Lynchburg legal group takes aim at Adam Lambert and ABC-TV

A Lynchburg non-profit is going after a TV network for broadcasting what it calls a “lewd and filthy performance.”

Liberty Counsel has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against ABC.

They’re taking issue with Adam Lambert’s controversial number on Sunday’s American Music Awards.

Lambert was seen imitating a sexual act and kissing a male band member while performing a song.

Liberty Counsel is a legal ministry affiliated with Liberty University and its law school.

The group says ABC knew what Lambert was planning to do and even promoted his act as “what everyone will be talking about tomorrow.”

Appearing on the CBS Early Show Wednesday Morning, Lambert says he was trying to prove a point.

Lambert says there is a double standard in entertainment that allows heterosexual female entertainers to get away with provocative performances that he, as a homosexual male, is criticized for.

“I don’t think there’d be nearly as much of an outrage at all,” he said. “I think it’s because I’m a gay male and people haven’t seen that before.”

Here is a press release issued by Liberty Counsel:

“Washington, D.C. – Liberty Counsel has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against the American Broadcasting Company (“ABC”) for airing an outrageously lewd and filthy performance by Adam Lambert on November 22, 2009 during the 2009 American Music Awards. Among other things, Lambert simulated oral sex, simulated digital penetration, simulated sadomasochistic conduct and engaged in homosexual open-mouth kissing.

Prior to going on-air, Lambert explained that his motive went beyond performing. According to the Associated Press, Lambert “wanted to break down a double standard that existed where female performers are often sexually provocative while men don’t do it that often.”

ABC’s reaction was to promote Lambert’s indecent acts. While the network edited portions of another performer’s number for the West Coast’s viewing, only one small portion of Lambert’s performance was removed. ABC actually teased and touted the rest of his actions as “what everyone will be talking about tomorrow.” This shows that it was Lambert’s obscene sexual conduct, not his vocal performance that ABC used to promote its show.

Those wishing to contact ABC about this decision can write to ABC, Inc., 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521. ABC can also be reached by calling (818) 460-7477, or you may contact ABC on the web at Audience Relations Department.

Anita L. Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, remarked: “The performance by Adam Lambert clearly crossed the line. ABC should be held accountable for airing this indecent and offensive performance. ABC promoted Lambert’s performance to boost its ratings. Now ABC should have to pay a hefty penalty to the FCC for assaulting its viewers with a debased performance by Adam Lambert.”


This is the actual complaint they filed with the FCC.…nity_112409.pdf



  1. Yea, sure! I don’t see this group complaining about terrorists coming to NY for trial and getting taxpayers to pay for it! Sorry, but I am soooooo sick of all this crap going on! These people see a way to promote their own agenda, and they run with it! They pick and choose their banners!

    This group must have missed the AMA show except for ADAM’s performance! There is definitely a strong homophobic element in all this mess….and unfortunately ADAM is the main subject that they are using to spread “their word”! It’s a Lynchburg hanging!!!!

    • Agree!

      • You are so right jaberone. Thanks for articulating what we all are thinking and feeling. They need to get a life and stop all the crap.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Agree!!!!!!!!!!!! They pick and choose their banners. It’s discriminatory.


    • Oh yeah, is this the same group of people who tried to defend us from the purple Teletubbie of dubious sexual orientation a few years ago? That has to be my all time favorite cause. Glad they are around to protect us from all the evil influences the First Amendment throws in our path.


  2. Those people are ridiculous. I take it they don’t own a remote control. There were many so called offensive things that were aired on that show, and they single out one performance.

    • Penny Curtis says:


    • Yep! I was sitting there waiting for Adam to perform and realized after a few seconds this show is close to being an orgy…I could not believe what I was seeing from Janet, Gaga, Rihanna, etc of the same ilk. So everyone is ok with what the other’s did but not with Adam. Yep! I call that a double standard. and the idiots of the world… you know how to change channels? do so next time! if you don’t like what you see!!!!!!!!!!! I kept switching back and forth while waiting for Adam

  3. -.- I’m speachless -.-“

  4. talk about discriminatory!!! adam already admitted that the vocals were a bit of a mess and he did go over the top… but hey, i don’t see any uproar about the guns from Rihanna’s number, Eminem’s supposed felonies rapped out… yeah, they might as well plug all the artistry, creativity from these show… i mean just make singers sing… adam can top any of them… but then again, who’s gonna watch right? well maybe adam’s fans=)

  5. I feel Adam is taking the heat for all the anti-gay movements. The anti-gay movement just waits for someone to come along & push the envelope. Where were they when Brittany kissed Madonna. Maddona dry-humps the stage and her dancers all the time. Adam is setting a standard by which others will follow. There are so many gays in the music & hollywood scene. Let’s see if they will take a stance for Adam or run back into the closet. By the way, I’m a white, hetersexual, 63 yr old grandma…..And Adam your performance on Dave Letterman was brillant.!!!
    A grandma from Kansas who loves her Adam Lambert!!

    • I am 54 and with you girl! I found Angelia Jolie open mouth kissing her look alike brother offensive.
      I find it offensive that Gene Simmons has screwed 100’s of women and has a TV show. I find it offensive that Rhianna sings pull the trigger. I don’t think anyone will kill themselves over the lyrics of Adam’s songs.I love him and find him brillliant. I promote him everyday. as someone who also felt weird most of her life I cellebrate his uniqueness. And I always have said,you fall down,you get up.Now I will say,you fall down,do an ninja roll ,then get up.

    • You go Glenda! I am 60 yrs young and LOVE Adam. I was disappointed with his show performance, but he made up for it on the CBS Morning Show and David Letterman. That’s the Adam we brought into our homes every week on AI. I will continue to have his music and pictures on my Ipod, TV screen, and on CDs in my car. I went to see him in concert and have watched every city on Utube.
      He was very sexy on the tour without being too over the top. or offensive. I could watch all of the tour tapes with my grandson 7 1/2 who LOVES him as much as I do. I wouldn’t however let him watch the AMA.
      Hope he keeps making music just like the songs on his latest guest spots for CBS. It was good to see him smile instead of the angry look he had at the AMA”S. We love you Adam!

      • You said it perfectly. Said everything I’ve been thinking (especially the angry look). I hope someone close to Adam reads your post.

      • Yeah Linda,

        I agree with you…I personally don’t like seeing him do the”angry and I’m gonna get in your face” routine. The sexy persona of the AI tour was perfect. He had be grinning ear to ear and purring like a big cat.

        I too loved the CBS and Letterman performances….That’s our man! At the same time, Adam makes good and valid points about the double standard. I just think it was too much for me and for network tv. None of those other occurences were pleasant either, but I also don’t expect him to stifle his creativity, just the place it’s performed, decided upon with sensitivity and good heart.

    • Glenda, dear, you are so right!!! I thought the exact same thing about the Madonna and Brittany kiss! There was no hoopla about that!! And so many performers have been doing these sexual acts in their performances for years and nothing has been done!! The rappers have been screaming out indecent horrible demeaning things against women for YEARS, and nothing has been said or done about it!! Do I think Adam went a little too far? Yes, somewhat, but as a performer, he was doing what the song is all about. He’s also trying to make a statement, but maybe the AMA’s isn’t the right platform to do it, not quite yet? Am I offended by what he did in his performance? NO. He is an artist, and he goes for the shock factor. He wants to bring up controversy, and then be able to speak his mind, as he does so very calmly and articulately well!!! I think the past has been so forgotten of shock value performances: Ozzie Osborne bitting the head off of a bird! Alice Cooper and all the blood and other things done on stage. Prince and all his sexual displays with women and men and his guitar!!! Jim Morrison exposing himself on stage!!! The hair bands from the 80’s literally almost having sex with women on stage!! And then there are Brittany, Madonna, and Lady GaGa who have been pushing the sexual envelope for years!!!! Need I say more!! Whew!!!!!!
      Adam’s performance on David Letterman was BRILLANT, like you said. His vocals were flawless, like we’re used to. And he smiled so confidently after his performance like we’re used to. I sat there watching and cheering him on! You go Adam! Show every negative naysayer out there what you’re made of!!! And he did, beautifully!
      I saw Adam in concert, and saw him so genuinely interacting with his fans. Adam is True Star, and he is going to go so far!! This is just his beginning. It might be a little bumpy to begin with, but I can’t wait to see what comes next!! I will support you Adam all the way!!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GO ON TOUR!!!! Much Love To You Adam!! And I am a 47 year old white heterosexual single professional Mom! Take care all Adam fans!!!

    • Oh and yes, I am a grandmother from Texas. Have loved Adam for his voice and talent from the moment I first saw him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Debbie Taylor says:

    It is a shame what he did. His voice might be okay but his actions was disgusting. Some things that Madonna did and the rest were disgusting. What was he on that night sniffing bleach and toilet bowl cleaner. If hes gonna do that crape he needs to go to mtv.

    • I find it hilarious that 90% of the people who express the views you hold use very poor grammar, punctuation and spelling which indicate a lack of education. Could it be that educated people are also more tolerant and compassionate?

      • 😉 Dana

      • Fascinating…..your point, and probably true…….makes so much sense!

        • Geezus you peopele have nothing better to do than to worry about Adam Lambert. Try worrying about who is going to blow up our country or educating your own children. I”m from VA and will be writing in to stop this stupidity.

        • I have wondered often about things like this….and it does make sense.

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        ditto…ditto…ditto…sorry, just had surgery, one handing it….

        • Nancy….I hope your surgery was a success! You’ll be slowed down and feeling some pain for awhile, but just think how great it will be when you’re recovered and feeling normal again!

          • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

            thanx jaberone, i am down a while, then up again. was chkn’ to see what is happening. very quiet around here. blessings 2 all…nancy

      • I find YOUR comment unnecessary, just like Adam’s performance. I am so disappointed in him for making that choice.

      • Tagrid – I have noticed that too. It would be hilarious if it were not so pathetic. Advice to the grammarianly (I made up that word) challenged …. get a Wedster and put it next to you and maybe you won’t be taken as completely ridiculous.

      • Agree, Tagrid!
        I’ve noticed on ALL the blogs on this controversy (both entertainment-driven and news-driven) that anti-Adam commentary is nearly always filled with spelling errors and incorrect grammar. That has to be indicative of something….?

      • cheryl 334 says:

        TAGRID…………………………Not necessarily! I don’t think tolerant and compassionate people would call themselves more educated than the masses!

    • linda davis says:

      i agree–i think he is a freak.why is it that the gays have to brag so much about their sexual preferance?are they trying to convince themselves that it is ok.m it is a sin.

      • Case in point! Preferance???? Preferance????? HUH???

      • KailuaGirl1966 says:

        To Debbie Taylor and Linda Davis,
        YOU are stupid and ignorant. Why are you even on this site? Appears you both suffer from “Anita Bryant Syndrome”.
        Glamb #394

        • Kailua

          I loved your comment about Anita Bryant syndrome unfortunately, those who suffer from or who have contracted that malady lack the insight to recognize the symptoms nor do they wish to be “cured”.

          Bigots usually grow up in an atmosphere of fear and ignorance which in turns breeds hatred and leads to judging others.

          But for what its worth, I certainly appreciated your comments and I’m sure many others who remember Anita Bryant the Orange Juice lady who was kind of an earlier version of Sarah Palin got a kick out of it as well.

          Many Blessings,


      • Bulletin for all you righteous Christians out there : God gave Adam his amazing talent — and his gay orientation. He’s not waving any banners or making any political statements — just interpreting the lyrics of that particular song. Yes — he got carried away. He explained it well on the CBS Morning Show. He is used to stage performances, and this would have been perfectly fine at one of his concerts — he was caught up in the moment while performing and was playing to the adult audience, not thinking about the cameras and home viewing audience. I’m sure in the future he will stick to what was rehearsed. The point is : the 2003 girl on girl kiss with Madonna and Brittany was apparently ok (at the beginning of the program, not the end) but not guy on guy kiss?? Janet Jackson can grab a male dancer’s crotch on the SAME SHOW, but no outrage?? He did not do this to make a point, but now that everyone is outraged he is right to ask–what’s up with the discrimination? We need to examine ourselves. . .he is also right in suggesting you parents TIVO these shows and preview before allowing your impressionable children to watch. Adam’s new album is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE . . just like him. He is a superstar and this will not slow down his rise to superstardom. Like he said . . . maybe he’s not for you. If you want something appropriate and safe, you always have David Archuleta or Kris Allen. Personally I prefer a little spice in my life. And by the way, I am a middle aged Christian woman — and a proud Glambert!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I totally agree with you. By the way, I am a middle aged Catholic straight woman – and proud to be an Adam Lambert’s fan.

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          I agree completely, Deerocker!!!!
          Being a middle-aged Catholic (tho lapsed!) myself, I appreciate a little spice in my life, too…& Adam HAS made want to listen to MUSIC AGAIN!!! He is indeed an ARTIST, a SINGER as well as an ACTOR. His interpretations of songs & lyrics will never appeal to everyone, but if they evoke an emotional response from his audience, ADAM has SUCCEEDED!

          I am intelligent enough to know the difference between an actor playing a part and thinking that role is the actor’s actual persona or character. Adam was “acting” the role of a “master” or “dominator” when he performed FYE on the AMAs. He admits that he got carried away in the moment & in front of a theater full of his adult fellow performers. His music video of the same song was quite a bit different, but still he was playing the same role. But, that ROLE is NOT Adam’s actual personality or even something he’s “into” (as he stated in a recent interview). Do these hate-filled critics think Sir Anthony Hopkins is a cannibalistic serial killer in real life just because he played Hannibal Lector so convincingly? Ridiculous & absurd!!!! Even that would bo OK with this group of hypocrites, though, as long as he was playing it “straight”….Such an unfair, double standard being applied here.

          But, Adam will be fine when the smoke clears…Of that, I am certain!!…Nothing will stop the ADAM STORM..He is a FORCE of NATURE!!!

          Proud Adam FAN…CandaceGlamb#388

        • cheryl 334 says:

          DEEROCKER…………………Fans on this site call themselves Glambs, not Glamberts. Just a way of distinguishing the different websites.

          I prefer Adam to anyone else. I like other singers. But, Adam is not just another singer! He is on another planet than anyone that has ever been.

          As far as Madonna and Brittany kissing, that was repugnent to me. I don’t like either of them. I never WANT to see 2 girls kissing, personally!

          Adam can kiss whoever he wants, in my book. Would love it if it were me, tho, I am not stupid, I understand reality! hahaha!!!

          Adam could have a talk shows with just those in the musical industry, and it would never be boring. What a concept!

    • Debbie Taylor: you are a fraud. You are a KA fan and we aren’t stupid. His fans have been diligent in comdemning him all over the internet. Why are you here on Adam’s site. The reason it’s obvious is that you are part of a fan campaign to bring Adam down to help Kris sales and some of you jerks actually posted that you had this campaign and were hitting all the sites possible to destroy Adam. Wonder what Kris would think about his sicko Arkansas fans. Tell Kris hello for us.
      Oh btw, you are much more vulgar than anyone on the AMA’s ex: sniffing bleach and toliet bowl cleaner.

      We will make sure you can post here ever again. Go away Troll.

      • We can all see how the phone vote controversy brought the AI winner to be! Fraud!

        What we have to do now, is to ignore (or try to) the trolls that come in to our site and try to rile us up and try to make us come down to their level! We ADAM fans are better than that!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I agree with you Jaberone, they are ridiculous and pathetic really. They are not worthy of our comments. I honestly don’t understand these people. What a waste of energy and time going to a fansite of somebody you are not a fan of. They need to go out and get themselves a life and leave us and Adam alone. Adam Rules, you lot (the Trolls) wouldn’t know talent if it got up and bit you on the backside.


  8. I have four words for Liberty Council …STFU!!!

  9. Sad, so sad… Adam will have no rest. I`m not from US so I dont´t know what this group is, religious, conservative,,,?

  10. BOTH…


  11. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Ha what’s funny is that so many of the fans on this website where condemning Adam for those very same things on Sunday night and Monday. Other fansites too had a few whiners.
    As long as they dont post here totally disagreeing whith what Liberty are doing.

    Liberty need to look at all the other so called “obscene” moves on the AMA’s.

    I’m sick of this whole thing….

  12. Glenda You are so right. maybe its all about the money after all and not the music. How many singers these days have voices to rate being at the top. Adams for one but seems he has to get attention like everyone else too….. just set guide lines for everyone or no one…… i dare you. I love listening to good music. can’t see the rubish on the radio so why must tv go overboard. how bad does it have to get before there are guidelines….. Bring back the music, Please

  13. I find South Park disgusting and therefore avoid the program.
    Adam Lambert is a talented and handsome performer. Unlike Madonna and Britney, Adam is a very strong singer and therefore could skip the sexual game on stage. He would still be a great performer. Singers like Madonna and Britney would be “nothing” without their shockvalue of sexually charged costumes/actions.
    I don’t understand what people are complaining about. Adam gives you all. If you don’t like his performance, watch something else.


  14. Liberty Council you have crossed the line with your own bigotry. There were a lot of controversial performances on the show. Seems to me you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame by riding Adam Lambert’s coattails. You have no credibility at all.

    • Barb – write that to the contact info that the Liberty Council provided in its complaint. ABC needs to hear both sides.

  15. It seems that those people need attention and are trying to make profit of all this situation, using Adam for that! God, and what about all the sh**t that TV presentes every day?

    BTW, I;m so sad, I tried to buy the CD, and NOT, I coldn’t cause its only for USA. Then tried to by the mp3s and again, sorry, but only for USA! Qhen are they going to release the cd for all the world??


    • I´m from Finland where the CD was released this Wednesday, and it WAS in the local supermarket that day and I have it now! You could ask the shops if it is released in your country and if they are going to order it.

    • Is Walmart in your country? I thought Walmart would carry it.

      • I bought Adam’s CD from 2 countries…just to make sure. I told my cousin in the U.S. to get me a copy, then I bought 4 copies here in the Philippines. I want to add to Adam’s CD worldwide sales. I may buy more and introduce Adam to who still doesn’t know him. I, LOVE, LOVE HIS CD ! !

    • IV
      If you email me and send your info I will send you a cd free of charge. I have an extra copy.

      • Hi Thelma!
        Thanks a lot! But how can I contact you. My email is

        I’ll be waiting for your email, and I´ll also go oto Wallmart to see if they have it here in Brazil!


    • am from the philippines and it’s already in our record stores last Wednesday. bought a couple, one for my daughter who’s also a fan and one for me to enjoy!

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      I am in Canada, and I wanted the collector edition which was not made available here. So I had to get a friend in the USA to order it for me, And when it arrived at her home, she sent it on to me. Mail between the US and my particular city SUCKS, so I’ll consider myself lucky if it shows up within the next week, and wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t see it until after Xmas. But at least I know it is coming!

      Maybe you could get a friend in the US to order it for you if you wire them the money & postage to reship it to you?

  16. I agree with this one. They defintly need to hear both sides. If they pick on Adam they need to watch and pick on some of the other performers has well. Adams performance was great. To me they are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  17. Why don’t these holy rolling self-styled police force

  18. Why don’t these holy rolling self-styled pathetic policing dogs GET A LIFE! They have nothing better to do than pick on certain things to complain about. I do not see them complaining about all of the graphically sexual violent crime shows on TV which I refuse to watch. They are totally wrong in their complaint anyway and everyone will see through that. It’s just twisted reality to support their complaint.

  19. Absurd! Get another life!


      • Ofra, I love hearing Adam on this interview. I think Matt Thomas was trying to make most of the interview about gay rights though. Every other question was referring to gay politics. To much about that , a few would have been fine, he seemed to be egging it on further. Then at the end he tells Adam next time stop by, we wont talk so much about rights? Yeh right. They do want Adam to be their poster boy, and he wont give in. Hope he never does and goes on and sings the songs…………………..Keep on being Adam and not let anyone sway him.

      • Great interview! Thanks Ofra…

  20. Now normally I don’t comment on things like this.. but I love Adam.. and I read these articles constantly.. This particular one just ticked me off.. What I wanted to bring up was this; Just like Adam has mentioned in almost all his recent interviews, Lady Gaga was smashing liquor bottles in her performance.. Eminem rapped about rape.. and Rihanna’s dancers had guns during their routine.. AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT.. APPARENTLY AMERICA DOESN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH VOILENCE BUT THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SEXUALITY?! Jesus.. get over yourselves. Seriously.

  21. Michelle M says:

    Defending Adam here does nothing. We need to write to ABC and the FCC. I have heard that each letter counts for 10,000 voices. So do the math 1500 complaints equals a lot of people. But there are more of us. And those “fair weather” fans can make amends for doubting.

    • Michelle, just what i was thinking, we should all do something about this and write to ABC and the FCC, we need to help Adam!!! Lets each and everyone of us write a letter!!!! Lets do it people, lets show our love of Adam where it counts!!!!!

      • Can someone make a form or something, so everyone could fill in quick and easy plz….

        • Ok, guys!
          there is the petition on line against ABC in support Adam. You can sign it.
          Here is the link:
          After 3w.

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      Would it help to have the non-American fans participate in this too? Or would that make things worse, or just be a waste of time?

    • Michelle,
      You are absolutely right!
      Although I signed the Petition on line I also went to ABC’s web site and clicked on “contact u”s to let them know my opinion. I basically said that I found it ironic that ABC spent a lot of time hyping Adam’s performance promising that it was going to be highly shocking & provocative & then they tried to use him as a sacrificial lamb by cancellng him in response to a minute number of complaints that they received, WE all know that those who called in to complain don’t approve of the majority of stuff that is on TV whether on ABC, NBC or CBS etc. but that doesn’t stop ABC from canceling the rest of their shows. ABC needs to know that we are adults and we have the right to exercise our freedom of choice and we don’t need a bunch of morality mongers dictating their holier than thou viewpoints to us. WE can “vote” with our remote and so can all those who were complaining. My father always used to say if someone is discriminating against another group or individual & you are silent then your silence is a form of agreement but if you speak out you may not persuade the other person but at least they will know that not everybody shares thier narrow minded opinion.

      So, yes by all means email, write & call ABC & let them know we are adults and we are not happy that ABC is behaving like a bunch of spineless ninnies and choosing to be hypocritical.
      Many blessings,

  22. people the fab magazine made a web site to gather signatures to tell ABC that censoring Adam Lambert is the real disgusting action

  23. How does someone go about writing a letter in favor of Adam and against that group of homophobic, delusional red-necks? Is there anyone among us eloquent enough to write it and post for the rest of us? I can surely get some friends to sign it as well. I am totally confused and shocked. For his sake this needs to end now so that he can concentrate on his music and performances. There was a blog in defense of Adam from a gay attorney in Florida, I think I saw it on Tuesday. He predicted something like that and offered “free” legal council. I hope to the bottom of my heart that Adam has the support of the best of the legal minds in LA (I work for few of them, both straight and gay), otherwise this can be more than career-ending.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes We need something that all of us around the world can access to help Adam and get word to him of our support, and really important to be able to put hese people in their place, how dare they? Does anyone have the skills and accessability to do this. Lil you are on the right track, how much more of this crap can he take, he has become a scapgoat to people like this to spout off their homophobia, and all he wanted to do was sing his songs and make people happy. Dam them all.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, we need Lorrin to help us out or at least give us some ideas. I saw this thread at lunchtime but didn’t have enough time to post. There is an address isn’t there, would it be better to do one letter for us all, or for us to write individual letters. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and Jan there she lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. And Jan is right, I am as mad in hell after reading that bullshit up there. I listened to a radio interview today with Adam and Fab magazine, it was an awesome interview and what gets me is that there were 1,500 complaints, but 14 MILLION VIEWERS. How come the network even took any notice, that is a drop in the ocean. I can’t understand it. The only thing is, as Adam said in that interview, at least everyone is talking about it, but it is at his expense and I don’t think that is fair at all.

  24. what happened to jeanette?

  25. Dianne where are you? You will be as mad as hell when you read all that.

  26. Cynthia Blessing says:

    ROFLMFAO! Just read the article concerning the lawsuit. They will never win. But, thanks for the entertainment. I needed a good laugh.

  27. i’m sad and angry about reading all the haters blogs condemning ADAM about his AMA performance. I’m from a Catholic & Christian Country and i don’t see any problem about his performance, he’s just like the others, wanted to entertain people. please don’t judge him and hate him because his GAY, people like ADAM are happy people. and i just love the way he is. pure AWESOME.

  28. Hispanicraven says:

    Ummmm……. what about the MTV award show? This was shown on ABC also? I don’t remember reading about this group filing any complaints against Sacha. For those of you that don’t remember, here is what happened. Sacha Baron Cohen’s {sic}pants-less descent from the rafters of the Gibson Amphitheatre into the outstretched, seemingly outraged arms of Eminem {sic} .was the most memorable moment of this year’s MTV Movie Awards ( So, why doesn’t everybody just come about and say it. Gay people scare you. Why? Because you believe that they are different then you are. Guess what the only difference is the choice of sexual partner. It is a stigma that needs to be overcome. It is just the same as everybody having a cow about Obama bowing to the Japanese leader. All Obama was doing was honoring the country’s traditions and customs, which is necessary to achieve global peace and trade. All Adam was doing was honoring the words of the song by acting them out. If, you couldn’t handle the song or acting then why didn’t you just change the channel. Or was you afraid Adam could shoot through your television set if you touched the button on the remote control? Get real people, it is the 21st century, it is time that people from all races, all genders, all creeds, all lifestyles are able to express themselves as long as they do not cause physical harm towards others or unto themselves while doing so. Did Adam really hurt you? I think not! Grow up and with the ages instead of down and out.

  29. sickening! lets get the letter together.why cant everyone just move on

  30. Totally absured!!!!!!!!! …ADAM is so right about double standards….and here’s the proof!
    For sure everyone is talking about it – and remember it’s better to be talked about than ignored!
    You can’t help small minded people! Time to get a life!………and end this ridiculous hatred!
    What year are we actually living in here……?????????

  31. OMG

    Are they kidding?? If people don’t wanna watch something, I have an idea, DON’T WATCH IT. This group seems to think that they are some sort of moral voice for America??!! Amercia is a land of diversity, or it is supposed to be. This is making me sick.

    And, yes, they will never win, they are doing to prove their point. Which is apparently that they don’t know how to change a tv station.

  32. America land of the free and the brave.. Ha!!

    Today is black friday ,a great day to be buying up Adam Lambert’s album. To me ,it’s all about Adam’s enormous talent and the best CD to come out in maybe 20 years. Let’s not waste another second on the bigots and let’s get to our stores and make “For Your Entertainment “climb the charts. That’s the best way we can support our guy. I’ve bought seven albums and have given them out as gifts to those I love. We can fight bigotry by not giving them the attention they so desire.

  33. I have no respect for these sort of organisations. They are using Adam to spread their hate towards the gay community. Why are they not complaining about the other controversial acts on the AMA’s ??

    This blatant discrimination should not be allowed…….who do we write to ?

    Yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Yvonne, there is a link above from iTonks for a petition. I have been and signed it.


      Oh and in case you are all wondering why I am going on about this to Yvonne. It is because our dear Yvonne is Australian. LOL.

      • Hi Dianne…..thanks for the info.

        O.K. Rub it in…….Yes !!! A ‘ KIWI’ WON AUSTRALIAN IDOL !!!! but I agree….the best singer won. (It does happen sometimes). He appears to be a nice, very humble young man. Good luck to him.

        Well, you’ve got Adam’s CD before us…..won Australian Idol…..what next !!!!!

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh, we are definitely taking over Australia Yvonne, you know we are big enough, big enough to hide in Sydney that is and then little old NZ would get lost. LOL.

          Stan was brilliant wasn’t he. When I watched him last night (because we were behind Australia with this) I just thought he was pure “class”. Great for an 18 year old to sing like he does.

  34. WTF!?!???

    Oh my god. I’m seriously outraged right now. I can’t believe this!

    Janet Jackson- grabbed right ahold of a male dancers crotch.
    Lady Gaga- (who I adore, don’t get me wrong) sat at her piano with her legs wide open, smashing wisky bottles.
    Rihanna- was shown on the screen with very little covering her privet parts.
    All the rappers- had segments in the music that were sensored for not just a moment, but the sound would be cut for several seconds at a time.

    Why is Adam taking all the heat!?!?
    It’s an adult show!!!
    It’s late night tv!!!

    Damn homophobic nation.
    Ughhhh this pisses me off so bad.

    Let’s all do something I like to call, growing up!

    • And sweet little Carrie Underwood was basically in underpants and did you see the Byonce special last night on that terrible old ABC -.. Now, mind you, Byonce and her cast stood around and prayed before going out and doing pretty much what Adam was doing so I guess no one’s going to make a fuss and Desperate Housewives is on Sunday nights in pretty much the same time slot as the AMA’s ran and I am sure parents have the brains to turn that off …. and on and on. GRRRRRRRRRRR – I am still so mad I can’t see straight!!! What calms me down is seeing Adam on interviews and listening to his solid, thoughtful rationale and being reminded over and over (by him) that he never intended to appeal to everyone and was really kinda hoping he didn”t. Love you so much, you Crazy, Wild, Rocker Dude!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      They mess with Adam coz he is new kid on the block.He is a guy and gay.Think they can bully him.Screw them all.So unfair! Adam is right,there have double standard!! I hate them,I love Adam!


    Hi everyone, I don’t post much because I mod at another Adam fan board, but I still get the emails and have always have great affection for this site. The above link is a petition that is going around Twitter. It’s very professional and legit and in a few hours is already close to the oh so telling (LOL) 1500 mark.

    I have also written to ABC twice (once I heard about Chris Brown performing, I lost it again). And the remarks made by ABC that it wasn’t about the homosexual moment (well, then, what WAS it about?), going back to what did he do so differently than anyone else? Also, the ABC “source” said Adam showed he was too unpredictable in live TV. What??? I wrote to remind them how many hours Adam has logged on live TV this year. Probably more than any performer there.

    Anyway, my marketing exec. friend (also a huge fan) says this is the best thing that could happen to Adam. It is building his cred and national and international notoriety. The best thing that can happen to a performer is having it banned for being too scandalous. I agree, but still the hypocrisy of the whole thing infuriates me. Controversy sells though and as sure as we know our Adam, there will be some new drama next week.

    Seriously, with him around, who needs TV anyway?

    • Thanks Suse.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Thank you Suse!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Please keep us informed on the numbers, thanks!

          • I believe that we can all still vote for ADAM on the People’s Choice ” Favorite New Breakout Artist” Vote for ADAM! As many times as you can! Time is running out!

            I’ve already signed the petition and have written to ABC regarding ADAM and Chris Brown!!!! Also wrote Kudos to CBS, except did remark on the blurring of ADAM’s kiss but not Madonna/Brittany kiss!!

  36. AdoringAdam says:

    There is something you can do. Buy Adam’s album and show your support. I bought one for myself, and more as Christmas presents. Even if some people never heard of Adam, they will love the album. You can also write to ABC and voice your opinion. I did. It is easy to do. I told them they were hypocrites and if they ban Adam, they need to ban all the performers who were on the show that night in the future, too. I also read where Chris Brown is scheduled to appear on the GMA concert series soon. Isn’t he the one who almost killed Rihanna? I guess domestic violence is ok.

    I do agree that the whole Adam thing is out of control. Our young people are being killed overseas and our economy is in deep trouble from greed. We need to get more involved in stopping that.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I bought 3 ! Broken Open is my favorite for the day. Tomorrow will be Soaked, & the next will be…

      • Kim, I have bought 4cd’s and I have paid for … For Your Entertainment….. 6 times hoping to get it closer to #1.. DO WE LOVE ADAM OR What ??????????

  37. Cmon, you have to be kidding me???!!!! Lynchburg, how aptly named. Burnt any witches lately, stoned any adultresses?? Which century/country IS this? In the words of the patron saint of confusion, Alice: “curiouser and curiouser…..

  38. AdamRocks! says:

    Stupid, small-minded, bigoted people! I am so BEYOND SICK of all of this!

    Do they even have their facts straight? When they mentioned simulated digital penetration, are they talking about when Adam pulled on the dancer’s costume when he was sitting in the chair?

    Cindy in MS
    glamb #37

    • Cindy, I know, what BS. simulated penetration? That makes me remember back to the AI tour.
      Oh yeh, all those thrusts and skakes and microphone. Oh Adam bring it on baby…………..

      • meant shakes, not skakes. got excited there!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          OMG! Can we do this? I mean, the ass-shakin’ ADAM Lambert? Those moves, they’re instilled in my mind forever! Just think about those moves on ama, Mary C.

          • That kiss with Tommy was HOT!!! ~thud~

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Would to comment but I will be a good girl.

            • Cindy, I love gay men.. I have friends that are gay men… I used to show poodles in the dog shows and my handler, ( the person that shows the dog to the judge in the show ring) was a beautiful gay man and lovely person. But never did I ever want to see any of them kiss their mates… THEN ADAM LAID THAT INTENSE KISS ON TOMMY AND I ALMOST DIED OF EXCITMENT !!! How did Adam make that man on man kiss look so damn sexy and passionate ? I couldn’t watch it just once, I had to watch it over and over again.. I told my gay friend at work that I found that kiss so hot and sexy and he just ROFLAO at me.. It has to be the power and passion of Adam.. my God he is truly a sex God that can move any person of any sex.. Thank you ADAM LAMBERT !!

        • AdamAddict says:

          LOL,Mary C,I didn’t notice your skakes until U mention it!Flash back that thrust and shakes,I also got excited!!LOL! 🙂

      • *thud*

  39. This is just stupid! Poor Adam…

  40. Sounds like the printed report that THOUSANDS of people called ABC to complain. There were 1500 calls. There were at least that many people who showed up in the CBS plaza to support him, with very little notice, on Wed morning. Growing pains!! Why is it that when this country takes a step forward it then has to quickly take ten steps BACKWARD. I will definitely lend my very tired, frustrated opinion to the website given because you say I might count for 10,000 voices. But, mostly I will just lap up his music like a kitten with cream!! UIMA

  41. are u all insane!!!!!!!! we can’t sue ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!! adam was being a creeper. (no affence) so what? are we all just gonna do this because they told us to?!!?!?!??!!? that —— legal group has got to leave adam alone. just like the malvern police won’t leave my family alone!!!! is this what the legal group does for a living? crush peoples dreams!!!!!!!! adam was being a creeper, an totally awesome hot creeper. i guess his performance was kinda ………….different, but we all just need to take a brake and let this kid blossom!!!!!! WHO EVER AGREES WITH ME PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!

    • brandy, for sure take a break and let the Superstar blossom! He did it, its done with, now moooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Let the music play!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I agree brandy! Never heard of “creeper” what do you mean? I thought ADAM was & is freakin sexy! He can scratch his ass & it’d be sexy!

    • “Creeper”????? LOL!! I agree with the “totally awesome hot” part!

  42. Pat/Glamb#36 says:

    This whole thing has me so pissed off right now. OK I’ll admit at first I was a little shaken after the AMA show too. But the true fan that I am, I got over it and am showing my support. I wish everyone else would just get over it already, too. All the other bad crap going on in this f***ed up world and these idiots are obsessing over a kiss. Whateva!

    • Pat, gotcha! Fans need to stopped being pissed, mad etc. Show Adam your true support by letting this all go by and move on. He certainly is. I can hear him giggle right now. AAHH. “Whataya Want From Me”

  43. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    OMG! ADAM is again being doubted & not trusted. Where are the other entertainers from that night ? They should be showing ADAM some support here.Where’s Simon Fuller? Simon Cowell? 19? RCA? But I guess since it’s not them being targeted, they don’t have to worry. BS! If they want to continue to perform as artists then they should speak up!
    This is funny because I feel as ADAM’s fan, I’m being doubted as well. I feel some responsibility because I helped put him where he is at now. Giving him the attention he solely deserves. This poor guy has such a beautiful gift to share w/ the world, all of this just shows me those people are just downright stupid. They can’t just stop & listen, listen w/ their hearts? ADAM is magical, he is not like everyone. He is a very special human being with a very special gift. What’s wrong w/ people? Why can’t they hear him, hear his angelic instrument? This saddens me. I would’ve thought at least Dianne Sawyer would ‘ve been able to recognize ADAM’s gift. But apparently she is not the person I thought she was.
    I would be willing to sign a petition or e-mail abc, which I have done after the cancellation, or write to the people who feel he literally invaded their bodies. People who like to complain about any & every little thing is what this has all been about, these complainers,nag,nag, nag. Like some have said, if you don’t like what’s on t.v., turn the damn channel. I do. It’s not that difficult. Which reminds me, why the hell did they keep watching the ama show to the very end w/ ADAM performing? What were they expecting? GOD? I’m done now. After reading this thread on my phone, I started crying at work & my dear friend knew how much ADAM meant to me. And she enjoyed ADAM’s ama performance.

    • kimber, why did people keep watching the show? Because they were very interested. Probably makes what they do less hectic. Its to easy in life to pull the rug out from under another person.
      They’d rather bitch and complain instead of closing their eyes to want they do Not want to see.
      Some people cant see from not looking and some people cant hear from not listening. The world will go on and its a shame that all the negatives are missing out on a wonderful experience here. If only they could spread the goodness of Adams love around.
      Love you Adam.

  44. I don’t post much and keep meaning to sign up and get a Glamb number but I had to say something on this issue. I signed the petition mentioned above so I’m going to post my comment from it here because it basically says how I feel.

    “I am offended by all of the violence on tv but I don’t expect it to go away. The pieces of Adam’s performance that are being protested against do not bother me at all. I happen to love seeing men kissing and I’m a middle aged heterosexual woman. I get tired of the people who expect everyone to cater to only their tastes and want to censor only the parts they themselves don’t agree with. Also, that kiss was far from the first open mouthed homosexual kiss on television. There is a gay couple on As the World Turns. I love watching them, and that’s on DAYTIME television. Adam is a wonderfully talented performer and ABC should NOT have to pay a fine for showcasing his performance. To those who are all in an uproar over this I say the same thing they say to me when I don’t want to see someone’s blood, brains and/or organs splattered all over, or people being stabbed, shot etc. USE THE REMOTE CONTROL AND CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Do not tell me what I cannot watch. I loved Adam’s performance. Thank you.”

    It’s true all of the blood and guts bothers me but I just change the channel. I don’t tell other people what they cannot watch because I do NOT want to be told what I cannot watch. As an avid reader of erotic romance, including gay romance, I found the kiss awesome. I think Adam is right, there is a double standard and why shouldn’t we try to change that. I’m not much into soaps but as I mentioned, I often watch As the World Turns because I like Noah and Luke. They have kissed and been bare chested together in bed on the show, so what? A long time ago even men and women weren’t seen french kissing or in bed together on network television, now it’s no big deal. I love Adam because he is extremely talented. Ok, I usually say it this way “The boy can sing his ass off” lol. I also adore his personality, not to mention his hotttttttttness.

    I also want to mention that when I signed the petition it was edging towards 1700 (1689) I bet we can get that number up if we try!

    Have a great weekend!

    • It is 2621 as of now and rapidly rising, everyone should vote against this type of discrimination.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      That is a great post Water, make sure you go and get your glamb number, we welcome people like you to this site.

      When I just signed the petition it was up to 2,326. Way to go. Keep signing everyone, let’s give our total support to Adam.

      • Dianne……have just signed petition…..also see reply to your post above.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • WATER ……Love your post . You have put in words how I feel and, if I may say, how most of us feel……THANK YOU.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • It seems like all the female performers are either in barely- there clothes and garters, and spreading their legs and air-humping (at least that’s what I call it!! lol), somehow simulating sexual acts either alone or with the guy dancers performing with them. But because the men love watching the women do it….they don’t complain!!! Apparently there is more than one
      gay male romance going on during daytime tv. ABC has “one Life to Live” with a sexually-charged gay male relationship, and Water mentioned another soap with the same thing-.
      Also daytime tv! This hate will blow over because ABC, Lynchburg, and all negatives cannot endure because people will tire of those groups “shock” tactics to smear ADAM.

      ADAM has definitely opened the door with his performance, and we, as ADAM fans, will walk through it happily. Let’s slam the door on the haters!!!!!

    • Water,

      Thanks for a really great post.. Where can I find the petition so that I can sign it?

      Many blessings,


  45. There was nothing,nada,zip,zero, in adam’s performance that has not been done before. Bowie and Iggy Pop’s performance together 30 years ago was the 1st I remember.And SNL did an entire preogram with reapeated skits of men kissng each jother for the entire hour. The very people who complain are so sick in mind, they can be dangerous.They will watch two men beating each jother to ja pulp and call it entertainment, but two men kissing terrifies them. They don’t think human sexuaslity is natural, and it terrifies them. It is useless to have a dialogue with people who have never used their minds to think orly to remember and spout out what they’ve been told to think and believe. They will go to their graves without ever having an original thought and die without ever having lived.

    • ianaleah…..Yes !!! As you say…two men beating themselves up ( a violent act) …. is totally acceptable but two men kissing (a peaceful, loving act)…. is a ‘crime’ !!!!. I just don’t get it !!!

      Love your post….thank you

      Love, yvonne (Australia)

  46. Adam might have been over the top but he is entertainment…I see lots worse on t.v. and I enjoyed his performace and he was great on CBS and Letterman…..flip off ABA and don’t do anything else for them…..You are a star…….

  47. OMG wtf happened to freedom of expression??? If Madonna can make out with Britney Spears, why the hell can’t Adam make out with the male keyboardist? LEAVE ADAM ALONE!! Too many prudes in the world today …Where the HELL is the love?

    • There is lot of love around the world but there are a few and very few misguided individuals who cannot see furhter then what is front of their noses.

  48. ok these people need to get a life! Off the subject, I was laying in bed last night thinking about what my pictures will look like with Adam after I win the Details mag. photo shoot!!!!! I just know I will be the winner!! LOL I am going to tell them I want black leather and lots of makeup!! So NOT me but what a great Idea!! I am also gonna let them photoshop the hell out of the pictures!! Suck in stomach, push boobs up etc!! Can’t wait!!! A girl can always dream can’t she? This is the fun that Adam has created for me!!!! We should all get together and make this a topic!!!! What fun has Adam created for YOU?

  49. OH great ABC is gonna have Chris Brown on after canceling Adam~~~!! What a bunch of crap! Now that guy deserves to be in jail for what he did. I really think some of these organizations have nothing to do. They better get over the Adam thing,because Christmas is coming and they want to be sure and make a big deal over Santa!!!! Remember last year one of these groups made a deal because they think Santa is to fat..Good grief do we have nothing better to do!!! Adam just opened the door to what should be. We are all different, Heterosexual, Homosexual,tall,short,thin,fat,kinky,not kinky, with different tastes. I hope people will just get over this and move on. Adam has so much talent we should focus on that

  50. Boycott ABC and all their sponsors.Nearly every act on that show was rauchy-what about old lady Janet Jackson grabbing her and others crotches? What about the Rappers and especially Eminem with with his filthy,violent disgusting lyrics? What about Rhiannas and Fergies body barely being covered? Even Carrie Wood had hot pants on so tight you could make out every line.Lady Gaga played the piano with her legs wide open. BUT the only one condemned was ADAM.UNFAIR.I didn’t like his antics because he is soo talented he doesn’t need gimics.Hes done hundreds of beautiful heart felt songs,hes active in charity,nice as can be. BUT hes being picked on for ONE mistake! I know I love him and will always be a fan.

    • And Barbara, if I may add…..Adam was impeccably attired…..his suit was pure class.

      Love Yvonne (Australia)

  51. To Tracy: Since you are critizing us for being on this site…..and why aren’t we doing something more important…….what are you doing here?????!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Why complain about Adam’s AMA performance, I found nothing wrong with it, he interpreted the lyrics opf the song, he did it really well, I loved the whole thing, or, is it a minority making a point that it was a man kissing another man, what is wrong with that, nothing at all. Why should this minority dictate of what I should watch, it has nothing to do with them, why don’t they raise an issue withe Chris Brown beating a woman, or are they saying it is OK to beat women, why don’t they do something about so many children who go hungry, live in dispeakable environments and die, or maybe that is not important to them. What a bunch of hypocrites, thousands of people watched the show and only 1500 complained, what about the majoriy rights. This is pure discrimination, there are laws about discrimination, or are hey saying they can select when to follow the law and when not to, HYPOCRITS.

  53. Ellen Tobin says:


  54. You really have to be kidding me! This is a joke! I wonder if these people are going to take action against Janet Jackson reaching from behind one of her dancers and grabbing at his crotch? That was ok though, right? That’s right, she’s a female! Let’s show kids, who I don’t believe should have even been up at the time of these performances, that its ok to smash Whiskey bottles like Lady Gaga did. . . .come on people. After the first “lewd act” answer me one question .. . WHY are you still watching the performance. . . There are at leats 299 other channels to switch to! I’m still a fan of Adams, I bought his CD, I will go and see him in concert and I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT HIM!!!! Do your thing Adam! Not only does SEX sell but so does controversy. I’m behind you 110%!!!!

  55. and thats another thing. . . How many of these viewers actually listened to the song as well as the lyrics before they saw the performance?? Probably NONE!!!

  56. The politicians have been in more trouble than any performer, so it’s almost hard not to smile at this. The worst part -in may ways, is their idiocy, and it is friggin scary to realize they have never actually used their brains to think. Sure, they can remember what other peoplehave told them what to think and have been told to believe , they can even quote the beliefs and dogma of people who think the descriotion of God in Ezekiel is their ideal-because that is what they are spouting. Yup, nothing actually spiritual, nothing about love,light,peace,joy-just hate blame judge condemn.oops, sorry-that sounds more d evilish. Maybe though, instead of freaking out about, shhhhh, s.e.x. shhhhh, they can consider why the cover of Play Station magazine shows a man with a knife and the cut throat of another man. (no kissing though, whew!) Lots of gory photos inside too, people maiming,brutalizing, burning,-lots of games-parents can buy and forget to notice their kids playing with them-(can beat them at the games ) I raised my daughter, and I am not going to raise theirs for them, they can get off their lazy youknowwhatitz and put the kids to bed on time. More importantly, since MotherNature/God/Cosmos/Love created the human species with the ability to be able to reproduce at age 12 and the hormones needed to inspire it-they are negligent if they haven’t taught their kids about-you know,s.e.x.-their bodies, and the anatomy and physiology, and the 5 classifications of human sexualtiy that are formed in the fetul stage -as proven by research for the entire last have century.And of course, sexuality is actually fluid, not static, but as a refresher: the classifications are hetersexual, hetersexual w incidental attraction to same sex, bisexual, homosexual w incidental attraction to opposite sex , homosexual. The areas of our brains related to sexual issures are different, it is biological not choice. -that is why-when a homosexual has an incidental attraction to opposite sex, they say he is cured and it was choice, nope, wrong, he is classification two, so deal with it. As for Adam’s performance, well, I didn’t like it so much,but I don’t want anyone taking away an artist’s right of creative expression, and I loved all Adam’s other performances, lots, ; he saved the AI contest program this season .And but I loved the kiss, oh yeah,definitely (still don;t like men maiming each other ) The thing is: there are photos of the kiss all over various online newspapers-so they all sanction it. And although the tv show was not put on video, many stations and newspapers have made a video of the performance and posted it online. Again, if it is lewd and offensive, how and why do that? And, after the movie’Bruno ‘was released, SNL did a whole hour of gay skits. And there are far far far forever far too many music performances by artists over several decades that make Adam’s performance a drop in the bucket. This I know, Adam Lambert is a good-hearted loving talented guy and that is how I see him , that his individual sexuality is gay, leaves me out since I’m a straight woman, my loss, my sorrow.

  57. Buy Adam’s cd and show your support for him as an entertainer. Write to the address in the article and voice your opinion. Adam’s performance was 4 minutes long. A speck of time in our life. He made an important artistic statement with his kiss, which went with the lyrics of his song so it wasn’t a random act. The “finger” he gave was an exclamation point to all the double standards and negative comments he has received from haters (including the OUT editor). Where was the Lynchburg Group and all this craziness when Sacha Baron Cohen rubbed his crotch in Eminem’s face at the MTV Award Show (excellent point made in an earlier comment). Other performers at the AMA’s were doing adult entertainment too. ABC thinks Chris Brown, the convicted woman beater, is a more appropriate choice than Adam Lambert a gay singer….I don’t know maybe its just me, but if one of these two men were to let loose with their “unpredictable act” I would vote for the unthreatening male/male kiss vs. watching Chris Brown beat on a woman….

  58. Michelle and Adam fans: i did some math last night and I think you’ll find this interesting.
    We really don’t know the exact amount of viewers ref: AMA’s but just for fun here are the stats using the lowest number:

    14,000,000 (viewers) divided by 1500 = .000107 such a tiny percentage and we don’t know if all those 1500 were real complaints as ABC can’t authenticate who these people are. So if the amount of viewers is higher (43, 23 Million was reported also) then the amt. of complaints is a joke beyond comprehension. I wish this whole thing would go away but all these blood suckers including &, iTunes are exploiting Adam for all it’s worth. Go to main page. I wish I could just delete that page. I will buy more albums from anyone but

  59. Another thought: Do we know that these people that are pretending to be upset are who they say they are? Why would a so called Holy Roler watch the AMA’s as everyone knows what goes on during that show. So why would they watch. I believe with all my being that these haters have nothing to do with the average Christian I believe that they are a group of upset fans of others who are trying to destroy Adam at all costs. They watched AMA’s because their idol was on the show. And why would anyone who has a life take the time to post on every site on the internet and on articles about Adam.

  60. LibraLamb7 says:

    Hi Glambs…Just putting this here cuz this is the latest thread right now…Here’s an article from Adam’s hometown paper, The San Diego News, where the opera experts review & rate Adam’s album, FYE. I found it interesting…the consensus seems to be overall a good effort, but they all want more of Adam’s vocals & less engineering, synths & techno-smoke & mirrors. All think Adam is a rare talent who needs to find his true voice & let it shine. A couple of their fav tracks are “Aftermath” & “Broken Open”…Oh, yeah..there’s place for you to vote, rate FYE 1 to 4 out of 4…he’s at about 65% rating it 4/4!!!!


    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      thanx libralamb…i really enjoyed this article, as well. i remember the one they did last may. as we can all tell, they have a great appreciation of his wonderful voice and talent. thanx for the grt share.

  61. Sadly…I don’t live too far from the lovely folks that run Liberty. The Commonwelth of Virginia is very slowly becoming more liberal, alas, I still feel like I vote in a void sometimes. Listen to me, on this, we are getting somewhere. You’ve no idea where we came from unless you’ve lived here as long as I. Those freaks at Liberty have self-importance issues. I find it quite revealing that their biggest issue was the kiss. Look. I’ll admit that my brother (who I love desperately) is gay and has been for 50 years or so, so of course, I’m biased. It is soooo hard not to get on my soapbox. I will not, only because I don’t want that to be the direction of this particular post.

    Here is my message to you all. I taught my children not to look at the people in their world and make any assumptions based on sex, color, religion, size…etc. There is no one…NO ONE…that I have met in my 54 years that does not want other people to appreciate them and what they are about. But when you start condeming others for their differences, I just don’t think that’s what Jesus meant. To me, these people that condemn others….they aren’t my brother. Sorry.

    Adam…your spirit is so special, whether I personally “liked” the AMA show or not. You have a lovely, lovely spirit.

  62. Are you kidding? If any of you have been staying in touch with ABC’s recent guests, you may notice that Chris Brown, who enjoys beating up his girlfriend was a invitee. Shame on you ABC for using Adam Lambert in order to make stupid and raunchy show worth turning on the tv in the first plance and then after he “got a little carried away” canceling him to appear righteous. Get over it ABC. You have lost many viewers having made the decision that you have. You are pathetic. I hope that Adam will continue to sing with joy and watch his behavior on network television so that he does not have to be used again as a scapegoat. My channel for ABC no longer exists. YOU OWE ADAM another chance and apology. He is a wonderful person and fabulous entertainer and big money maker for you. You are the humans that are filthy and disgusting. 14 million viewers, many of which were there to watch Adam, and not half the mediocre (a hardly less provacotive in other ways) performance…..and 1500 people complained. I would say you had several million that perhaps might have not seen his best vocals, but love and appreciate that he has the best potential that we have seen and heard in decades, not to mention star power. Get over his little mistake and support him or I hope your airways don’t reach another soul.

  63. Why didn’t ABC ask Adam to explain his performance actions like CBS did? He could have performed for the audience and all of this controversial talk would have been dropped. ABC can’t take the heat or controversy? The Liberty group should view One Life to Live and watch the storyline of gay men (they kiss quite frequently). Has Liberty objected to the daytime soap activities that air on ABC? Double standard-get over it and move on. If you want to raise your children in a bubble, find another planet to live on…when you take them out of the bubble you may not be happy with what they decide to do with their lives. This is the real world.

  64. After millions of dollars spent on lawyers, ABC will prevail. Everybody was clothed, no female nipples were exposed, and there is no clear definition of what “line” has been crossed. Until there is, this is a waste of time. Many people found the performance interesting, provacative, nouveau art, and not at all obscene, so by Community Standards ABC did nothing wrong by airing this. Having seen much of the show, I was most offended by Carrie Underwood’s descent into trashiness. Now, in MY opinion, that was a “line crossed” and should have been banned. See how this works? My opinion hasn’t caused Liberty ANY worries, and yet she was traipsing about like a tramp. How about THEM apples, “Liberty?”

  65. Please save us from those that believe that they are the keepers of all that is right, acceptable and will not send us all careening down a path of hell and damnation. I know that I nver asked the Liberty group or any other self-appointed morality mongers to protect me or tell me what is obscene or lewd etc.

    I can make my own determinations and as everyone else has said I can vote with my remote if I don’t like something that I see well, I can turn off my TV.

    The problem is that these people the Liberty Group and others like them assume that they have mandate to judge everyone & everything but they don’t.
    It’s like the famous bumper sticker that says “The Moral majority” is neither.”

    Again, I don’t care whether Adam is gay, gay on Monday, straight on Tue, Bi on the weekends whatever. What I care about is that i want to have the right to be entertained by a phenomenally talented artist and I cherish his right to exercise his artistic and creative license.

    I also loved his Dave Letterman performance and the capable manner in which he has responded to this onslaught of shock and negativity.
    His responses were typically Adam ( bight, quick, thoughtful, charming and articulate)

    Hopefully, The Liberty group will just be viewed as the self-righteous, pompous bores that they are and people will lose interest in their drivel.

    As for the folks who are really knocking Adam for his AMA performance think about Adam’s comment that he is not the type of artist who is attempting to satisfy every single person.

    So if Adam’s AMA performance did not appeal to you just recognize that it wasn’t meant for you & move on. And if you’re a Kris Allen fan and you are bashing Adam on his fan site then you are really dishonoring Kris by bashing his good friend Adam.

    Thanks to all of you who are seeing this situation in a realistic light.

    Many Blessings,


  66. Musicalgal says:

    Right on Jaberone. Leave our Adam alone. If they thought it was so lewd behavior, just turn the channel. They don’t have to watch. This is not the clockwork orange flick.

  67. cheryl 334 says:

    Old news. Not relevant. Blah, Blah, Blah,……………………………Who cares about what they think? Not me!


  68. LibraLamb7 says:

    Hi folks…While lurking around on other sites today I came across this little gem of an essay on “planetfierce” titled: “Adam Lambert: Culture Shock to Flashpiont? I found it interesting & maybe some of you will, too. There are several other links & info on today’s page. like the Metacritic reviews & ratings for FYE album….Enjoy!!!

  69. Adam already apologized a few times in any case, so people should just get over it

  70. Was looking for that information a long time ago, thanks!


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