Movin’ & Shakin’

Adam is good at Movin’ & Shakin’ and so are we!  Here are a few updates, if you aren’t too distracted now.  🙂

Our first official polls are over, having had a great response!  You can see the results on the homepage.  The Top 3 album names from the poll (Strut, Unleashed, & Sonic Lobotomy) were tweeted to Adam last night from GlambsFansite.  Please feel free to retweet the results to him as well!  A new poll is now up to see how fans plan to buy his upcoming album.  Drop by to take it!

Also, our local groups are growing by leaps and bounds.  Just recently online are the Wisconsin, Ontario Canada, & Michigan groups.  Jeanette is leading the Wisconsin group, Jane and Jamie are co-leading the ON Canada group, and Judy is leading the Michigan group.  Join them or one of the other 7 groups by visiting this page.  A group for Virginia, including the Washington, D.C. area, should be coming soon.  If you would like to start a new group in your area, email me at

Finally, when you have a spare minute, send a picture for our Fan Wall.  Now accepting pictures for Glambs numbered 1-50!

Now you have had your daily dose of Movin’ & Shakin’!

~Dana {CatEyes}, Glamb #6


  1. cheryl norman says:

    Well, for me, just let me say that I NEVER can get enough of Adam!!! I will have to repeat the process over and over and over!

    • lisette here hugs cheryl miss seeing yu an i av been on les due to are yu..thenks too for another lovli article jeanette adam is remedie to bonhealth an takes away any worries,maladies to feel joie,serenitie,amour,peace of minde,an into le starlit always with his sweetness,sensualitie,angelique face,hearte an voix..await thet superbe masterpiece with many original compse songs,blends og many musique genres thet is his best trademark in his estraordinaire gift in musique to keep us mesmerize,glamourize,an under a magique spell..merci adam for toching hrartes aronde le monde an always an angel dans ma ordinaire lif..blessins an luv lisette..luv to all glambs sorri for bein absent lot..much pain must say aurevir a toute amies…an adam too grande bisousx0x0 lisette

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE, Hello there twinkle toes! I am fine! You had an injury??? A recent one? What happened? I’ve had some ulcer and back problems that has kept me lying low for a while, but I am almost 100% again! So sorry to hear yo9u had an accident. Oh, is it your hand where you got cut? How is that coming along? I just remembered that. Hope your hand is gonna be fine soon! Sending you hugs and good wishes, Lisette!

        • Cheryl, the Madbert Norman! Glad to see you are gracing us with your presence again! I thought you must have had some health problems but I am glad to see that you are doing much better! Love and Mmmmmmmmmmwah

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID, MY FINGRID!!!!

            Consider yourself ‘graced’!

            Yeah have some probs. trying to get them worked out!

            Luv ya back! MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWAH!!!! ( i know this is not the way to type mwah)!! hahaha!!!

        • Hi Cheryl…welcome back from wherever you were!:) Hope you’re feeling better now.

          • cheryl norman says:

            JABERONE!!!! Hey, girl!!!! Haven’t been anywhere since the concert except inconsoleable!! Miss Adam so much!!!! Hope you have been good!!!! So nice to see your name!!!! Gonna have to have a new CD made of Adam. The one in my car is getting some misses on it! Was that concert absolutely amazing??? So glad we had the chance to meet, and eat, and see Adam! That was such fun! Later-gater!!

        • bless yu an all glambs plz see further down on thes pain an docs orders to limit any movement to hand due to infection..but am dending grande hugs to all le wellwishes always some lovli bisous for ..ange d’musique..Adam..Enjoie l’jour an musique soothes l’soul..specialmente Adam’ vocaliste/artiste avec couer d’or,face d’angeli an voix sensual,sweet, nevre be duplicated by anothre..j’etaime pour une vie…monbeau! luv to all here in Adam’s best tribute of glambs!!!blessings an luv Lisette..must go,if doc saw me here,be very upset..Adam yu’re in ma hearte an soul..must leave..aurevoir for now..bisous always Lisettexoxo

      • Hi Lisette! Love to you too! I hope that the pain in your hand has subsided somewhat but it is good to see you posting again. Mwah, Ingrid

    • Don’t you love the juxtaposition of Adam singing BETH then the CRAWL THROUGH FIRE video. Id be willing to bet most people, the novices, would never guess it was the same person. That is what is so much fun, the many sides of Adam. That can be the title of his 3rd or 4th album,,,,, no, too boring.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Lisette,you are here.Imma gonna tell the glambs that you say hi to them and bisous from you but you were here first!What are you doing here?Take care of that hand,Lisette.Don’t let it get open again.Ouch!Please take care,Lisette and same to you Cheryl!Mwah 😀

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT,, Hey there Mad Woman!! I left you and Diannet Hill and Lorrin and Ingrid a post on an earlier thread today! Glad to see you’re still alive and cooking!! Like I said, previously, I have been busy taking care of Adam. Yep! Adam and I have been very busy lately, with the ending of the tour and trying to get rid of some post, ahem….., if you know what I mean. Some people just can’t take a hint. But, hopefully we’re all set now!

          This past Sat. I was at my gr. son’s football game and my 3 gr. daugh. too, and the youngest, Farrah was so cold, and so was Julia. So I walked them to my car, turned the car on, and of course, Adam was on my CD player. Little Farrah looked up at me and said, ‘Grammy, I love Adam. He sings all my favorite songs’!!!! She is just over 2-1/2 yrs old, and really just started talking good in the last few months, but she knows how to talk about Adam!! You may remember me saing that when the kids come over, Farrah and Julia want Adam on the TV DVR all the time, Grant has to have sports on every min. he is awake, and Moriah is usually on my computer looking for Selena Gomez or Hannah or the Disney channel! Hope you are well and you haven’t gotten sent to your room for making your parents mad lately! I KNOW how you are, so lthere’s no denying that you are a little firecracker!! You be a good girl, if you can. If not, then, just don’t get caught! Luv, Cheryl

  2. Holy SHITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! That’s it GLAMBS! I QUIT!!! I can”t take this anymore! IT’s TOO overwhelming for me. I have got to find another interest. Are you kidding me, there is only 5 people that matter to me in this world, God, Jesus, my daughter, ADAM, and my mother!!!!!! I would not give up these “spiritual beings” for no one or anthing in this entire universe!!!! What a vid! That man just tears it all up for me! Looking forward to future posts, c’mon Lorrin bring your A-game, post on this video, I dare ya!

    • Kimber, I so know how you feel! Adam just plays havoc with all my senses. We just can’t seem to get enough of Adam. Can’t imagine life without Adam! I so want to be Eve! Lotsaluv and Mmmmmmmmwah

      • AdamAddict says:

        Helen,Kimber need that pills,right now!LOL! That chill pills become really popular here.Helen,U can be really rich if that pills really exist!I need at least 2 bottles everyday! 😛

    • Um, I have lost what little mind I have. You know you lost your mind when all you can think of is Adam and nothing else. I can’ remember the last time I ate. Is this curable, and do I want to be cured of this? 😉

      Like Milk: ADAM DOES A BODY GOOD! 🙂

      • Trish, very good. Now post a pic of yourself with the Milk mustache and the comment you made underneath it. That could be could PR for Adam. ADAM DOES A BODY GOOD!
        That was great…………………

    • I’m always wrinkled up like a prune cuz I have to take so many cold showers after I look or think about ADAM.

    • Dear kimber, as I’ve said before on another one of our long-ago threads, if I did a ‘review’ of one of Adam’s hotter videos, I would probably get in trouble for ‘questionable content’ issues….but thanks for the challenge anyway!

  3. Dana, Thanks for the fabulous video of Adam shakin and movin! That has me shakin and movin and so excited, I just cant stand it. Its very distracting, for I cant think of anything else right now. Watching his Sexy Body do all those moves and then ending with that beautiful smile of his. Cant get any better than that. Oh Adam, shake it baby, shake it, thrust it, do all you can cuz we loveeeeee to watch you.

    • You always make my day Mary C. Thrust it? OH MY! THUD! (Just me rolling over with laughter at the thought of you saying this, and maybe to ADAM? Would you dare? lol)

  4. ATTENTION WISCONSIN GLAMBS! (And northern Illinois and Minnesota!) Please consider joining our Wisconsin group! I would like to plan a weekend getaway to the Dells to celebrate Adam’s CD release, but I can only make it happen if you guys are with me. Sign up at

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, how I wish I lived in Wisconsin/northern Illinois/Minnesota or at least close by!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,how I wish I live in Adam’s house or at least close by! LOL! Peace Ingrid. 😛

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          As I’m your little sis…we would live together…..That would be great…Please, please, please


          • Oh Kimber, you sound just like our old Glamb Wannabethe snake!! Are you she by any chance? You have her sense of humour….. and have you seen the photoshopped pic of Adam with his green snake but it has been ‘doctored’? Actually there are two different ones!!

          • Oh kimber, I just had to add this tidbit for you and others who fantacize about Adam’s zippers, bulges etc…

            In an interview I heard him say when asked the usual question, “Boxers or briefs?” He responded, “Briefs, and sometimes NOTHING.” YES!!! I KNOW!!!!



              • kimber, I gotta get oughta here??? you have me beside myself laughing.
                The thing is, I know exactly what you mean.

            • Helen/Canada says:


            • Terryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,, A GIANT THUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I got myself up now.
              Briefs????????????? Ok next question will be Tightie Whities or Colors??

              Oh Cherylll Normannn, you were ever so right, you had him on
              NOTHING. No undies..

              Thanks Terry, my fantasies have been extended now.

            • Bet he wears nothing but a dancer’s thong. Eyes should never drift to panty lines and believe me, he knows where our eyes are aimed! His belt buckle is deliberately real low, right above his lovely bulge. Cold shower for me!

          • kimber, LMAO. OMG you are my kind of girl. I know they are alot of others here
            who are too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Living in Adams zippered pants, hahahahha.

            Oh Adam you see how we all love you.

          • ROFLMAO

          • K I M B E R !!!! Ssssssssssssssssh, so do I!

        • AA, Peace to you too, Babes! Remember, I am coming to pick you up on my way to Adam’s concert! Peace & Mmmmmmmmmmmwah

          Ooh, and we’ll pick up Silvana on the way!

      • Thanks, Ingrid – I wish you were close by too!

  5. Dana, thanks for the video !! Adams moving has me shaking.. oh baby.. 🙂

    • I wonder if he practiced these moves in the mirror…. lol ” want to be the mirror “

      • Hey Admfan1! I think he does, cause that vid where he is rehearsing for the tour, there was a wall-sized mirror and he would watch himself performing. and the pants he was wearing had what it look like wings on his ass. How cute was that image and he bounced around like he was having a good time! Oh how I wish I could spend a whole day with him! Go shopping or just sitting around in a hotel room talking about ….well , life.

        • Kimber, I wouldn’t mind joining you in the hotel room but while you were talking I would want to gain deeper ‘in-sight’ into Adam. I don’t believe that I could be in a hotel room with him and NOT be tempted to not touch, touch more … Heleeeeeeeeeeeen, I need a chill pill, no Helen I need a good number of chill pills.

          Adam just naturally has rhythm and move it to the groove. Kimber, you are right about him having a good time – that’s what makes his such a consumate performer. He doesn’t see performing as hard work even though he gives his all. I wouldn’t mind doing the lambada with him. Lotsaluv and mmmmwah

          • OK Ingrid dearest, when you use words like DEEPER and CONSUMATE IN A HOTEL ROOM.
            Just where do you think that leads my ornery little brain ?
            I’m in total dreamland right now and its only Adam and I in the room…….
            Thanks for that!!!

            • cheryl norman says:

              MARY C Cannot believe you are not watching Farve against the Packers!!!! WTH!!!

              • cheryl, yeh girl I’m trying to pull myself away from here, its so damm addicting.

              • I watched Farve against the Packers, of course Favre and the vikings won. I am a Farve fan from way back. Whatever team he has been on, that was my fav team. lol

                Farve was my main man, now Adam is…………sorry Farve. Still love ya.

                • Oh yes Trish, Adam has wiped the slate clean from having any other to
                  drool over. Only him, ohAdam ohAdam.

            • Your ornery little brain does not need any leading, it is there permanently, my dear Mary C!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            ~ gulp ~ ….sorry ladies, I think I need them all (chill pills) OMG, that video!

          • OH, Ingrid, I can just see it! The Lambada of all things! ha ha Any dance with Adam, as long as there was an opportunity for some groping and full frontal like Mary C got, would be just peachy!

            • Mother T, I can be an opportunist of note. Adam just has to say yes to the Lambada and I’ll get up close (full frontal-like) and personal and in the groove. Groping for sure! The Lambada will probably end up looking like rodeo!!! Chill pills, please Helen!!!!!

  6. Dianne Hill says:

    OMFG, he’s got me shaking all over, did you see the bit Mary where he licks his lips with that sexy tongue, I just melted all over the floor, I can’t think straight. Oh my god, I’ve got to watch it again. Thank goodness I downloaded it, so I can put it on disk and watch it on the big screen, ooooooooooooooh, Adam on the big screen. Okay, back to watch again, and again and again and again.

    Come on Kimber, you can’t give up on Adam or us. We are all just as bad as you. On the thread Old Looks/New Looks I still can’t get past picture 101, where he is dressed in green and his eyes, oh my god his eyes are staring right at you – well I have that picture on my computer here at home, at work, printed one out and have it on my wall at work – have been staring at it all day and I got it printed in colour and it is going up on my wall here at home – you could say I’m addicted, in fact I know I am, so don’t worry about how it affects you Kimber, because believe me, I’ve even started dreaming about him now, oh my god those lips and that tongue, okay, I’m in heaven right now.

    • You’re just as bad? well my husband tells me I’m a pervert and I tell him there are those who have it worse than I, but he doesn’t believe me. Could you call him and convince him that you and everyone else has it worse than I? Thanks, but you don’t have to , I kinda like being called a pervert, especially when it’s over ADAM!

      • kimber, maybe we should get our husbands together and find them an idol?? they can be
        pervs right along with us then……..

    • Oh yeh, Dianne, I saw the lip licking and his tongue. Though of you right away, you for the tongue and me for the licking of the lips. AAHHH. You are so lucky to be able and download to fast and put on disk to watch on the big screen. I havent done any of that yet. All mine are still stored under my favorites. Hope nothing happens to them, untill I can download!!
      Between the lips, tongue and what moves below the belt, he has it going on and on and on.
      Thank God for AI and him getting the platform he wanted!!!!!!!

      • Hi Mary C! This s8 tour had to have been the hottest tour of all AI tours. I would like to know what are the stats for this s8 tour compared to the others. I know many people have their opinions on whether they’re watching s9 or not, but for me NO MORE! I have found the man of my dreams and he is an American Idol ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!! Seacrest said “what a phenomenal year”, it was because they had a phenomena- “an extraordinary person; prodigy” on that show, MR. ADAM LAMBERT!!! PS in the above vid, I like the .53 mark, deep swallows.

        • kimber, I dont know the stats, but I will have to think S8 had to pull in the largest crowd.
          People have told me tht s9 wll be coming up and think I will have another idol… Oh noooo,
          Adam is IT, no one will ever compare. I’m in love!
          Oh yeh, at the .53mark on the video, ha, he could have made a baby on those moves.
          Also 2:24 is hot and the Sway moves at 2:39. OMG its all hot, what memories he will have with
          all of these too.

          • No new Idol for me either – Adam is it now and forever!

          • I will NOT watch Idol this year. They should have cancelled it after ADAM, I mean like Simon said about Adam after he did WWL, “NOBODY CAN TOP THAT NOW”!

            • I meant WLL……see all that “thrusting” has me “shaking” and I can’t think much less write……………..LOL!

              • hahahah, know what u mean.

                • You should YOU started it with the THRUSTING comment. Oh hell you got me going again………..THUD. Ouch my body hurts from all this “thudding” from thinking about all that “thrusting”! LOL Oh Lordy it is hot in here, or is it just me? LOL

                  • Ah Trish, you lot have me in stitches! Hee, hee and drooling and my pulse rate has just gone up to 200! Ok Ingrid … breathe …

                    • Breathe real slowly Ingrid. Like Paula said to Adam “take it all in”. Hell you know you are an Idol Addict when you can recall what the judges said. I can only do that when it comes to Adam, I remember all they said. Especially Simon when he told Adam “The point of Amerian Idol is to find a World Wide Star and I geniually believe we found that in YOU”. HE GOT THAT RIGHT.

          • Oh man, you got it right on target at the .53 mark on video. I have a background in middle Eastern folkdancing, bellydancing, and King Adam is a natural. Unusual for a man! Stuff like that can’t be taught. Comes from within, way deep down in your soul. Sure, he’ll know every beat of the song by heart, use a mirror in the beginning, but I bet you he’ll never do it exactly the same twice in a row. That’s the difference between learning choreography and feeling it with your soul.
            Isn’t it amazing how he steps in and out of character in a heartbeat? From sweet Adam who we all love and adore, to utter meltdown Adam, who sends us over the edge.


              • Ya stop with the Thrusting, it is making me so dizzy with the sexual thoughts I got going up in my head. And with my husband not being here………..well I do have a picture of Adam to dream about………….Yeah Dream that is what I meant. LOL

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Dianne, Mary, yes, yes, yes, the tongue and the lip licking…but OMG did you see at 41 s when he opens his mouth!!!! OMFG!

        • what’s he opening his mouth for? I know , my titt!!!! (please don’t kick me off this site)


          • kimber, are you drunk?? just kidding, love how you say what you feel and mean.
            you make me laugh, my family is thinking I’m going over the edge right now.
            All this laughter is the best of medicine.

            Jeanette, no butt kicking for kimber. for she knows not what she says.
            Or yes she does, its not to bad. We’ll jlet her stay here with us. She’s just

          • Kimber, I sitting here with my 20 year old grandson and I just laughed like crazy at your comment about ADAM’s mouth and your T.I.T.
            When he asked me what I was roaring about, NOW, how can I tell him!!!! You are hysterical. Keep up the good work!!!! LOL 🙂

          • OMG, you got me rolling on the floor Kimber. And have I said HI to you? You are so funny. He is opening his mouth not for your body part but for my tonuge. I am the french kisser champion…………ok well in my mind Iam… 😉

    • Hi Dianne,
      I had to ask you how did you download videos to play on your TV, what kind of disc do you download them onto? Thanks.

      • Isisra, I think if first you download one of the free audio/video copying programs and save each vid to a file folder, then you can ‘burn’ them if you get some blank dvds. On an earlier thread someone, Lorrin I think, put a wonderful easy set of instructions how to access one of those free programs. The one I have also will ‘convert’ a full video to just audio so I can make cds.

        • Wow, Theresa, I thought you didn’t know how to do all this technical stuff! I’m impressed!

        • Hey Terry, it wasn’t me who gave the directions for the free video copying programs, I did the ‘how to get on Twitter’ seminars. I’m not sure who posted the others…that was fairly recently, wasn’t it?

          • Ooops, SORRY, Lor, maybe it was Cateyes??/ Anyway they were good instructions. Yes, I remember you doing the twitter ones ..

            Maybe we need a Tech Advice thread kind of as a permanent ongoing thing? WE can all help each other get to know Adam better that way.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Isisra, yes it is as Theresa/Canada says you can download a programme from the Internet, most are free, some say they are free until you actually want to use the darn thing and you end up with a stupid little pop up box in the middle of the screen – yes this is what happened to me so I ended up having to pay for a license but it works well so it is money well spent if I can make DVDs etc. You also need Sothink Web Video Downloader. Do a search in Google or Firefox or whatever you use, that is also free. The other programmes are for converting the files you download to DVD or CD or putting on your IPod or MP3 Players. I did have to get some help from my friend Lisa Imbruglia (another Glamb) who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand (same as me) and also from an IT friend at work who does a lot of his own downloading. A lot of it was trial and error, the first DVD I made I used Nero and the video was like robotic, jerky movements and then about 30 seconds later the words of the song or music would start, hilarious. Another one I did, I ended up with only one song on the disk – that was a bit of a waste wasn’t it. Want more than three minutes of Adam on a disk for crying out loud. It also pays to go to some shops that sell computers etc and get their advice, I have received a lot of advice from salesmen, some of it good and some of it just useless, one that I asked who also sold DVD Recorders told me that my DVD Recorder was too old (I’ve had it for two years almost) and that is why I couldn’t do it, all he wanted was to make a sale, so ignore those people. Good luck, once you get the hang of it you just realise how clever you are, I was jumping for joy the first time I succeeded in making a DVD, just brilliant.

        • Dianne, Sothink was the one that showed up when I followed instructions that I got in another thread on this site. It gave me a 30 day trial and I was able to save most tour vids plus some of Adam’s prior ones..

          When it ran out someone else here gave more links and I ended up with one called
          Media Catcher… it is a little hit and miss but if you download it, then open it and minimize it down to your toolbar it can sit there. Then go to youtube or wherever and wait. As you play a vid it will ‘catch’ it and later you hear an electronic ‘ding’ and there you have it!

          Media Catcher also allows conversion to audio from .flv files… under Tools… I like it so far

          Which one are you using ? I dont mind paying if it’s good. Media Catcher has a trial and an option to pay. I am using trial so far.


          • Helen/Canada says:

            You skerd me when you said Adam’s Idol performances are no longer on youtube. I saved them all in a file–not downloaded just saved. I just checked and I can still play them. I better start downloading these or I’m skerd I’ll lose them.

            Do you want me to forward them to you?

          • Dianne Hill says:

            I have the SoThink downloader. It works well for me. I also have AVS4You to convert the files to DVD, IPod or CD and whatever else it does. It is great but as I say I had to pay for a licence for a year but that is okay. It does however take a long time to convert files to DVD format and then it takes a long time to make them into a DVD – I have AVS4 Remaker to do that, but oh it is so worth it. I have got into the habit of remaking them just before I go to bed and it will do it all while I am asleep, of course if I get up in the night then I usually check everything is okay and burn it to disk.

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:




    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Diane: I have the very same pic on my computer also and I have it in “tile” where there are 8 pics..Everyone morning when I log on I say: ” Good Morning Beautiful,,some mornings it’s “Good Morning, My Life, My Miracle.” I’m sure you understand me!! PL & lotsaluv Glambs

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        BTW don’t you just loooovvvvee the “tear drop” above his lip??!!??

      • Love ya Earlz

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Everyday when I turn my computer on and there he is, I always say “good morning my darling”, he is MY darling you know, then of course I get to say it again when I get to work, plus when I wake up in the morning, I get to say it then too because he is on my wall – well two of them actually, and in this room where my computer is, he is on three walls – you can’t tell me I’m not obsessed because I am and there is not a thing anyone can do about it, and just in case you don’t know I AM NOT a teenager (well I am in spirit) I am 56 years old and proud to be as obsessed as I am. I have not resorted to kissing any of the pictures goodnight yet, but it could well happen you know. Fantasy is a wonderful thing. I wonder if I am losing my mind, have any of you seen it?

        • Dianne, You have your mind dear its just obsessed with Lover Boy. Its okay, let your mind flow with all those those thoughts, its feel good morphins! Go ahead kiss a pic,
          you know you want to. Just dont stick your tongue out to far for it will get your pics. all wet. I still say you are lucky to have him all over your walls. The best
          wall paper ever. Life is just a Fantasy, hey that could be a song, haha.

      • Diane, I put that same picture as my desktop background. Now for my screensaver, I have a wonderful montage of all photos I have in my Adam file and it keeps changing all day..

  7. Cynthia Blessing says:

    This is the first time I am speaking my mind on this website. Have been following everything on this site from its’ beginning. Funny that I’ve held my tongue this long. I feel the same way about Adam as everyone else. I am 52 yrs. young, female and I am obsessed with him!!! I’ll go in depth about that another time. I didn’t get in on the voting for the cd title and I realize it irrelevant now, but I was reading some of the submitted choices and I think I came up with some really good ones, myself. What do you think of : #1) ” 3-2-1…..IGNITION!” or #2) ” Time for Adam ” and lastly #3) ” The Evolution of Adam” ? I really like #1 because 3-2-1 symbolizes the stages of his life up to now with childhood singing and acting being first , then #2) growing spiritually and finding out who he is, then #3 being his big breakthrough on American Idol. …………brrrriiiinnnng on the IGNIGTION!!!! his debut CD and the world was never the same again. 🙂

    • Welcome Cynthia Blessing!!!! I’m kinda new myself just started a couple of weeks ago or was it a few? I get so lost in ADAM’s world here with the GLAMBS, I’ve lost sleep and I barely make it to work on time. I shared my album titles a while back but I chose Journey of DREAMS and REALM OF SEDUCTION-cause the music world is his kingdom now and ADAM seduces us with his voice. YOU had some pretty good ones too! I just love being here with the GLAMBS, cause now I know there are others who share the same feelings as I do. Welcome and have a good time with the GLAMBS!!! They are the best ADAM FANS ever!!!!!!

    • Cynthia welcome, so glad you joined in on all the fun and excitement here. This is so great all the new fans posting and feeling free to express yourselves about Adam. How did you ever hold your tongue so long? So right you are, the world has taken on a whole new meaning.
      Rock on Adam.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Welcome to the Adam Party Cynthia! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Welcome Cynthia to the best Adam Fans.

        Thank you Dana for the vid, I haven’t seen it yet because I’m at work and can’t play it here.

        completely off topic. I’ve received some photos from Emili. As you have already said, she is beautiful, as all her family. Maybe she’ll get mad at me for saying this, but she looks so peaceful and serene…not at all as I had imagined by her posts and the way she talks about Adam. I’m so happy with my new family.


        • AdamAddict says:

          Welcome to Glambs.Here another one who been watching us but this is the 1st time left a post.How you guys do that? the 1st time I saw this and look how simple to leave a comment not like to give this info and that info,sign this up and that….okay I think you got the point, I left a post instantly! 3 pages…front and back!LOL!

          I know,I sound super crazy here.You probably think I’m would stick my tongue out when taking pictures.MY TONGUE,DIANNE NOT ADAM’S SO KEEP GOING!!BTW,glad U back,Lisa is freaking out!LOL! People might think I’m super active and fun and playful and can’t stop moving kind of person.Well,I’M NOT! LOL! I hate taking pictures and not social at all.If people asked me to come and join them,I would then if the topic is boring I would leave saying I’ll be back but….NAH!!LOL! I rather sit my butt in the corner and starring the ceiling!Haha! I wonder how you guys imagine me looked like??!!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            You are funny to me….Love you

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Oh AdamAddict, I want to see a picture of you too, you sound wonderful and I just love you. I know how you feel about getting your picture taken, it is to be avoided at all costs. If I see anyone with a camera, I’m off in the other direction, believe me it is for the best. Let someone gorgeous like Adam get their picture taken, he is the only one we want to look at for crying out loud. It’s okay, I’m not after your tongue, there is only one tongue in the world that I fantasise about and the tongue isn’t the only thing that I fantasise about where Adam is concerned, oh no. I can see you sitting in a corner staring at the ceiling, because you have Adam’s poster up there girl, you know you do. Nothing wrong with that I can assure you.

    • Hi Cynthia and welcome! Some really good choices on your part. Do you sometimes feel that we need a whole new vocabulary for Adam. I look forward to your posts. Lotsaluv and mmmwah

    • Welcome to the Wonder World of Adam. Hey that would make a good song title:



    • Hello and welcome Cynthia! I like the Evolution of Adam and think it would be perfect for a future album, one where he changes his style. WE all expect him to be constantly changing or upping the ante on his singing, dancing and over all performances. If anyone will ‘evolve’ Adam will, it’s his thing!

      IN one interview he said his album will reflect some of the styles of music done on his Idol weeks, so we can expect, well…… anything at this point!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Glad to have you with us, Cynthia, on this AMAZING JOURNEY WITH ADAM LAMBERT!!! “The more the merrier” sure applies to this gang. I was so happy to find this HOME where I don’t have to explain myself or justify my OBSESSION with His Hotness! We all here GET it…& we got from the very first moment we saw & heard HIM!! Are we batshit crazy? Completely! Are we GLAMBPROUD of it? Absolutely! Welcome to Adam’s FunHouse, Cynthia….Buckle up!

      Candace in MS

    • Welcome Cynthia…..You can say whatever you think or feel….we’ll all agree that we feel the same way!!!

    • Cynthia, welcome to our hood of Glambs. You will totally enjoy it here. Dont hold your tongue any
      longer, just let it all out.

  8. This video makes me miss Adam even more. I am now on my way to Youtube to watch all the ones from the Idol tour all over again. LOL

  9. OH what a nice start to the day, I am in school, the first thing I do is switch on my PC, straight to this site, and what do I see? FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, SEXY, ADAM LAMBERT MOVING AND SHAKING, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE, can’t get enough of him.

  10. Lamberkitten says:

    THANK YOU!!!! Was gonna try have an fairly Adam-free day today – that vid has blown it! My lamberklickin fingers just getting warmed up!LOL

  11. Okay, now my day is off to a great start! All I have to do is come here and get my Adam fix for the day! Thanks so much for the shakin’ video! No one does it better than Adam!!!

  12. That Video is GOLD! One of my fav current songs along with Adam…priceless.

  13. What a way to start a Monday morning!!! OMG…..I can’t enough of ADAM either….I could watch him every minute of every day of every week, month, year, FOREVER !!!! Nice job of compiling that vid…all his SEXY moves in one place….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  14. Thanks for posting this one, Dana! Can NEVER get too much of our Adam! Please keep these videos coming and coming and coming as they definitely help with the waiting and waiting and waiting that we are currently suffering through. Those HIPS, those LIPS, those EYES, that HAIR, that VOICE – Adam is just PERFECTION!!!!

    What? It’s only October 5th – not even NOVEMBER 5th? 49 days and 17 hours plus to go until CD release date!?! But I guess we need to remain positive and consider that it is only 39 days to go until 2012 opens on November 13th and we can hear Adam’s fabulous voice in full digital surround sound in our movie theatres!! And we might score an extra bonus if Time For Miracles is released as a single (and even a video!!) and available on Itunes before the movie opens! And, oh my! Is it still true that Adam’s single from the CD will be available on October 12th?? That’s what I had noted earlier so that’s just ONE WEEK from today!!!!!!!!!! (That also happens to be our Canadian Thanksgiving so we will have much to be thankful for indeed!!!!) It’s just too exciting for words! I feel like I might just be able to hang in there until then without actually passing out from anticipation!!!

    So Dana, Jeanette! I am BEGGING you on behalf of all my sister and fellow Glambs – keep these videos coming and coming and coming and …

    Glamb #20

  15. SEX! SEX!SEX! SEX! I am so glad ADAM was able to express himself on the tour. He seemed so innocent in AI but he just let all his sexual frustations out. Hey Jeanette!!!! If possible, could you post a side-by-side pics of ADAM from the first audition and the finale,please? There is something I think is important to point out,maybe some have noticed already but I think it is important. It has to do with the lifestyle he lived before AI and the lifestyle he lived during, the outcome. I don’t want to elaborate on it too much now, but when the time comes I’ll be sure to post. Thank you.

    • I’m curious as to what you have in mind Kimber, I have some things I’ve observed also… some while he was with Zodiac, some his first auditions, some those weeks between Idol and the tour….some during the tour, and it has to do more with his demeanor during those different periods..

      • I’m sure it may have been brought up, but you know people comment on his weight or his skin or his freckles. But the color of his skin or anyone’s skin, tells you a lot about their health. at the time of his audition to the time of the finale, it seemed that he was not living in a healthy way. he struggled to get bills paid and he mentioned that he would go to his parents for financial assistance. Poor guy. That just tears me up, I was just really concerned about his eating habits, and hopefully the alcohol he likes to drink doesn’t turn into alcoholism. But after being in the AI house for some time and food was accessible, he started to look healthier to me. People aren’t overweight unless they can’t carry themselves anymore. I am on the heavy side but Icarry myself just fine, and I’ve been like this for all my life. But ADAM just seemed to have filled out and he looked ever so beautiful. I do worry about his health more than my own, I just want to hear that voice cause that’s what attracted me to him first. But I love his treasure too! I hear ADAM reminds us of Elvis and Freddy M., you know I really like the Doors, and Jim Morrison. And I always thought Jim had a sex appeal that I find in ADAM. So maybe Jim is also looking out for our ADAM! Oh I hate to say this but I got to go join ADAM in bed now. Got to work tonight,last for the week. So I guess I’ll check back with everyone in the morning. I LOVE YOU ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT!!!!! And I really think I am falling in love with everyone here, you know what I mean AA, GOD BLESS THE GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!!!!! Ad may he bring ADAM and US together someday on this site. If ADAM doesn’t believe how much love us the fans have for him, he should be here with us. With all my sincerity, and love, to everyone! SALUDE!

        • Don’t hate me for this, because I loved the way he looked when he first started on AI. The Black or White song he sang, I love his hair, the way he had less makeup on, his body. Not that I don’t like him now. I just didn’t realize maybe he was slim back then because he didn’t have enough to eat. I never thought of that. I want him healthy. He is gorgeous no matter what. He is A SEXY BEAST OF A ROCK GOD.

          LOVE YA ADAM, ROCK ON.

          • Not that he is fat. Please don’t misunderstand me. He is fine now and then. Just worried someone might think I said he was fat. NEVER>

  16. Glambertcraze says:

    OOOOHHHHHh our Adam always makes our day. I can go to work happy now.
    He is so different on and off stage. Sweet, Innocent, kind, humble then on stage he changes to come on Bi— you and I both know you want this. Naughty, Sexie,
    He is the WHOLE package. And a gorgeous one at that. AAAAHHHHHH

    • Well, that kind of says it all !!!! That is why we are all so entraced by both him and by his talent. He has it all and knows how to still be true to who he is.

    • Hey Glambertcraze!!!!!! Everyone might as well call me “crybaby” for my nickname cause I’m crying again. Do you know why? Cause just I watched that “brown pants w/ zipper” vid again!!!!! And I just had the most inappropriate XXX dream of ADAM!!!!!!!! And it got me…. I’m keeping that to myself now. I think I better go find my husband.

      • Glambertcraze says:

        lol – Kimber just go for it. We all feel that way at times.
        Hopefully when we get bombarted with Adam this Nov. it will help our minds focus. Well maybe not. When it comes to Adam everything goes hazy My family thinks I am nuts but oh well maybe I am.
        I have learned to accept it. Adam said he doesn’t know why his fans are soooo passionate towards him and that he never thought of himself as someone that would have underware thrown at him, but thats the way it is now. sounds good to me, he has accepted us the way we are and we have accepted him the way he is. A match made in heaven..

        Have a great Day Glambs
        Glamb# 358 Here

      • Come on Kimber, give us a blow-by-blow account of your dream! Your husband is a very lucky guy, reaping the benefits of Adam getting us to feel all sensual and sexy. I told my hubby he will have to pay royalties to Adam.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Darn it!How many times you watched that brown zippers vid until got that sweet beautiful dream?I watched like….I dunno 5-10 times but nah no Adam in my dreams!WTH??!!Just tell me how many times so I can have that dream too!JUST TELL ME!!Is it 20?It’s 20 times,is it? 🙂


        • Ha ha, Ingrid!! You lucky married ladies or those with a man in their lives!!

          • Mother T, I have to bite my lip to stop myself from say, Ooooooooh Adam, bring it on Baby! So now I shut up and make strange animal noises and sometimes get strange looks! Well Mother T, as they say, anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve! Lol

            • Ingrid, my lady, you are something else arent you??? animal noises? you get
              wild and crazy, go girl. Achieve…………

        • Ingrid, my hubby is ready to send him a check. hahahah I told him Adam doesnt need
          the money, just send him ME.

          • IMYGOD Mary C, I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!! “My hubby is ready to send him a check” – LOL.

          • LOL Funny Mary C. If your hubby sends you, I will pay for the extra postage to send me too. First Class MaIL. Over night even.

            • Hmmmmm, my husband has a permanent smile on his face nowadays – like the cat who stole the milk! Owes Adam BIG TIME!

  17. I am … again …. blown away by this video. I don’t understand how someone goes about putting these together with so much footage to music. All I can do is watch in awe. Thank you for sharing and for the many hours of my guilty pleasure.

    • Krissie, I think all those computer courses in schools and colleges are paying off and we are the fortunate recipients of the talents of these kids. Some of the youtube vids are awesome!!

  18. One of the reasons why I love Adam so much (one of many, many reasons!) is that he has no ego about his abilities and his fans’ love for him! He’s just so sweet, open and honest about everything. You just don’t see that much anymore. It is so refreshing! I wonder if he ever reads our posts. I know he’s really busy, but it would be nice if he could just read how much we all love and care about him.

    • I agree his ego is very healthy and he is comfortable, complimentary and envy free with others’ talents too. But he still is in awe of our devotion and the avidity of the fans, I think. He has a quiet inner confidence which is very sexy and comes out through his eyes and mouth when he performs, kind of a sexy twinkle and a sly smile.

  19. Off topic, but more rumors about Adam and Lady Gaga teaming up. Fan buzz I’ve seen so far is very positive for this teaming, but I still don’t know how excited I’d be to see this. Yes, for Adam it has positives – he doesn’t have the pressure of carrying a show all by himself, and a short set would of course be easier on his voice than a long set.

    From my point of view, I still hate the thought of Adam be an “opening act” for anyone. I am so sick to death of hearing him be referred to as No. 2. Also, an opening act is what…20 minutes? a half hour? 5 or 6 songs, comparable to what he did in the Idol tour. Do I really want to spend scads of money to travel around the country for 20 minutes? Yes, I did it for the Idol Tour, but selfish me – now I want more than 20 minutes for my money.

    • On the other hand, Lady Gaga’s fans are the kind of ‘out there’ hip younger crowd who are into this electronic dance and cutting edge, in your face type of theatrics. It would give Adam exposure to thousands of new younger fans who may not have bothered with him because of the whole Idol thing. Some people pooh pooh Idol on principle.

      I’d also hate to see him have just a short set but it’s a beginning. I am going to research Daughtry today to see what he has been doing since Idol, and David Cook also, to see what kind of tours they have done and the capacity of the venues.

      • I agree – there are many positives that could come from this pairing. As I said, I’m just selfish! Personally I don’t care for Lady Gaga.

        • Jeanette, I am with you all the way! Lady Gaga just doesn’t do it for me! Adam will sure make her look good and boost her shows ratings but I hope it doesn’t happen. Wouldn’t be surprised if Adam feels indebted to her because of her support but he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Please let this not be true!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            I think exactly the same….Please let this not be true! He deserves more, much more than opening act to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Sorry folks, but on another site, GC, I found this quote:

              “They just said on Kiss 108 Boston’s morning show during the entertainment report, that Lady Gaga was “reaching out” to Adam Lambert. This comes shortly after Kanye West backed out of the “Fame Kills” tour with Gaga. Gaga says she is determined to tour with or without West. This is still in the “Rumor” Phase. But to hear it on the radio is a good sign.”

              Good is that person’s opinion, not mine. I have mixed feelings still.

              Terry, #349 Vancouver

              • If she is reaching out to him, and the way he adores her, and if he has the time and his record label or mangement team are fine with it, I can’t see him saying no. Wish he wouldn’t though. He is too good to open up for anyone.

              • Terry, Adam had a retweet on Oct 2nd “WELOVEGAGA”


        • Hello Jeanette!!! How are ya girl? I miss visiting with you, trying not to cry,but hey! another concert and new concert pics and videos and more fans for this site! Right?! My daughter likes gaga and I like a couple of her songs, I guess if this is what ADAM wants we’ll support him.Because WE the GLAMBS LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!

        • My first feeling of hearing ADAM performing with Lady GaGa is JEALOUSY!!!!

          His whole world is changing, and he is exposed to all kinds of performers. We’ve been used to him just w/the Idols,where he’s been more or less protected. Now we’ll see him with artists that we like, and alot that we don’t.

          I really think that he should do a solo concert tour, and that HE should have an opening act. He could do some of the music that we already love that he’s sang, and his new songs. I would miss hearing him sing some of the Idol songs in a concert.

          Hopefully ADAM has good advisors who won’t steer him in the wrong direction. Let’s all say a prayer that everything goes absolutely perfect for ADAM.

    • Jeanette, I agree with what you are saying. The only thing is , Adam wouldnt probably think of
      himself as being No.2, the good positive thinker he is. Maybe he would think of it as another
      oppurtunity to perform with an artist he loves.
      I want more than 20 minutes, he deserves to headline. I believe he is ready to solo as his
      own concert and will choose to do so. Lets hope. He’s been in so many theatre plays etc,
      with casts of others and now is the time to blossom out alone.
      He’s just so intelligent, he’ll have to make the right decision for him.
      A-d-A-m A-d-A-m,, we want you !

      • I know, Mary. Adam has taken everything better than I have. I’m just looking at things from my own selfish point of view. Step one was getting to see Adam for 20 minutes. I’m ready for the next step, in which we see and hear MORE of Adam. I don’t want another repeat of step one. That’s all. But you’re right – it’s his decision, and we have to trust him to do what’s best for him.

        • Oh yeh, I know what you mean, I want the next step too. Full Blown Out Adam Live in Concert for waay more than 20 mins. I’ll be selfish with ya.

  20. AdamAddict says:

    Check this one out! I don’t know if it’s just me or you guys too but I really feel bad for Kris.They will never let it go!Adam is true winner! 😉

    • Thanks AA for posting that. Wow, we all knew Adam was a star. I guess everyone else is just catching up!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi AdamAddict
      Yes, that is too bad. I think it puts Kris in a really awkward position. Too bad for him that his fans took it upon themselves to CHEAT! This is what happens when you don’t play by the rules. Adam was the true winner, he knows it, Kris knows it and the country knows it. Now Kris has to live up to something so out of his reach. Too bad for everyone involved. And shame on you to those people who didn’t vote for Adam because he is different.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Found this on mjsblog. Looks like Kris is trying to plug his single. Is that normal for an artist to do that?

        “Anyway, Kris just sent out a new voicemail via Mozes, letting people know that Z100’s added LLWD and asking us to call in requests to our radio stations. No new news really, but it was cute to hear him go “Later!” at the end “

    • That just proves how smart we Glambs are!!! ADAM will break all records!

  21. AdamAddict says:

    The vid is awesome.I love it.Adam in gold pants and Adam in red pants! ~gulp~ The moving hips,the snake dance,the stroke, I don’t think I blink even once! LOL! 😛

  22. NO WAY! NO LADY GAGA!!!!!!!! JUST ADAM,ADAM,ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. JosieNurse says:

    Great Video.
    When you see him and you haven’t seen him in quite a while – you really go crazy again!!

  24. cheryl norman says:

    DIANNE HILL, ADAMADDICT, LORRIN, INGRID, MARY, LISETTE. Just so you all don’t think I have abandoned you all, I left you messages on previous threads today and some up on this one near the top.

    • Found ’em, darlin’, thank you!

    • Hi Cheryl. I was just starting on this when you left to get well. I hope your better?

      • cheryl norman says:

        HEY TRISH!!! Thank you so much my dearest! I am doing much better!! Thanks for the love! Hope all is well with you also! Luv, cheryl

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hey Cheryl, great to see you back, hope you recover fully soon. I have been trying to find which threads you left some posts on, but I keep getting sidetracked. Do you know it is 10.05pm on Tuesday night here in Christchurch, New Zealand and I came upstairs to turn my electric blanket on because even though it is Spring here now it is still bloody freezing, let me tell you, and I haven’t even done the dishes from dinner yet, how slack is that. The trouble is I sit at this computer and I think I will just have a little look at what has been happening and three hours later I am still here. Utterly hopeless is what I am. So I promise Cheryl that I will go and search for those threads but first I must go and do the dishes – yes by hand, I don’t have a dishwasher. Cheers, I look forward to reading them. Much love to you, Mwah.
      Dianne, Glamb #356.

      • cheryl norman says:

        DIANNE HILL, HEY THERE, GIRL!!! Thank you very much for your concern and comments! Very much appreciated!! I wish I had remembered to write te threads down, darn it. I’m sorry!

        Oh, yes, my dear, I know just what you mean about sitting down at the domputer for ‘just a few minutes”!!! Think there are a lot of us that do that!!

        Well, I have a dishwasher, but use it as storage, so I hand wash my dishes, too. I can never have enough cupboard space, or maybe I just have too many small appliances, so anyway, I turned the dishwasher into a cupboard!!! Crazy!!

    • On my way to the other threads!

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID!!!!! Sorry I didn’t remember to write the thread name down, wasn’t thinking at the time!!!

        But here’s a big MMMMMMMwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaH! Cherry

    • lisette here ..for petit note..hugs an thenks Cheryl av miss yu to..hope yure fine?Am up taking painmed for hand,type 1hande still.Yes hand is awful pains,tendonitis beside sticthes betwen forefingre an I av strict ordre non to movve it..with thes teme new cast..Doc yestreday seein infection..yell at me..sayin Lisette seeme like softcast has shifte,an stitch losen..infection soo new meds..So lovli Cheryl,Lorrin,Emili,Ingrid,Jane,an all swet Glambs bless yu all..I’l just read here mainly..til I av both hand in commision ..know yu’re all in ma thouts an reason being in troble is dificile to be away from here an nous ange Adam…So monbeau Adam i’ll be type less..but yu monamie avec le couer,hearte an voix celestial are ma inspiration to feel bettre soon/ If evre to read many lovli glambs posts an evidence of abundance amour,an adoration we feel..An a chanson old one thet remindes me of thet a frend send on youtube ..she’s non a glamb..but adorable with Adam’s beauface,espression,constant licking lips(from Amer.Idol season 8..evry teme he ende songs,await judge critiques,then acept them wording a humble thenk yu(an person place Elvis’s song..Devil in Disguise..perfetely in sync with Adam’s sensual looks,smiles an lips(licking here).was best med for ma current situation..Soo belle glambs an monbeau Adam..j’adore vous,j’etaime an always will..Old songe of Diana Ross keeps playing in ma thouts..Aint no montain high enough kepe me from yu…an anothre thet always reminde me of Adam..from Phantom…”Angel of Musique”…toujours dans angelique,sensual beau l’homme..blessings an merci for being an earthbound one!luv an aurevoir..beljour to all an Adam!Wil return to possible incontrare l’ange in a reve..if only!many bisous always…!!!!!!.

  25. Hi beautys, thanks for the video and for your funnys comments like always, you ( and Adam of course), really help me a lot with my f…… depression, this is amazing, love you so much honestly.
    Un montón de besos a todas ( a lot of kisses to all).

    • Dianne Hill says:

      We love to see your posts too Marisa, depression is a horrible thing, please try to be positive, Adam will keep you happy, just keep coming here for the best therapy anyone could have, I have never laughed so much on reading some of these posts and at other times I have cried but it is all part of healing isn’t it. Love to you Marisa, just keep on coming back.

      Dianne, Glamb #356.

    • Hi Marisa, How’s Mama, Papa and the other bears? Honey, whenever you are sad, just come here to the Adam’s Family! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hey Marisa,

      What’s up? How come you are depressed? Hope it’s nothing serious, nothing that this site can’t cure. When I have the blues, Adam and the Glambs are instant remedy.

      Lots of love to you (Besotes y arriba el ánimo),

      • Yo Silvana, AA’s naughty twin sista, how are you!

        Besotesy arriba el animo (hope that’s right) & mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

    • Marisa, just read Emili’s (AdamAddict) and Kimber’s antics on this site and you will smile again!!

      hugs, Terry Vancouver


  26. My son got engaged today, and I’m so excited. I’ll admit though, watching the video of Adam above drove all that out of my mind. I was hypnotized again, ahh, sweet Adam!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      How wonderful for you Ksodak, an engagement, beautiful. It is not surprising though that Adam can hypnotize you, he does it to me all the time. I wonder if he knows he is hypnotizing us all. Congratulations to your son and his fiancee, wonderful news.

    • Ksoda, congrats to your son and you. Special times coming up for your family………

      • I meant Ksodk

        • Yes, I absolutely love his finance’, and guess what, she’s an Adam fan too! (Too bad my son isn’t!). BTW, my name is Kate, and the sodak is an abbreviation for South Dakota.

  27. Ah-h-h so good to read all your posts. We were out of town away from computer and all I could think of was that I might miss something big about Adam. Just can’t wait for a chance to hear a snip of one of his songs – either “Strut” or 2012. Love you all xoxoxo!!!

  28. Lisa Imbruglia says:



  29. GLAMB#474 kimber says: