Monte Pittman Speaks About Adam Lambert’s Beg For Mercy

Many of you have heard about the upcoming release of Beg For Mercy and may still be puzzled. This is NOT Adam Lambert’s second album, but something he worked on before American Idol with long-time friend and musical partner, Monte Pittman.

We all know how much Monte cares for Adam and the respect he has for Adam’s vocal ability. Monte has written the following about Beg For Mercy and posted it on his website. It makes it clear how he feels about it. Also check out Monte’s newest album Pain, Love & Destiny at his website.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Since last week’s announcement of the “Beg for Mercy” album, there has been an intense amount of speculation regarding this seemingly mysterious album. There has also been an extreme amount of criticism being slung around at myself and other musicians who were involved with this project. I would like to address this as honestly and as openly as possible, in hopes that I can shed some light on this for those who have until now been left in the dark.

Let me first start by clearing up the differences between “Take One”, “The Paramount Sessions” and “Beg For Mercy.” “Take One” & “The Paramount Sessions” are a group of songs written by a person under the moniker of Dublyn Jones. Steve Sidelnyk, Marcus Brown and myself performed the instrumental portion of those songs, as directed. I was asked if I knew of any good singers to sing on those songs, and since Adam Lambert and I had a band together at the time, we agreed that it would be a great opportunity for Adam, having never played in a band or recorded in a studio before, to sing on the tracks. Who wouldn’t want one of the best singers ever (in my opinion) singing on anything and everything? The whole session was engineered by Malcolm Welsford, the same producer of “Beg For Mercy.” At the time, we were all paid very generously.

The “Beg For Mercy” album contains songs that Adam and I wrote and recorded prior to him entering the “American Idol” competition. It was a collaboration between the two of us. Brian Frasier – Moore played drums; Rickey Pageot & Eric Mayron played keyboards on these recordings. I do not have any control of the release of any of these recordings, and I haven’t had any involvement with these songs since we recorded them. In fact, they have been out of my hands since before Adam completed Season 8 of “American Idol.”

Because we signed all of the associated legal paperwork, they are technically allowed to release it. Additionally, I have had and continue to have no control over the timing of these releases; I couldn’t halt or accelerate them even if I wanted to. All performers make money on all recordings that were played and/or written on.

From a purely artistic standpoint, I must admit that I am proud of this music, after finally hearing clips of these songs again as of last week (hearing finished for the first time here: I still think they’re great songs years later. There is a lot of heart and soul and positive energy that went into this at the time, which I cannot deny. I have always composed and performed music because I love doing so and because I have a true passion for it. It’s in my blood. And when we recorded these songs at the time, we hoped anything we did would be as big as it could possibly be; no limitations. And I’d imagine that would still come through in this music.

I can’t deny that “Beg For Mercy” is something we both put our heart and soul into at the time. However, I’m focused on my new album, “Pain, Love & Destiny”, which was released last week, and Adam is hard at work recording his new album.

With that said, my honest thoughts are that if you like what you hear, you should buy it and support everyone involved with this album. And if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t buy it. As fans, that is your prerogative. However, illegal downloading of any music is wrong any way you look at it.

But I urge you to please not fling any unnecessary negative criticism or anger at any musicians involved with this project. At the end of the day, it’s just music. And music is the reason we’re all here, right?

Thank you for your support and for allowing me to address these rumors. Listen for yourself to the songs and you be the judge.

Monte Pittman

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. ADAMGASMIC says:

    I support all the Monte’s Thoughts and oppinions!!! Maturity and Cold Brain is what we need to deal with this kind of situations.- (When you are an artist and you put your soul everytime you work making music, you cant years later say that your work done is bad).-Love and Lights to Everyone!!.-

    • A Monte or Tommy fan no doubt! I DO NOT support this music & think it’s someone’s way of using Adam’s name to make quick buck! Why didn’t they use Monte’s name/better yet Citizen Vein? Because Adam’s name is the name that sales!(underhanded right there) Timing seems really underhanded too! This is not Adam’s new music & Real ADAM fan’s are NOT going to buy it! We’re waiting for Adam’s new Album coming out in early 2012! If you are an ADAM LAMBERT fan you will NOT buy this BFM crap!!

    • Adam LAmbert has said..He is not in approval of this music being released.

      @adamlambert Adam Lambert
      “It is NOT what I’m currently working on, nor does it reflect my artistic vision. Some folks will do anything to make a buck. Fuck.”

      Monte IS making money off of this and at Adams expense..This is why Adams CD is being DELAYED UNTIL MAYBE MARCH~~ OK. His NEW music can not be released until all the leagal crap is over…Monte is sabotaging Adams career!!
      If you are LOYAL to Adam, you will not buy or support this Beg For Mercy cd, because Adam asked us NOT TO!~ Can you just imagine how frustrating and sick Adam must be to have what he THOUGHT was a loyal friend stab him in the back and support a project that infringes on the release of his new music….ALL FOR MONEY~Knowing very well that Adam has a time factor in getting his music out to the public. Monte only cares about himself and making a quick buck!

      Adam IS NOT TALKING TO MONTE anymore and Monte is going on sites and playing the Victim, which he is not. Adam has been the most loyal friend to Monte and showered him with he does everyone.
      Adam has shown the world who he is…A very kind, giving, non-FIGHTING PEACE MAKER~ and always takes the high road with class.
      A true Adam Fan can not be on both sides her…Monte is SABOTAGING ADAMS CAREER in the worst way..and that is reprehensible!

      • Mikey Coliania says:

        ACTUALLY. You’re wrong.. I have a friend who was on Idol 5 years ago.. And another on Rock Star INXS.. In both of those cases, when they made the show, they were forced to sign over the rights to everything they had ever recorded..

        In one case, before she could appear, the band she was in had to all sign over the music THEY WROTE. Which means, if they didn’t, she couldn’t have continued on. She was strongarmed, as was the band, into giving up the rights to THEIR SONGWRITING… To the record label..

        If Adam truly believes Monty is trying to make a buck, he is blind to how his contract works.. It is not the ARTISTS who decide when albums go out, it is the RECORD LABELS.. They OWN the music. Not the artist.. And my guess is, Adam is pissed that the label released it.

        Look at what happened with Breaking Benjamin.. The lead guy had all his past catalog of unreleased songs put out by his label… And he tried to fight it in court.. They still won and the album went out without his approval..

        Monte, NOR ADAM, has any control over any material in any way.. Jive or whoever holds the rights puts it out as they like.. Artists cannot stop it.. Sorry to say..

        In a nutshell, If Adam is that pissed, he has absolutely no idea how the industry works.. And I highly doubt that.. Until you understand how the industry works, stop flaming people about shit you know NOTHING about.

  2. If it’s good music and everyone that worked on it approves, RELEASE IT, if it is not good music and everyone that worked on it does not approve DON’T RELEASE IT!!!!!!!! Where’s the problem? All these musicians are GREAT and it’s the music we are waiting for, RIGHT!!!!! Adamites, Monteites, etc., 4-ever, Rita & Donna

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Adam is not in approval of releasing this album. Chick his Twitter account. He stated that he was surprised that they were putting this “unfinished” material out. I am saddened by this as well, because people will judge Adam by his earlier work and not by his new vision that he has for his music. I will not be buying this album or the Paramount Sessions’s with Steve Cook either. Adam stated that he does not even know Steve Cooke. These are people trying to cash in on Adam’s success.

  3. glamity58 says:

    I had no intention of buying this music, but I must admit Monte peaks my interest. I don’t think Adam wants us to buy it. Yet, if tons of people buy it, maybe it will keep Adam’s name alive. We have been waiting so long for a new record. I wish someone would tell me if it’s any good or if they think it will hurt him. I will wait for now, but I am curious. Did Monte say that he and Adam will get some money out of this because they wrote the songs?

    • We dont need a bunch of old outdated badly produced demo tracks to keep Adams “name alive” – he’s doing that quite nicely all his own – which is why they’re releasing this now – despite his objections – and why they initially tried to promote it as his “sophomore” album. THEY are taking advantage of Adam’s name being out there. That’s the whole point. As far as money goes, it’s not at all clear that they get much out of this release. Certainly not a lot and the damage being done to Adam because these tracks are so badly produced is far greater than any piddly bit of money he may or may not eventually receive from this. You can listen to the tracks on Youtube for free – you’ll see how bad they are. My guess is had they worked WITH Adam instead of trying to ride his coat-tails and sneak around behind his back and waited till next year to RE-RECORD these tracks in a more contemporary arrangement they would have sounded much better. I can’t even believe how they destroyed Pop Goes the Camera. I mean – what were they thinking? Save your money for his real music and pay him that way if that’s your concern. Monte has already made lots of money of Adam’s fans so I feel no need to support him.

  4. I would think the problem comes down to timing and advertising. Adam has his sophomore album coming out that carries alot of pressure in itself. The new and casual fan will think this is his new music from the way it is being advertised and pushed with press releases & banners on itunes. So when the new/casual fan hears these old bland songs, they won’t give Adam’s new album a chance. As a friend, I would think that Monte would not be on board with it when he knows it will hurt Adam’s sales of his album plus possibily his career. Why would a “friend” do this? I donated to Monte’s kickstarter because of Adam. If I was Madonna or any other star needing a guitarist, would I want to hire someone that has now proven how the almighty $$ means more than friendship & loyalty. If this was Madonna’s old music and this happened, don’t you think she would be a little miffed!

    • oldschool says:

      MADONNA would’VE cum for this ,,just like u & everyone else. WHO wouldn’ want their original COMPOSED song performed by him, recorded with the madonna band to be HEARD by as many people as possible? THIS IS AN ARTIST’S DREAM, VISUALIZATION,for the success of their music to be heard as we evolve in the universe.

      • Umm… That already happened. It’s called “For Your Entertainment”. Adam had a vision and a dream to separate himself from the popstar pack by bringing “glam” back and incorporating it with 70’s rock, contemporary pop, and futuristic sounds with a corresponding image. Adam has been there and done that.

        Now his creativity and talent have conjured NEW dreams and visions for his career. “BEG For Money” DOES NOT articulate those dreams and visions. In fact, it attempts to snatch away all of Adam’s progress, growth and development as an artist and as a BRAND (the VOICE, the style, the image, etc.) and bring it all back down to square one!

        The people who are excited to hear Adam’s involvement with the likes of Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rogers, and PHARRELL “F*ING” WILLIAMS are not checking for the likes of Monte and The Citizen Vein! In fact, after following Adam on Twitter and reading about his new sound and new collabs, the person (the new casual fan, or the uninformed Christmas gifter) that buys “BEG For Money” with current Adam in mind will not only be highly disappointed – THEY WILL BE PISSED!!! And as we’ve all been told and have experienced, FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING! This is NOT the impression Adam wants to give the new fans he and his label want and need so desperately to woo! Growing as an artist can only do so much for your career, Adam has to grow his fan base too – NOT turn them off!

        And NO, “BEG For Money” was NOT recorded with “the madonna band”! Monte is the only Madonna connection, and he is her guitarist – not the entire band.

        And for those thinking “BEG For Money” sounds finished and not a demo, as Adam stated, it’s because the label “updated” the tracks. They didn’t sound that way when Adam recorded them. Also, a recorded track isn’t a MASTERED track! Mastered songs are used for the official release, demos are used as a reference of the song for the actual artist recording the song. ANYONE could have recorded Adam’s songs. And as I remember it, THAT was the intention of the recording sessions to begin with – NOT for Adam to record his debut album! However, now that Adam has put in the grueling, self-depriving, hard work of becoming a big fat successful international star, these creeps want to (LITERALLY) cash in on his name!

        IF they had the intention of doing the right thing, they could have just called it, The Citizen Vein ft. Adam Lambert – “The So&So Recordings”. And then they could have given the background story of the release on the back of the CD cover. What’s so bad about that??? Oh yeah. People (in the know) don’t want “The So&So Recordings”, they want “Trespassing”!

  5. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I wasn’t planning on buying this either, but I have heard the little snippets available and I honestly love the music! Adam sounds terrrific; I have listened to fuzzy Citizen Vein songs on Youtube for a while now and always wished for an album of their music. Well here it is! I am going to buy this as a historical addition to my Adam collection; a step on his road to superstardom! I believe that Adam and Monte will still benefit from the positive attention this album will receive and maybe financially also as songwritiers. Good music is just good music; long live Rock n Roll!

    • Music Lover says:

      I agree- I think that this is Adams passion and music is music. I also believe that adam will make money off of this… but is this all about the money? or about the music? the music and I am in love!

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      I agree! It sounds great and it’s not just pieced together background music like the other “albums” seem to be. I would prefer if it was by “Citizen Vein” or even “Citizen Vein featuring Adam Lambert” or something like that, but I think I’m going to go ahead and buy this one!

    • It sounds awful. Who are you trying to convince here. Anyway – they are available online for free if you MUST have them. Good quality too. This release harms Adam in several ways and congratulations, by purchasing this album you just helped Welsford fund his law suit against Adam. Hope it was worth it.

  6. i admit it, i ordered both, hoping that either album will be better than that disaster take one (which i still haven’t heard all the way through to the bitter end) and you know damned well that when adam’s official album is released i’ll be one of the first on line to get it! he’s an amazing singer. as far as monte is concerned, incredible guitarist and musician. he and adam are perfect together. rock on, guys!

  7. For me I’m of two minds on the purchase of BFM.

    On one hand, Adam has shown his annoyance at the very least, and certainly implied he’d rather the fans didn’t buy it (I’m not aware of any explicit request to that effect, though I could be wrong). Part of me wants to say ‘well, if Adam doesn’t want us to buy it, then I won’t’ & not put $ in the pockets of people who are using Adam’s popularity & actively trying to pass it off as the next official album.

    But that’s not such an easy choice for me. Not even factoring in Monty’s POV, the other hand has me desperately wanting this because I’ve got crappy audio versions of most of these already that i’ve found online and grabbed for my own personal enjoyment, so I already know I like Citizen Vein era songs. But the really big factor for me towards getting it is my hearing – I was deaf as a child but got some of my hearing back, although I’m still quite hearing impaired. I love music, but everyone is mumbly to me. I like songs for their melody, beat etc, primarily, and sometimes i’ll go look up the lyrics if I want to know them, otherwise its all mumble-mumble-mumble-word-mumble-mumble-word-mumble. Some artists more than others, but everyone to at least some degree…. EXCEPT ADAM. I can actually make out the words of the lyrics he sings. Simply put, everything else about the man aside, Being able to hear the words he is singing is a novelty, and is something that has added to the quality of my life. So I like to hear Adam’s voice. If it is Adam singing songs & I already know I like the majority of them, why shouldn’t I get it?

    But I want to make my own decision regarding BFM, so I suppose it will depend on my mood at the time, as to whether my desire for Adam’s voice or my desire not to support people that are using Adam for their own gain is a stronger motivator.

    Right now I am slightly leaning towards getting it. But we’ll see. Finances are always an issue too…

    • wendy jackson says:

      this is for Micki – I am not replying to the sale of this album but to agree with you about the quality of Adam’s voice. I am 60 – yeah I know – where the hell did my life go but I really did not listen to any of the new music. Love Billy Joel (his voice is really great) but he’s in the past. Until American Idol I had not heard a voice like Adam Lambert. The pleasure of just listening to his voice “made me want to listen to music again” really – no pun intended. He has been working since he was 10 in theatre and you can project your voice and not make the sounds he makes. He is truly unique. The only reason he is not king of the world of music is because he is gay. Sad but true, but as the years go on we can still enjoy the sound of his voice. He really beats them all. Adam actually enunciates (hope I did not kill this word with spelling), Enjoy Micki, I agree with you.

  8. lambertina says:

    I believe that Adam, who loves music and has always promoted other artists’ music, must have strong reasons for not supporting the release of his old music!!! It’s so sad to see that there are people who are always trying to take advantage of other people, and I would never support anyone who is trying to use Adam’s name for his/her own benefit! I would love to listen to anything Adam has sung before, but NOT if I know that I will cause Adam more grief than joy! We all know that Adam is a perfectionist in regards to his music, so I have to respect his wish and not buy anything that is released without his approval! Also, it’s a question of principle: we should not encourage greed and allow greedy and dishonest people to win!

  9. When is Adam’s new album due to be released?

  10. Looks like RCA attorney’s were able to take down BFM because it’s not for sale any longer, as of yesterday it was removed from Amazon. That is a shame. They probably should have put Citizen Vein on the CD and not Adam Lambert…which most likely is the legal bone of contention.

    Perhaps they will put it out with Citizen Vein soon. I thought the cuts sounded great.

  11. Hyde Monster says:

    Keep in mind that this album is marketed/promoted solely by a third party label and not by Adam or Monte. No control, means no control of the release by both Adam and Monte. The timing is certainly opportunistic from this third party label, and I can’t imagine Monte wants this out only a week after his new album release. Just doesn’t make sense. Monte is an independent artist and not on a corporate label. He is all of a sudden been thrown in the fire for something out of his control and is now faced with potential album sales competition.

    OK, if Monte and Adam get paid for this older song writing collaboration, so be it. That’s not a bad thing, and good for the both of them. It’s the profits of this third party label that erks me from these old tunes. Yes they signed the rights of these songs way back when, so again, it’s out of Monte & Adam’s control. BUT, this third party label should not be profiting off the shirt tails of Adam with deceptive marketing! Why was this not the Citizen Vein sessions or something like that? I want that, not this (if you know what I mean)!

    As for Adam, I read alot that people think this will hurt his new upcoming album sales. NOT a chance.. This is a small time label promoting on a small time level. Once Adam’s album is out next year, the RCA promo engine will kick in and a full marketing/promo blitz will be on. What’s going on now will only be a distant memory. Bye Bye small time scum label..

    If you want to boycot, this is your choice, but good music is good music. I applaud Monte & Adam for creating cool music, and it doesn’t matter that it was five or so years ago. Adam mentions this work doesn’t reflect his current vision – well, of course it doesn’t! He’s working on his new music and new album.. I don’t read anywhere from Adam that he doesn’t like this older music, only that this doesn’t support his current vision.. At the end of the day, good music will always be, just that, good music.

  12. Monte, please learn to use the pronoun “myself” properly.

  13. I am a huge supporter of Adam, however, perhaps it is he who isn’t being entirely fair to the other musicians who worked hard on Beg for Mercy.They too did work to make money and Monte as well as the rest of the band and yes the producers (they didn’t do this as a philanthropic project) are entitled to success for their hard work just as much as Adam is. Good music is good music and this won’t preclude people from purchasing Adam’s second official album if it’s good.

    • Nonsense. Not fair? How about the entire album is being scammed right now when his sophomore album is supposed to come out and marketed as “ADAM LAMBERT” and not even “the other musicians” or even MENTIONING that it’s old crap that they never even finished. AND sent to RADIO? REALLY? How would you like your kindergarten art work put up in an art gallery years later when you’re having your actual MATURE REAL art being announced? Try making some sense. And of course it will preclude people from buying TRESPASSING because by the time they hear this crap they’ll think ALL of his music is just as bad. And who are you to say it’s “good music”? You haven’t heard it yet either. I’d say you’re no fan of Adam Lambert and most likely that dip Eric Mayron over on Amazon fighting with fans and calling them “granny”. NICE GUY YOU WORKED WITH THERE MONTE!

    • So why havent these other musicians been pushing for it to be released before instead of all sitting around doing nothing for several years until Adam made a name for himself? If it meant that much to them I’m sure they would have been demanding it be released when THEY WERE RECORDING IT somewhere back in the mid 2000s. Not several years later. I’m sure they’ve found other means to bring in an income since then. If they haven’t why should Adam bear the brunt of it. I can’t believe people blaming Adam in this situation. The unfairness is how ADAM is being treated here.

  14. If Adam isn’t being fair to the other musicians why is it being promoted under his name with no mention of anyone else as at the time when he was just the lead singer? I for one can see that it is totally unfair to Adam because they are using his hard work and risk taking etc. Also promoting it under the guise of Adams new music is totally lacking in morality. If it is such great music why didn’t the producer promote it at the time. He didn’t even call them back to finish the work properly. So I am sure my heart doesn’t bleed for the unethical producer in this case. If it had been put out earlier under “Citizen Vein” music in an honest fashion everyone would have benefited. Monte was the band leader and lead guitar and Adam lead singer. This group did not go anywhere so I really can’t see what all the hearts and flowers are about the other musicians. Adam is a solo Artist. The band was just a group for a short while. All of the musicians had other things going on at the time.

  15. Bottom line is they lied and misrepresented this album on their websites, twitter accounts, facebook, press releases etc to give the impression it was Adam’s sophomore album. If they wanted to make money off it they should have released it when Adam and Monte approached them to use their studio and record it all those years ago. At the very LEAST they should have released it over the past year sometime. To wait until the exact month that Adam was originally scheduled to release his REAL music is clearly just being opportunistic at Adam’s expense. To pretend it’s his sophomore release was just plain dishonest and unethical. Sorry, I can’t understand why anyone would be buying this stuff and supporting these snakes. You can get the music online for free if you really want it. There’s absolutely no reason to buy it.

    Had they released it honestly, as a TCV album of songs Adam recorded 5 years ago they would have had Glamberts falling over themselves to buy it. They didn’t. They acted like complete scum. And they are continuing to do so.

    I hope you people who bought the fake album/s are pleased to know your money is now being used to fund a law suit against Adam so these parasites can squeeze even more money out of him. Well done. Let’s just hope they don’t do too much damage with your money.

  16. SheilaGlam says:

    I love Adam and I think he will be way above any of this very soon. His performance last night with Queen was epic! I judge this all by the content and honestly I dont understand why Adam keeps on calling these recordings “demos” when he said himself about Take1 that it was his first opportunity to record in a professional studio (here some tunes so you can make up your own mind) and secondly BFM and Monte..hmm..well, why did he sign the contract in the first place??? I would understand his problems with both products if they were crap, BUT they are not, in my opinion. They are great!! Question is though, why did he have to sign a contract for his own songs and why didnt they involve him with the release?? Many many questions, that we cant answer. How come he was good friends with Welsford and Monte and now this??

  17. I think Terry has put it in a nutshell…Music good. But it is about the dishonest way it was represented as new music by Adam that was and is wrong!!! Shame! Cos if they were honest it probably would have sold gazillions!!!

  18. Maxine Inglis says:

    I will not be buying the BFM album, the company have clearly taken advantage of Adam by using his name after becoming famous knowing that he has a huge following and is about to bring out his sophomore album. I totally understand Adam’s reasons for trying to block any further sales of the BFM album and support him in his decision. As Adam has said, they were simply trying to make a quick buck for themselves, they have no interest in Adam or respect for how hard he has worked to get to where he is today.

    Hopefully this mess will soon be sorted out and hopefully Adam will then be free to move on with his new carreer. It’s unbelievable to think they are taking out a law suit on Adam given their own appalling actions!!

  19. Daffy Doodle says:

    Amazon has offered this to me twice, just again the other day when I thought it had been taken down. This all sounds and looks a little shady to me. They are promoting this music as Adam’s music, not others as Monte has stated. Now they have tied him up in a law suit. I wonder what the cost of friendship is these days?

  20. ADAM had said that his single from his second album would be released in November. Now … due to some ‘legal annoyances’ & other circumstances his single is being delayed. I blame this on this BOGUS album & lawsuit that Welsford has against ADAM. Even IF they get their way … NO TRUE GLAMBERT will buy this album. For my part … it can ROT on the shelves … I’ll find another way to get it .. BUT … I will NOT PAY one cent for ANY of these BOGUS albums … and I HOPE all my fellow Glamberts feel the same as I do!! I’ll wait for ADAM’s second MASTERPIECE no matter how long it takes to be released!! I’m shocked that Monte would have ANYTHING to do with these people … no matter how he disclaims any part in it!! JMO

  21. Monte, when are you going to apologize for your wife’s Twitter rant calling Adam all kinds of awful things and naming him “his Majesty”??

    And you should be giving Adam Lambert the $65,000 you scammed from his fans to put towards his legal bills he’s incurring for your greed.

  22. Monte doesn’t seem to think it’s necessary for the vendors to make clear that this is NOT Adam’s actual new CD. If all the sellers made that clear, I guess I wouldn’t have quite such a problem with it. The music may be fine, but the buyers should be told what they are actually buying. Just seems fair to me.

  23. I will not buy this album because I know Adam doesn’t want us to. I support him so why would I go and buy something that he’s not behind or that’s not working in his bebst interest? That said, I love Monte too and I’m disgusted with how quickly people are not only willing to turn on a person, but spew attacks of hatred in his direction. I don’t support Monte like I do Adam, but I know the kind of man he is. Hell, I’ve had A LOT more one-on-one talking time with Monte than I have Adam… one could say I actually know him better personally than I do Adam so, sorry, but I don’t turn my back on people I’ve come to know and respect that easily.

  24. I purchased Beg For Mercy due to an email solicitation from Amazon. Knowing that Adams 2nd cd was in the works, I just assumed this was it (even tho other sites talked of “Trespassing” and the song “Outlaws of Love”.) Being a LOVER of Adam, I ordered, I recvd, played it and was disappointed overall. Not nearly as refined or lyrically interesting as “‘Entertainment” I’ve been
    anxiously looking for not so favorable reviews. Not happy about that!
    So now I know the real story- thank God! – I was worried that the incredible Adam might suffer some seriously bad feedback on “Beg”- it just isn’t that great and his vocals- altho always wonderful- just don’t shine on the songs..
    Now I just can’t wait for the real deal….and know that it’s gonna ROCK!
    GO Adam! LOVE YOU!

    • One thing I noticed about TCV both in live performances and in studio versions is that generally Adam’s vocals were secondary to Monte’s guitar playing and often you can barely work out what Adam is singing because the instruments are so loud. In live performances he was often literally drowned out – which is some feat considering how strong his vocals are. And the production they did on the album has only made it all sound worse. I think they thought they were “modernising” it but sadly they just made it sound try-hard. That’s what happens when you take dated demo tracks and try to make them into something they’re not. The only good track is Just the way it is. But I wont buy that either. I downloaded it for free. I don’t normally approve of that but in this case I can’t stomach giving Welsford my hard-earned money.

  25. It’s crazy if they thought Lambert’s fans would buy this out-of-date “album” knowing how these sleazy producers are dropping it at the same approximate time as Lambert’s second album. It could have been released later as an historical recording and emphasized it was recorded as a Citizen Vein Band album. But they tried to be clever and, in the process, lost out. Few are buying the thing.

    • Mikey Coliania says:

      again, just so you know, ADAMS LABEL released the damn thing. Not the band.. To release an album with Adam’s name on it, it has to be released by the label..

      Flame the labels.. The idiots who put it out to get something out before Christmas.. THAT is who is guilty.. Not this dude.. The record label..

      That guy probably had to sign over all royalty rights too.. Hes probably not making jack shit on it.

  26. Got this for my bday, Mom thought it was his new album. Not sure what to think, haven’t listened to it. I feel bad that Adam doesn’t approve but I’d feel bad not listening to something my Mom bought me, too.

  27. I got it and have listened to it! It is not that good! Yes Adam sounds fantastic but, the songs are crappy and well! I am very very disappointed! Love Adam but they should not have released this dreaded album!

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      I agree 100%!!! I just got it in a gift exchange situation and I was excited to listen to it, but it sucks! The production is horrible and the songs all sound 1/2 done. I’m not surprised Adam doesn’t want to support this. Yuck.

  28. I heard that Adam was to put out a new album soon. So when I saw this at the record store I thought I was buying Adam’s second album. My friend and I listened to it and thought…. “we so love Adam and this album sucks!?” I couldn’t understand it. I said he is so good and this isn’t the kind of music I would expect from him. I honestly didn’t like the album. I felt bad because he has so much talent and this album doesn’t show off his voice. The instruments drown out the voice. Now I just saw an article on Adam and he announce his album to come out in March of next year. What!? I grabbed my cd and google it and found out that I’ve been taken! What a bunch of crap. No wonder the cover wasn’t becoming. Shame on you.

  29. i havent listened to this song. but i think it wouid be amazing like the other masterpieses of (adam lambert) kisssssssssssssssssssssssss

  30. So that’s what happened between Monte and Adam. I knew something happened, but I didn’t know what. When I saw that Monte was no longer in his band, I started searching the Internet.

    One of the reasons Adam doesn’t sound like himself was that he was told to sound like someone else. I saw that on a YouTube video. He didn’t say who he was trying to sound like. Crazy, huh?

  31. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Uh, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Steve, Brian & Monte are all in Madonna’s band. It’s a little strange you’re lying about it.

    Further, before ANYONE gave Adam a chance, Monte did & believed in him (& probably still does).

    People are missing the point that ADAM WILLINGLY SIGNED THIS RECORDING CONTRACT FOR THIS MATERIAL TO BE RELEASED. & now, the label is releasing it. It happens all the time with artists.

    Further, Monte has NO control over the release of this, as he’s not the record label. He’s making money off of it just like Adam is.

  32. tess4ADAM says:

    If Monte was so ‘innocent’ in all this … WHY have he & ADAM & ADAM’s family all stopped following each other on Twitter? AND … why when ADAM was asked if Monte was going to continue with the band did ADAM reply … That bridge has been burned? Doesn’t sound to me like Monte wasn’t also culpable in this ridiculous matter … if Monte was a true friend of ADAM’s he would have stood WITH him side by side instead of telling everyone to BUY the album … Would you if someone was going against YOUR best friend’s wishes?? I know we’ll never really know what went down between ADAM & Monte but it certainly looks suspicious to ADAM’s fans. Now that this lawsuit has been resolved we’ll see how many BFM albums actually get sold!! Time will tell!! My MONEY is on TRESPASSING only … got the other songs I wanted from BFM … FREE!!

  33. I have this album, when I bought it I thought it was his new album so I didn’t think to much about it, but the songs are great and his voice is incredible so I don’t see the problem. THIS IS GREAT MUSIC. But putting it out there without Adams approvel is ofc wrong.