MAPRIL Is Coming! Adam Lambert Surprises Us With New Trespassing Release Date!

Round two has begun! Adam took to Twitter yesterday to let his fans know that there is a new release date for Trespassing, his second full album. I’m sure we all hope this is really it – Adam included!
@adamlambert TRESPASSING Release date!!!! MAY 15th!!!!

We have already heard and seen videos of him performing songs that we think will be on the album. I’m sure title track Trespassing will be included, and three other video snippets have also recently been released – Cuckoo, Naked Love and Never Close Our Eyes. Since Adam told us he has written new material and returned to the studios, we may have more surprises waiting for us when it’s finally in our hot little hands! I have to admit, I hope this is the case. I remember how excited I was listening to For Your Entertainment. Almost every song was a fresh listen.

Here are links to the four snippets, just in case you haven’t heard them yet, or you want to listen again, courtesy of adamofficial. Which do you instantly love? My first fav is Never Close Our Eyes.

Never Close Our Eyes
Naked Love

We are eagerly waiting to learn more about the dark and light sides of Adam! For more on Adam’s new album, see this article.

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Love ya!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Only 52 more sleeps…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snippets he is teasing us Glamberts with…
    the naughty boy! I love naughty Boys! Bring on “Trespassing Baby”. The anticipation is killing me!
    Don’t forget to vote for the NewNowNext Awards everyone, it’s for Carol & her team & our Adam.
    Too exciting!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  2. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    Woo-hoo! Finally!

  3. mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

    I have been voting for this fan club about 50 times a day. I vote then click on the X and vote again.
    Is that all I have to do, cause I read someone wrote to refresh the page after each vote. Does anyone know this? I sure hope I have not been wasting all my votes by not doing it correctly.

    • Thanks for the dedication, Mandytwo! We appreciate all your votes. I don’t know about the refresh thing either. But I’m voting over and over too. I’m not even using the X. I vote and then just click outside the confirmation box. It takes you back in quicker. We can only hope all these votes are being counted. Think we have a chance against the Little Monsters? I know we can do it! 🙂

  4. URGENT!!!
    This is quite urgent that the message gets to ADAM himself.
    It is about the release date of Trespassing which is May 15, which is a very bad timing astrologically speaking.
    I know ADAM is into astrology.
    It is NOT a good date. Venus is in retrograde from May 15 to June 27. It would be so sad.
    It should be earlier from April 22 to 1st week of May.
    I already emailed the Direct Management Group, the one managing him.
    But if there’s any other way, to let ADAM know ASAP, I would appreciate it.
    This message needs to reach ADAM as soon as possible.
    We all love ADAM and we wish him all the success.
    I don’t have twitter account to let him know ASAP.
    Maybe someone can get this message to Sauli .

    I am not an astrologer just someone interested.
    I want to send ADAM this book I got here in Asia where I am now.
    This is not available for sale anywhere which is a great help and guide for ADAM the whole 2012.
    If anybody knows the best way to send him this book.
    It spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S !!!

    • Angel,
      I just sent Adam a tweet with your information about the release date. There’s no way of knowing if he’ll get the message but we’ve tried for you! Thanks for your concern.

      • Angel,
        Adam may not have had any control over the release date!

        • Carol,

          I will just carry on keeping my fingers crossed in prayers.
          I love ADAM and everything about him and I wish him all the success in all his endeavors ASAP.
          If release date is not changed, I pray his gigs with Queen both in Moscow and Knebworth bring him all the success, mid this year, and his album sales explode as a result.

    • kat23mogan says:

      Adam has said that he likes Astrology…but he is not a fanatic about it…doubt he will care…and doubt he has a choice…he said release dates are not set by him…and besides…Any date is good…sooner the better.

  5. Really, people. Yes, I am an Adam fan. I paid hundreds of dollars to go to two of concerts and a meet and greet. This music is so Justin Bieber. Adam has the most incredible voice out there today. Why isn’t he singing Pink or Gaga type music. Something memorable. This music so far only puts him in the category of teen idol. He has so much more to offer. Who the hell are his music directors? Does anyone remember his passion and song choices from American Idol. I would so love to hear him sing song like “A Change is Gonna come” or “Mad World” or “A Whole Lotta Love”. He was so amazing. Now his voice is overrun by instrumentation and the songs are banal. Please, fans, stop gushing over this pablum. Maybe Adam will see the light and reconsider his musical direction. He won’t do that if everyone keeps salivating over his song choices!

    • Karen, I am so glad to see someone else feels the way I do! I am just not feeling Adam’s new songs the way I did the ones on FYE. Something is missing. I had great hopes for this CD & now I am worried. (I do have it pre-ordered in case I would feel different when I hear it all, but I don’t know if I will.) Yours is the first comment I have seen on any of the sites that expresses any kind of doubts.

    • kat23mogan says:

      the new songs are no where near justin beber…are you kidding me…omg…
      they are much better…their lyrics are meaningful.,..i mean would justin beber tell you to f off for saying no trespassing…which is a metaphor for saying those who are different are not allowed…people…you need to be aware that the music industry has changed…no longer are rock bands the big sellers…other than classic rock bands like U2 or Queen…Aerosmith…Now the big sellers are pop stars…Adam likes dance…like pop…likes the new wave or electronic…I love funk…love to dance..and love this collection of upbeat electronic, funk…By the way are you judging a cd on four songs??? Remember the other side of this cd is dark…I heard part of the demo of the song Underneath…very amazing…gut wrenching…i think if we are true fans…we do not judge…i mean some of you guys are never happy…you freak when he does his own choice of music…you freak when he changes his hair……geez…adam has just turned 30…you guys treat him like he is some old rocker…when he is not.

  6. Carol,

    Thanks so much! Now I can breathe.
    I posted to a number of ADAM fan sites since yesterday trying the best I can to reach out to someone who will reach out to ADAM.
    Love you for doing it for ADAM’s sake. We all wish him success especially me so I can relax since I’ve been praying so hard for him.
    Again, thank you and GOD bless!

  7. Honestly, after I heard the snippits I am much more excited over hearing him sing with Queen this summer. I don’t really know how to express how I feel without sounding too negative but I was so in hopes he’d hit this one out of the park and it just doesn’t do it for me. And I’m a huge fan so that worries me a bit! He is beyond amazing! I just don’t get this direction he’s taking. I wish him all the best and hope this will be a successful move for his future! (I agree with you Karen)
    In the mean time I’ll just keep listening to some of his old stuff that still give me chills, “Change Is Gonna Come”, “Mad World”, “One” and many more!

    • kat23mogan says:

      maybe your opinion is tainted by your obvious love of classic rock…adam has stated many times …his fav genre is not rock…it is pop…electronic music …now music…think about it …the big artist now in terms of sales and popularity are not classic rock or even rock…they are the mega pop stars…adam’s sights are set there…he is amazing…love his new cd…

  8. CORY -CORALYS says:


  9. CORY -CORALYS says:

    love you and you have much love , peace and the respect and love that the persons that you loves.

  10. Sheila Hancock says:

    Sorry……must agree with Karen and Shelby

    I wish Adam’s fan would be more honest with him. I adore him too and think he is the BEST singer I have ever heard but this music is not doing it for me.

    I TRULY hope his album does well and I am wrong because I want him to be successful, but he is so much more than this music. MUCH MUCH MORE!

    I keep waiting for that “killer” song that will put him in the #1 spot in everyone’s music choice, but I haven’t heard it yet. I feel bad writing this because Adam is the sweetest thing, and he seems sincere about this album being GREAT!! I hope I am wrong and it is received with lots of accolades.

    I love his new look. He is more handsome than ever, and his voice is second to NONE! But these songs are meh….. I do like Cukoo a little and my favorite snippet is “Never Close Our Eyes,”
    Don’t like BTIKM or Trespassing that much. I am praying there is something on this album that just blows everyone away. Waiting…….

  11. mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

    Is everyone voting for Adam on VH1 countdown? He came in at #17 then to 15 then to 11 now at 12.
    Keep voting…. we have to get him to # 1. It only takes about 3 minutes to vote 20 times.

  12. I agree with several others that Adam is not touching our soul like he did with his fabulous voice. I cant say I have heard any snipits that show cases his voice like it should. Adam I want your voice to put me in a tailspin instead of dance mode.

  13. Judy Lushman says:

    Unfortunately, the voice – the way a person sings, is not what radio cares about these days. It is the electronic music, the fast beat that’s what sells. If Adam’s new single, whatever it is, gets played on the radio and people buy it on Itunes, this is what his label wants. I love Adam’s voice, and I think we will hear it when he sings with Queen, but remember who is doing well these days on radio i.e. Katy Perry, Justin Bieber. They are not known for their voice. It’s not about the voice today : (

  14. Victoria says:

    MTV March Madness Votingo- Adam is in a dead heat and needs voters. Please publish something. I wish there was a way to contact this website to let them know when things like this come up.