Much Music Video Awards With Adam Lambert**UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

Tonight, Adam will be performing on the Much Music Video Awards. He has said that he will be perfoming Whataya Want From Me, as that is his video that is nominated. Good luck sunshine!!
Here are some red carpet photos, CHECK OUT THE HAIR!! His cougar tie looks smashing as well.
I will be watching for the video as soon as he is done, so keep checking back here!!


Adam wins a MMVA:


@adamlambert~Pulling up to the Much Music Video Awards Red Carpet!
@ TommyJoeRatliff~2nd time playing a show with Beiber… im gonna give him a noogie and give him his 1st glass of whiskey tonight.

Red Carpet
video via:Voodoo346

Whataya Want From Me
video via:janeho47

pics via:@eTalkCTV

pics via:@nandomrlls

following 4 pics via:REUTERS/Mark Blinch






  1. libraglam says:

    Ooh i love ADAM’s tie and his new look, his hair on one side is growing longer. Looks cool !

    BTW, who is the lady in blue mini dress?

    Thanks for quickly upload these pictures for us.

    • Thje lady is Katy Perry!

      • libraglam says:

        Oh did not know Katy is that chubby !!! lol….may just the butt.

        • libraglam says:

          She is so sexy tonite !!! Hot dress even it is blue.

          • Think Katy is one of the few stars in Hollywood who is a natural beauty. No enhancement surgery. Seen her on red carpet with Adam before. Two beautiful people!

        • If that’s what you think chubby is, I should be so fat!!! LOL!!!

          • libraglam says:

            Oh please don’t say that….i am skinny and have “chubby” butt too…LOL ! i was surprise because i have seen her in full clothes before and she is so slim and beautiful…i did not think she has big butt like me !!! LOL !!!!! so you know what, i am very happy now kwowing that there is a celebrity out there just like me …at least …the butt ! LOL !!!!

            • I think Katy Perry is beautiful just the way she is. I love her butt…LOLLLLL!

              It’s the style of the dress and the material that makes her butt very voluptuous. Remember when she wore that Elvis get-up with Adam’s name on her cape on AI? And now they’re friends.

              Adam looks absolutely stunning in his pics.

    • I think Adam has some extensions in his hair as it wasn’t that long a couple days ago. I love that he always changes things up. He is always hot!

    • CONGRATULATIONS Sweet Beautiful man!! You DESREVE THIS AND MORE! You are the most talented Artist I’ve ever heard or seen and I’m so happy you came into my life— you bring Love~ Joy~ Peace~ Healing~ Unity~ Kindness~ Happiness~ FUN~ Excitment~ Surprise~ Glam~ Sexxxxxiness~ Hotttness~ Style~ Class~ Soul~ LIFE~ into the world and into our LIVES, when we need it most!! Your teaching the World NOT TO JUDGE, BUT TO LOVE~ I LOVE YOU!

    • Roberta says:

      Katy Perry is the lucky one with Adam.

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the video that’s to come. Adam (as always) looks hot and smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!GLAMB# 640 AdamsLady

  3. PaulaGlam says:

    Today Adam will be at the MMVA Wards in Toronto, Canada.
    If you have cable tune in with the Fuse Music Chanel. Will start at 8:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm central and 6:00 pm pacific time.
    Enjoy everyone!!! is going to be a good Sunday evening indeed!!! 🙂

  4. Pandabetha #635 says:

    Adam looks GREAT. I can’t wait to see the performance. I love his hair.

  5. He. looks so polished and cool, once again surprising with a more conventional look, the hairstyle is telling the story. No video of his performance yet, but have read a few comments that his vocals were purely out of this world. Looks like he let his voice do the talking this time.So gorgeous in everyway.

  6. Peggy in Newfoundland says:

    Hey – we were voting like mad for Adam for International Video of the Year – hope he wins. He did sound great – we’re watching on tv. His last note for WWFM was incredible. I think the lady in the blue dress is Katy Perry…..who knows. Adam is the eye candy in that shot!!! lol

  7. AdamAddict says:

    THE CAR’S DOOR IS STUCK WHEN THAT DUDE WANTS TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR HIM!I guess even car fell in love with him.Wouldn’t let him go after Adam IN her!LOL!I won’t let Adam go if he in me too! 😛 hoohoo!!

  8. Peggy in Newfoundland says:

    Our boy just won the Canadian “International Video of the Year”!! YAYYYY and YIPPEEEE. Woo Hoo. He was up for two awards and won this one. Miley Cyrus won the other one…… Congratulations Adam.

  9. omfg how amazing had chills and goosebumps all over my body 2 see how the crowd reacted 2 his peformance…a megastar in the making, thnxs god some of us still recon real talent…..adam ur the best!!!

  10. yey he won so im happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Adam looked great as usual! I love the boots and tie, the crowd loved him! he won!

  12. libraglam says:

    OMGOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO !! Yeah !! I am screaming out loud ! My husband jumped in the other room he wonders what it is all about ! Oh i am so PROUD of ADAM ! Oh i keep watching this video back and forth.. ! what a sunday night !! I gotta go outside and SCREAM !!!

  13. Adam…thank God you finally won….you’re IT just like what Paula A quoted. No other talent in this world quite like you….YOU’RE THE STAR OF THE UNIVERSE….!!!! whole lot of love, to you and to your family…

    • You didn’t have to be Paula to know this one! ADAM was always spectaular…..International Superstar to be precise!

  14. GO ADAM !!!!!!!!!! THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WON !!!!!!!!!HE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. So glad he won – Woo hoo —– (not liking his hair – sorry – just had to say it) – but hey – he is so wonderful and I am so proud of him. The world recognizes his super talent and this is only the beginning……muah….

  16. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I love his acceptance speech. He is so funny!

  17. gran4adam says:

    I am so proud of him and the Canadian fans who voted for him. Thank you. The hair and eybrows aren’t my favorite but Adam is always trying different looks and is glamorous whatever he does. Just has to open his mouth and sing or talk to us.

  18. I am so happy he won. I was not expecting it although I knew he deserved it. Maybe the world of pop is changing and will recognize reall talent more in the future.

  19. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Oh My God, he won. That is sooooo great. He deserves it, every bit of it!!!!

  20. Congratulations Adam! This is one fan that is so proud that you won an award. You deserve
    it and many more to come !

  21. cas2003 says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations to Adam…he deserves it!!! He looked so handsome and sang terrifically, of course!

  22. Well, I am so glad he won!!! They haven’t broadcasted that show around here..I’ll have to go to the library to watch the video and acceptance speech…The pics are HOT as always. Also, to whoever runs this site, PLEASE HELP!! I tried re-registering again to try and get my Glamb #, and that didn’t work. Then I found a link on here that said: “Having problems getting your number?, click I did that, and that didn’t work. Then it had a place to contact Serene, but that e-mail came back immediately saying it wasn’t a good address…. I have done EVERYTHING it says to do to be a member, and nothing is working…I’ve been posting for a while now, I will put my info on here, and please e-mail me directly with the Glamb# and a password if I need that. I need the Glamb# for the t-shirt I’m making for the concert, and I was gonna put my # on the back! Please contact me!! Here is the info:

    Name: Tina
    Location: Richmond, IN
    Glamb#: ???????

    Again, please help me with getting my Glamb# before the concert!!

    Thanks, and Thanks again for the HOT PICS!!

    P.S. Make sure you put something about Adam in the subject line so I don’t delete you!! Thanks Again!!


  24. Mmagiemay says:

    Sooooooo Adorable no matter what!! So happy he won an award. His comment made me ROTFLMAO. About frikin time. Adam Baby you should always win and Sweetie you are a WINNER!!!!

  25. Where did Jusitn Bieber come from? i’ve heard him sing live on many shows and the child would never have made it to Hollywood week on Idol! How is he such a hit?????

    • libraglam says:

      I have no way of understanding why he is so popular….his voice is STILL TOO IMMATURE…he needs to go for a voice training !!! ….may be the media bumped him up in the begining and all the young teens love it just because… peer pressure…you know when we were little 10 or 11, we tend to go with the flow, if one person like some new popular boy , then the rest tend to immitate that they love him too, so people think they are cool….that’s kids…and of course, if little kids want to go to the concert, then the parents have to come along too. So Justin can sell 3 times more tickets than anyone, and if the kid has brothers and sisters then they have to bring the whole family along. At the end Justin can sell as much as 5 times more tickets than any other artists. With Adam, most fans are women, some women go to concert alone, cuz their husbands don’t want to go….Hey we have to do sometthing about this….!!!

      But of course, if the teen artist has real talent, we will see their progress otherwise they will die out soon because another young teen will take his place and the media wants to do business. ADAM has a true talent and it will LAST FOR YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !! at least 50 yrs !

      • Read Bieber is going on to Disney Channel, Miley going on to the Playboy channel–no only kidding I like what she’s doing to break the Hannah Montana thing. Think this teen-pre-teen phemo will continue with new kids each year. We did it and so will others. Not sure how much talent Bieber has? Never watched, should one of these days.

        • If you all dont follow Tommy on twitter you should, he is so funny!! He said seeing Beiber again gonna give him a noogie and his first whiskey. LOL couldnt stop laughing!!!!

  26. LuvAdam476 says:

    Love the HAIR !! So Sexy!!!! The boots and tie are to die for, what an ensemble! Adam looks absolutely delicious!!


  27. Congratulations, Adam!!!!!! You have always been a winner, Now the world knows it.

    • Keli Green Eyes says:

      That’s right Adam! Your fans voted and you are no longer a runner up. You are so deserving of this award and I’m sure it will be one of many to come. You work your butt off and I’m so glad it’s paying off. You are a WINNER!

  28. Adamisamazing says:

    I was sooo happy when he won the award! There will be many more to come! I wish the host had given him more time to thank people. He is always so cool, confident and at ease. This was a great moment and I was thrilled for him. I also watched the Fuse half hour interview they repeated. It had been a while since I saw it. The pics posted were great, especially the ones with him and Katy Perry, his good friend. Hope he grows back the hair, but I loved his suit. And, winning this award was fitting for the International superstar he is and deserves to be!

  29. He’s sporting a Tommy Do and definately has extensions in cause its way longer than a few days ago. I say Good On Him! Keeping it fresh and new all the time. He wants to surprise us and he definately gives us something to talk about! Congrats Adam; you deserve the award and MORE!!! Lovin the look, tie, matching boots and that million dollar smile!!

  30. tweeterpie says:

    I’m so happy and proud of “our man” Adam for winning MMVA’s Favorite International Video Award & hope this is just the tip of the iceberg ahead. He deserves to be recognized for the huge talent that he is. We love and support Adam in EVERYTHING that he does so this is a very special treat indeed. At least this time my votes ACTUALLY worked. YEAH ADAM! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    I’m thrilled Adam WON the award! He sooo deserves it! Yeah for us fans who voted! We all know what a superb singer and spectacular dhow he puts on ALWAYS!!! Adam looks so HOT with the matching boot and tie! He’s so awesome and I too am excited to have him in glamnation with me!!!

  32. Princessshakeitup says:

    CONGRATULATIONS BEAUTIFUL MAN!!! It was the first thing I checked when I got up this morning and a PERFECT way to start the Summer Solstice!

    Thanks especially to the International Fans who made this happen…something we haven’t been able to do [yet] in his own Country! Let’s face it, he is too big for a Country…he belongs to the Universe!

    Wouldn’t giving to Heifer Project International “Adam’s Ark” be a great way to say….WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD TO BE YOUR GLAMBS!?

  33. HIS HAIR:
    I don’t like his hair at all… He looked great when it was combed away from his forehead. … it really showed his handsome face.
    I remember watching Adam pushing his hair back in so many of his videos while he was performing and I was thinking,” what a pain in the ass that must be to him when he’s trying to perform.”….. I mean he has a lot of thick hair… a lot… and that must have been a problem. It looked like he was using gel to make it stay up before cause it was stiff looking but it still came down when he performed. So even though I don’t like the style on him nearly as much as the way he used to wear it I hope that it’s easier for him. Atleast he won’t have to worry if it’s coming down again and push it back ALL the time. ( although I saw him push this style back in this video already.)
    Oh what the hell—we’d love him if he were bald.

  34. hey (love) you rock adam my friend (one)

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Jermaine, you are an interesting fellow. You certainly keep the love coming! Why can’t you go to a concert?

  35. JoAnne T. says:

    First and foremost: CONGRATS ADAMMMMMMMM! WHOOOHOOOO! Now onto other comments lol. He did look smashing as usual. The hair I am wavering on though, at first I totally didn’t like it and wondered if this was an aftermath of a REALLY good party drink. Now I’m thinking it has a lot of 80’s retro kinda like Duran Duran. Its growing on me I think it just shocked some of us! I am so very proud Adam got the award; he beat out some REALLY heavy hitters and that is HUGE! Katy Perry looked really cute too. That dress was totally HOTTTT! I didn’t think she looked chubby at all I’d trade bods with her anyday lol! Wonder if I could find a similar dress for GLAMNATION in St. Pete?……hmmmmm……

    JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  36. Nobody mentions that they couldn’t get the car(which is beautiful) door open!!!!!!! I’m not thrilled about the longer hair it’s much better shorter. But he is so poised and genuine. I wasn’t happy about the camera work for his performance, he doesn’t need the filler.

    • Actually, AdamAddict did above and it was a very funny comment! Scroll back up and read it!!

  37. Lyndsey says:

    I am so happy and so very very PROUD of our sweet talented Adam!!!! This just made my day!!!!

  38. Adam should never think of himself as a runner-up. We all know that he is and will always be #1 in every way and he should have a room set aside for his awards and gold and platinum records.

  39. angelina says:

    Soooo happy for Adam and love that the crowd went nuts for him! He deserves this and much, much more, which I’m sure, the Universe already has lined-up for him!

  40. THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. AND lets keep voting , vh1 top 20 !! ADAM LAMBERT #1

  42. It is hard to hold back the tears. I am not nuts about the hair but so far it appears Adam knows what he is doing. I don’t he could be doing much better than winning, a hit record, and a sold out tour. What ever he is doing I hope he just keeps getting bigger and better. Right on Adam

  43. I know Adam loves to change his look but he’s always his own person so I’m not sure why he wants his hair to look like Tommys.That is definately Tommys hair style! My fav is the WWFM video hair, it makes him look young and sweet.Of course I love him no matter what and I’m so happy for him!

  44. Im so happy he won! He definitely deserved it, such a cute acceptance speech! 😀 Is hair looks awesome, I am loving the new shaved look 🙂


    • kat23morg says:

      Hey you kind of embarrass yourself here with you mouth..and the ugly words…Gaga is cool. …and she is a friend of Adam…I respect her talent and creativity….Hateful words are not necessary and I know Adam would tell you the same…Adam is fantastic and a sweet person that does not like the manner in which you are speaking…Get a grip…

  46. lamamasita says:

    GO ADAM! GO ADAM! He finally got the recognition he deserves. There will be so much more in store for him in the future. All of us Glamberts knew his talent and personality would make him a world-wide superstar and it is all just beginning to happen for him. Love, love, love YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hi, just wondered,does anyone else get a surge of jealousy when they see Adam and Katy Perry together or am i just being weird?! x

  48. Bravo!!! Well deserved award. Tried to vote a couple of times, could not. So I would guess your Canadian fans had a lot to do with your winning this “International” Award. Love the hair and the toned down suit look. Very D& G European look that works so well on Adam vs. the “on stage look”. You totally get it. The Theatrical look good on stage, sophistication good in public. WOW WOW A process in the making of an international Rock Star. Read in Rolling Stones today that many artists struggling w/tours due to this on-going recession. Adam is doing it right and right on.I remember a time when I use to follow the politcal pundits. No time anymore. This is way better!P.S. can’t be the only one to notice how thin you are. Working too hard???

  49. So glad to see this here. I fell asleep last night and missed seeing Adam win! I guess I’m still tired from last week out in Illinois/Milwaukee/Indiana when we saw Adam twice, together!! Sue, thanks for getting these up. You beat me to it. . . as usual! I’ll post as soon as you let me have a say!! LOL!!

    Love ya and wish we could have spent more time together last week,

  50. What makes the award even more amazing is the star studed group of entertainers of he won over. I have checked out several different sites and am surprised at some of the hateful remakes people are making. I don’t care for country or opera stars but I don’t make think such terrible thoughts. I just don’t get. If you don’t like something just turn the dial. What is up with some peolple.

    • Yeah he couldn’t believe it that he won over Beonce and Lady Gaga. I know some fans have voted their fingers to the bone on this one. I personally find the whole multiple voting strange but it seems that is how it is done I vote as much as I can.

      Next week will be my very fist concert I can actually barely believe it…….

  51. WILD, WILD, WILD, best performer I’ve ever seen since Pink Floyd Love you Adam, Rita & Donna

  52. juliette says:

    So happy and so proud !
    I can’t hardly wait to see what is ahead for Adam.
    His hair! Beautiful! Let’s face it every things he does is great.
    I saw him performed on Saturday night.
    Great show! 17,000 people watched him performed.
    That week-end, Toronto was celebrating their Annual Music Festivals,
    and there were several free concerts going on that night.

  53. FlamingoLady says:

    Watching Adam winning the award, and performing for all those fans obviously crazy for him, and knowing that’s what he’s experiencing on his tour, brings tears to my eyes, I’m so happy that he is getting the recognition he deserves. I am continually impressed with this amazing man!
    Thank you so much for sharing all the photos and videos!

  54. Darlene says:

    I am so happy for Adam. This is just the begininning for him.

  55. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Holy Hell… he looks so HOT in a suit and that Robert Smith-esque hair. Thank GOD the 80’s came back!!!

  56. so i just saw this evenings Entertainment Tonight and they reported that it was Miley Cyrus who won the international video of the year award….WTF..? did Adam win or NOT

  57. cheryl 334 says:

    Congratulations! Adam! Just the beginning of hundreds of awards to be won.

    Adam is so ‘shy’! He always stuns me as to his ‘shyness’. So awesome to see. His hair def. is looking like Tommy’s!! Tommy is def. looking a bit more like Adam! (make-up-wise). I’m still wondering if the two of them are ‘hooked up’?

    Katy Perry has the cutest body and face! She loves Adam. Remember what she wore on idol during the last 3 in the competition? Love her! Her boyfriend is too funny and cute, too!

    Couldn’t be happier that Adam is seeing the world loving HIM!

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Joy-Happiness 4 Adam…………………….

  58. Congrats Adam Lambert!!! You deserve it,finally people are seeng what we have known since American Idol. Adam has worked hard to get where he is today. Katy perry looked cute as always. she is the only female that does not look anorexic. Adam’s hair does resemble to tommy’s hair style, Adam looks hot as always, my favorit is when he wore it down during American idol but if this hair cut keeps him cool and happy so be it, after all its his hair. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. libraglam says:

    Told you all about Katy Perry “butt”……ADAM had his hands on her butt !!

    No….actually Katy Perry grab his butt when he was talking to the interviewer
    that caugh him by surprise and he turned around and retaliate !! So funny
    watching these 2 friends playing/teasing each other….it so cute. ( Wish
    Adam is not gay, so Adam and Katy could be good couple… they are both
    so beautiful.)

  60. What a car!! I love seeing him treated like the royalty he is! So proud of him….this was LONG overdue. CONGRATS ADAM!!!!! So sweet to thank US his loyal fans first. CLASSY….CLASSY…..CLASSY!!!

  61. kat23morg says:

    Adam as usual looks fab…and it is just the beginning….Congrats Adam on your first big award…We love all you do…He and Katy are so cute together…

  62. peachie says:

    i am looking forward now for the GRAMMY AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaayyyy………….best male vocals……..

  63. Congrats. to Adam ! He lit up the skies of Toronto with his performance of WWFM. Amazing vocals, looks, moves..Yay.
    IIHY is the Hottest ,Fun Dance a-long on the planet So glad he is trying to spread the Love through out the world:).
    17 months now, I’ve been ga ga in love with Adam. Watch vids. TV appearances, listen to his tunes, look at his pics, read all the reviews, articles etc. . Been to one GN show so far, didnt want it to end. Front & Center.
    Adam still Rocks my world ! and always will!
    He can wail, shake, gyrate, smile, tease, & give us his Whole Lotta Love, yeah baby bring it on……………Love him!
    love & peace

  64. Glamitup says:

    So happy for him but why the heck did they stick him outside??? UGH! Anyway , a beauty as always!

  65. Sue, Carol and my other Glamb sisters — I feel like celebrating, because Adam’s victory is also our victory . I’m so happy, I feel like a winner too, with Adam’s winning the International Music Video Award. There goes our baby, winning battles, slaying dragons of mediocrity, discriminations, disunity and boredom. Oh, how he lifts broken spirits, melancholy souls…… and had given them wings to fly with the power of his songs.
    A toast to you all GLAMB sisters, now let’s celebrate and party in the woods.
    But after the party, we’ll have to pray some more, because greater challenges for Adam lies ahead. It’s okay for him to win awards, but may he’ll also be fulfilled in his personal life as well as in his professional life.
    Go Adam baby, we’re right behind you. God bless you, and keep you safe in His loving arms !

  66. I love how he said, “always a runner-up”, now you are not, never been anyway! Congrats Adam!??? 😉

  67. B MOSCHETTI says:

    Outstanding performance! No words can adequately express my admiration for Adam Lambert.