Mixed Bag…

***Updated with Oprah Promo Clip!***If you thought I was on a hiatus…NOT!  I have been madly trying to organize, direct, produce, and edit the birthday video that many of you submitted photos for.  Of course, with help from my Glamb sistas – but it has been a BIG job that I didn’t even know I was going to have (long story) until almost the last minute.  So, it is nearly finished and ready for the “big reveal” a day or two before Adam’s birthday.  Stay tuned!  It is quite catchy, if I do say so myself.

In other news, if you missed the deadline for submitting your FYE drink recipes, there is still time!  I won’t have time to organize them for judging until I am finished with the video.  So, you can read the details here, and submit recipes to FYERecipes@glambs.org through January 25th.

Finally, check out and join a Glamb group in your area, or start a new one:  http://www.glambs.org/InternationalLinks.html

And…be sure to set your TV recorder for Adam’s interview and performance on Oprah on Tuesday.  You may be more surprised than you think!  🙂

Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Cathy Glamb#570 says:

    Glad to know that you didn’t disappear on us! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    IndieChick seems to be missing in action too. Was she helping you out with the birthday project?

    • Dana..merci for posting thes article an subject re: video for Adam’s birthday..arh I av been missing too long..where an how can I send a photo?If so ma twitter thinq yu have here is LisetteAngel or email is bellini28@gmail.com..plz let me know.Lovli an wonderful idea for glambs gals/fellows to show ther support an special birthday greetings for nous ange Adam..I av come cross one on youtube from anothre Adam fanclub an had montage with his songes an his fans in still pics..thout was a lovli notion.Blessings an luv to all glambs an yu always Dana!Im so trying to find bettre health thes yer so managing to keep energie to post here..But please know even if Im non feling strong enough to post,I’ll always be part of thes very wonderful Adam fan tribute site..seeing such very beautiful an caring people..like an extended famille of amies for our beau,sensual an talented Adam..J’etaime toujours..Lisettexoxo!!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Indie Chick moved to a place with no internet and has been struggling to get internet access established. Hopefully she’ll be back with us soon!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      By the way… look at the “mother daugher VIP surprise” at 0:28 in the video above. That is one of our very own Glamb leaders and her daughter!!! She’s not allowed to spill the beans on what exactly happened until the show airs (and she has to get it approved by Oprah’s management), but she’s preparing an article now so we should get the inside scoop!!!

      I don’t think I’m giving too much away since she’s actually on National TV promos now!

  2. Welcome back Dana! I’m anxious to see the birthday video. Sounds really fun!

  3. Does anyone know how the open house party turned out? Was he invited back the next week and did everyone behave? Just wondering, hadn’t heard.

  4. Dana – what happened to Jeannette? She’s been gone for along time. Maybe you all know where she is but I missed it. Just curious.

    • I was wondering about Jeannette also. Miss her; update us please? Jeannette come back!

    • Hi JP & Mary-Ellen,
      Unfortunately, the AMA show was too much of a conflict for Jeanette. She chose to focus on her business instead of continuing to support an Adam that surprised her with his behavior. We hope after the dust has settled and the AMAs have been forgotten, that she will come back to us . . . and you! We have let her know she will always be welcome and the door is open. Thank you for caring and thank you for continuing to support our web site with your participation.
      Carol, author

  5. Dana….we were wondering what you were up to???? WELCOME BACK….can’t wait to see ADAM’s BIRTHDAY VIDEO…..

  6. glad your back !!! you work so hard at this, keeping every thing up to date !!!! THANK-YOU!!

  7. Patricia (rose1) says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, Dana.
    Didn’t get my photo in on time but glad Adam will receive such a beautiful gift.

  8. Dana- I rarely post but I’m always here. Love the unconditional Adam love and mutual madness for him. Thanks for all you do.

    I believe Jeanette was disappointed in Adam’s AMA performance, which she had gone to see, and ceased to be his fan. I know my friend who went to his tour with me this summer stopped being his fan after that. I think Adam is to be forgiven for 1 bad performance/judgement in a year of breath- taking entertainment. And of course it would be on the biggest stage of his career-Adam never does anything half way, even goof up!

    Anyway, I think there are a lot of unofficial Glambs like me who peruse these pages. You all are my kind of people. Again, thank-you Dana for all of your hard, unwavering work!

    • I too enjoyed Jeanette’s postings and have been keeping an eye out to see if she would return. She always seemed to be an intelligent and savvy fan which is why I am surprised to read that she became disillusioned with Adam’s AMA performance.

      What are you kidding me? How did that performance surprise anyone? Especially, Jeanette who seemed to be up on all things Adam. He is outrageously delicious and has always been so. He is very astute when it comes to marketing himself and let’s face it, has anyone stopped talking about his AMA appearance? Those few short minutes on the AMA stage have kept Adam in the spotlight – which is where he belongs! He is a HOOT!!!!!

      BTW, did y’all see the full on kiss that Sandra Bullock gave Meryl Streep at the Critic’s Choice Awards? – I interpreted that as a show of support for our boy!

      • Star, you & me both………..Oh yeh, Sandra is really cool, loved that kiss she gave Meryl!
        Nothing but support for Adam! The camera spotted on Sandra when Adam was presenting and she had a big smile on her face & also she glanced over at the young boy next to her.
        Love Sandra and Love…………….Adam………………..

      • Star
        I am so pleased that someone has the nerve to speak up like you just did. Can you say hypocrite? For goodness sake, which one of us didn’t see every steamy picture of Adam that we dug out of every nook and cranny of the internet. Did we see him at Burning Man (not exactly a boy scout camp), dancing in clubs, kissing his boyfriends. Did we laugh about the whips, cuffs and sex toys thrown on stage. Were we a twitter about the “glambulge” and sexy moves. How about Kradam Fantacies? Anyone indulge in them? How about “The Lifestyle” Adam has lived for the past 8 years.

        While Jeanette was fun to read and many people miss her, there probably are many that will jump down her throat if she ever returns. While I may sound like one, I would never do that but I know others that would.

        I love all things Adam and have a great deal of respect for him…JUST THE WAY HE IS. I was extremely unhappy and scared for him after the AMA’s because I knew immediately that there would be a negative reaction. However, even I didn’t think the kiss was going to be a problem and I saw it on the east coast. There is no denying that that performance was a shock to many. However, we are his fans because we admire the “total package”. Adam does not need fair weather fans. He deserves fans that love and respect him and or his music. If you can’t handle what he’s bout to do… stay with the Disney Channel.

        • Medley, well stated! I, myself was ashamed of him for that AMA performance but on the same hand scare for him that his first nat’l introduction probably turned off a lot of people….but I am a Adam Fan and will stand behind him through thick & thin….just hoping he keeps his “underground” life style/performances underground!!!! Adam has the potential to be an entertainer on the same level as Elvis was…to reach all generations….I would love for him to choose that direction but if he wants to be an “underground” performer, that’s good too….just limits his audience, fame & $….

    • First of all, Jeanette was with me at the AMA’s, and I cannot stand to see her criticized. I consider her a friend. Just because she is not on this site anymore does not mean she is not a fan. She and correspond regularly about Adam-stuff, and I recently sent her a DVD of his stuff.

      Jeanette is a published author and was wrapped up in finishing her latest book for her publisher. Please cut her some slack and just be grateful for the months of sheer entertainment she brought to us all.

      • LolaGlamb says:

        Thanks for clarifying Jeanette’s position, Songwriter. I’m relieved she still considers herself his fan. It’s hard for me to understand how someone could not give Adam another chance. I’m working on my friend and my sister, but its a hard sell. Like Marg, I will support Adam whichever road he chooses to travel, but if he chooses the more underground avenue, it will diminish his potential prospects.

      • LolaGlamb says:

        Thanks for clarifying Jeanette’s position, Songwriter. I’m relieved she still considers herself his fan. It’s hard for me to understand how someone could not give Adam another chance. I’m working on my friend and my sister, but its a hard sell. Like Marg, I will support Adam whichever road he chooses to travel, but if he chooses the more underground route, it will diminish his potential fanbase.

      • Several ladies I work with have been Adam fans from the beginning while I didn’t watch until ROF. Once I saw the vidio, I had to see everything Adam had done and therefore was somewhat prepared for the AMAs. One of the ladies was very angry and declared she was not longer a fan of Adam. I totally left her alone on all things Adam while I talked with other fans. Eventually, after he had been on several shows singing WWFM she started back in on the discussions. She was an angry and disillusioned fan for a time but who can stay away from the enigmatic Adam. Once he has your heart…Just sayin’.

      • Lack of communication is how rumors get started. The coincidence of Jeanette deciding not to post anymore right after the AMA’s has very naturally led to the story of her disillusionment. We are fans of Adam and we were fans of Jeanette…..it would have been nice if she could have taken five minutes away from her latest book to let us know why she was going to pull this disappearing act – not even so much for us but for Adam. Did she not consider that her abandonment of this site could reflect negatively on him?

        Nonetheless Jeanette, I wish you much good luck on your new book!

  9. i hope oprah’s site doesn’t crash with all of the viewers watching adam this tues. what a love he is.

  10. Thanks Carol and LolaGlamb for the Jeannette update. I kind of thought that might be the case but I found it a little hard to believe that someone so crazy about the guy could abandon him over one performance…..

  11. Thank you Dana and everyone else for your work with the birthday project! Cant´t wait for the final video.
    I too had very mixed thoughts about Adam after the AMA´s, and it meant several hours of hard thinking. Result was that I am still a fan, even more than before AMA´s, I just love that man!

  12. OMG, I was excited to see Oprah’s show before, but after seeing that teaser….now I cannot wait!
    I can’t imagine being Sue or her daughter, and having ADAM walk through that door! ADAM looks better than ever (and he always looks better than ever) and he amazes me always!

    This show will be such a wonderful promo for ADAM…people will see him as all of his faithful fans do……absolutely charming, loving, fun, sexy, magnificent, talented, handsome SUPERSTAR!!!

  13. lovemyadam says:

    HI guys!!!
    It’s me, Sue. I CANNOT even begin to explain my last week. You guys are going to absolutely LOVE this interview. Oprah was so excited about him!! Please ignore my freak out, but we really HAD NO IDEA that that was going to happen. You always wonder how those people can really be soo surprised… now I know and sadly that’s the part they love to show, haha. I will have plenty to share, I promise!!! XO

    • Sue…I’m soooo happy for you and can’t wait to hear your story!!!! It’s got to be so hard not to be able to talk about it yet!

      • AdamAddict says:

        lovemyadam,YES I KNOW U SUE,who can forget that username?My Adam?Yeah right~rolling eyes~ LOL! BTW,plz tell me one thing,DID OPRAH MAKE ADAM CRY?Did she? Imma waiting here……..Can’t wait!!!Oh and,so glad for you 🙂

        • lovemyadam says:

          HAHA, he was MINE for a day!! Actually OURS!! NOPE no crying, just him in all his beautiful glory. Oprah loved him… really loved him. Driving me crazy keeping it to myself….

          • LolaGlamb says:

            Well Sue, you better get ready to explain to us your past week. Don’t let us down! I’m so happy Oprah loved him-I want everyone to love him, because he is so wonderful!

            • lovemyadam says:

              I am sooo ready, but I have to wait for approval. My first post is officially with them so i’m waiting for the green light!!

              • KO's smiling says:

                If you got to kiss him, I’ll cry from jealousy. Otherwise, I think I can be happy/excited for you! And proud to be a Glamb, too!

                • lovemyadam says:

                  I’m safe then, no kissing… Just lots of sweet hugs and even better touchy feely moments…YOU SHOULD BE PROUD, WE GLAMBS ARE AWESOME!!!

  14. Glamb #470 says:

    I miss Jeannette, as she sent me some wonderful CD’s of the one and only “Adam”, but it was a shock, jaw-dropping AMA performance – but I am now a bigger fan than ever. Everyone gets crazy and makes a mistake (it just happened to be his first major break) on national tv, but, oh well…..He is beautiful and talented and my husband and I love him, we’ve both seen him in person. Look forward to a great year. Jeannette, come back!!

  15. hi dana
    i sent an email for the fansite as well hope you guyz get it
    will you be posting the oprah show on here as we wont get to see it for at least 6 months on tv?
    i hope someone will
    congrats Sue on getting Adam for a day….we can all wish lol

  16. I’m sure that in amongst Jeanettes disappearance there were other personal reasons. This site takes a lot of time to administer properly. To update and troll the net for new info then write about it takes time and energy.

    Life suffers and sometimes space needs to be made to re establish priorities and ones self. Jeanette needed and deserved a break as well.

    We can hope that she’ll be back sometime in the future if not as an author or administrator but as a family member welcomed back into the fold.

  17. GlambChop says:

    OMG! Sue, I absolutely cannot wait to see the show on Tuesday and read your story afterward! How totally awesome and amazing! Congratulations to you and your daughter! (Don’t know how you’re able to keep quiet about it. You must be dying to tell everyone!) I met and spoke with Adam ever so briefly in NYC at the Early Show in November and he just mesmerized me! You must be in heaven!

    Dana, I am so looking forward to seeing the birthday video! I hope you were able to use my pic in it, too, for Adam. It’s going to be so great!


    GlambChop – #289

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you SOOO much!!
      It is killing me to keep quiet, believe me… my daughter and I just keep going over it and over it…. we wrote everything down so we wouldn’t forget anything!! There was sooo much to remember and we were afraid we might forget the little things.
      Congrats to you for snagging him as well. He is ABSOLUTELY as wonderful as we all think he is and then some.
      For that 2 day period, Heaven was here on Earth.

    • GlambChop says:

      Oops! Just need to correct my Glamb #. It’s 279 (not 289) — my finger slipped when I typed it.

      Can’t wait for your full report Sue! This is so exciting!!!

  18. Dana, cant thank you enough for posting new threads. A lot of us were thinking this site was trying to diminish itself. This has always been the best place to post and share our Love & Lust for Adam.
    Thanks again for all your hard work and to all the other moderators as well.

    Sue, you go girl, I dont believe you are off your cloud 9 yet. What a day you must of had with Adam.
    Cant wait for your post! 🙂
    I dont know how you can sleep at night with all the excitement going through your bloodstream.
    Then again, you must have the best of dreams!!
    So happy for you & Jesse!

    • lovemyadam says:

      To be honest, I haven’t had a full nights rest since this whole thing began. My system has been jarred!! Those 2 days were surreal.
      Thank you all for being sooo excited for us…

  19. Sue, the mother-daughter vip surprise,,,,,,,,,,,You had to have flown out of your seat!!!! OMG. Look at Adams smile on his face, jesus, god, bet you wanted to grab and hug him for dear life!!!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Sadly, looking at the promo…yep that’s me flying out of my seat, hahahaha. Wait til you see the whole thing, you will all have this newfound love for him!
      My favorite part of that IS HIM!! Look how excited he is… ridiculous, huh?

      • Sue, oh no not ridiculous at all, love it! Tuesday wont roll around fast enough. I dont know how much more I can luv the guy! Its to the max. already. His smiling face and look of excitement, I know that is embedded on your eyeballs 24/7!

        • Sue I hope that they give you all the footage that relates to your time with Adam….
          You are so lucky…



  21. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Star,
    Love your description,,,outrageously delicious!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!

  22. How lucky can they be to be with Adam! Awesome!

    • lovemyadam says:

      We have asked ourselves the same question many, many times. Still we have no answer other than the planets definitely lined up for us…

  23. I don,t post alot either but i am always on this sight.I think my Glamb # is 436.I can’t wait to see Oprah.He is such a dollbaby.WoW the total package.I could never stop being a fan after one incident.Was I shocked.A little.He tried to push the envelope a little and I don’t know if it backfired or not.Good or bad he sure got everyone talking.Harvey Levin of TMZ said it was the smartest move Adam could have done because it has kept himin the limelight.And boy did it.He has been on almost every talk show there is.He’s not going away.I cant wait to see him on tour.He is the most beautiful man I ever saw with the most beautiful voice I ever heard.Sue you are one luckey woman.Ican’t wait to see him in person.

  24. Just to let you all know I just bought another FYE CD to we can give him a Gold CD for his birthday. Let’s all do it !!!!! Show how much we love him…

  25. Opps my fingers slipped I wanted to say SO we can give him a Gold CD for his birthday.

  26. A wonderful yet sad video has been made incorporating Adam’s TFM with scenes of the devastation in Haiti, and a plea for donations: