More Fan Adventures on Oprah – Part II

Finally, Part II of the Jill and Olga Adventure on the Oprah Show!   Read Part I here if you need to catch up first.  Thanks, Jill and Olga, for sharing your story and pictures with us!  -Dana, Glamb #6

The Adventure, Part II:

So I’m going to say right now that the whole afternoon was a bit surreal.  I’m going to apologize in advance if I don’t do our boy justice because I read your “stuff” out here all the time and even though I’m enthusiastic, I’ve never bedazzled a piece of clothing, or put on dark polish until today – nor do I have time to blog on sites all day long, but it is my indulgent outlet after my daughter is down at night.  We all have our different “levels” of fan-dom, and again, he’s what gives us all a common thread and binds us together in such a beautiful way – with a non-judgemental  unconditional love and support like no other.

So Susan Boyle kicked off the show…she had full orchestra behind her, and a brief interview with Oprah.  Oprah, by the way, is hilarious…she walks barefoot around the studio and then kind of motions for staff to bring her her heels, her flats, etc…her staff is pretty much at her beck and call.

Then FINALLY the moment we’ve all been dying for…stage change, setup for Adam’s band, setup for interview, at a more laid back pace since this taping is not live.

Yes – WOW – I’m sure you felt it too…so exhilarating, touching, heartwarming…seeing Adam as almost a shy guy – but oh so real…adorable beyond words.  How do I describe being there?   Digging deep all I can say is that it felt like dying and going to heaven.  Just hanging out with Adam and the band all afternoon…so relaxed, low key.  After  the interview, they did sound checks first.  What you didn’t see is that Adam performed each song TWICE…Oprah just sat back and let him “entertain us” as we danced & sang along! 

As you have seen the interview was a lot of the same questions we’ve heard Adam answer a gazillion times, but his character, his charisma, his essence of just being who he is sitting up there talking we were both on the edge of our seats, hanging on every word.  My face hurt from smiling so much.

I was in utter awe and couldn’t have asked for more.  I was seated maybe 10+ rows back (no seat is a bad seat), but Adam still felt too far away.   I wanted to be able to reach out and touch him…not in a weird crazy fan way.  But it’s just the feeling of not being able to ever get close enough to the energy that emanates from him.  You just want to bask in the glow of it and never want it to end!

So how did it all end?

When Adam was done, followed by much frenzied dancing, clapping, and screaming “we love you adam,” we lingered in the studio as others left until security asked if we were waiting for something?  Duh?!  Of course we were waiting to meet the man himself – LOL!  He apparently went to Oprah radio for an interview.  We slowly left drinking in every last second of our unbelievable day.

Well it’s never an end – only a beginning.   Not ready to “leave” the magic behind, we thought we’d take a chance at Adam leaving the hotel to get that “meet and greet” we never had the opportunity to get at the AI concerts.  And then we came upon Monte & Longineu!  They were headed to the Oprah store, but took the time to sign our CD covers, and listen to us rant on and on how grateful we were they were Adam’s band, how much we enjoyed the music, what it’s done for us. etc.

We bambled like a bunch of idiots, I’m certain of it, but in the end, they were the most down to earth, receptive, genuine guys who we probably could have gone over to the Oprah store with  In fact when we were ready to walk away, if we hadn’t asked for a photo opportunity, I’m thinking they would have offered it to us without asking?!  LOL! 

We get to the area where the limo buses are waiting, with only a handful, maybe a dozen fans waiting for Adam, then Tommy walks out!  Again brazen Olga jumps out in front of everyone else and we get his autograph and photos with him…another super awesome approachable guy! Should we go for broke?!

Olga asks Tommy if Adam is coming out?  He tells us he’s in a separate limo coming out of the basement garage shortly…darn – we are this close?!  It would have been the shortest “meet and greet” line in history for him!   Two minutes later the limo made it’s way past and he was gone.  Our hearts sank – but what more could two blondies ask for?  Didn’t we almost have it all?  We decided to “strut” out of there full of adam “fever” – but wait…Leila and a friend emerge from the building next…should we or shouldn’t we?

As Mom’s ourselves, we weren’t  certain what to do.  Leila headed to the Oprah store and we just kind of chilled for a bit.  I mean we got to see Adam on Oprah, meet the band…who would have ever thunk it?

Olga & I just looked at each other – ya’ only live once!  Before I even knew what I was doing – & WITHOUT wanting to appear like some stalker fan, I simply said – “excuse me, Mrs. Lambert?” – and with that she turned and gave us the biggest smile.  I’m not sure if she’s not used to being called Mrs Lambert, but she was so cute.  I launched in to how we didn’t want to be disrespectful of her time, but as mothers of 2 year old girls who loved Adam as do Olga and I that we just wanted to thank her for giving us the gift that Adam is.  She was so very receptive and just nodded and thanked us for telling her.  By then her friend had hailed a cab and we were so wanting to ask her for a photo, but did not want to tarnish the exchange we just had with her.  She  told us how sweet we were, how much she appreciated our words, and actually blew us kisses, and smiled.  Talk about classy!  Now we know where Adam gets it from – his proud Mother!

We walked to the car, got in, and just breathed and laughed and kind of didn’t know what to do next.  Feeling like we couldn’t have made more of this day… riding on a high no drug could give us, I was ecstastic and couldn’t wait to share with all of you who “get it.”  How incredibly spectacular this adventure was for us…a once in a lifetime experience we’ll carry in our hearts forever.

Parched with dehydration from not eating or drinking practically all day – we pounded chocolate shakes and literally blasted FEVER singing and smiling all the way home…SOAKED with emotion,  allowing Adam’s music to “pick us up”, as we were like “sleepwalkers” – but today was our TFM!


  1. What a great story, on a physical level I could feel your excitement, you were probaly shaking from all the energy rushes with lots of cold sweat and hot flashes, not the menopausal ones by all means.
    So wonderful to hear about the guys of the band being so easy going and without pretenses. Leila being approachable etc.
    What a fantastic experience, I am so happy for both of you!

    • Thanks Irena – so thrilled you enjoyed it! fun everone can “feed” on this energy – as for the hotflashes – Olga’s just 30 & I’m 44…but we’re both mom’s of 2 yr old daughters – so I’m hoping nothing menopausal – LOL!! but I know what you mean…it was more like a crazy head spinning dry mouth adrenaline pumping experience vs the cold sweat / hot flash kind!! love ya irena –

      • Haha, dry mouth, crazy head spinning, you got it going!
        I am so glad you didn’t take offense to my hot flash remark, I am glad you understood it was more the effects of a lightning bolt I was trying to describe!
        This thread is bringing out so much in everyone and it is like a global bonding experience.
        Oh, I just read your post where you quoted from Aftermath….. The words of that song, they get me every time.
        Feeling the Love sweetie, thank you.

        • you are welcome! we all feel the love – how much more special could adam make us all feel & in turn reciprocate that love to each other!

      • Jill and Olga, I am sooo jealous of your adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us–I took much vicarious pleasure from you experiences. I also brought over from the Adam’s Look thread an idea to make Adam’s birthday special for those who can afford to participate.


        Friday is Adam’s birthday! And, since none of us get to have BIRTHDAY SEX with him, the next best thing would be to buy another copy of his FYE cd. (Yes, I know you already have several. Me too.) Let’s show him some love by spiking his album sales on his birthday! Woot!

        Spread the word on other threads, ok?

        • hey snake – great to hear from you…love your name! and also love your idea of the PSA above – let’s all do it!! as for vicarious pleasure, isn’t it beyond words we can do that for each other with our stories… happy to hear it did that for you & await the day you can share a great story in return! so don’t be jealous – just hopeful & never stop believing anything is possible! love, Jill 🙂 p.s consider the word on the threads spread!

  2. Jill & Olga, you two had the time of your lives. OMG meeting Adams band members and Leila!
    You both look fantastic and the happiness your hearts were feeling, eludes from these pictures.
    Even though you didnt get your pic, with Leila, you will always have the wonderful memory of talking to her and letting her know how you feel about Adam. Thats right, “you only live once” so make the best of it and dont regret what you didnt do! High fives to both of you, I’m soo happy for your experience 🙂 Love your positive energies. You took a chance and it paid off big time. Watching everyone in the audience, smiling and feeling soo good being there with Adam, was just as much of a good feeling as being there. Its great to see how so many fans love and appreciate what he does!
    Now couldnt one of you dropped your purse or Something in front of the limo to make it stop??
    luv ya and thanks for sharing your awesome time with us.

    • I just got the whole picture of the purse flying in front of the Limo….. You are so much fun!

    • both of you are hilarious!! that’s one angle we didn’t even contemplate?!?!? hell – forget the purse – we should have run out in front of the limo and they would have had to stop!! LOL!! ahhh – hindsite – next time we’ll pull out all the stops – can you see the headlines now – “crazy adam fan hit by limo” OR “disoriented adam fan becomes roadkill”?! btw – thanks for making me feel better about the lack of pic with Leila – as a mom ya know you just wanted to offer her the utmost respect…but gosh she is such a classy real genuine woman – the kind you just want to hang out with & have a cup of coffee or lunch…now that would be fun! keep the awesome ideas coming tho for future reference!! only you mary C! I think when that limo went by it was like meryl streep in the movie Bridges of Madison County – when she should have jumped out of the truck to go be with Clint Eastwood, but something stopped her from moving, when we were cheering her on to get out – get out!! go to him! I think that’s what happened when adam drove past…I just froze – wanting to do “something” but not sure what?! nice analogy – hey?! I’m such a darn hopeless (ful) romantic!! love ya mary c

  3. FIANNLY!! (I’m an excellent speller–Adam has ruined me.). I’ve been waiting for this second installment. And, I gotta tell ya, I’m all choked up right now. I am not only feeling your love and zeal and excitement, I’m truly feeling like I was there. And I’m reminiscing my own idol tour experience, which pales in comparison, but it was a mountaintop experience and I can only imagine what it was like for the two of you! I can’t thank you enough for sharing it so completely. I’m am just so grateful that there are others out there who feel the power of the energy of Adam Lambert. It is simply ineffable!

    • Mary S – you are welcome! & thanks for being patient…dana was working on a special project for Adam’s bday this week thus the delay in this getting posted, but awwwwwww – you are choked up?! love that our experience can bring out all this beautiful emotion in all of us, that you felt like you were there, & that you are sucking in all the energy!! any experience adam related is worthy & nothing pales…please remember that! thru all this, the funny part is that despite all the excitement generated, we never actually got to meet adam face to face, but just being able to express our feelings of gratitude to both the band, & to his mother gave us an opp we had never anticipated going in to our day…so again – hang on to the hope that it too can happen for you! love you mary s ~ Jill

    • You are so Funny Mary S! Love it! Love Ya!

  4. OMG!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been checking for Part 2 just about every hour for the past 4 days and you didn’t let me down!
    What a GREAT story! Again, i almost felt like i was there with you… lucky you were to experience the entire day and then to meet the band……..AND Adam’s mom too!!! I can’t believe it!
    I can’t wait for Adam to go on tour………and hopefully he’ll continue with the “meet & greet” routine! When he was here in Connecticut they all had the flu and didn’t come out afterwards….sob sob….
    In fact, Kris didn’t even perform (not that i missed him) that night.
    Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write this and letting us feel a part of your fantastic experience!!!

    • donna -thanks for hanging in there & being patient – as posted above dana was caught up in adam bday stuff, so forgive the delay in posting…but ecstatic to hear it was worth the wait for you!!! yep – i’ve been glued waiting for the post too, & so fun to know you were waiting too, & now to finally hear all your reactions, that again our story has had such a positive impact on you & took you on our journey feeling like you were there! I’m humbled by your words, & grateful for the opp to share….I too never had opp in meet & greet at AI concerts to meet adam, so this day meant so much regardless if we got to meet adam himself – altho I’m not giving up hope on that still for someday – and neither should you!!! btw – hilarious slip on Kris?! – no disrespect…right?! love ya donna – Jill

  5. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful story. I have heard many people talk about his charisma and aura. How lucky for you both to have felt it in person. I feel like it comes across everytime I hear him sing or see him interviewed so I can’t imagine how he must be in person. He is a special presence that seems to touch and charm everyone he comes in contact with. I hope that someday in the not too distant future I will be able to experience that for myself. I the meantime I love that the people who do get that chance are kind enough to share the story. Sounds like you had a very fulfilling day. Congrats to you both!!

    • LvAdam – fulfilling for certain! & sharing this story is our gift to all of you to give you hope that anything can happen…we never in a million years would have anticipated our day to turn out as it had, but magic happens when adam is involved! keep believing & it will happen to you too! the aura you speak of is actually undeniably palpable…catharctic…energizing…engaging…beyond words! love Jill

      • Thanks Jill, I can’t wait. You did a great job of conveying those feelings. Makes me even MORE excited for a tour. You’ve inspired me to jump in there and take those risks! It really does pay off. Enjoy those memories and thanks again for sharing. Vicki

  6. please vote for adam on vh1 top20 and its ends jan/27 at 11am.adam wwfm mv is no.1 in itunes i heard it from mjbigblog.

  7. I am among the many Adam Lambert fans, however, I have some very big concerns. My husband and I watched Adam every week on Idol, waiting excitedly to see what he would do next. We were never disappointed. I had not been so excited by a performer since Elvis (that dates me). Now for my concerns. Early on Adam stated he did not want to be a spokesman for the gay community and wanted to be perceived an entertainer and “not that gay guy”. Unfortunately, Adam keeps perpetuating this stereotype. I truly think people are eventually going to say “enough” just sing please. No one really cares who is or isn’t gay. Really folks that’s yesterday’s news. What I want from Adam is the pure and beautiful voice we all loved him for. I do love the theatrics and sexuality, but he needs to learn when to flaunt it. His AMA performance was just that, a performance, his voice and beauty were almost completely lost on the stage by his attempts to shock. I understand his worship of Lady GaGa (she’s amazing) and others, but he needs to find his own voice. What Adam has brought to music is far beyond much of the inane dance music on his CD (which I purchased a hard copy of and also on Itunes and have listened to a million times). My God, where was that voice we loved. The instrumentals often hid his voice and some of the songs were just ridiculous. His talent is so far beyond “dance music” and I am afraid we may never hear it again. So, Adam, I hope there is someone out there who will not tell you everything you do is great, but will tell you you could be great. Songs like “Strut” are not great material. Sorry I have written so much but I truly adore Adam and am so concerned he won’t be here tomorrow. He is certainly one of the greatest talents in decades. Please find the guts in your music Adam.

    • Karen~ I read your letter and actually found it quite interesting. I agree with some of your note and totally disagree with other parts. We DID look forward to whatever Adam did on AI last year and were never disappointed…he totally mixed up his genre from week to week and made the other contestants seem dull and boring. We also looked forward to his CD and i, along with thousands of others, LOVE IT! There is only one song on the entire CD that i’m not crazy about….how many other CD’s can you say that about? When a first album is put out, especially in a matter of months, its not always “perfect”. I’m sure at this point in Adam’s career he’s feeling out the public to see what goes and what doesn’t. But when it all comes down to it, its his choice. He can’t sing songs HE doesn’t like just for the sake of his audience. Some will like it and some won’t…..he himself has said that you can’t please everybody. (I for one love Strut) As for Adam’s talent being “beyond dance music” I think you’re dating yourself. If that’s what the kids today like then that’s what he’ll do…….he’s 28 not 58. If you want a Barry Manilow go someplace else.
      As for the Gay crap……….i totally think that the press perpetrate that image on him. Sure he’s gay…..we ALL know that by now. But the press are the ones who constantly bring it up along with his AMA performance. Enough. Let’s move on. He made a mistake even though he won’t admit it. He lost a lot of fans and hopefully with the positive publicity in the past month he’s gained new ones.

      • Karen
        I am sorry but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND what you are saying… And I am going to say what has been said hundreds of times by TRUE Adam’s friends: LET ADAM BE ADAM! Is it so difficult to understand? He is entitled to do what he wants to do with his life and his music! DO NOT TELL him what he SHOULD DO! That’s ridiculous!!! Are you his mom? Well, even if you were, he is a big boy, he is a professional, and he knows who he is… You feel he owes you because you voted for him on American Idol? We’ve been there… You remember? “Entitlement is not sexy…”
        You don’t like his album? That’s fine! We are all different and we all have different tastes…. You like him be like Michael Bubble? Go and buy Michael Bubble album then! (Saying Bubble on purpose… Trying to joke: watch the “Virgin Radio 95.3” Vancouver interview on YT. It’s great!!!)
        Do you know, Karen, how many times you told Adam what he needs to do? …
        Adam needs to find his own voice (haha)…
        Adam needs to find the guts in his music??? (yes, it’s HIS music, so why YOU are telling to him what to do with it??)
        Adam needs to learn when to flaunt his sexuality…??? What the hell is that? Who is talking about sexuality? Him? Do you read reviews and articles? Do you listen to his interviews? Who starts talking about it? Him? You probably don’t otherwise you would know who starts talking about it…
        You call his music inane?… What are you talking about!!! (rhetorical question). We might be talking about different albums… “Broken Open”, “If I Had You”, “Soaked”, “Aftermath”, “Strut”, “Music Again”, “Strut”… Do I need to continue? You call these lyrics inane?!!! Hhhmmm… If so, I don’t even know what you want him to sing? “Hallelujah”?…
        BTW, “Strut” is my favourite song…”We all have got our own pollution, It’s all about the execution… You can’t something to say, don’t hesit-tie Open your mouth, open it wide, Let the freedom begin, Feel the fire within…” Is it inane? I don’t think so…. It’s beautiful!!!
        Karen, I was in the crowd of the people of different ages (from 15 to 65 yo) who were standing in the rain on the street of Toronto under the rain in front of the MuchOnDemand window. All of us were dancing and singing together paying no attention to the rain, wind, cold, age… We were one entity at that time…Adam’s music united us! Do you think we all were inane? I don’t think so….

        You are saying: I truly adore Adam…. I am his fan…
        Karen, the TRUE love is unconditional and YOU want Adam to follow YOUR conditions….

        • wow gala!!! you go girl!!! doesn’t it feel great to get that off your chest!! AND finished it with stressing the unconditional love that seems to be evident throughout 99.99999% of our posts here & what adam is all about!

          • Thanks, Jill!
            And you are so right!!! It DOES fill great!
            And you know, Jill, that I am Vera, Right?

            • sorry gala – of course I know it’s you! – just still trying to get a handle on everyone’s “handle” – u r too funny girl! luv ya – Jill

        • just an afterthought – what does it feel like to have balls?! LOL! sorry – couldn’t resist!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Way to go Vera, that is everything I wanted to say and more.

          If there is one thing you can never say about Adam’s songs and that is “inane”. Karen, you need to wash your mouth out girl.

          • Adam is unique.

            He will not be put into a box or do what is necessarily expected of him…

            THAT’S WHY WE LOVE HIM.

            If I wanted to listen to inane I can turn the radio onto just about any station and hear that. I want excitement, I want passion, I want attitude, I want strutting, I want soaking, I want to pick it up, I want to be broken open, I want to hear music again, I want, I want, I want ADAM…..

            By the way I’m 50 years young and…………….

            Unconditionally, undeniably and absolutely irrevocably in love with him.

    • Karen, I understand your concern but ultimately Adam must be and do what he loves and that is what I truly admire about him. He doesn’t play the fame game. My son, a musician, puts it in a more positive light. He said, “You don’t have to worry about Adam, mom. He will be fine. His best is yet to come.”.

      I think Adam’s greatest gift is his intuitive ability to follow his heart. He sees fame as an illusion and milks every moment for its joy. Oprah and Ellen see plenty of talent, but they recognize something special in Adam.

      We ain’t seen nothin yet!!!!

      • mary s – how beautifully put – your son very insightful – couldn’t have said it better myself! yes Karen – I too understand your concerns, but no worries…we all have our feelings & they are valid. but I gotta say – that if you read this entire post area or the story we shared with our oprah experience – I can guarantee the 3 letter word that starts with a “g” is not mentioned anywhere!! we all know who adam is & what he’s about & what a gift his instrument (voice) is, and that’s a huge part of why we fell in love with him in the first place!! I too listen to pre-idol music & love his pure raw heart-wrenching voice with just piano as he sings “I Just Love You”, one of my all time faves, sends chills up my spine, but also love his album & giving us such a fun new flavor & variety to indulge in! so – relax, drink it all in, enjoy what makes you happy, & let the rest go. Adam’s gonna be just fine – trust him…as his mom says – his best trait is his honesty…he’ll keep it real, but he is also human & will learn along the way – no different than the rest of us?! right?! it’s all in our perspectives! stay positive Karen – Jill

    • KO's smiling says:

      Karen, I understand what you’re saying, but I think that when after this performance stuff has been out a while and is no longer the new exciting thing, he will fall back on his beautiful voice.

      Did you see his performance on Ellen? He sang Strut, which I know you don’t love, but it was old energetic fun falsetto Adam at his AI best. I actually cried, I was so happy to see that side of him again. The vid’s on her website….

    • I too feel that Adam’s voice is so much more than what we hear on FYE. Still I love the CD in a away that I not thought possible when I first heard it. It actually show us the many different sides of Adam’s personality, playfull, sexy, silly, vulnerable, haunting.
      I really think he wanted this to be his CD with his song choices and what shakes him right now. That is a very risky move for a performing artist but by all means somebody’s gotta be gutsy and it is Adam!
      There is a duality in Adam that I recognize as part of who I am myself, wanting to please and being a rebel at the same time. Quite a challenge. I love both sides of him. Yesterdays performance at Ellen’s was not my favorite but who cares?! He was having a blast and that made me happy.
      Always having to do what is expected of you in your personal or professional life eventually will kill your spirit. I want Adam’s spirit to be alive and kicking!!
      And yes, I also believe that the best is yet to come and I don’t think he will waste his potential.

    • Karen, many of us have some of those concerns, but letting them go and trusting Adam is the only way I know to be happy and allow Adam to be however he wants to be. Plus, repeatedly, studies show that worry actually has the effect of a negative prayer on the person worrying and the person being worried about. It weakens muscles, immune sytem, sense of well-being, etc. So every time I catch myself worrying about Adam, or anyone, I give it to God/Universe immediately, and tell God/Universe: “you know what I REALLY want!” with a smile in my voice and spirit, and a vision of Adam happy in my mind.

      The same studies show that focusing on the positive aspects of someone and/or envisioning them happy and doing well actually has positive tangible effects too – so I do that as much as possible. We all love Adam so much, we want to be GOOD for him!

      • rock on sweetie – just give it all up to God & stay positive!! love your attitude – it’s infectious!! Jill

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Karen, I have been ignoring your post since I first saw it. I kept on saying to myself “let it go”, but I am sorry I can’t. How does Adam “keep perpetuating this stereotype” of being gay. I have only ever seen Adam be himself and that is the most beautiful, genuine, talented young man to come along in a very long time. Do you ever say to someone “stop being so straight”, no I don’t think you would. As for Adam’s CD I know we all have our likes and dislikes of music but my personal opinion is that EVERY SINGLE SONG is absolutely fantastic. I love the way he can sing in his lower voice as much as he can sing the high notes. Do you really want to listen to an album that has nothing but Adam singing the high notes. How boring would that be. Have you watched/listened to any of the radio interviews that Adam did in Canada earlier this week, in one of those interviews he stated that he didn’t want to do an album of him just singing the high notes. He gets up there on a lot of the songs on the album, I think his album is wonderful, I love every single song on it and believe me that doesn’t happen very often. I adored him singing Strut on Ellen the other day, he was magic.

      Don’t waste your “concern” on Adam as he is going to be around for a very long time. I have every bit of faith in him, oh and the other thing that annoyed me was your comment about his AMA performance, I loved it, he was exciting, he will always be exciting, I am so thankful he just wasn’t “standing there” singing the song, he put on a performance and no, I wasn’t offended by anything he did on that stage. I love Adam no matter what.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Here is the link to the 680 radio interview where Adam talks about his singing the high notes on his album.
        This is a fantastic interview.

        • KO's smiling says:

          “Do you think the album challenged you vocally?” <– love it! Karen, you aren’t the only one thinking what you’re thinking.

      • Dianne,
        I could not let it go either…
        Adam, we love you! We believe in you! We trust you!
        We have no concerns! You’ll be great! LOL … No, you ARE great!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Wow!!! Vera, Dianne, Mary S., Lisa, I couldn’t have said it better myself. ROCK ON Glamb sisters!!! LOVE enjoying Adam’s magical, glittery brilliance with you! 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Yo, the sisters have spoken! I am so with you. A lesser person would have cracked under the pressure but our Adam carries it off with aplomb and his cd is the bomb! All I want is for Adam to be happy, to stay true to himself (the way he is) and to enjoy him without making any demands on him. MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmwah

  8. I thank you again, Jill, for Part II of your wonderful, exciting, thrilling story.

    Monte, Longineu & Tommy are such lovely young men. Adam deserved the best (band members) and he got the best.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • hi my lovely aussie friend Yvonne – you are very welcome! love that you enjoyed the story! yes, the band beyond cool…these guys are as real, genuine, down to earth, fun, approachable, sweet, & etc as Adam…u r right…he got the best, & don’t we all know it as we are infused with the music they all generate together with Adam’s voice just dreamy icing on the cake!! yummy…love you Yvonne – Jill

  9. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    This seems like such a dream come true. Your observation about Oprah in barefeet is very telling. She seems like someone who would walk barefoot! What a great opportunity to see Adam on the Oprah set–what a great guy he is. And you really breathed in the atmosphere by meeting with bandmembers and Mrs. Lambert. She seemed so proud of him just clapping her hands, sitting in the audience. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

    • Elizabeth – glad you liked the Oprah insite – wasn’t sure if I could “share” that – but it was all part of the experience – she is so comfortable in her own skin, she makes all who are in her audience feel as tho they’re just hanging out with her at her home, & just chatting in between taping – people were just firing questions at her across the studio – like “hey oprah – how’s Gail (gale?- spelling)”, OR “hey Oprah – is it true you’re having Tiger on?” – that one stopped her in her tracks…she never actually “answered” that one…so that was all part of the aura of the day as well…of course ADAM was the epitomy of our every wish granted – yes, we breathed it all in – band & mom were unexptected bonuses…again – never doubt anything can happen! love ya E ~ Jill

  10. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I just went online to find Adam’s Ellen Degeneres performance of Strut. It is at Wow! Adam seems to be breaking loose here and letting out some of his energy. I think the AMA situation dampened down his style. I felt with this performance on Ellen he was getting back some of the oomph. He was really doing the wiggle with the hips. My oh my oh my. How does he DOOO that I’d like to know! I agree with Karen that the CD didn’t highlight Adams voice. Interestingly, Susan Boyles group really know how to stand back and let her voice come through. I was listening to snippets of her CD at Barnes and Noble. What I feel, though, is that while Adam’s CD is not the easily accessible album we might have liked, it is intelligent, it is creative, it is interesting, and the music can be used for a lot of purposes, and so it isn’t going to harm him, and it has already gone gold I understand. I think everything is going to work itself out because Adam is a natural in this environment; he has showmanship and he will work every opportunity. So let’s have some trust; I don’t think the gay thing is quite as front and center as you might think. The majority of Adam’s fans are women. It’s the support of women that always makes rock stars, and Adam has that.

  11. sun-n-stars says:

    Thank you again, Jill, for Part II of your wonderful, exciting, thrilling story. I too, do not have time to blog or be on the Internet for long with having a disabled husband, a hormonal 16-year old teenager and a Mom who has Alzheimer’s who lives with us. I cannot express how exciting it is to be able to have this adventure as seen through your eyes and words. I watched the show when it was aired and my heart went out to Adam when he expressed his loneliness. Adam is a special presence that seems to touch and charm everyone he comes in contact with. I hope that he maintains it and stays grounded. His band members, Monte, Longineu & Tommy are a reflection of his persona. It was so wonderful that they made time for you. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write this and letting us feel a part of your fantastic experience!!! I am so happy for both of you and can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience with us. Reading these posts is so therapeutic to me. It takes me away from some of the constant stress that I have in my life. Thank you!

    • sun-n-stars ~ YOU ARE WELCOME!! thanks for taking time to blog – your words are truly heartfelt & mean so much! the fact that we could make a postive difference for you with our story warms my spirit! I’m touched you shared with me & other Glambs more about YOU & what your world is like. We all have our challenges, but it seems that this site provides a therapeutic outlet to each of us in a special way – & thank God for Adam that we’ve all come together like this to form friendships, & to give each other that moral support & BOOST that we sometimes need to forge ahead…YOU ARE STRONG my dear, & if Adam & the rest of us can give you some peace & joy along the way to keep you going, then I’m so grateful God has given us a purpose & used Adam as the means to get us all together. You are in my thoughts & prayer, & I’m especially drawn to you because of your “handle” sun n stars…my 2 yr old daughter Jadyn Grace’s room is moon-n-stars! btw – the “loneliness” thing with adam tugged at my heart too…none of us should ever be “alone” again thanks to adam! so if you ever need us to give you a lift – come on back out here & “escape” if just for a moment to feed off the energy of adam & everyone on this site! I hadn’t been a blogger all along, but now it is just feeling like it is where I need to be, & YOU are a perfect example of that…peace & blessings to you Love, Jill

      • Isn’t Jill wonderful? I have tears in my eyes just from this response!

        • thanks my beautiful friend Olga…but you are amazing beyond words yourself my dear! love you – j

        • gosh yes….me too…!

          • the truth speaks volumes & opens up our hearts to feel all this LOVE LOVE LOVE! like in
            “aftermath” – the lyric – “tell a stranger they’re beautiful – & all you feel is love love love love!”
            we have the opp to spread that love in such a unique way…ride the rollercoaster of joy & tears…
            allow yourself to really FEEL & OWN every emotion within you to emanate that beauty inside!

  12. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Jill and Olga,
    thanks again for sharing with us this wonderfil, exciting adventure. It’s has been great to feel through you this great day.
    I loved what you wrote in your post “he’s what gives us all a common thread and binds us together in such a beautiful way – with a non-judgemental unconditional love and support like no other.” So true. People from so different backgrounds, cultures, countries, languages are bond together because of this beautiful man, in a wonderful community of love for him.

    Thanks and love to you,

    • Silvana – yep, I wear my heart on my sleeve – it is so true…we are all so diverse, but adam adheres our spirits together…in a kinship like no other… I’m in awe of how we are crossing continents, reaching out to others globally, but yet not surprised in the least…no idea how it happened, but we even tho perfect strangers at 1st, all “get each other”, while some of those most intimate people we live with every day don’t?! hard to believe!! we are a gift & blessing to each other for sure…here’s a quick funny story – when the standby line was down to 4 of us, 2 women from Toronto behind us had said they were friends for 30 years, & asked how long Olga & I had been friends – I responded without even thinking – “we hardly know each other”?! funny but true – our Milwaukee adam group has only been out together 3 times prior to the Oprah gig, had dinners, & even took in 2012 together, held hands & sang TFM 2gether at the end – virtually all strangers, but so very CONNECTED like we have known each other forever…what I’m trying to say that with adam being the glue – there is a feeling of being at home with each other – “safe” per say of any judgement, where we can just be ourselves & pour out our lives, our hearts, our “stuff” with each other – & there is NO judgement, just that unconditional love…so I’m thrilled you could “relate” to that line, because we’ve all experienced it first hand! anyhow – since Oprah – Olga & I have been on the phone constantly, had lunch last week, & know that the bond has only been “cemented” further…with adam in our lives, our friendships know no bounds…even tho we’ve only known each other for a couple of months, it feels like a lifetime of friendship – a “sisterhood” of sorts…thanks again for recognizing what I know we all have felt!! from Wisconsin US to Argentina – loads of Love, peace & blessings, Jill

      • Yes, Adam is our glue, and as turns out we have more in common then we could ever imagine! His artistry brings peace, opens hearts to be accepting, creates friendships! WOW!

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        I have also really loved your story and thank you so much for sharing it! When I read that you are both from Wisconsin it made me long to be back there freezing my booty off so that I could have joined you! Instead, I suffer here in the balmy Caribbean and do what I can to bring the light that is Adam to this crazy little island! In honor of his birthday, some friends of mine who have a dance club are allowing me to be Guest DJ Princessshakeitup and I am hosting an All Adam Birthday Bash this coming Friday night complete with music, videos and a Glam It Up Costume Contest! I am so excited!!! I wish that all my Sisters In Adam could be here…from Wisconsin [my home for 40 plus years] Argentina, Canada and all over the world! You still have 2 days to get here…! Love to Adam and all of you from Sunny St Kitts!
        p.s. Oprah loves our next-door island of Nevis and sometimes parks her yacht in one of our harbors. That’s as close as I’ve come so far!

        • OMG – I’d be in sunny st kitts in a heartbeat if my husband didn’t just have knee surgery & my daughter wasn’t turning 2 tomorrow?! don’t tease me!! altho if the offer is open – might take you up on it some time!! I’m a sun lover of the carribean, & my last jaunt south was on a Royal Carribean Cruise in May 2007 which is our last vacation as we found out on that trip I was pregnant with my beautiful Jadyn Grace! $ not there now to just “go” like we used to, but if we had a place to stay?!
          just curious what took you to st kitts from WI? where in WI did you live?! amazing what we all have in common?! have a blast at your adam party! us wisconsinites are getting together for dinner friday nite to celebrate our adam – it will be more intimate group & not so crazy, but we’ll make it special none the less! wow!! these stories continue to leave me speechless! also – why on God’s green earth would you want to come back to WI? adam will hit the carribean some day & park his yacht next to Oprahs!! LOL!!! love ya Princessshakeitup – Jill 🙂

          • Dinner with Adam fans on Friday night?!!! Party on St. Kitts?!
            I wish I could time travel….

        • I want to be at your party BADLY!!!! Oh, what a tease! But one of these days….Carribean or not we’ll party together!!!

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          Don’t know if you ladies will be coming back to this site but I did want to say that I truly wish you were ALL coming to my party!!! And, if you’re going to come down here it had better be soon because, after 8 years full time here, we are selling our house [anyone want to buy a house in Paradise!?] and moving back to the States…but NOT as far North as Wisconsin! I’m a Madcity girl all the way although I was living more in the center of the state [I called it, “The Land that Time Forgot”] just before we moved here. I love Wisconsin but got completely tired of having to put on 4 layers of clothing just to walk the dogs and then having your boogers freeze anyway! I kept e-mailing the Packers and urging them to start using “Sure Fire Winners” as thier Jump Up song and am convinced they would have made it further into the playoffs if they had taken my advice!
          Will post more about the BDay party on the Birthday site but wanted to answer your Wisconsin questions and say I WILL meet you when I come back! Love to All; especially Adam [who really SHOULD buy my house!]

      • Thank you so much for your stories Jill! They nourish my spirit. I love imagining I was there with you, feeling that wonderful palpable energy. I’m floating on cloud 9……!

        • you WERE there with us…we all carry each other on our journey, & if you are floating & nourished & relishing in the moment on cloud 9 with us, then mission accomplished – the goal is to take us all to places we hope to go – making dreams come true & giving each other hope to believe in our dreams! love you sweetie! Jill

  13. I understand that some people aren’t crazy about Adam’s pop music ( I personally love it!!!), but the beauty of his album is that it is so eclectic !!! There are several songs such as, Soaked, Loaded Smile, Broken Open,(reminds me of Mad World), A Time for Miracles, Aftermath, which show case his phenomenal, amazing vocals!!! Honestly, this is the first album where I really love almost every song!!!! Adam is a great dancer/performer and seems to be having fun and doing well promoting his pop music.right now. On Idol, I loved him because he was able to sing so many genres of music and this is what I believe he has accomplished on his CD!!
    Thanks Jill and Olga for sharing your amazing experience on Oprah! I think that I would be on cloud 9 for the rest of my life!!! I enjoyed being in the audience of Oprah for a random show (Oprah is incredible!!), but seeing Adam on her show had to be an out of body experience!! He dazzles everyone around him with his sweetness, great looks, honesty, charisma and charm!!!!. By the end of the show, it was evident that Oprah could be a card carrying Glambert!!!

    • i was shocked to see Oprah singing the words, altho you only saw that on the repetitive choruses but I’d say she is Glambert material! could you imagine her posting here with us?! too fun!!

  14. Thank you Jill & Olga
    It is so nice of you to share your experience of seeing Adam and his wonderful band, plus his absolutely adorable mother. Adam does bring people together. What a wonderful quality!!!! I LOVE him soooooo much. I was around when Elvis was just coming up but Adam does even more for me than Elvis did. He makes me feel young and vibrant…..energetic, and full of love!!! He is a beautiful person who will contribute to the good of the world just by being who he is. Thanks again!!

    • amen to that sista!! yes, he is a beautiful person who will contribute to the good of the world just by being who he is….and we too can also make a difference in the world because of the way he’s touched us…just check out this site & all the impactful stories shared…now let’s spread that on to others who need to feel the love too and bring more people together for the good! how awesome to pass on the positive versus the negative vibes…life is too precious to waste our energy & our spirits on anything that brings us or others down!! appreciate all your words – love, Jill 🙂

  15. Do we know for sure the album is gold? I read a new article today saying it’s 40,000 short.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      LisaB, that is what Adam said in one of his interviews on the radio in Canada recently, so if Adam says it, I believe it.

  16. Dianne Hill says:

    Jill and Olga, I am so happy that the second half of your story is here on the Glambs site.

    I loved it and I am still so happy that I got in first to receive it from you first hand, it is wonderful and I have read it a number of times now and also showed it to some friends who think I am over the top about Adam and I can say to them “see, I am not the only one, just read Jill’s description of him” and when they have read it, you can see a change come over them that maybe I’m not quite as crazy as they think I am. I love that.

    I want to thank Dana for all the hard work she is putting in to get Adam’s birthday video organised and still seeing to the threads on this site. You do amazing work Dana and we really do appreciate every thing you do.

    Dianne. Glamb #356
    Christchurch, New Zealand.

    • Dianne,

      So nice to hear from you! WOW! Jill really did a good job with this story! I am glad that it has that great impact on others! Thank you for passing it along! I hope one day we meet in person!


    • ditto on the gratitude to Dana & Fernando, & the entire admin staff on this site who work tirelessly in addition to living other “lives”, but give us the “refuge” to come to to supplement our lives as well! thanks Dianne for this as well as your words…I”m happy to hear you’re friends don’t think you’re as crazy as you are anymore cuz of something I wrote to change their mind?! or do ya think they still think you’re crazy & I’m just as much so – LOL!!! just kidding…seriously – do you have words for some of my family & friends that think I’m crazy too?! not everyone is going to “get it” – that’s why we have each other – thank the Lord for that we can keep our sanity knowing we’re not “alone”! 🙂 love ya dianne in NZ – jill

  17. hi,every one go to then on right side ingray area its said review album ,click on adam lambert .its give you answer you looking for and also vote.

  18. also go to i think the magazine comeout on thursday.for more info go to i think.
    wwfm is no.1 on itunes so go to top20 vh1 for voting.
    you fans are lucky,im live in kuwait,i never can see him.please support him.
    i hate when all magazine he is in is in us ,as fan its upseting enough.

    • Zenos,
      This is wonderful! You live in Kuwait!!!! Wow
      You are the first person from Kuwait I know who is Adam’s fan!
      I can promise to you, I WILL support him!!!!

  19. AdamRocks! says:

    Jill and Olga, you both have two-year-old daughters? How sweet. I’m 47, and I have a five-year-old son. THANK YOU for sharing your fantastic Adam story with us. . . SO MUCH excitement in one day. . . how could you stand it? 🙂

    Love from the Deep South,

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • cindy in the deep south – love to hear there are other older moms out there so young at heart & relishing in adams energy & vibe…to answer your question – we couldn’t stand it – it was just one perfect unexpected moment after another…but believe you me, you’d tolerate it – LOL!! soooo unforgettable…it will happen for you some day too – just never give up hope! love, Jill

  20. waveridergal says:

    Thanks so much for such a great report. When I was reading it, I felt like I was there too!

    • waveridergal, I felt the same, like being there. My heart was beating faster than normally when reading, funny. Thank you Jill and Olga for sharing your adventure!

      • waveridergal & aliR – love that you enjoyed our journey & traveled with us like you were there – the racing heart just goes with anything adam related, so fun to hear it impacted you that way! just so happy to make a positive difference in your day with our adventure…that’s the goal – to share the love! blessings to you both – Jill

  21. Jill & Olga, thank you for the beautiful gift of your vivid account of your experience. Your article is well written as well as humorous and I feel that I made the trip with you. Silvana’s quote from your article also resonates with me and the pics say it all – you two look like the cut that stole the milk – priceless.

    You’ve done yourselves proud, you’ve done us proud and you have exemplified what many of us believe true fandom is about. Kudos to both of you! Mmmmmmmmmmmwah

    • … meant, the cat that stole the milk …

    • sweet ingrid – cat that stole the milk, ate the canary, whatever you want to call it – yep we were riding high on a rainbow of brilliant color – love that you took the trip with us & also found humor in our account – it was almost too funny how it all fell in to place…divine timing thruout the day & you put it perfectly – PRICELESS! we’re thrilled to represent the glambs & make you proud! you all do the same for us with your great stories! Mmmmmmmmmmmwah back at ya sista – luv ya

  22. Libraglam says:

    Thanks Jill and Olga for sharing your exciting adventure part II
    I love reading it . You are so lucky to spend a day with ADam and
    his band. Wow you were able to take pic. with Monte, Longineu & Tommy .
    I love them too !!! They are so talented people !! ADAM has the best
    Band ! yup he deserves the best.

    Also Thanks Dana for the wonderful work on the birthday video for ADAM!
    It’s so Cuuuuute !

  23. Jill and Olga….Thanks so much for sharing your adventure and emotions with us. I know how I felt when I saw ADAM in GR, and got to talk to him 3 times after the concert ….I was high on seeing and being near him. I felt the same way reading your story! ADAM certainly does have magic powers/aura around him at all times. ADAM is truly a gift to us!

  24. We LOVE Adam 1st, for his voice, 2nd, for his electrifying performances, and THEN we got to know him, and well, that’s what made us FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM COMPLETELY!!
    If he just had those talents, but he was an arrogant a__hole, he wouldn’t draw the fans like he does. BUT, he shows us that he is human, has a great sense of humor (I love his sense of humor), he’s endearing, sensitive, compassionate, genuine, honest, has integrity, EXTREMELY SEXY & CHARISMATIC, down to earth, loves having fun & getting crazy, Adam’s kind, and appreciative of everything he has… including his family, friends, and fans…he’s very hard-working and dedicated; sooo passionate about what he does and what he believes, and he doesn’t stick his nose into other celebrities business by gossiping or trashing them to interviewers. He has great business sense, and a VERY GOOD perception of what his audience wants and needs…Oh, and his bedroom eyes, gorgeous smile, and sense of style ain’t bad either. lol IF THOSE WONDERFUL QUALITIES AREN’T ENOUGH FOR PEOPLE TO TOTALLY RESPECT, ADMIRE, AND ADORE HIM, THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT A HUMAN BEING HAS TO DO ANYMORE TO PROVE THEMSELVES AS A GENUINELY GOOD PERSON!!!….ya know?!?!
    Let everything go, people, ADAM IS, AND WILL BE OK. He’s doing it HIS WAY…which is the same way the greatest legend of our time did when he was alive, he endeared his fans and new fans that idolize him to this day as the king of rock ‘n roll…that is ELVIS…he also did it HIS WAY! YES, for that time, his lifestyle, moves, and style of dress was controversial, too, BUT, THE WORLD IS STILL CELEBRATING HIS BIRTHDAY, ADORING HIM, RESPECTING HIM, AND BUYING HIS ALBUMS 33 YRS AFTER HIS DEATH.!!
    Mark my words, ADAM is on his way, doing it HIS WAY, and yes, it may be controversial as well, but he will be legendary, and 75-100 yrs from now ppl are still going to be talking about him and playing HIS music! His family must be soooo proud of him. And he’s such a good guy!
    NO, he is NOT Elvis, they are different singers in their own right, but he is the only singer / entertainer since Elvis that HAS the potential to soar like him!!…To have and hold a worldwide fan base like Elvis did…THAT is what Adam has in common with Elvis…Adams’ amazing vocal talent, electrifiying stage presence, and personality, is getting our attention and more importantly, he’s keeping it!!! JUST ENJOY HIM, AND WATCH WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO NEXT…SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO, HE’S LIVENING UP OUR LIVES…BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!