Mt Carmel High School Graduation – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Adam Lambert sing ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ during his graduation at Mt Carmel High School in 2000.


YES, he looks different but he doesn’t look bad at all. Some people said he looks really fat? He’s always being slim.

His vocals sounded good too.


  1. WOW…. He has been great since then……(actually since he was 3 as his mom said)
    Yeh,, he looks a little different.. but I love him with any looks,,… Personally, I like his current black dyed hair than blond-… it’s more charisma…
    The schoolmate in that video must be proud of him.. I envy them to have heard his live music..

  2. I dont envy it as much cuz i get to see him live on 7/10/09