More IIHY Video Shoot Photos

Hello all! Here are some extra pictures that have come out from the IIHY video shoot. There are going to be really BIG but I couldn’t make them small and get them to look good, so ENJOY!!!











iihy5Credit: Eric Ford; Photos: On Location News

Plus, here is a short little article from

May 14 2010 3:31 PM EDT 3
Adam Lambert Joins The Glam Circus For ‘If I Had You’ Video
Lambert sports some space-age gear in the clip.

By Gil Kaufman/


Adam Lambert looked like he was channeling the ghost of Ziggy Stardust on the set of the video for his latest single, “If I Had You.” Filmed early Thursday morning in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, the clip looks like it will be a typically over-the-top affair with lots of elaborate costumes, face paint and a woodsy setting, where last year’s “American Idol” runner-up hosts a kind of Cirque du Soleil dance party.

Before the shoot, Lambert tweeted on Wednesday, “Gearing up for an all night video shoot for ‘If I Had You,’ ” which he followed with the tidbit, “Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It’s gonna be one big happy family!” Lambert, you might recall, was a frequent contributor to Los Angeles’ anything-goes “Zodiac Show” before auditioning for “Idol,” where he often shared the stage with circus-like performers while singing in outrageous, glitter-splashed costumes.

While a spokesperson for Lambert could not be reached for comment on the shoot, a reported casting call sent out a request for all manner of fire eaters, jugglers and twirlers for the clip, helmed by veteran director Bryan Barber (Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera).

In a still released from the shoot, Lambert sports silver-and-black Kiss-style sparkly platform boots studded with metal spikes, white jeans and a white shirt underneath his signature spike-shoulder leather jacket, with a black lightning bolt painted over his left eye.

Once the shoot for the third single from his debut album, For Your Entertainment, wrapped, Lambert breathed a sign of relief, tweeting, “That’s a wrap. Whew!” He added, “Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the ‘If I Had You’ music video!!”




  2. Thanks Sue, for posting these big and beautiful shots of Adam and company!!!!! Just can’t keep my eyes off the white pants, and thanks for the close up of the boots and again, THE PANTS! May never recover….Hope they get this video out in a hurry, its going to make him a STAR, as if he wasn’t before. Okay, back to cleaning house (but I’ll be back…..). He just looks stunning in this!!! Okay, really leaving this time………..

    • lovemyadam says:

      You’re welcome, I figured noone would mind the “larger” shots!! Looks very intriguing doesn’t it??
      I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us…



        • JoAnne T. says:

          Thanks Sue for this post! I’m thrilled you couldn’t make these smaller…they are absolutely PERFECT just the way they are….YUMMMY!!

          JoAnne T. (Glam # 497)

  3. buffy522 says:

    I told y’all about the white pants and the bulge. He is so sexy in these shots!! Like Monte’s “mini platforms”.
    Very organic looking for a rock/pop song. Should be a great balance.
    And WWFM is no 3 on VH1 this week because of loyal fans. Let’s keep it up! I’m expecting the new video soon and it still is not soon enough!

  4. Judy Lushman says:

    Love Adam’s look in this video – the real rock star that he is. However, I don’t see “If I had you” as a rock song, so it should be interesting to see how his look and this video coincides with this song. Can’t wait to see this video. I heard that it will be out the first or second week in June. Should be epic

  5. .Thanks for picts. Should be very theatrical video, boy oh boy! can’t wait it all looks so exciting. Not your everyday singer singing, band playing old timey kind of shoot. Very new wave and sexy. Can’t figure out where stripper heels and mazarrotis fit in the forest, but what the hey, fire eaters works for me. Adam looks like the Rock Star he is, hot and singing like no other. Gaga and Christina did it, so now its Adam’s time to turn up the heat. Tommy looks cute and hot and Monte is just simply great. No shirt works for Mr. L. What a group!!! ROCK ON! P.S. hope VH1 puts this on cable so we can see this on a big screen.

    • You said it, boy oh boy! Can´t wait for the video. Adam surprising again, boy oh boy…omgh.

  6. Not to mention the glam bulge that made quite a few appearances. ‘ swoon’

    • Glamitup says:

      Totally what I was thinking!!!! LOL The Official Unofficial Adam site ROCKS!!! Thanks so much!!!

  7. Magical, beautiful, rockin, ADAMazing! Thank u so much 4 these HOT and GORGEOUS shots! No one will be able 2 take their eyes off this video. Hope we don’t have 2 wait too long. Adam is an undeniable and rare talent. I hope that more people will realise this soon – this video could do it. So proud and privileged to be a fan.

  8. Sue, did you already post that Adam will be on Ellen (again!) 5-19-2010 and Leno 5-21-2010? Performing IIHY on both. I didnt see a post for it, but my DVR is set! Cant wait for the video!

  9. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    His videos make me love the songs more than anything. He is such a visual performer for me!!!

  10. When you hear Adam sing, you have to see him also. He is such a visual performer, that you picture him singing the song anyway. I’m not like that with any one else.
    Those pictures are OMG! If he is trying to arouse us, well he succeeded. He has that impact on me even though he is gay. I think it is worse, because he is gay, although, I think he could go both ways with a little liquor in him.

  11. Love them big boots, them big pictures, them big….

  12. Now….another fine example of why I can’t keep this man off my mind!!!!



  15. PaulaGlam says:

    Demon!!! That is all I can say.

  16. Wow, yall are horny as hell!

  17. OH DEAR GOD!!! I don’t have a regular computer, so not all the pics came through..:( I think I just had a heart attack and the Big O at the same time!!! He is SO INSANELY HOT, it’s unbelievable!! Well, have to go hang my Adam posters on the ceiling!! Very HOT pictures btw. WOO-HOO!

    Mistress Lambert….(God don’t I wish)!!


  18. Nana #1 says:

    WOW…Just plain AMAZING!! Adam never tames it down (he has often stated he hates it when people tell hime to “tone it down”)..and I am so glad he is able to put so much of his own creativity into all that he does! Although I am sure that he appreciates the “experts” advice as well. You can see just how much of a caring and loving friend he is…he stays very grounded and takes good care of his close friends……he doesn’t let things go to his head! Having said that, I don’t think he has a mean-spirited bone in his body or a hateful feeling in his soul. I don’t think he has any space in his mind to clutter it up with negative thoughts…it’s too full of all his creative energy that he can’t wait to share with everyone…like he has to “put it out there” or he just might “explode” LOL. Adam is the “artist’s” artist in every sense of the word…I have never seen him perform or sing something that I did’nt enjoy and understand the meaning behind it and what it all means for his future.

    It is very evident that Adam thrives on his fans reaction and response to what he shares with us…he works extremely hard and id dedicated to raising everyone’s sensibility and bringing us to anothe level of joy and emotion giving ussuch pleasure and a great way to escape from all of our daily struggles or hardships. It’s a positive and fanciful and magical side of life that we often ignore. I love Adam just the way he is…….a way everyone should be…honest, sincere, respectful of one anotherand true to themselves….which is “true happiness” in every sense of the word.

    PS…I am still trying to find out what my Glamb number is…can anyone help me?

    Hugs to all,

    Nana #1

  19. Mardella says:

    These pictures are awesome. Love the white pants. Adam is SEXY in black but he is ULTRA SEXY in white. The close-ups below the waist are making me breathe heavy. I just want to get inside those pants with him ya know. Can’t wait to see him on his Glam Nation Tour.

  20. Thankyou so much for sending videos and all current info, interviews and everything Adam to me. This is the best site ever even better than the official one I think.
    You stated it so true about the GB in the white pants. Mama mia…. I hope he wears those pants when I see him from the front row. …. I ‘m giving him a rose …. for sure… unless I go numb and can’t move… I love love love these photos … all his photos… and he’s so very photogenic too. If I had You is an awesome song. I’m glad it’s his next single. ….. anyone that hasn’t seen him just plain has got to sometime in their lives…. he just owns the stage… and what a voice…. and face… he’s so absolutely handsome… ….. I’ll be picturing those white pants for the next week too.

  21. And………….what about THE BIG ZIPPER! What if………………………..

  22. JoAnne T. says:

    Whooooa BABY!!! OMG, OMG, OMFG!!! HE LOOKS SLAMMIN HOT!!! My heart is racing so fast I can barely type! OMG, the GLAMBULGE…farkin helll how big is that DANG DANG!!! Oh my gawd. Yep, it’s sent my fantasy level to a whole new level! Ohhh gosh…..THUD!!!!

    JoAnne T. (Glam # 497)

    • To quote Simon Cowell: “……..but did you LIKE it????……….”

      • JoAnne T. says:

        Ohhh…noooo I didn’t LIKE it I bloody well LOVED it…any warm blooded human would lol! If that man gets any hotter he’s gonna take global warming to a whole new unprecedented level! I wonder if he ever reads any of these comments; and if he has I have to wonder what he thinks of all of us lol!

        JoAnne T. (Glam # 497)

        • Heard he likes the comments re the Glambulge, because that is his favorite body part too! Guessing he doesn’t mind giving us ladies something to comment about…….He wouldn’t be wearing those lovely white pants with the big zipper if he didn’t want us to notice and enjoy! “Oh, these old things…..?” Supplies us with equal opportunity fantasies…….at least in our dreams! Of course, I only watch the videos for the singing…….fantasies,….. who me???????? And I firmly believe in Global Warming……bring it on!!!