Memphis American Idol Summer Concert: Heat, Heart & Hope





Our own Glambs Fan Club Leader Courtney gives us the following post-concert report:

If you read my pre-concert blurb, you all know how absolutely psyched I was to attend the AI Tour in Memphis, and I found out the night before, like many of you, that the Idols wouldn’t be signing after the show. Since I was traveling with my mother, who bought the tickets (thanks, Mom!), and we were planning to meet up with a friend of hers before the concert, I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to get to the pre-show signing. However, mom pulled through and had us leaving early to attend the early signing.

We arrived at 1:55 PM and to our amazement, the buses were right behind us as we turned around to get parking. So Mom pulled up and had me ask one of the crew where the Idols would be coming out for signing. Of course, it had to be on the opposite side of the building. I went ahead to the signing area while mom parked the car, just in case the Idols came out right away. When I saw the crowd surrounding the barricades, I thought, “Well, this won’t be too bad, there aren’t that many people here.” But by the time the Idols surfaced from the Fed-Ex Forum, there had to be at least three hundred people fighting their way to the front. All of this at the pre-signing, too. Mother, meanwhile, had gotten a copy of the tour book and a pre-signed copy of Adam’s photo.

The Idols came out slowly, three of them at first. Matt and Michael exited from our side and Danny from the opposite side. They all seemed nice and cordial as they signed, hugged, and pictured their way down the barricades. Since I was too far from the front and far too invested in Adam to get their autographs, I remained behind the others waiting for The Man to arrive. However, secruity wouldn’t let another wave of Idols sign until the first three had left and while Matt and Danny had long finished their rounds, Michael had just gotten half-way through. So we waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, Michael re-entered the Forum and we watched for the next three Idols to come out.

Another twenty minutes passed and secruity asked us to move away so they could take down the barriers. No Adam? We were shocked. Surely since they wouldn’t be signing afterwards, they could give the Idols a little longer before the concert. Alas, we were not to be appeased, even though the early Memphis crowd cheered for Adam quite often throughout the hour and a half since I had gotten there. We even cheered for one of the crew guys when he came out of the building (and did it several times, in fact. The crew never gets enough appreciation.).

So, sullenly, I decided to wait in front of the Forum until the doors opened at six. It was then 3:30 and it would be a very long wait. Mother went to take our bags to the hotel and get cleaned up, but dropped off my director’s chair on the way, so that I wouldn’t have to stand the two and a half hours left in high heeled leather boots. While waiting, I met several excellent Adam fans (and I apologize for forgetting your names, you were all wonderful), and had many people wanting to see my posters (Yes, I’m preening a little. But hey, I’m a teen, that’s what we do!). Around 5:30, the security guys started lining us up in front of the doors and I had still not seen Adam, despite the Meet and Greeters coming and going with autographs from the entire Top 10. The main guy who was lining us up had been watching me the whole time I was waiting and had decided that even though I wasn’t the first in a line, I should be, since I had been there so long. (Dude, whoever you are, thank you! You’re awesome!) So when Mom dropped by, she was able to join me at the front. There was a small hiccup when our door was opened a little early and we were ushered inside only to be shoved back out, but it all ended up okay and the momentary air conditioning was bliss.

After we got inside for real, I was escorted to drop off my chair at Guest Services (thanks again, Security guy, you rock!), and we bought four bottles of water, not realizing that, apparently, we can’t have the caps for some bizarre health reason. Though after sitting and standing in the sun for four hours, I really needed some water, so I guzzled down the first bottle and we headed up to our seats on the Club level. And we had great seats! Second row of the club level, four chairs in, and I could clearly see the stage from where I was sitting. Next to us sat a very nice woman and her grandson, both huge Adam and Allison fans, and we got on quite well while we waited (yet again) for the show to start.

All of the Idols were improved from their time on the show, and even Megan got me to like one of her songs. Matt’s piano playing was amazing and if Adam hadn’t been there, Matt would have stolen the show for me. However, I won’t bore any of you (and hopefully I haven’t already done so) with the boring details that you’ve all read about the “other 9”. For WLL, I took a couple of pictures and then stood happily watching The Man perform, but at the end, I just couldn’t stay there, I had to move to the balcony with the tiny panels of plexi-glass and show off my sign while I watched with a much better view. (Of course, being where I was, I was slightly lit when the stage lights went out and can only hope that Adam saw me and/or my sign.) The rest of Adam’s set is foggy in my mind. I remember watching him perform and seeing his amazing dance moves and the high-flying vocal techniques, but I remember it as though it was just a dream that is so quickly fading from my mind. When Adam got to the Bowie Medley, I thought, “Wait, he can’t be almost over already! He just got warmed up!” Yet, all too soon, it was over and Adam sunk into the floor only to come out for the final group numbers.

After the show, I rushed to the lobby, knowing that they wouldn’t be signing afterwards, but hoping that they would anyway. No luck, though plenty of people commented on my signs, saying that they had seen them before the show or admiring them as they walked by. I stayed until security asked us to leave and by that time, I had long past known that the Idols would be leaving as quickly as they could in order to catch their flight and, likely, that I might have already missed them.

So, I didn’t get to meet Adam, and I have no autograph to show off for going to the concert, but I do have some really wonderful material for both this article and the letter that I am sending to Adam, asking for his autograph, though it won’t be the same as getting it in person. The concert wasn’t what I expected, and the fact that I can’t remember much of what I looked forward to most might account for that, but I could not be happier to have gone. The heat was sweltering, the Heart of the show was adamazing, and I hope that one day I can meet the real Adam.

~~Jeanette on behalf of Courtney


  1. I still wish I knew an address to send something to Adam for his birthday. Anyone have an address?

    • i want to send him a letter, that would be cool for him i guess to get a letter from a fan in Australia 🙂


      c/o 19 ENTERTAINMENT
      8560 SUNSET BLVD
      STE. 900
      CA 90069

      Good luck, and I recommend you wait till near the tour’s end as he likely won’t be getting any mail while travelling.

      • Lisette here..Thenks too Theresa..I had inquire on passe articles in regardes to place to write Adam an contente yu av thes address,merci!An I was actual writing now av realize too to a poser after Adam espress on his fellow Idolmates twitter thet his accounte was compromise an even his official Myspace/facebook was now being run by managment.An oui agree thet Adam being ontour across US never can av time for mail..c’est lavie.An regarde to gifts l’gal below..I av alway hearde Adam has reciv lovli things from am bit confuse to one’s commente..Neverless I’ll be overjoie to send a petit note an j’espere someday it can even be opene by Adam an non an agent au manager..given I was involve once with a Welsh vocaliste fanpage an mail,etc..Bonwishes an hugs Theresa!An angel blessings for Adam..bisous Lisettexoxo!

    • Hope you are just thinking of a note or card because Adam has emphasized he does NOT want gifts.

      • I saw Adam in an interview talking about all the nice gifts he has received from fans. A lot was jewelry, belt buckles, even his favorite cologne. He did not say that he did not want any more gifts. He did say that his favorite things were handmade cards kids sent him, and he held one up to show. He said they were so prescious. Of course, Adam does not want to give any impression that he WANTS gifts, and I’m sure he can ‘buy’ anything he wants, but he most definately loves everything his fans send them, be gifts or handmade cards w/the words, ” I love you, Adam” like the one he showed. I don’t ever want to give the impression that I am trying to tell well-intentioned adults what they can and cannot do for Adam! That would just be too presumptious (sp) of me. I think others should refrain from acting like they are in charge of anything Adam! If you are someone who seems to think you have any right to tell Adam fans what they should or should not do, you’re NOT!!!

  2. hi there, u can give ur gift or stuff need to be sign thru security guard or ask kris to give it to adam u can do that. il fidn adams address soon.

  3. AllStarMe says:

    They usually don’t let you have the caps to water bottles so you can’t throw full bottles at people onstage. I hope I sot near nice people for my show too.

  4. Theresa, I saw the post you left me today, 7-31 on the TOURING AND STAYING HEALTHY site. I left you a ‘reply’, and just wanted to let you know. It’s on that site allmost at the end re something I said about Kris and Adam,,,,etc. So, check it out when you get a chance!

    • Bonmatin Cheryl hope yu’re fine! An seeing yu here agan hope yu av read thet reply to yur lovli note also re: angels an why I feel so strongly (l’page on touring an staying Healthy one,an never would ignore such a complementary an sweet one cher amie!)hugs Lisette. Difficile to beliv today is August 1st an summer halfway thru..J’espere somehow to still attend concerte in last end of AItour..If health permittes many issues still.Chat later as nonsure what time yu’re on..its wee heures here in up due to fibromyalgia so decide a dose of Adam an his lovli tribute all wonderful posts re:concerts/videos are perfete remedie to returne to restful sleepe!
      Hugs an luv Lisette!Blessings for all an beau Adamxoxo

      • LISETTE, hello my dear Lisette! Hope the fibromyallllgia isn’t ‘flaring’ too bad on you! You mentioned you take som kind of medication for it, and I was wandering if you would tell me the name of it. I have had fibromyagia over15 yrs, myself, and don’t have a specific drug for it. I take enough meds for my rheumatoid. But an interested to hear what you are taking! It certainly can put a body down real fast, can’t it? I’m pretty fed up with it by now. Would like for it to go into remission for a while to gilve me some peace! Watching Adam brings me bilg relief too!!!!!! Oh, that beautiful man with an even more beautiful voice, so glad he’s part of our lives, now! I was happy to see Theresa post his addresssssssssss, too. I will mosts defilnately send him a card, maybe every week for a while! Lisette, dfif you see that Drake’ Mother posted a message on this blog? It is on the page about Drake. Check it out when you get time! I think you’ll like it!

        Hugs and peace and love to you too, Lisette! Cheryl

  5. adamtastic1877 says:

    courtney and/ or anyone else, i have question.

    i am going to the concert in august with my mom and she has some silly idea that you are not allowed to bring cameras to the concert to take pictures with. i said “what about all the pictures of adam and the other 9 i see over the internet?”. she told me people were taking those pictures from their cell phones.

    is that true? are you ALLOWED to bring a camera? can you take pictures with it? or do you use your cell phone? am i right? or my mom? plz help!!!

    • Yes, you are allowed to take cameras! I have been to other concerts and live theater plays, etc., where cameras are not allowed in, but not this one! You ARE allowed cameras!

  6. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Adamtastic1877: Different venues have different rules regarding recording devices. If you bring a camera, they may tell you to check it at Guest Services, like I did with my chair. They may also say nothing and simply let you go by. I didn’t want to risk it, so I chose to just use my camera and since both mom and I had cameras with phones, we were both able to get some pretty good pictures between us.

    Your best bet is to check out the rules for your venue. If they don’t say anything about cameras, feel free to bring one, just don’t rely on a camera alone, because you may not be able to use it. Good luck!

  7. Lisette agan..thenks Courtney for above post an so sorry yu were non able to meet beau Adam..but just trasur being able to see him in person in his Bowie medley looking always tresbeau an imagaine his voix to be ethereal,sensual as I av seen from all lovli gals videos from passe shows.Thes is just commence of more wonderful concerts for this estraordinaire gifted artiste thet has touche heartes everywhere in US an internationale..legend of l’millenium,an for many yers to come!An agree look forwarde to someday his magnificente solo concerte tour..apres cds an other ventures surely Adam will esperience.An reman safet til then on AItour..Angel blessings Lisette!xox


    • AdamRocks! says:

      Courtney, I wish I could’ve met you! My husband and I were a little behind you on the same side, Club C, row J. Adam’s set went by so fast, and it’s a little foggy for me too. . . a lot of that is because even though we were in the same section as you, we were almost at the top, and very far to the side, and for me we were TOO FAR AWAY! I remember watching the giant screen and thinking how absolutely BEAUTIFUL he looked. . . ~sigh~

      I’m saddened that Adam doesn’t come out anymore to sign autographs (who knows if he will as the tour progresses?). . . I’ve watched several autograph sessions from the beginning of the tour (Portland and Tacoma) and everyone seems so well-behaved, compared to the reports I hear about the later sessions when everybody is surging forward and the atmosphere gets a little wild. . . 🙁

      Cindy in MS

      • DarkShadowsAbove says:

        Yeah, it would have been nice to meet you. If only, right? But I did see your post on the original Memphis Tour Vibe post and it was pretty good! We can only hope that Adam will start signing again, but he may never sign on his personal tours… Can you imagine as many people as were there for the AI concert being there to get an autograph just from Adam?

        You do just kind of want to rewind Adam and play him over and over again, don’t you? Luckily, we have youtube videos!

    • Suse1701 says:

      Yeah, me too! I saw him in Ontario, CA and San Diego and my instinct was exactly what it always is when I watch Adam – I wanted to hit “Rewind,” but I couldn’t. SO SAD when it’s over.

      And yes, the camera issue: Most of the arenas approve non-professional still cameras and say “no videotaping,” but people are obviously doing it everywhere. Only recently (Atlanta) on MJ’s have I heard of anyone being told by security not to.

      It was funny, with both security checks, they didn’t bat an eyelash at my two cameras. They were nailing people for bottled water. I guess that was the big threat.

      • I felt the same way about it. Since I am no longer a teen, and have forgotten other important events in my life, I have ‘experience’ at this strange thing that happens when we humans seem to be really excited and happy. while Adam was singing I actually told myself to remember this one! I I actually pinched myself to know it was real, and to help me remember it somehow. I thought about telling my husband, who was sitting right beside me, that I hope I remember it, and to pinch me, and thought how he would find that a bit too over the top for Adam, so I didn’t ask him that, and just pinched myself instead. this is one of the things I remember most about the whole all-too-short Adam section of the concert, is how badly I wanted to remember it! Isn’t that odd! I forget most of it anyway. I do remember his voice, on certain notes, resonating inside my body. Some of his notes simply are on my same ‘wavelength’ and vibrate inside me, and give me a warm, fulfilled feeling, kind of like what being in love feels like. I also remember thinking that the whole building was shaking on some of his final notes. Since I had seen so many videos of other concerts, I was not too surprised by the entire thing, but it was these few surprising feelings that can only be felt by hearing him live, that I remember most.

  9. I believe that the people who are protesting Adam being gay are the reason he doesn’t come out anymore… I hope he will come out to sign autograophs here in CANADA , he did in Vancouver but maybe now it is getting to dangerous, which is a crime what difference is it ( Which sex you perfer is one’s own bussiness) when you can sing and entertain like Adam can. Come on people this in 2009 not the 1800 ‘s.
    We love you Adam and want to tell you you light up our world…

  10. Isn’t it wonderful that some of “the husbands” go to this concert? I’d like to hear some of their impressions of Adam????


    I liked this article/interview where Adam talks about the importance of being a dreamer. His insights truly inspire me.

    Love you, Adam!

    • Thanks Songwriter4adam, for sharing this interview with Adam on how to stay close to your dreams, and how to keep the dream in the midst of reality. I was especially interested that Adam said he had stepped out of the world of theater which was all about playing someone else, into the world of the music performer, where it’s all about being who you really are, only enhanced. I absolutely LOVE the thought that Adam is projecting a magnified image of his true self on the stage, nothing to me is more attractive or fascinating than that. I did wonder at the comments posted by the bloggers, though, at the end of the interview. A number of their comments were openly hostile to Adam, and one or two went so far as to call him a ‘poser’. Since the magazine that interviewed him was from the gay community, I was really amazed at that outspoken attitude. I have also noticed that very few, if any gay men (or women) are coming out openly in support of Adam. Is there a reason for that? From my point of view, Adam being on the international stage is one of the most exciting and hopeful things to have happened in years, a breakthrough of phenomenal meaning, which will only get better as he progresses. Is there some kind of unspoken feeling in the gay community against Adam? I would really like to know how the MEN feel about Adam, both gay AND straight. If anyone among us has heard anything along this line, please comment, I am really concerned about this attitude hiding just below the surface out of sight.

  12. Adam signed autographs in Charlotte. So, he is still coming out to meet his fans.