More Fan Adventures on Oprah – Part I

It was “Glambs Galore” at the Oprah show!  Will the stars align for Jill and Olga’s trip to Chicago for an Adam encounter?  You’ll have to read Part I today (and Part II tomorrow!) to find out the complete adventure.  Enjoy!  Dana, Glamb #6

The Adventure, Part I:

Wednesday 1/13/2010 – The alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. after a semi-conscious 4 hour sleep…you know, the kind you get when you are leaving on vacation, afraid you’ll oversleep and miss your plane, feeling so much anticipation, the wonderful excitement of the “unknown”, OR something so unpredictable, that your tummy has those butterflies that are teasing, tantalizing, enticing, and tormenting all at once?! 

A week earlier, on our very own site, one of my fellow glambs posted an Oprah link calling out to all Adam Lambert fans.  I immediately went to the site to try to put in to words why I was his biggest fan and should be on the show.  I found it hard to articulate – so much was on the line, namely the opportunity to be in the audience for Adam’s Oprah show! I struggled but finally hit Submit just praying I would get a call!

Two days after the Adam link disappeared, Olga emailed the 3 of us that she had gone on to Oprah to see if she could get in to a “random” audience.  She ended up getting a call back for an episode called “Marriages Around the World” – which was taping on 1/13 Wed in the a.m…and lo and behold Adam was being taped in the p.m!?!?!  What a stroke of luck… maybe, just maybe we could get in the afternoon taping?!?!? Yes, totally a MAJOR LONG SHOT but just the thought of breathing the same air as Adam was at Harpo studios, or even just to steal a glimpse…

Neither Mary nor Jeanette could go, so Olga and I set off on our adventure.  We met at the Park & Ride at 5:15 a.m…both like giddy schoolgirls, embarking on this secret expedition – knowing our goal and praying that there was a remote chance the next 12 hours would be the most unforgettable of our lives.

Drum roll please:  Here is where the stars began to align on our journey.  1st– I reveal my shimmery blue black nails to Olga telling her I bought the polish on a whim this week just “in case” and had never done a color like this before but loved the name – ”midnight affair.”  She said, “me either”- flashed her hand and said, “midnight affair!!”  You have got to be kidding me?!  What are the chances?!  Our first “sign”!  LOL!!

On our speedy ride to the windy city of Chicago – just 90 minutes from Milwaukee, traffic was on our side – but Mapquest wasn’t!  When we exited we got lost for 10 minutes before Olga became my human GPS, and beautifully found our way there.  Hearts racing, we primped, jumped out, paid our $30 for parking, and headed for the doors.

Oprah runs her place like a well-oiled machine.  A hive of worker bees hummed around her and the next couple of hours went without a hitch.  We were herded in to coat check, security, and then a holding room. Olga and I were restless, in and out…asking questions how we could get in to the p.m. taping?

At one point I needed to get to my bag in security for some meds, (they confiscate everything – cameras, cell phones, etc.).  I had to ask for water to take the meds and one of the security guys asked me if I was ill, diabetic, did I need some sugar?  He handed me some juice, and moved on, although Olga nudged me and said I should have played the “sick card” to get back stage!  Silly me…

After almost two hours in the studio, our taping time was winding down.  Oprah thanked us, said her goodbyes, and then the “rah rah” gal of the show ran up and said “please take your seats.”  Olga and I squeezed hands and before she said “afternoon openings,” we jumped up and screamed like we had won the friggin lottery!

Our adrenaline pumping, she calmly said to go see Cheryl if we wanted to be on stand-by for the afternoon show.  Herein lies the “timing” of the day just falling magically in to place for us based on our “lost” episode…which ultimately gave us our number in line, which pretty much determined where we ended up seated in the morning, which gloriously ended up being about 10 feet from Cheryl!

Olga and I raced over screaming and practically tackled Cheryl, as we got our names as numbers 1 & 2 on standby for ADAM!!! Was this really happening?!  OMG – seriously…we were both in shock as she told us to take a lunch break & be back in an hour in the standby line.  Was this a guarantee?  Do we take a chance?

Heck no…we went right back in line where we had begun our day just 4 hours earlier to hopefully have this dream come true.  We were both in a kind of daze at this point – not wanting to get our hopes up too high.  We tried to just relax, calm down, unwind, and breathe.

Can you say LONGEST two hours of our lives?  As we sat in line with other diehard excited ADAM fans, we also learned there were people in line who hadn’t even heard of Adam.  WHAT?!  Susan Boyle fans were there too.  What a weird combination – like oil & water…but both passionate for who we were there for!

Cheryl came out a number of times deflating our hopes.  The standby line went from 16 to 4…she said it was not looking good, she might be able to get 1 person in. We still clung on…I told her that if 1 of us got in it should be her since she got us here.  Olga, so sweet, was torn – what an impossible situation to be in!

At 12:55, with 5 minutes to taping, Cheryl returned holding up 2 fingers. OMG!! Talk about being down to the wire!  Again we screamed, practically tackled her, thanked her, kissed her, and told her how much we loved her!  We ran through the security line since we knew the “drill” from the morning and headed directly to the studio.  Everyone was already seated, and we had to separate, but didn’t care.  WE WERE IN!

Never in a million years did we think this would happen.  As much as we “wished” it…maybe in our guts “felt” it …in a whirlwind of a few weeks, here it was happening!  After the AI concerts – I thought we’d never have an opportunity again to be this close to Adam.

…to be continued.  🙂


  1. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Ok, I’m breathless, too!! Hurry with part 2!!! So happy for you that you got in!! The Universe was simply in alignment for you! How excellent!!

    • we were breathless too! love that you are enjoying the adventure! stay tuned for more!

      • Jill and Olga, thanks for sharing this exciting adventure. I feel like i am in it too.

        Btw, does everyone know that Adam tweeted that Ke$ha is his new lover and they are very happy together now ? It’s hard to tell whether he is joking and flirting ? Ke$ha also tweeted to her fans telling that she is “in love” with ADAM.. Anyway, if it is TRUE or Not VERY TRUE that they are dated , if Adam is very happy and consider as a “new lover” then I am so happy for him !! Who knows….Ke$ha is very tomboy and our Adam is little girlish…they might click and who knows !!! I am so surrprised but I am so happy that ADAM is no longer “lonely” …even only for “fun” but not anything serious…! hahahaha.
        Jill & Olga, did ADAM show anything different at Oprah show?? he did seeem very happy, didn’t he ? or may be because he is always happy with HIS WONDERFUL FANS who always cheer up fo r him…

        • i think adam is happy by nature, but love certainly infuses that happiness with even more joy – so i’m happy for him if he has someone to “share” with – cuz that piece on Oprah about how it gets lonely for him just tugged at my heartstrings…he is so real, so vulnerable, with a most tender precious heart…we all need to be loved, & adam’s got so much love to give, & so much love from us fans, but we all know that someone intimately in our worlds can make all the difference!! btw – I’m ecstatic you too are “in” our adventure! much love & blessings, Jill

          • Libraglam says:

            Hahahaha….i think i read too much of SUE, JESS, JILL (you) and OLGA story so think too much of it that … i become …fantasizing about going to see ADAM with all that excitment….I bet i am alone…!! Also, Daily i commute about 1 1/2 from home one way and it allows me to dream and fantasize…while listening to his music over and over again. Yeah ….i am happy to see Adam less lonely…. BTW, Se$ha also wears black nail polish, rings similar like Adam’s, and her eyes also immitate Adam glittering eyes make up. They both sexy, fun, crazy. wild. She must be in love with Adam !! But…who would not in love with AdAM ???

        • I read in the latest issue of RS, Ke$ha goes to the jungle once a year to get away from humans! She is out there, thats for sure. She also said “crazy people make life more interesting” Maybe the jungle is her ” Burning Man”
          I can see Adam & K enjoying each others time. they both love to shock!!!
          I can see some females thinking K is weird, like some males think Adam is weird.
          Whatever, they both like to have a Good Time and why not…………….

          • Bonmatin..posted far down here on page..plese to see al lovli glambs..Im sorry for absence as it’s nevre thet Im forgetting to be a loyal glamb..just for illhealth an lack of energie..but up early so had to visite best Adam’s fansite ever!..Merci for both of yu sharing this very exciting an wonderful esperience seeing nous ange Adam on Oprah’s show..An adoring to read here over an over!It’s plasur to see so many share same passion an amour for such a gifted,beau l’homme,actor,artiste,vocaliste estraordinaire thet defines no mattre his critiques of passe monthes..Adam will be an now is being realize for his beau hearte,soul an celestial sensual voix,charm,humilitie,an many talentes..He most definitemente is on his way to being thet world legende just as late Michel Jackson an has made a mark in being distinctive,diffarante,creative,beau inward/outward in all his humanitarian efforts re: donors choose for children’s educations in musique,an now with devastations in Haiti..vraimente Adam is nous angel..bless him an all who adore him..An addition if Kesha is diffarante thet’s who he choses to befrend..power an blessings to him.He shows his individualitie an nevre being in a “box” truly an Aquarian soul.He seemes to befrend those who are avant-garde yet also embraces those more traditonal an has a grande hearte an toches even Hollywood’s actors/actresses seen on latest awards..thet kiss between Sandra Bullock an Meryl streep..thinq was in admirations for Adam…an just like Elvis will have a magnifique career in entertainment for many yers to come!!
            So let’s all stay united on thes wonderful fansite an know thet I’ll always be here even if not in written spirit an wish someday to meet those who wishing to visite here in Nevada..Mabe just mabe Adam will have his nom on one of Marquis why not just as Elvis,Michel,Sinatra,Madonna,Cher,Celine…I can see Adam’s in a very glittery spectacular show..tune in an ADam if evre yu read plese thinq abote it alrite monamie tresbeau!!Happy birthday a little early from one aquarian to anothre!!!xoxoJ’etaime toujours Lisette..luv to all glambs !!

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      Adam is at #11 and Kriss is at #1 spot.

      YOU MUST FILL OUT ENTIRE GRID then prss select to send your votes!! Keep voting a lot

      ALSO PLEASE watch Adam videos- evertime one is watched they are logged for MOST POPULAR!

      Also– at VH1 search Adam so he will be most serched star


  2. waveridergal says:

    Love reading this. Can’t wait for part 2! Thanks.

  3. OMG!!!! I am lovin’ this article!!!! My daughter and i weren’t lucky enough to be picked so i’m living the experience through you and Sue!!!
    I can actually feel your excitement!!! I can’t wait for part 2!!!!

    • donna – that’s why we wanted to share! with adam anything seems possible,..dreams can come true when you least expect it! don’t give up hope! Mother daughter teams are a strong force…so stick together & believe!

    • Donna, were you in stand-by line with us?

      • KO's smiling says:

        Olga, was that you who commented on Oprah’s show about conditions in Ukraine? If so, I loved how you handled yourself!

        • yes, that was our Olga girl – speaking as eloquently as our Adam – so articulate, so strong in sticking to her guns…I was super proud of her! AND the cameras loved her!!

  4. AdamRocks! says:

    Jill and Olga, such an exciting story!!! What a magical day that must’ve been. . . you two look SO HAPPY braving the Windy City weather in your winter coats. CAN’T WAIT to read Part II!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  5. So glad you got in to see Adam…and I must say you are 2 pretty ladies….who are having fun…..I loved your #1 article, will be glad to see #2….

    • awwwwwww peggy – thanks for the compliment! pretty comes from within…and all the love we’re surrounded by

  6. adammlamberttlovee says:

    Wow, they’re so lucky they got to see Adam! Can’t wait for part 2!(:

  7. Looks like you are freezing you cute little butts off but we know your hearts are warm with Love for Adam!

    • irena – couldn’t have said it better myself! any of us would have braved the cold for that warmth!! ya know it!!

  8. Jill & Olga, Wow, what are the odds of being invited to a taping of a show, the same day as Adams taping? Your stars were defin. lined up 🙂 So glad you went with your intuitions! Sounds like you
    had the time of your lives………….
    You probably didnt want that day to end, taking in all the Adam you could. Very happy for you.
    You both look fabulous!!!

    • PS, I have to say when Cheryl told you to take a lunch break? ha, take a lunch break hell, no way
      staying right here………… way to miss this chance!!!! I bet your adrenalines were racing a mile a minute. The wait was down to the nitty-gritty with 5 mins left. OMG. oh welllllllllllll, you Did get in.
      Oh so awesome……………….

      • adrenaline pumping 4 sure !! ya right…ya know what we’re talking about – lunch is highly overrated! LOL! hi to the infamous Mary C – love ya sista! you are always hilarious, full of life, energy & your comments always make me laugh – didn’t you ever receive the full original long version of the story from Dianne? it’s fun to finally see everyone’s comments, Olga & I have been dying to be able to share our experience of that day! btw – there are lots of pieces missing – like Olga actually having oranges in her purse that we ate while standing in line – or we might have suffered dehydration!!! thank goodness as Mom’s we carry everything but the kitchen sink in our purses!! love ya!

        • Jill, yes I did read your full version. Loved it!!! I didnt want to mention anything in part 2 yet, till
          everyone gets to read it. Oh, cant wait till part 2 is posted here. I remember when Olga posted, you
          two were in the audience, and I’m like ” tell, paleeeez do tell” I get excited reading about all the fans
          experiences with Adam. I know how you feel, like you’re jumping out of your skin with Happiness!,
          Love and lets not forget the Lust………………….
          Olga and her oranges saved the day for you maybe not passing out, or passing out could have been
          in your best interest, haha. “Send Adam, SOS”
          Thx, Jill lotsaluv right back to you………….

          • ah yes, the lust – you are the princess of the gb! you literally crack me up woman! love ya 2 pieces…yep – the sos 911 angle certainly crossed our minds! it’s amazing how creative we can get with ideas to get closer?! kind of crazy but fun! more l8r

          • ps thanks for keeping the lid on part 2!

          • That is a great idea, we didn’t think of it! But… hey.. we’ll keep it in mind for future use!

  9. Hey JIllibug —

    I love the story and you guys look fabulous. What a great adventure! I am looking forward to ready part 2 —

    • maria b – omg…how did you know?!?! my grandpa gave me the nickname jillibug when i was little & it still has stuck to this day with only my very close intimate friends & family allowed to call me that – so I guess you’re one of them now! lol! we’re all family here – that is what is so cool! thanks for the compliments & so excited you loved the story! hold tight for part 2 🙂

    • omg – could this be my college roomie maria b?!?!? did you sign up just to comment? it just dawned on me that no one else but you could have sent a response using that endearing sentiment?! please do tell! ILY sweetie – what an awesome surprise! I’ll send part 2 link tomorrow…how’s your little Ian?

  10. Dianne Hill says:

    Jill I loved reading this again – yes I did read it again. Everyone is going to love part 2, I was so excited for you and yes I had sent your full story to Mary C and some other close friends from this site, they all loved your story. I am so happy that you sent it to me, thanks again. Can’t wait for any more adventures that you and Olga go on when it comes to seeing Adam, I am sure there will be lots more.

    • thanks dianne! as an aspiring writer – it’s a compliment you did the “re-read”! we hope others have more adventures too – it is so fun to share around the globe miss NZ! thanks for being the go-between so we could touch others with our experience! love, Jill

  11. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Hi Jill and Olga,

    loved your story…can’t wait for part 2. Very lucky and gorgeous ladies…

    Love to both,


  13. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I agree with someone who posted earlier, it would be great if someone used Time For Miracles as a song to appeal for support for Haiti. It seems totally right in terms of theme!

  14. Jill and Olga, what a super great account of Adam’s fans’ firshand experiences.. You wrote with humour and made us feel as if we were right there!! Let’s hope it happens again in your future… we all can hope eh???

    The tours is yet to be for all of us!

    • don’t stop hoping theresa – we never expected to be so lucky…as for the humor, without it that day I’m sure we would have just exploded with all the built up waiting! glad we could take you along for the “ride” & make you feel like you were right there with us!

  15. MY GOSH, Olga and Jill, you are two lovely ladies, and you are also reflecting ADAM’s beauty in your faces. It’s the adrenaline from ADAM EXCITEMENT that’s making you glow and look so happy. Thank you for being there for us, who can’t make it there. We feel your excitement and happiness too. Love you and God bless !

    • dainty – thanks for the compliment – but as I said earlier – beauty shines from within & yes, we were glowing with Adam excitement, combined with a glow that comes from trusting God! love & blessings back at ya!

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    i think for next week this video will be there so remember and vote for fuse and adam 3 video:wwfm,fye,tfm is on top of chart 1,2,3.o vh1.

  17. AdamAddict says:

    Which one is Olga and which one is Jill?You both are so pretty!But again,you guys want to meet Adam so…totally understand.~nodding~I do make over from top to toe if I were you.In my case,need more attention!LOL!Awww,poor me!Hahah!So glad for you 🙂

    • I’m the one with the short & sassy do, & Olga has the beautiful blonde long tressles! thanks adamaddict, but again pretty starts on the inside…you would NOT need a makeover…just let your adam love shine thru…Lord knows he makes us all smile from the inside out!! thank you!

  18. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic for a sec but you guys need to see this.
    ~nosebleed~ Seriously need like 2 dozens of tampons for this one.

    • Thanks, AA! That pic of Adam looking all smoochy was just delish!!! People’s comments on it were so funny! *THUD * LOL!!!

    • Thanks AA, I wanna go party with Adam. Yes share his drinks, we know what he is capable of after a few drinks with the girls……………… Oh Adam get you lips ready, here I cum!!!!!!

      • hey you naughty goddess of the gb!! don’t forget that part!!! but ah – the lips are luscious too! hmmm

        • Jill, you r funny!!!! I can never forget the GB. I’m so ready to go to his concert and watch him give us Every Inch of His Love………… shake it Adam……………….

          • LOVED every inch of his love line at the AI concerts…OMG – couldn’t wait for that part!! can’t wait to see it again in concert!! i too am loving the GB!! later naughty girl!! love ya!

          • omg – can’t believe I just confessed my love of the hot sexy GB?! bless me Father for I have sinned…my last confession was?!?!? LOL!!!

            • haha, Oh well, Father will forgive you, for you are being Honest!!!
              The GB is soo addicting 🙂 I juz love it when Adam is singing and it gets so excited!!!!

              • mary c – i know i’m forgiven – God’s probably up there cheering us on! He wouldn’t have given adam the gift of th gb if not for us to enjoy! besides – i know first hand there could be worst addictions!!! LOL! yep i’m honest like adam to a fault! love ya mary c – have a great day!!

  19. Hi! Jill….I read your story via Dianne. Talk about exciting!!!!! I read it three times in order to soak in every bit of detail. You wrote your story so well…… I also, like Theresa above, felt I was there with you and Olga. I am so happy for you both……an amazing experience !!!. I thank you for sharing your wonderful time with us. And……if I may add…you both look gorgeous with a halo of happiness surrounding you .

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Aussie Yvonne – i love love love that our story is reaching across the globe & touching you all the way in Australia & NZ…it is beyond my comprehension the international impact of our boy Adam, & that we can all connect so positively thru him! I’m especially thrilled that the story has enraptured your interest for a 3 time re-read?!?!? that you were “soaked” in it! thanks for your words, & as for the halo of happiness – we’re by no means angels – LOL! just truly blessed!! love to you & Dianne around the world!!

  20. Yvonne Hi! Have you seen that ADAM will be here in Oz! Originally, it was thought March (and
    still hoping on that one!), but we’re now advised April/May! Dates and venues not yet confirmed
    but keep a look out! We are on tenderhooks here…..ready to fly over if and when needed! It’s
    going to be awesome! I know our friends in NZ are so hoping that they will be included. ADAM
    will be awesome! Great time for Aussie and NZ Glamberts to unite!
    ..And…yes, way to go Jill and Olga!!!!!

    • i’m going to pray extra hard this happens for you guys over there – you’ve been waiting sooooo long & I will tell you this, seeing Adam is worth the wait!! (like you didn’t know – haha!) we’ll anxiously await to hear your stories!!! woohoo for all of you!!!

    • glamaus, just listened to a radio interview, Adam being interviewed by Aussie station.
      He says he cant wait to come down there. Sounded so excited. So hold on, you will be riding high meeting up with his Hotness!!!!!!

      • radio interview I mentioned above 🙂
        Adam, Andy & Adrian

        • Glamaus… they say in OZ….bloody fantastic !!!! I’m jumping around the room with excitement. What great news !!!……

          Mary…..I listened to the radio interview. It was a terriific interview and it was so exciting to hear Adam on Aussie radio.

          If anyone wants to hear it…go to You Tube and then type in…..”Adam Lambert tallks Glee, True Blood his mum….”

          Love, Yvonne(Australia)

  21. Hi, just read the rules about voting on VH-1 and the way I understand it,is that you have to fill in the whole grid if you want to win a t-shirt or the other prizes. It doesn’t say anywhere that the vote won’t count if you only vote for Adam, which I have been doing. Maybe somebody can clarify.
    So happy for you girls that got to see Adam, it is my greatest ambition, hope I make it someday. He owns my heart, but who am I telling? Anxiously waiting for part 2 of Olga and Jills adventure

    • yep – once he’s in he owns your heart – so hold on until it’s over – which we hope is never!! your ambition will be realized some day – don’t give up hope!! love to u Luzia (love your name)

  22. I am green with envy!! What an awesome thing……go to a taping of one show and actually be picked for an Adam taping. That’s like winning the lottery, only better. Can’t wait to read part two. Lucky girls!!

    • yep – totally a LONG SHOT – but by far a million gazillion times better than winning the lottery!! glad you’re enjoying our adventure with us! believe in it happening to you too Carmen!

  23. yep – once he’s in he owns your heart – so hold on until it’s over – which we hope is never!! your ambition will be realized some day – don’t give up hope!! love to u Luzia (love your name)

  24. Wow! Will the Adam excitement ever dissipate? I think not. I love your story so much, Jill. And I eagerly anticipate part 2. I can’t tell you how much joy I am feeling vicariously through yours and Olga’s and Sue and Jess’s experiences. I feel like I was there. I think I was!

    • so very happy mary s you are enjoying our adventure – altho ultra exciting, it can NOT even come close to sue & jess’s face to face personal encounter with adam & we by no means wanted to overshadow her story because it rocks in a galaxy beyond ours!!

      but as our admin dana put it to me, everyone’s experiences are unique, special, & all glambs want to be able to vicariously enjoy the day with us…you were there with us,..all the glambs were!! so indulge with us on the rest of the journey as part 2 unfolds …much love & blessings

      • Jill, Your adventure may seem to pale next to Sue and Jess’s, but the energy does not. There is palpable joy in both your stories, and that is the gift to all of us. I am just so grateful to be a part of it!

        • i’m grateful you’re all part of it too! and graciously humbled by the gift God has given me to express that enery thru words to make you feel as tho you are with us…taking the reader along for the ride! this is my first opp to be “published” per say – so another depth of gratitude to what adam has done for us…my lifelong dream of writing is finally coming to fruition if just this one time having been ultimately inspired by the energy adam exudes! thanks mary for your kind words!! love & hugs

  25. OMG. I just wanted to cry when I read that. Talk about the universe giving more than you wished for.

    • go ahead & cry medley – by all means…love that our story is touching so many! yes, there is no way to explain it except divine intervention – and we are ever truly grateful & blessed!

  26. Lovin the reports of the lucky gals who get to see Adam IRL! Lucky, indeed & all of them such great writers as well. Adam’s glittery personality is such an inspiration to so many talented people! Looking forward to part 2!

    Re: Voting on VH1 Countdown. I have been filling in all the grids with Adam as #1, of course, & just rotating others for the other spots, except I don’t ever put a certain person in the grid at all, if ya know what I mean, and I think you do! So, let’s do this people….he deserves to be #1, even faster than that other guy, who, altho seems nice, is a mediocre singer. Vote often!

    • bobbie – funny how adam is my muse…i’ve been wanting to write forever – it is one of my dreams, but never inspired to do so til now!! amazing how he can fuel our fires in ways we never imagined…glittery is right – ignited with a passion never thought possible! thrilled to take you & all glambs along for the ride…thank you for your compliments. love & blessings

      • Jill, read all the posts and just wanted to add my 2 cents. EXCELLENT WRITING!!! Really appreciated all the details, each and every last crumb! Great story…loved it!! Thanks for sharing!!!

        • i’m humbled by your compliments…but just so tickled pink you are eating up every morsel of the story! thanks for your kind words, & looking forward to hearing your reaction to part2! btw – you are welcome!!!

  27. I am so envious and yet happy for you guys at the same time!!!! OMG, how crazy and fantastic!!!

    • crazy & fantastic no doubt! those are a few adjectives not heard yet…thanks for adding some fun new creative words to describe our journey!!

  28. Patricialemire says:

    I’ve just been sitting here for a while, reading all the posts on this page, and wondering if Adam has even the smallest idea just how many, many people are not just “fans”, but who truly love Adam for being the beautiful, honest, sweet, humble and sexy human being that he truly is?!? May he always be the same as he is now. I sent his dad, Eber, a message a few weeks ago thanking him for being a party to giving this wonderful, beautiful man to the World. He responded with a very humble “Thanks for your kind words.”…this just served to let me know where Adam got his humility.

    • I’m in 100 million percent agreement on your thoughts above…his mom Leila is just as gracious and humble as you’ll see in part 2 of the story – yep, adam had some amazing role models in his parents, but who he is, is not so much something taught, as it is more of an osmosis that was infused in adam over time from having such loving, supportive, humble, gracious, genuine, real, honest & truly special people in his world as he grew up, an environment that allowed him to bloom in to his own – full of character & class! Leila and Eber appear to be a top notch class act all their own – no wonder our boy turned out the way he did!! thank you Eber & Leila – you totally rock!! THANKS for the gift Adam is to us & to the world!

  29. Hi, eveyone! Thanks for writing this great account of the Oprah show and your chance of a lifetime… What does everything think of the If I Had You song? Oprah was just singing along like she had already knew all the words! I personally just LOVE that specific song so much, and hope it is released soon, like WWFM has been. I am so glad our collective excitement is building again! When is the Kradison concert in New York scheduled to happen??

  30. Correction on the grammar in my post above: That she already knew the words!!! My father would roll over in his grave at the mistake in my sentence, so I have to correct this!!

    • vicki – you are adorable with this comment…I’m sure he’d only have partially rolled over before you corrected yourself!! LOL!! too cute…yep, let the excitement continue to build…no clue when the Kradison concert in NY is? guessing it’s the Ryan Seacrest contest one? anyhoo – thanks for your fun post!! btw – I do love love love IIHY song…to hear him sing it live was electric!! 🙂

  31. Jill & Olga,

    It is such a pleasure to hear about your experience.Sharing your joy and excitement with others shows how selfless and caring you both are.It allows us to feel as though we are right there with you. We are touched and filled with emotion…it’s as though we can see every moment of your adventure through your eyes…and it makes us feel special!

    Can’t wait for part 2!

    Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

    • awwww nana you are all special! love that this site brings us all together bound by the same love for adam & excited to take you along for the ride! your words are so kind & again i’m humbled – adam is the epidomy of selflessness & caring – a great example to us all! Love, Jill

  32. Mary aka OhSweetOne says:

    Thanks for all the info and stories. I live in a small town in Montana. I won’t see Adam live, but living through you all is great. So wonderful. Thanks so much. Glambs # 534 Mary aka OhSweetOne

    • Aw, Mary, you’re just a hop skip and a jump from… let’s see…. Spokane, Tacoma, Portland, Salt Lake City? Where there’s a will……….

      I drove three hours to Seattle from Vancouver, flew to Milwaukee, drove five hours with a Glamb to Grand Rapids..

      I realize not everyone can do that, I am retired, but Adam just pulls us toward him. Wait till his tour is set up … you must have friends, family you can bunk in with?

  33. hi,everyone.some info on amazon said that for voting we need just put one video on top20,you dont need to fill whole grid.they said is way was how david cook mv turn anyone know how.

  34. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Guys,
    Got my Entertainment Weekly mag. and WWFM is #6 on their must have list!! Woo Hoo! There is also a little story bout’ him titled “Adam Lambert Gets A Make Under”. It’s just an o.k. story, but at least his name and picture is out there! Gotta love it! (and him!)

  35. Just a reminder that Adam will be on Ellen on Tuesday,
    Jan. 26 singing “Strut”. (Not sure if I’m supposed to
    have a new thread to say this?)
    Also, Adam denied the rumor that he was back with Drake.
    They are still friends, just hanging out.

  36. Hi Jill and Mary C. Do you know what Neil Lambert posted in his website? He said, ” I know the women would like to attack Adam with their vaginas.” LOL. My gosh! Holy cow! Is Neil jealous or something? Doesn’t Neil know that some women are so grateful that Adam help remind them that they still have a vagina, and that it’s also supposed to be for pleasure. LOL Women have now better sex lives because of Adam. He’s like some sex therapist? Maybe and yes. We can expect more, hopefully in the big screen someday.

    • Yes, he came along just at the time when there are so many babyboomer women in the age 50 to 60 group. And as a single woman long past that age I can tell you it’s wonderful to keep your sexuality or perhaps find it agan.LOL Adam has provided the incentive and by following him we keep up our momentum.. haha

      And for those married women, tell your husbands how lucky they are that your libido is alive and well. LOL

    • omg – neil is hilarious & also a great writer – to the point! yep – i’m 44 but adam’s sex appeal has certainly tuned up my libido…thank you adam for making us feel sexy again! seriously daint – what a funny post – you crack me up! can’t wait for mary c to comment in on this?! LOL! love you guys – jill 🙂

    • dainty, HAHA, Neil is sooo funny. We all know because of who is brother is, he is getting his share of Vagina’s……
      Adam a sex therapist? love it, never thought about him having that title! Sure does fit though, I know he has brought lots of pleasure and excitement to my life and my hubby can vouch for that too, hee,hee.

      Cum on Adam, we are on the attack my sweetums” This would make a good poster, Give it up Adam, our V-g’s are ready for the Real Adamgasm……………………..
      Try It You Might Like It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Now this is downright creepy!! I must be psychic! as this has just happened for the third time in 24 hours. Last night while watching a TV movie something made me switch over to one of our music channels, not the one Adam will be on tomorrow, though the studios are in the same building in Toronto.

    There was WWFM for the first time and I didnt know it was even released as a video yet! This evening at 10:28 it was on again. I was online and just turned my head to the side and the MUTE TV screen for some reason, and WWFM was playing again! Since it is a videoflow program I thought I might see it again at 11:28. I was busy with emailing and suddenly at 11:18, felt like switching channels to the other music station, and WWFM was on yet again! 3 for 3 is pretty good IMO! LOL I think it’s in Adam’s honour.






    • oh how ultra exciting for you! adam in toronto!! there were 2 women in line behind us for standby from toronto at oprah so lots of fans up there i know! as for your “timing” on hitting the videos on tv….divine intervention…so cool how you just “felt” like turning channels -wow! fun stuff! meant to be! don’t stop believin dreams do come true! love, Jill 🙂

    • Lisette here..bonmatin all glambs merci to Theresa for always thinqing of me in sending emails..despite not being on here much..all due to illhealth..promise thet’s main an only reason..but am enjoing reading all lovli posts here..An how wonderful for yu an othre Canadian glambs gals thet nous ange Adam visite toi magnificente country!Also special hugs an merci beaucoup for sharing thes heartfelte esperience of a very memoirable day in ones life to trasure for always..Pray thet unjour soon I’ll see Adam be in his concert tour..if ever he does dare to visite here in Nevada..ther’s so many fans an I’d surely adore to meet him somehow..An beliv thet dremes can happen just as both of yu had with Oprah’s show..Take care an will try an post more..PS. by way I av written thes on passe threads too thet Adam an I both aquarian an born day apart..mine es Jan.28th a petit oldre,wiser but tojours feling so very younge at so wante to listen to “Music Agan”..Oh an as I av said countless temes feling thet Adam has been a rai d’lit when ther was much sadness an darkness n loss of parentes to cancer ..An like nous amie Lorrin has send in tweet an emails an I so feel Adam is m’ of le couer,musique an thet can nevre change..blessings to nous sensual an tresbeau Adam..J’etaime toujours LisetteMarie..plese if ever having teme to read our posts..hope yu will indeed thinq of visite to know our city welcomes yu..a citie like many thet nevre sleepes..for sure!!!!bienvenue Adam! xoxoxo!!

  38. Theresa, Ke$ha was just there on that show! Adam tweets with her…I guess they’re friends or like each other or both. Hope our Canadian Adam fans have fun and enjoy up there in Toronto! Great town, by the way. Been there twice, though not in recent years. Sending love from Motown!!! Linda

    • BTW, forgot to tell you what you said about the boomer gals is so true. I like to say that Adam woke up
      the sleeping giant…haha!! I just had my “double nickels” B-day on Friday and it feels good to have my Mojo back! Now I just have to meet someone new to put it to good use! (Got dumped and deserted last summer by the husband of 16 years!) Thank God for Adam! He provided my escape and gave me so much joy with his music and seeing him in the AI tour in August. It gave me something to look forward to all last summer. Had 8th row seats and got his autograph on my tour ticket at the meet and greet.! He was the BEST distraction!!! Linda

      • happy birthday!! yes, distraction, escape, getting mojo back – we can all relate! your husband’s an idiot!! sorry – men don’t get us! LOL! but he doesn’t deserve you!! someone special will come along – just believe that everything happens for a reason – & indulge in the joy & happiness adam & his music gives you in the meantime! praying all goes your way Linda! love, Jill

      • Linda, good for you girl! Love your positivity………… Here’s to you meeting someone to put your Mojo
        in gear. 🙂

    • Ali, I saw where he tweeted Ke$ha about when is she going to ask him to dinner lover””? He is sure the tease when it comes to her…………………..
      I guess they are both in Toronto today.

  39. I am waiting for Pt 2 of Jill and Olga’s fantastic adventure…. waiting, waiting….

    • Lisai – we’re waiting too! suspense is building – hope it’s not anti-climatic for you!! LOL! but I gotta say that if dana & the admins took a weekend off, more power to them – they all have lives outside this site, so we just have to be patient! it will be worth the wait! yep – i’m glued to the site since friday just waiting for the rest of our story to be shared….hoping it is soon! sit tite & relax – it will come I know it! excited you are excited for it tho! love, Jill 🙂

  40. Jill and Olga……so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your excitement and journey to see ADAM.

    Was just wondering….would it be asking too much for you to share what you wrote to Oprah about being ADAM’s biggest fans? I’d love to hear how your magical adventure started!

    Jill, thanks for answering everyone’s comments…you make it so much more loving and personal by doing that!