MuchMusic’s Born To Be Adam Lambert

Here’s MuchMusic’s “Born to Be ADAM LAMBERT” documentary that aired on Canadian TV, August 19, 2010. “Candid interviews, details on career changing events, amazing performance footage and more make up MuchMusic’s Born to Be!”

Powerful pipes,
overnight singing success,
nice guy,

Born To Be Adam Lambert (part 1 of 3)
video via: Glamfan2010

Born To Be Adam Lambert (part 2 of 3)
video via: Glamfan2010

Born To Be Adam Lambert (part 3 of 3)
video via: Glamfan2010



  1. Amazing. Why can’t the u.s be like Canada. They are so open and just look at talent and forget personal stuff. Amaericans only look at personal stuff. It’s stupid. Like he said he is an artist and should be judged as such. And there is no went in the girl craze. Us girls are still crazy about him he is sexy and an awesome singer with a great presence and personality. That’s all people should see, but Americans have to be haters sometimes. I live in America and I wish I lived in Canada after seeing this

  2. WOW! This was so exciting to watch. Canadians have great taste in music,they appreciate music without all the BS related to his sexuality, unlike homophobic American music industry, they ambrace Adam whole heartedly. America has lot to learn from Canada. ADAM LAMBERT is true Artist with unmatche voice and stage presence, an unstopable force,America will get it eventually but for now BRAVO CANADA for loving ADAM as you do. He is one of a kind true,honest,down to earth and sweet person, I am a fan for life,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!

  3. I love these interviews. This segment was fantastic. Thank you. By the end of watching this, I am reminded what a great and true friend Adam has been to those in his life. For bringing his stage dancers and video extras along with him for this incredible ride. What a great person he is. (sigh). 🙂

  4. Glambertcraze says:

    Adam was truly born to be.
    Thank you for these videos, I smiled the whole time watching.

  5. Wow! These interviews were awesome although slightly dramatic about some things haha It was nicely done! 🙂

  6. Cris R Glamb #659 says:

    Agree, it was a bit over the top (on the part of the narrator) in spots, and there were a few mis-statements, but what a terrific compilation and reminder of Adam’s meteoric rise and journey and why he’s endeared himself to us and taken up permanent residence in our hearts and psyches!

    His path, like that of so many others before him, could have disintegrated and his career fizzled out at any time and taken a completely different turn were it not for his phenomenal talent and determination and integrity and inner and outer beauty. He managed to never lose touch with who he really is and has remained true to friends and family and causes he holds dear. He hasn’t taken any of his success for granted and asks us to do the same — value our relationships, and share what we have with others. These are the qualities that will sustain him and his career.

    Interview after interview, concert after concert, he just puts himself out there for the world, no holds barred, and just asks that we drop our negative judgements and prejudices and inhibitions and join him in a glorious escape from our problems and worries. Any of you who have been to one of his concerts have felt that incredible magnetism and warmth — he just scoops us all up in that energy and “fever” and invites us to come on this wild ride with him, to push the envelope, to leave our comfort zones……….and when we come back to the gate and disembark, we feel energized and inspired and empowered and bring all that good energy back into our daily lives.

  7. Thank you, Thank you Much Music you get it!!!!! He is our once in a lifetime performer and an amazing human being. I love how supportive our friends in Canada are and hope that our media in the U.S. can do Adam the justice he deserves. He gives us his all and in return I will ALWAYS support him. I hope ET watches this when they prepare their documentary and gives Adam the same respect as MuchMusic. Love you Adam Lambert………Rock on Rock God from Planet Fierce!!!

  8. Very positive interview. Adam looked extremely relaxed and handsome during the entire show. I go along with Paula, how was this guy not discovered years ago. Given beautiful people are a dime a dozen in LA, but they can’t all have that voice combined with that look. Adam has said openly gay men are not usually signed to big record deals. Bout time for a change people. I hope American Idol will again take a chance on a “theatrical” person(s). Who knows what we are missing. You rock Canada, and thank you!

  9. Thank you Much Music. You know talent when you see it without prejudice.


  11. Is there another person in this whole world who is more beautiful? I think not.

  12. America has given the world yet another king , Adam Lambert King Of Voice !
    The high note he sang after the tongue -dive , singing 20th Century Boy was phenomenal ! The highest and the best from him I think .

  13. What can I say, Canadians are truly more open minded about things than most countries, ie first country to allow gay marriages. Our televisions shows are not censored like other countries, including the USA. That is why we love Adam, his singing and his performances so much. We also do positive media about him and give him awards because he deserves them!
    He is a wonderful human being, marvelous performer and singer, honest and up front about his life and what he is doing and where he wants to go.
    I am 57 year old woman but think he is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time. Love his CD and cant wait for the next one.

  14. Great job MuchMusic Canada ! The view of the downtown Toronto intersection where Adam’s Canadian fans stood shoulder to shoulder completely filling up every gap with Adam singing in the middle of the crossroads is an awesome sight indeed ! Beautiful .
    MuchMusic is fairer than America in their appreciation of Adam’s artistry when they awarded Adam the Best International Video beating Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus . Canadians put Adam’s hit song ‘For Your Entertainment ‘ at #1 on their charts for several weeks, which I totally agree but in America it didn’t even reach Top 10 . What a waste for such a magnificent video with Adam at his best to fall by the wayside !

    • I agree about Americans missing out because some of their ideas about what is proper or not.
      FYE is a kick ass song and the video is fab.
      However with Adam there is no time to look back really, we are just always charching ahead. I believe the early stumbles gave him actually the devoted fanbase that carries him right now. And he knows that too!
      Day after day I find Joy, Love and Healing by watching the videos, listening to his voice, also the connection between the fans, the things people do to support each other I believe is unparalled. This is a true and certain change.
      Sometimes I still see Paula Abdul’s face on AI, beaming with sheer admiration, affection and infatuation, she was the only one who really felt all the levels of Adam’s incredible gifts.
      Cheers to you Paula, I hope you are doing well!

  15. There were a few misstatements , but all in all this was one GREAT interview.

  16. Princessshakeitup says:

    Sometimes I get so distracted looking at his crotch [well, we’re honest here, right?] that I almost for get what a great FACE he has! In segment 3 at around 3:25 he makes a funny face that is so silly I wish I had it on a poster just to look at if I ever need a pick up. Then at a point in one of the first 2 segments he [I think] means to say “artillery” and says something close but not quite. So, again, I get so caught up with how sexy he is that somethimes I almost forget how funny and little boy cute he is!
    I am completely thankful for Adam Lambert

  17. gran4adam says:

    Once again, thank you Sue. Have always loved Canada and Canadians and not surprised how they love Adam.

  18. Scootersmom says:

    Hooray! I’ll be going to the Houston concert at the Hobby Center with my daughter! But enough about me…I just copied this whole thing, and when anyone (believe it or not, they exist) who doesn’t know Adam asks me why I’m so crazy about him, I’ll just send this to them!

  19. Terri Smittle says:

    Sandy, I agree…Beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside. Anyone who really listens to the lyrics of his songs,should know this.

  20. Someone please explain to me how a County (US) can have so much absolute garbage on television, and yet censor harmless kissing between 2 guys. Watch Jersery Shore, any of the bachelor/bachelorette programs, just about anything on MTV, daytime soaps, well the list goes on and on. Canada we adore you for your openiness and your faith in Adam Lambert. His fans appreciate you.

  21. Thank you Much Music, and Suz–loved it! What a down to earth interpretation of Adam and his rise to stardom! Thank you Canada for realizing what a wonderful person and artist Adam is. I wish our country could be as loving and accepting instead of having our heads buried in the sand when it comes to ones sexual preference! However, Adam is recognized as a gifted artist who is well on his way to the top! Elvis also had to deal with adversity with some peoples attitude to rock and roll.
    Now we have another star–love Adam!!!

  22. Lamchops50 says:

    Thanks to MuchMusic for producing this and to Sue for sharing. I’m proud to be a fan of such a talented, engaging, well-rounded person. Seeing this makes me love Adam even more!

  23. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Thanks to all involved for posting this program; we can always count on you to keep us going in all things Adam! Yes he is so beautiful and look at all his different looks! Amazing, but it is still that voice that never fails to send chills down the spine! Can hardly wait for what is next down this wild yellow brick road to superstardom!

  24. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    All i can say is wow! I am so excited other canadians such as me LOVE Adam as much as I do and give him well deserved attention. Adam rocks!

  25. Musicalgal says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Me too. Thank you to all who are involved in making this site happen. We all love Adam so much. We knew when we saw him perform on AI he was the AI. Yep – you bet.

  26. Since this show first aired on MuchMusic, Adam has successfully ended a SOLD OUT tour across the USA and Canada (72 venues) and has begun the international leg of his Glam Nation Tour (Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Osaka (and another venue in Japan), Germany, UK (England and Scotland), France, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Austria. He will be EXHAUSTED in December but will still give a last Glam Nation Show in Los Angeles.

    Adam currently has over 1,000,000 fans on Facebook and 710,000 followers on twitter. He is building his musical career the right way, increasing his loyal fanbase one by one. That’s a sign of longevity in the music biz.

  27. this clip is amazing .adam is amazing ,.we love you adam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx