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Just like the rest of us, Rolling Stone knew a good thing when they saw it!

Watch and read about how Adam’s album is coming along, what fans should (and shouldn’t!) do to get his attention, what music he is currently listening to, and what he has learned about his own performance from being on tour.

Where did all those bras and “gear” that landed on stage end up?  🙂


Full Article:

The American Idols Live tour is in full swing, but Adam Lambert still has one eye on his debut album, due in November via AI’s 19 Recordings through a licensing deal with RCA. When Lambert stopped by the RS offices last week to discuss Paula Abdul’s departure from Idol, he stayed tight-lipped about any possible song names, lyrics or the album title — “Nope, can’t tell you yet — it’s all a surprise,” he says — but stressed that assembling the album quickly is only adding to its intensity.

Go behind the scenes at Adam Lambert’s Rolling Stone cover shoot.

“We did a surprising amount of work before the tour started, we had about a month,” he says. “I got a lot of co-writing done, some great initial vocal material recorded, and just general collaborations with different producers.” His list of collaborators has grown to include OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé), along with Lady Gaga producer RedOne, Linda Perry, Greg Wells and Sam Sparro. His only promises: “a lot of surprises” and “it’s going to feel really sexy.” (Watch Lambert talk about his first album in our video interview, above.)

On tour, Lambert reports his David Bowie medley of “Life on Mars,” “Fame” and “Let’s Dance” is “going over really well, and I have a blast doing it.” Fans are clearly having a good time too — the list of objects thrown at Lambert has grown from bras to light S&M gear, he reports. So what should fans do to get his attention? “Just clap and scream and have a good time,” he says. “It’s not about you guys getting my attention, it’s about you living your life in a positive way. If you feel sexy when you hear a song, just be sexy and feel gorgeous. You don’t need to throw a bra in my face to let me know that you feel sexy, though it cracks me up.”

Offstage, Lambert is currently listening to Muse’s new single “Uprising” (”It’s very glam rock and very cool”) as well as the new LPs by Kasabian and Peaches, and the latest from IAMX, one of the former singers from the Sneaker Pimps: “This recent one is gorgeous, it’s just epic and the production’s great, his melodies are awesome.”

Look back at Lambert’s early years, in photos.

After after a month on the road with the Idols tour, Lambert says he has definitely learned a few things that’ll come in handy down the line. “When you dance and move around it creates a different reaction from the audience — they love it,” he says. “And getting a sense of interaction with them, I love that. It’s like a trial run, a test audience for things to come. I would love to do a live show with dancers and fashion and scenic elements — definitely bring my love of the theater to a concert-style performance.”



  1. OH Adam, we all cant wait for your CD in Nov. So we can dance and feel so sexy! Man he is a busy
    guy, all these interviews etc, now we can see how he needs some lay down time for himself.
    Love how he loves to dance and sing and get us all moving and feeling Good.
    Rock on Adam

    • Allison is at her best when she performs with Adam. Oooooooh, I so like those hip thrusts and that cute pout and they way Adam just oozes sex appeal and EVERYTHING ADAM! I just went back to take a look at Adam and Kris’ rendition of ‘We are the champions’ – Kris is far more animated when he performs with Adam.

      CATEyes, someone mentioned pics of Adam. I am still playing catch-up. Please tell me where you posted them.

      When Adam’s album is released can I send money (electronically or whichever way suits you best) to one of you. I can’t wait until it is released in South Africa. I’ll send the money ahead and will include posting costs, etc.

      I wanted to share this with you, my Glamb friends. I facilitate workshops which are about embracing diversity in its broadest sense. In a recent workshop, we spoke about Adam. Many people did not know about him and I showed them the download of ‘A change is gonna come’, after someone referred to Adam. Well, many of the participants were in tears, for different reasons. Three participants acknowledged that they were gay for the first time. One guy said, “If that beautiful human being (learned about Adam from his colleagues) can feel comfortable and proud of whom he is, then I can too!” A few participants said that the workshop experience had shifted their thinking, particularly after the ‘Adam’ conversation. Well, I had to call for time-out so that I could run to the restroom and ball my eyes out. I have two such workshops next week again and who knows!! As the facilitator, I can not push an agenda but I certainly welcomed someone bringing Adam into the conversation. The Adam phenomenon makes a very interesting case study. Just wanted to share this with you! Love and Peace!

      • WOW. .. It just takes ONE.. Adam’s example of living your life honestly is helping to empower others. So impressive. I have to say that you & your work are most impressive too.

        • Thanks Melody! I am study plain ole Ingrid but I am humbled to do this work and love it! I continue to learn from each group!

          CATEyes, don’t worry, I found the pics. It helps to look properly

          • Melody, I meant just plain…

            • Ingrid, what a great job you have! Remember the book, “The Power of One”?, S African I think it is, and the film… well, there you have it, Adam’s mere existance has so much power/influence and the young man is not yet aware of it. But I foresee him changing as he matures, and not only branching out in his career(s) but making his mark socially in the future in the States.

              • Ingrid, you and Adam touching lives together. Cool.

                • This is wonderful, Ingrid. It is no small thing to have people suddenly open up and unreservedly share their deepest secret in a group of people. Adam’s fearlessness has given you a new way to reach lives in a very powerful way. Just in this one example, Adam’s life has touched the people of the world for great good, and you with him. Thank you for sharing this, I hope that your work will always prosper, and that you personally will always find joy and fulfillment in it.

                  • Theresa, Wannabethesnake and Lorrin, thank you! Yes, I consider myself fortunate, but I am only the instrument, Adam is the catalyst. Wannabethesnake, don’t even go there … I just know what you are thinking.

                    So, thank you girlfriends, amidst all our jokes, I continue to learn from you Glambs too. Mmwah

              • Exactly, Mother Theresa!

    • OMG….the more I see ADAM in an interview, the more I love him.
      I just want to grab him, and hug him, and hold onto him. What a nice guy. He is so unaffected by his stardom, so modest, I could go on and on.
      I know everyone else feels the same way, so you know what I’m talking about!!!

  2. AdamAddict says:

    I love the vid.Adam looking gorgeous like usual! And yeah,ladies ,don’t throw bras at his face! What’s wrong with you,dude!That’s so not cool,dude!Like the Long Island Bowie medley’s,someone threw boxer and almost hit his face! What’s up with that,dude! I heard It was Drake who did it but I don’t know if somebody witness it or just assume Drake did it,I dunno but it still ain’t cool,dude! Drake or Drake,it ain’t cool,dude!If it’s not Drake,then Mr.Drake,I’m sorry,my bad,dude!Poor dude,don’t accuse him just because he was there! So not cool,dude! But the way Adam catched it,it;s super sexy dude!U should check it out,dude! I already post the link in here,somewhere here but not like right here!U know what I’m saying,dude? ~peace~
    Emili Glamb#19

    • AdamAddict says:

      Okay,It was him!Drake is the one who throw the white boxer at Adam! lol! During “SlowRide” the boxer was still in his hand!You can see that at 2:11 And he threw it during bowie Medley! Gorgeous,just gorgeous,Drake! I hope it’s clean one,better yet I hope it’s new one! You almost put your undies at Adam’s head,dude! lol

      • AdamAddict, I already commented on that adroit catch Adam made of Drake’s shorts, wow! But this video of ‘Slow Ride’ is wonderful, isn’t it? I love Adam’s hair in that thick thatch he’s got going, half up and half down, and the way he runs his hands back through it as he dances around the stage. It’s also so sweet how he shouts his love out to the crowd before he begins, and then embraces Allison at the end, this is great, thanks for posting!

      • OK, watched the vid twice, see Drake swinging the ‘white thing’, but do not see anything thrown… someone over on youtube says it was ‘granny pants’, what a hoot if it is, thats US!!! ha ha It wouldn’t bother me, as it’s all in fun!

        Do you notice Adam is much more relaxed and spontaneous and is finally interacting with the audience more verbally, even throwing a kiss? I do not search for every single vid of his performances as I have a great collection of each song and a few of the medley, but there are always some changes in his ‘presentation’ of this show and that to me is sooo Adam!

        Did you also see one of his many interviews where he refers to using “baby” instead of “woman” at times in WLL? He says it’s more inclusive, and I guess he is right…. boo hooo but we can all dream, ladies..

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMADDICT, What did you say, dude?! Can you repeat that, please, dude? Or should I say dudette!

      • Cheryl, there u go cracking me up again. why would Drake throw up boxers to Adam, that
        would be G_ _ , or whatever! I cant see ur other half throwing up under garmies on stage,
        ya know??

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY, That’s why Drake has got toGO!!!! Right???!!

        • I think its awesome that drake threw boxers at him! Shows that he is playful. It also shows that he was trying to play with adam, make him smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Adam recently said in an interview that there should be equal oppurtunity undergarment throwing…his boy was just giving him what he wanted and I for one think its adorable, playful, and hilarious! Plus drake is a cutie!

          • I think so, too. And Adam loves him. If Drake makes Adam happy, I’m happy. (Since, it can’t be me—until Adam comes to his senses and discovers he has always wanted a middle-aged woman. Badly.)

            • I think we are gonna’ have to tussle over this one, wannabethesnake…here, I’ll take the ‘manual’ and you take the phone book..

    • I think another aspect to consider in throwing stuff on stage is that you are potentially distracting him from his performance. Yes, I know – he’s sooooooooooooo a professional and can roll with it with the best of them, but when you’re poinging shit with metal in it towards his head, not only might it actually mar those beautiful eyes of his, it will take him out of his zone.

      It’s one thing if he were like a guitarist I know of who invites fans in front of the stage to affix their undergarments to the tuning end of his guitar – this is a band who’s been touring for so long, they’re often in venues where you can reach out and touch them if you want. Which I’ve seen people do – like literally grab and hold on to their ankles! – and it’s annoyed me because they didn’t invite them to do that particular thing.

      I think it’s cool that Adam’s being cool about it. But people need to kind of drop this narcissistic thing of “But I want him to look at me” (because that teeters on kind of scary “I won’t be ignored, Dan” stuff a little bit) and just look at HIM, eat it all up with all your senses, enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll admit, *laying* a sex toy on the stage in the corner for him is a fun idea, and something I’d consider doing myself if I were in the front row. But throwing stuff in his general direction is distracting to him, and not in a good way, at best.

      • cheryl norman says:

        BARB, I agree 100% with you!!!! I would never entertain the idea of throwing anything at/to a performer/singer/entertainer. Just not cool in my book. But, tha’t me!! I think you’re right about the person who does that. They are just wanting attetion and are inconsiderate of the rest of the viewing audiance!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I just like the word “dude” Nothing wrong with that word,dude! Come on,dude! Oh,look at that,I love it even more & more now everytime I used it! It’s awesome,dude! Let’s say dude together,dude!! lol!!

  3. “it’s going to feel really sexy.”


    I can’t tell you all how many of my co-workers and friends say “I can’t wait for his first album to come out.” I’m talking guys and girls of all ages, and even my stepmother, for goodness’ sake – I turned her on to him by sending her a link to the GMA performance over the weekend. She said, “Has he recorded an album yet?” I told her when it was supposed to be released and she said, “Well, I’ll be among the first to buy it, if I can get my hands on it.” I told her I’d order her one from Amazon in advance, like I’m going to do for myself. No adventures planned for this chick running all over town trying to find it the day it drops, as much fun as it would be to hold it in my little hands and pay for it at the register. My stepmother is 68 and hasn’t bought any new music since my father got very sick with brain cancer over a year ago (he died in September of last year). And she loooooooooves music and buys and listens to all kinds.

    • More and more people of all generations are grooving to Adam’s sounds now… wait till the tweens pass the word around as the tour covers the country!

    • Remember Old Rocker’s admonition to us all to buy so many of Adam’s first album that it goes Platinum as soon as it is released. He said he was buying two of them at once, one to keep forever, and one for listening. I would love this to happen, and for Adam to break into the really big time in a really big way. Here’s to Adam’s sensational debut!

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, YEAH, BABY!!! I hope Adam does exactly that! His first album going multi-platinum!!!

        • WOULDN’T that be SOMETHING! Boy, everybody would be sitting up and taking notice then, and that’s exactly what I WANT!!

          • I agree, ladies, his first album is going to be the turning point in Adam’s life and career I think. By that I mean, all the naysayers and folks who just cannot groove to him (and maybe never will?) need to learn a lesson regarding our boy.

            I am rather naive regarding how the recording/music industry works but I do know that if the radio stations and TV music channels get twigged into a certain performer or a certain song it tends to get a lot more air time and thus those who have their radios and TV’s on soon become acquainted with a person’s (Adam’s) sounds… that is often how a particular song becomes so popular… haven’t all of you noticed that before?

            If I hear a song I may not take to it right away, but if I hear it, perhaps three times, I begin to ‘like’ it.. there must be a psychological term for that. Likely our comfort with that which is familiar..

            Anyway, bottom line, along with buying Adam’s album and playing it for every person we know haha, we must contact the radio and TV stations and implore them to play his tunes… public, here we (and Adam) come!!

            With his natural charm and eloquence I am sure he will be a fave on TV talk shows as well.

      • I’m in! Everyone in my family is gonna get a cd for a Halloween present since Adam loves that celebration so much. Hoping it is released in time.

        • Yes, I’m in too, and you know, Terry, I think the people who count, who work on the ‘inside’ of the business ARE beginning to really take notice of Adam, and the word is getting around. I also think the album is going to open the floodgates. And when he gets those music videos hooked up and going on TV, the ‘visual’ Adam will blow everybody away…I am really looking forward to seeing Adam develop this full-blown audio/visual theater experience, it will probably be like nothing we have ever seen!

        • He said a single from the album should be out in Oct.

  4. Cateyes thanks for posting the videos and photos of Adam, I love the photo of when he was 2 years old, he was so sweet, he still is so sweet. I like the way he is just himself in this videos, I just cannot wait for his CD to come out in November. I hope now people will understand why he needs to have some time for himself and time to spend with his family, he seems to be on the go constantly, always surrounded by lots of people. I am certainly going to be spending lots of money on buying magazines.

  5. adamfan70 says:

    lOVE that video, especially the ending. Yeah, he knows 🙂

  6. cheryl norman says:

    My fave pic is when he was 12 yrs and the one in RS where his eyes are closed and his hands crisscross his chest. He has scrumptous lips! Love all his hairy arms and chext. Not too much, just right, and love the color of his hairy chest and arms!! Love the freckles, too. Also love him in the little vid, he is obviously on cloud 9 w/making his album and just thinking about the type of concert he’d like to do. He def. thinks BIG!!! I wouldn’t expect any less of him!!! I can just see that the older he gets, the more glorious he’ll be!! Love his voice when he’s just talking, too. He is on his way, nd there’s no turning back! Get ready, Planet Earth, Adam is coming soon, and he won’t just make a soft landing, it’ll be like we’ve been hit from outerspace w/an explosion that will change our world like never before!! I am sooooo ready!!!!!!
    peace-love-light 4 Adam and our universe!

  7. I LOVE IT!! “Careful now, you don’t know where your bras are gonna end up”. ha ha…

  8. Has anyone seen Adam’s latest Tweets? Apparently his doctor’s given him the no-go for after-show signings and meet-and-greets…

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      I kinda saw that coming, after a few reports of him having seen a doctor recently…we certainly don’t want him getting to a point where he goes on stage when he’s not feeling well…i can just imagine how grueling his schedule is, and how sometimes it’s tough to give that 110% that he talks about…I say take all the rest you need Adam, you deserve it…. we appreciate all that you do, and love you no matter what!

      • cheryl norman says:

        ALLABOUTADAM, Hey, there!!! Been looking for you! You posted me the nicest message re my aunt and my mom!! How true it is, your saying that once you’ve lost your mother, you can probably handle anything. My mother was my best friend. I miss her every min of every day. Still hard to even talk about her w/o getting teary. You understand that pain, I see. Thank you so much for your love!!!! Lotsa luv, cheryl!

        • Cheryl, Allaboutadam, I too lost my mom (my best friend) this year and during this time of
          great grief, the whole Adam Bomb sensation truly helped me deal w/alot. In fact I know you guys
          have read on my comments that my sister and I won a trip to LA for the 2 finale shows and met
          Adam on Thursday after. I truly believe our mom spiritually had so much to do with that from
          heaven. She gave her girls a gift of a lifetime, knowing how much we were in to AI and especially
          Blessings Mom and Adam for helping us feel good.!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Sorry for your lost,Mary C! This year,huh? That still new! I hope you feeling better already! And you were there in finale,the results day? I wonder how your reaction when Kris won? How the reaction people besides you?How the reaction people besides you when they see your reaction? lol!

            • Thanks. Take one day at a time, miss her every second. Our reaction at the finale, was like all of ours here. Totally dissappointed, as was the
              people there. Sure you saw alot of Kris fans that were happy. For the most, so many
              comments about Adam is the winner and this must have been fixed. Dis belief!
              Then when Adam stated he was all good with this, you felt
              better. He and Kris’s relationship is so genuine you really cant help but like Kris now too.
              I’m so glad both families got close and will be friends.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          And to you too C.N. ;o)

    • What, OMG whats up? Hope he is OK.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Docs orders that he needs to rest his voice after the performances for a handful of shows… i’m sure it’s so he can be in tip-top on stage…. i think it’s a smart thing for him to do right now…he puts SO MUCH into the shows, he needs all of his energy, every day.

        • Definetly. I almost feel bad for him, he and some of the other Idols are insanely busy, running on hardly enough sleep…it’s definetly not the healthiest environment.

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT, This is how all the artists can get certain things they need. Not saying that Adam is doing this, but I think he probably has to. Just tell the fans, or whoever, it’s ‘doctor’s orders’, and people are more apt to understand that than by trying to ‘explain’ your situation. All entertainers use that type of excuse, so that some people don’t get upset w/them, they sort of ‘blame it on the doctor’. Which is super cool w/me!
          I want Adam to do whatever he has to to get the rest he needs, and for the fans not to bitch at him for it!!!

          • But for Adam, being as ingenuous as he is, it’s probably TRUE..the doctor probably DID give him ‘them orders’, and I hope he DID!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Hmmm,Cheryl,you called me? I haven’t comment yet! Here’s my comment, doctor orders or no doctor orders, those complainers won’t give a crap! They don’t care! Whatever,dude! Too lazy to talk about them!
              BTW,AADAMaddict and AdamAddict are 2 different person,ok? Just to let U guys know.AdamAddict(me) always came here like 2,3 or 4 times a day while the other one not so much!
              Emili, Glamb#19, Malaysia

              • Thanks for clearing that up, Glambs need to choose names that are not to similar
                w/other Glambs !

              • cheryl norman says:

                AdamAddict, Look a few posts above where I replied. It says ‘AdamAddict – ? What? Haven’t
                seen the other AADAMaddict post before, I don’t think. ????

              • So, Emili in Malaysia, how are your friends feeling about Adam? I imagine you get satellite TV? Is that how you are able to keep up with N American pop culture? I often wonder how so many people around the world know about him,, must be the satellites, eh?

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Cheryl norman,
                  There’s ADAMaddict and me AdamAddict! Maybe she didn’t leave any comment here but yes there’s 2 of us.Just to let you Glambs know because you also have Cheryl and yourself Cheryl norman,right?

                  All my friend not a fan of Adam because they didn’t even watch A.I.They said they busy looking for $ now so no time for TV.What eveeer!!That’s why I’m so glad I found this sites where my new friends here love Adam like I do!But hey,maybe when Adam’s CD release,and all they can hear (from music shop or radio)is this excellent songs with this superb voice,they will fall in love with Adam! I’m not shocking if they do.They have no clue how good Adam is because they didn’t watch A.I,right?
                  yeah,let them regret not watching A.I!Hell no,I’m going to let them borrow my A.I that I recorded! lol!!
                  We have satellite broadcast called ASTRO here,that’s why I got the chance watching A.I finale LIVE!But they going to raise the price,again!!Urgh!But we don’t have any Korean,Mainland China or Japanese here,do we?I wonder why?Is it because not many of them can speak english??!!
                  I dunno if Adam really famous here.When Titanic showed here,We all like crazy!Seriously,everywhere I go I saw Titanic merchandise and hear Celine song.I guess I have to wait for Adam CD release to find out! I want free poster!!I’ll seduce the shop owner if I have too!lol!!

  9. The followng comment was posted on the RS site by MB: ” – you can mail your RS to adam w/ a stamped, self addressed envelope. He will sign it and send it back to you – that’s what everyone’s doing & the signature looks so much better). The only catch is that you may have to wait a month or more to get it back, but it’s so worth it. I didn’t even bother to wait at the barricades for the meet n greet – I was just too tired. ”

    So for those who were or will be disappointed re. a personal meeting with Adam, there is another way to get an autograph at least. I imagine it also would be fine to mail in a photo for signing…

  10. Mailing address again:

    Adam Lambert
    c/o 19 Entertainment
    8560 Sunset Blvd
    Ste 900

    W. Hollywood, CA 90069 USA

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hey Theresa/Canada thanks so much for Adam’s address. I am from Christchurch in New Zealand and I actually had it, and then, can you believe it, Iost it (not before sending Adam a gift and letter though, however I have not heard back from him nor do I expect to really). I am very grateful to have it back because I searched everywhere and could not find it again, thanks again.

      • AdamAddict says:

        He tried his hardest to please his fans! What a guy!! Complainers,shut up,just shut up!! Urgh!!

      • Dianne, I don’t think anyone is going to get a personal reply, just an autograph, but it would be nice if Adam were able to take the time to say “To (person’s first name) from Adam”, or maybe that is expecting too much as well.

        I have an old friend, a teacher colleague and babsitter of my little boys, and she is a well-known singer. I cannot even get hold of her. I mailed a personal letter back in the seventies and wrote ‘personal’ on the envelope, and any fool could see it was personal after three or four sentences.. and yet all I got was a glossy photo and signature.

        I see I am posted all in a row… but some of them were last night! ha ha strange how it works out on here!

  11. love pictures by baby adam

  12. Please tell me what video you are referring to and where can I get it.
    Thanks-thought I got all the information available
    Thanks again

    • There is a video link in the article above ^^^^^^^^^^^

      Is this the video you are referring to?

  13. OMG I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!! He is just amazing and I am giddy like a schoolgirl about his album!

  14. Jane Parker says:

    He says that he would love to do a live show with dancers and fashion and scenic elements — definitely bring my love of the theater to a concert-style performance.


    I may want to go to every concert and become an ADAM GLAMB head! 🙂

  15. i’m so excited for Adam’s new album! i know it will win a grammy!!!!!!!!!

    unfortunately, i couldn’t make the AI tour, so i’m reeaaalllly looking forward to his album

  16. AdamRocks! says:

    I’ve heard that the issue of RS with Adam on the cover has been their biggest selling issue this year. 🙂

    Cindy in MS

  17. Glambertcraze says:

    Adam is such an extrodinary person. In such a short time he has opened many, many eyes and heart to so much that we wouldn’t have experience otherwise. His talent as an entertainer and singer is 2nd to none.
    I for one am sooo happy he decided to go out on his own and not entertain being a lead signer for a group (Queen), they need him but he does not need them. I really think it would have done him no justice.
    Now that he is a ROCK STAR, everyone is going to want a piece of him. I am glad he has experience and age on his side so he can handle the pressure of his fame.
    He brings such light into so many lives.

    I wish him Love and happiness

  18. I sure hope that ADAM knows that we all love him, and don’t want him to
    over-extend himself so that he gets sick, etc. Also, I think he has enough common sense to pick his newer friends wisely. I don’t want him taken advantage of. It sounds like he keeps in touch with his old friends to relax. After what happened to Elvis, MJ, and other celebrities, I don’t want that to happen to ADAM. I heard his mother is going to be his manager. Has anyone heard that? ADAM sounds like a positive-thinking kind of guy, so good positive things will happen to him.
    He is an Icon!!!!

  19. I can’t WAIT for Adam’s CD to come out!!!!! I’ve been watching videos and looking for info all summer. I just can’t get enuf. I’m going to the Idols concert 8/16 and am only going becuz of ADAM!!! He’s going to be a superstar!!

  20. ahhhhhmazing!!!!!! cant waitt!!!

  21. AdamAdmirer says:

    As everyone else here, I too cannot wait. I love how he said it will be a nod to the 70s and 80s music – that is so important because that was a really great time and some of the best music ever written came out of that era. Adam never seizes to amaze — the fact that he seems to be so keenly aware of music, both past and present. He continues to be awe-inspiring.

    Hey Glambs – did anyone hear that Adam is doing the soundtrack for “2012”? I just read it somewhere. This is HUGE, I also read that Brian May, heard it and said amazing things about it and Adam!!!

  22. AdamAdmirer says:

    In case it isn’t on here yet – I just found the quote from Brian May:

    “I was privileged to hear a track that the guys have finished for Adam Lambert … a song for a forthcoming film, 2012. I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.”