Monte Tweets IIHY Pictures From Video Shoot

@monterrific~ from the If I Had You video. – No sign of babies yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you Monte for these gorgeous photos!!
We will be keeping our fingers crossed for the safe delivery of your twins!!


@adamlambert "If I Had You" mv preview (close-up)  - o.O  *U.... on Twitpic

@adamlambert "If I Had You" mv preview on Twitpic

@UhHuhHerMusic  @Longineu  @Monterrific @adamlambert  @TommyJ... on Twitpic

@adamlambert "If I Had You" mv preview - *U.N.F* OMG LOVE THA... on Twitpic

@adamlambert "If I Had You" mv preview - O.O on Twitpic

@adamlambert "If I Had You" mv preview - "tribal forest rave"... on Twitpic



  1. Princessshakeitup says:

    Is there a look that does NOT work for this man!? Lovin’ the top hat!

    • Darlene says:

      I totally know what you mean. He looks amazing no matter what the style is from head to toe!

      • cookeejar says:

        I think i figured out the cut outs on the sides of Adam’s head. It make it look like he has corn rows leading back to the dreds as shown picture # 5. How cute!
        I just love that man!

  2. tweeterpie says:


  3. On top of his game and then on to the next level, I am sure.
    To infinity and beyond.

  4. Adamisamazing says:

    I like how his first video was on the dark side, second subdued and understated and this one more colorful, lighted and fun. I am looking forward to seeing this video! As others have reminded us, please don’t forget to vote for Adam on VH1s Top 20! I believe if he stays on top for the next two weeks, he will be entered in the VH1s Hall of Fame. He fell from 4 to 7. So, just want to keep the momentum up for Whataya Want From Me until this new fabulous video comes out! Thanks!

  5. To Adanisamazing left a post somewhere else. He’s not on the list, at least not the two times I checked today. Anyone know why??? Can they just take him off, or has he hit the 20 weeks level. WT you know is going on???


      • adamisamazing says:

        He was on the list on my iPhone but not my home computer. Strange, but true. So, please don’t shoot the messenger. Anyway, I have been on the VH1 Web site to get answers. I even opened an account just to post comments regarding this issue. A fellow Glamb on this Web site a while back and information on the VH1 forum indicated that the song has been retired. After 20 weeks, they retire the song. Also, more than anyone else, Adam was #1 five times. If anyone can find a definitive answer regarding this, be my guest. I am just trying to help and my original intention was and is to keep Adam on top of the charts. We’re in this together, folks.

  6. shades of Boy George! I love it ! Can he get any cuter???

    • I always think the answer to your question is no. No way can he get cuter…but then he goes and surprises me. Just keeps getting better.

  7. hey their friend it look like u having a good time there enjoy

  8. ianaleah says:

    Monte is so thoughtful, Adam chooses good friends. I wish him and his family all the blessings of life.

  9. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    Re the babies – Monte tweeted a few hours ago that it was time, Lisa was admitted & being prepped. Then at 2:28am (mtn = 1:28 am Pacific) he tweeted “Monterrific ~ They’re here! ”

    So his twins were born aprox early today, Sunday May 23. And he just tweeted this pic, a few seconds ago

    Big congrats to Monte & Lisa.

  10. Glambertgirl1 says:

    The music video pics remind me of Moulin Rouge for some reason. Is it just me?

  11. Sandra Haxton says:

    So thrilled for Monte & family, have twin grandsons!!