Listen To “Live The Life”- By J. Scott G. Featuring Adam Lambert

Here is your opportunity to listen to Live the Life(Full Version) by J. Scott G. featuring Adam Lambert. Click on the link below and have a listen for yourself…



Did you like it? or not? Let us know in the comments below!!



  1. Judy Lushman says:

    I love it! I would love to hear Adam on the radio in collaboration with another artist. I don’t know if this song is going to go any further than his website, but we will have to wait and see. This guy knows that using Adam’s name and influence will get him places.

    • J Scott G is so much more influence in the electronic music scene, or music in general than Adam Lambert.

  2. 5starnana says:

    Okay, I really like it. Can’t wait to download this to my iphone!!!! I’m not surprised, everything Adam does is awesome!!!

  3. Tweeterpie says:


  4. I loved it!!! Wish there was a video of it. I am sorry to say, I have never heard of J. Scott G., but it was awesome!

  5. I thought it was fantastic! Adam always makes a song sound great. Did he actually hold that note
    that long?!!

    • FlamingoLady says:

      I counted it at 22 seconds, and he actually goes up a few notes at the end…if not done electronically, wow! But then my favorite track from FYE is Pick U Up for the incredible one breath phrase he does in that one!

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        I haven’t listened to it yet but 22 seconds sounds familiar!! I believe that’s how long the note is in Come To Me, Bend To Me and also like you said in Pick U Up,, I just luv that song, espec. Adam’s laugh at the end. I know it’s been said a gazillion times, but Adam IS doing it perfectly. PLL~IJLY Adam,,

        • earlzagurl4u says:

          OH WOW!! I gave it a listen!! Adam is such a lil rocker,,our boy can sang!! anythang!! Imma sitting here shaking my head with tears running down my face, at a rock song you say!!?? Well, call me “weird” but Adam’s high notes does something to me,,can’t quite describe it and I’m usually not at a loss for words.. PLL to Adam & all Glambs,,

      • YEAH!!! Someone else who else who loves Pick U Up!!! That’s my favorite track, too! (Especially love the little laugh at the end.) Have never heard him sing it live yet. Really would love to hear him do it when I see him in concert next month! That song always makes me smile!!!

        • Oh , and note to earlzagurl…. you’re not weird! I get the same feeling. You don’t need to describe it to someone who loves Adam!!!

  6. Would I be a total bitch if I said that I like this song waaaay better than anything on the FYE album?
    I totally adore Adam, but as a Rocker have been struggling to digest some of the electro sounds on his songs, but have grown to love Sleepwalker & Fever…
    This “Live the Life” just appealed straight away – it just sounds so awesome & well put together.
    The music just compliments & enhances Adam’s voice. AAAA+++ from me!

    • tweeterpie says:

      Since you love Adam’s rocker sound….Have you checked out the bonus track released on the U.K. version of FYE titled “can’t let you go”? It’s hard rock and FANTASTIC. You can check it out on UTube now. Actually the UK album is being released on May 26th and I ordered it on Amazon imports because it has 18 tracks on it, including all the great bonus tracks. “Down the rabbit hole” and “Master plan” are both favorites of mine as well as this new track “can’t let you go”. Just please have patience with ADam becaus

      • tweeterpie says:

        whoops…i accidently sent it unfinished. I was asking you to be patient with Adam becasue he promises more ROCK is to come and is already ROCKING UP his LIVE performances.

        • Thanks tweeterpie!! Will check it out. I’ll always love Adam no matter what kind of music he puts out, but his rock performances have really captured my heart & imagination!

    • Glamitup says:

      Not a bitch at all! You like what you like and so happens Adam can do it all! I think he just wanted what he wanted on his first album but I know that he will please everyone eventually because he is just so diverse as an artist and is in tune to what his fans want! Hang on Sha! More Adam to come I am sure!

  7. Golden tulip says:

    I love it ! Everything Adam sings he brings to life, to shine ! He is absolutely great! Congrats to Adam.

  8. i enjoyed it it really hot adam u rock my friend enjoy

  9. mandytwo says:

    I really loved it. Never heard of J Scott G but they make beautiful music together. Anything Adam touches turns to GOLD.

    Glamb 616

  10. I love it. Adams voice is well suited for this kind of high energy song, it will make a radio hit as well as great tune to dance or excercise with. Adam sound incredible in this song. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!.

  11. What is all this about? Did Adam actually record this or is it put together electronically excuse my ignorance, and how come we didnt know it was coming? Can any one explain all this to me, thanks guys.

    • tweeterpie says:

      The guy that has this on his my space page is a producer and also does a l lot of electronic tracks. Adam did the main vocals on this track. However, this track was not done under adam’s current music label, so i assume it was done BEFORE his contract was signed


  13. Freya77 says:

    When was this? pre idol? take one?
    recent?? It sounds great

  14. retrogrrrl says:

    Freakin’ AWESOME song! LOVE IT! Rock on Adam!

  15. cas2003 says:

    I agree with Flamingo Lady – the notes he holds in Pick U Up are phenomenal! I always crank that part up and am always awed by it. Why don’t we hear Adam sing that song more? Maybe it’s a hard one to do live…

  16. Oh I love this song!!! Hope it will be available for download, sometime…

  17. Great catchy beat and of course the vocals are as always spectacular. Loved it!!!.

  18. i love this song #1 hit for sure adam excels as usual his vocals are spot on i wonder if j scott g can collaborate with adam on his next cd and of course include this song