Leila Lambert speaks

Woman’s Day interviewed Adam’s mom, Leila. She’s always seemed like such a classy and sweet lady, and this interview only reinforces that impression! Articulate, well-spoken (just like both of her lovely sons), and sharing a bunch of childhood memories with us. (Link: here)

An American Idol Mom
WD talks to Adam Lambert’s #1 fan—his mom, Leila
By Angela Ebron Posted December 29, 2009 from WomansDay.com

What was Adam like as a little boy?
He was very precocious. I took him to a lot of plays and concerts when he was small, and he always found a deeper meaning in them while I always took things literally. One time we went to see Les Miserables when Adam was 8. Afterward, he went into this elaborate discussion about how things were staged. He was so inquisitive, always asking questions. When he was about 5 years old he asked, “If God is in the sky, how does he see through the roof?” I had to tell him, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

What was your reaction the first time you realized Adam had such an incredible voice?
I remember he was in a children’s production of Fiddler on the Roof when he was about 10 years old. I’d never watched the rehearsals. So during the show when he got on top of a table and let out this note, I just looked at his dad and said, “Where’d that come from?”

Did you always believe that your son would make it in the music business one day?
Adam has always said that you don’t get discovered, you have to work for it. I thought his hard work would be what would pay off for him—and it has.

How has life changed since American Idol?
It’s very surreal. I have a hard time realizing that my son is now a household name to many people. The beauty is he’s still living in the same town he’s lived in for the last nine years and he still has the same friends. But the amount of work he’s doing has changed. Although he can’t always go places and he has to try to be more inconspicuous, he really appreciates the love and support of his fans. They have touched his life. Once when we were at a restaurant, a woman from another table came up and asked if he’d sing “Happy Birthday” to her daughter. I said, “No, we’re eating,” but Adam said, “It’s OK, Mom,” and told the woman that he’d stop by after we’d finished. He went over in a little bit and sang to her daughter. It was a wakeup call for me.

Many people thought Adam should have won American Idol. Do you think not winning may actually be better, given the success of other Idol alums like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry?
I really don’t think it matters. Being first, second or third—one isn’t any better than the other. I think Adam would be in the same position if he’d won.

What was your favorite American Idol performance by Adam?
I loved when he performed “Satisfaction.” And “Black or White.” And “One.” I can’t pick a favorite!

What do you think of Simon Cowell?
I never really met him. Paula was the one who’d take the time after every show to come over and talk. She was so supportive. But Simon’s critiques were right a lot of the time. He knows what he’s talking about.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about Adam?
A lot of people think he’s caught up in the business, but when I see him with his friends he doesn’t even talk about his career.

If you had to describe your son in one word, what would it be?

What was your favorite Mother’s Day present from Adam?
A card he made for me when he was 15. There was a flower on the front and each petal was cut out from foil. Inside he’d written a poem about how much he loved and appreciated me. I still have that card.

What do you think of Adam’s For Your Entertainment album cover?
It’s not my favorite. I don’t tend to go outside the box, but Adam is a free spirit. He was just being himself. He liked it and thought it was fun. It’s an expression of his creativity.

Did all the media speculation about Adam’s sexuality (before he confirmed that he is gay) bother you?
It didn’t bother me at all because it’s who Adam is. He didn’t want his being gay to be the focus. He wanted to address it when the time was right.

You moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to help Adam; what’s your role in his career now?
I’m so happy and thrilled to be a part of what’s going on, but I don’t have a huge role. I’m not managing him. I’ll give you an example of what I do. He called me late one night from rehearsal while he was recording the album. He needed a shirt for an appearance the next morning and asked me to iron one for him. That’s my role. I’m here for him when he needs me. I’m just his mom.

What’s your hope for your son?
To be surrounded by people who love him. That’s what I want for him more than anything—to enjoy life and be surrounded by love.


  1. This is just so precious!! What a beautiful mom. No wonder Adam is so “honest”. He had an amazing role model. No game playing in this family, it appears.

    • His mom is amazing. No wonder Adam is such a gracious human being. His mom sets a great example. We love you Leila!!!!!!!!!

    • LhambertLover says:

      Adam Lambert is such a genuine guy and I love him. and his mother seems the best one for him as always. =)

  2. Ellie #492 says:

    Wise Mom. What a rarity in the world of celebrity, to see such strong family bonds. We all can take a lesson. No matter how much stardom, I believe that Adam’s feet will always be on the ground. Truly a special person. That’s why we love him so.

    • Ellie, I believe too, Adam will stay grounded. Seems like he has so many many good friends and family members to always be there for him! They all seem so positive too, their energy must bounce off of one another 🙂

  3. And THAT is how Adam became the wonderful person he is today. To have that kind of love and support is wonderful and will go a long way in keeping him the grounded person he is. The industry he is in can be VERY harsh, so to know he has that kind of support behind him must be so reassuring. Thank you Leila for giving your son the roots he needs and the wings to fly. We are all so grateful that he shares his gift with us. You have every reason to be proud!!

  4. Love knowing his Mom has moved to LA to be close to him! Its going to be crazy for him and it doesn’t hurt to have someone like her watching out for him.

  5. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    His mom is a kind of supermother. He is that way because she directed him for that (honesty).
    She is an exemple.

  6. It’s so nice to know that Adam hasn’t forgotten his mom through all this. I am a mom of three boys and know how important sons are, no matter what age. I believe that Adam is honest. He seems to be so real and a wholesome honest wonderful human being.

  7. Omg she is so precious :B

  8. So good to hear from Leila again. Always love to read what she has to say about Adam. I bet this is all so very sureal to her and him and the whole family. A dream come true, that just doesnt happen to often. All of Adams hard word payed off bigtime and his mom just beams with joy for her son.
    The card he made her for Mothers Day must be one of the most special gifts in the whole wide world from him. That was so saweet! It is so cool, that he still lives in the town surrounded by his most loved family and friends. Keeping his Mom close by was a very wise decision 🙂

  9. sunshine1705 says:

    No wonder Adam is who he is. What a wonderful role model. i actully had tears in my eyes when I finished reading Leila’s interview. What a wonderful team Adam and his mom are. Thank you for raising such a smart, loving and caring person and for being such a great MOM!

  10. So inspiring!

  11. Bill Mitchell says:

    Well now I don’t feel so bad for hating the picture chose for his album cover – even his mom doesn’t like it. From what I have read, Adam is pretty much the ONLY one, including his mom, management team and friends, who actually like that shot.

    Personally, I am guessing it cost him 100,000 in record sales since there is no way a teenage boy is gonna buy a album with that pic.

    • Elizabeth Glamb#545 says:

      I’m actually pretty surprised by all the negative reactions to the cover. I’m kind of enjoying the kind of outer space persona Adam is taking on with his album cover and I like the way he has developed it on his official website with all the funny looking symbols. What’s the matter with people. Don’t they have any imaginations; they don’t want to stretch themselves a bit. They have to have a big strong he man on the cover to buy? Well, I’m sure he can come up with that look as well. But seriously, isn’t anyone interested in the music, the personality, the showmanship, which some of the cover represents. I also like the shot inside the CD where Adam puts his hand over his face with the metal contraption on it. I thought that was very unique and creative.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Sorry Bill, I loved the picture. The moment I saw it I thought, OMG he is so beautiful. Then when I really looked at it, I figured straight away where he was coming from. He had dropped enough hints, I just love his way of thinking, he is so “out there”, that is what makes him who he is. Love it, love him.

    • So Bill, in effect you and teen boys are judging a cd album ‘by its cover’ instead of the quality of the music inside? Strange since many teen boys bought albums in the sixties and severnties with even stranger covers, check out David Bowie and some of the hair metal bands… c’mon, that is a flimsy reason to diss Adam’s music.

  12. well there’s always iTunes if they have a problem with the cover hehehe;p in any case, i love this interview… Go Mombert!=)

  13. LuvAdam476 says:

    Adam is very fortunate in having such a loving and supporting family! I think his mom is just the absolute best…what a fantastic role model for her son. I’m so glad that Adam has Mombert with him to help him when he needs it, even if it is to be his MOM!

    What a wonderful woman. Would love to meet her someday.

  14. His mom is so nice. Adam is an extremely gifted singer, and a beautiful person inside and out. I wish him much love and success. He absolutely deserves it.

  15. Leila is so lucky to have a son who loves her and makes her proud. ADAM’s a rare gem of someone who is so blessed with talents and physial attributes yet so humble and gracious. And good breeding shines through ADAM and makes his Mom proud and his Dad too. My daughter laughed when I exclaimed, “Wow, where can you see a rocker who brings his Mom around!” That’s one thing ADAM has in common with Elvis who I also love. Both love their mother so much. And that means so much to me.

    • Lisette here..bonjour an Happy New Yer to all glambs..Angel lovli to meet yu..Im on here rare only due to health..hopful this Year will bring al bonhealth,peace,happiness an all they wish for!I do so agree with what yu mentione above an It is true thet Adam is blesse with such beautiful parentes an it toches ma hearte thet he has a close bond with his mom..an vraimente has been raised with lot of affection,support an infinite luv..thet is truly a blessing.An possible what makes as yu say Adam such a charmant,humble an beau l’homme.With all his compassions,charitable causes,humilitie,humour an endless thenk yus whenever interviewed..Even when his critiques arenon so kind Adam is such a sweet an forgiving soul..bless him always.For me he defines luv,luv for humanitie,luv for people,for his famille,mom,frends an specialmente what he adores most..Entertaining thru his early yers,as his mom mentiones noticing in schol plays ..She knew Adam had a special gift..thet is with his estraordinaire voix,an diverse talentes to perform any musique genre from broadway,jazz,bleus,rock,danse electronica ..I thinq he can even make a child nursery rhyme sound most original an beautiful ..He exudes charm for all ages..an oui like Elvis had done from petit l’enfants(children) to octogenarians….thet is truly vraiment..rare talentes ..An oui I can see him being adored,respected an here for many yers to come,future generations to enjoie his musique an see him possible pursuing acting in films..As he has display thes in all his passe credites with casts of “Wicked”,Hair,Brigadoon an even a role as Joshua in “Ten Commandment(musical)..displaying such an esquisite an vast range thet belive non many in entertainmente business can say thet about..He is bless from his parentes an also from above..toujours for me m’ange d’musique..Helping cope thru personal trajedie,over losing parentes to terminal cancer(sevral yers)but still thet pain dosnon go..just dulls..An arounde holidays comes forth missing them terribly…Thenkful thet Adam’s musique an beautiful hearte,soul,voix an spirite has all helpe me enjoie ..as his song says musique agan..This is so very true..Many blessings to all here lovli glambs gals,fellows..an of course for tresbeau Adam..j’adore vous et j’etaime toujours…LisetteMariexoxo!!

      • Bonjour Lisette! Good to see you back again; you don’t know me but I have always enjoyed your comments and miss you when I don’t see anything from you! Yes, in many ways Adam reminds me of Elvis; both certainly have outstanding mothers. And I LOVE the “Mombert”; so cute! I guess Leila will be “Mombert” from now on! Amazing how Adam’s music moves us all – maybe it is that real honesty that shines through!

        • Lisette here..sorry am here infrequent as health permits can post a petit bit..an blessings an luv to all glambs always!Merci beaucoup MaryEllen aw very kind an sweet of yu an plasur to meet here on this tribute page for nous ange an estraordinaire artiste as Adam has been from le commence on first rehearsals for last season of Am.Idol.An so agree too thet Adam displays his sinceritie,humilitie,kindness an warmth as seeing too from his lovli mama Leila in many interviews both thru media an articles.It is from her affection,nurturing an upbringing thet we an lemonde can enjoie an be entertained by Adam an sureli as Elvis will appear both in U.S,an international having solotours,cds thet go platinum,an possible even in films..as he exudes charm,earthy sensualitie,intelligence an already has credites in acting seen thru his passe theatre roles..Many blessings for thes angelque,sensual,sweet beau l’homme,prince of heartes an toujours for me an all can agree legend of millenium an has been an angel d’musique..a rai of lit on any gloomy day..when he singes le soleil shines brit.An like his crystal bleu eyes illuminates,twinkles,dazzles,into starlit to moonlit Adam’s voix adds joie,hope,an romantique feelings..Luv to all here..j’etaime toujours Adam..LisetteMarie..someday know will see his concert..god an health permittingxoxoxo!!.

  16. I really admire Leila. I have 2 boys one, 29 with a similar personality and temperament like Adam’s (he is also an Aquarius) but the other one is very difficult. I have often joked, that maybe I could send him to Leila–she’d know what to do with him!

    She has to write a book from her perspective as a mother. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world as far as I’m concerned and she has was given an extra challenge but handled it with incredible aplomb.

    She is, “The Woman” behind the man as the saying goes. I’m glad she is getting some media attention for her great mothering. She and Adam always look so cute together.

    • Kate, Parenting is the hardest job in the world as far as I’m concerned too. We have a teenage son, he is a good boy, can be challenging at times, but I dont think there is any other job that is more rewarding! Love my son and Leila’s too 🙂

  17. AdamRocks! says:

    Adam is SO LUCKY to have such a wonderful mom as Leila. . . and it goes without saying how lucky SHE is. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  18. This was a great interview. The more we read about Leila, the more we love her! She is so unpretentious and humble……just like ADAM.

    I wish she would write a book about ADAM and Neil growing up. There’s probably sooo many funny stories. I’m sure that she worried about ADAM during his days of unhappiness and insecurities. ADAM, himself, said that he didn’t have a happy time in school. But, thank goodness, ADAM followed his heart and instincts to become the man that he is today. His mother stood by him, and they have a wonderful, loving relationship.

  19. I guess her wish that he be surrounded by people who love him is being fulfilled beyond her wildest expectations. Even though we are on the outside, the love we feel for him is real because he is so real. It is somehow different than just being fans. We truly feel a deep love for and connection to Adam, due to the fact that he is so honest, open and approachable. We have his family to thank for making him into this type of person. Thanks to all the Lamberts for giving us this wonderful man who we hope to support for many years to come.

  20. Never have a fear on that one, Leila. He is very well loved!

  21. Wonderful family environment she provided for Adam and he is a loving appreciative son. That is as good as it gets. Best wishes to the Lamberts.

  22. Glambertgirl1 says:

    This is such a great article. Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. Very nice article.I just looked at info on Adam at the IMDb site-a very credible important site (my daughter produces shorts and writes scripts -so I know this) Adam needs his ‘team’ to update his awards info and performances. Adam won thethe Number one (#1) Artist Of The Year 2009 by Rolling Stone readers. He won the #3 spot man of the year MTV and I think the #8 spot man of the year Time Magazine. Every tv appearance should be listed as well.

  24. AdamsDarling says:


  25. k. morgan says:

    Now we know where he gets his wonderful personality…

    By the way for those who are fretting about FYE video…if you go to MSN music and to most played videos…FYE is in top 20….Yes it is good….All is right with the world…Kris is no where in this top videos…tells me something is rotten in the world…I have also not heard Kris’s songs on local pop station in my area…
    As they the creme rises to the top….GO ADAM!!!

  26. k. morgan says:

    When I said something is rotten in the world I meant that VH1 has Kris in top ten but his video is not even in the top 50 most played on MSN music…

  27. Love the article. Adam has a wonderful supportive mom. We are not all that lucky. I just want to always be supportive and there for my son no matter what. Not what I had but you can see that love is so important to a child growing into a independent, caring and loving adult.

  28. I’m crying

  29. awwwwww amoooo a adam!!! el amor de mi vida, y su mami es tan especial!! I LOVE YOU ADAM???

  30. woooooooooooooow
    adam you are the best
    and your musics are so amazing