Music Video Whataya Want From Me

According to various sources, Adam is in the process of shooting a music video for his latest single ‘Whataya Want From Me’. There aren’t that many details available yet – quite the opposite from For Your Entertainment, where the dubious photos of scandily clad actors and Adam in a Matrix outfit surfaced quite rapidly. The only information available so far is taken from the Twitter pages of those people that are allegedly the actors of the shoot.

This guy, for example, Clayton Johnson, is probably one of the actors – he used to do some work for Nickelodeon. He twittered earlier today that they are going to be working on the video ‘all night’.

The main actress is this lady, Julianna Milton. She seemed surprised at the surge in her number of followers after she mentioned that she was going to be working on the video; and promised more updates tonight when the actual shooting is happening.

A poster on MJ’s blog revealed some more information about the shooting: “They worked on WWFM MV yesterday at Sunset Studios, filmed last night and are filming more of the WWFM MV tonight. Looks like it would be out before the end of the years.

What do you think the video will be about? The song primarily seems to be about a relationship, at least that was Pink’s intention while writing it and probably also Adam’s interpretation while recording it. Yet, the recent events gave it a whole new meaning. Which one will Adam go with, the more cliché couple-fighting thing or something a bit deeper than that?

Will keep you updated if more information becomes available 🙂 But for now, another cheer: we’ll get another music video! Hopefully this single will do well in the charts so we get to see the video often, too.


  1. Exciting news!! Can’t wait to hear/see more 😀

  2. This is really exciting, for some reason I think that Adam will try not to push any agendas with this video, or if it does, it will be very subtle. FYE was about Adam, boldly arriving at the world scene. I have a feeling he will keep this one more neutral and it’s going to be about the music and the lyrics and the world within the song, not the world without.
    But you rightly pointed out – BOTTOM LINE – it will be another feast for us. Can’t wait.

  3. YAY ADAM.aww i love brittany murphy ):

  4. Thanks yet again, Indie, you are right on it! I think it will have the relationship angle within it but he might also look at the viewer at times and use body language saying “He, whataya want from me?”. reflecting past weeks..

  5. Wow, this is so great, the news never ends. And a big cheer for all the people mingled with Adam for various reasons, looks like they are all receiving extra boosts in their celebrityness!!!!! Anyone associated with Adam L is going to reap the rewards…………..
    WYWFM sounds like it will be a wonderful MV. I’m gonna lean towards to lyrics of the song to come to life in this video. Love relationship all the way!
    OMG, cant wait to see this Adam we know you wont let us down, you hunk of burnin love you!!!!!!
    Another all nighter? just when I thought he was going to get some rest………..

  6. Wicked Glitter says:

    I am so happy about Adam’s new video, but I am very upset that we can’t watch Adam perform on New’s Years Eve at Gridlock. I thought if all of Adam’s fans made ‘televise Adam Lambert performing at Gridlock on New Years Eve a trending topic, we might still have a chance of getting this show televised. i son’t know how to start this, so If you see this in time ,please help. Its not too late I don’t think.

  7. Yes! looking forward for the realease. Another great moment with Adam Lambert.

  8. I’m so excited, i loved the FYE MV , but my favourite song from his album has always been WYWFM. and i would love to watch its MV..
    Go Adam GO Adam

  9. Can’t wait for the video – Adam is such eye-candy. Like he said backstage at Vevo commercial – he wished he could do a mv for each song – I wish he could too. Would finance it myself if I won the lottery lol.

  10. Great news….butI I have to say the FYE video is going to be a hard one to top; the visuals and the song are just f’n brilliant!

  11. AAHHHHH!! So freaking exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear more and OMG for it to be released!!!

  12. Oh and I Love that you posted the song Kiss and Tell on this site. I think that is a hot so and Adam wrote it before he was ever on AI. Very catchy!!

  13. REALLY looking forward to another Adam feast for the eyes. WWFM will make a great video – I agree it will likely be relational and not inflammatory. Safe. Mainstream. Hope the next one will be outrageous though!!

    Don’t forget to catch Leno Monday night. Monte should have the glittery guitar out again!

  14. AdamAddict says:

    WWFM will have MV?Yippieeeeeeeee!!Wow,1st TFM,then FYE,now WWFM,hmmm meaning 11 more to go,Adaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus that 2 bonus track,meaning,13 more to goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh,I wish!!! 🙂

  15. I am excited about a new vid. FYE is rockin iTunes, and now another great video is in the works to be sure! I hope that it makes me like this song more! I really WANT to!

  16. Adam Lambert Whattya want from me Video Premier Top Of the hour Hour 6am-10am Friday on VH1


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