Looking for New Moderators for our Forum

Hi, as I’ve mentioned before we have upgraded our forum and we need moderators for each category (we will be adding new ones soon).

The forum is at http://adamunofficial.com/forum

Our current moderators are:

– CatEyes
– LindaK
– Adam4Life
– Mongoose (new)

The role of a moderator is to encourage interaction between members, answer enquiries, create a sense of community and ‘police’ the forum.

Right now it is a combined effort but eventually we will each have our own category to supervise like most forums.

If you are interested, e-mail me telling me a little bit about yourself and with your name and login registration to dreamsound2@hotmail.com

We are only looking for responsible volunteers who have the time and are familiar within forum environments.

Please keep in mind that we only have a few spots open so I might not be able to get back with everyone!


~~ Dreamsound, Glamb #1


  1. brandy scoobydoo says:

    okey dokey girly