My Excellent Adventure: Part 2 – Chicago




***UPDATED WITH PHOTOS*** OK, my photos are not the best. There were tons of people on the barricades, and it was hard to get photos. Profiles are pretty much all you can get until Adam is right in front of you, and then you’ve got your hands full trying to get an autograph…and stare into those eyes at the same time! Looks like Adam got a haircut after Milwaukee. The “tousled” spikes are gone. *Sniff sniff* Check out the beautiful eyes. Sorry that one is blurry!

Mary D. and I decided at the very last minute to drive down to the Chicago show. It was too close not to – just an hour and a half drive. So after work yesterday I changed clothes, drove to Mary’s house, and in spite of heavy construction and rush hour traffic, we made it to the ugly old Allstate Arena in time for the concert. Mary had purchased the tickets off ebay just a few hours beforehand – Sec. 202, first row, which weren’t as bad as we feared. We were high up, but could see the whole stage unobstructed, as well as the whole crowd. It was a much different perspective from our previous floor seats, and one we were happy to experience.

Danny and Matt got fantastic support from the crowd, but I’m happy to say this was Adamland, and the ear-piercing screams for our boy were definitely the loudest and most sustained of the night. He was fantastic – the same emo hair as in Milwaukee, but with a touch more eye makeup – a thin blue line of glitter that paralleled his normal eyeliner. He gave us the gift of “woman” again, and the sound system took pity on us and gave us a wonderful (but still not perfect) Starlight. Mary and I clutched each other like lost souls in a lifeboat who’d just been rescued – we were of one mind and one heart in our joy and rapture!

We left after Kris sangHeartless to run, literally run, through the arena to try to find the signing barricades. Security mis-directed us a few times, but we made it to the back side of the arena, and found a good spot right on the barricades about halfway down. No rain this time, just a beautiful clear night with a moon that was almost full. We waited next to a beautiful 13-year-old girl who was a total Adam fan. Finally, the Idols started coming out, with the girls first. I didn’t bother with photos, but got autographs – very brief initials, as this barricade line was about 3 times longer than the one in Milwaukee, and the Idols had to zip. The guys started coming out, but we wanted Adam. Where was he? Those around us started mumbling their doubts, and chants started for Adam. Mary and I tried to remain calm and positive. Finally, the last one to come out, he appeared! He looked stunningly beautiful with the touch of blue glitter accenting his eyes, and a crystal “LOVE” pendant around his neck. He finally got to me and Mary, signed for us, and then was called to the bus. If we literally had been another 3 feet down the line, we would have missed him. Our fabulous luck had continued!

No touches or shared words, though. But I was happy to get his autograph and have him stand in the moonlight in front of me for two seconds. I was having trouble with my camera, so I don’t think I got a decent photo, but it was all good.

We had wild thoughts of following the buses to Madison, but they got too much of a head start on us. Still, all in all, it was a pretty damn fine evening for something planned by the seat of our pants.

The adventure continues tomorrow in Madison with Mary D., Sandra and Jill!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. linlivalex says:

    So happy to be the 1st one to comment after my AWESOME night at the concert!!!!!! Adam OF COURSE did not disappoint–I only wish his time on stage had lasted longer. Fortunately (and by a total fluke) I was sitting in the first row which was amazing. I’m pretty sure we locked eyes during the Bowie set (LOL!). I actually thought all the Idols (maybe except a certain curly blonde-haired one of the female variety) were pretty darn good. Unfortunately, I was standing about 3 feet from you in the autograph line and missed Adam, although I did get to see him and my 13 year old daughter got his autograph (maybe she was the one standing next to you?). I also went to the arena in the afternoon when there were hardly any people (Wednesday afternoon?) and I was able to talk and get pictures with Matt (so nice!), Scott and his mom (very impressive), Danny (nicer than I thought), Michael Sarver (talked to my 16 year old son on the phone–made a new fan out of me), and Kris (who was on the phone for a long time and came through the line VERY crabby–we think he had a fight with his wife–he did not come out after either). All in all- a GREATday!

    • Ah I just love reading your blogs about our sexy beautiful Adam! :)It makes my heart pound out of my chest reading your descriptions of him! LOL I was in Milwaukee but unfortunately didn’t stay after the show to see him, but I will tomorrow in Madison! Hopefully we’ll be able to see our sweet Adam! 🙂 A hug and a smile from him is all I want or need! We’ll be front row center tomorrow and I am just giddy!! I’ll look for you!! You ROCK Jeanette!!

      • Joanna, I will be somewhere in the front row, too! Hope to see you there!!!

        • AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

          Oh Jeanette……….. You are so lucky to get to go to so many of Adam’s concerts!!!! He only had one show in ALL of Texas!!!! I was limited to just the one time, but would love to go to another one……………… How lucky everyone in the North is where theo shows are closer together and you can attend more than one……………… Hopefully on his solo tour he will have more than one show in Tx, and I can then follow him from show to show also!!

          AdamLove to All.

          • I’m with you on the “why was there only one show in Texas?” The south in general was somewhat neglected on this tour.

            Glamb #6

    • Check out this Chicago video – you will love it! Never seen one quite like this one.

      • Shirleee,

        Thank you so much for sharing this video. I love his version of “Mad World” but this one is the absolute best! He is mesmerizing to watch and listen to.

        Thanks again Debra aka Bunchito” from the Albany NY area.

  2. Jeanette, Oh so happy for you, your luck is continuing. Adam sounds just beautiful with all the
    extra glitter- how you described and the moonlight glow behind him. What a night for you and Mary , those whim trips seem to be the best of them. Wow, the shows are really coming to the
    countdown, 10 more. Cant wait to meet up with you and everyone else.

  3. lovemyadam says:

    Hey linlivalex… and I think I was standing to YOUR right and missed him too. I heard you telling the story of your son!! I obviously did not have the front row perspective, but we were sure that at one point he was waving and smiling at us as well. We (my 15 year old daughter Jess, best friend Jenny and I) were at the early signing too. It was great, not really crowded either. Matt was the one that we enjoyed the most! He spoke to my daughter for awhile and then at the evening greet, he came up to her and thanked her for coming back out and asked how she liked the show… he definitely has a new fan! There is no comparison to Adam though. He was just amazing to watch and hear! If I had been closer I could’ve used all 5 senses!! Definitely a night we will never forget… xo Sue


  5. Quote: “We had wild thoughts of following the buses to Madison, but they got too much of a head start on us. Still, all in all, it was a pretty damn fine evening for something planned by the seat of our pants.”

    This was a fantastic ending for your lovely story!

  6. Jeanette, thanks for the post, it sounds like a fantastic evening, I wish I was there to see our Glamorous, Glittering and Beautiful Adam, now I cannot wait for him to come to London.

    • Lisette here..Toni bonmatin across l’mer in London..hope yu’re fine..just know yu’re non alone once agan am mentione I here av non yet been bless to see Adam..but trasur thes tributepage alonge with all glambs an yu too! Know an beliv he’ll av solotours in Europe an possible here in Nevada too..I keep praying thes will be so..An perhaps yu can visite here in US too..anything is thinq Adam etes l’angel to make it be! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo!

      • Bonmatin Lesette, hope you are well and thank you for the lovely message. I am really looking forward to listening to Adam’s new CD, but most of all I am really wishing and he will come to London soon, I am very tempted to fly over to America once he begins his tour, that is going to be quite something, especially with Adam’s imagination and fantastic performances.

        Best wishes Lisette


        • Lisette hugs an bonmatin au jour now for yu too in London..wel know it can be splendide if yu were to visite here..An perhaps someday we can arrange to meet with many of glambs in central citie(thet is Adam’s solotour..whenevre it shall be in his best intereste)..given he sureli will need time to repose aftre returne to his home,famille an thet lovli CD we’re all awaiting! So blessings to yu Toni an take care hugs toi amie Lisette in Nevada! An luv to all glambs too!xoxo

  7. Halfpint4Adam says:

    I must have been a few feet away from you! I just missed him! He got “taken away” just before getting to us!
    He literally stole the show! The crowd went INSANE when he came out! And afterward almost everyone who was at the barricades was there waiting for an autograph from Adam!

  8. Jeanette, you are absolutely too much, this is a WONDERFUL story, perfectly written. And if ever anyone was worthy of being our Glamb leader in the field, you are that one…thanks so much for your bravery and feats of derring-do to bring us news of you and courageous Mary D. (and Sue), and soon to be the ‘Glamb Gang’ as you make your way across the miles following beautiful Adam, in the style befitting a true road groupie…you are doing a fabulous job…wish we were there!

  9. Jeanette!!! you & Mary rock…I can’t believe the adrenaline the 2 of you must run on?!?!?!? … but it is Adam powered I know!!! After meeting Mary on Tues nite, we hugged like we had known each other our entire lives, just like you said when you met her last week…not only are we gonna create friendships that will last a lifetime, but we’ll experience memories of our experiences with our gorgeous sexy man Adam, & on these fun adventures that are priceless to say the least! I can’t wait to hook up with the 3 of you tomorrow in madison!! it can’t come soon enough…& sooooo looking forward to meeting you Jeanette in person as well as Sandra! what a bunch of wild crazy women!! being a 40 something…I’m hoping I can keep up with all of you – LOL!!! Adam – charge me up baby 🙂 ….with his positive energy flowing ~ I’m sure we’ll all go all nite without sleep!! woohoo! any one want to hook up for dinner?! let me know ~

    • Yea……Adam….charge us up baby !!!!!

      • Mary and Jill!!!! I have to say that in Milwaukee, even though you guys were near, I sat alone. Last night, the experience of sitting next to someone who feels like I do made the brief moments of Adam’s set that much sweeter. I’m so glad Mary and I went to Chicago together (thank you fearless Mary!) and I’m anticipating the same wonderful feeling tomorrow with the both of you and Sandra too.

        Jill, I’m game for dinner! I’ll be there all afternoon, so call me!

        • Lisette here..agan thenks Jeanette for sharing yur bel memoires an being bless to see Adam many times now!An seeing yu av met othre glambs sure to be even more enjoiable now!Enjoie reade above post an such estraordinaire beautiful photos here..Adam seems to become more beau if possible to be…like I av say “Raphael’s angeli au Michangelo’s David..his face etes like a always his voix distinctively his..celeste, like velvet in Starlit/et Madworld,sensual in Bowie always feel Im ther with yu..despite non yet being able to see in person..I feel in yur descriptions too I am ther in spirite an several post back..I send some perhaps it did av some intevention as yu say “karma” able to set nerby to othre glambs an meed Adam for autograph..J’espere next one he’ll give yu hugs..oh an dont forget a bisous from me..plese(okay bein silly agan!)
          Take care an look forwarde to nexte episode of Jeanette’s magiqual Starlit evening with Adam!….hugs an luv Lisette..hugs to all glambs! xoxo bisous for Adam!

  10. experience memories of our experiences – don’t critique my writing jeanette – LOL! apparently I need to proof prior to hitting “submit” – so not like me!! but I just get so excited when I’m here hanging out & listening to Adam!

  11. Little off topic but here is a new poll to vote for Adam – Best celeb under 30 for 2009

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Thanx for the link Shirlee…I voted…

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks Shirlee, just voted.

    • Voted for our boy!!

      • I just voted too, – I see that ‘Tokio Hotel’ is about 800 votes ahead of Adam, hmm.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Thanks for the link Shirlee! There’s Jared Padalecki too!! I’m in dilemma…NOT!! I love Jared but I love Adam more.Split votes??!! Hmmm, NOPE! My votes go to Adam only!! YAY!!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin..hugs for thet linq j’send tweet..voted absolutemente for our angel d’chansons non othre can evre come close!An know all us glambs feel same way thet Adam is l’best vocaliste/artiste an entertaineur with a humanitarian hearte!..His voix dont thinq anyone will be able to imitate as so many av done here in ma touriste town of passe artistes like Sinatra,Elvis,RodStewart,Tom Jones,Engelbert…for they’d av to take lessons for being able to singe every musique genre an all styles as Adam does!..blesse form above vraimente.! Hope yu’re fine in glad fires cause non harm! benedictione m’belle amie Lorrin! An all glambs qui adore somone as beau inward et outward as Adam!

          • Hello dear Lisette, I go over to Twitter often and see your beautiful comments there, like little jewels sprinkled in among all the posts. For some reason, I’ve recently gotten more Twitter followers, I’m not quite sure why…but I also found some interesting folks to follow myself by picking them up from some of those ‘polls’ you and I like to take. My son even just recently Tweeted that he was ‘following’ me, which is so cute, so among all these gorgeous words of love for Adam Lambert, I’ve got ‘Hi Mom’ Tweets here and there. (Maybe my son is secretly ‘following’ Adam through me)..

            I was thinking about Adam and how he had said that just a very short time ago his biggest goal was trying to break into being invited to some of the ‘better’ clubs on the Hollywood scene…and now, these few short months later, he is the beloved darling of hundreds of thousands, soon to be millions of fans around the world, and he stands on the ‘other’ side now of any barricade or door that used to be closed to him, signing his coveted autograph for hundreds of people who are screaming his name, and his name only. I wonder how he feels when he lies awake in bed at night. Does he ever think ‘I can’t believe this is all happening?’ Does he open those beautiful eyes in his darkened bedroom and laugh softly about some outrageous thing he’s seen or heard that day? Does he turn over and dreamily think, ‘Oh thank God, that’s right, I don’t have to pay the rent there anymore?’ In the stillness of his room alone at night, while his lashes are veiling his eyes and his hair is falling in every direction around his lovely face, and he’s sprawled across the covers after an exhausting concert, does he ever think, ‘Will I be able to do this the rest of my life?’ As he makes his way out of the dorm room into the boardroom, where he has to make the real decisions for his life and career, I hope that all will be well with him, and that all his dreams really will become a reality. One thing is for certain, he won’t be worried about getting into any of the ‘best’ clubs in Hollywood anymore….the door will be whisked open for him, and he will be the star attraction of the room, wherever he goes. Those clubs will be vying for his patronage. Once that album drops, all the stops will be pulled out, offers and ideas will fly in thick and fast, what was once completely out of reach will become his everyday reality, and he will finally be able to find a sure foothold for his creative genius. This is going to be the year when Adam Lambert will ‘arrive’, when his songs will fall like beautiful rain or glowing leaves in the November sky, when people will be humming his songs under their breath at work and smiling to themselves, when romantic memories will be made with HIS songs as the background, when we all say a little heartfelt prayer at Thanksgiving for sending us this wonderful man to be in our lives. Not too bad for a young dreamer and theater actor, that formerly strawberry blonde, freckle-faced, blue-eyed kid from the canyons and hills of San Diego, California who chased a dream…and made good..

            • bonmatin…ma cher Lorrin always plasur seein toi eloquant a painting always one more beautful then last.I do beliv yu can be a writer an Adam as I av say would adore to hire yu for his biographie.Merci for toi complements..I pray too thet somhow Adam despite thousand of tweets can by chanse open one thet we av lefte him.An as I av felt sont m’angel in healing from parentes passing,in thet intense prayres were send someone with joie,lit an always is a grande passion for me.Thet prayre was met first time I see Adam’s debut audition infront of Paula,Simon,Randy n Kara..I knew in ma hearte Adam was special an hed thet same charm,humilitie,hansomeness an his voix…was magiqual, yes les yeux crystalbleu toched m’couer..An then felt ma parentes hed answer l’prayre!So like yu I do thinq of Adam if he’s evre able to truly too if al l’events in concertes,thousand of fans,paparazzi,interviews,an cd final completion..wondre he can finde l’energie to give anothre magnifique performance in evry citie with his velvet,sensual an powerful vocals,dansing like thet of somone who can av venue in headline show here intown an sellout evrynite..An given his theatre backgrounde can see him eventuale doing such a venue as Celine,Cher an Bette do so thinq Michel Jackson too soo sadly met untimely demise. I know from ma sistre realtor mutual frends..Michel apres 50citie concert planne to settle here an then av same venue..was to be his last dreme..que domage..may he rest with langeli too..I always thout he was a beautful soul,an sometemes misunderstood by people,being deffarante,very artistique an alway recreating his appearance(sad he thout he was homely..his papa’s mental abuse).Anway pray thet Adam wil av only positive people thet manage him,an as yu say infinite doors opening given American Idol an now his superbe AItour,cd..He’s truly an inspiratione for future artistes thet too dare to beliv with determinatione as well as a gifte as Adam’s..whech comes once in few decades..last thinq was Michel,before Elvis,before Beatles, now Adam Lambert..legendary an perfection to singe any musique genre,toche within heartes aronde l’monde,US,all ages,sexes,races an nationalities..As he says ther’s only luv,an luv knows know color..apres few selecte people protests..Bless our angel d’chansons for showing such compassion,kindness,tolerance an forgiveness of thes..vraimente reminde me of role he played Joshua in 10 commandments..messengre of hope an peace.For Adam truly does thes in every concert,interview,even when being chase in backstage with paparazzi an on backstret of LA monthes passe..thenkful he had some angels to garde ovre in thet ordeal..An will always be there for him! Luv to yu m’amie Lorrien..glambs an oui our beau Adam..merci for toi gifte au chansons!
              J’adore always Luv Lisettexoxoxo

              • Forgot to mentione re: twitter shortly apres I left Adam twitter I av notice Smoky now following me..bless him too ..As I av always thout he was tres talented as artiste an composer of many songes for othre artistes in motown..some for Michel perhaps may thinq of for our Adam..just thout if yu evre to visite here.P.s for anyone intereste he’s one of Adam’s frends(followers) given he gave Adam ovationes on his rendition of Tracks of My Tears,thinq we may here downroad of two of them collaborate along with Madonna,Kristina Aguilera,an many more!! blessings agan Luv Lisettexxo

                • How neat, Lisette, that Smokey is now following you, I think I will go over and start following Smokey, too. I just went on a trip down ‘memory lane’ and read the history of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Barry Gordy and Motown, and how it all started. American music owes a huge debt to Smokey Robinson and the early Motown greats… is so amazing that Adam Lambert, all these many years later, a young man trying to make it in the music world, finds himself being mentored by Smokey Robinson, and then is given a standing ovation by Smokey after a flawless interpretation and performance of a song Smokey was the first to sing….Smokey Robinson is a man who also heavily influenced the Beatles, as John Lennon admitted many times over, and the Beatles wrote music that used that influence and brought it back over here, sparking a revolution in the whole music world (which influenced every group that came after) that comes down to this very day at the feet of Adam Lambert. Don’t you find that an incredible, almost unbelievable thing? It is the stuff of fairy tales, of epic stories. I think it is a very good possibility that Adam is a blues singer extraordinaire, as well as a rock god and new wave tyro, and he sings the blues with that same silky, smooth, seductive feel of the old greats, adding in his own wildly beautiful Middle Eastern phrases as accents here and there. Maybe Adam ought to do a Blues album somewhere in his future, and tend in that direction as he gets older, making the genre a fascinating new landscape as he invents new forms of musical expression. There is one thing for sure, Adam can sing anything, and I hope he sings it all. He will be our towering Glam Rock God, our sultry Blues singer, and the young turk of edgy new music, all in one. No matter how things develop in his future, I am waiting with barely suppressed excitement for the release of his first album, to see which way Adam chooses to begin his career…and it’s only the beginning…there will be many more songs and albums to follow, as we run behind the new master of music in a new millenium.

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Oh, Lorrin, while reading word for word of your review, I felt I was whisked away to a dreamland…it is true, that is a perfect example of ” be careful what you wish for….” and this is what he is wishing for, to be out there and be noticed by the right entertainment people. Now, he will wish, if he could at least have a straight 4 hours of sleep… he will be too busy, his schedule will be too hectic and he will not be able to even go to a salon in a whim just to get a facial…life has been changing every second of his life….

              • What an interesting last sentence, Iyleneidol, “life has been changing every second of his life….” Almost as though he was destined to be the boy who ‘ran through life at the speed of light’, shedding each successive day as he runs, throwing sparks from his flying feet, and changing imperceptibly from moment to moment into an ever more beautiful image of himself as the world around him loses momentum and moves in slow motion…a boy whose future is opening up rapidly before him as he runs to meet his destiny..

            • Agent_Betty says:

              Wow Lorrin . .
              When I read your posts I get lost in them, my imagination running wild and my heart warmed. You truly have a gift. I would think Adam has to be in complete shock sometimes. It’s one thing to become famous overnight as many of the idols have experienced, even if it’s just for “15 min”, but to become a world wide phenomenon has got to be something unimaginable.

              • I so agree, Agent_Betty….I’m sure in the middle of the night as he opens his beautiful eyes in the darkness, he must think, ‘I can’t believe this is all happening to me!” But he was made for this moment, he knows it well, and he is going forward to meet his future with grace and courage..

    • Thanks for the link, just voted

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Just voted, too…but Adam has a lot of catching up to do!


    • AdamAddict says:

      If you have more time, make a sign of “Happy GLAMBirthday Adam”, take picture and send to Jeanette! That’s for Adam’s birthday next year! She’s going to make a vid of Adam’s fans around the world. Put your name,Glambs number and country/city U from! 🙂
      I hope Jeanette can make a funny vid to make sure Adam watch it to the end!

  13. This is Mary D. who literally runs on Adam energy. Jeanettes description was perfection and if I had time…..I’m leaving town for 5 days and need to pack….. I would add some things. Seeing Adam with the full moon behind him was surreal and pure ECSTASY. The man is beyond description….no matter how hard we try. His aura of calm and love..his beauty and his smile…..quiets the moment as he approaches… holiness……at the barricades. As for “clutching each other like lost souls in a lifeboat who’d just been rescued and of one mind and one heart in our joy and rapture” ….we seriously did that….can’t remember what song…..I think Mad World. We clung to each other. The people at the barricades were Adam infatuated, Adam crazy and everything was Adam talk and delirium. I was touched by a girl named
    Samantha, tiny about 13, sweet as pie who had no money and wanted an Adam picture……I said if she would stay as sweet as she is for the rest of her life, I’d buy her one. She freaked out, couldn’t believe it and asked me my name… she could pray for me!!!! Tears in my eyes….I love sweet teenagers. I will be praying for you too Samantha in this crazy world….stay sweet. We will love Adam forever.
    The acoustics were phenominal…the best I’ve heard anywhere……because of seat location??? The graphics and lighting were ecstasy for the eyes. It was simply beautiful. Can’t wait for Madison and speaking of …if we would of followed the bus we’d of ended up at their hotel in Chicago because that’s is where they stayed last night unbeknowst to us. Saw it on Scotts twitter is AM. Gotta go…..husband just asked today what do you do anyway– besides watch Adam all day. ….Not good….gotta get some work done. Will check back in on Tuesday. Have a good weekend my Adam soulmates. ADAM IS LOVE and ecstasy……imagine ….heaven is going to be one thoussand times better….can’t even imagine.

    • what a cool story…adam touches so many of us in such an inspirational way & in turn we touch each other…that girl was an angel sent in to your life, & you in to hers! Thanks for sharing Mary ~ & now I know your “screen name” so you can’t get away with anything! tomorrow can’t come soon enough! now get packing girl & call me in the a.m. to let me know what time you’re headed to mad town for some mad world music & lovin with our boy!

    • Mary D, Thanks for the comments. I can tell your in love!!!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Hi Mary D. I was enthralled by your account on your ADAM experience. I am so happy for you.
        You have seen him in person now, can you describe him? A lot of you had mentioned similar descriptions: he is more beautiful in person;stunning, etc. I’m sure he is.. most of the celebrities are tiny, petit, look at Prince, I think he is only 5 feet, Elton John is shorty too, and many more, but ADAM is towering to 6 ft 1!!!, 180lbs and his facial profile is just so perfect, nose slim and perfect, lips luscious, eyes mesmerizing, cheekbones perfect, jaw square and perfect.,smile very contagious, attitude great, he is gay but his demeanor is refine and classy unlike other gays who are so flirty with very effeminate demeanor. Some said his complexion has some blemishes and is covered by make up. Does he wear a lot of make up (except for the eyeliner, that’s excuse) during the signing? When not infront of the camera, does he behave differently? Or does his gayness really shows? On stage he acts and moves like a real hunky man. Describe him as you she him please, all of you who are blessed and lucky enough can you describe him in person, please…

    • Lisette here..thenks MaryD. for yur beautful post above..yu sounde like yu truly were swept away an agree Adam’s eyes vraimente are two bleu crystals thet illuminate from his gentle soul,seem more radiante avec bleu liner here!Aw an luv thet esperience with the younge teenagre..she must av felte yu were here guardian angel too! An yu’re a beautiful writre in espressive sentimentes of how Adam can see has toched within yur hearte..Gathre he has thes effect me,yurself,othre glambs yu met an infinite othres in US/an othre countries! Ah an “Madworld” what lovli description of m’favorite songes haunting lyriques,Adam’s azure eyes so espressive an ways as if to seranade each one of us.An way yu describe I feel as if I were there..yet just inspirite! An yes Mary we’re all soulmates in regarde to beau artiste par excellance of along into l’starlit to etoile..if only..Adam is blesse with beauface,hearte d’or,an voix thet angeli join in a choir with..l’ange d’musique! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo..bless all glambs gals/an fellows too!

  14. cheryl norman says:


    I’ve been gone all day. Just got in and cannot access my emails!!!!!!! It has something to do with something, but, it is making me really mad!!!!!! I’ve got gobs of stuff waitting for me, and I can’t get to my emails!!!! My son is coming over to try to ‘fix’ it in 2 hrs. Soooo sorry!!!!! If something is amiss, I will give another email address!!!!


    • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl..lovli to see goin to slepe now..wee heures..but thout I’d say yu’re too much an always smile reade yur posts!Sure yu’re counting houres an minutes to yu see beau Adam along with many glambs!Perhaps yu’ll have same karma an I’l send some angel dust for yu too..alway from Nevada..hope it worques…an possilbe av toi reve be..some hugs (an see passe thread,I reply to yu there..(more details, silly but thinq yu’ll smile..I share similar reve). Take care an get yur beauty slepe to be one of Adam’s belle of l’grande ball..alrite Im being silly..bonnuit for me..enjoie yur day! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

  15. Jeanette:

    Another winner! As I have said before, reading your posts is the next best thing to being there….


  16. Did anyone get of pic of Adam with the boa in Chicago?

    • te_amo_adam says:

      The boa picture is on photobucket. Check it out under Amercan Idol recent pictures or Adam Lambert.

  17. Does anyone have any info on when they will arrive in Madison tomorrow? What’ has been your experience with seeing Adam before the show? Is there a good time to go? Is it worthwhile to show up for your seats early?

    I will only be going to this show and can’t believe it has finally arrived!

    • Adam doesn’t come outside before the concert. However, if you’re interested in the other Idols, they normally come out between about 2:30 anf 3:30. Some will pose with you for photos, some do only autographs. Not all may come out. (Adam, Kris and Lil did not come out in Milwaukee.)

      So if you want photos and autographs, it’s a good thing to do. I would recommend you get there around 1:00 or 1:30 to get a spot right on the barricades.

      Some venues open their doors at 6pm. Some might open their doors early. The only advantage to going inside the arena early is to get something to eat or meet/chat with friends. The shows I’ve gone to have started around 7:05.

      Hope that helps!

  18. You lucky girls…again! One day it’ll be me…unless I pass out from his gorgeousness.
    I actually like his new makeup better than the old one…lets us see his eyes better.
    And the jacket! I love it. The one he’s autographing in, I mean. 🙂

    • Peaches, that jacket was warm, soft and cozy and was actually a SWEATER !! which he looked sooooo handsome in… very nummy. When I saw him…I immediately thought how am I going to touch his arm!! he’s all covered up.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Peaches..nice to see yur post..Aw agree thinq it’s wonderful thet Jeanette an othre glambs av seen several of our beau Adam’s (AItour)concerts..ah if only health permittes..So like yu I’ll av to await his solotours an perhaps will see yu there..j’reside in s.west,Nevada..Where ar yu located?An yes above photos are lovli Adam’s lit azure eyes so perfete outline accent his define noir outline rim,his face is always estroardinaire beau.Am forever thenkful to Jeanette,othre glambs gal leadres,glambs amies an dreamsounde for thes special place to celebrate,an share affetions for thes gifted vocaliste/artiste ..truly a legend today an for many generatione to come!Blessings an luv Lisettexoxo

  19. Just one last comment. Sandra just emailed Jeanette and I to inform Jeanette of their seat location. This is truely a miracle of some kind… we did not get our tickets together. Jill and I are in the row directly behind them with the same seat numbers. They are row 1 center section seat 9+10. We are row 2 center section seat 9+10. Just WOW !!

    • OMG Mary – I did not know this! Karma is working for us big time. It’s so perfect it”s almost scary, but I’ll take it. We can do a big 4-way group hug for Mad World this time as we stare into Adam’s face and be mesmerized by his glitter-tears. I’m shaking just thinking about it.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Wow, that is Karma. Loved the close up picture Jeanette. You did good girl!

        • Lisette Jeanette vraimente yu are blesse indeed to be nerby to othre glambs thet yu av met..makes concerte evern more special! An merci for all yur photos,articles an sharing such wondreful eventes along l’starlit journey yu av been on here with beauhearte Adam! Perhaps we’ll meet on his solotour..pray Adam wil av citie tour in Nevada then! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

      • Jeanette, I left a post on the GR thread. Please read it before you go the concert!

      • wow ladies, I’m so excited for you. Geez you are probably hugging right now as I’m writing
        this. Luckyyyyyyyyyyy

    • OK …I’ve had a moment of Adam insanity….I woke up this morning with a voice in my head telling me you’re in the 4th row not the 2nd…..I go look it up and sure enough 4th row. Still unbelievable directly behind each other with 2 rows in between. Now… to Madison !

  20. Thanks again, Jeanette for another great post! It DOES feel like I am there with you! Loved the visual of you and Mary D clinging to each other and becoming fast friends while taking in our Adam. I am SOOOOO excited for all of you getting together in GR!! I DO wish I could be there!

    Please promise me that we (the Glambs) will do this when Adam’s solo tour is announced – meet at one (or preferably several!) concert locations, stay at the same hotel, arrange a group dinner (or two), try to get seats together (what fun and Karma indeed!) and just generally share in the wonderous joy that is our Adam and bask in the sun (and moon) light of our GlambWorld!!! Now THAT will be something for the media to report on! We will need to hire a publicity firm to field all the interview requests! ;-} I can’t wait!!!!!!

    Love to all!

    Jane (Glamb #20)

    • Lisette here..bonmaitn Jane thenks for tweet ..c’est moi here,incase yu were wondere whet ma nom yu use ma first nom!Aw agree both of us av non yet seen Adam,so mabe will meet too alonge way in future solotour! Until then is wondreful to reade of all above gals seeing beau Adam once blesse to be seate ner one anothre..An if only Adam can see ther adoration as Glambs fans..An plese try an mentione of thes glambs page..thinq he’d be proud seein yu’re there at many concertes for all of us here in US an aronde worlde thet av non yet seen Adam.It gives us lot of joie as yu’re on a magiqual journey seeing Adam with deffarante hair coffure,makeup an changes in songes as yu say,singin “Women” if just for yu Jeanette..Perhaps my angeldust worqued..Plese sprinkle some back for Lisette(in his future solotours..thinq yu’d av bon luck of Cinderella’s fairy godmothre..ah yes one of Adam’s beloved plays..”Wicked”..whet do yu thiinq..silly yes..but seemes to be so for yu ontour here! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette agan..opps Jeanette sorry for last part of ma post..meant to refere to “Wicked” as being bonluck of goode witch glinda perhaps yu’ll give me some bonwishes for Adam’s future solotour to av show here in s.west NV..Thes is l’effect Adam has on me..mixin up stories/plays..Cinderella he has nevre been in..but can see him in a future venue as prince charmant..whet does anyone thinq,given his theatre credites?..ah belle reves here always! Till then just enjoie reading of true encountres non of l’celestial kinde(by Jeanette)! all glambs thet av been Adam..ised,glamborized by his starlit bleu eyes..Luv for all glambs!.. Lisettexo an Adam monamie tresbeau j’adore toujoursxoxo

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Great Great Idea Jane! A lot of Glambs has been requesting that and we have been calling that a Glambvention… If we all think about it a lot, more is power and as the book The Secret says: “thoughts become thing” and before we knew it, we will be planning our trips to the concert venue….In my Crystal Ball, I can see that his first solo concert will be at Staples in L.A. and if I will be right on the money, you guys will be buying my concert ticket!!! Yeah!! I am feeling it already!!!

  21. jeanette you are so great at keeping us informed.i wait for my email everyday. i still wonder how i will know when i have a glamb#.i think i filled everything out correctly and did ii a few weeks ago. i will be going to my second concert sept. 8 in reading,pa. i would love to meet adam i’m glad he seems to be coming out after the shows again. he didn’t in pa.thank you for all your hard work!

  22. Check out this awesome close up video of Adam singing Mad World at Chicago concert. It was done by ‘Mindchnger’ and his other videos are great. This one is a mind blower. I’ve never seen an UP CLOSE video like this one:

    • Hi Shirlee, Toni posted this same beautiful video over on the recent ‘CD DROP’ thread page. I wrote one of my descriptive ‘flights’ on ‘Adam the Beautiful’ over there just underneath Toni’s post, if you want to read it…say, I’ve been meaning to ask, did you ever get even a piece of the famous pink bra back?

  23. can anyone please tell me what is a good time to leave the show to go outside and get in line for autographs??? Is it behind the arena? Because we are way up top so i want to make sure to try and get a picture and stuff.

  24. Here’s a very nice video of Adam at the Barricades at Rosemont…somebody very patiently managed to capture a whole lot of Adam very close up, along with some interesting little glimpses of what fans were holding. I also noticed quite a ‘police presence’ at this signing line, as well as the usual handlers being present. Here is Adam signing for the fans, with his usual mixture of patience, kindness, warmth, and courtesy, looking every inch the star: – Adam At The Barricades, Rosemont

  25. I went to the concert with my husband and he hadn’t seen me behave like that since he took me to see Michael Jackson in 1988!

    When Danny seemed like he was done singing, the crowd went wild….as they knew who was coming up. Turned out that Danny had another song, but just gave such a long pause. He smiled ear to ear because I think he thought the screams were for him.

    Finally, Adam. I paid out the wazoo to see Adam and only Adam. I paid $20 for the program in hopes that I would have it signed. My husband sat on the sidelines as I was packed like a sardine in the barricade line. He graciously waited an hour and a half as I felt my legs locking up. Finally Adam came out and the scene was wild. He walked down the line 1/3rd of the way only to be whisked off by a bodyguard of sorts. So close, and yet so far….I wanted to vomit.

  26. Hi everyone! I , too, was at the Chicago concert, and waited to see Adam after the show, only to get a glimpse of him over at least 5 rows of fans smashed against the fence. It was very exciting to feel the electricity in the air. I will always be thankful to my daughter-in-law, not dressed for the cool weather, standing with me for over an hour and a half! I raised my camera as high as I could and snapped a picture. I literally captured a little black hair and his neck! Not good enough to post!
    Did anyone ever post Part 4 of the Ultimate Interview? That is the only one I don’t have . Thanks a lot! Everyone have a Great Time in Grand Rapids.