Live Chat With Adam

Tonight Adam was live on his official website for one hour answering fan questions submitted by the winning DonorsChoose.Org fan club, ONTD_AI. Honestly, I have not listened to it all the way through but the bits and pieces I HAVE heard were good!! I learned a thing or two that I hadn’t known before. This is the audio recording of the live chat from 02/18/10:



  1. wow, wow, wow…. i love these questions… so non-showbiz;p

  2. What a lovely young man with a wonderful spirit! It is sheer delight to listen to him talk as well as sing.

    I think the question about how do you get a man to…that was cut off, is how to get a man to wear makeup? LOL! Some friends of mine dressed up as “rock stars” for Halloween, with eye makeup and they were hot! I have told them all they should wear eye liner more often…chicks love that! Hehehe.

    • Dr3am Krush3r says:

      Yup chicks luv guys with eyeliner. Especially me. ’cause i just think their superrr hot! Am i right? idc lol i just know Adam’s gay but yet sexy lol. Yea i just posted tht. Addz me on facebook adam. I think i had J.B but someone hacked my account and deleted him. But yet i hate j.b lol. I only listen to Adam and Nickle Back & Rehab. luvz sleepwalker and LUVZ YOU. oh im only 29 XD But still use cpu funnyz

  3. I have run out of sweet superlatives to describe the way this guy makes me grin from ear to ear. Can go on with busy, snowy 12 hour Friday work day with energy and inspiration……inspiration from a 28 yr. old who just tries so hard and gently and with great humor and love of people and life. No excuses, no blame …… just honest and courageous and guided by spirit and love. There is so much more to love here than music and sex appeal. His many interviews are an unexpected gift to put in perspective the effect he has on this most unusual assortment of individuals that we have so fiercely become. Can’t wait for all the things he says are coming – this just gets better and better. I am so tired of explaining to absolutely everyone around me that I cannot and will not EVER watch AIdol again except for the few minutes that Adam does a guest appearance ….. they just don’t GET it and that’s ok but Leave Me ALone! I am happier than I have ever been and I know everyone on this site feels the same. Love you guys UIMA

  4. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wow, this is long! I’m only done with the first one, but these questions are really cool! I’m an Aries and I can’t believe he got cut off right at the end when he was talking about it! That sounded like a funny line!

  5. What is your favorite theme park? And I am dying to know, how tall are you?

  6. What is your favorite theme park? And I am dying to know how tall you are?

  7. hey adam, are you straight from sarah

  8. how many stuff u can do at once

  9. heyyyyy adammm

  10. hay adam i love you fort because you is my better artiste rock ilooooooooooooooove youuuuu

  11. Starrfishpower says:

    Adam when are you going on your next tour
    And if so PLEASE vist Australia 🙂

  12. hey adam how are ya swetty how is your life I wish to see u really am from syria i wanna ask u if u can to come too this coutry cuz u have alooooooooooooooot of people love u here and am the first of them u know what my dream is see u and talking face to face exept that u are fames guy but its just dream :* :* love u

  13. hey guys did adam answerd any one of u ?

  14. I have a daughter with a brain injury who is 22 and loves u

  15. hello in love adam

  16. are you going to have any concerts in michigan


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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by inacablecar: @TKFletcher LOL. I agree. @RyanSeacrest also tweeted it. And Adam confirmed it in Comcast Live Chat. It’s really Him.