MTV News Extended Play Interview – c/o Jim Cantiello

Adam talks about his ‘identity crisis’ after Idol and mixing styles on his album.

By the way, this proves our point several months ago when people were arguing ‘Adam should not win american idol because he is going to be controlled by 19 Entertainment!’

Obviously, that does not make one bit of a difference as stated by Adam on this interview (or Daughtry).

Someone even wrote a huge article on ‘Why Adam should not win American Idol’ right before the finale, maybe someone can find the link.



  1. I will never get over Adam not winning! I am so done with AI.It was wrong,wrong,wrong!

  2. I am done with American Idol also.

  3. I totally agree with u guys but maybe it was for the best.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I agree! It will never be the same after Adam. Before Adam, AI was already so boring with Reuben and Fantasia and Taylor Hicks Oh my! Those are the most boring seasons, then came Adam!!! I still feel he should have won! But got over it!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Boring seasons?LOL!That’s true tho.LOL!I never huge fan of A.I before.I watched coz nothing to do.But I start to like when David Archie in it.When Archie didn’t win,I was like “What?Urgh,whatever!!” Then Adam came.That was best season eveeeer!!Right after he finished performed,I already countdown for his next perormance.When Adam didn’t win,I was like “WHAAAAAAAT??WTF????AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” I become zombie for a week!!!Although I like Archie,I never care to vote.Adam was my first time voting for A.I and I live far far away.I don’t think he will believe if I told him he got a vote from Malaysia! LOVE ADAM <3 🙂

        • dharmalati says:

          Yes… yes… you are so right.. If Adam was not there, I would never saw AI like I did on season 8. The season 8 was the best AI season ever.. As you said that you vote for him from Malaysia, I did the same thing from my country, Indonesia… Love.. Love and love.. Adam soooooo mmuuuuucccchhhh.

  4. lamamasita says:

    Without American Idol, how would we ever have discovered Adam the Great??? He is the most interesting and talented singer to come along in such a long time. Can’t wait to see him become a world-wide star. The AMAs will be begging him to come back. Hahaha.

  5. I was never a fan of Idol because of this exact reason, but I caved when my sister told me about Adam. I was amazed at his talent and looked so forward each week to hear him sing. When Adam didnt win, I was outraged and horrified that a man with this much talent could be passed over for whatever reason this uptight country decided! I dont care if it was good or bad HE SHOULD HAVE WON!! end of story…………….I saw Adam at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island New York and I was embarrassed for Chris, the majority of people were there to see Adam who’s name should have been the only one in lights and not shared. Did anyone notice that the performance was billed with both there names as lead? Duh! I wonder why

  6. I love this little snippets with Jim Cantiello! Adam just keeps giving us more and more.
    More insights what motivates him and what moves him. I love him for that. His straightforwardness is an inspiration for me.

  7. I am also through with AI. After 8 seasons they finally discover that incredible undiscovered talent . . . and he doesn’t win??? Because his is gay???? And they pull in a huge celebrity who has no musical background as a judge. . . looks like they are expecting a huge fall off in viewers this year after what happened last year and are using a gimmick to get people to tune in. Well forget it!!! If AI wants to be taken seriously again, the voting needs to be changed. ONE VOTE PER PERSON!! No more power texting thousands of votes per minute. (Yes . . .AT&T and Arkansas — I’m talking to you!) Adam had 20 times as many fans as Kris Allen. . .just check the AI fansite. I think Adam’s forum posts are past 335,000 and Kris is still at around 28,000. And anyone attending the AI concerts this summer will tell you who the fans were there to see. . . it was pandemonium when Adam took the stage. Yes, as far as American Idol is concerned – this Glambert has left the building!

    Glambert #2397

  8. I am not done with AI. Adam is a fan of this show for continueing to give artists an avenue of exposure. Of course, a megaforce like Adam only comes along in a century, but there is room for all types of artists in our world. If you are a fan of Adam’s, then you respect what he believes…that we should embrace all types of music, personalities and artistic styles. Afterall, he doesn’t listen to himself all day long, he listens to others.

    The prior season had David Cook as the winner which was great. I still listen to his music and love his voice. Regardless of who the judges are, I support AI because alot of talented young people show up to try out and show their stuff. I like to see “their stuff”. It gives them an opportunity to grow in so many ways. And so, in spite of the imperfections of the show and the voting process, I will continue to tune in and vote for my favorite one of the bunch.

  9. Why do we always have to have just one winner? I feel like Adam and Kris both won. And Allison and Danny and…………

    I will be watching again this year. Adam may have opened up a new group of talented people. You never know!


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