More Exclusive Photos from The Finale!

Most of you know the Famous Mary C., who is a frequent poster and good friend to us all. For those of you who are new to our site, Mary C. and her sister Sue won tickets to the American Idol finale at the Nokia. Not only that, but during the early morning hours following the finale, Mary and Sue were lucky enough to hang out with Adam and take quite a few photos. I was finally able to meet Mary at the Grand Rapids concert. I stood next to her at the barricades after the concert, kinowing if anyone would get an autograph, she would. My instincts were spot on! Mary and I and all the Adam fans in our group at the barricades got autographs, photos, and even some personal interaction with Adam.

I posted Mary’s finale story and a few of the photos she sent back then in this article.

When I met Mary in Grand Rapids, she had all her finale photos with her, and I asked her to email them to me so all the Glambs could see them. Mary sent the photos to me this past week, so here they are. You can see that Mary and Sue not only saw Adam, but many celebrities and past Idols, including Justin (check out his nails!), Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice, Heather Locklear, Santana, and Mary even had her photo taken with Adam’s father, Eber.

It’s an interesting look back. The morning press session following the finale, as you can see in the photos, was pretty relaxed and devoid of any large crowd. Did any of us know back then what truly was coming? Did Adam know? I doubt it. From what Adam said in his end-of-tour interview, he still doesn’t really grasp why we all go crazy for him. Well, we know, and I’m afraid those days of low-key press events are all in the past. Some people might lament the loss of those quiet days, but it is what it is. Adam is a world-wide star, and we can’t help expressing our love for him in the only ways we know how.

For those of you who don’t know Mary and Sue, Mary is the one in the photos with Eber and Heather, and Sue is the blonde with Adam. Thanks again, Mary, for sharing your photos and your experiences with us!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5






















  1. Not on topic, but…

    I wonder if the SPECIAL EDITION might include the vid and song ‘Time for Miracles’? That would kinda be ‘killing two birds with…’ rather than just promoting that single on its own… it would likely cost a bit more..

    • Special Edition CDs and DVDs always cost more I think. Doesn’t matter…when it comes to Adam, my pocketbook doesn’t play hard to get.

      • Jeanette, thanks for your time on this post. Love how you asked the question, “Did any of us know back then what was truly coming”? Then how Adam still cant understand why we
        all fuss over him. What a sweetheart. What a dream come true for this remarkable man.

        • You’re welcome, Mary! I enjoyed doing it. Yes, he is a sweetheart – never arrogant, never assuming.

          • Thank you both of you, Mary and Jeanette, great closeups… what are the hands for? just for the ‘pleasure of the hands’? or Mary is that your hand too??? knowing you, it is!!

            • Terry, thats funny, I cant take credit for the extra hand in that pic. Not mine (darn)
              Sue took the pic of Adams hands to show his jewelry and I think she was trying to get
              his necklace. He mentioned he loved it, Paula had given it to him after finale.

              • Mary C, Sue, and Jeanette…Thanks sooo much for sharing your photos with us. And, Mary and Sue, I envy you for getting to be with ADAM. Every picture that I see, I think that he’s more handsome than before. I hope that we all can actually meet with ADAM as a group of Glambs who love him.

                • jaberone, I wish that for all the Glambs too. That would be wonderful
                  for everyone to get a meet with him after one of his concerts. Like a private situation.

        • I can remember when I was 14 or 15, met Elvis and spent the day with him. He had the same reaction that Adam has now. He just couldn’t believe we were all crazy for him or his voice and music. He was a little shy and in disbelief. I have not met Adam yet, but that is my dream. He is a remarkable young man with a beautiful voice and God given talent that is just beyond description. I would be very proud to call Adam my son or grandson. He parents should be very proud of him and his love and generosity to others.

          Adam’s personality and sense of humor are added pluses. Even his speaking voice is melodious.

          Adam is a once in a lifetime performer. We had Elvis and now the world has Adam. I hope and pray that Adam can stay grounded and not be used and abused like Elvis. Adam has spent almost his whole preparing for this. It has been a long time coming.

          Did I know way back then that Adam would be this big and what was ahead for him? Yes, I did. One would have to be submerged and in a place with no TV, computer, mags, etc. not to see what was coming for this young man. The handwriting was on the wall the minute he opened his mouth and that voice was heard.

          Thank you all for time, pictures, updates and all you do.

          • Wow Linda, you met Elvis, how wonderful. Here’s to hoping your dream will come true in meeting
            Adam. His parents must beam with joy over what he has accomplished and how he kept it all
            so real and true to himself.

          • Thank Goodness! Finally, someone who was there when Elvis’ legacy first began! I, too, was 15 (Elvis was 19) when I met Elvis. To those of us who were there the FIRST time, we knew the minute Adam opened his mouth to sing, and to talk about himself, that the phenomenon was happening all over again! I know that you must feel like I do, so thrilled to have lived long enough to see this happen twice in our lifetime! Adam is like Elvis in so many ways – his beauty, his smile, his voice, his kindness toward others, etc. – I could go on forever. Some little known facts that tie them together as Gods from the Planet Fierce…Elvis had blonde hair, dyed black, as does Adam – Elvis liked to “play dress up” to quote Adam. Both wore eye makeup, both like a light to the millions of “fireflies” who surround them and love them. Like you, I pray the devils who took Elvis will never even find Adam!

      • lisette here bonmatin an thenks ror adding thes article an photos of mary c’s concert an incontrare with adam an seeing even un with adam’s beau papa here..both his parenters are tresbeau an lovli down-to-earth too..blessings..pardon for not being online much since injurie au type one hande..just to sende grande hugs an luv to all gambs gals,fellows an to see nous ange //adam..merci for taking away pains always..sont an angelique presence dans ma for all of us here on best adam tribute 2nd famille can say from le commence of discovering adm in eary year in his rehearsal tape..knew he was destine to be a grande with estraordinare beauface,hearte,charme,humilitie,kindness,wit,sensualitie,artisry
        an a voix thet nooone can compare to in diverse ranges to singe any musique genre..a rare gift an blessing from above..tojours an angel with toche of mystere always keeping us intrigued,mesmerized,swept away inti his starelit an moonlit..jetaime always.monamie tresbeau…adam,,grande hugs et blessings lisette..bonnuit au main to all glambs too..pain must go now…luv lisettex0x0x0x0

        • AdamAddict says:

          Why you said you meet Elvis once?Now people can guess how old you are!!LOL! Well, who cares,here in Glambville,we all teenagers!Awesome! 😀

  2. OMG, thank you so much MARY C for tkaing these fabulous pictures of that sexy Rock God and bless you Jeanette for putting them on here. Awwwwww he did look so relaxed and that last photo it looked like he was “mugging” for the camera. My Sunday is complete now. 😉

  3. Glambertcraze says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank You I truly needed that.

  4. Wonderful! I cannot even imagine what that night was like, to be there at the Nokia. How blessed you are to be able to look back and have all these wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing these! 🙂

  5. AdamRocks! says:

    GREAT pictures Mary!!! You lucky lady! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

  6. Ladyc9543 says:

    Adam looks WONDERFUL…I would love to meet his parents and tell them what a great job they did. It shows that Adam has a strong family backing. I can’t wait for something… anything….new to be released. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Chris

  7. These pics are great Mary….you are SO LUCKY….up close and personal with our ADAM !!! Lucky you….bet all of us wish we could have been there. I love the pic of you with Eber….very cute!
    Thanks Jeanette for posting them so we can all drooooolllll !!!!
    They sure made by day too !!

    Dee in NJ

  8. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Mary C. HOW LUCKY OF YOU AND SUE. Great karma indeed always. Thank you for sharing with us. Just a tiny little bit jealous….kidding…always in a good way.

    Love you both,

  9. Mary, it is like recording history, you are so lucky to have witnessed the beginning of such a great STAR, even though he was the runner up he looked very happy as if he achieved what he set out to do. Adam looks much happier now, more in charge of his own destiny. I am very grateful to you, Jeanette and others who share their experiences with us. I think when Adam starts his solo tour in the US I will not be able to wait until he visits the UK, I will have to fly over and have the experience of watching one of his performances in person. Maybe get to meet some of my fellow GLAMBS.

    • Mary, Toni has a point in her first few words… I was wondering, do you keep a written account of your ‘adventures’ as a Lambert fan? They are already building up, and there are other benefits of being in the right place at the right time. (other stars in your orbit, and in your photos). You’ve already got the great pics, what about the ‘stories’??


    • Toni, you know that Thursday was the first day of a whole new life for Adam and witnessing all this was so spectacular. I would so love to meet you, I hope we can get together at one of his performances.

      Terry, the only written account I have of my adventures are what I post here and then all the pics of
      course. It really is just being in the right place at the right time. Thinking positive and things flow.
      Also I believe with Adam, moms spirit was totally with us. I dont have the expertise to write stories or
      memoirs, and the time?? I’m can hardly fit in what I want to do in a days time as it is.
      Maybe someday.
      I will give Sue a Hi and Branson!!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and memories with us, Mary! You and your sister were lucky indeed to have been there when. Things will never quite be the some for our Adam so all the more reason to treasure these pictures.


    Glamb #20

  11. You never cease to amaze me, Mary C., with your phenomenal timing and special ability to get close to our beautiful Adam. These kinds of photos are always so interesting, because they capture all of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ excitement and detail we would all miss otherwise. Thanks so much for sharing all of your hard-won (or perhaps in your case, easily won since you have ‘Adam Karma’) photos of this fabulous time at Nokia. I thought you looked pretty darn good, there, miss Mary, with Heather Locklear, one would almost think YOU were the celebrity (and of course, to us, you ARE); then it was rather fascinating to see Adam with a blue AI ‘halo’ behind his head in the 17th photo down; again, it is always marvelous to see how gracious, relaxed, and endearing Adam is with all people; Adam’s strong masculinity is very evident in photo #16, and his patience and accessability are evident in all the photos; the picture with Eber is very good, too, how DID you get him to pose with you?; and finally, does anyone know who the important-looking, tall older gentleman is in photo #8 behind Adam’s left shoulder? I have seen him in another AI shot with that man nearby, and he is very distinguished-looking. Perhaps he is a Nokia spokesman. Well, Mary C., there’s nothing more to be said, you will just have to set out on the road with Adam as his chief photographer, to chronicle his every move on the way to stardom, and of course, you’ll have to be his PR person, too, can’t have it just be a half-way job. You and your sis Sue are the best, it’s no wonder you are famous!

    • Lorrin and all my Glamb family, Thanks for all your kind words. It has been a pleasure to share with you those very memorable days. Adams patience was very evident. Truly gifted.
      I asked Eber to pose with me on Tuesday night after the show, I saw him in the lobby. Very personable man. The taller man in photo 8, was with Adam after Tuesday nights show, outside the Nokia , he would lead him here and there. He watched Adam very closely. Not sure if he is employed by Nokia or AI or who.
      You are all very welcome, so glad you enjoyed. I know you all like to see pics of Adam, I know I do. Cant get enough.

  12. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  13. lorraine #440 says:

    Thank you Mary. I know you are keeping these photos in a special place. so you can always know you knew him from the beginning…… And thank you Jeanette for always knowing how much we treasure these pictures-and never tire of seeing more.
    Glamb # 440

    • lorriane, Thanks and I do keep these pics in a special place. Just today, I picked up the framed and matted picture I had a local business (Michael’s) put together for me. It is beautiful.
      I took the pic of Adam and I (which I was lucky enough for him to autograph when he was in Columbus) and the American Idol show ticket that he autographed for me that special morning in Ca. They centered the picture and the ticket in a black frame, with blue and black matting.
      That will hang on my wall for me to look at and appreciate everyday.

  14. What an exciting adventure! I envy you Mary and Sue. Great pics too! #7 Why do I think of Elvis again? When ADAM sang with Queen, ADAM did a movement that reminded me of Freddy M.. How lucky you girls were to have been there! Thank you for sharing Mary and thank you Jeanette for posting. Jeanette you are a great GLAMB leader, I have a lot of respect for you on how well this site is going. Thank you ADAM and the GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!

    • kimber, pic #7 , isnt he so cute. He was being interviewed after the show and he still waved to his fans.

      • HEY Mary C ! I’m from Marlow, OKlahoma, south of OKC, but closer to Lawton/Ft. Sill. OK teams are OU OK university -Sooners and OSU OKstate -Cowboys. Team letters can be so confusing. I love your pics. I work nightshift at Wal-Mart so it’s off to work, catch ya’ll in the morning! I LOVE YOU ADAM and the GLAMOROUS GLAMBS!!!!!!

        • Bless your heart, you little kimber you, so you work the night shift at Wal-Mart in Oklahoma…well, I’ll be thinking about you all the way out there in the evenings. (I lived in north central Alabama for 10 years, so I know something of the life back there). Sending a handful of sparkly glitter your way in the night hours…love to you tonight..

          • Thanks Lorrin!!! Ifeel so much glittery now. I think you should check out Dana’s new video on the next post, it’s fantastic!!!!!!!!

        • Kimber, I was in an American Walmart three days ago at night, the store is so huge yet so quiet! I used to have nightmarish dreams about being locked in a dept store at night and unable to get out, lost, running all over the departments… ha ha

          Oh, as an ‘expert’ could you tell me, I read somewhere that Walmart carries AI cd’s. Does this mean Adam’s cd will make it to Walmart stores more than likely? Our city finally got a Walmart… after much resistance for years (long story), and I am thrilled as it’s not large but it is a combo store with groceries etc..

          Terry, Vancouver BC

          • Hey Terry! Yes, WM does carry AI cds. right now they have bbice,pickler, and afew others. And I did get my top 10 s8 cd and the top 4 w/ 5 songs at WM and I,ll be looking there at WM for ADAM’s cd, but we also have a Hastings music, movies, and books. So I was planning on ordering ADAM’s cds thru Hastings. BTW, That is a WM supercenter grocery and gm-general merchandise. I love working for WM, they’re reliable, I’ve been told that WM is much bigger$ than Haliburton which is also located there in Duncan,OK, where I work. Go to electronics at WM and keep checking out what they have. It was nice talking to you, thank you for replying. ADAM all the way!!!!!

        • earlzagurl4u says:

          Kimber! It’s a small world after all~~I started at our local Wal-Mart in August 1985, I worked for div. 1 for 3 yrs. until a pharmacy was built and was with the pharmacy until Oct. 2005(during those early 3 yrs. I worked night shift a few times~~} I retired early to take care of my invalid mother. I miss my job and I miss the money. Just wanted to share that with you, and send peace, light and love to you. {Have you seen Adam perform?? I was at the Indy show, and was so close to him at the meetngreet I could see the freckles on his pillow lips!!}

          • Oh,I love that…”pillow lips”! mmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

          • GLAMB#474 kimber says:


        • kimber, thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking about Ohio teams. Yes it is confusing, Ohio,
          Oklahoma??. Working at Walmart, hopefully you’ll get your hands on Adams CD right away
          when they come in, in case you havent preordered it. Then like we mentioned on earlier posts,
          the life size display of him? OMG I can see you running out the door with him. That would be
          awesome if those were available, come on PR people get busy!!!!!!!

  15. Mary C, get out of here! Whaaaaaat, posing with all these celebs and then a pic of Mary Mom and Eber. My sista Glamb, I am so happy for you and for being able to share your and Sue’s awesome experience. Wow, I can imagine that you will cherish those moments as some as the best you have ever had!

    What can I say, “Mary C”, you are a legend! Legend is a term the youngsters (in South Africa) use when someone has a truly awesome experience. Glad to see you managed to keep your tongue in your mouth. You are a beautiful person and so is fitting for you to have had the ‘mother of all Adam experiences’! Lotsaluv and Mmmmmmmmmmmah

    • Thanks Ingrid, Keeping my tongue in mouth was very hard. When Adan & I were in our own bit of
      privacy, it came out, hahahah, LOL.
      MMaahh, back at ya.

  16. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Thanks for sharing! I dont think Justin is wearing nail polish though,think he’s holding a pen,no matter, anyway….:)

  17. nikka/argentina says:

    Looovedd the pictures!!! Thx very much for the sharing!!
    Mom Sue (adoptive lol) your photo with Adam is amazing!! I’m jealous!!


    • It’s like we had our own meet and greet that morning after the finale. If I hadn’t seen the early morning news show, we wouldn’t have even known they were in front of the Nokia. It was about 6:00 AM that morning. We rushed over there and there were only about 10 other people there. What a morning it was! We got to see Adam and Kris eat a rushed breakfast donut and drink. Plus I think they had some kind of sandwich. It was fun just to watch them chew.
      Thanks Sue.

      • Watching ADAM chew would be a turn on!!! 🙂

        • earlzagurl4u says:

          Jaberone! I know whatcha mean!! I have never before in my life cried watching a man eat until that OK! magazine interview (clip on YT) of Adam eating a cupcake! {{Then of course the YT clip of Adam & Drake having lunch and Adam takes BIG bites!} Geez, I love this man,, PLL to all Glambs

  18. Thank you Mary for the GREAT pictures. I love them all.

    What an exciting and incredible time that must have been for you. Memories for a lifetime!

    I met Adam briefly in a line at the barricades in Milwaukee and we spoke for only a minute or so and it was awesome. He is the sweetest thing. I can only imagine what it must have been like to spend some time with him as you did. Lucky girl. Happy for you!

  19. Wonderful photos – just love Adam in his relax moments! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  20. Peggy Glamb#453 says:

    Love the pictures on here this morning…I know how you feel being able to get pictures and spend time with Adam….In all the years I and my daughter have traveled and became friends of some country stars..and a couple of pop rock Thank God for a great husband … Elvis was my favorite, though I don’t ever call him a friend, to me that is someone you really get to know well..
    I think that Adam is the most talented singer , really handsome and going to be a big star…It is fab to see pictures of you or any other Glamb so we can put a face to who is doing the writing..Very lucky women….Keep looking every morning to see what is new…..Just waiting on Adams Album….and walmart does carry Idols cd’s..I got one of Daughtrys there and 2 cd’s of idol with Adam on there….Thanks for the pictures Mary………….

  21. earlzagurl4u says:

    Sue! Mary C. OMG!!,,are you still on cloud 99999 to infinity and beyond!! You both are my heroes. I saw Adam in Indy and I have a perpetual smile on my face,,everyone wants to know what I’ve been up to to be so happy!! Peace, light and love to you both and others in my Glamily,,

  22. To all my Glamb family, Thanks again for all of your comments!
    Peace and Love to all.

  23. Mary C/ Boy oh Boy, if I had known that you had all these pictures, I might have paid you a late night visit, just kidding. WOW to be that close to Adam without a rail between you, I surly would had melted into his arms!!! I am surprise that you didn’t fake a passing out so that he would have to give you mouth to mouth! HeeHee
    Thanks ever so much for sharing these pictures they are great and I am sure that you will treasure them forever!
    So Michael’s fixed you up in the framing dept. I’ve been thinging about getting my signatured RS mag. framed but I need a deeper type frame to handle the mag., so I’ll go to Michaels, thanks for that info also…………..You are so lucky to have meet Adam under these circumstances,,,do you believe it yet?

    • Lee M, you mentioned having only a rail between us and Adam. Did Mary C happen to mention that at one point just after the finale night, we followed Adam as his body guard rushed him around the Nokia grounds and it was then that Mary was up close and personal with Adam and she was hollering for me to take a picture but I couldn’t over get there in time. I was on the other side of a staircase. Adam was waiting patiently for the picture to be taken. Oh well, we got plenty pics.

    • Lee M, you and I and I think there is another Cols girl, should get together soon. We are to close not
      to. So lets plan on it. Go to Michaels, I had them do a custom order, the matting came out so
      great. They would defin. be able to frame up your autographed RS magazine.
      Then you can hang it up and enjoy………………

  24. Helen/Canada says:

    The pics are great. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. This is how I love Adam the best, when he’s so casual and just being himself. I love the candid shots of him. He looks so happy, doesn’t he. You must just pinch yourself when you see these photos, can you believe it’s real and you were actually there!! I am soooooooooooo envious!

  25. Mary,

    Thank you for the photos! I love how he listens so intently to the people who are talking to him. You can see how he sort of leans forward and looks right into their eyes – he doesn’t just let most of it go out into space and just say what ever he wants to say. He really answers the questions he’s asked. What a concept!! What a man! I too am so envious but also so happy for you! Thanks again!

  26. adamismyangel says:

    Jeanette: These are awesome photos!! I love them! I wanted to tell you that I love this site, & I appreciate all the info & pics, etc.!! I am a diehard Adam fanatic, & saw him twice when he was in CT. Hope to talk to you more soon. Thanks again for all you do!!

  27. Penny Curtis says:

    Loved the photo`s thanks