2012 Premiere – and Adam is There!!!

***UPDATED – BETTER 2012 PRESS CONFERENCE PHOTOS!*** Wow!!! I love this look – the makeup and hair is just perfect, and the outfit is so SICK! Love the silver/gray – really brings out his eyes! More photos coming…





















Adam attended the premiere of the movie 2012 on November 2nd. We carried the live stream as it ran (about an hour and a half) but the camera only got the above brief shot of Adam. The announcer managed to interview a dull-as-dirt John Cusack and Roland Emmerich, but NOT Adam…good job, dude.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Susie Cala says:

    This is so cool. I love it.

    • I just saw adam in the background. He has on silvery glittery jacket…..

      • Lisette here..merci for email an hugs theresa always..blessings an luv to all here!Missing everyone but stil pain intense in hand*one handed lisette still argh takes un heure to do simple text.Nevreless just to say Adam vraimente appears tresbeau in his silver et noir jacket on noir carpet..An thenks for linq(Theresa)..when I visite hope to here Adam interview..domage interviewer didnt capture.Seeing below video as always Adam is eloquant,sweet,charmant an has an illuminating aura speciale from his beauface an lit from his 2 aqua eyes,speake voix..always take away any pain..grande hugs for thet monamie tresbeau!Despite subject of thes very tragique film..i tweet thet Adam is our ange an rai d’lit with his smooth,velvettone voix an time for Miracles so appropo to take away intense gloom of thes noir film..an as always Adam will be like a radiant an angelique being there..benedictions to nous ange d’musique one tresbeau de couer,soul,face an voix..j’etaime toujours..An luv to all glambs here too missing all of yu soo much…Grande,grande bisous mmmmmwoi!!!…LisetteMarie in Nevada..p.s i hed some strange tweet people follow me lastnuit wil add..lets say I hed to block..possible as I always mentione of Angels an thes individuals were full of hatred,intolerance,an negative thouts.
        So unlike our beauhearte Adam who is nothing less then a l’homme of intelligence,charm,integritie,humanitie,infinite kindness,gentleness,earthy sensualitie an a voix thet noone can ever duplicate non mattre how hard they’ll try..ther’s only one brilliant illuminating an estraordinaire being as monsieur Adam Lambert..angel d’chansons an prince of heartes..I hed to add thes as I av so been missing to post here..Now pain is intense so I must reste strict doc ordere here..Blessings,peace,luv an lit..Adam is nous miracle so perfect his songe is titled here!xoxoxo

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey hey Lisette! good to hear from you. Keep doin’ therapy on your hand if you’ve begun. Take your time no one is going anywhere, here. We love you and miss you too!! ADAM looks absolutely gorgeous doesn’t he ? His interview was answered very well too. He is just himself and he knows who he is. I wish I knew who I was sometimes, I do know I’m a mother of a beautiful & 5’3 10 yr old, and I’m a GLAMB/ ADAMfan. Glad you’re here w/ us . Love you Lisette!!!

          • Lisette..just passe thru wee heure of am..grande hugs here Kimber for lovli note..Yes am seeing doc. today anothre specialist..Pray he’ll not be 2nd suggest surgerie an bettre solution.Stil av little or no feeling in fingres an estreme pain in wrist,between forefingre/thumb where suitcheres were..Aw lovli thet yu av children..sure keeps yu busy.An nice yu too manage schedule as many here with famille,husbands..Adam an his superbe musique,voix d’angeli an still reading much as possible to keep informe on latest events an any news of Adam takes away lot of discomforts..A holistic remedie to what ailes for sure!Blessings an luv to yu too an all glambs gals,fellows an of course l’ange..Adam Lambert grande bisous always ..J’etaime toujours Lisettexoxoxo!

  2. I’m on their Twitter feed right now trying to get a shout out from the announcer. The more Glambs the better…join me!

    Glamb #6

  3. puteri abdul says:

    jeanette…… you are a darling ..
    did not realise this was coming at all..
    nearly turn off my pc as thought I want to take a nap, as I was getting drowsy after taking some medication as I am not feeling very well..
    but I am awake now !!
    back to the video …
    thanks ..

  4. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    So awesome… even the fact that you have it right here and I dont have to go to anywhere else….

    OMG have you heard the song bites…. heckkkkk!!!! I’m going over there now to make more comment…
    open another window so I can listen at the same time…

  5. Adam has been spotted in the background on the black carpet…right behind Cusack. Hopefully he will be interviewed shortly. Woot!


  6. sherry s. says:

    While the press is talking to the main star and director, Adam walks by and they all go crazy calling out his name in hopes of an interview. This was so cool Jeanette. Even though I only caught about 10 minutes and didn’t get to hear Adam, it was certainly a unique experience to see it LIVE. Every day you and the group amaze me. Many, many thanks.

  7. puteri abdul says:

    ok.. that was one heck of waiting..
    waiting for adam to be interviewed by that oh-sound-so-boring interviewer, but alas, no adam being interviewed by livestream ..
    but being one who is an easy person to be pleased, just so happy got to catch a glimpse of adam live minutes ago ..
    he has his hair something like on the this is it premiere, and I think he has glittery jacket on ..
    pretty sure some videos and photos will come up after this ..
    by the way, it was fun reading the chats during the livestream .. nobody can deny, I would say , by the chats going on there, majority of the viewers there are for adam ..

    well, for all it’s worth adam..
    you are one heck of a very busy guy now, and I hope you will be kept busy with all these things that I know you love ..
    cause adam, you now a star !!

  8. It was one of those days and I just got onto our site now! Cant’ believe it, I got so involved on twitter, then had to hunt down those now famous ‘snippets’ and play and drool and play and drool… oh, and then more sites to read critiques of said snippets.. and finally via twitter from which I have not exited all day… the wondrous livestream opportunity, only to wait patiently from about 5:55 pm PST (lucky us it’s early), and wait, and wait, listening to that drone go on and on… chatting up the chatroomers.. and then. oh look! there he is! his head behind Cusak, and coming toward our ??interviewer.. oops, then Emmerich stops and meanders along chatting, and oh dear! Adam has just passed by behind him, shouts for him coming from all corners! Tweeters going nuts!!! oops, gone.into the theatre… Awwww, oh well, maybe after the film Anyone any idea how long it runs???????

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Did you see that girl behind him(the camera moved to behind ADAM), after he shows off his jacket w/ a tug, she smiles upon him like she wants that piece of a**. I know, I’m probably seeing things, but it did look like she wanted it bad!!!! All I can say is “girl get in line!!!!”.

      • puteri abdul says:

        hahah kimber..
        you are funny…
        I like that line .. “girl get in the line”..
        and my, what a line (imagining the very, very, very, very, very , very, very, long queue of hopefuls .. “

      • Believe the blonde girl is his assistant, she is seen w/him quite often.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          C’mon Mary C! I was fantasizing now. Sorry ADAM’s assistant, just thought. Hey Mary C , was wondering about that link to PeoplesChoice poll, would it be okay for someone to post the link on each thread? If so that’s ok. I was trying to go back & look for it but couldn’t. I try to avoid wandering off too far since I don’t really know what I am doing most of the time on the net. And I was trying to order the deluxe cd of ADAM’s on AO, but when credit card info came up some message showed & I didn’t know exactly what it meant. Please reply asap if possible. Thank you Mary C!!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            I meant “If not that’s ok.” I gotta vote!!!

            • AdamRocks! says:

              How lucky is that girl???!!! She gets to be Adam’s assistant. . . B****!!! 🙂

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

              • Hey…she took my job! OMG ADAM looks stunning and every perfect adjective that there is! I have NEVER seen a more beautiful man (or woman for that matter!) in my lifetime or in history! I can’t put into words how I feel when I look at him! Is it me, or does he get more handsome each time we see him.

                ADAM must feel like he’s walking on a cloud! In January he was hoping that his name would get “out there”, and now look at him! I am so proud of my love for ADAM–from the very beginning. He jumped into my heart from the first, and he has a home there for always! Love that man!

                • jaberone, isnt that the truth? From Jan. to Now. Oh Adam do you ever have the fan base now…………

                • AdamAddict says:

                  We need a plan ladies!!We HAVE,we MUST get rid of that girl.Then I can apply the job!We will take turn of course,of course~nodding~ Me first,20yrs later,I will resign volunteerly!
                  Adam is smoking hot in second picture where he stare at us.~giggle~Very very good looking guy!!

                  • AA, sounds like a great plan to me. You know I’m in, always ready to have fun, be ornery, well you know what I mean….. Since you’re younger I get first 20 yrs though. ahahahha
                    Oh that stare of his with those glorious eyes, I can hardly take it!!!!!!!
                    But I will take it.

                    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                      I have the job of towel-drying ADAM’s entire body from head to toes( mmm, toes), after his long hot shower w/ me. And then I’ll serve my Master a glass of wine, give him a very nice foot rub and body rub w/ oils & lotions. I love my Master ADAM.

            • Kimber, here ya go……

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Thank you very much sweet Mary C. I voted , are we voting as much as possible? I know back when everyone was voting for ADAM to beat aiken in the world idol, you all, that was freakin’ hilarious. I only had my phone to read your posts ,and I couldn’t vote. But now I have a chance here to get ADAM the breakout artist. It was funny reading your posts, I knew I was hooked on this site.

          • Kimber, did you end up ordering deluxe CD on AO? The message you’re referring to may be the agreement clause, just check okay and proceed to order. You’ll need to
            input your credit crd info. and purchase.

          • KIMBER WHEN I was a neophyte at computers my girlfriend told me, “Whenever you get stuck” just click on the back arrow, again and again..

            It works most of the time . However now and then you need to close X the most recent window open to get back.. now always can find my way back… if it’s a real mess, it’s easier to close and start again.

          • I love just love these photos of Adam. I am in lust and love and everything in between. I want to be his new BFF…….gotta push that one woman that was in the Idol audience who he said was his BFF……….gotta push her like maybe to the side and have someone kidnapp her so I can be his new BFF…………………..;)

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Hey Trish! howya’ doin’ ? I’ll help you any way I can, I think it’s Danielle who is his BFF. ADAM needs 2 BFFs and I’ll be the other one, his friend w/ benefits.

  9. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Thank you Jeanette, for the surprise thread. I went to it and all of a sudden I was watching the premiere live. That’s amazing and how you brought it to this site. Oh yes, I waited for about 20-30 mins for ADAM to be interviewed and then watched him hurry pass Livestream to go watch the movie. Will they do interviews after the movie? And will it be on Livestream? Loved his jacket!! And his hair looked great!! He just looked like he belonged, and to attend a “black carpet” event. I know they did that because of the movie but I’ve heard of other “black carpets”, can’t remember at this time though.
    BTW, today I just saw my first glimpse of ADAM, Allison, & Kris on Wal-Mart”s advertisment-viewing on several large big screen t.v.s in the electronics dept. . What a nice surprise that was . Didn’t get to view again, I think I caught the last bit of it as I was hurrying to get out of there this morning. I pointed it out to the dept manager, but she didn’t notice and didn’t seem to care. She must be one of those people who doesn’t have a drop of magic in her. How sad. But oh boy, was I ever so excited to see ADAM in my store. And as far as Details mag, I never did see one in our mag racks in the book section. That’s ok cause I already have my 4 copies. I’m still offering anyone a copy if you need one.
    Thanks again Jeanette for the opportunity to see ADAM live. That was awesome, first time for me to view livestream.

    • Kim,

      Did you see the new issue of TV Guide? Got mine in the mail today – on the inside cover is a full-page ad for Walmart’s Soundcheck, with the album art for Adam, Kris and Allison.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Jeanette, oh thanx for info, first thing in the morning after I take my daughter to school, I’ll go get my copy!! I just love my Details. I was wondering do you need anymore copies of Details to send or would you want me to send to somebody? I would be very happy to send a copy to anyone. Thank you again for the livestream, that was so cool!!!! You should see me right now. I’m ADAMizing, w/ my black nailpolish on, my big silver rotating ring, my ADAMt-shirt on, and my short black hair. I got it badddd!!! I look at myself in the mirror and I think omg, you can tell I am going thru this transformation. I am addicted!!!! Maybe it’s a stage I’m going thru.
        Goodnight Jeanette!! zzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Kimber, I would love to have a copy of Details. What shall I do, and how shall I do it, so that you can send me a copy? I wasn’t able to go out and get a copy, and couldn’t find one where I looked, so if you are doing this, I would be so appreciative.

          Also, I thought Adam looked so irresistibly darling on the Red Carpet at the 2012 premiere. I am so happy for him, and so proud of him. His star is rising rapidly, and it’s light will soon cover the earth.

          And dear Glambs, you simply all MUST SEE this wonderful video about our ‘Glittery Alien’ boy, it is 8 minutes and 42 seconds of fun, and very well-made; you will smile, want to cry, and be captivated once again by those astonishing moves of his from the concert tour….it’s easy to forget just how stupendous a talent he is unless you go back and view those videos again, and be reminded that there is simply NO ONE in this universe who can do what Adam Lambert has done to all of us. So for a joyful little ride into a parallel universe, here is the highly enjoyable ‘Adam Lambert – Supernova Blastoff Take 2’!!


          • Sidenote: this is not the same video I posted a few threads back, it is different, and has slightly different content. So please view to the end and enjoy!

            • OH Lorrin!! I find this to be the best all round video of Adam and what he means to us of all! Skylarvon is one amazing creator, just like Adam! I got teary, I laughed out loud at it, I just plain enjoyed it!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hello Lorrin, I would be more than happy to send you a Details mag, go thru Jeanette’s e-mail to my e-mail, if it’s okay w/ her, so that I can get your address, asap I know you are anxious to get one and I for you as well. Anything that I can do for a Glambsista, I’m very excited that we can all stick together and do what we can do for each other. I’ve found a new family and it is an honor to be in everyone’s presence. Love you Lorrin! PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!
            PS Great video, saw clips I hadn’t seen before. What an incredible man, ADAM is. That imagination of his just keeps goin’ & goin’. Some might not understand my & our, admiration(mine may be an obsession), for ADAM LAMBERT and sometimes I can’t figure it out. All I know is that voice is heavenly and it brings me to tears. I love you ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

            • I have 3 extras of Details mag! I picked up 2 this morning, believe it or not! Guess there’s not as many Adam fanatics in this area! If anyone is interested, let me know….I’ll charge $10.00 (total) for the price plus shipping and handling. I’m not into making a profit on this. Just want to break out equal! I know what being an Adam fanatic is all about!

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Sorry andi, but I’m not charging my GLAMBsistas, especially when I only paid less than $4 for each one. The GLAMBS are my loved ones now and I would do anything I can for them.

            • KImber I think Adam’s creativity is inspiring other creative and talented young people to stretch their own wings out and take chances.. Youtube is filled with some amazing work..

            • Kimber could you get me a Details mag? I live in a very small town in Texas and I can’t find that mag anywheres. I will pay you for whatever you want for it………….I just want one so bad…………..please let me know. My email address is :

              Trishdish2001@hotmail.com……………….Thank you if you can do this………and even if you can’t ………..

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Trish , I’m workin’ on it now!!! More than happy to do this for you and Lorrin, or anyone. I’m here in OK, your friendly ADAM neighbor!!!

          • OMFG!!! Lorrin, this video had me in chills! I am so happy to see someone capture what I’m knowing about Adam–he is not of this world. He is a new beginning. He truly is the glittery alien! He is alien to all the traditional values and ways of being. He is joyful and non-resistant. What does the world do with someone like him–someone you can’t put in a box and define? Well, for me, I follow!

            I watched the Livestream live last night and felt the connection with 3000 Adam lovers. Even the cameraman had to give in and start honing in on Adam Lambert. He was the beautiful one. He was the happy one. He lit up the black carpet.

            The night before I watched a Twitter Party of Adam Lovers push #4YourEntertainment to the number one trending spot on Twitter. It stayed there all night long because the overseas folks took over while we slept. Talk about uniting folks!

            I’ve cast aside any desire for those who don’t get it to get him. But I think the world is ready for him. Everyone wants to feel good–and his music and energy are just plain uplifting. He is infectious!

            I am personally glad that I’m a vibrational match to Adam Lambert! I’ve turned off the news and the fearful world–I’m focused on the joy parts. It is downright joyful to watch the glittery alien rise to fame simply by being who he is and enjoying every second of it! And I love being a part of a community that gets that!

  10. Thanks that was great to watch

  11. Who was Adam with at the premiere. Does anyone know

  12. Thank you Jeanette for keeping us all updated and keyed in to where Adam is today. I didn’t even realize the 2012 premiere was in LA today. I hope the film gets lots of attention so the masses can hear Adam’s amazing voice. You really know how to keep on top of things-especially all things Adam. Lorraine

    • I have people who give me a “heads-up” on a lot of these things. They deserve the credit. Thanks to Terry for the livestream tonight!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        And a big THANK YOU to them too!! Thank you Terry!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Jeanette, that jacket ADAM wore at the 2012 premiere, it would look good on you GLAMBsista!!! That jacket was all silver rivots. That could be made easily, just take a little time. If ADAM was to put a jacket around me to keep me warm, it would be the one from ROF, with all that sexual heat inside of it, I’d probably get overheated. But then again, the concert’s blue leathered jacket w/tail & spikes has got to be the best. Can you imagine the heat in that jacket, and the sweet sweat inside. oooh! Okay, I’m fantasizing here, please forgive. Love you! PS Lorrin needs a Details mag, I’m offering to send her one but I need her address. We’re talking about it, just let me know.

        • kimber, u can have the jackett around you, u crack me up!!!!!!! I’ll take the sweet sweat and heat from those black pants around me to warm me up.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            omgawd! can you imagine? why oh why can’t I have him? why doesn’t he reply to my twat? I still have fire inside of me. Just one connection please God! Amen.

            • Oh I so know what ur sayin. Most of us here probably feel the same way. We are little horney devils who want him to thrust us like he does on stage……………..

            • oh , all I can say is keep on twatting! ya never know

  13. I had the livestream on my twitter also… I was going crazy as you could see if you were logged on.. Adam… so close .. yet so far… He was so handsome looking.. and oh the smile !!! but they missed him.. couldn’t believe it …. I wasn’t crazy with the interviewer anyway.. but at least we were able to see Adam.. That was worth it for me.. to see him live.. loved it. I’m sooo tired now.. worked the last 9 days straight.. I came home and straight to the computer and I haven’t left since.. I haven’t had dinner … I’m starving and my eyes are blind from looking at this screen all night.. OH ADAM what are you doing to me ???????
    Tomorrow a day off !!! going to see MJ This is It.. and mail Lisette your copy of Detail mag.. Going to be a good day !!!
    Thanks for this video Jeanette… Your great as always…!!! muahhh


    Just a little fun from Mr. Sexy


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Shakin’ my head, oh my poor sweet and innocent ADAM from AI. He’s so naughty, dirty, nasty, and “sexy hot”!! I love it! Another fine piece of a**, no, art , of ADAM. I feel so sorry for the parents in those audiences w/ kids. They would be asking their mommies and daddies “what is he doing?” or “Why is he doing that?”. That whipping sure does make me have a meltdown. Do you know of any other male entertainer who could put on a show like that? Because I don’t. Sure, some may show a little, but nothing compared to what ADAM could do on that stage. I want him to have a whip during his AMA performance, he’ll show’em. Thanx Summer for another great video, that was hot! He shook it hard! Gotta go, laundry machine is unbalanced like my brain right now!!

      • Kim, from my reading and observing (and Canadian TV shows) over the years I’ve learned that in many gay communities sexual experimentation tends to be more prevalent than with those of us who are hetero and are used to ‘vanilla’ sexual experiences, although some of us become more experimental with age, and some of the younger generation are more out and about in their sexual habits.

        I haven’t thought Adam was particularly experimental, at least from his demeanor, but who really knows? Someone obviously thought so when they threw the first whip, then it kind of took off from there! Adam being the fun guy he is, took full advantage of those whips and smoothly incorporated them into his act just as he did with the other items tossed. And now he has slipped some ‘whip action’ into his music! What a guy!

    • Summerrrrrrrrr*** HE SHOOK HE MOVED, OKAY NOW I’M HOT! Best intermission I’ve ever had!
      Lucky the person who gets those moves from him while makin love…………….. ”THUD”’

    • OMGoodness!!!! That video was HOTTT! I have to come back to reality now…Darn!
      Thanks Summer for sharing it!

    • Oh Summer,

      That was so tantalizing!

      One minute he looks so sweet & charming and the next minute he’s putting out those sexy, hot thrusts that send us into a spiraling Adamgasm.

      I think part of his allure lies in his ability to captivate us with his soft, gentle, approachable personality and then, entice with his sensual, white hot, glam rocker image.

      I can’t remember reacting to a celebrity except when I was 13 and I had a crush on Paul McCartney.

      The only difference was that when I was 13 and an obsessed, screaming maniac I didn’t know that that was I acting an obsessed , screaming maniac and now I’m 45 years older, know exactly how I;m acting, I just don’t give a damn.

      Maybe, if we keep acting this way around Adam, we’ll actually go back in time and reverse our ages.
      That;s okay for us older women but you younger ones might end up needing a baby sitter while some of us become Adam’s age and we retain our brains but we end up with hot, sexy bodies. courtesy of fantasy work outs with Adam LOl!

  15. cheryl 334 says:

    IT IS WONDERFUL AND HEARTWARMING seeing Adam hobnobbing with the stars and shinning brighter than any of them!!! Adma looks and acts so at ease and intellectual as he speaks to one and then another. HE is the STAR there, and the public is just getting a taste. I spent nearly 2 hrs today talking to 2 bankers and VP of my bank about Adam! Great conversations! Made my day happier.I bet his mom is just joyous over her son’s newfound success!!!! She can be proud as punch, I’d say!!!

    Just a personal note. IF ANY OF YOU WOULD, PLEASE PRAY FOR MY granddaughter, Farrah. She is under 3 yrs and has been diagnosed with pneumonia and SWINE FLU at the doctors today and is very, very sick. Also, I have 3 more grandkids in that same house, 7,9,10. When they went to get their flu shot last week or so, the office was OUT! So, they got the other shot. Any prayers will be greatly appreciated. She is a little doll! Petite, very feminine, sings, intelligent and the love of my family. Thank you in advance.
    cheryl nordman

    • puteri abdul says:

      cheryl, my thoughts and hopes to your grandaughter farrah ..
      may she recover soon ..

    • Cheryl,

      Sorry to hear your little granddaughter is sick….I’ll keep her in my daily prayers….we KNOW prayers work!

      God Bless

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      so sorry to hear about Farrah. She is in my prayers, as your other grandkids.
      If I remember correctly, she is the one that always asks for Adam videos?
      I hope she will get well, and Cheryl be strong there for your family.
      Lots of love,

    • Cheryl,

      Be sure that God shall bless your little Farrah and sooner than you can imagine she will running and playing with you again.
      My prayers and best wishes for her and all your family.

      Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • AdamRocks! says:

      cheryl, so sorry to hear about your little granddaughter being sick with the flu. . . she’s in my thoughts and prayers. ~hugs~

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • cheryl, prayers are coming your way. Farrah and all of her grandkids, are beautiful kids, saw pics. ! Lotsaluv coming their way.

      proud as punch, oh yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • Cheryl, my prayers are with Farrah and your other grandkids & family. It is so scary when these sicknesses happen, your belief in prayers, that will help you get through this.

    • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little grandaughter Farrah. I hope that with the energy of all of us praying for her, and her own strength, she’ll be just fine soon. Another friend of mine has her young grandaughter, almost the same age, down with the swine flu. It’s scary indeed!! You stay well too.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I already said in the last thread but I can say many times.Farrah,be strong sweety!!I pray for you.Speedy recorvery! I really hope she will be okay.And she will be okay,Cheryl!

        • Sending white light to little Farrah — be well soon sweetie.

          • Dear Cheryl, I have been praying since you told me, and will continue until you tell me she is well again. I am so sorry to hear she now has pneumonia, but we have a tight, loving ring of light and prayer around Farrah and your family, and we will pray for her complete recovery. Please take care of yourself, also, Cheryl, love you very much..

    • Cheryl my thoughts and prayers are for your grandaughter Farrah, I wish her a speedy recovery, she is lucky to have such a nice grandmother.


    • Cheryl…my prayers and good wishes are with your little grandaughter, Farrah, and all her siblings! God will give strength to her parents and to you also.

      • Cheryl…..I sincerely hope your little grandaughter, Farrah recovers from her debilitating illness A.S.A.P. Please tell her there are best wishes for her all the way from Australia……

        Yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Oh Cheryl, I do hope little Farrah is on the mend real soon. Love and best wishes to her, you and your family from Christchurch, New Zealand. Get well, little one.


  16. AdamAddict says:


    What will you do if you know the world end tomorrow?Yikes!! I’M SKERD!!I won’t watch that movie if Adam didn’t sing for the soundtrack.Oh man,I hate that kind of movie!!!But I want to hear the movie!!! 0_o
    “Hmmm,jacket” Aww,Adam is so cuuuuuute!!! 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I would still be sitting here at this pc visiting w/ my GLAMBsistas fantasizing about ADAM! And holding onto my daughter giving her all the love I have in the world!!!

    • He is the Hottest hunk to ever walk the red carpet! His voice was raspy and sexy….and oh his laugh.

      • YES, YES, YES, Adam is the most sexiest guy in the world, his voice, his laugh, no one can top this guy!
        Now he shows up in this absolutely gorgeous suit jacket, I think this is my most favorite
        outfit, it is just perfect on him. That glittering jacket would not look good on any other man in this world……………………………………………………………………………………………….. Adam, Oh, Adam, you are the love of my life….so glad that you appeared in my lifetime and brought life back into me, I sure would have hated to miss experiencing your voice and you letting us in to get to know you. Love everything about you!!!

        Mary C, You sure are right about Adam being all this & more !!!

  17. THANKS for the post!! He is of course adorable as always!

  18. Lee/Saline says:

    As I watched one of the videos I realised that Adam is more than the sum of his parts. And we can never pin him down to one part nor would we want to. Besides what Adam shows us there are many who will show us other parts. And we accept them all. Even my words feel inferior to me to get my own thoughts across.

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      • OH kim, all you do is place the mouse over the pic, right click and choose ‘save as’ and if you have windows XP or Vista it should have a My Pictures category under My Documents and you can make file folders, one for Adam.. or more! Click on the word ‘file’ in top left and choose ‘new folder’.

        GOOD LUCK!!

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    Anyway, if you guys can somehow post links in advance of where Adam will be, that would be so great. Thank you!

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