will heal all of that. Love you and am doing what I need to. Coming back to this site for some sanity and getting a laugh, and loving everyone here and responding as soon as I can.

    Mary, you are one very intuitive lady!!!! When I posted about my shyness, timidness, etc. I was blown away by your believing me and having ‘witnessed’ it. People never believe me when I admit to how shy and timid I am. Simply b/c after getting to know me, I am the oopposite. Kudos to you, Mary!!!! Also, am able to understand when Emilil said she was the same way. Even tho she’s hysterically funny, witty, and such a character, deep down inside she’s so much like me, it’s unbelievable. But i do believe her, of course. And, Mary you and I have gone against the grain on a few things in total agreement. No, we sure didn’t get to talk, I am sorry for that, but we must make that happen in the future. Your understanding of this family situation, by telling me to do what I feel is right for me, is very conforting. For I cannot ‘ignore’ this thing anylonger. I have to stand up for myself. That is who I am. Iwouldn’t be true to myself if I kept quiet and took whatever was dished out to me. That would make me the ‘doormat’ that so many tried to keep me as being for way too long. I am a good person, and will not let anyone abuse me and acuse me anylonger. I’m 61. I do not know how many more years I will live, but, I do know that I won’t have those years back again, and the remainder of my life will not be as it has been in the past. I will be sure that it is better. If I don’t do that than, who? It is up to me. And I am up for the task.

    Luv to all, Cheryl

    • Thats so right Cheryl, be true to you. No one else will stick up for yourself like you will.
      Dont ever pass up on things in life, once those seconds pass by they are long gone.

      You are one hot 61 yr old. I would have never thought that is your age.
      You go girl

  45. cheryl norman says:

    Lorrin, Mary Ingrid Emili Theresa Evelize Lisette, One last noter for now. I have responses to you as far up as close to the top, anything dated Sept 10. You all keep me laughing and running around and your posts are so fun, interesting and nutty, that I have a hard time letting them go w/o adding my 2 cents! One thing you can all see, is thqt if you need some love, this is where you can always go.

    Each and every one of you and some other glambs also, Gala, AdamRocks, and others have so much to offer in the way of ‘heart’, guts, love Adam-loving and understqanding, and everytime I spend some time on this site, I see each of you more intimately than I did before. What an incredible group we have here!!! This I cannot overstate!! If we were ever living close to each other, the ‘power’ we would hold would be outlandish!!! We would be pursued by the white collar men who think they have ‘control’ of this world, but would now have to answer to us. We could ‘change the world’! Yeah, ‘A Change would Come’. And it would come to someone specifically, and immediately, Adam. He would be our Leader. We would ‘chose’ him, and make the world a better place for you and I and all who feel helpless and hopeless. We would get rid of the hypocrites in congress. Well, that would leave DC in desperate need of genuine good people, how great would that be?? We would have women, blacks, gays, lesbians, handicapped, seniors, immigrants and a few good men. We ‘Can Handle the Truth’ and would seek it out! Hold people accountable. Throw out all men who cheat on their wives while in congress, and change the way this country does business. Get rid of religious fanatics, there is no place in gov’t for anyone who would try to push their religious agendas onto others. Child predators would be castrated, women beaters would suffer a long and painful life as slaves to women, men who kill women and children would be sent to a remote island or Siberia, and freedom of the press, religion, expression, freedom from harm and the rights of women and children secured as a constitutional right. All men and women would be expected to do right by each other, or given a one-way ticket to hell on earth, a special ‘state’ to hold the dangerous and bad-intentioned people who cannot live in a society that believes in peace and love. Enough of this!

    This site can grow to be the site that caaters to the best of the best that good decent loving people know they can come to for acceptance. That is a big part of what Adam is all about, and as we understand his philosophy, and agree with it, we can only grow stronger as a small community wanting to learn more about life and hopoing to be helplful to others, and showing others how to be accepting to those who are left behind, pushed aside, bullied, or unloved. We all stand for that, I think, and should be proud of who and what we are and of the stand that our Adam is attempting to take against the odds. Maybe I am talking like a kid of the 60’s, women’s lib, love and peace. But I believed in that then and have never stopped believing in those qualities and that they can be achieved. No more war. No more accepting the hatred of others as a way of life. Just another way of thinking, living, and behaving. As if there is more to lilfe than today, and now. That we have a greater power. Who or what is not for me to say. I do not pretend to know. But, I am astonished by the way the people on this site continue to show love and support, caring and help for me and everyone of us. We will extend that to anyone with whome we come across here, and hopefully in the places on Planet Earth where we can make a big difference. There is something very special and unique about those on these sites. I just want to acknowledge that I am aware of it, and want anyone who is not aware of it, to just consider it. Mwah……………………………………peace-love-light-joy-understanding-happiness 2 all glambs and esp to ADAM.

    • Wow, Cheryl, everything about you and your thoughts brings me to a new platform of self-discovery. Thank you.

      I dont’ want to deify Adam as he is not a deity. But there is something about Adam that truly inspires me. Perhaps it is that the world itself is ready for a major shift in perception and acceptance…and somehow Adam Lambert is at the vortex.

      My, this sounds like a load of crap, and yet somehow, it isn’t, is it?

      (This is probably the most esoteric post you will read from me…ever).

      • Dear Songwriter4adam, I am probably on the opposite end of ‘esoterica’ from you, and you will probably hear more than one more post from me on the more ‘supernatural’ aspects of Adam’s life and career, but don’t you find it wonderful that we have all found a place of love and acceptance, sharing and joy here? We are a microcosm of the diverse world out there and we are all living in our happy cyber home together quite amicably and in peace. We have our lovely Adam at the center, and we are all coming through the door of our ‘home’ here, calling out greetings to one another, yelping with joy to see someone who’s been gone for awhile, chatting furiously over in the corner about something too important to miss, calling for attention and making announcements, creating a huge hubbub and laughing uproariously at our wild antics and hysterical jokes, settling down on the rug and on the couches to listen rapturously to our man sing and dance, smile and speak to us, and then each one leaving when she or he has to go home, sending kisses and love, while some stay behind to watch through the night…there’s surely something at work here, and it is very healing and very good….I think even certain deep emotions are being released, pain is being helped in some way, laughter has become more frequent, energy and hope are being restored in some cases, a pair of beautiful aquamarine eyes is gazing out over us every day….it is really quite amazing what love and joy, caring and acceptance, sprinkled with a little starlight, can do..

      • cheryl norman says:

        SONGWRITER, I didn’t intend to project as a ‘deity’, of course he is not, at least as far as we kow today. But, Adam, just being his incredible self, brave to stand alone in this world and say, without saying it, ‘I am what and who I am’. Very brave in this world of so much hypocricy, danger, hate-filled people who are always just looking for something, anything to ‘put down’ others who don’t think, dress, act, sing, move, and everything else under the sun they try to find fault with. Adam says, here I am. Not Mr. Perfect, but I’d rther love my brothers and sisters, not destroy anyone’s world for not agreeing with me on every aspect of my and theirs lives.

        This is inspirational at it’s best. I simply took and embraced the inspiration and truth that I believed in when in my younger days when we could all dream of a better world and where love was the center of everything. Adam has simply awoken the ‘beast’ in me who once again will challenge the hate mongers, the liars, thieves of freedom, those who wish to tear us all down in their hateful souls. Nothing more nothing less.

        And, Song, no, it does NOT sound like a load of crap!!!!! PLEASE NEVER BE AFRAID TO VOICE THE POSITIVE FOR FEAR OF PEOPLE TELLING YOU THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING SOUNDS LIKE CRAP’!!!! Let them live their lives in that negative way, but never let them tear your ideal down and away from you. Continue to change your hearts and minds to a more positive and powerful prescence and ‘dare’ others to do the same. That is the way ‘change’ strts. One person at a time. Positivity promotes power. Ppwer promotes knowledge and knowledge promotes actions. Let us always strive for knowledlge, positiveness, and power that will help us bring about ‘Change’ in OUR world and lives and will be contagious to all those whom we seek to teach by the very way we behave. Luv, Cheryl

    • Ah Cheryl, what a beautiful post! You don’t mince words and tell it like it is and that is why I love and respect you. You are just the way I pictured you and yes Cheryl, you are a beautiful woman. Shy perhaps but not short of mischief – sorry, but you can’t hide it! I was telling Lorrin that I can’t remember what like was like before we discovered this site and with it, each other.

      We tease the living day-lights out of each other but we have our special, tender moments and feel the authenticity on which our relationships are built – Songwriter4adam’s post is a good example, and she isn’t the gushing type. I am referring to hers but every Glamb has stated similar sentiments at some point.

      So Cheryl, talking about family, WE ARE HERE!!!! Who needs family when you have the ADAM’S FAMILY (courtesy of AA, naturally!)??????

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, Hey!!! Thanks for your compliments. Really. No, I am one who has no time to mince words! That is common for me. Thank you for all the extremely nice things you said, it humbles me to no end. I am shy at first with people until I have the chance to ‘size them up’ to see what sort of person they are, as tho it may sound uppity of me, but I don’t want to waste too much of my time on people who are mean, negative, etc. as it is hard for people to change, and I’m too busy to take on too many personalities like that. Rather spend my life and time living a better quality of life, and love and not be riddled with those who need to hassle me or others just for their own entertainment or ego.

        I am a very fun-loving and dry-humor person, lilke to be fun rather than too serious at most times, and love to tease, play the ‘straight man’ with others, and could live most of the days like that and do unless I HAVE to get serious!

        Yeah, this is THE ADAM’S FAMILY!!!!! I L i k e i t !!!!!

        Received an apology from another cousin last nite. One that is very ‘proud’ and never likes to admit she could be wrong!! So, that was very nice and promising. It is my cousin, Sue, who lives in Cincinnati and is 5 yrs older than me.

        Just a little more time, and I’ll be ready to begin looking at the new threads!!! Right now, I ‘stuck’ in a little darkness realizing my aunt is laying in a casket and I am here. That she’ll soon be put into the ground almost right next to my mother, whom I cannot get off my mind. Love my Mother more than anything and miss her love for me more than anyone on earth.

        So, am doing okay. Love to you, Ingrid, my dear friend, Cheryl

    • Cheryl, I am absolutely floored by your post, and I am completely FOR everything you have said…remember I was in Berkeley during the first great ‘awakening’, and I am here now for the next one…I am with you the whole way, count me in, I’ll be part of the Movement…once, a 1,000 years ago on a lawn filled with young idealists, I offered my typewriter to ‘help’ in the cause, I’m offering my writing again today, whatever I can do…you have taken this love for Adam to the next level, and have not been afraid to declare it openly. I do indeed think this ‘movement’ is headed in the direction you have so prophetically declared…remember that poster in which Adam was silhouetted against the stage, which said that ‘Love is All’? Well, love is all, and it has the power to heal and put together that which was lost and broken. Although we aren’t an institutional social or religious movement, we are merely a fiercely loyal fan club (thank God), we can still use the impetus we have here to do good in the world and for each other. That is Adam Lambert’s true legacy to the world, no matter what else happens in his life or ours. If we can do nothing else, we can all agree to love, and do the best we can for each other here and in the world. It may not be much, but it is something, and each little act of love will build on another…that is the gift we can give back to Adam, who has given so much of himself. Thank you, dear Cheryl, for voicing an incredible ideal, for giving it wings, and for being brave enough to fear nothing in speaking it out.

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, You are very unique, aren’t you??? Your range of understanding me and others is uncommon! But, I will be back to write you a post later. I need to go back to my room for another dose of ‘venting and crying’ to get more sorrow out of myself. Love you, Cheryl

  46. Where are the pics that the nurse took of the Glambs in Grand Rapids? I know there were a couple taken at the barricades of all of us plus my grandson. I can’t remember the ‘nurses’ name. I believe her husband took the pics. Please load them so we all can check it out.

    • I uploaded them late this afternoon. Let me know if you got them

      • Thanks Josie , hope they come thru okay. I always had trouble getting my pics, so I had
        to email them to Jeanette. Heres hoping yours are added to ur good time in GR post.
        Glad you’re back on with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. That was Josie, Sue, aka Josienurse. I havent seen her post as yet.

  48. This is so strange! I had read up to Cheryl’s post around 3:30 pm of Sept 10, and just came back to read the updates now. I had posted some thoughts on the newest thread, the part 4 of the Adam in depth interview and think I should bring it over here as well:

    “There is a sense of ‘great antipication’ among us, as if a dynamic, world-changing occurrence is about to take place. Adam wouldn’t see it as yet, but we sure do! His song in the film, 2012, his album release (maybe a single will be released before Nov. 24?), his appearance on talk shows, his very very eagerly awaited concert tour…..

    It’s almost like the Woodstock phenomenon when so many young people migrated to northern New York state, only this time it’s a wide range of ages and types, mostly women and girls, but the men will surely follow as they realize his great talent. We have already been talking about ‘coming together’ in joy and happiness, to see our guy perform and share our impressions and feelings about him, share the comaradarie of this Aquarian era and our Aquarian Lord, Adam!”

  49. Hello to all my new Glamb friends.

    So nice to have met Mary C, Jeanette, Cheryl, Sue, and Terry at the Grand Rapids Concert. Sorry it has taken me so long to post on here but when I finally got home to Virginia from Michigan, I had a crazy week and am just getting around to the “important” things like catching up on Adam news.

    Thanks to Jeanette’s good advice, I was there when the busses arrived and got good photos of all the Idols as they went in the Center. Danny, Matt, Allison, Michael and Chris came out and spent huge amout of time going down the line giving autographs and taking pictures. Adam did not come out at first

    My husband and I had great seats about 5 rows back just to the right of the stage. While waiting for the concert to start, I looked up and saw a familiar face and called out “Mary C… that you!” I recognized her from pictures on this website. She introduced me to Cheryl, Sue, Jeanette and Terry. “The party was on!!”

    After Adams set, I took their good advice and went outside to get a place on the fence and ended up standing with them. We only had to wait a short time and then Adam came out!! At first, he scared us by going into the bus. But then, he came right back out and started working his way down the line. The crowd was gathering and we were really pushed up against the fence. I was on the end about where the fense turned. Was able to get some pictures as he worked his way down the line towards us but they are not so good and are very dark.

    Anyway, as he got to us, Mary C had him signed her shirt and she told him we were all Glambs. I think everyone in our little group got autographs but it was very hard to see what was going on and try and take photos. Plus the crowd behind me was pushing and trying to get up closer. You had to fight for your position. Adam got in front of me and some assholes behind me leaned completely over me and stuck their arms/hands with papers in front of my face to try and get him to sign!!
    I knocked their arms out of the way real hard. Was worried not only about not getting to see Adam….but loosing an eye !

    When Adam was in front of me, I handed him my small little paper to sign. He looked straight at me with those beautiful eyes. I thanked him for another great show and he responded with a sweet thank you. I touched his hand briefly as he signed. Then, someone else stuck another program out to be signed and he moved on. I think my position being right where the fence turned made it worse because people were sticking papers out at him from 2 different directions.

    Anyway…… I saw him …… I touched him ….. and I had a brief verbal exchange with him !!!
    That’s good enough for me and I will do better in the future … and as we all know, there will be many oppoturnities in the future for this mega-talented boy !!

    My husband Jim had stayed in the concert to hear the end. But I had told him to get out as soon as he could and stand behind me as close as he could and take whatever pictures he could. He too was bumped and pushed around by the crowd, but he was able to hold his camera high and get a few decent photos. He has a pic of Adam standing in front of me as he signed my paper and spoke the few words he spoke to me.

    All in all it was a great night and I can’t wait for Adam’s private concerts and another opportunity to meet and greet. Hope to get to see all my new found Glamb friends in the future.

    REG PHOTOS: I do have a number of pictures from the Adam M&G and lots of pictures taken during the concert. I will be glad to share them but I’m not sure who to send them to.
    I have worked with them some to try and improve them in the simple Windows photo editing program but I’m thinking someone who knows a more advanced program like PhotoShop might be able to improve them even more. Mainly they are just very dark.

    Pleasee advise me who Ishould send these photos to and I will gladly provide them.

    Again, thanks to Jeanette for all her good advise on what time to get to the concert M&G, etc. And very nice meeting all of you. Hope to meet up again someday soon.

    Best Regards to Everyone, JosieNurse

    • Josie, Loved your comments about the GR night! I know you wont forget Adams eyes as he
      looked into yours, they are just soo beautiful. You can send pic to
      If your pics dont show up soon, you can send them to my own email address. I’ll keep checking
      to see if they come thru. For whatever reason I always had problems stating the server was to
      full,, so I sent them to Jeanette and she loaded them for me.
      Looking forward to our next meeting of the Glambs and Adams tour.
      Your husband was a doll to hang in there and enjoy the evening with us .
      I brought my camera to GR and it doesnt take good pics, they turned out dark. Dont know why
      its a digital, I wish I would have brought our other camera. Could have gotten some excellent
      shots .

      • Hello Mary C

        I don’t know what was wrong with this website but for a day or two it didn’t exist.
        I thought….oh no …. just when I’ve finally actually met some crazy women like me and now I’ll never see them again since don’t know how to contact them.

        Speaking of contacting……I don’t have your email. Is there some place on this site to get someone’s personal email? If you need it, you can use my “public-email” at This is the email I freely publish on open websites like this one. Later, I could respond to you from my “real” personal email.

        Anyway, hope you got my photos which are OK but nothing real great. Think I would have had a clear pic of Adam signing your shirt if some jackass hadn’t stuck his arm in the way. I swear there is no acounting for the way some of these idiot people behave:)

        Can’t believe as I am writing this that the Idols/Adam are doing their last show. How I would have loved to have gone to that show. Not especially to the show, but to the M&G. Bet they do something special to end it. Hopefully someone will take photos and publish.

        Wonder if tomorrow they just all go to an airport and take off in different directions. Somehow I have a very sad feeling about this happy group breaking up. Also, its going to be much harder to keep up with AL not knowing exactly (or approximately) where he is.
        He better Tweet us good so we will enjoy his rocket ride to stardom. By the way, do you do Twitter ? I have the same name on Twitter if you want to keep in touch that way in case this website “dies.”
        Can’t wait for that record to come – which will lead to more concerts and fun.
        Keep in touch. Say hello to everyone for me

  50. Everyone —

    All tour photos can be sent to for posting consideration on the site!!

    Dana {CatEyes}

  51. Birthday Girl says:

    Jeanette & Terry,

    I just want to say thank you again for the photos of Adam that you gave me at the GR Concert. I sat behind you in section 109 and it was my birthday and what better birthday present but to see Adam in person. However you gave me 3 wonderful 8×10 pictures of Adam for my birthday and I just want to say Thanks. Also your pictures of Adam after the concert are great and I can’t believe you got an up close and personal moment with him but I know that made your trip. I didn’t get to go to the barricade so thanks for the pics. The website is very cool and I look forward to checking it out when I got a minute.

    • Hi everyone~~ I still haven’t got my computer back from being cleaned out from viruses~I’m using my daughter’s computer and just had to read about the great Grand Rapids concert!
      When I get my puter back, I’ll tell you all about my experiences with all my great new Glamb friends that I met in GR….and about my getting 3 autographs from Adam, and rubbing his arm, and talking to him 3 times. I had to laugh at myself many times during our ADAM experience! I’ve missed talking to everyone here, and have lots to catch up on.

      I had a ball with all the Glambs in GR…you guys are great! I’ll talk more when I have my computer back. Love you all…….

  52. Jeanette did you like your seats at Van Andel? I am sitting in section 109 too for a Taylor Swift concert in a few days. Did you think you had a good view of the stage? I Love your pictures they look good and close up to Adam! 🙂