ALBUM PREVIEW!!: MTV Reviews FYE Song Snips

Preview Adam Lambert’s New Album

Amazon posted 30-second snippets of all the songs on FYE (link above), and Gil Kaufman of MTV reviews what he heard in this article:

After months of hype, Glamberts finally got a chance on Tuesday (November 3) to check out Adam Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment. And while the “American Idol” runner-up’s coming-out disc is still a few weeks away from its official November 23 release date, Amazon’s U.K. site posted 30-second clips of all the songs on the CD, which promises to be every bit as over-the-top as the singer has promised.

And, in case there was any doubt, the clips confirm his promise that “glam is back.”

The songs include the throbbing title-track first single, as well as the collaboration with “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi, “Strut,” a chugging slab of glam rock with some ’80s-hair-metal-worthy guitar and a mix of Lambert’s falsetto and lower register. There’s also the new-wave-y ballad “Whataya Want From Me,” which bounces along on a bed of churning guitars and was written by Pink and radio-pop maestro Max Martin. Like “Whataya Want,” the disco ball-spinning raver “If I Had You” sounds a bit like a dancefloor remix of a Kelly Clarkson outtake, slathered with Lambert’s signature winking sensuality.

And, of course, there are ballads, such as the sweeping, Linda Perry-co-written “A Loaded Smile,” which has Lambert pining over mechanical-sounding drums and weepy synthesizers, and “Broken Open,” an icy tearjerker that plays out over chilly keyboards and a spare, haunting beat.

Lambert has plenty of space to get loose, as on the “We Will Rock You”-style thumper “Sure Fire Winners” and the hair-metal stomper “Music Again,” a mystically powerful rock song that bears the heavy influence of co-writer and spandex-loving British wailer Justin Hawkins, formerly of the equally falsetto-tastic band the Darkness.

It’s not hard to pick out the influence of OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on “Sleepwalker,” which falls into the singer-songwriter’s growing canon of majestic/ominous-sounding ballads, such as BeyoncΓ©’s “Halo.” There’s also no mistaking the song that Lambert was so excited to work on, the Lady Gaga collabo “Fever,” a preening bit of carnival pop that allows Lambert to indulge in some vocal bump-n’-grind as he sings like a naughty, gritty-voiced carnival barker over a throbbing beat and bouncy keyboards.

The album will also feature the bonus track “Time for Miracles,” the bombastic ballad from the disaster movie “2012.” Other tracks include the big-screen piano ballad “Soaked,” which could rightly be mistaken for a B-side from collaborators Muse, the mid-tempo rocker “Aftermath” and a yearning pop-rock song co-written with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, “Pick U Up.”

You can view the article here.

Here is a link where you can hear the snippets back-to-back.

I haven’t been able to listen to any of the song snips yet…have any of you been able to? If so, what do you think?

ADDED: Anyone who wants the snippets as mp3 files for download, email me at and I’ll forward them to you. I’ve already got mine burned on a CD so I can listen in the car tomorrow!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5

Preview Adam Lambert’s New Album


  1. Well, I’m not sure whee the snippets are, but I cannot find them on Amazon UK! Anyone got any ideas where they are?

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      I found them on mjsbigblog.

    • You should be able to listen via the Amazon UK link in the article above – first word of first sentence.

    • OMG heard them and loved them! I like Sleepwalker, Soak, and Broken Open are a few of my favorites but really love all of them! He has slow, upbeat, heck he even has a piano backed son on there…………..he has everything!!!!!!!! I am so excited I might faint! Damn now I can’t wait till Nove 23………..what is so bad is I pre-ordered from Amazon but will be out of town visiting my son who is in the Army from Nove 20 to Dec 7 so I might have to go out and buy a copy for the road………………loving me some ADAM!

    • It seems from all the reviews from his album that alot of people love Soaked , I know that is one of my favorites………but how can you pick from all those great songs………..hard.

    • They’re here too

  2. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    I’ve heard them all and honestly, I can’t find anything wrong with any of them! I LOVE LOVE LOVE “Music Again”, “Soaked”, and “Fever”. But the others are great too. I think Adam’s done a glamtastic job!!!!

    • i love all the songs! i’m listening to “if i had you” right now, its upbeat and fun. 20 more days guys!

    • Those are my favorites also — but, as you said, all of them are Glamtastic!!!! Just a taste of this album sounds Grammy winning to me!!! I am overcome with Adamemotion right now!!

  3. Glambertcraze says:

    As expected Adam is ever surprising. Every song is different. At first I thought the music was too loud and overpowering Adams beautiful Voice, but after hearing them all there is a mix of music, some have Adams voice as prominant and others have the music.
    Can’t wait to hear the entire songs.
    What is he going to do on the AMAs?? It will diffently be over the top.

  4. gran4adam loved the tracks…can’t wait to hear the CD.

  5. I love the snippets! The songs are so great!

    • Yep the previews are great, he has not disappointed. I got to them thru link posted on previous comments about the twitter party, there is a looped version, someone has posted.Good luck.

  6. Glambertcraze says:

    For the link go to Twitter party post
    approx. 6 from bottom is donnanobe’s post. The link is there for snippits

  7. WOW…..just what we expected from ADAM….the songs are UNBELIEVABLE….I especially like “Soaked”, “Music Again”, “Whattya Want From Me”, “A Loaded Smile”…..geezzz…..I could go on and on….they’re all FANTASTIC…..such a variety…..I LOVE IT !!!!

    Can’t wait to hear all the songs in their entirity !!!! Pretty soon…..

  8. DonnaNoble says:

    Here is the link again for the 30 sec snippets back to back

    Enjoy! I have been attempting to listen repeatedly while at work with my iPod earbuds and it’s been soooooo distracting. Hope it won’t mess up my experiments (not that I care at this point, LOL.)

  9. No need to hunt for the snippets, guys! There is a link in the above article (click on “Amazon UK”)

  10. Had to listen through my earphones at work but I had to hear. My first reaction was tears. I was hearing Freddie Mercury and it made me realize what an incredible talent he was. Now we have Adam and I am so thankful to be at a place in my life that allows me to fully enjoy and appreciate what we have. All those years ago, like many my age, I was too far into other things to really appreciate the music of the 70s and 80s. It is like having a 2nd chance to live, laugh and dance again. Oh Adam, you have reinvented music and joy. Thank you.

    • Lisa,

      that’s how I feel too….aren’t we lucky to be alive to witness all this fantasticness from ADAM…..LIVE, LAUGH AND DANCE again!!! THANKS ADAM …..WE LOVE YOU !!!!

    • God, I got shivers when I read your post!!! Yes, my thoughts too!! I was raising babies in the late ’70s and ’80s but went all out for Michael Jackson, but didn’t experience enough David Bowie, ABBA, Queen, Guns ‘n’ Roses, the list goes on … but I caught up with some of that through the years, partly because I was a music journalist and now teach piano, so music has always been a part of my life — very open-minded, trained classically, but I can appreciate a good musician and Adam is UNPARALLED — let me repeat that opinion: UNPARALLED — in today’s industry!!! He has reinvented all the passion and excitement of a great entertainer — with a voice that’s a gift from God!!!! You are right on — We are so lucky to be alive in this Adamera. I just can’t believe what he does to me. Words don’t describe it … they’re out of the boundary, just like him!!!!

  11. I love every each one of them, there is rock, pop, glam rock, ballads to hear his beautiful voice, I love them all. I already pre-ordered my copies, I want to buy more. I hope they sell the special edition album here in London soon. Lets make For your entertainment number 1 in the UK, for sure we will have Adam visiting the UK. Anyone interested in the clebration in London of the official release of Adam’s album in the UK please email me at lets make a big noise about Adam.


  12. Thanks Jeanette! Well, I love all the songs and true-to-form, Adam never ceazes to amaze me. Rooooooooob, where are you? Get your butt over here and tell me that Adam has failed to entertain you. Would love to hear your view of the album!!!!

    Where are all the Glambs???? Lisette, Cheryl 007, Momsie, Lorrin, Mary C, Helen, Toni, Dianne, Jaberone, Kimber, Silvana, naughty AA, AdamRocks, Adam…fan1, etc, etc, Ofra, Gala, Jan, Songwriter, … where are you all?? You are all missing out BIG TIME!!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Ingrid
      Missed you! I’ve been so busy, haven’t had time to post. Trying to keep up with the site. I’ve been on Twitter too the last couple of days. We were all there trending to get FYE to the number one spot. Did get there on the weekend, but yesterday it slipped, but was still in the trending topic. Do you have a twitter account, it’s really fun. Just about everyone you mentioned above was there!
      Anyway, heard the songs and just love them, can’t wait for the cd, although it’s a real tease just hearing 30 sec.! Nov. 23 can’t come soon enough, and don’t forget the AMA’s. Can you imagine Adam singing FYE on that show, it’s going to be friggin’ amazing!
      Love you, talk to you soon,
      Hugs, Helen

    • I am here Ingrid, have heard all the snippits, love love love it all ; but am sure will have a fav when I have heard them all properly. Cant wait, will we get vids etc do you think as we have a music channel over here in NZ and would love to see TFM and FYE on there, just takes time I guess, Jan

      • P>S>Dianne is at work and is not able to hear them yey, jusr wait till she does !!!!!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I can’t wait to read Dianne Hill post as well! She probably drool with her tongue sticking out!LOL!DIANNE QUIT THE JOB,HURRY BACK!LISTEN TO SOAKED FIRST!Oh god,I promote Soaked like everywhere.I’ll shut up now! πŸ˜›

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hi AdamAddict
            Yes, poor Dianne, still at work, wait til she hears it. We’ll hear her screaming all the way to Canada and Malaysia!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            OH MY FUCKING GOD Emili, I have just listened to them all, I drooled, and I cried, I adore SOAKED as you knew I obviously would. I LOVE THEM ALL, FUCK ME, I can hardly string a couple of words together. I WANT THE ALBUM NOW, I DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE, COME ON YOU RECORD PRODUCER PEOPLE, THIS AIN’T BLOODY FAIR, IS IT EMILI. Maybe I should shut up now. OH MY GOD HE IS FUCKING FANTASTIC. Sorry for all the swearing I can’t think straight and that is all that is coming out of my brain.

            • AdamAddict says:

              I know you will use F word.Wait until we all hear the full song for the whole CD!! Yikes!! LOL πŸ™‚

    • Sorry Ingrid answered you bit further down.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Missing big time?NOPE!Sherry sent to me this link and I already post it in “Twitter Party Updates” Thread.I already freaked out ,almost pass out and all.LOL!I left so many post there,I feel a bit embarrass to leave another one.I let others a chance.(yeah right,actually I feel dizzy a bit after listened to Soaked) So damn beautiful.I can’t wait to hear full song.My favourite so far but need to hear all 1st before can make my mind.Broken Open is awesome too.See,I talk to much again.I don’t want this thread full with my thought.~breath~And yes Ingrid,where is Rob?Hahaha!Cancel after listen to FYE??!!~giggle~ whatever!!Some people might plan buy 1 more coz of this.No matter what, Adam’s CD going to sell like hot cakes…like Secret Recipe when they do promotion,buy one free one!I never got the chance,people are mean!Just leave 1 for me,dammit!I want Oreo cheese cake and Indulgence for the free one.Is it too much to ask?? πŸ™

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I couldn’t stop listening to the snippets long enough to post! Every single song is INCREDIBLE! My favorites are Music Again and Soaked. . . Broken Open and Loaded Smile remind me of George Michael, which is a HUGE compliment. . . I’m floating away on the clouds!!! Go Adam!!!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • cheryl 334 says:

      INGRID……No,my dear! I posted on this on the previous thread! Where were you! hahaha!!!!!!!!

      I am not as thrilled as I thought I would be. I think “Soaked” is gonna be my fave, with “Fever” next and maybe “Loaded Smile”. But, like I said, it is too ‘electro’ for me, but I don’t hate it! I was hoping for more of Adam’s unforgetable voice like in ROF, and WLL, and Mad World, some songs to showcase his tremendous voice and ranges with less of the instruments and ‘bouncy’ cymbals. I will def buy and love it all, but was hoping for some more of the ‘classic rock’ sound, and it is not there. I have to say, I am surprised by that. Adam will satisfy all of us in the long run. I will buy every CD he puts out as his voice is more incredible than anyone on Planet Earth. But, Adam! Where is the ‘classic rock’ you said would be there?? Love you and your music, but would rather hear more of your voice than all the instruments.

      peace-love-light-truth-joy-happiness 4 Adam.

      • How about time for miracle, that is a classic rock. Love every song, and the combination of them is even more amazing.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Cheryl
        Maybe the songs will be more of what you like when you get to hear the whole song. It’s really hard to tell in 30 sec. I wonder how they chose which 30 sec. to showcase. I would love to hear more of Adam’s voice too, he doesn’t need to be overproduced, but like I said, it’s hard to tell in just 30 sec. Love it though.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          HELEN……Yeah, that is possible. It is not really possible to review each song on such a small amount of time. I’m sure I will like more as I hear more. But, am not nuts about the ‘electro’ feel. Yeah, ‘overproduced’ is the right word! His voice can stand on it’s own, but maybe the younger kids like more retro than I do! Love Adam, no two ways about that!

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            It’s impossible to in which direction the songs are going to go. In saying that I love what I have heard so far. Now I know that there is no way I can miss out on the Special Edition CD so I will be finding someone over there who can order it for me… AO is too slow at getting it organised to be sold in NZ I think…..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I am at work Ingrid and our web mail marshall won’t let me watch video clips. I have thought of saying I am sick and taking the rest of the day off but I only have a couple of hours to go. I can’t wait. Now if this had been on the site when I checked at 5.30am (NZ time) then I wouldn’t have been going to work at all. By the sounds of all that you are saying it will be well worth the wait.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Ingrid,
      here I am. I’ve been very busy but still trying to catch up with everything posted. Heard the snippets……. what can I say that’s not been said already. HE IS AMAZING, EXCITING, SURPRISING, or maybe not surprising, we knew that the songs would be great. He’ll never disappoint us, not even a tiny little bit.
      Lots of love, mwwwwwwwwwwwah!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        SYLVANA………..hey, there! Listen, I am still gonna try to send you the pics. I just have not had much time lately, seems there is always something coming up, Tonite it is my baby granddaughter, Farrah, under 3 yrs has been diagnosed with pneumonia and SWINE FLU! But, I will get to it befor the weekend.

        Would you please say a prayer for Farrah. I would appreciate it so much. Luv, CherylNorman

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oh no,Cheryl!Swine flu?Kiss Farrah for me,I will pray for her,Cheryl.She will be okay,don’t worry!We all will pray for her.Be strong,Farrah!Speedy recorvery,sweety!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I’ve already sent you my best wishes and prayers for your granddaughter in the other thread where you posted.
          Hope she will recover. Don’t worry about the pics, you’ll post them to me when you can. Farrah it’s first now.
          Lots of love,


          • cheryl 334 says:

            SYLVANA AND ADAMADDICT……………………..Thank you both very much!!!! I am so worried about her! She’s got 3 brothers and sisters that I am worried about now, too. Thank you both again!!!! I appreciate you both very much!

            LORRIN, MARY, INGRID, …………….Thank you all so much!!! These prayers will help her, I’m sure! She is the sweetest little thing, always singing and asking me to put Adam on the tv or computer for her!

            I’ll get back to you all as soon as I’m sure she is gonna be ok. Love to you all for your unwavering support for my grandbaby! Cheryl

            • Cheryl..I sent my prayers and good wishes on the previous thread…but you can never have too many. Here is more prayers for Farrah and you and your family!
              Love ya!

              • Lisette here..sending luv to all glambs an so sorry Cheryl read here yur grandbabe is ill?Aw grande hugs an blessings for a speedy recovery an plese take care..I av left post on passe threads as wasnon sure thes was Im on here infrequent due to hand injurie an now I know is yu ma cheramie without yur last nom..Be well an know I’m thinqing of yu always!.Hope fibromyalgia too hasnon been flairing up!Luv to all glambs an nous ange Adam too!Hering snippets of FYE has nice blend of musique genres an partial to ballads Soaked by muse ..sure will be favorite as his othre oldre ones as “MadWorld”,If I Can’t Have Yu,Starlit an Tracks of My Tears..I’ll await to have this esquisite CD an listen to entire songes.Time for Miracles toujours toches within hearte an soul an adore video too..tears flow seeing Adam with backdrop from 2012 very tragique film..Adam appears like an angel even with ashes upon his tresbeau face..J’adore him always ..Lisettexoxoxo

            • AdamAddict says:

              OMG,Cheryl,when you said she always asked to put Adam on tv or computer,I suddenly feel so sad.She’s also Adam’s fan like you do!!Awww,like grandmother like granddaughter!Yes,better keep the brothers and sisters away.They are still kids.When you get back here,I wish you will scream for us happily coz she is fine and now she’s dancing listening to FYE.I will pray for everyday until you come back and says she’s okay.

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Hi Cheryl…My kitties & I are sending you & Farrah lots of loving, positive thoughts & prayers for her complete & quick recovery. I pray too that her siblings remain healthy, untouched by this virus. I know you must be beside yourself with worry over your little one so sick…Stay strong…We’re here with you.


    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I’ve been emailing her (Dianne) about the songs too. I agree about “soaked” I was crying it sounded so Freddie…. love all the songs…. anyway Dianne is bursting to get home…. whe’ll be here as soon as she is…. I have to txt her to watch for Adam….
      OMG I can see Adam along from the camera being interviewed at 2012. I can barely type…he’s all Glittery….

    • Ingrid! You missed Mother T, for goodness sakes, … boo hoo… I’ve been so busy emailing you Glambs with links and critiques etc… and listening to the snippets over and over and over.. love them.

      Mother T, drooling away in Vancouver

    • Hi Ingrid~
      I wouldn’t miss this for anything!:) I absolutely loved all of the songs-can’t wait to hear them all on the CD. I think “Soaked” might be one of my favorites, but I think they ALLwill be when the CD comes out! I think ADAM will get alot of #1 hits from this CD. Wonder which one(s) he’ll sing when he’s on Ellen and Letterman, etc. OMG I can’t wait!!!!!!!

    • Hey Ingrid, what cookin girl?? I dont like missing out big time. so much to get caught up on, but
      its so exciting. Had a night out with the girlfriends last night. But now gettin all caught up.
      mwah to you……

  13. I am Loaded with Smiles after hearing the songs snips. Not a doubt the amazing outcome of the album. It is a Sure Fire WINNER!!! How can it not be a hit, it’s Adam Lambert. Anxiously waiting the big day!

    Adam, Congratulations. Great job and Thank you!?

  14. Oh man, hold on people, I got a good listen to these hits!!! What Do Ya Want From Me and If I had You are my favorites. I’m dancing away to If I had You already. Fever, good movin song too.
    Adam this is sick, insane and beautiful. All of him in one CD, cant get any better than this.
    Hope he sings everyone of these songs on tour. Adam baby love you more, if thats possible!
    Nice variety of music,
    peace and love!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh Mary, isn’t it exciting! Love the songs you mentioned and Soaked gives me goosebumps! Can’t wait for Nov. 23. Just thinking of seeing Adam perform FYE on the AMA’s is making me INSANE!
      Twitter was fun, wasn’t it, although they kicked me out and said I had to wait 2 hrs. to get back on. By then I was in bed!
      Talk to you soon!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Look at that?Some people like this and that.I like this and that.Meaning all Adam’s song are super awesome,super sick.We got different favourite.That is good news! Like Hiro Nakamura would say Yaa taa!! πŸ™‚

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey AA!! Whatcha doin’? Who is Hiro Nakamura? Are you familiar w/ U.S. Ninja Warrior? If so, are you familiar w/ Makoto Nagano? He is my Ninja Warrior hero!! Ask my hubby? I got it bad for that man too! He is a fishing boat captain of his own ship. But let’s stick to the main reason why we’re here, Mr. ADAM LAMBERT. Oh yeah! I’ve mentioned before that I thought ADAM was an amazing human being w/ his vocals. And I’d put him up there w/ Jackie Chan and Nagano. These people have amazing human capabilities that no other possess. I truly believe ADAM possesses the amazing gift of singing that no other has, maybe 1 or 2 exceptions. But, he also has the gift of sexuality. OMG! ADAM is a really amazing special human being, isn’t he?Love ya, K

          • AdamAddict says:

            Hiro Nakamura is a character in HEROES.I thought Heroes is a popular series?He always says “Yaa taa” LOL! It means hooray or yay!! πŸ™‚

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              It is, but I don’t have time for t.v. I’m on this site all the time. Or at twitter.

            • KO's smiling says:

              I’m with you, AA. Saying “yaa taa” like Hiro does helps me see your excitement and joy!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        LOL!!! You got kicked out?!! LOL!!!

        • Twitter kicked several of us off … it let me back on after about 45 minutes! They sent a msg saying I went over the limit of updates and to try back after two hours! I couldn’t believe it! Didn’t know that they could do that. I switched over to this name, then went back as GlambsMI. After awhile, trying to type the word “entertainment” was getting hard to do cuz my hands/arms were getting soooo tired! But we all gave it our best
          and it was fun to do.

      • Helen, oh very exciting. Twitter was fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh those AMA’s cant wait.
        shake it baby, shake it baby, Oh an angel swept me off my feet!!

  15. OmGosh! SOAKED gives me the goosebump, Heavenly variety of music. Cheers for JOY all Adam Lambert! We are about to get the best gift from our Superstar!

    • Aramikah, my taste is like yours. My favourite is also Soaked, kind of hits you in the heart, kind of a European romantic sound, or ‘romantica’ as they say in Mexico. My next fave is Fever, the first part is fine but the second half of the snippet is Adam in his lower ranges…. wow! Time he lowered his voice some, it gave me goosebumps literally!

      But I do love them all, not one was a turnoff though I agree with those above who say it is not enough Adam’s voice and too much background production!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        “Broken Open” seemed pretty cool too! Hurry up ADAM! we’re all gettin’ our panties in a bunch!


    • No, Toni, they only showed the trailer, not the full video. Iwonder if it will be shown at the actual end of 2012? I was important enough for them to play it outside at the ‘black carpet’ premier in LA tonight.

      Re. Amazon, they said at that they send them out in advance so they should arrive by Nov. 23 or 24.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I went to see This is it, and NO Adam video, nor even the trailer of “2012”.
      But the documentary was amazing, it would have been a great concert. Felt really sorry fo MJ, such a professional, and so much love, and nurturing among all the people working there with him. Really made me cry.

  17. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG…can’t believe we’re hearing them at last! It’s Our Adam alright! Love SOAKED too. Can’t wait to see him in person again — ON HIS OWN and in all his glory! Adam’s CD and “New Moon” in the same month…….hope my heart holds out through all this excitement!

  18. MyBoyAdam says:

    Love the snippets and can’t wait to hear the full tracks. My favorites so far are the ballads where I can truely revel in his voice but I like the faster one’s with a beat too. I’m glad he has so much variety like he promised. I love every song for different reasons and they all have Adam in common. What a guy! I can’t imagine that American Idol will ever find someone else in his league but it will be fun to watch them try. I’d LOVE to hear a candid assessment of Adam from both Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson looking back over the time from when Adam auditioned to now. They must be thrilled. I know Paula and Cara love him and must be thrilled. Glamb #176

  19. Glambertcraze says:

    Has anyone heard any of the Idols comment on Adams Album or single ??

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I haven’t. . . I think I read that Matt tweeted Kris a little earlier and said he was proud of him. :/

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Michael Sarver said he loooooooved it – For Your Entertainment, that is.

  20. WOW! I’ve listened just once and definitely have spotted several favorites that are truly standing out for me right from the get go…but they are all very good (from what you can tell in 30 seconds!)

    Now for a second and third listen! Lots of diversity here…and something for everyone’s taste.

    Glamb #6

  21. AdamRocks! says:

    For Pete’s sake, when is For Your Entertainment going to be available on itunes???

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Saw that it’s available now on, but don’t know why they’re holding back on iTunes!

    • I went and get the FYE from Amazon, can’t wait any longer with iTunes. Amazon has a free download conversion of mp3 to your iTunes.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I know!!! And I ripped a bunch of videos to hold me over and suddenly today, they don’t have sound. πŸ™ Want and Need to buy stuff! NOW!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I don’t either. . . I’ve already downloaded it, but I’m anxious to buy it from itunes, to help Adam skyrocket to number 1.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Got it today on iTunes…FINALLY!!!! Already had the FYE download from AO when I pre-bought the Collector’s Edition, but I wanted to help Adam soar to the top on iTunes, too!. Burned a new CD today with FYE & TFM along with the AI songs, etc so I’ll have the up-to-date stuff for my car. Didn’t burn the 30-sec snippets, tho…will wait to get the WHOLE ALBUM…..WAITING<WAITING<WAITING……I WANT IT NOW!!!!


  22. puteri abdul says:

    hi everyone …
    I haven’t been quite well for the past few days, hence my silence..
    but my favourite pastime of adam and following you guys around is still my main activity ..
    I have tried to join you on twitter but I am a total failure in that as I do not know even how to twat.. I did send a few messages here and there but I do not know whether I did the right thing ..

    anyway, I have heard the snippets of the song and what can I say .. I wanna cry ..
    if there are tears, then, the tears are tears of happiness to think that at last adam got his very own album, after all the years of trying to live on his dreams, he finally made it and oh what a joy it must have been for this young man .. he wanted to be seen and heard, and now, without him realising, his presence is felt worldwide, and even to places that i think he has never even heard of , people are just talking about him, and now with his songs, he touches so many hearts in this world that even adam could not have imagine …
    I would have to say, his ballads are going to be my favourites.. but the other songs are just as fantastic as it could be.. adam’s has way of tuning his vocals to his songs, that all his songs became unique on it’s own and everytime when I hear him sing, I can imagine how much heart and soul he puts into them, hence made this album very special.. when you hear his songs, you can also imagine him performing right in front of you, and you can visualize his expression on every single note he is singing, let it be sexy and rocking you out, or just pure beautiful voice, crooning you with the ballads that will just melt you down , adam is adam and that is what made him special from all the rest ..

    America, you have a shining star in your hand ..please don’t let it slip away .. thank you for sharing adam with the rest of the world ..

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Beautiful post puteri.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        That was beautiful, Helen. Puteri, I hope you do get back to your normal health, I always felt ADAM was so deserving of his fame to come. I still listen to Kris in the “Crazy” song w/ ADAM, and wonder, what the hell? It’s so obvious people. Never mind, No, I’m still not over the AI battle. And that”s for sure I’m not watching that show ever again. I found my main man, need no other. I just want to pack my bags and move to LA not to stalk ADAM, but just to be near him,(crying). But I can’t, I have my daughter here and I will let her finish her schooling and then I’ll think about moving to LA. If and when I meet ADAM at his solo concert, I’ve got to get my RS & Details mag, damn, ACIGC just started playing, mags get signed by ADAM. I swear, we are truly blessed, all of us GLAMBS. There’s something strange going on here. And I’m trippin’. I figured it out, holding “shift” down, letter, space, letter. You’re supposed to let up off of shift while spacing. Wouldn’t you know, I would have to rain on my own parade. But then again, I think it’s happened w/ different scenarios. So yeah, there’s something goin’ on here. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!!!

        • puteri abdul says:

          thanks kimber ..

          you are right.. the fame adam is cherishing now was really long overdue ..
          he deserves all the spotlight he is getting now and may those lights of glory lights up his ways for a long, long time ..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Puteri, that is just beautiful. You are so good with words my dear. You really do make me want to just pack up here at work and go straight home. How am I going to get through the afternoon. Oh I know it will be well worth the wait. Won’t be any dinner getting cooked in my house tonight, nope I will be too busy playing Adam’s snippets over and over and over and….

      • Dianne, snippets over and over and picturing his tongue, yes I know. AAAAHHHHHHH

        • Dianne Hill says:

          And Mary I got Jeanette to send me the MP3s that she had and I have put the snippets on my IPod and he sounds even better on there. I can’t pick which one I love the most, SOAK definitely is up there but they are all just brilliant. I have never been a huge techno fan but With Adam’s voice in there they are all just magic, love them all. I also made a disk last night of the snippets and they sound fantastic blasting out from the stereo.

    • Puteri,

      I am so sorry that you have not been feeling well. I hope you are much better now…or at least heading in the right direction towards the best of health!

      I love your is so true that when you hear Adam sing you instantly visualize him singing it or performing it….lovely!!

      Take good care of yourself!!

      Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb # 488)

    • AdamRocks! says:

      puteri, I hope you’re feeling better. I had been feeling yucky myself. . . first a stomach virus, then a bad upper respiratory infection. . . went to the doctor and was put on a very strong antibiotic.

      LOVE your post! You’re so eloquent!

      Love from the past (I’m about 13 hours behind you.)

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Well spoken, Puteri!! And we are sure his album will have ‘wings of its own’ and take off all over the world. I could hear beats which have an international flavour, which is not surprising since many of the songs’ collaborators are from Europe.

      And Puteri, we all hope you feel better really soon, and dont give up on twitter. Please send me a note at talex42 tomorrow and I will talk with you, also click on ‘follow’ for me and I’ll lead you along, little by little.. okay?

      Terry in Vancouver

      #349 aka talex42 on twitter

      • AdamAddict says:

        Puteri is Malaysian and so do I.She actually spoke for both of us.So,feel free to compliment me too!LOL! πŸ™‚

        • Emili…..You always make me smile!!!! I hope someday that we all can meet in person, including you of course! No one would be able to get a word in cuz we’d all be chattering so much!!! About ADAM and our love for him…… Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • puteri abdul says:

      thank you helen, dianne, nana, cindy, theresa ..
      and also to all whose love to a young man named adam who is bequeth with admirable talents and personality, brought us all together in helping adam out in his journey to grasp and hold on to his dreams in becoming a reality …

      and theresa , I will try with the twitter again .. thanks …

      • Puteri…..If I can do, anybody can do it!!! I’m so pc illiterate, but I am learning little by little!
        I have a new computer, and just made my first CD! I hope you try twitter … lots of good stuff on it too!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      so beautiful words and feelings. We really must be thankful for having Adam to hear and watch. It’s true one can imagine his face and expressions while listening this snippets.

      • puteri abdul says:

        thanks silvana..

        just lie down close your eyes, listen to him and our fantasy will never be like what it used to be ..

  23. I love Adam’s album, all of it, just like I loved anything that he sang on AI, after getting the CD in hand I’m sure that there will be my favorites! Adam delivered as he promised! Love, love, that Guy!!!!!

    PS, by the way, last night I found out that my name was being used , I got an email saying that they liked what I had said, didn’t remember being on that site so I checked it out, it wasn’t me had not been on that site ever! So I don’t know to what extent my name has been used, don’t even know how to check it out. All I can say here is if anything is said here or anywhere agaisnt Adam,or the Glambs it sure wouldn’t be me. I am 100% behind Adam & The Glambs, always have been, always will be!!!!!

  24. Now I’m really getting excited as I have just completed my 4th listen of all the snippets!!

    And yes, they are truly ALL EXCELLENT…but here are my favorites:

    1. Broken Open (I want this whole song now!…It is so haunting and showcases Adam’s voice beautifully…I think it should be the next album release after For Your Entertainment.)

    2. Tied for 2nd place: Whataya Want from Me and Sleepwalker…I’ll need the full versions to make up my mind. I knew I would love the one with Ryan Tedder’s influence (OneRepublic is awesome!)

    3. A Loaded Smile – again a beautiful showcase of Adam’s voice

    I tend to like the slower, more ballad-type tracks better!

    These teasers are just killer…glad to have them, but they are truly killing me!

    Glamb #6

    • Dana, Sleepwalker, an ethereal, romantic sexy ballad is my NO. 1

      No. 2 is Soaked, grabs your heart!

      Fever is No. 3, gives me chills when he says he wants to get (me) alone and then his vocals dip to those gravelly low ranges.. bravo Adam!

  25. Adam’s single ‘For Your Entertainment’ is now on Amazon for download!

  26. Now here is your challenge…

    Take this poll based on the snippets you have heard so far. I dare you to pick one! (Evil laugh.)

    Glamb #6

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Dana, that is so unfair, I want to vote for more than one, I want to vote for the Ryan Tedder one (I too love OneRepublic – see they have another CD coming out soon, must remember to check that out), I loved Fever, the song after Soaked – was it Surefire Winner (or something like that). Adam is a winner. I love them all, but I did vote for Soaked and I tried to vote for another one – very sneaky, but of course I BLOODY WELL COULDN’T. NOT FAIR.

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!I voted for Soaked.That’s only bcs she dared me!LOL! Broken open is awesome too.But FYE already grew in me,I love that too…wait I think I’m gonna….DANA,STOP DARE ME!!!NOT FUNNY!!! πŸ™

    • Ok Dana, since its a dare, I’m game!!!!!!! Oh so hard to pick just one>>>>>

    • Dana….it is so hard to judge 30 seconds of a song….especially when it’s ADAM’s music.
      When we hear the complete songs, those who have a favorite now could change their mind when they hear the whole song. I votes for Soaked, but I love them all! πŸ™‚

  27. HELLO my Glamb family…. I was so terribly excited this morning when I saw that these songs were available to listen too.. The first thing I did was to send a message to Emili to share the news with her.. Ofcourse I couldn’t type a sentence correct on the first try to save my life !!! I can get rather excited as most of you here know by So try as I might, I would try to type a line over and over again to Emili , then go listen to one more song, then TRY to type more to Emili.. I Screamed alot inbetween and listened to more songs.. I must have lost 5 pounds with all the excitment and energy that I was using up.. I love “Soaked ” the most so far.. My hair on my arms just stood right up with the haunting beauty of Adams voice .. Fever was another one, A few others that I can’t remember right now were also great sounds.. I just got home from a very long day at work so I’m going for food before I die and then I’ll be back to listen to more.. This is so wonderful to share this journey of Adams with all of you here.. I wish I could have emailed, tweeted, called each and everyone of you to share this great fun time with today.. so consider me hugging all of you at once in a huge group hug right now because half of the fun with Adams future is how special it is to share it with YOU !!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Awwwww, that is so sweet of you Adamfan1. I can feel the hug from over here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

      I love all Adam’s songs, each one is so different and I absolutely adore Soaked. Oh my god, I have to go and listen to them again because I can’t handle not hearing them.

      Hugs to you, PLL as well, Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yeah,believe her on that one.That time I was in twitter too so right after she scream her lung out telling me,I was so cool and calm open my email like she asked me too~nodding~ CALM I SAID! I saw the link,open it and saw this all Adam’s song not available yet.I was thinking what is wrong with Sherry??You can’t hear it so why she acted that way??Then she still excited in twitter so I’m thinking,poor Sherry!Monopaus is coming!LOL!(Just kidding,Sherry) Then I saw play button on the left.I wonder what it’s for!!DUH!! I play Soaked first then it played.That time I freaked out.Seriously,I was like got a call from a boy that I got crushed or something.haha!Then I understand why she acted that way.I got problem typing to her as well.LOL!!”U hear Soaked””yes,now don’t disturb me,I listen 1 more time””OMG,u hear Broken Open?””yes,listening,don’t disturb me” LOL!!Sherry,U R awesome! πŸ™‚

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Great big group hug Admfan1!!! I needed that, thank you. ADAM likes to hug. and very closely too. So close that his….., never mind . I just bet he is a good hugger too! Damn! What can he not do that is so good?

      • Kimber, are you by ANY chance…referring to his “bulge”???? LOL

        • jaberone and kimber, naughty naughty girls……. always thinkin of his bulge.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            No! I was thinking of his beltbuckle. LOL!!! Of course I was thinking of that beautiful, mouthwatering, luscious, you can really see it , damn I just drooled on myself, omg, don’t get me started, very nice, vocally gifted, piece of meat!!! <3 Sorry ADAM, you’re not a piece of meat, you’re an incredible entertainer who is very intelligent, very nice, and very creative. I love you for you, not your body!,

  28. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Hey guys!!! Just listened to ADAM’s snippets. I like that, “ADAM”s snippets”. Of course, I think ADAM did exactly what he said he’d do, he fulfilled his promise, and he has once again did an outstanding job. “He’s the hot one tonight!”. I loved all of his songs, several more than a couple. I’ll get to this later, only 2 things wrong. 1. I didn’t want to hear any of it until the cd was released. I wanted it to be a surprise! and 2. when he did these tracks, was he thinking about the concert performances while singing these songs? the reason for me asking is when he performs these songs on tour, I WANT LOTTSA THRUSTING, THRUSTING, AND MORE THRUSTING!!!
    Overall, what a fantastic list of tracks!!!! CONGRATULATONS ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!
    Here is my review of the songs;
    1. “Music Again”-great vocals, great guitar, and a good rock and dancey song.
    2.”FYE”- great vocals, dancey, grown to love!!!, and I feel this has ADAM’s signature, maybe this is why it was released as his debut single.
    3.” Whataya Want From Me”-great vocals, I like it!
    4. “Strut”-great vocals, dancey, “I’m surprised Kara.”
    5. “Soaked”- great, excellent, outstanding, and perfect vocals!!!!!! You hear me ADAM?!!!! This is my favorite!!!!!
    6. “Sure Fire Winners”-great vocals, dancey, slow upbeat, will go back & listen again.
    7. “A Loaded Smile”- great vocals, VERY SEXY!!!!, all I need now, is ADAM in my bed.
    8. “If I Had YOU”- great vocals, dancey, and possibly a popular song, maybe #1.
    9. “Pick U Up”- great vocals, perfect, don’t know why I would say that, it just seemed to be.
    10.”Fever”- great unique vocals, dancey, more impressed w/ the Muse song “Soaked”, sorry Lady G
    11. “Sleepwalker”- great vocals, I am very proud of ADAM for all of this album. Aimee Mayo should be very proud of herself . Great job ADAM & Aimee!!
    12. “Aftermath”- great vocals, great song.
    13. “Broken Open”- great vocals, Ohhhhhh ADAM!!!! I love this. ADAM just can’t go wrong with that voice, that I love so much!!!
    14. “TFM”- great vocals, definitely an award winning song!!!!!!!!! Very well-deserving song and artist.
    There you have it, my opinion. I like to say that this album is definitely what he said it would be “something for everyone.”. Very proud of ADAM!!
    Would like to express something to what ADAM said about being discoverd is a thing of the past. ADAM is, exactly what it means “to be discovered”. “ACIGC” just now started playing Mary C. . The question that arises when a star is born, “Why weren’t you discovered before?”. That to me defines the meaning of being discovered. Too deep?, ADAM is deep or he wouldn’t feel the way he does when he sings. I can feel him when that voice comes out. My heart feels ADAM and that’s why I’ve cried so much everytime he sings, it touches me where it doesn’t for a lot of people in this world. My husband is exactly one of those people. It’s too bad for my husband that he does not see, hear, or feel the music that comes from ADAM’s heart. What is it about that voice? It’s called MAGIC!!!!!
    I’m definitely buying 4 of ADAM’s cds, 1 for me, 1 for the car, 1 for the house, and 1 for my daughter.

  29. Rignt on, Kimber! You speak for many of us… the collaborators and our Adam have done ‘a real fine bang up job!!!’ There are enough great tunes to keep this album up in the top ten for a year or more, if Taylor Swift can do it, then Adam certainly can as he has much more world appeal!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Shit! I say if any body can do it, ADAM has them whooped. I mean, how do you compare Swift to M. Jackson or to ELVIS? You just can’t. These three men are so far beyond what singers are today. I watched a new video of Beyonce’s, and it was the same stuff she’s been doing all this time. We’re going to keep our eye on ADAM LAMBERT, he’s the real deal. Right on? Right on!

      • Agree with you. What I most love of Adam is that every time he can surprise me with something completely unexpected…thatΒ΄s how by the first time watched every episode of AI, just for him … loved the songs!


  30. Glambs–Let’s all shout out to our Rock Star—ADAM , WE LOVE YOU—–Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us…. Lorraine

  31. AdamAddict says:

    The picture in the youtube is coloured!!Is that the real one or photoshoot?I love it.One eye is purple and another one is red!His blue eyes just popped! πŸ™‚ Beautiful!

  32. Evette #419 says:

    I love every one of the songs. Can’t pick a fave. Makes me want to get up and dance. I’m so glad they included TFM. ADAM’s music just makes me feel good!!! They removed FYE from youtube πŸ™
    It was the only thing getting me to November 23. I can’t wait any longer for the CD. I have it pre-ordered but now I also need to get the deluxe version. Only 19 days left. I can make it….I can make it…I know I can make it…..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Have you asked Jeanette to send you the MP3s Evette 419. I then just clicked on them and dragged them to ITunes and then made a disk and also put them on my IPod. It is lunchtime here at work and I am bopping around as I am typing this (lot of deleting and retyping going on cause it is hard to think straight when Adam is singing in my ear “what do you want from me” – well, Adam where do I start, first off get that tongue over here boy, there are a few things I would love you do with that… Okay, sorry, got side tracked. Even with just 30 seconds of each song I am just falling in love with each and everyone of them. Do you know what he has just sung “I am a sweet sucker when I’m full of desire” on Sure Fire Winners. OH MY FUCKING GOD, it is almost too much, how am I going to get back to work after this. Sorry, got side tracked again. Anyway Jeanette had a link up the top of this thread to get the MP3s off her. Sorry to ramble on, but I couldn’t help it.

  33. LOVE the snippets! Adam sounds AMAZING!!! Can’t STAND being teased like this though! November 23 is just TOO far away!!! I have not been able to post much and unfortunately had to miss the Twitter party on Monday – things exploding at work (not literally!) and I have been working VERY long hours (and getting very little sleep) with no chance to listen in or read the articles and your comments! Miss you guys! Here’s hoping that things lift soon so that I can be where my body, spirit and soul are meant to be – right here – with all of you – and OUR ADAM!!!

    Hugs to all my sister and brother Glambs,

    Glamb #20

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Miss you too Jane, Hurry & take a vacation soon. I just spent my entire vacation here at the net w/ everyone. No regrets!

  34. Amazing!! This CD exceed expectations,beautiful songs with a retro feeling but very modern,I love them all!! Mi favorite:
    Music again

  35. i love the album!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t pick a favourite becoz i just love all of them!!!!! but sleewalker got my attention the most and soaked too!!!! jeeeez …………i LOVE all the tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Jane Parker says:

    I love them all!!

    Can’t wait for the CD to play over and over!

    Can’t wait to see his concert with dancers to all the songs! And the VIDEOS!

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  37. ellen #447 says:

    I was driving downtown Chicago early Monday morning and radio played For Your Entertainment for the first time. They wanted us to text if we recognized the singer. I can hardly text when I’m sitting down, so definitely not driving. But I almost ran off the road just hearing it on the radio! So Exciting! It was an definite “loved it” from the listeners. Yesterday internet was down, so didn’t hear snippets until late. I agree with all of you, this CD is going to soar. Adam’s dreams are coming true. THanks for posting everything!

  38. Deemoonpie says:

    Will November 23rd EVER GET HERE???????????????????????????? Listening to the snippets and already hooked on FYE, it just seems like this month is going to go on forever!!!! Sending Adam and all you Glambs mega warm fuzzies and bright lights!

    Deb Glam #382 (I think)

  39. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    That was such a yummy taste of Adam. So delicious, and so everything he said he’d do. There’s something here for everyone. So talented, he can morph into any sound and come up Perfect!

  40. Fabulous!!! I do not think i have ever heard a album with not a bad song on it,but i have now. Very upbeat,lets get up and dance. And the slow songs just make you feel like your floating on a cloud. This is a great album and i cant wait to see Adam float right to the top of the charts…

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      I totally agree with you – I ALWAYS skip through about 50% of most CD’s I buy. I honestly can’t name a song on Adam’s CD that I don’t like. They’re all my favorite (and I wouldn’t be afraid to say if I didn’t like a few). I can’t wait for the 23rd and the AMA’s – our boy is about to experience a global love-fest! πŸ™‚

  41. LuvAdam476 says:

    I’m just going to say I LOVE IT ALL!!
    Adam delivered as promised AND THEN SOME!!!
    Can’t wait for 23 Nov………

  42. OMG, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT !!!!! Cannot wait to hear the whole songs, can’t you just die over his voice!!!!

  43. Glambs…we knew a great thing when we first saw ADAM!!! We have the best taste in our choice, and I know I’m proud to be a Glamb and love ADAM from the beginning! Luv you all!

  44. AdamRocks! says:

    I think the snippets are gone now. πŸ™

    Cindy in MS

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Get the MP3s off Jeannette at the top of this thread. Put them on your IPod, if you don’t have an IPod, go out and get one, Adam is fantastic on an IPod, Adam is fantastic on anything of course, but these are just brilliant, I love them all.

  45. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait – Have listened several times and like them all better each time.

  46. WOW!! Immediate favs: Soaked, Sleepwalker, Broken Open, ( Yeah, the ballads) Music Again(BIG Darkness fan here) Strut , Fever & FYE. This list is sure to change with time though.What an excellent debut can’t say I’m too surprised though.

  47. Yep. Will buy. REALLY keen on most of these songs.

  48. where did the songs go on the site?