More on Adam’s Appearance on The Jay Leno Show!

Thank you so much to Fernando for starting this story! Okay AdamFans, please forgive the time lapse in the follow-up on it. With out-of-town visitors, parental surgery, and the holidays including my son’s day-after Christmas birthday, I let this go far too long.

As soon as we found out Adam was scheduled to be on Leno, four of us applied for tickets and miraculously 3 of us got them. Between us, we had 8 tickets to share with our friends and family to attend the taping. We started going through our address books and decided we only wanted true AdamFans to go, not just a relative who didn’t know much about Adam, if that’s even possible!

Of course we had to invite our web site owner Fernando, and I was so glad he was available. I hadn’t seen him since the Finale Watching Party that web site administrator Lila Hayes and I threw for the San Diego community at Seau’s, a local sports restaurant. Lila and I invited other friends and family who were already dedicated and our group of 8 was set.

Lila and I left around 8:30 AM from San Diego, stopping 3 times on our way up the coast picking up the rest of our group. In La Jolla we picked up Lila’s friend Osia, in Oceanside we got Sami, who we carpooled with to the high school on Homecoming Day, and in Irvine we got my sister Julie who had just driven out from Texas for the holidays.

Pictured from left to right:
Glenda, Fernando, Diana (in back) Carol, Sami, Lila, Osia. Julie is camera shy!

Glambs Waiting to See Adam on Leno 12/21/09

If you’ve never been to a show taping before, there’s a tremendous amount of waiting. Even more if you want to be assured of a good seat! We arrived at Leno’s Burbank studios around 12:15 PM. Ticket holders had been instructed to arrive by 2:45 PM, for a 4 PM admittance. Admission wasn’t guaranteed, and we knew to get there early for good seats. There was an outdoor gathering area marked for the ticket holders, right off the sidewalk where there was limited free street parking. With our early arrival we got free parking. We were also fortunate because the weather was beautiful. A few days earlier Southern Cal was having upper 80 degee pre-Christmas weather, then some rain! But today was a calm 70s and clear.


Around 2:45 we were led to another outdoor sitting area, and welcomed by an NBC page to the Leno taping. She instructed us several times to use the porta-potties, because once we were inside, there would be no coming or going. She very nicely told us not to complain about any of our seats; “they’re free!” We were also told “no cameras – you will be ejected. No calling out during the monologue or during the guest appearance – it’s rude and will be edited out.” So no inviting Adam out to party!

We went inside to the studio in small groups so we could be seated by the ushers. There were 3 rows of chairs on the floor, and several sections that were about 20 rows high. Most of the rows in the section that was in front of where Jay and his guest sit had seats taped off with names on them. A few seats in each of these rows was available and our group of 8 was split into 3 of those rows. I was in the first row off the floor, directly in front of the guest’s chair. We were hoping that Adam would get to talk with Jay, not just perform, as he’d done on Letterman. If so, he was about 20 feet away from me! I wished I could take pictures! I sat with my friend Glenda and her friend Diana, who came up from Palm Springs and Los Angeles. I was next to where the taped off seats for our row began. I wondered who I’d be sitting next to? Lila and Osia were one row up from us, and Sami, Fernando and Julie were in the next row.

Around 4:15 PM, the VIPs were escorted to the taped off seats. When Adam’s mother Leila entered with some friends, they were led up the stairs next to my section. What if I got to sit next to her?? But they went up about 10 more rows. I imagine that she requested to sit up that high, and not be down at the stage. As soon as she sat down, I looked up and all the heads in our section were turning back and forth talking excitedly. I can only imagine how many tweets were sent!

The VIP seat next to my sister was taken by a familiar-looking guy who none of us could place, sorry! He was tattooed, had scruffy long blond hair and looked like a heavy-metal rocker. He was with his wife and an older man, probably a parent. The VIP seats next to me were taken by some people none of us recognized.

When all seats were filled, a comedian came out and started warming us up, testing our laughter levels, applause levels, and basically instructed us how to have a good time for the benefit of the sound engineers. He did some funny routines but we were all glazed over, just waiting for the show to start and the chance to see Adam and hear him sing. He told us to turn to the person next to us and hit their arm. The metal rocker dude next to my sister did just that, smacking her pretty hard. He immediately turned to her and apologized. She asked him if she should know who he was, and he kind of said yes, but he wanted to stay low-key. He was there with his wife because she was a huge Adam fan! So she never found out who he was.

During a break, I gathered my courage and went up to Leila, hoping I wouldn’t be thrown out! I introduced myself as an author from this web site, gave her one of our Glambs business cards with my contact info, and told her we’d love to do an interview with her. She smiled and said that would be fun, but didn’t give me any contact info for her! I thanked her for having such a wonderful son who is bringing so much enjoyment to so many people. She seemed really taken by that, and we shook hands and I retook my seat.

Next Jay came out and welcomed us, dressed in jeans and a denim shirt. He told us that this would be filmed in “real time,” and there would be no take-overs or edits, unless necessary. Even though we knew we weren’t getting an encore of the AMA performance, we wondered how toned down Adam would be! Jay made a fuss over an audience member who was celebrating her 19th birthday with some college friends and they took pictures. He then went backstage to change and his band came out and started to play.

From the video, you can see how the rest of the taping went. Since this was filmed in real time, the band played throughout all the commercial breaks. They sounded great and the lead singer is a very talented woman. She went into the audience pulling members up to sing into the microphone. When she came up the aisle next to me, they were doing an older song that I knew by heart and was singing. She pulled me up and gave me the microphone, and somehow I remembered all the words and even sounded on key! For the life of me, I can’t remember what song it was, and neither can anyone from our group! Fernando, can you help? I’m sure this will be the closest to singing with Adam that I will ever come. At least we shared the same air!

Jay seemed very interested in talking to Adam, reaching over and touching his leg or arm several times. I think that Adam is a dream guest. He is a great conversationalist and is very at-ease on camera. His “safe plucking” comment was very quick and got a big laugh from Jay! One very interesting note to point out, when they were talking about the 2 rumors Adam wanted to dispel, Adam couldn’t remember what the second one was, and asked for help. An assistant came up behind him and said “your father” loud enough for us all to hear. From there, Adam went on and quashed the rumor about his dad being upset about his AMA performance. But you’ll never see that part. It was edited out, and you’ll just see a scene break at 6:59 going from rumor one to rumor two. From now on, when we see a scene break on future shows, we’ll know that there was an edit.

Then it was a commercial break and Adam would sing next. We were all so excited. We couldn’t imagine him singing without his band, but none of the instruments were set up. Then a screen to the left of where Adam and Jay talked lifted and we saw Adam’s band. Phew! The set started filling with fog, the lights went down and then Adam was on! He and the band sounded great. It’s different than when he performed on the Idol Tour. He’s his own performer now. He looked right at the audience most of the time while he was singing and Sami thought he was looking at our group because we were all mouthing the words! I’ll go with it!

During Adam’s performance, Jay was standing at the edge of the set, moving his legs back and forth to the music, keeping his eyes intently on Adam and the band. We’ve all seen Adam and Tommy Joe go back to back in other performances, and I was so happy to see him do it here too. But during that part of the playback, the camera is focused on Lisa and her keyboard. You really have to look to see Adam and Tommy Joe, and you only get a brief moment of it at 2:48. Was this intentional?

They went to commercial, and Adam and his band went back stage. The warm-up comedian was right in front of me, so I gave him one of our Glambs business cards and asked that he give it to Adam. He said he would. I have no idea whether it happened, but it can’t happen if I don’t try!

Next was the Mrs. Claus skit. If you ask me, it was pretty “dirty,” talking about Santa’s “fat ass” and what it was like to be underneath him, and how she’d “had the elves up to here.” Graphic: her hand was waist high, insinuating oral sex, but since this was hetero, I guess it was okay.

Then it was over and we exited the studio, all feeling so grateful to have been there that day. Not knowing the area, we searched the GPS for restaurants and picked Michael’s Bar & Grill, close by.


We were giddy (and starving!) from the entire day’s experiences, grateful we had shared a day of Adam’s life with each other. We can’t wait for the tour, and for when we get to hear and see Adam again! I hope that you all get to have an experience like this for yourself too!


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Wow Carol, what an experience. Thanks for sharing it with us and letting us live vicariously through you. I’ve wondered if my husband would notice me missing New Year’s Eve if I flew into LA for the show and right back out again. Probably he would lol. I hope Adam comes to Canada when he tours. With his international appeal I’m afraid he might take his tour to the other side of the world and forget about us way down here. He just needs to get as far as Seattle and I’m good.

    • Haha, I like that idea too, just flying to LA and then back to NC.
      Oh my dear hubby is hanging in there. He now has started to make references to Adam himself in conversations. I just said: If you can’t fight it you might as well go with it. I booked us a hotel for this coming weekend so he doesn’t feel too negelected. Seriously, all this stuff is costing us money!

      • And yes Carol thank you for sharing this great story with us. Looking forward to stories from NYE.
        Thanks everyone! And always thanks to all of you who keep this site going and updated!!

        • Lisette here,
          Bonsoir all lovli glambs know been while since last post an still having health issues..but nevre can forget this wonderful Adam fan tribute one still.An grande hugs for sharing this esperience with us..If only to be there,but reading making us feel transported in a way visualizing excitemente an adrenaline one must av felt seeing him in a very intimate setting as Jay Leno’s..I did thenkful see as ma best frend called to assure I’d be despite current meds,could nevre miss this special performance always I av luved Jay as he’s has lot of finesse an sense of humour,nevre insulting or offensive..Adored Adam an all his humour,charm,estraordinaire beauface,couture,an thet laugh always soo sweet.An so imagaine all anticipating him aftre his interview to singe superbe as he always does,smooth,sultry,velvettones,passion,hearte,soul an a face thet is as an old Natalie Cole songe says “Unforgettable”!..alrite gathre I’m showing ma thirtysomething age.So will say he’s got thet starlit in his azure eyes thet twinkle with the infused stage lits,his expressions making one feel to give him a grande hug an of course..kisses..oops..well thet’s for New Yer’s wishes too..Blessings luv to all here an also a happy an healthy New Yer too!Blessings an bisous agan to nous angel d’chansons..a very sultry one!!!..guess Adam.J’etaime so wishing we’d be able to view his NYers Eve celebrations in LA..lucky are people who av tickets to thet event..Let’s hope someone uploads for all to enjoie!xoxoxoLuv to all!mmmmmwoi!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hey Lisette! XOXOXOXOXO to you sweetheart! LOL! I love you Lisette! Happy New Year baby! Many blessed wishes of better health & happiness all around for the year 2010, for you & your family!
            MWAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Kimber<3

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hey Lisette, Happy New Year to you, I am so glad you still make an appearance here on this site, my wish for you for the New Year is that you regain your health so that you can be here more often. It is now New Year’s Day here in New Zealand so a Happy New Year to you and your family and all the Glambs. Love you all, Love Adam with all my heart and yes please, please, someone post Adam’s performance on YouTube.


  2. That was a great story. I love that you got to talk Adam’s mother. I have been checking back for the rest of the story ever since Fernando first told us of your experience. Have a great day everyone and a Happy New Year.

  3. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Great experience Carol, being there wsurrounded by Adam fans. Thank you for sharing with us, as you always do.

  4. KO's smiling says:

    Thanks for giving us the behind the scenes description. Noticed that the camera avoided Adam when he gave Tommy ANY kind of attention… they’re skerd of what he might do! Cracks me up.

  5. Carol, I loved reading about you and everyone’s Adam and Jay Leno experience! Wow, those NBC pages seem really strict, you couldnt even ask Adam to party……You all had great seats:).
    Had me crackin up @ not remembering the name of the song you sang, but were able to share the same air, OMG LOL:). Adam looked and sounded very very good that night on TV (like he always does) Thanks for sharing and loved the picture of you all, you look great!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      We both were dying to take our cell phones/cameras out and snap a picture, but neither of us were willing to risk getting kicked out just for the sake of a picture. It was a really great experiance though… we felt really lucky to get so many tickets!!!

      • Lila, I bet that was tempting to take a quick snap of a picture. You were lucky to get all the tickets, a trip you’ll always remember I’m sure. So happy for all of you!
        I just watched the above videos again, oh sooo goood!!!!!

      • Ellie Glamb #492 says:

        Perfect minute to minute description, I felt like I was there with you. And your out-of-body experience of singing an entire song and not being able to remember which song! I’m sure I would have forgotten my own name, in the anticipation of seeing Adam. That’s his effect on us, and it gets stronger and stronger. Cannot wait for him to come to East Coast. You are so lucky you can catch his visits home. THIS WAS HIS BEST INTERVIEW EVER.

  6. Carol thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us, I only wish I could have been there, to be so close to Adam and to see him and hear him sing so close to you, it must have been awesome. Lets hope one day Adam comes to London.



    GREAT JOB !!!

  8. saw jay Lenos show but I couldn’t be so lucky as to see the talented and beautiful Adam.[of coarse it was B A before Adam].All of the things that went on before the show started are still the same.The warmup and Jay in his denim.But unfortunatly I got to see John Voight and Martha Stewart.YAH.Glad you enjoyed the show.I’m looking forward to the tour.Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a great story to read. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Oh my!! So darned fun, Carol!! You got me pumped about Adam solo tour possibilities! Can’t wait to meet some really passionate, adamant Adam fans!! Gives a whole new meaning to “adamant” doesn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing the joy. My heart is full tonight!

  11. LibraLamb7 says:

    Thanks so much for this great story, Carol! You all did a fab job of representing the Glambs…even singing w/the band! What a terrific experience…Can’t wait to see Adam on tour in 2010…Hope he comes to New Orleans, but I’ll get to at least one concert WHEREVER!!!! (Are you listening, AdamRocks!???)

    For anyone interested in an early Adam performance (& aren’t we all!!!), here’s a rare vid of him doing “Air Band” at Mt. Carmel High School in 2000. The number is called “RAID” & Adam comes out at about 1:50 (I think)…Watch for the main character doing the song “War”…watch the MOVES!!! This IS our boy! He appears again right near the end, spraying the “bedbugs” with a big can of “Raid”…TOO FUNNY & AWESOME!

    Enjoy! Candace#388

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Did I hear my name??? Can’t WAIT for Adam’s tour Candy! He’s GOT to come to New Orleans. . . if not, ROAD TRIP!!! 🙂

      Thanks for the video. . . it was a lot of fun to watch. . . and yes, Adam can MOVE!!! What a stage presence, even back then.

      And thank you Carol, and Fernando, and everybody else who was there, for letting us experience Adam on the Leno show through you. . . it sounds like you had an awesome time!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • LibraLamb7—Thanks for sharing this, these kids at this school were having a blast and Adam
      was so cute and he sure could dance….Just too funny!!

    • Where did you ever find that – just amazing. One of my sons was in all the music/stage performances of his Jr. Hi and HS years. Very low key and unnoticed day to day but when he was on stage, the screaming began. Great experiences!! Adam has more energy and ability than the next 1000 kids – and still does!! His voice came through so well. Thanks for the treat!! UIMA

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Candy, that was amazing, thank you. All of those kids could really move, they were all good, but of course even then, Adam stands out.

  12. You know, I’m very confused as to know for sure if this is really going to happen or not. But, here’s AdamCast Blog saying they’re going to livestream Adam’s Gridlock concert on NYE. You can be the judge and why not try. This could be awesome. Oh, and Happy New Years to everyone!

  13. Thanks for sharing. I am jealous. What an experience to see Adam.

  14. Wow! thanks for sharing. A moment with Adam is a hope for me. What an awesome experienced you all had. So captivating!

  15. Carol, Thanks so much for telling us every detail about this experience with Adam, you must be still
    thinking that you were dreaming……everything that you went through to have this experience,,Wow
    You certainly are a devoted fan and we are very thankful that you are!

  16. GREAT story! Thanks for sharing. I thought Adam was really good on Leno, as always. He is such a natural and so true to himself.

  17. Loved your story Carol! I felt like I was there too…It was a GREAT performance. Leno was so supportive of Adam and fun. Loved the whole ‘getting plucked’ conversation.Got it on my DVR too – you were right about not featuring the Adommy lean…were they nervous?? I think the Adommy lean is ADORABLE. Such a cute little tease. 🙂

  18. At 6:57 Adam turned around and asked a producer, what was the other rumor? But they edited that out.

    Good job on posting all the details Carol!

  19. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Carol, what an ADAMadventure all of you were on. I thought the leno showing of MASTER ADAM was by far the best, for sure. & how brave you were to go introduce yourself to Leila, she is def MASTER ADAM’s mother, just from hearing how real & true & nice she is. He has got be as proud of her as she is of him. What a remarkable family he has.
    Someday, I wish to meet MASTER ADAM, Ever since, I have been living my life w/ MASTER ADAM, whether it’s his music , a new interview, or to watch the ol AI performances on my dvr,which I have all except audition, Hollywood week, episode where he was up against that Norman funny guy & the funny guy was sent packing, was that how it happened?, I guess I worked cuz I sure did miss some. & Satisfaction performance, they are also on video tapes. Hopefully vcrs will always be around.
    Thank you for sharing your story, all of you looked great in the pic. kimber

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Have a fun & safe Happy New Year to all the Glambs here on this site, to the authors, & to Dreamsound . Thank you for the site, it’s changed my life in such a positive way, thank you & Happy New Year! & a very special Happy New Year to our Master ADAM! MWAH!!!

  20. Hey you guys, please contact me if you ever need a true Adam fan for any upcoming events. ( I am going to NYE, already, though). I had standby ticket number 7 to Leno…and didn’t get in. Glad you all had a great time though. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wow Carol!! Thanks so much for sharing your “”Adam Adventure” with all of us! You make us almost feel like we were there , too. How you can remember all those details is amazing! It’s just so funny that you couldn’t remember the song you sang! I think if it were me, it would all be one big blur, kind of like my wedding day! HaHa!! Please keep up the great reporting… we all appreciate it!

  22. Wow Carol!! Thanks so much for sharing your “”Adam Adventure” with all of us! You make us almost feel like we were there , too. How you can remember all those details is amazing! It’s just so funny that you couldn’t remember the song you sang! I think if it were me, it would all be one big blur, kind of like my wedding day! HaHa!! Please keep up the great reporting… we all appreciate it!

  23. Carol, thanks so much, and Lila and Fernando too… isnt it fun to go with a group of Adam fans? I think we, all of us, on this site have linked with one or more other Glambs, maybe not in our areas where we live, but we are close in cyberspace and spirit.. I would not be surprised to see a great many roadtrips made in pockets of N. Amrica when Adam starts to tour. Heck, I’ve done it once, what’s one or two more flights to Adam?? I agree with jnellie above, Seattle will do, if he doesnt do Vancouver… and there’s a great Irish pub there near some older hotels.. hmm…might make a night of it!

    And those of you with husbands.. well, as one Glamb said way back, that she’d better have said hubby start paying Adam a ‘commission’ for reaping all the ‘romantic’ side benefits of her listening to and seeing Adam. LOL

  24. Carol….what a wonderful insight to your Adam experience….how exciting to see Adam in person. I do envy you but I am also very happy for you and your lovely group of friends. It means a lot to us who live so far away…that we can read about your experiences and that you share your information with us and I sincerely thank you for this.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  25. Carol, you’re a legend!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and adding the interview and performance as, like Yvonne above, I’m from Australia so the buzz about him isn’t here :(. I watched him throughout American Idol on Pay TV and I’ve never been so obsessed with a singer before, he’s just pure magic and I can’t get enough of him. I’ve been lucky enough to catch him on Ellen, The View and Letterman by scanning the net tv guide each week but missed this interview (which was probably the longest and my favourite) and so once again, thank you so much for sharing!!! Happy New Year to all Glamberts XOX Lucy. (Australia)

    • Hi! Lucy…always happy to hear from another Aussie and can certainly relate to your post. Next year will be Adam’s year in OZ….

      Happy New Year to you and also to all Glamberts.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • and


          • Dianne Hill says:

            And a huge Happy New Year to you too Yvonne. Hope you had a good one. I am so looking forward to at least being able to hear Adam at the Gridlock, can hardly wait for that one.

            Have a great year Yvonne I am sure it will be as wild a ride as started in 2009 with Adam leading us all the way.

            • Happy New Year, Dianne, Yvonne and Lucy. we havw aready celebrated down here, so Happy New Year to our friends and Adam fans across the world. Hope it is an even bigger and more successful year for our boy.

  26. sun-n-stars says:

    You guys are so awesome for sharing your experiences with the rest of us! I loved the group picture. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the show that night. I love how articulate Adam is and how well he presents himself. He has such a good sense of humor. I hope that Jay will continue to have him on the show. Adam is so special. I can’t even begin to imagine how proud his parents are of him. They are probably just as in awe of all that has happened as we are. Thanks again and everyone have a healthy and happy New Year!

  27. nikka/argentina says:

    Thanks Carol for this wonderful story!! Couldn’t stop reading!!

  28. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    OMG — could Adam be any MORE adorable during the “plucking” conversation — when he licks his lips and bats his eyes and touches his face — you can just SEE him trying to control his lack of filters —- be good, baby — he nailed it though — I had to replay it about a dozen times to see it over and over and over again . . . . .

    swooning . . . . my cruise kept me away from everything adam for far too too long — I’m back in heaven though with this post — gotta go watch that sequence again . . . .

    whew . . . suddenly it’s awfuly warm here . . . . . it may be below zero outside, but here in my office it is HOT . . . . .

    Ok. Trying to get back to work now . . . . .

    LOVE YOU ADAM!!! I Missed you while I was away!!

  29. Great writing. Carol. Loved the article. Toronto, Ont., Canada is just too far away to trip on down to see Adam. So your article was the next best thing to get the feel of the show. Thanks for posting!

    • Hey, Scout!
      Join our Ontario Glamb group! There are quite a few of us here!

      And Carol,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I felt as if I were there too! THANK YOU!

  30. Glambertgirl1 says:

    You are very lucky. I couldnt get audience tickets but left San Diego at 5 am to get standby tickets. I got the number 1 standby ticket, waited all day and then at 4pm when I was close to the door to get into the studio, the people came out and said if you have a standby ticket we have no more room, so basically I spent all day, then drove home in the worst rush hour traffic from LA to SD I have ever seen-took me almost 4 hours. I am soooo jealous.

  31. Great story! Interesting point about Adam and Tommy ! The fact that the camera was first focusted on Adam and then when Tommy went over to him the camera immediately panned over to the girl. I thought something was fishy from the second it happened! I think Adam has learned he has to be more careful following the AMAS! There is no way he was gonna have another makeout session with Tommy! I really think that was intentional on their part. Sad but whatever! I just wanted to see them back to back! So cute! HAPPY NEW YEAR ADAM FANS! BE SAFE OUT THERE AND MAY OUR 2010 BE BLESSED WITH GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND LOTS OF ADAM!

  32. I’m curious…I sounded as though Adam was going to say his brother’s name (Neil) or maybe mention his blog ( at 1:59-2:00, also it looked kind of like Adam was a bit miffed that Jay cut him off at 3:59-4:01. Those of you that were there, can you shed some light on this?

    Anyway, fantastic interview as always. Loved the cute little shy / coy laugh from Adam (4:10 ish) at the “you don’t want to get plucked, that can hurt” statement by Jay. I’ve replayed that a 1000 times. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us folk. Happy 2010 everyone!

    • I thought Adam, after mentioning that Neil did some writing, was gonna offer him up to Jay for maybe a writer of the Jay Leno Show!

  33. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    I’m so excited about this description of that day. I’m so happy to know you, guys, It’ so good to see people like you are. Its sounds like intimist. I’m feel belongs to your group. By the way, I am part of the Adam’s group. Thank you for sharing photos and fellings about theirs meets with adam in person. xoxo(Sorry My English)






    • I loved that part sooo much when he said that about Bill– After that creep called hin “That Gay Guy when he was talking with Barbara Walters. Bill is an ASS!! I love that Adam was able to put him in his place with CLASS!

  35. AdamRocks! says:

    Hey everybody! Don’t forget to keep voting for the music video for For Your Entertainment at It was number 16 when they took a two-week break over the holidays. . . I believe the top 20 countdown will start airing again this Saturday. Here is the link:

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  36. LuvAdam476 says:

    Fantastic playback of your day! Thank you so much for sharing. This year will be even better with Adam on his own tour!! All excited and can’t wait! Everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR and let’s keep the Adam information and support flowing for this Awesome, gorgeous and talented man!!!

  37. AdamRocks! says:

    EEEEEEEEEE!!! I just heard Whataya Want From Me on the radio for the first time! I sat in my car and almost started crying. . . it was on 107.1, WXYK, a top 40 station out of Gulfport, Mississippi.

    I’m so happy. . . that made my day!


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • So glad you got to hear our Adam belting it out! I, on the other hand, am still waiting!!! It’s just not fair to someone with so much talent! Dang it!!!!

    • This is GREAT NEWS, Cindy!!! Thanks for giving me the heads up as that is not a station I usually listen to …not much on “Top 40” I can stand…LOL…but if Adam’s there…different story! Will try to catch a spin tomorrow…

      ~working my STRUT!~

      HAPPY NEW ADAM YEAR to all us Glambs!

      Candace #388…also in MS

  38. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I have to hurry with this remark ’cause my kids have to leave to see their Dad. Anyway, the safe plucking remark from the Jay Leno show was listed online as one of the top five videos of the day, so it made a big impression. The thing is that Adam is so bright he just picks up right away on the subtleties of a conversation and that makes all his interviews so rich and challenging mentally. Bye all. Great to have this news and I hope Adam and Leila check out this website because it really is one, if not,, THE best I’ve found!

  39. Carol

    Thanks for all the great details on your lucky day seeing Adam. I need to see him Live or I will go crazy. I don’t know if I will be able to control myself if I see him. Youi guys are so lucky!! I just hope He comes to Milwaukee again and I will have someone to go with.

  40. Carol! My sibs and I were there–all the way from Canada! (about 10 people behind you guys in line. You gave my sister a card and here I am) Thanks for reminding us of how much fun it was. I have never seen Adam live. Unfortunately, our seats ended up being behind the cameraman and the big photographer in front of Adam. I saw parts of Adam during the performance. The man really is gorgeous. His voice is utterly amazing!! We waited after the show for him to come out, but his car sped by us and he had his hood over his head. Very disappointing *sigh*. Thanks, again!!

  41. I Thank you also for sharing this great story about Adam at the Jay Leno show I like others wish I could also see Adam live..what a great time it would be..thanks again always watching and hoping to see all ..all about ADAM…GO ADAM I LOVE YOU…

  42. Hey, anybody going to Gridlock with General Admission tickets, the word is we’ll be meeting up with other Adam fans in front of the VIP tent at 9 PM.

    • You lucky lucky fans. Have a great time and party harty. Betch he’s gonna be wild tonight!!!!!

    • Have a fabulous time, I can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Songwriter, I guess you will be full of excitement by now and preparing for your big night. I am so happy for you as being here in New Zealand I haven’t got a hope in hell of going to the Gridlock so I and all the other Glambs on this site will be living vicariously through you tonight. Have a wonderful time, how could you not with Adam performing and I am so looking forward to hearing all about it. Happy New Year to you, love and hugs to you.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Have a good time drink one for us all, or you can drink as much as you like
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
      MASTER ADAM !!!


  43. hello,again.please vote for and vote.then goto and please rock theeeeeeee vottttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee for all of them specially vh1.thank you all.

  44. Thank you for a wonderful and well written article.

  45. KO's smiling says:

    Someone read Adam’s twitter and explain to me how I can watch his performance through his brother Neil! 🙂

    • I’m not exactly sure how to be able to watch it, but Adam’s brother can be found on twitter as
      @NegativeNeil I’ve asked my son and he says that he doubts he’ll be able to livestream it on twitter…he thinks that Neil will have to attach the info for a “url” site to click onto be able to see it live. Hope this helps!




  47. AdamAddict says:

    Carol,u told story nicely.I can imagine in my head.Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year to my all Glambs sisters.I hope this Adam’s family will always enjoy and get Adam 🙂

  48. Dianne Hill says:

    Thanks Carol for your story. It was great to hear from you what went on and that you all got to go together is wonderful.

    I just want to say a big Happy New Year to you all. I love this site and I look forward to the next year filled with everything Adam.

    I still marvel at the fact that we have all come together through Adam, it is a wonderful world we are living in, and we are proof that people from different cultures, religions, beliefs, countries can all get along really well, all we need is someone like Adam to bring us together. He really is amazing. I love Adam and I love you all.

    Dianne, Glamb #356

  49. Feliz año nuevo para todos los verdaderos GLAMBS!!!, y lo mejor para nuestro ADAM!!!!
    ( happy new year for all the true GLAMBS and all the best for our bb!!!!).
    From Argentina with love.

  50. Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

    Anyone,Where is the part where it gives the link to the GLAMBS ?? I really miss some of them! I still love all of you that are still here too! Sherry K ! Yvonne, I remember you and Helen/Canada, theresa/canada, summer,Slick, Kimber, Adamrocks, Dianne Hill,AdamAdict, dreamsound and of course Carol. Sorry I know there are more. I just can’t get all of the names typed in. But some of the people are missing? Anyone know where they went? Hugs to everyone! And Happy New Year! Let’s hope everything get’s better for everyone in 2010!!

  51. The night is set – got all the possible sites listed for live stream(just in case), went to Dillards and bought bottle of Homme by Dior and put some on inside of my turtle neck, bottle of heavily laced egg nog from liqour store standing by, my favorite Adamadorable videos on line and …………. I’ll probably be asleep by 9pm. Ha!! Love you all – have a magnificent, Adamazing New Year’s Eve. (Can’t imagine what this year would have been like without …. you know who…….Adam Mitchel Lambert ………..You CHARGED by life. (yes, I mean chaRged). UIMA

  52. OOps – mean CHARGED MY life – ( the eggnog is already kickin’ in) LOL

  53. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Happy New Year everyone. Wish I could have been with some of you at Gridlock. That would have been fun