Moving on to the Music…and a New Fan Activity

A recent poll on revealed the favorite tracks from “For Your Entertainment.”  Personally, I prefer “Strut” and “Loaded Smile” over “Soaked,” but hey, nearly 400 unique voters can’t be all wrong!

1.  Whataya Want From Me – 39%
2.  Soaked – 14%
3.  Fever – 13%
4.  Broken Open – 10%
5.  For Your Entertainment – 7%

Each song on this list is so unique and different, don’t you think?  They lead us straight to the next fan project, so you guys have something with which to entertain yourselves (while I’m slaving away over the birthday project…)  🙂

Here goes.  Since it is the holiday season with more than usual eating/drinking/socializing, and because Adam tends to like spirits in several different forms (Chianti, hot toddies, etc.), our next fan project is going to be fan created drink recipes that go along with each of the five song titles above.  If all goes well, we’ll have an official Glamb cocktail menu for future Adam get-togethers.  If you are up to the challenge, here are the “rules” for submitting your recipe(s):

1.  You may submit up to one recipe per song listed above.
2.  Recipes may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
3.  Recipes should include an ingredient list, plus directions for mixing and serving.  (Like a real recipe!)
4.  Recipes should be unique, or contain a new twist on a recognized recipe.  (Please consider if all ingredients are easily available for purchase – several of us will be making and trying your recipes to do the judging!)
5.  All recipes must be submitted with your real first name, forum nickname, Glamb #, and location (city, state, country).  Another reason to get a Glamb # if you don’t already have one!  See this link for more information and how to apply.
6.  Recipes will be judged (blind vote) by the administration team of, and one winner for each song title will be chosen based on originality, ability to follow the recipe, song fit, and TASTE!
7.  Email one recipe at a time to:   Put the song title in the subject line.  All recipes are due by January 10th, 2010.

O.K., crank up your CD for each of these songs, see what inspires you, and get your stir sticks ready!  Most of all, have fun…but don’t drink and drive. 

Dana, Glamb #6

P.S.  If you have questions or recipe ideas you are willing to share, post away!


  1. I would vote for Music Again, Soaked, Sure Fire Winners, My Fav Aftermath. I like more of the rock side songs.

    • Maybe the way the voting was written, it was misleading- I can’t belive those results- my friends and co-workers all favor ‘Soaked, Fever. If I Had You, Pick U Up FYE. We only did top five. We can’t be that different from your vote-makes no sense.
      HERE’S NEWS’\
      Adam’s CD For Your Entertainiment is #13- AND- is #17 on itunes ( one is delux album)
      The thing is -THE TOTAL NUMBER has not been added together or he would be highter on the list.
      Adam’s Official Music Video: For Your Entertainment is #1 on itunes.
      Dec,19, 2009
      Good news, huh? yup

      • Hi there after reading some of the posts I was wondering who is INDIECHICK? a new moderator? cause she has written some cool posts. I AM A FAN OF U TOO CATEYES 😀 keep the good work for us.

  2. I cannot believe that “If I had you” and “Pick u up” was not mentioned. I think those are the best on the Album – really show his voice range!!!!!!!!!

  3. Also, not interested in equating a drink – especially alcohol – with the song – certainly we can come up with something better. If it was private, then that would be great, but this is public! and not such a good idea.

  4. …and there will be prizes for the winners…just a small detail that might be important to some…


  5. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I note Dana that you did say non-alcoholic was an option too. Bruce you should read more carefully. I like the idea Dana. I’m not big with alcohol but I’ll have a listen and imagine what would taste good.

    • Lisa, I do read carefully, thanks – the drink naming is fine and I am sure many will have fun with it. I just do not see value of that activity – but many there is none. I watched Alicia Keys sing “Love is Blind” and “Empire State of Mind” and just do not see her fans with this kind of activity. Alicia has a beautiful voice and the fans focus on her music and that seems to be enough. They do not seem to need any gimmicks to sell her music.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Yeah Bruce I get you but these ladies are just wanting to have some fun.

        I wouldn’t want to make up the name of a drink for Alicia Keys either and believe me we do focus on Adam’s incredible voice amongst other things. You cant tell me you dont check good looking women out??? Even I do and I am one. lol

        Women like to talk and relate to each other in different ways to men. We are not black and white. This is our way of communicating a feeling… relax.. we are harmless in this. A little over the top at times but harmless.

        You know Chocolate Tears is a good drink name for Broken Open… women love chocolate when they’re feeling vulnerable. It doesn’t all have to be sexual does it….

        • Lisa Imbruglia says:

          P.S. I do like your choices of songs by the way… The way Adam holds those notes in Pick u up is insane. I also love the laugh at the end….

        • Very well stated Lisa!!! Have fun with it. You sound like the type of person that enjoys having a good time and fun – and this would be a good time. I really think alot of Adam and his music. We have not heard a voice like his in a long long time, maybe never, so whatever we do to celebrate that is good.

        • Lisa,

          I Love Chocolate Tears! WOW, I LOVE IT! This is the song I put myself to sleep. It is so beautiful!! The most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life. Adams voice is the most beautiful I have ever heard and it is so HEALING TO ME!! It feels like it is holding, and caressing and wrapping me with LOVE!! God himself could be singing this to us. God said to trust and come to him for all things. I love this song!!

          I will need time to really think and pull out my emotions for this contest.

      • It’s Christmas, it is fun time, Adam wants us to have fun, the drink idea is great, I can see I am going to have lots of fun coming up with a acoctail for one of his songs. Yes it is about the voice but it is also entertainment, I can see myself with friends and family over Christmas listening to Adam’s songs and having the drink to match the song, it is a way of imortalising his song, Seasons Greetings to you Bruce.

      • Bruce– enough is enough!
        Alicia Keys does NOT have the ASSets ADAM LAMBERT has to even begin to think up a name for an honored drink conCOCKtion. 🙂

        Only ADAM LAMBERT has the qualities to awaken INSPIRATION, DESIRE, and OVERWHELMING CRAVINGS to create a drink or food recipes that will deliver INSTANT GRATIFICATION to SATISFIY our APPETITE, HUNGER and THIRST for everything ADAM!!!

        I want this to be public so Adam and everyone can see how we feel. Adam has said many , many, many times that he LOVES how passionate his fans are. All of it. He reads these posts and LOVES IT!!!!!!!! O.K.!!
        He said he LOVES the ADAMBULGE/ GLAMBULGE REFERENCE and QUOTED it is his FAVORITE PART OF HIS BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OURS TOO ADAM, OURS TOO!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO
        This could not be more obvious by the way he is ALWAYS touching, caressing, thrusting, grinding his ADAMBULGE to tantalize us all to high heaven!!! Seriously! He knows, Heee knows!!

        I have never heard an instrument like the one possessed by Adam. His range, power, tone, and emotion solicits awe, shock, and undying admiration. Adam’s undeniable, unbelievable talent is truly other worldly, and I look forward to listening to everything this man produces.

        ALSO FACT:
        The way Adam dances, walks, talks,and even moves is achingly sexy.
        He has a raw, intense unbridled sexuality that oozes -SEX – SEX- SEX- SEX- SEX- out of every pore & fiber of his being!! Finally some EYE CANDY FOR ME!!

        LET IT BE!!!
        IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        AND WE LOOOOVE IT!! 🙂

        (negative comments need not respond)

        • I think you may have been unfair to Alicia – different from Adam sure, but what a beautiful voice and notice how she stays at # 1 on the charts for weeks. As Adam fans, we do not seem to be able to pull that off for him. Maybe drinking with his songs might help. Enough said

  6. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Aftermath is great!!!!

  7. i’m sorry, not to be rude, but I don’t believe those results. If there is a way to determine which of the songs from the album have been downloaded and then look at the totals of each, we will have an accurate picture. Example: What Do You Want From Me is #29 on pop chart and song FYE is # 36 on pop chart and the others would make it if they were downloaded. My daughter and her friends are all on ipods and individual songs, whether released as a single or not. Which reminds me, for the second time, at Target, all Adam’s albums are sold out and once again they have to order more. This happened last week too, We can’t purchase it if it isn’t there to purchase.Once again, they will re-order.Only Adam’s of the AI are sold out. I don’t have any answers, just commenting.

    • Certainly, you don’t have to agree with the results…but the results are accurate for the 2 week period right after the album was released and people were able to listen to the complete songs. Obviously, one poll can’t take into consideration how people’s opinions may change over the long haul of an album. I have different personal favorites from week to week.

      Most of the respondants came from Twitter fans and this website, with a small percentage of casual website visitors mixed in.

      The fifth place song was almost a tie with “If I Had You”


  8. As Adam showcases his other songs, the ratings could quite possibly change! I find it strange that Adam’s albums are regularly sold out and are having to be re-ordered. This would impact on where they (his songs) are positioned on the charts. If a fair stock of the other artists, e.g. Susan Boyle, is always available, it will facilitate the sales of their albums Once again, possibly the UK, where I would imagine most of Susan’s album’s are being sold, is managing the situation more intelligently????? . Another fact to be considered is that on every other score, other than sales, Adam appears to be ahead of all the other artists. Something is amiss!


    Musica, our biggest music outlet, is advertising Susan Boyle on TV and I have’nt seen Adam’s album advertised. MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!!!!! All right South Africa, so you appreciate ‘good’, it’s time to move to ‘GREAT’! Trust me, I am addressing the ‘problem’ as best I can! I am also voting throughout the day to get Adam’s album to be the no. 1 hit in South Africa and have asked some of the Glambs to help me. Here’s the link, so pleease, I’m asking for a little help from my friends! If all else fails, OFRA, I’LL BE RELOCATING TO ISRAEL!!!! Mmmmmwah

  9. The conclusion to this survey is that on the the album there is something for eryone, this is what Adam set out to achieve and he has, no one is disappointed, personally, I love the whole album, and it showcases Adam’s fantastic voice, the more I listen the more I love it, and the video is exceptional, well done Adam.

  10. Thanks Dana, but it sounds like high school to me. I thought the idea was to bring about a level of professionalism, delivery, creativity, and uniqueness? Is there any other performer equating drinks with their songs?? I am afraid you will lose a lot of support on this one.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Excuse me please, but this is creative & unique professionalism. & Nope!!! There is no other star with a drink named after them, as far as I know! SOOOO, MASTER ADAM is sooooooooo goooood that he will be the first rockstar to have a drink named in his honor. Will my Glambulge Shot count? I hope so It sounds goooood!!! & you know what Bruce? MASTER ADAM likes to drink, so he may have to try one of these drinks. I hope I win cause I need that ticket to his concert!!

      • kimber, of course your Glambulge shot counts. You were the original creator of that shot.

      • KIMBER …. LOL.. I luv your passion girl!!! Yep, you got the drink thing going with the GLAMBULGE SHOT! We never finished an exact recipe though. How do you want to make it?? I want it on the menus.

        Adam LOVES EVERYTHING WE DO positive!!

        Adam did say he really hates when someone is negative on the posts, so Bruce take note!
        Your comments are just that.
        Adam quoted : Let’s promote the SPIRIT of being POSITIVE, CELEBRATE PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF TEARING THEM DOWN, I take the positive and IGNORE the NEGATIVE”

        SO let’s all take the POSITIVE and IGNORE THE NEGATIVE!!
        We could ALL learn lessons in life from ADAM!!

    • Bruce, if you don’t like the activity, don’t participate – simple!

      Our focus is not to adapt to what others do, here we prefer to be the change and let others follow (your reference to other performers). Adam is avant-garde and that is ONE of his traits that attracts many of us. As for losing support because of a fan ‘activity’ – don’t take it so seriously, IT’S NOT THAT DEEP!

  11. I love it that everyone has their favourite favourite and that it’s so varied. This is proof of a cd that contains all killer and no filler. Usually a cd has only 1 or 2 good tracks and those become everyone’s favourites. I have a different fav every week, started with FYE, then Soaked, DTRH,Fever, Masrterplan and the current flavour of the week seems to be Sleepwalking, catch myself humming and swawnning to the chorus all the time!

    Some other news:

    The South African Sunday National Newspaper “The Sunday Times” voted Adam & Tommy’s AMA kiss: “Kiss of the Year!” LOL! What a contrast to the WSJ article! Sometimes I loove this country despite our many (and I truly mean many) problems! I will try and get some kind of link to the article to post here.

    • Hi KarenB saw that! Great, isn’t it! Yes, we have our problems but when I look around, ours are no more than elsewhere in the World. In fact, what we’ve accomplished in South Africa, without a civil war, is still mind boggling – thanks in no small way to Madiba. As for our other problems, we are not unique. Our constitution is one of the best as it truly embraces diversity. I agree, we have many challenges, but hey, we are proudly South African. By the way, I am still voting away and it will be interesting to see the new ratings.

      It is always great to see posts from fellow South Africans! Mmmmmmmmmwah

  12. Found the link to “Kiss Of The Year” article here:

  13. AdoringAdam says:

    I love all of the songs from Adam’s album, but some do stand out more than others. I think FEVER and STRUT will be epic once the world finally hears them. I also love, love PICK U UP and IF I HAD YOU, and SOAKED and of course FYE and TIME FOR MIRACLES. We are so lucky to have an album from Adam with so many wonderful songs. Can’t stop playing them.

  14. I am so confused that SLEEPWALKER doesn’t appear to be everybody’s favorite. I also do love BROKEN OPEN and AFTERMATH.

    • Maura, I know what u mean. The thing is , all of these songs are so good. Its hard to come up
      with a plain out an out winner! Speaking of winner, I think SFW is marvelous. Adams screams
      send chills up my spine………..oh yeh. Good beat too.

  15. Lambertini #520 says:

    I think the drink idea is very cute & fun! Whomever doesn’t like it- don’t do it! I always wanted to make a drink called a Lambertini- hence my screen name. I wanted it to have blue curaco in it for his hair- & something hot l for his HOT SELF but I didn’t think those ingredients matched up well together!! I can’t wait to see some of the recipes & try them!!

  16. INCREDIBLE ALBUM!!EVERY TRACK IS BRILLANT! Without doubt, ‘Fever’, ‘Whataya Want From Me’
    and ‘If I had You’ are #1 material ready for the Land Down Under! ADAM will take off like a rocket! Meanwhile, we are doing our part and people are buzzing about ADAM everyday at last!
    Thanks now to JB HiFi .. ……….with constant bugging they are now getting their albums
    in way ahead of anyone else! …(and prior to their shipment we have exhausted all of our own!)
    ..and with constant airplay and exposure ADAM WILL ROCK THIS CONTINENT!

    • More ‘FYE’ Albums have arrived!!!!!!!…..and already they have gone to ADAM loving homes
      in the land of Oz!…….more on way to radio stations! We are relentless when it comes to ADAM!
      It’s pure positivity ALL the way! ‘ROCK ON’ ADAM!!!

  17. Broken Open is my personal fave!! I also LOVE Fever, If I Had You, A Loaded Smile, etc. I LOVE THEM ALL in different ways. It’s just an AMAZING album!!

  18. Yeah, sorry I’m going to opt out on this because I don’t drink and know practically nothing about making cocktails or drink mixes! But I’m a terrific cook! Actually, my favorite Adam song is A Time for Miracles, although that’s not strictly an Adam song, but I’m more of a ballad person myself. But truthfully I like all of Adam’s songs. I just love listening to his voice! He could sing anything and I would love it. Adam, Susan Boyle, and Celine Dion just have those perfect beautiful voices that reach to the heavens!

  19. Thelma(momopott47) says:

    I love adam’s cd, but i think “Loaded Smile”, written by Linda Perry is certain to be a big hit, and is one of my favorites. I also like Broken Open, Strut, Aftermath, Soaked, oh hell, I like them all!
    I think the cd is genius, but that’s just my opinion. I love Adam Lambert, what can I say.
    I’m a music nut, and I just may be an over the top music afficionada. Music has been a big part of my life since a child growing up in Louisiana, and learning to accept all genres of music after relocating to Mass. as a young adult with a spouse in the military. My appeal with Adam may have something to do with a certain soulful quality that I detect, but whatever, I love the guy!

  20. Judysdancin says:

    I hope that Adam reads this. We are debating our favorite songs, and everyone has a different song. Has there ever been another album like this? I can remember always fast forwarding my cassettes or moving my needle to the next song on my record player, but I never skip any of the songs on this c.d. They are all fantastic!

  21. Drinktails thread is going to be a fun and exciting activity to create. Whether your drink specials be alcoholic or non, cant wait to see the results………..;)

  22. I am amazed that more people haven’t chosen “Sure Fire Winners”????? I’m blown way by this song — a mix of Queen/metal rock/industrial techno — it’s the most original and dynamic song by far!!!
    And it shows off Adam’s awesome WLL rock vocals.

    I also love Music Again, Aftermath, Strut and Fever — and of course, FYE. Let’s face it — the whole CD great. Every song has #1 potential! I can’t stop listening to it!!

    Great job Adam!!! 🙂

  23. I think “Music Again” is awesome. It sounds, to me, similar to other songs that are hits now. The vocalization, the change in tempo, very interesting lyrics, and my favorite part the chorus; “Put your little hand in mine and look into my eyes, baby, eyes.” Oh those eyes!!! Could just get lost in there.

  24. OK, I must be weird cause WYWFM is like my second to last favorite! (Yes, right before Aftermath, which aside from his amazing voice is totally skipable, don’t lie.) Fever, Broken Open, Pick U UP, If I had You, Music Again, FYE…all better! I am a glamb, but I didn’t vote in that….hmmm, yeah, that is the problem, lack of Manda vote. :p

    I do like the drink thing though and some one said Chocolate Tears would be a good NAME for a drink, but what is the drink? SOunds good…but what is it? Kahula? An ice cream drink? Bailey’s and chocolate with vodka?? Help me out Glambs!

  25. Loving everyone’s creative ideas…

    3 recipes received already – so keep them coming!


  26. Fever, Aftermath, Pick You Up,…I would like some kinda remix of Sure Fire Winners…would be a great song for Sports games..if a few words were changed up a bit. This whole cd is’s hard to pick a fav. I just start at #1 and listen til the end and start over again! I think the drink thing is a great idea..there are some very creative minds out there in Glamb world. Glamb fans keep me entertained also.

  27. Were the winners ever posted for the drink recipe contest?


  1. […] have time to organize them for judging until I am finished with the video.  So, you can read the details here, and submit recipes to through January […]